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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 1, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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don't worry if you aren't tagged. don't count likes. don't exclude other people. there's a lot of things that can make social media healthier for kids. >> parents can help kids remember that it's possible to have fun other in ways. there are other things important and interesting and just use the strength of your relationship with your child to get them away from it periodically. not by punishment by ripping it out of their hands. if it's making you feel bad you can just put it down for a while. >> i'm glad i'm not 13, and i'm glad i don't have a 13-year-old right now. it's a lot of -- there's a lot out there that parents have to keep in mind. thank you both. that's it for this cnn special report "being 13: inside the secret world of teens." if you want to learn more about our study go to i'm anderson cooper. good night. live made this hour, more troops are being sent to iraq to help fight isis. plus, chicago's top skop is being forced to resign in the aftermath of a police shooting of an african-american teenager. and facebook founder mark zuckerberg pledges to give away billions of dollars of shares. the big change that inspired this big announcement. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isha sesay, "newsroom l.a." starts right now.
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you never know who's going to be coming through your window at night. he's spending more u.s. special operation forces to carry out raids and capture isis leaders. u.s. correspondent jim schutto reports. >> after frequent white house denials that just troops would face combat in syria, today the president is orders dozens of u.s. special forces in combat roles, involving action with isis. >> these operators will be able to conduct raids, gather intelligence and capture isil leaders. >> is support forces will expand to 200. >> this force will conduct, will provide us additional intelligence that will make our
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operations more effective. >> part of the mission, raids like this within in northern iraq in october. a daring joint operation involving kurdish commandos and the u.s. army's delta force to free these isis-held prisoners. one delta force operator was killed. >> it puts everyone on notice in syria. at night, you don't know who's going tok coming through the window. and that's the sensation we want all of isil's leadership and followers to have. it comes in the aftermath of parents.
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>> he appears to contradict the commander-in-chief. >> have we currently contained isil? >> we have not contained isil. >> have they been contained at any time since 2010 in. >> tactically in areas they have been. strategically they have been. of. >> just as the role in u.s. forces in iraq and syria expand expanded now growing by a facemask or of more than ten and coming up on a limit of 3550 troops that the president said he's going to have to raise 6 deployment. he does not believe this will be the final deployment to iraq and syria. jim schutto, cnn, washington.
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>> the british parliament will start its debate in the next few hours on are whether to send more trips to iraq and syria. the prime minister david cameron says isis poses an unprecedented and direct threat to the uk. make sure we protect our interest, our national interest fighting against this appalling terrorist organization. canada's new prime minister says his government is ending air strikes but will remain in the coalition. russia is also conducting air strikes in area in support of the assad resquleem and iran has sent more than 1,000 of its
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elite revolutionary guard forces to support troops. rick francona says the decision to send more special ops forces to iraq is a significant change in strategy for the u.s. i spoke with him a short time ago. >> break it down for us what this would look like, how it wou operate on the ground. >> the 50 operation forces will go in and advise and assist to create an indigenous fighting force. there is no way to spin this other than a combat deployment of u.s. ground forces this will be boots on the ground. they're going to go in there and operate as an integral organized fighting unit. this is not advisers.
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this represents a shift in u.s. policy. i think a lot of people are very concerned this might be the first step toward a larger deployment. if this isn't enough to turn the tide, perhaps we're going to accepted more troops. and everyone isried about what we call mission creep. this is a real shift on the part of the u.s. >> this opens up the question of coordination with the iraqi government and the kurds. does that give you any concern or cause you any concern? >> not too much concerned. the kurds right now are the only effective fighting force on the ground over there outside of the united states. what we've seen from the iraqi military, the iraqi army, security forces and the police has been very, very disappointing. every time they go into combat, they don't seem to be able to get the job done.
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whatever it is, it's not working. we're going to have to put american forces to do what the iraqi forces can not do. we discussed the intelligence gaffe that exists on the ground. >> all of these operations conducted, even the air campaign, especially anything going on on the ground is intelligence driven. if you don't know where they are, or where the leadership is you can't attack them.
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the secretary is trying to conduct the cycle. the intelligence will drive more operations. this is classic. i think the realization in washington is the iraqis, the syrians that we're training with, even the kurds don't have the capability to do this, this is going to rely on american expertise. isha, everybody is concerned that we're going down that slippery slope. this is how this begins. >> it's always good to get your insider perspective. >> good to be with you. >> u.s. president barack obama said he warned russian leader vladimir putin against meeting
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in syria. he admits he hasn't been successful in persuading the russian leader to switch tactics so far. >> reporter: they've met face to face twice in the last month but they still don't see eye to eye. president obama told reporters at climate summit in paris, expect russia's vladimir putin to continue to go his own way in the war on isis. at least for now. >> i don't see a change in the strategy over the next several weeks. >> the u.s. and russia will bomb different targets, taking aim with isis and moscow fighting putin's man in syria. >> i don't think we should be under illusions that somehow they will only hit isil targets.
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>> still based on their conversations, the president is convinced that putin may be changing his calculus to avoid landing russia in another military quagmire. >> for him to simply get bogged down in an inconclusive and paralyzing civil conflict, is not the outcome that he's looking for. >> kurdish leaders are accused of trying to proekt to a black market oil supply from terrorists. in a meeting with president obama, he fired back that russian bombers are slaughtering ethnic turks in syria. mr. obama all but told both
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sides to cut it out. >> we all have a common enemy and that is isil. i want to make sure that we to can kus on threat. >> i think we're going to solve it. >> reporter: with time running out of on his presidency, mr. obama boldly predicted any climate agreement reached in france lives on. >> just with respect to my successor, let me first of all say that i'm anticipating a democrat succeeding me. i'm confident in the wisdom of the american people on that front. >>. >> reporter: the president said he had repeated conversations with turkey's president about gaps at that border. it's a constant source of the
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frustration for the white house. jim acosta, cnn, paris. >> a jury is expected to be chosen for the freddie gray case. he was put in a police van without a seat belt after his arrest. the first of six police officers will be on trial in the case. he has pleaded not guilty. chicago mayor rahm emanuel zd his police superintendent to resign. mccarthy's dismissal happened after a white officer was shown shooting and killing a black teenager. that led to days of protests. the officer is now charged with first degree murder. he was released on bail monday. >> superintendent gary mccarthy has been an excellent leader of our police department over the past 4 1/2 years. his community policing strategy has led to the lowest overall
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crime rate on effort and his efforts to remove guns from the street have yielded significant progress. >> but we know a police officer is only as effective when he has the trust of those he serves. after this weekend, after effectively handling both the protests that followed the release of the mcdonald video last week and the arrest of deshaun's killer, we began a discuss about the direction of the department and the undeniable fact that the public trust and leadership of the department has been shaken and eroded. >> well, the illinois attorney general now wants a federal investigation of the chicago police department. more than a year after the shooting. cnn's ed lavendera shows us what's led up to this point. >> caller: six seconds. that was the time for officer jason van dyke to leave his vehicle and open fire on laquan mcdonald, killing him on the spot.
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inform chicago, protesters cite distrust and a lack of transparency within the chicago police department. . >> the initial police lunged at officers. >> it's a claim the mcdonald family attorney says the video does not support. >> the video clearly shows laquan walking away. he was not threatening anybody, and he certainly didn't lunge at the plirch. >> he was shot a total of 16 times, nine of which were in the back. >> the dash cam video shows mcdonald running through the
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restaurant's parking lot. the burger king manager alleges the surveillance video was reviewed by police, then they deleted it, erasing potentially pivotal evidence. the top prosecutor in chicago says the video was not tampered with, but the manager says in part, i was just trying to help the police with their investigation. i didn't know they were going to delete it. the former superintendent gary mccarthy quickly swatted down those allegations. >> it's absolutely not true. . >> the chicago police department went to great lengths to try to make sure the public would never see the video. first, there was the $5 million settlement paid to the family. critics say that was in part to keep the video from ever being released. then the questions emerging about why the sheg police
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department continued to employ officer van dyke for a full year before pressing charges. van dyke had 20 complaints against him, ten of them for use of force. the police only suspending him without pay the day before a judge's deadline for the release of the dash cam video. >> i felt compelled in the interest of public safe ditoty announce these state charges today. >> for some in chicago, that was a lit too little, too late. >> time for a quick break. diz muslims in new jersey cheer 9/11. next on cnn newsroom live from l.a. the former mayor rudy giuliani speaks out on donald trump's claims he saw it happened. plus, newly released e-mails are shedding more light on hillary clinton and the benghazi attack. find out what the former secretary of state told her daughter.
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rp the former no mayor says trump is exaggerating that he saw cheers after the 9/11 attacks. >> reporter: donald trump is urging his rivals to bring it on. >> so far, let's see, christie hasn't hit me yet. he will. at some point. rubio has got to hit me. b. >> reporter: exactly two months before the iowa caucuses kick off the 2016 campaign. >> even, i think, cruz is going to have to hit me because, you know, he's a nice guy. >> reporter: after dead fending trump for months, texas senator ted cruz is suddenly on the rise. and may not be a nice guy in trump's eyes much longer. >> he's been so supportive, but at some point he's going to have to hit me, right? it's going to be a sad day, but we will hit back, i promise. >> reporter: hitting back has become a trump trademark. few republicans have escaped his buzz saw. cruz is running next and neck in trump with one iowa poll and
10:22 pm
already making a bold prediction. >> i'm very excited. i don't believe donald trump is going to be our nominee. i don't believe he's going tor our president. >> cruz appears to be taking a page from trump's playbook, making attention-grabbing comments of his own. asked about birth control in iowa, cruz says he knows of no conservatives who flat-out oppose contraception. he says he and his wife do not, sharing he's happy they have two girls and not 17. >> when i was in college, we had a machine in the bathroom. you put 50 cents and voila. >> but many religious organizations are opposed to birth control. he also told radio host hugh hewitt, democrats commit more violent crimes in america. >> here's a simple and undeniable fact, the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats. >> he took the media to task by
10:23 pm
reporting the suspect in the colorado planned parenthood shooting said no more baby parts. aides said he was trying to warn against rushing to judgment. trump is still standing by his assertion that he saw thousands of celebrating in new jersey on 9/11, even though no one has produced video evidence to support that claim. mayor rudy giuliani said small pockets of cheering occurred in the city, but trump is exaggerating claims. >> if it shows up, it will corroborate him, if it doesn't, he will look bad. >>. >> reporter: trump is stepping up his campaigning. he's been in georgia, new hampshire, heading to virginia,
10:24 pm
in k next, even iowa this week. a new aggressive phase as voters are only two months away from starting off this long 2016 presidential campaign. cnn, watervale valley, new hampshire. >> so >> in an e-mail to her daughter, the democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton blamed it on an al qaeda-like group. senior political correspondent brianna keeler explains. >> reporter: the e-mail was sent just hours after the attack in benghazi from hillary clinton to diane reynolds, actually a pseudonym used by her daughter chelsea, telling her two officers were killed today in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. in a public statement that night, clinton raised the possibility that inflammatory material posted on the internet was a precursor to the attack.
10:25 pm
susan rice expanded on the inaccurate assessment, when asked about reports that libyan officials had arrested suspects in the attacks. >> they're saying that some people involved were from outside the country, that there might have even been al qaeda ties. what's the latest information? >> what this began as was a spontaneous, not a premeditated response to what transpired in cairo. >> republicans have seized upon clint clinton's e-mails to claim she was covering up the cause of the benghazi attack for political reasons, less than two months before obama's re-election. >> you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. >> you can live with a protest about a video. that won't hurt you, but a terrorist attack will. >> there is no doubt in my mind that we did the best we could with the information that we had at the time. >> reporter: the new e-mails also reveal behind the scenes insights into this moment in clinton's 2013 testimony.
10:26 pm
>> was it because of a protest or was it some guys who decided they would kill some parents. at this -- americans. at this point, what difference does it make? >> as congratulatory messages from clinton supporters poured in, this concern was raised. >> it looks like they rattled you on something no one outside the crazy right blame yod uh for anyway, but the top aide dismissed the assessment, e-mailing the secretary, give me a break. you did not look rattled. you looked real. there's a difference. a big one. >> well, a woman who was married to one of the most wanted men in the world is now out of prison. you'll hear what officials could find out from the ex-wife of isis lead er leader abdul akbar
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not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. >> i'm isha sesay. chicago mayor dismisses the police superintendent after a video emerges of a white officer shooting a black teen 16 times. a jury could be seated wednesday in baltimore, maryland, for the first police officer on trial in freddie gray's death. he died in april after he was
10:31 pm
shackled and put in a police van without a seat bult. six officers are charged in the case and will be tried separately. the u.s. military is strengthening its presence on the ground in iraq. the defense secretary ash carter is sending special operations forces to help in the fight against isis. he says they will be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture isis leaders. well, u.s. intelligence officials could soon get unique insight into the man who leads isis. the lebanese government has just released baghdadi's ex-wife from custody. >> reporter: she has an intimate connection to the most wanted man in the world, saja a saja al dulaimi, the ex-wife of baghdad dis i has been released from a lebanese prison. >> we divorced six or seven
10:32 pm
years. he unt also baghdadi or anything. >> reporter: this was believed to be footage of dulaimi arrested in 2014 along with a young child. a young girl, dulaimi's father, believed to have been fathered by baghdadi was also released with her. one source said she was freed as part of a prisoner swap, traded for a group of lebanese soldiers held by an al qaeda affiliate. >> she was released because, i think, a, her intelligence value to the lebanese security forces ran out. she revealed all that she could reveal or all they could get out of her and they ran out of other options to retrieve the soldiers. >> dulaimi's marriage to baghdadi only lasted a few months. his personal life is still a mystery. iraqi intelligence has said he has two wooifs. u.s. intelligence officials won't comment on whether they'll want to question saja al dulaimi or on any information she may
10:33 pm
have given the lebanese. but u.s. officials likely will want access to her. dulaimi could provide u.s. intelligence with cell phone numbers, metadata belonging to baghdadi and even if it's dated it would still target the isis leader. and given his obsession with secrecy, any i insight she could give on his personality could be critical. >> that far removed, could she say anything useful now? >> to be honest, the insight would be his relationship with people, who he trust, the circles he moves around with, how he coordinates with them, which areas eh h feels secure in. >> some of the questions that could be asked of her include to what degree does baghdadi have an obsession with the apocalypse, with the end of days? is he driven by that? is he going to go all-out in his confrontation with the west. >> but given her current loyalti loyalties, it's not clear if she would have given lebanese any
10:34 pm
yufsful information. her current husband sf involved with the al qaeda affiliate and she has a brother who's a senior figure in the group. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> the relatives of terrorists do not always share a violent ideology. zach's father was accused of bombing the world trade center. now he dedicates his life to peace. i spoke to him. zach ibrahim, thanks for joining us. your father was convicted of the 193 bombing of the world trade center, as well as a number of other charges. >> how did he become radicalized? >> well, you know, i can only look back and try to understand the path that he took that ultimately led him to make these terrible decisions. he had some experiences when he came to the united states that i
10:35 pm
think incorrectly made him jaded towards the west. and it was also a time when he began interacting with men like who was one of the most influential leaders in the world for raising funds and finding volunteers for the war effort that was going on in afghanistan at the time against the soviet union. so i think it was really a combination of some really negative experiences he had here that he blamed on the united states. as well as his interaction with men like that. >> and before he was sent to prison, how exposed were you to his dogma, if you will, his world view? >> sure. well, you know, he wasn't radicalized my entire life. it really wasn't until a few years before he went to prison that even i as a young child noticed a change in him.
10:36 pm
we spent weekends going to the shooting range with many of the men that would ultimately be responsible for the bombing of the world trade center. i had been exposed to the blind sheikh and the ideology which he preached frequently. so it's those sorts of experiences. ichs isolated from the people i was taught negative stereotypes about. and sensually taught to fear anyone who did not fall into a very specific category of what it means to be a muslim. >> what impact did this ideology, these teachings have on you. >> to put it simply, i was a big got. i believed that muslims and jews were natural enemies. i believed that all gay people were evil and were trying to make me evil so that i would go to hell. it really wasn't until i was older and i actually began
10:37 pm
interacting with people the first time i made a jewish friend i thought i had done something that had never been accomplished before. at first i felt a sense of pride, but it was the first time in my life that i thought perhaps what i was taught wasn't true. and ultimately through the years, i have come to realize it is isolation that is the most important ingredient in radicalizing someone. and that is why it's so important that communities come together to interact with one another. >> i want to talk a little by more about that, what it is that leads to young muslim men living in europe, being radicalized by groups like isis that convince them to travel to syria to fight, or as we saw recently, actually launch attacks in paris. how is isis able to do this? you just mentioned one elementment. you said isolation.
10:38 pm
>> i think there are many motivating factors. any one person doesn't fit the entire mold for why someone can become radicalized. there are influences in some of these men's lives. ultimately, it is that they are seeking what we all seek, which is a sense of purpose in life. unfortunately the experiences they have around them make them susceptible towards violence in the name of yiedology that the vast majority of muslims in the world do not share. >> how do you ultimately combat the terrorism and the ideology? what in your view is the effective path? >> i think as an individual, your goal should be to treat everyone, regardless of their race, jepder, orientation, the same way.
10:39 pm
that you judge someone based on their character and not arbitrary measurements that we sometimes measure each other by. i think as far as the role of government, you know, our government, and by our governments, i mean the western governments, need to take a very hard look at the relationships that they have with governments like egypt, like saudi arabia. countries that have frankly tortured and killed their own people for decades. we're very close allies to western governments. i think there's a great deal of resentment that comes from the fact that we supply weapons to these sorts of countries and the citizens of those nations can not help themselves and often our freedom can be to the december rimt of the citizens of places like egypt and saudi arabia. i think it's important citizens
10:40 pm
in the west recognize the role their government plays in the middle east, as well as to -- it's very important that -- you know, it's not a muslim's responsibility to make people understand that they are not racist. it is our responsibility as human beings to recognize that just because someone is a muslim or a christian or what have you that they are not a racist. so it really comes down to the individual making conscious efforts throughout their life to try to break down the stereotypes that we all share. >> zach, thank you for the work for you're doing. it's extremely important. thank you. >> it's a privilege, thank you. >> time for a quick break. there's a mystery hanging over juneau, alaska. hear what people in the state's capital are saying after the new mayor was found dead in his home.
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>> just weebs after taking office, the mayor of juneau, alaska, was found dead in his home. he was found with injuries and many people now wonder if he was assaulted. cnn's randy kay reports on the mysterious death. >> about 3:30 in the afternoon, the 911 call came in, major steven gres fisk of juneau, alaska, was dead. >> about 3:34 we received a 911 call from a man. and there was someone who appeared to be deceased inside. officers were on scene in about four minutes. >> mysterious deaths like this one, let alone the mayor, rarely occur in this remote capital city of 32,000. a community tucked away on alaska's panhandle. often reached by boat and sea plane. the strange circumstances have many wondering what happened.
10:45 pm
the mayor's son had gone to check on him monday afternoon after getting word that others in town were having trouble reaching him. after he looked inside the home where his father lived alone, neighbors said the son could be heard shouting. that's when he called 911. vss rushed to the scene, but the mayor was already dead. right now, there are more questions than answers. juneau police say they found no sign of forced injuries and they con deluded that mayor fisk did not commit suicide. some asuggesting the mayor was assaulted. the chief did tell the downknow empire newspaper that assault is one of the possibilities out there. but it also could have been a fall or something else. >> the lieutenant deputy will take over his duties. she was a friend of fisk. >> my husband and i are devastated.
10:46 pm
he was a wonderful friend and from the calls i've been receiving, i'm not the only one who has felt that he was a wonderful person and a friend to juneau. >> reporter: she said he had a great smile and was a great guy. greg fisk was elected mayor just about two months ago. he won with 66% of the vote over the incumbent mayor after running a very positive campaign. he was looking forward to diversifying juneau's economy and improving the housing market and fixing a tight budget, but all of that is on hol as mystery now hangs over this town. >> it's just so devastating to have this happen. it's basically unbelievable. >> randy kaye, cnn, new york. fabelaire founder plans to donate most of the stock he owns in his company to charity. see what event inspired him to do that.
10:47 pm
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10:51 pm
mark zuckerberg is now a father. the couple said they plan to donate 99% of their facebook stock to charity during their lifetime. they say they want to leave the world a better place for their daughter and all children. their shares are currently valued at $45 billion. wow. joining me to discuss zuckerb g zuckerberg's generous do nation is a senior writer at entreprene thank you for joining us. this do nation, this pledge by the zuckerbergs is in line to be among the world's largest. put this in context for us. >> i think what they're looking to do is to inspire other young entrepreneurs, but particularly the sort of elite set in silicon valley that are in a position to give to the level they have. i think they're also making a
10:52 pm
statement. they're very young. zuckerberg is 31. his wife is 30 and they're looking to show the world you can make a statement and give at a scale that hasn't really been sign before, with people this young. they're looking to inspire future generations. >> and it's worth pointing out, our viewers provided him with the perspective that he was already the member of gates and buffet giving pledge where he said they would give most of their money. but now they stepped it up to 99% of their shares. i think it is interesting the way they've chose ton distribute their money through their own personal foundation. >> they can do investments and lobby with investigation. and they can disbers it in a way that will allow them to effect
10:53 pm
public policy. they're looking to do 10, 25 and 100-year increments. >> very interesting. i have to say when i went on line and looked at some of the reaction there is some cynicism in some quarter ps . when rich people give money to charity, the point can't be ignored they benefit from the i tax deductions. >> they're going to save a lot of money in taxes doing this, but i think they also took advantage of it being giving tuesday of a press moment. they were able to polish their brand. but it was also a little bit, some of the time, as one of my colleagues pointed out today, the timing was a little bit -- it left a bit of a bad taste in several people's mouths today, because they showed their daughter so publicly born a week ago and the first image of her out there in the world is
10:54 pm
essentially at the top of what amounted to a press release for the zuckerberg foundation. >> the personal brand is obviously boosted by acts of philanthro philanthropy, right? it's good for he and his wife personally. what about the business side of thing? is there a boost to business? does it burnish the facebook brand and anyone else at that level who has a business and gives at this level? >> i think definitely. you know, social good is an important -- it's important to show the world that you care for others. it's also very convenient, though, to spread internet access across the globe, which has been something that zuckerberg has been championing for so long. it extends his business brand, but i think it might pals turn off some of the users in the way that this all came to light today. >> as someone who watches the scene, it seems to be, you know, quite common place, or it's happening with some regularity,
10:55 pm
if you will, that wealthy people are giving big. why is that? what's going on? how do you read the time wes ear living in? >> sometimes it feels like it might look on the outside they're trying to outdo each other. we have a lot of money and we give big. but i think there is actually a lot of heart and sincerity mind it, especially with zuckerberg and his wife. priscilla. being that bill gates is one of his mentors, childhood heroes, i think he was inspired by him. i know they're close with the gates. so i think this is sortover extending that theme out to other people knowing if you do have the means, you should give. but it certainly doesn't hurt that you're going to get a tax break at the same time. lest we forget that. >> thanks for coming in. >> thanks. >> and you are watching cnn newsroom live from los angeles. for ou viewers in the u.s.,
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tonight, from paris, the u.n. climate chief tells me that world leaders meeting here have finally realized that battling climate change makes good economic sense. >> frankly, none of them are doing it to save the planet. let us be very clear. they're doing it for what i think is a much more powerful political driving force which is for the benefit of their own economy. also ahead, imagine your country wiped off the map. where would you go? the mar you believe islanders turning into climate refugees.


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