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tv   This Is Life With Lisa Ling  CNN  December 2, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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next we will have reverend sarah -- >> is he the brother-in-law? >> he's the brother-in-law. >> so your sister is his wife? >> the suspect's sister is his wife. >> and what is the name of you're wife? >> he doesn't wish to reveal that at this time. if i can invite reverend sara to come up next, please. >> reverend dr. sara halverso halverson-connel. i'm here as a pastor in the christian faith. we recognize the darkness in the world and all of us have felt so
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much darkness today, as we watched this unfold. this scary and frightening time. >> the breaking news, top of the hour. it's midnight here on the east coast. you're watching a press conference now. let's go back to that press conference. >> i want to simply stand here and ask that all of us take a time for prayer this evening, to hold your family close and remember our islamic brothers and sisters are not at fault here. this is certainly not about the muslim face. we stand together, muslims, christians, jews, peoples of all faith. we can be the best that god called us to be. so we can serve our community and our nations as best we can. we join our muslim brothers and sisters here.
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>> mike whitelock, the minister of the ame church. >> my name is mark whitlock. seep yor minister of christ our redeemer ame church inner vine, california. first, we condemn the hate that took place today. >> again, this is our breaking news. shortly after here on cnn, the suspect identified as sye syed farook. a u.s. citizen. we're told he's an inspector with the county health department.
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he left that event earlier today in an inland regional center. that's according to cnn. >> i want to bring you up to date on all the information that we have again. he is an inspector with the county health department. this is syed farook. we're also learning from the atf that one of the guns used -- there were four of them. one of the guns used in this event was legally purchased. once they were there, once they were there, they spotted a vehicle moving eeratly, a chase ensued after that where they shot both of the suspects a man and a woman. both wearing dakt call style again, finding ammunition and guns again with them as well.
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the suspect's brother-in-law, the suspect's sister is his wife, farhan kahn wanted to say this was an awful event and his heart went out to everyone. he spoke with syed farook about a week ago. he said he had no idea why he would do such a thing. he said he didn't want to speak beyond that because he needs more information. again hrg he's the brother-in-law of farook. poppy harlow where a search warrant is being executed right now. the last we heard, there was a robot going inside of this home. what is the latest? the latest is that the police are being extraordinary cautious. police are moving further and further away from the house in many question. i'm speaking to people who live in the neighborhood.
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>> a neighbor came up and showed me video of them breaking glass windows to get the robot inside. what led them here was a tip to a name. that name connected to the house here, this is about a ten-mile drive where where the shooting took place this afternoon. what happened is that black suv, while authorities were at the home, trying to figure out what lives there, the black suv slowly drove by. all of a sudden when they saw the authorities, they started speeding by, sped away. that led to the police chasedown that you have described where you have the woman driving and a man shooting out the car with a pipe bomb coming ou of the car. that led to two suspects dead. the question is, does the named person that we know now, was
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that person in the car? or is that a third person? what we also know that i think is very important, don, that we learned in about the last hour is a third person that was seen running close to here by the home was detained by authorities. they're not giving us the name of the third person. they're not saying whether that third person is connected, may have just been an unfortunate coincidence. if they weren't connected, or were they. that person has been detained at this hour. that black suv with utah plates slowly driving by, speeds away. chase ensues. two people dead. who is that third person? what is that connect next at this hour? that is the question. the naebs on either side, we're told immediate neighbors have been told to evacuate their homes. everyone else in this neighborhood, almost no one on this street, it's not very late here in california, don. no one is really hout. and what the neighbors in the area are told is to shelter in place at this hour.
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. >> kyung, you had new information on the guns, at least one of the guns legally purchased, used in this event. >> there's still a device that they have to deal with. we believe that has now been dealt with. we heard a couple of concussion sounds going off the atf, very concerned about an incendiary device. they believe they have taken care of it now. here at this particular scene, it's starting to cool. we are starting to see some vehicles starting to leave. but this is still going to be a very long night. processing this very, very difficult scene, don. the information that we got from the atf just a short ago is that of the four guns that were found -- you heard poppy talking about the two suspects armed with two long gun archs two handguns. one of those four guns did trace back to a name, that is a name
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that law enforcement is aware of, connected to this investigation, and law enforcement says it was purchased legally. it was not stolen. it was purchased legally. that's the very latest we have on the traus of the guns. the atf working furiously to try to get the other three back as well. en, you broke this information just moments ago. one of the suspect's name, syed farook. he is an inspector with the county health department, also believed, as you said to be, one of the people in this meeting or party or holiday event, abruptly left and they believe he came back. >> this is key. it gives a reason why this event, why this person would have been there. he had ties to this event, to the county health department. that's the reason why he was there. what we don't know is exactly what the motivation was.
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we don't know if law enforcement authorities believe he was inside the event and at some point there was some kind of altercation or some dispute. he left and came back. at least two people carried out the shooting. that was an at an auditorium or conference facility being rented out by the county health department for their holiday festivitie festivities, for their christmas party, essentially. we know that once they realized who they were looking for, that's the reason why they went to that house in redlands. and that's when they saw the suv drive by slowly and eventually took off. so that's what ties this all together. we do know that the authorities are not sure whether or not there was ever a third shooter. again, that was based on early reports from witnesses. and that is anything that they're still working on. we still don't know whether the
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third person who was identified, who was detained during the second shootout, just a short distance away, whether that person has anything to do with this event. that's part of the investigation the fbi is doing. we do believe that the fbi wants to make sure that this is not a terrorism. they want to verify whether this is a terrorism related event. whether or not the tie this suspect had to the county health department that was the scene of this initial shooting whether that explains what happened here. again a lot of police work left to be done. we are learning new information about one of the suspects here. you're hearing from his brothner law. i want to get to steven seager. we have gone from terror to work place event to possibly mental
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health. it could be a combination of a number of things. >> two points i want to make. never underestimate the power of untreated mental illness, i also want to make a point. this is not about islams or muslims. they're just as horrify about this as anyone. threat assessment gun background checks and treating mental illness. you can take whatever you want. if it's not this one it's going to be the next one or the one after that or the one next week. if this turns out to be disgruntled terrorism, it needs to be dealt with now or later. >> you in the beginning, i think you thought it pointed towards terrorism. >> do you still think that now? >> i think it's too early to completely identify what the motivation was for this
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individual. >> just because of his name, it does not mean that -- >> yeah, it doesn't mean anything. although when you look at what happened in oklahoma where an individual beheaded somebody at work because it pyres at first that was an argument at work, but when they went back and you look at the rhetoric that was on his web page, on his facebook page, that pointed more towards some type of radicalization. so i think it's a little early right now to say this was absolutely terrorism. but i think the possibility is still there. >> jim maxwell, it was coordinated. >> yes, it was. and i won't rule it out, but if you look at what happened at ft. hood, hassan wuz influenced on the internet by a known terrorist. it's not to say that this is the same case here. the investigation will show whether this guy had any outside
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influences op or if he was just an employee that got disgruntled and decided to act out. >> cedrick alexander is no longer with us. pardon me for that. harry? >> i guess it could go either way. i don't think there's a third shooter. they recovered three weapons, two pistols that were on the two bodies that they found inside the vehicle. no other weapons were found. i don't know if anybody saw three shooters at all at the location where this occurred. i eat not exactly chur which way to go. look at the fbi and their response, the fbi is so deeply involved, sending in tons of agent, i don't know where to go with this.
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>> i think the fbi was so involved because that is the fallout and legacy of the paris attacks. they wanted to consider that it could be terrorism. >> there was that altercation, it was a provocation, a reason to go back out, get the guns, get the getaway cars. he was anticipating this. amy bishop who didn't get tenure, went to her faculty meeting with a gun. they are ready with a confrontation. if it doesn't go their way, they're ready for violence. i don't think this was an organized or political, extremist. i think it was intrinsic. >> cnn is always on the air. we're going to see you back here tomorrow night, at least i will. our coverage continues now with isha sesay in los angeles, john vause in san bernadino. good night.
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>> hello, everyone. thank you for joining us. it's just after 9:00 p.m. here on the u.s. west coast. i'm isha sesay live in los angeles. >> i'm john vause live in redlands, california. there was a mass shooting at a social services center. the deadliest mass shooting in the united states since 20 children were murdered at the sandy hook elementary school almost three years ago now. and this is whate know at this moment. 14 people are dead, at least 17 others wounded after a number of people open fired at that social services center. up with of the suspects was at that party. there was some kind of argument, some kind of dispute and then he left. just a few hours later, police got into a shootout with a
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suspects who were in a black suv. one male, one female suspect were killed. a possible third suspect is now in custody. one suspect has been identified as syed farook. they were armed with gahandguns and assault rifles. they threw a fake pipe bomb. listen to audio from police talking with dispatchers.
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>> the reeg yal center serves for people with developmental disabilities. it happened inside an adjacent conference center. the campus is about 30 miles east of los angeles. the mayor spoke just a short time ago. >> this is a shocking event for our community. we certainly are very fortunate that we have such a well trained police department. our sheriff's department went into action. and they put a massive effort out at trying to alleviate the problem that they were confronted with.
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>> and cnn's poppy harlow with the latest oen what's happening at this town home, this property linked to the suspect. walk us back two hours err earlier. what is the link between this town home. this is a sleeper community, an incredibly tight knit community. it's a ten-minute drive to where this shooting took place. authorities got a tip that led them to that name. that name was tied to the house that is one-mile straight down from where we are now. we don't know if he owned it, rented it, what. as authorities are there, a black suv is slowly driving by. as soon as whoever is driving that suv spots the authorities, they speed away. we now know there was a woman driving and a man shooting out
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of the suv. we don't know the identities. also there was a third person who was detain pd .they were somewhere near here running. was it an unfortunate circumstance that they were runs and they weren't tied to it? that person is detained presumably being questioned at this hour. they've been moving us progressively for safety. they're concerned there could be explosives inside. >> let's just be clear about a couple of things here. about the identities of who we don't and we don't know. we know one person, sd farook. we don't know if he was in the vehicle. >> we just know he worked at the organization that was having the part today and there was some sort of altercation with him. we don't know if he was in the suv. was he the man shooting from it. we simply don't know. is he the third man? we just don't know that at this point in time.
9:20 pm
but they are concerned about explosives for some reason. you know they're searching for them in center and they're searchlinging for them in the house. >> police have not said there's any tangible evidence of explosive devices inside the proper fi. >> exactly. they're being extremely careful. they found a suspicious package in center where the shooting was that they are currently using a robot to take apart. could there be one at the house connected. >> we are seeing the pro-robots as well. they have evacuated the immediate neighbors and told the surrounding neighbors to shelter in place. there will be a controlled detonation? that's what we saw before in the aurora movie theatre. there may be no explosives
9:21 pm
inside. we're talking about a town home which is surrounded by town homes. people have been evacuated. but everybody is being told to stay inside. >> that's the authorities' call. >> they have not said to us they have any reports of explosive devices. but because of what they find, a suspicious package at center and the connection they think between this home, they're obviously being very careful and sending a robot inside. no authorities have gone inside and we do know they're trying to execute a search warrant. >> it will continue on for many, many more hours. we appreciate that. we have more now just to recap exactly what we know about the suspect. multiple law enforcement sources have told farook is with the
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county health department. he abruptly left that before the shooting began. farooh ok is known to be an american citizen, but we do not know if he's one of the two suspects who were killed in that shootout earlier with police. his brother-in-law, though, has spoken and he held a news conference. he talked to reporters just a short time ago. >> i just cannot express how sad i am for what happened today. i the people who lost their life, i'm very sad that people lost their life. and there's victims out there. i wish a speedy recovery to them. and again, i am in in shock something like this could happen. >> the brother-in-law of the suspects speaking just a short time ago. let's go to cnn now.
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kyung, you are following the investigation there at the inland regional center. also, i understand you have new information about the source of where maybe one of these weapons came from. >> we now have information, this is new information that i'm just getting from the atf. they say they have successfully traced all four weapons. there was a total of four weapons found at the scene where that suv was -- the so two suspects were inside the suv. those suspects had two long guns as well as two handguns. they have successfully traced all guns. not just one, but two were legally purchased.
9:24 pm
they discovered these are legally purchased. this is a big scene. this is a gruesome and difficult scene for all the officers involved. inside this auditorium, there were 14 people gunned down. 14 people here for a holiday party. 17 people were wounded h. they were all taken to the hospital. the officers are heavily armed, using bearcats, armor eed veebs. they're also dealing with an incendiary device. they believed there was a bomb inside. we haven't had final determination of what kpash exactly they found. we did hear two loud booms go off. and that advice they believe have neutralized. we're skit waiting to hear what
9:25 pm
device was found. very concerning for law enforcement. it really set the tone for every scene that they approached including the scene that poppy is at at redlands, as well as approaching the vehicle that they engaged in gunfire, john. so this scene here, they're going to spend a long time trying to process this and collect all the gun casings, trying to put a time line together and try to pick up all the pieces together. john? >> there were hundreds of people inside center at the too many of the shooting. where are they right now? are they still there? >> we steen them leave here by buss. there was a very long time where they were moved to an area over to my right beyond this fence, this roadway that you see. there was a big golf course. and throughout the day, they were moved as they were slowly cleared out of irc into this golf course. and then they were one by one interviewed by law enforcement.
9:26 pm
they were loaded on to school buses, city buses, and then they were sent to two different areas where they were reunite with family. so a lot of them, if they were not injured, they were allowed to go home. many, many of them shaken. we spoke to many of their spouses here who were shaking and crying as they were receiving texts from their loved ones. >> and do we know more about what they did when the shooting actually started to help people protect themselves, what action people inside those buildings took. >> it is a very sad reality about america that people now know what they do when there's a gunman in their place of work. this is a business, i'm told, by many of their spouses that nay drilled for this. they practiced when the gunmen entered their buildings. there were 550 people inside
9:27 pm
this building working. that auditorium was rented out for that holiday party. the employees had drilled for this. they knew when they heard gunmen, they pushed desk against their doorways. they knew to turn off their lights. they knew to silence their cell phones because america sees this so often people now know what to do. >> kyung lah with the very latest from the regional center. we'll be back to you in the coming hours. thank you very much. just to repeat that news, the latest information is that these weapons have now been identified. two of them, two of these firearms were, in fact, purchased. we continue to bring you news of the mass shooting. police try to trace the steps of the suspects. >> it's worth pointing out for our viewers these events happening just an hour away from us right here in los angeles.
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9:32 pm
breaking news coverage of a deli shooting right here in california. we're going to be live for you on cnn. this tragedy played out at a conference center at a facility for people with developmental disabilities. >> authorities have identified one of the suspects in the san bernadino shootings as syed farook, an inspector with the county health department. farook abruptly left a holiday party for the center. at least 14 people were killed. 17 others wounded, many of them in a critical condition right now. hours later, two of the suspects were killed during a shootout with police. one man and one woman. there's no word on whether syed farook is one of the debt. ran randy -- randi kaye has more
9:33 pm
details. >> that was the waning just before lunmean bernadi bernadino, california. about an hourast of los angeles, people inside and outside the building targeted heard the shots. >> it all happened at a conference facilitatecy where a banquet was taking place. that facility is part of a complex that provides services for people with disabilities. the police alert they're not looking for not one, but possibly as many as tle shooters. >> multiple people entered the room and began shooting. >> phillies say they came prepared for this attack. police, s.w.a.t. team, the atf and fbi raced to the scene and set up a perimeter. they believed the shooters were still somewhere inside the large complex. loved ones of those trapped inside also arrived.
9:34 pm
this man's daughter texted him she was hiding. >> shooting at my work. people shot. in the office waiting for cops. >> but she's okay? >> pray for us. >> this man got a text from his wife when the shooting started. >> she said the guy who shot came in next to her office and started shooting. they locked themselves in in her office. they seen bodies on the floor. she said right now, the ambulance are taking them off in stretchers. >> as families wait for answers, california's governor is briefed. so is the president. schools and hospitals are locked down. meanwhile, police continue to try and track down the shooters. >> we don't know where those shooters are. they're heavily armed and possibly wearing body armor, things of that nature. it is not a safe area to be. it's very dangerous. and the fewer innocent people we
9:35 pm
have in here, the better. >> shortly after it all began, at least a dozen people exit the building, hands up. this man's son was safely ev evacuat evacuated, only after texting his dad that there were live shooters in the building. >> he was pretty nervous, pretty upset. hunker down, make sure their cell phone was off, don't make noise. you know, hide under the desk. >> by late afternoon, the suspects are on the run. witnesses describe seeing three men stressed in military style uniform carrying long guns take off in a black suv. hours later, a shootout with police leave two suspects dead. more than a dozen victims are also dead. even more wounded. and the motive far from clear. >> randi kaye, cnn atlanta. >> we'll have more from redlands in just a moment. but for now, let's head back to isha in los angeles.
9:36 pm
>> u.s. president barack obama is once again calling for more gun control reforms after this latest mass shooting. he said congress should work together to close loopholes, including one that lets people buy a gun even if they're deemed too dangerous to fly. >> there are some steps we could take not to eliminate every one of these mass shootings. but to improve the odds that they don't happen as frequently. common sense gun safety laws. stronger background checks. and, you know, for those who are concerned about terrorism, some may be aware of the fact that we have a no-fly list where people can't get on planes. but those same people we don't allow to fly could go into a score right now in the united states and buy a firearm and there's nothing we can do to stop them.
9:37 pm
that's a law that needs to be changed. >> president obama speaks to cbs news a little earlier. we want to put today's events in some kind of context for you. san bernadino marks the 355th mass shooting in the u.s. this year. that's more mass shootings than days so far in 2015. mass shootings have occurred every month this year with 44 -- you heard me correctly -- 44 happening in june alone. and mass shootings is defined in a shooting with at least four people injured or killed, including the shooter. these numbers are according to the mass shooting tracker database. the san bernadino shooting is the deadliest in 2015. let's take a look at some of the other high profile shootings this year. just this past friday, a suspect shot and killed three people and wounded nine others at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. two months ago, an gunman
9:38 pm
attacked a community college in oregon. a news crew was shot and killed on live television by a former co-worker who later killed hymn. in july, a military recruiting center in tennessee was attacked. four marines and a sailor were killed. and in june, nine people were killed in a shooting during a church prayer meeting in charleston, south carolina. san bernadino marks a 355th mass shooting in the u.s. this year. it's hard to fathom when you look at the raw data like that, when you look at the numbers. but san bern den know where this played out, tell our viewers a little by more about this area, about this place. >> yeah. this is a quiet community, so typical of where these shootings often take place. no one here expected anything like this to happen amongst
9:39 pm
their community here. and once again, this does reignite that whole debate about gun control, about gun laws, were the gun laws here too lax. should people have been allowed to carry their own firearms for protection, or were they too lenient, which allowed these gunmen at least to purchase two, or at least two of the guns purchased legally. so once again, the debate over whether gun laws should be tough enough or whether they should be relaxed so people can protect themselves in this kind of situation situation, that goes back to this time and time again. there's a paralysis that the gunman simply doesn't know how to deal with these mas casualty events. we'll continue to follow these breaking news here, isha. there's been another mass shooting in california. we continue to report on these mas shootings. a lot more details here from redlands after a very short break.
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>> i was just walking down and this laidly heard shot. i started walk and all of a sudden i got in the chaos. who knows. just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. i'm like wow, right in the mid of it. >> you are watching live breaking news coverage of a deadly shooting at a california conference center. i'm isha sesay in los angeles. >> one of the suspects in the san bernadino shooting has been identified as syed farook, an inspector with the county health department. law enforcement sources say he abruptly left a holiday party at the inland regional center, a
9:44 pm
facility which cared for people with developmental disabilities. authorities have not said if farook was one of the three people who later returned and then open fired. at least 14 people have been killed. right now, authorities are in a home right here in redlands con negligented to farook. there was a chase earlier that began at this house. police got into a shootout with two people who were in an suv. those two suspects were killed, a man and a woman. they were armed with assault rifles, as well as handguns, sources have not con fifrmed if if farook was in that suv or if he was, in fact, one of the suspects killed. authorities say they've detained a possible third suspect. witnesses have been sharing stories with us throughout the day, as well as family members. they were anxiously waiting for news about their loved ones. here's what we've been hearing. >> shooting at me work. people shot. in the office waiting for cops.
9:45 pm
of. >> it is not a safe area to be. very dangerous. >> there is an active shooter an we needed to stake and get behind locked doors. so we stayed there until the s.w.a.t. team evacuated us. >> i heard rapid shooting. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> this lady and a couple others heard shots. all of a sudden i got into the chaos. >> they're heavily armed and they are possibly wearing body armor, things of that nature. >> large, large armed response here by the sheriff's department. >> of. >> someone comes in and started shotting and they ran into an
9:46 pm
office and she was hiding with other people. >> she said the guy came into her office and started shooting. >> h they they locked themselves in. they said the ambulance aric thatting people off. she was shuttled into a room. police showed up. they were taken outside. thank god there weren't more casualties. >> incredible scenes throughout the day. incredible stories as well. let geese back to isha sesay in los angeles with more on our continuing coverage. isha? >> thanks, sean. >> i've joined by a former fbi act who targeted organized crime. he's here in the studio with us, bobby. thank you for joining us. we now have a name of one of the suspects. sayed farook from the county health department. having that information and looking at everything else on the stage what do you make of
9:47 pm
all of this? >> well, right now, it's looking more and more like it was a work place dispute between an .employee and somebody they worked with. that's supported by the early facts in the case where a police got very quickly to this focus area that they went to and when the suv came by and. that probably was a result of somebody that was at the original attack naming this gentleman. saying this guy left the party earlier. he was either escorted out. there was clearly a dispute between co-workers. this guy returned and the shooting ensued. >> a thing a lot of people are trying to reconcile with that theory, and again, we haven't had anything confirmed at this stage is the involvement of the female who was in the suv. now, of course, again to say we don't know whether farook was in that suv shootout that resulted in the death of two individuals, but a woman was in that suv.
9:48 pm
woman was shot and killed. how do you reconcile that? >> my speculation or educated guest was this was an suv. this could have been a wife or girlfriend that may have sheaffered the disdain with the co-workers that he shared with her every night going back home and complaining about how maybe he wasn't being treated right. and so she might have shared in the hatred of these co-workers and maybe this was something that was thought about, talked about and even planned. and this incident today was the inciting event that pushed them over the edge. >> we had a massive shooting up in california. with some of the work place violence incidents, you do see a very minor level of planning.
9:49 pm
the attack gear they had, this all elevates to another level. i think that's what the investigation will focus on going forward. >> the tactical gear, the level of arms, that speaks to training? >> how much training they have, that's what investigators will determine whether they were going to shooting ranges, whether they were practicing. the investigation will determine that. >> we know authorities are using pro-botic devices to scan the department, so to speak. how does the operation unfold? >> well, the first thing that has to be done is the scene has to be made safe. so that's what the robot is doing our evidence response teams and the local crime scene investigators to go in and process the crime scene.
9:50 pm
they're probably waiting to go in and look at his computer, any literature he has waiting around, looking at any phone books, contact sheet he is might have of friends, neighbors, co-worker, journals that he might have. so it's going to be many, many hours. and what was his motivation to do this. >> we appreciate the insight. we know you're going to stay with us for the hours ahead. continue to help us make sense of all of this. thank you for that. we're going to take a very quick break. we'll have more news on the mass shooting here in california right after this.
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>> she told me that god is protecting her. >> it's approaching 10:00 p.m.
9:55 pm
on the west coast. i'm isha sesay in los angeles. >> police sources tells cnn one of the suspects in that shooting is a man named syed farook. but we do not know if he's one of the two suspects that have been killed by police. a man and a woman led authorities on a chase in this black suv. a possible third suspect is in custody. investigators say they were armed with assault rifles and handguns. earlier in the day, they open fired at a holiday party, killing 14 people, wounding at least 17 other. near where i'm standing in redland, california. a wlot of people are wondering about a motive, how this may have played oit. a lot of those questions will be answered by what they may find
9:56 pm
inside this home just up the road behind me here in redlands. >> no doubt about that. >> we're just trying to get some insight into what may have led to all of this. >> the question, of course -- -- the question that many people are asking is, could this possibly be a dispute at a holiday party at the end of year holiday party? it seems like an incredible moment that they would come back and shoot up and kill so many people over a simple dispute. >> indeed. john, appreciate it. you're watching cnn's breaking news coverage of deadly shooting at a southern california conference center. i'm isha sesay in los angeles. >> i'm john vause in redlands, california. we'll be back in a moment with much more. ♪
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