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tv   Wolf  CNN  December 3, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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department, san bernardino city police department and the atf. these resources are being applied for a number of reasons. i give you an example of some things we're doing today. we flew in a team to do some -- from washington to do some re-enactment, reconstruction of the crime scene. we have continued collecting evidence and are continuing to collect evidence at the multiple scenes. we are going to fly some evidence back to our laboratory in washington, d.c. today on a plane. that's because we want expedition analysis of that evidence. the digital media is incredibly important because we are trying to determine the motive. we cannot rule anything out at this point. we're hoping some digital media exploitation will assist us. again, it would be irresponsible of me and it would be way too early to speculate on motive of why this occurred. any questions for the fbi?
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>> have you found any information that says you did this in the name of religion or that there were -- with all this ammunition, it's part of a larger group and a larger plot or maybe he was planning a different attack and got ticked off and decided, okay, i'm just going to turn on these guys? >> again if you look at the amount of obvious preplanning that went in, the amount of armaments he had, the weapons and ammunition. there was obviously a mission here. we know that. we do not know why. we don't know if this was the intended target or if there was something that triggered him to do this immediately. we just don't know. again, that's going to take time for us to get to that answer. >> with international subjects the authorities were already interested in overseas either by phone or social media as cnn has reported? >> international subjects, we are still working through that.
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we know there was international travel. they came into the u.s., both he -- she was not his wife at the time but she is now. they both came into the u.s. in july of 2014. they've since had a baby together. he is a u.s. person. she is still here on a k-1 visa. >> -- international travel connected in any way -- >> we do not know. it's certainly something we're going to look into very, very carefully. >> -- specific motivation that he had with investigative subjects, terrorism subjects that the fbi had under investigation -- >> i did not hear you. >> what can you tell us about any communications he had with terrorism subjects that the fbi had been investigating? >> we're still working through that. that goes towards the flow and the pace of the information. i want to make sure we're absolutely correct before we put that out. we're still working through that. >> -- was he traveling to and how long -- >> pardon me?
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>> how long had he been out of the country and what countries has he visited? >> it appears he came back into the u.s. in july of 2014. as i said earlier, i do not know all the countries he visited. we know he did go to pac at one point. we know she is here on a k-1 visa under a pakistani passport. >> -- to saudi arabia -- >> don't have all the facts yet. >> how much do you know about her that would explain why she got involved in this? >> we don't know enough. we do not know enough. i'm going to take two more questions -- >> is there any evidence that syed -- >> -- how close are you to -- >> it would be irresponsible of me to call this terrorism. the fbi defines terrorism very specifically. that is the big question for us, is what is the motivation for this. first, the integrity of this investigation, again, is paramount. secondly, it's ultimately determined the motive and the inspiration for this attack. >> ieds that were found, how
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would you describe -- was this professional or amateurish? high-grade military explosives used there or -- >> well, i'm not an expert either. as the chief mentioned earlier. i don't want to go too deep. i will say there is some level of sophistication when you're tying them together and you have seemingly remote controlled car that is attached to the device. i'm going to take one more question and turn it back to the chief. yes, ma'am. >> based off any kind of designs from "inspire" magazine -- >> i didn't hear you. >> any evidence that shows linkage between the designs of the ieds and "inspire magazine"? >> we knew that question would come up. we're looking into it as we speak. >> thank you. >> anybody on the radar at all? did you ever have any prior knowledge of him, fbi or anybody, anywhere? >> he was not on the radar screen of our agency prior to yesterday. let me go over a couple details. our plan today is, as i said early on, we're going to do this press conference now.
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throughout the course of the day, we're going to do what we can to release the names the victims, focus in on those folks. we'll probably try to get you some photos. we'll try to move the media a little closer. we will come back with another press conference at the end of the business day, 4:00, hopefully we'll have some more information for you by then. and then we'll kind of play it by ear. so with that, i'll take a couple more questions. then i think we're going to cut it off. >> -- determine the suspect and how did you determine he was the suspect in. >> as i said yesterday, when we did our early press conferences, there was -- we got a couple of tips and we were following up on a couple different leads. this was one of the tips that we followed up on very early on. where that came from was another person that was in the building that knew him that identified him by name, who expressed some concern over his behavior prior to the event and the way he left. following up on that information, we discovered he had run theed rented a vehicle
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similar and we followed up on that address. and the rest is obviously -- we know how that played out. there were things that as our officers approached gave them concern. i don't know if the word booby trap is appropriate but there was concern they did not want to go in immediately. they wanted to approach it very tactically. and for that reason, we actually used the fbi tactical team for that, because we were stretched so thin here. so the fbi came with their bomb folks. i think the sheriff's department may have helped with that as well. we used their team to do it. the initial officers that were there and secured the house were not the ones who made entry. we did wait until tactically they did it appropriately. >> have you been able to find any notes or any type information -- >> there's nothing definitive we
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have right now that points directly to a motive. i've not been made aware of any notes. >> have all the bodies been removed, identified, the families notified? >> we're still working on that. it's been a slow process. when this happened, the sprinklers, the fire sprinklers in the room had gone off. we believe one of the rounds that were fired hit the fire sprinklers, set them off, flooded the room, it took a lot of time to get that process turned off and then we discovered the explosive devices in the room. it took a lot of time to do that. we did not get to the portion where we were dealing with the victims and the bodies and trying to make the positive identification through fingerprints until the middle of the night. we've been working throughout the night on that. we've been making notifications since then. what the sheriff plans to do is slowly throughout the day, we will release the names hopefully of all 14 people today as we're able to make notnotifications. >> is anyone still in there? >> i'm not sure to be honest
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with you. >> -- to the victims right away -- >> as of several hours ago there were a few bodies left. we may have been able to remove those victims by now -- i'm sorry, go ahead. >> you talked about the delay in getting to the bodies because of the sprinklers but were you able to go in right away -- >> absolutely. the initial response, the officers went through the water and all that, identifying bodies, soichbing for suspect, searching for suspects. all that had done. we determined those folks had lost their life. then we discovered the ieds which caused the safety personnel to back out -- >> chief, during the holiday party, did the suspect have any conversation with the holiday goers -- >> not that i've been told. >> did he say anything during the shooting? >> not that i've been told. >> have you been able to confirm or find out through the fbi, the list of all the local people here in the san bernardino area these people may have been in touch with over a period of a week, two weeks, prior to this incident, or are you still
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reaching out? >> that's part of that broader more complex investigation to see if there are others who may have been aware of something. i'm not prepared to give any details just yet. >> an update on the detainee -- >> the third person -- >> at the officer involved shooting, we did indicate there was a person detained out of that. that person was seen running away from the scene. what we've learned since then is several -- there were several police cars and undercover cars that pulled up that were engaged in that officer involved shooting with the suspects. we found out later on there were people in cars that abandoned their cars and ran in the other direction when the gunfire started. i don't know if that person was one of those. we did determine he was not involved in the incident. he is not a suspect. he is not a person of interest. he did have a misdemeanor warrant. he was booked on that warrant. sorry? >> what did you find the ied -- >> it was in the middle of the
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room on a table in a bag. >> were you able to determine if it was the suspect or police that fired first -- >> i don't know if i can speak to their intent on that. it's my understanding they open fire first. rounds came out of the back of the car from the female that was in the backfiring through the back of the suv at the police vehicles. and then the male suspect who was the driver got out and fired at officers from the street as well. i don't know who fired the first round. >> what do we know about this -- >> that's a part of the investigation we're working on. i don't have enough info about her. >> -- stop on its own accord, or was it disabled -- >> i believe it stopped on its own accord to engage the officers. >> what does this mean going forward? i know you can't talk about county buildings but city buildings? i know this is probably a flip, but what about security at city
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buildings going forward? >> we stepped up security all across the city and all across the county yesterday at all of our city and county facilities. schools went into lockdown today. it's my understanding as of today based on the information we have no credible threats. as of yesterday, everybody went into a lockdown. >> people with rifles in front of city hall ongoing -- >> i don't anticipate you will. we've also -- >> are they going to be back -- >> what's that? >> -- operating as usual? the department of environmental health -- >> we'll try to get that answered later on. i'll have the sheriff address that, from the county. >> the county board held a special meeting and decided to make the decision to shut down the nonessential county departments for today and tomorrow. not only to make sure that there weren't any threats that were still potentially developing yesterday, but as of -- out of respect for the family members
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and fellow employees that were either victims or friends of the victims, and that's the decision the board of supervisors has made. so the nonessential county operations have been shut down for today and tomorrow. >> chief, just to clarify, there's no such -- [ inaudible ] >> correct. >> chief, the families, are they cooperating? >> we've contacted a number of them. they have cooperated. >> were they suspects wearing cameras? >> i've heard that rumor about the go pros. nobody's located go pros. nobody's located any evidence they were wearing cameras of any sort. >> do you know how many people were at the party? >> i don't. we are going to try to get that by later this afternoon. >> family members -- >> several of the family members have already been contacted. have been interviewed. and are cooperating. we're still looking for a couple
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of others. >> is it where they worked -- >> i'm sorry? >> do you know anything -- [ inaudible ] >> i don't know. >> the coroner's office is handling 14 bodies at once. what impact is this having on the coroner's operation? >> as you know, i'm responsible for the coroner's office as well. our staff is on 12-hour shifts. we've called folks in from their days off to assist with processing the scene and helping to identify the victims of this tragic event. we're in the process of making those identifications. the majority of them have been. the number of the notifications have been made and we'll continue to update you as we get the information and we can provide the names once the n notifications of the next of kin is made. we'll probably release it through a press release as we get that information. >> two more questions, then we'll wrap it up.
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did the wife have relatives? >> not that i've been told. >> -- country -- >> pakistan. >> thank you very much, folks. >> there you have the san bernardino police department briefing all of us. the latest developments. very disturbing developments in this case that has developed over the past 24 hours here in the united states. a stunning new clue following that deadly mass shooting at a holiday party in san bernardino. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. law enforcement sources are telling cnn it appears one of the shooters was, in fact, radicalized, and that may have could be tributed to the motive. regardless of the why, 14 people are dead, 21 others are wounded. the carnage carried out by a married couple dressed in tactical gear and carrying semiautomatic weapons. police revealing the male gunman had left the party, apparently
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angry, before he came back with his wife and started firing. the couple also stashing explosives rigged to a remote control toy car. the suspects, when they entered, fired somewhere between 65 and 75 rounds from the rifles at the scene. we did locate the one pipe bomb that was actually three pipe bombs combined into one. had a remote control car-type remote control device that appears to have not worked in this case. there were also four high capacity .223 rifle magazines that were dropped by it the suspects and left in there as the evidence recovered. >> what followed was a chase, a gun battle with police, that ended with both suspects dead. a neighbor capturing that showdown on his cell phone. watch this.
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[ gunfire ] >> [ bleep ] shots rang out, oh, my gosh. >> joining us now, our justice reporter and our chief national security correspondent jim sciut sciutto. evan, it appears on the reporting you are doing, all of our sources suggesting that the shooter in this particular case, the husband, the man, was, in fact, radicalized, and had some sort of international connections. what are you hearing? >> well, these are the things the fbi is following up on. they want to make sure they understand what those connections were. there's nothing yet that has shown up that indicates any kind of order from an international terrorist group or any kind of nexus really with international terrorism. but the fact that they do believe that there's indications he was radicalized. some of that started turning last night when they found this ied bag inside the scene of the first shooting, the place where the -- the conference center
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where the first shooting occurred. once it went to the house, they found what was a rudimentary bomb lab where they found these additional 12 what appears to be the makings of pipe bombs and ingreedants to make more. those are the things that really tipped the scale here for law enforcement to indicate that they thought they were dealing with somebody who was radicalized, who had at least part of the intention here was terrorist motives. that doesn't perhaps explain everything because there's no explanation of perhaps the fight that he got into or the disagreement that he stored out of before the shooting began. again, that's part of what's puzzling to law enforcement here. >> we're learning more about their travel, their arrangements, this couple, syed rizwan farouk and his wife, tashfeen, malik, knew that they had traveled to saudi arabia.
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now the fbi agent on the scene, just telling us they had gone to pakistan. >> they look at foreign travel and foreign communication. they've been to both saudi arabia and pakistan. neither of those countries -- travel to neither of those countries by itself establishes a terrorism connection. it's something they look into because they know the history of both those countries. they haven't established that yet. but they're exploring it. to have those contacts overseas by itself, loads of us have contacts overseas, is not incriminating. >> an immigrant family -- >> family from pakistan originally. he married, he went to the hajj in saudi arabia. those trips could have had innocent explanations. as you say, some of those foreign contacts were known, not necessarily known subjects, things to further establish. as you look at this, the patterns here, you know, intelligence will always look at patterns both before and after. some of the patterns here fit at
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least credibly previous tacts we've seen where you have radicalization either by a combination of foreign travel with social media or long distance contacts or one or the other. so that's a pattern that we've seen in the past. what is interesting about this attack, it breaks a pattern in a couple ways. one, to have a man and a woman involved in the shooting and even beyond that, a husband and wife would carried it out. some of this is very new. the other pattern it does fit, we saw in paris, multiple shooters attacking a soft target. this fits that pattern as well. not conclusion itch but ive but pattern. >> the fbi on the scene what he just told us in july of 2014 he brought her to the united states. she's originally apparently from pakistan. they came to the united states as an engaged couple. they got married in the united states anduch more recently they had a little child. >> right, she traveled on what is known as a fiance visa. essentially coming here to marry
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him. and they since had a family. she's become a naturalized -- not a naturalized citizen, she's become a legal permanent resident. the purpose here, they were going to settle down. and then something clearly went wrong. it's not clear what, you know, what the explanation is for what turned yesterday, wolf. but it is part of the puzzle that they're trying to put together here. >> the weapons in this particular case, these long guns as they are called, they were purchased apparently legally, right? >> the handguns by farouk himself, the long guns by a third party, which they haven't established a connection to. california does have laws against certain assaults weapons including the ar-15-type weapon. >> the long gun. >> it is. police did not say whether it was established it was legally -- >> one of the things i was told is they know they've traced the handguns to farouk. the long guns were being traced to someone who was a former
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roommate, and that person now is going to be talked to by the atf. they have no indication that person had anything to do with the shooting but it is an interview that's going to be taking place soon. >> beyond the weapons themselves, the rounds, by my count, more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition. they fired about 75 at the party. another 76 at the officers during the standoff. >> with a clean background, nobody will question any of this. you can buy as many bullets as you want. >> fire high-capacity magazines. that's a sensitive subject. that's one thing they've talked about zeroing in on, high-capacity magazines. >> what intelligence forces, law enforcement sources, have said to me, as much as you worry about the guns, in this particular case, the improvised explosive device, if you will, the pipe bombs, they had an arsenal at that house -- >> where did the black powder come from, i mean, these are questions they're trying to nail down of where the ingredients -- these bombs were not very sophisticated. he did have an idea of what exactly he was doing.
10:22 am
>> they're literally right out of isis and other group's recipe books, because they put this out in their magazine such as "inspire." they had articles saying bombs you can cook in your bomb's question using widely available materials. >> do it yourselfers. >> exactly. they used a remote control car it looks like as a detonator. we saw in paris they bought their detonators at a fireworks store. things you can bring together to make very deadly. >> how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom, anwar al awlaki, i seem to recall. we're following the breaking news out of san bernardino, the shootings. was it an act of terror, was it a place of workplace violence, a combination of both? our expert panels standing by to weigh in. also, we've learned so far, increasingly, more about the 14 people who were killed at that holiday christmas party that was going on. the 21 people who were injured. we'll share with you what we know. much more on the breaking news
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we're continuing to follow the breaking news. police are still processing the scene inside that inland regional center in san bernardino california. i want to go to the scene where victor blackwell is joining us. you're nearby in redlands, not far from where this manhunt for the two suspects came to the dramatic deadly victor, police say it was the fear of explosives that held up investigators trying to process the scene the original massacre there at the center and the final shootout in redlands where you are. give us the latest on what's happening with all of that. >> we've seen certainly the fbi here all morning. there have been computer forensics, laboratory workers here, collecting data, collecting some evidence to try to get to the answer to the question, why. an answer still not answered, a question still not answered after that news conference
10:28 am
today. there have been some changes in the numbers. that's understandable, the fog immediately after that incident. we were told there were 17 people who were injured in that shooting, in addition to the 14 who were killed. that number has been increased according to the san bernardino police department to 21. i think what surprises the people here in this neighborhood, quite possibly the man i spoke with who has lived here for more than 30 years, that there were 12 pipe bombs inside that home. 12 pipe bombs and materials to make more, thousands of rounds, in addition to the 1,400 rounds, .223 ammunition found inside the suv that these two shooters were in. also, the 200 9 millimeter bullets. we're not getti intin inting mu information about the ieds found inside the home. but their are determining if there are similarities between
10:29 am
what was found and any models from "inspire" magazine which of course we know is published by aqap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that will be the continuing that rative of this, narrative of this investigation, if there is any connection to a terrorist group and travel recently by few he'd farouk is connected to this attack that happened yesterday, wolf. >> victor, stand by. we're going to get back to you. we're following the breaking news. at least one of the shooters involved was apparently radicalized. that certainly could have contributed to the motive, to this mass murder. joining us now to discuss, the director of the george washington university program on extremism. also joining us, our law enforcement analyst, the former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. our terrorism analyst paul crusshank. and retired atf agent paul may
10:30 am
joining us as well. it looks like the evidence is increasingly growing. the individual in this particular case, syed rizwan farouk, may have actually been in contact with international terror suspects. what do we know? >> they're going to be looking at that. they'll look at his travel to saudi arabia, to pakistan, whether he had connections to groups like isis, groups like al qaeda. i think there very well could be mixed motives here. we've seen that in the past. here in the united states, last september, september 2014, there was a beheading in oklahoma by a guy who had become radicalized but also he had been fired from his job, and also in france, just in june, there was an extremist who beheaded his boss in a trucking company and sent a selfie to isis in syria. he had problems with his boss as well. we've seen these blended motivations before. >> it could have been a combination of anger at his employers, for example, the
10:31 am
county health department in san bernardino county. at the same time, there could have been a political jihady motive as well. >> it could be, wolf. in a lot of these cases, you could have somebody who gradually became more and more angry. maybe he got insults about his back ground or his wife. maybe there was something else gradually building up. a set of grievances in his mind, as opposed to having been fired or having, you know, a serious altercation at work. so that part we'll still, you know, have to be determined. >> what's your analysis, lorenzo? >> it seems the more likely scenario, a mixed hybrid motivation, potentially some trigger event. on russly is there was. obviously, there was some preplanning there, because they had the gear, the pipe bomb. but some other motivation there. i think we're going to find out more. the connections to known terrorists, that's definitely the most interesting part. the trips to saudi or pakistan can be explained in benign ways but the connections to known
10:32 am
terrorists, that's the most interesting part. >> tashfeen malik, 27 years old, she was from pakistan. that can easily explain a visit to pakistan, to visit her family. the fact they were not on the fbi or law enforcement's radar apparently at all, neither one of them, what does that say to you? >> well, it says they hasn't gone far enough to actually trip the trip wires, if you will, that would put them on that. there's over 1 million people on that watch list now. depending on the phone calls and e-mail traffic and all of that, if you went by every time somebody called somebody else that was on the list, we'd have 20 million people on that watch list instead of one. it's difficult to read their mind. the link charts will show you who called who or who knew who, but it doesn't tell you what's inside their brain what they're thinking. >> anthony, you're an expert on explosives. investigators there examining what appears to be a home bomb lab found in that redlands, california, residence.
10:33 am
police say they had a pipe bomb. tell us what they're looking for now. because it looks like pretty unsophisticated but rather large arsenal they were developing there for explosive devices. >> that's right, wolf. the deep vice that was found at the center where the shooting was was really a rudimentary-type device. at the house, it's been not real clear as to what they have found as far as explosives, other than there are additional parts, components, other explosive devices. which indicates a major process here of preplanning, supplies coming in and out of the house. there's -- i'm not going to be surprised if there are a lot more people involved in this. that there are other co-conspirators. i mean, quite frankly, they took one device with them. why did they just take one?
10:34 am
why weren't their other devices found in the car? why were they throwing fake devices out the car window? i would suspect within the next 72 hours with the stuff being flown back to washington, being forensically examined, compared to other device s seen for signature purposes, we're going to have some answers. >> how many damage could these explosive devices cause? assuming the 12 at the home, the one at the regional center, how much damage could they actually have done? >> well, it would depend on how much gun powder and shrapnel was embedded within those pipes. the lab analysis will show us or tell us about that. but i would think easily a dozen people if they went off whoever was in proximity, it would be leak a hand grenade in the military going off. so probably a dozen people. if you had simultaneous explosions, it could bring the building wn, depending on the total amount of explosives. >> we talked earlier about the
10:35 am
article in "inspire" magazine, the aqap magazine, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom, that article has been circulated online and a lot of people have read it. >> we are seeing more and more plots, seeing the people behind the building of these explosive with no prior knowledge, they just got it from the internet. think about the boston marathon bombers, same dynamic. you might not have huge explosive devileses but they can still kill people as we saw in boston. >> we have a lot more coming in, we'll continue to follow the breaking news. as the mass shooting investigation in southern california widen, we'll examine some of the worldwide reaction. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
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and fear. >> a bbc report on the san bernardino shootings here in the united states is just one example of how the u.s. is being portrayed in international news around the world. another former deputy prime minister in australia says his country needs to warn travelers about gun violence in the u.s. fareed czar car ya is here with me in washington. a story like this, fareed, horrible mass murder in san bernardino dino what kind of message does that send around the world, reinforces this impression of what? >> look, some of this, in this particular case there is a terrorism angle that you've been exploring, but in general, these stories of gun violence really do startle, alarm, the rest of the world, in a way that's difficult to completely explain. it's more than anything else. the rest of the world looks at this as the one element of
10:41 am
america that they find truly baffling. because, you know, there are other elements. we're more religious than other industrialized countries. that, they understand, they used to be more religious themselves. there are other countries that are more religious. with gun violence, the united states is essentially alone in the world. there is no other country that has anything remotely approaching the kind of violence we do. the only country that comes even close is yemen. which is essentially a war zone. so they look at this and they really can't understand it. they don't understand how we put up with it. >> as you point out, the shooter, who's now dead, together with his wife, tashfeen malik, they apparently were radicalized, if you will. we tonigdon't know exactly how. they apparently had some international contacts, if you will, with suspected terror sources out there. that may diminish this notion that people are just running
10:42 am
wild here in the united states with guns or whatever. >> you're exactly right. this one may be an unusual case, but as you point out, it may be mixed motives, as has been the case in the past. i think paul mentioned that as well. if each of these cases, there are different not motives. there are others that are mental health. what they all have in common is the extraordinary ooeease with which people can obtain these extraordinarily destructive weapons. weapons that you can fire hundreds of rounds, thousands of rounds of ammunition. that sets america apart. so people may have said, you know, well, look at france, despite having tough gun control laws, it wasn't able to avoid a terrorism attack. no, there was one terrorism attack that happened in paris, but the levels of violence in paris on any given month, or any given day, any given year,
10:43 am
1/20th that of the united states. >> these were terrorist attacks. in paris a couple, three weeks ago, or charlie hebdo magazine, a terrorist attack as well. >> you put it all together, european countries have, roughly speaking, 1/20th to 1/25th the amount of violence. >> it appears these individuals may have been radicalized, home grown, if you will, whatever they were. maybe they were radicalized online. this is the great fear the fbi director james comey has spoken about, other law enforcement officials in the u.s. speak about. and it's a real problem out there right now. the social media impact on these individuals. >> it's the big problem because in a sense with the other stuff, there are things to track. there are things to look at. there are patterns. there's money that has to move across borders. their ideas, messages, things like that. what if you get self-radicalized
10:44 am
in your basement, you know, listening to something, watching something, and you don't talk about it to anyone. which appears to be the case with this guy. you know, the fbi can't read your mind. a foreign intelligence agency can't read your mind. what are they supposed to do? you know, let's keep in mind these attacks can never, therefore, be as spectacular destructive as 9/11. but these lone wolfs who can inflict tragic damage, you know, perhaps a dozen people, perhaps 15, 25, that's the danger. because to stop it, you really have to know how to read people's minds. >> 14 people dead. 21 people injured. that's a lot of casualties. a lot of deaths here in the united states. fareed, thanks very much for joining us. by the way, fareed will have a lot more on his program, fareed zakaria gps, sunday morning.
10:45 am
among his guests, president obama's top national security adviser dr. susan rice, also bono, sunday morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern, only here on cnn. after the break, we'll talk live with the ranking member of the house intelligence committee, adam schiff on what he's learning about these shootings, much more on gun control, a lot more coming up. ee could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause
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the shootings in california are once again prompting calls for expanding gun control legislation here in the united states. the latest violent incident qualifies as the 355th mass
10:50 am
shooting this year according to the mass shooting tracker. that's a crowd source website from guns are cool sub red it. defines a mass shooting as one incident where four or more are killed by gunfire. that's a broader definition than the fbi congressman adam schiff, a democrat who represents a district not far from san bernardino. he's also a ranking member of the house intelligence committee. let's talk a little bit about the latest information you're getting. . what did you learn about these two individuals involved in this mass murder in san bernardino? >> i had a beliriefing by the f this morning and still getting a lot of information nin. we're not able to rule anything out. it's possible there were connections to terror or a
10:51 am
self-radicalization going on. it's also possible it was a workplace motivation or a k combination of the two. we're rooking at social media, any selectors they were a automobile to take from either of the suspects chasing down a number of leads, both foreign and domestic, to see what connection there might be to terror. but at this point, it's too early to tole tell what the motivation was. >> we have been reporting that the male was radicalized and had been in touch with more than international terrorism subject. what can you tell us a about that? >> well, i can't go into the specifics of who he may be in contact with. as of a couple hours ago, i don't think we were in a position to conclude this was a self-radicalization or moved by some international actor.
10:52 am
we're investigating that and get to the bottom of this. . it's premature to reach those conclusions. >> police say they are examining what appears to have been a home bomb laboratory they were building at least a dozen improvised explosive devices inside the home. one was left at that regional center there where all those people were killed. that sounds like a much more sophisticated operation than some disgruntled employee. >> i think that's absolutely true. that much we do know. i thinkhe police chief has already acknowledged this that there were perhaps as many as a dozen explosives in the home. this is not a situation where someone went to a holiday party at their office, got justify set, went home and got a gun. there was a lot of advanced preparation. you don't go home after an argument and put together a dozen pipe bombs. clearly advanced planning.
10:53 am
it still may have had a work motivation. something that was the last straw, but obviously, there's plan ining that had been in the works for some time. >> we're learn also learning the two of them traveled not only to saudi arabia, but the fbi director out in san bernardino just said they had also gone to pakistan. do you know nanything about thoe trips? >> i can't go into e details yet about what we know of their foreign travel, but i can assure you that's something we're looking into. obviously, we want to know both here at home and anywhere abroad who are they in touch with, what contacts did they have, were they exposed to anyone who may have tried to radicalize them. these are certainly issues we want to get to the bottom of. but again, u don't think we should leap to conclusions because as of this moment i don't think we're in a position to say what the motivation was. >> i want you to listen to what
10:54 am
president obama said earlier today on the availability of guns here in the united states. listen to this. >> i do think that as the investigation moves forward, it's going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures, to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide they want to do somebody harm we'll make it a little harder for them to do it. right now it's just too easy. >> you're a veteran member of the house of representatives. do you believe that legislation will, in fact, be passed that will make it more difficult for people to get guns in the united states? people who shouldn't necessarily have guns. >> wolf, u don't know. i certainly hope so. i would have thought after sandy hook and e seeing all those children massacred that the congress would need nothing more to do its job. even after that horrific tragedy
10:55 am
we sat idle. not a week r or even a few days goes. by between moments of silence on the house floor. we have a moment of silence on the house floor all the time now, wolf, to recognize or think about or honor the victims of mass shootings. as you reported earlier, we have one just about every day. they don't all make it to the house floor in the form of that solemn remembrance. i'm tired of the moments of silence. i would like us to have moments of a action on the house floor, take up things like universal background checks, prohibition on assault weapons and ammunition clips like dealing with this it intersection of mentally ill people. these are things we can do. and i'm sure people are going to point out if we had done some of those things, it may not have helped prevent san bernardino, and maybe that's true, but it would prevent many of these attacks. >> we know the weapons used in san bernardino were purchased
10:56 am
legally here in the united states. congressman schiff, thank you for join iing us. the news will continue right after a quick break.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
you're watching cnn's special coverage of one of the country's dead liest massacres in our history. a disturbed husband and wife drop off their little baby, drive to a holiday party and kill 14 people. 14 people whose names we don't even know yet. some whose bodies still lie where they died. 14 people who just showed up to a work party on what should have been a normal wednesday with their colleagues and would never go home. killed at the hands of one of those colleagues is a sick tun of events that has investigators looking into a possible act of terrorism. these killers syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik died in a a hail of police bullets meaning we may never know what drove them to murder. but law enforcement sources tell cnn that it appears the man may have