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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 4, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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yore. i will be moderating the debate on tuesday night, december 15th, 9 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. thank you so much, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this friday. breaking news here on cnn as we are waiting any minute now we could be seening the san bernardino sheriffs office giving a media briefing momentarily. we're learning more details abts the depraved husband and wife duo who left their baby behind and massacred those 14 people at a holiday party in southern california. today here this is what's crucial. a link between these two killers and the most brutal terror kbrogroup on earth, it is looking more likely that
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these two were self-radicalized and motivated by terror. investigators finding a facebook post by tashfeen malik, the wife of syed rizwan farook, pledging support to the leader of isis. this as cnn cameras got an unprecedented, perhaps busineiz look inside the home of these two killers. the home where police found the makeshift bomb lab in the garage. thousands of rounds of ammunition, chill iing new pictures here of a crib, baby toys among the belongings ransacked already here by investigators. so standing by, i have our justice correspondent. first victor blackwell, who got this crazy look inside this home just behind them, which is now boarded up. the landlord of this property, let me be clear, allowing reporters in. police didn't object. so before i chat with you two, here's a look at what you saw. >> i was the first person to
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walk in to see how it was. you can see that police did go through and look at many things. i don't want to e show you the i.d.s because u i don't want to show you the addresses, but i believe that they long to the mother of farook based on the age there is. there are some prayer books. also some pictures. when i first walked in this group of prayer beads was sitting right here on the edge of the bed when i walked in as well. several prayer books that were all around the side of the bed here. some business cards and plenty of the the normal trappings you'd expect to see in a bedroom. i see receipts for normal store purchas purchases, lotions and creams, but one of the things, there's so much media in here, but one of the things you can see here is this and this is what i was telling you about before is this right here. if you look here you can see where they smashed up into the ceiling to take a look to see what was up there.
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it does appear, based on how much debris is on the ground, that there was an effort to get up there and make sure that they checked every kcrevice of this bedroom. it seems like it may have been the main bedroom here. but plenty of i.d.s. i have seen passports, social security cards, plenty of things that are around here as well as plenty of signs of faith. a lot of signs of faith here. you see a lot of signs of people who believed in faith and referencing it. there's stickers throughout the room. but a lot of paperwork and a lot of luggage as well. it looks like it's been stashed over in the corner. definitely signs this has been a room that's been ransacked before the media got here. this is a situation where the police were done with this building and the owner was come canning back in. this is the first time he walked back in as far as we understand and we walked in after him. everyone here getting this first look at what this house looks like and where these shooters
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were living before this all transpired. >> so that is a snippet of what we're seeing. all of us glued to this. so totally u unprecedented and bizarre. tell me more about what you saw. >> reporter: it was very bizarre for all of us because for one thing the landlord showed up with a you bar and started to go in and finally got out a drill. at that point, he let erbe in. everyone followed behind him. i specifically asked the landlord did anyone tell u you not to let this him and he said no, he got the clear he could do this. that's something we heard. but it was a huge scrum of media in there. but there was broken glass throughout. there were signs of the baby of a crib around. >> there were toys there on the first floor. there were play places there, toys there, but shards of glass
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everywhere. the front door, which was broken in half at the beginning of the fbi raid, leaning on a wall near the bathroom there. gashes into the wall. but it was this combination of evidence clearly of this fbi raid and people who reft this home in a hurry. half eaten food on a plate there on the washing machine. dishes still in the sink. so whomever left this home may be farook's mother. e with know the child was left of with her and left in a hurry and walked out and left evidence of active life there and has not been back since. >> i want to keep talking to you all. we just turned around some sound. the landlord has just spoken. here he was. >> so you let us in? we have permission? >> yeah, i opened the door. >> you opened the door and what? >> it's getting overwhelming right now. >> we have permission to go in though, right? >> yeah. >> so clearly the permission.
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we did hear from some law enforcement analysts here after watching this and they were almost shaking just in disbelief that this was allowed to happen. where there's been some confusion to both of you is whether or not this was maybe this location where this couple was prepare iing for had this attack, but this is also clearly where they kept their 6-month-old as well. >> right, but there's one thing worth pointing out here as well. a lot of the prep work was happening in the grang garage. and the garage is a place we did not get into. it's removed from the rest of the town home. so we could not see inside there. we couldn't see what was happening. i walked around back to look for myself because that's where we heard a lot of this was happening. evidence of that sort of preparatory situation was not present within the town home from what i saw. >> two important things that have happened in the last couple minutes. you see the door is sealed again. that door was seal ed by a grou
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of people they did not identify themselves who came up, closed the door, came with a drill and sealed it again. that's one element. the second, the owner of the home was escorted away in a law enforcement vehicle. it was unmarked, but there were flashing lights there on the visor. he was escorted by someone who had a badge there. no. uniform, put him in the car and drove him away. i don't know what anyone can conclude from that, but he's now with law enforcement. >> it's also worth noting because i was able to get a quick question in. the woman who led the closing of the door was actually his wife. the owner's wife. he said, no, you go. home. then he was escorted away. >> it is so totally bizarre to get this sort of access to a crime scene this quickly after law enforcement has gone through such a place. i appreciate both of you just incredibly compelling pictures. thank you both so much. that's one piece of the story.
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so many threads we're following today. evan perez, our justice correspondent, this seems to be this self-radicalization angle. talk to me about what authorities are learning about this wife being the one mid-attack to post on facebook her allegiance to the head of isis. >> this is exactly what they were looking for. they were looking for any indications of what might have motivated this. this is the first actual hard evidence that investigators have found. and that is a posting believed been made by the wife, perhaps right at the start of the attack pledge iing allegiance to isis. and this is the first indication of any kind of -- that might explain what was motivating this. it's not a done deal here. they still are looking at other parts of this including whether there's a workplace component or beef he had with people at his
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office. why did he choose this holiday party on wednesday to carry out this attack. and so what we know right now is that there's no indication that the fbi has found that this was directed by isis. this is not like paris where you have a cell that was working on a plan that came from syria. this appears to be more of the thing that frankly the fbi has been warning about and is extremely difficult to stop, which is people who were inspired by isis to carry out these attacks on their own, no sign of them on the fbi radar before they carry out this attack. that's what we have here. >> i want to pick up my next conversation and that excellent point, thank you. paul cruickshank, let me bring you in, our terrorism analyst. also graham wood is joining us, editor at the atlantic. so paul, correct me, but this would be the first deadly isis inspired attack. >> it would be the first
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inspired attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. just the last few minutes, the intelligence group reporting that isis, the isis news agency has commented on these attacks. and they are saying that they were carried out by two -- the language is important here, two supporters of the islamic state. not two fighters, but two supporters of the islamic state. so they themselves are saying they were not directly responsible, but two sympathizers carried this out. their claim with the details they provide closely track what has been provided by the media and follow cnn breaking this it news earlier today about this pledge to isis suggesting that they were not aware of the this attack was necessarily in the works. they also comment on the paris
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attacks in this new claim. they say that those were carried out by fighters of the islamic state. a distinction between fighters and supporters. i think this gets us closer to a conclusion that it is looking like an isis-inspired attack rather than something being organized by a terrorist group overseas. >> i'm so glad you point out the language. it's so important, supporters versus fighters. but bottom line, this is isis ultimately. isn't this them taking ownership whether it it's what happened in paris or a couple days ago in san bernardino and the next step to use this it to inspire others. >> they have definitely taken ownership but as paul mentioned, the press release has information that everybody already knew. it's a few words. they are well-chosen words, but they indicate that isis, yes, they blessed this attack.
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they think it was a good thing and they encourage more of it. they want to see more attacks on the west like this. >> if you have paris and you have these terrorists directly connected to isis in syria and then you have san bernardino, here they are this wife pledging allegiance to self-radicalization, wouldn't that be even more troubling to counterterrorism officials that they actually can't know how many of these people who are actually in communication so they can't intercede communication and locate these people and ping on a radar. that's what's most troubling to me me. >> very concerning that these two were not on the radar, that they may have been on the edge of the radar screen that this when attack happened they went back and established that they were in touch with people who were already on their radar screen. all of that very concern eing i
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the united states. they are tracking 900 different investigations of those who have become radicalized. they are concerned about from a counterterrorism point of view the number is much, much larger in europe. so there's a fair from these isis-inspired radicals, but also right across the west, a concern now isis is getting into the international terrorism business. the richest terror group in history going the way of al qaeda, and just yesterday we learned that there is significant concern that the uk is next. they are aiming to target the uk next. they have tasked british isis operatives with returning to the uk to launch attacks in the wake of what we saw play out in paris. i think there's concern about all the european countries who have, in one way, shape or another, played a role in the
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anti-isis coalition. they have great resources. more than 6,000 european extremists gone off to fight with these groups in syria and iraq. a big number coming back over 1500. these are unprecedented times. >> unpress debited times and the next wave is fear. whether it's france, the united states, potentially the uk, it's fear and then it's precisely what they want. i want to keep you two around. stay with me. live pictures there in san bernardino. any minute now we'll see the san bernardino sheriff give details o on what appears to be increasingly likely this self-radicalized couple carrying out just absolute horror and bloodshed in a place you would never imagine. . i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we'll be right back.
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>> chief of police. i'm going to talk briefly about something that came up overnight. there's some things that went out on social media bringing some concern to the area. people talking about online about cells and law enforcement not sharing information and a potential threat at a movie theater or something of that nature. i saw at least one of the tweets. i don't know how much you're aware of, but. i want to address that right now. on monday night, tuesday morning before the incident, so november 30th, december 1st, right around midnight, 1:00 in the morning, there was an incident at the cinema in downtown san bernardino. what that case was is a that a gentleman that was described as appearing to be mentally dist b disturbed spoke to the security
11:19 am
guard around the time the theater was closing and was asking questions about the movies and times and things like that. the security guard thought it was odd. that person left in a silver volvo four-door vehicle. the security guard thought it was weird. shortly thereafter, the security guard noticed a red late '90s dodge durango driving around the area with another person that was possibly middle eastern in appearance that appear to be taking photographs in and around the theater. so the security guard took it upon himself, notified our police department. we got out that night and took a report and we put that out in a b. olo to every law enforcement agency in the county as just simply some suspicious circumstances that were noted. so that is all we have on that. and then it went into the regular investigative channels and protocols where the locals
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were notified and they are doing investigative follow up, looking at video to try to determine if there's a real threat or if there's any plates associated with those vehicles. at this point we have zero connection -- zero evidence or information that connects that event with what happened here a at the inland regional center on wednesday morning. so i want to make that clear. but as a result of what happened on wednesday, the police department has been basically in a tactical situation meaning we have every officer in the department working. we are on 12-hour shifts for all of our officers. we'll maintain that until e we think it's appropriate to stand down. we don't have any credible information that there's a threat to the region. but i wanted to address that because of things that came out to imply that we were hiding information. we are not hiding information from anybody.
11:21 am
then lastly, what i want to do right now is this is going to be an official transfer of this investigation in terms of information and how information is going to flow on this to the fbi. we certainly talked about what that partnership is. i want to make it clear that our agency, the sheriffs department, the fbi and the other federal agencies involved in this investigation continue to walk shoulder to shoulder in this investigation to make sure we are doing the best job that we can. but in terms of information regarding the investigation on this incident at the inland regional center, the home in redlands, the search warrants that have been done, this is an fbi investigation. they will be the lead on information regarding that. myself and the sheriff will still be the lead talking about local safety measures and security. so with that, i'm going to turn it over to the assistant director in charge of the fbi.
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>> i want to stress to the families of the victims and the friends of the victims, let's remember they are first in this scenario. we had victims who lost six children, one lost a baby and he was taken his first trip to disneyland. other people did not have the chance to have that. every one of those live counted. we want to offer our sincere prayers to those families. secondly, i want to stress the pickup. you have seen this united front, which is incredibly important for an investigation of this complexity. . this is a very complex investigation. it's a very long-term investigation. my partners here from the sheriffs department, the san bernardino police department is and the atf have been incredibly important in this investigation. and we are lock step in how we are handling this matter. i do want to go forward today and tell you that as of today
11:23 am
based on the information and the facts as we know them we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. we have uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning. we have uncovered evidence of explosi explosiv explosives, armaments, you know the ammunition that was out there, the high-powered weapons, the explosive devices. we are continuing to go down the path to ensure that we find all of the evidence that pertains to this matter. we have also uncovered evidence that they attempted to destroy their digital frinlingerprints. e we found cell phones in a nearby trash can. ed cell phones were actually crushed. we have retained those cell phones and we do continue to
11:24 am
exploit the data. we do hope that the digital fingerprints left by these two individuals will take us towards their motivation. that evidence is incredibly important. i want to ensure that everyone understand that just because the fbi has taken the leadership based on the trajectory of this case, we're not just taking this on our own. we're going to continue down the same path we have been, which is a lock step operation with these partners. that is important. they are the protecters of this community. we have the mandate to investigate trusm to its fullest extent. we are working hand in hand with our other federal, local and state partners. we are also working hand in hand with our foreign counterparts to ensure that we find any connections that pertain to this matter. next i'd like to introduce to you that we have established a national task force -- i'm
11:25 am
sorry, national hot line i'd like to invite the public to call if they have information that pertains to this. i would ask the public to be judicious and make sure that even though if it's small, send it to us. don't send us things that are obviously not. pertinent to this matter because we have a lot of work to do. if you think in any form or fashion what you have to offer pertains to this matter. it's important. that number is 1-800-call-fbi. once you reach that number, you can choose option 4 and that will take you to where you need to be in the call tree. i want to ensure the public that your local, state and federal law enforcement officials will continue to uncover every stone to ensure that we find all the facts that pertain to these two individuals. i don't have all the answers now. i'm going to take some
11:26 am
questions. >> are answers.
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11:28 am
>> we executed a search warrant on that apartment. last night we turned that back to the residents. once they have the apartment and we're not in it anymore, we don't control it. we did leave a list of items seized. we have to give that out by law. any time we execute a lawful search warrant, we have to leave for the residents a list that lists all the items seized during that search warrant.
11:29 am
>> with all the ammunition they had, do you believe they were planning a second attack somewhere? >> i don't want to speck laulat. it's certainly a possibility we are looking at. >> where did they get their weapons from? were they acting independently? >> that goes back to the direction question. we do not know that, but we're looking very carefully into that. >> do u believe travel was a big part of this? i don't know. he traveled overseas in 2013. remember, folks, we're in day three. and i don't -- we're barely two full days into this. we'll get there. we're not there yet. remember, all these resources you see back here, that's why we're utilizing all of those in partnership to try to find every piece of evidence that's out there from digital media, which should lead us hopefully to motivation, to connections via phone, e-mails, anything like
11:30 am
that, to human intelligence that may give us some. that's where we're going. that takes time. that's not a three-day process. >> i was told they were in a nearby trash can found by investigators. >> we don't know. that's what we hope to build is a working theory and then ultimately some sort of a design of what we believe they were going to do, but again. day three, we just don't know. >> it's certainly a possibility,
11:31 am
but we don't know yet. >> we are still exploiting the data. i have not seen it yet. we are still exploiting that and that will take time. i truly believe that's going to be the potential golden nuggets, but we don't e know yet. >> any information that there may have been something planned for that particular day and for some reason it got moved up? >> i don't know any reason it was on that day. remember, there was a christmas party that took place inside that room. so you had a lot of people. you had a lot of management. you had a lot of employees in that room at that point. >> he was not under active surveillance. i'm not aware and do not believe
11:32 am
there was any type to have an investigation end. ing -- pending on him. >> did his name come up? i'm thinking similar to the boston bombing. >> i don't have any information that indicates that. >> are you concerned about the press being in the apartment today? there was a man there who took the landlord away and said he didn't have permission to let people into the apartment. the apartment was reboarded up. any concerns about that being entered? >> you're going to have to repeat that. >> any concerns about the press entering the town home even though you completed your investigation. >> once we turn that location back over to the occupants of that residents or once we board it up, anyone who goes in at that point has nothing to do with us. >> you say this is an act of terrorism. does this mean this is the first time, if you conclude that it's isis, this is the first time isis attacked america? >> i think you're taking a leap. we're not there.
11:33 am
what i'm confirming is we are currently investigating this case as an act of terrorism. >> i'm sorry? >> were they in telephonic communications with the u.s. or elsewhere? >> we know they were in conversations with people here in the u.s. i'm not aware of the overseas communications yet. we're working with foreign partners on that. >> i can only hear one at a time. >> the family and their lawyers, what do you have to say to that? >> the question of -- not unusual that they would. >> that's their official website. >> i'm not surprised. i have not heard of that, but i'm not surprised if they would claim. maybe they did, maybe they didn didn't. it only helps them to be able to attach themselves to an act like this. i don't know the answer.
11:34 am
>> did someone give them the rifles? >> there's a person -- we don't know. let me go back on that one. there's some differentiations there. there is a person that we know of their location who purchased those weapons, but i'm going o to let had atf answer the questions on the guns because that's what they are here to do. >> the person is not under arrest at this point. >> so they are in custody? >> they are not under arrest at this point. >> why do you think they stopped shooting? >> i don't know the answer. >> the facebook post, did they pledge allegiance to isis or al baghdadi? >> i'm aware of the facebook post you're mentioning. i saw the same thing you did. we don't know what's there yet. we're still continuing to look into that. >> mark zuckerberg confirms that
11:35 am
post had been made and there it has been made as the attack was starting. >> pi kni know it was in a gene time line and there was a pledge of allegiance. >> the dynamic of the marriage, there's a lot of curiosity there. and some people are saying that perhaps the wife may have influenced him. do you have any insight? >> i have been asked that and i don't know the answer whether she influenced him or not. being a husband myself, we're all influenced to an extent, but i don't know the answer. >> does that influence your belief that this was an act of terrorism after learning more about her? >> we're investigate iing it as act of terrorism for good reason. >> had the fbi noted -- were aware of her before? was she under investigation prior to this? >> we did not have her under investigation previously. i'm going to take three more questions and then end it.
11:36 am
>> near the center or near the compound? >> i believe they were found near the townhouse. >> were you concerned they were flying under the radar? that you didn't know they were active? >> of course, i'm concerned. any one of us would loved to have stopped this act. when you go into a crime scene like that, it's one of the most heinous things you will ever see. >> no awareness that you weren't tracking them on your radar? >> of course, i'm concerned. we didn't know. there's nothing we have seen yet that would have triggered us to know. >> do you believe in the existence of a cell? >> we don't know. what i can tell you is we are not aware of any further threats in the u.s. at this time. i want to go back to your point, ma'am. you said the government spends a lot of money on surveillance. we are also -- the fbi is also a
11:37 am
federal law enforcement agency that is bound by federal law so we don't do wide sweeping surveillance without legal process. last question. >>. now listening to this that this is indeed an act of terror. what in practical terms does that mean for them? >> so what i would say, first of all, i think this community i'm going to leave that to the chief and sheriff to talk about. they are the true protecters of this community. to this community, you have been incredibly resilient. we are with you. we standby you. we are focused -- the fbi's number one mandate is to protect the homeland from attack. we will absolutely engage whenever we see potential threats. as the director has said, we have a number of terrorism investigations across the country currently that are going on. that does include extensive surveillance. so what i would tell the community, i would tell them
11:38 am
continue to do what you do. if you see things that are concerning, push them up to local law enforcement immediately. if they rise to a certain level or if you want to push it to both the fbi and local law enforcement, feel free to do that. these are your protecters. but do as you do normally. go about your day. do not let this cause mass h hysteria. we're not there. we're not there at all. we have a long-term very complex investigation that we have to complete. that's going to take time and a lot of energy and a lot of hours and a lot of agency expertise. i assure the american public we will do everything in our power within the law to get that done. thank you pr your time. next i'd like to introduce sheriff john mcman. >> very good question. that's why we're here today. the primary responsibility and the primary responsibility of the law enforcement leaders you
11:39 am
see behind me is to ensure the safety of the public that we serve. you have already heard there's apparently evidence to suggest that there's a terrorist connection to this event. we have no known credible threats to the communities that we serve. i would ask that the community remain vigilant. don't hesitate to report any suspicious activity to the local law enforcement. we have added additional resources as has my partners from law enforcement that stand behind me to ensure that we have the staff necessary to investigate and to protect the communities that we serve. we have nothing to suggest there's anything additional associated with this event, but we remain partnered up with the law enforcement from the fbi, atf, homeland security and if any threats come about that appear to be cred canable or
11:40 am
not, we will fully investigate those to help ensure that it the public that we serve is absolutely safe. i will echo what david suggested that this is a team effort. we all have to work together as a team to address situations of this magnitude. we remain kmited to working with the fbi, our local partners as well as our federal partners to ensure that the resources that are needed are applied to make sure we investigate everything possible and keep the citizens that we serve safe. thank you. >> are you concerned there was no credible threat and then this occurred and now we're back to an environment with no known credible threat and could san bernardino or any other town in. the country be facing the same kind of thing happening an hour from now? >> certainly that's the possibility. but crimes across our county and across our state often times
11:41 am
occur without any notice. you saw how the men and women of this law enforcement agency as well as the partners that we work with if our region performed two days ago. considering how they perform and address the issue, i truly believe that we are prepared to deal with whatever threat or incident occurs. law enforcement is staffed up, as i suggested. our local law enforcement leaders remain in constant contact with one another, and as i suggested, my top priority as well as those that stand behind me is the safety of the public that we serve. thank you. >> so many questions left unanswered. you heard first from the san bernardino police chief. then from fbi and then the sheriff. let me go back to a couple points that the fbi made. number one, making it clear yesterday there was sort of this maybe workplace violence. not mincing any words saying
11:42 am
based upon mounting evidence they are investigating this murderous attack in san bernardino as an act of terrorism. mentioned two cell phones that had been found in a nearby trash can. . the they had been crushed so they are gathering data hoping that will lead to the answer of why. and also mentioning some sort of phone communication of the murderous couple and another individual that the fbi has been investigating. i have paul cruickshank. he has stayed with me here, cnn terrorism analyst. paul, a lot of the questions, too, being over this facebook post apparently this wife mid-attack pledging her allegiance to the leader of isis. so the questions were was she in direct communication with isis or was she self-radicalized. do you think isis would make it
11:43 am
clear in the acknowledgment they would take credit for dh if they had been direct iing her? >> i think if there was something more than just inspiration, i think isis would claim that. so far they do not appear to be claiming that. we have had a statement put out by a news agency supportive of link to isis, a lot of their content is provided. and this news agency saying that these were two supporters of the islamic state, not to fighters of the islamic state. they have described the paris attack as fighters of the islamic state. so so far these media organizations linked to isis not going the full way and saying we did this all the way. we had had knowledge of it before. the information they are putting out is just tracking the media reporting and media first reported about this pledge of
11:44 am
allegiance. so that's where we are in terms of the terrorist group's comment on this. they are going to be investigating all of this. there are concerns that could be a a wider cell here. but as the fbi representative was just saying, they don't have evidence right now of any credible, immediate threat. that suggests that the immediate danger has gone away for the moment, they hope. >> they hope. paul cruickshank, thank you so much. quick break, we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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we're back with special live coverage here on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we just heard breaking nouz from the fbi that they are based on mounting evidence they are investigating this murderous attack as an act of terrorism. investigators are closer to uncovering a possible motive in the shooting rampage there in that center. three officials close to the investigation say they believe the female attacker here, the wife posted on facebook pledging allegiance to the leader of isis abu bakr al baghdadi while this massacre was unfold iing. . she and her husband killed 14 people and wounded 21 others by opening fire at this center. this is a place that helps folks with special needs this this community. they were also explosive devices found inside that building and a detonator in their getaway car. they both were shot and killed in a massive police shootout hours later.
11:50 am
investigators are also telling cnn, quote, this is looking more and more like self-radicalization. the author of "lone wolf terrorism" joins me now. jeffrey, you were just listening to the fbi giving that briefing a moment ago. so it seems like from how they are answering certain questions perhaps not directed by isis but isis inspired. it would be the first deadly isis-inspired attack on u.s. soil. >> right, we have had a lot of case cans where individuals have indicated a sthympathy with isi or posted various things on facebook and things along those lines. what separates this is the carnage that was involved. but we have also had individuals who have tried to make the trip over to syria to join isis. if this was isis directed, they would have jumped on it and been boasting about it because it would have been the first time they were able to launch an attack in the u.s.
11:51 am
but it still adds to the fear element of this global reach of isis. >> questions about who they were in communication with as we heard from the fbi questions about a trip overseas the year before last. what's curious to me is you have the female. it's not only one shooter, it's two. and it's the female here posting what she did on facebook. is that not rare? >> it's not that odd to have the female as a lead terrorist. we have had groups that were led by a female. what is really odd is the choice of the first element of this attack. his co-workers. it seemed with all the ammunition and everything they have with the pipe bombs, they were planning something bigger and something that happened that made them decide this is where they were going to launch the first part and not have it a suicide attack and try something else. if you're going to have all that
11:52 am
weaponry, you would have thought a shopping mall. there's a personal grudge or personal elements that the husband had with his co-workers. >> we don't know, that's part of what the fbi and san bernardino police are trying to figure out. what more about this, i think that one of the pieces that i'm curious about too is that you have those -- i was just in paris directly instructed by isis command if you will in syria. you have these people who appear self-radicalized. i'm left wondering how many others could there be who are buying into this ideology who want to reek havoc in the u.s. >> the term radicalization has become the buzz word in counterterrorism studies. >> is there a better word? >> no, nobody really knows yet.
11:53 am
it's a way to try to bring some order to this phenomenon, but we don't e know when somebody is talking about doing something or pledging allegiance to a group what's the trigger point that they act violently. there are plenty of people who say things who don't know those who are radicalized and never going to do a violent act. those who are radicalized and once something happens are going to jump into an act of violence. >> i was hearing the words earlier. these invisible soldiers are not on the radar. thank you. . next, one of the first police officers to arrive there on the scene of the attack describing what he saw, what he heard, his words unspeakable carnage in the moments immediately after this horrific shooting with one priority he describes, finding the people who carried out that attack. his own words coming up next. ♪
11:54 am
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one of the first officers to arrive on the scene of the shooting this wednesday in san bernardino says he absolutely can't believe what he saw. one officer call ed it, quote, unspeakable carnage. lieutenant mike madden with the san bernardino police department said he and three other officers were operating under the assumption that the shooters were still inside as they carefully entered this center and he said he had trained for events like this, but what he found was, quote, surreal. >> i'll tell you it was something although we train for it, it's something you're never prepared for. when we got the call, i oversee dispatch. it's one of my functions and responsibilities with the police
11:59 am
department. and i know my dispatchers. i know the tone of their voice. i know the severity of calls as they are going out. and i could hear it in our dispatcher's voice that this was actually happening. this was a real event. and it was the event that, you know, we have an active shooter and we have an active shooter going on in our city. and i was nearby. i was less than a mile away. and i started coming this way. and i realized as i was getting closer that i was one of the very first units there. myself and officer shawn sand volume arrived almost simultaneously and just out of pure luck because the information was evolving so rapidly, it was out of pure luck i happened to pull into the right location, which was just south of the road that you see here north of us. it was just south of the building where this tragedy took place. as i was looking and seeing all of the activity and trying to
12:00 pm
assess what was happening, i was informed that there was the location where this was happening and i was asking for officers to respond as quickly as possible. because we had had every belief at that time we had people still actively being shot inside of the building. my goal was to assemble an entry team and enter sbo. the building to engage the active shooter. this mind set and this type of training became indoctrinated after the columbine incident and that was the goal. we wanted to get in there and we wanted to stop any further innocent people from being injured and possibly killed. lieutenant madden, one of the heroes there at san bernardino. thank you for being with me on this friday, i'm brooke baldwin. we're back with our breaking news. live coverage of what has happened. this heinous act, this act of
12:01 pm
terrorism. this is how fbi is investigating what happened in that facility in san bernardino. they are now treating this deadly massacre in southern california as terror. a belief that seems to be supported by new information into cnn that isis has claimed its supporters were responsible for the mass shooting. this as we are learning new and disturbing details about the depraved husband and wife who left their little baby, this 6-month-old behind and carried out this massacre killing 14 people at this holiday party injuring some 21 others. investigators from the fbi finding this facebook post by this wife tashfeen malik, the wife of syed rizwan farook, pledging support to the isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi mid-attack. let's go live to jim sciutto. jim, listening to the fbi a second ago, one of the headlines is officially investigating
12:02 pm
terrorism. the cell phonings, they found the cell phones in a a trash can that had been smashed. >> you heard the fbi saying that they have good reason to investigate this as an act of terrorism. and now we know a number of those reasons. one, cnn was first to report that tashfeen malik as this attack was underway made a posting to facebook in praise and allegiance to the isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. we have seen that in previous attacks inspired by isis. that's the main line of investigation now that this was inspired by isis as opposed to directed by at least at this point they don't have evidence it was directed by isis central leadership. but inspired by a very deadly attack on u.s. soil. two, as the fbi confirmed and cnn was first to report yesterday, that the attackers had contact with known terrorism subjects overseas and in the country. that's key because that's
12:03 pm
something we have seen before is a path to radicalization as well as something that's come in advance of other terror attacks. and as you mentioned and cnn first to report that earlier today, my colleague evan perez that they found at the scene two smashed cell phones as well as in the home of the shooters a computer with the hard drive removed. and the fbi believes that was these attackers attempting to cover their digital trail. the thing is we'd all like to think we can cover our digital trail, but you you leave other markers which the fbi is pursuing to see what they were up to before this attack. >> fbi too good for that, able to extract data from the cell phones. jim sciutto, thank you so much for that. we'll talk about the broad eer implications here in a moment. but as for the investigation, it appears law enforcement finished really combing through this home of e these killers and cnn cameras just a little while ago got this remarkable and bizarre
12:04 pm
look inside of their home going room to room to room seeing pieces of electronics, baby toys, allowing dozens of cameras and reporters inside. police not objecting to thp this was the home where police found this makeshift bomb lab in the garage. not where reporters were allowed in. they found thousands of rounds of ammunition and a baby crib. >> i was the first person to walk in and see how everyone saw it before they touched it. i don't want to show you the i.d.s because i don't want to show you the addresses that are o on there, but they belong to the mother of farook. but you can see there are some prayer books. there are also some pictures. when i first walked in, this group of prayer beads was sitting right here on the edge
12:05 pm
of the bed. several prayer books that were all around the side of the bed here. some business cards and plenty of the normal trappings you'd expect to see in a bedroom. i see receipts for store purchases and lotions and creams and that sort of thing. one of the things, there's so much media in here, but one of the things you can see here is this right here. if you look up here, you can see where they smashed up into the ceiling to take a look to see what was up there. it does appear based on how much debris is on the ground that there was an effort to get up there and make make sure they checked every crevice of the back berd and it looks like the main bedroom here. but i have seen passports, driver's licenses, social security cards, plenty of things that are around here as well as plenty of signs of faith.
12:06 pm
a lot of signs of these being people who believed in their faith and also referencing it. so far all throughout the room, but a lot of paperwork and a lot of luggage as well. it just looks like it's been stashed in the corner. definitely signs this has been a room that has been ransacked by the police and media. this is a situation where police were done with this building and the owner was coming back in. this is the first time he walked back in as far as we understand. everyone here getting this first look at what this house looks like and where these shooters were living before this all transpired. >> victor black well also got a look inside the home. he joins me on l phone. but first, victor, to you.
12:07 pm
the fact i have never seen anything like this. the passports and i.d.s and personal effects were still left after police had had cleared the scene. mind boggling to me. >> yeah, i did not expect that this would happen today or at all that we would get sbo this home. i was driving up and saw the crowd near the front door. i thought i was missing an interview, but stephanie was there in line and e we found out that the owner had been told last night by law enforcement that they were done with the home. and that he could go in. he showed up and told us he planned to take pictures to get an estimate of the damages and then decided to allow media inside as well. and as the video shows, there were no short of 75 to 100 reporters and photographers inside. you saw on the second level. on the first level, there were the baby's toys and it looked like whomever was in the home last left immediately and in a
12:08 pm
hurry. there was half eaten food on a plate. on a table in the living room, there were four sheets from the fbi. an itemize ued list of the items seized, a long list of a mix of things you'd expect to be in a home but also things one would not including a lot of ammunition and rifle kits and lots of things that we described over the last couple of days that police have said apart of this bomb-making material kit that they have described. so it was, as you say, a bizarre scene. after many of the reporters left, some of the people in the neighborhood started going in. there was a dog in the house at some point. a woman who was just walking by and decided to go in because everyone else was going in. did not expect this this to happen. what we heard from the fbi briefly was that they have now handed this back over to the owner. they are no longer in control of
12:09 pm
it. it was his decision to let the media in. >> that's right. that's what fbi just said. so harry, even though none of us could turn away from victor and stephanie's reporting and watching all of this it play out inside this home, you were baffled. >> i am still baffled. i have even called several of my detective buddies i talk with and destruct attorneys on this. they are baffled. we are all upset here. this crime scene, this is part of the crime scene because this is where they lived. the first thing i noticed when i looked at this is this apartment was not dusted for prints. how do i know that? because i don't see fingerprint dust all over the place. that's why. that's a big problem because how are we going to know if they were connected to co-conspirators if we don't dust that apartment for prints. that was the big thing that really set me off. i can't believe the fbi made a
12:10 pm
mistake like this. >> fbi saying no mistake u made. they look through and apparently it's really the garage that the bomb-making equipment was -- i'm just telling you what the fbi said. i hear your irkness. why were licenses, social security cards, personal addresses left there? >> listen, in a big case like this, you can keep that place locked up and sealed for months in the event you have to go back there. cedrick said this earlier. while they are conducting this investigation, something comes up and say we have to go back to the apartment because something might be in there we didn't find before. there was no problem in keeping this apartment locked up for the next six months if they had to. maybe a year during this it investigation. there's no -- the fed's will pay the rent there, no problem. this was a big screw up and i don't think anybody is going to attest to it. what it did now is our chance of
12:11 pm
being able to find if anybody was in that apartment that was connected to them are gone. >> harry, thank you. wanted to make sure we got your perspective in there. fbi said they cleared it. they gave it back to the la landlord. let me bring it back to the news that terror was likely the inspiration of what happened wednesday. bobby gauche is with me. so here now we're hearing, good to see you, sir. we're hearing from isis or this affiliated group acknowledging the bloodshed in this center on wednesday, acknowledging the lives lost in saying that these were supporters of isis versus fighters in paris. your read on that. >> this comes from a group that's kind of the media arm of isis and they have been broadcasting it. >> it's like a press release.
12:12 pm
>> they have been opportunistic. they sort of waited a couple days, which tells us something. if this was something planned by isis, they probably would respond immediately after the incident took place. now that there's news that one of the two terrorists -- suspected terrorists pledged allegiance to isis, now you have this media arm jump iing on tha news. that's consistent with isis behavior. al qaeda, which is sort of terrorism sort of 1.0, if you like, they were specific about how you could claim to be part of al qaeda. you have to go. to one of those places to train in a camp there. you had to conduct an operation that was approved from headquarters by someone higher up the chain of command and you got sent back to the country where you were going to do the attack. that's the only way to claim it. isis will do all of those
12:13 pm
things, but they are happy to accept freelances. the message from al baghdadi has been clear. you don't have to come to syria or iraq to participate in any of the training. >> you may not be even in direct contact with us. >> as long as you're willing to give us the credit for it, we're happy to take the credit for it. >> that's what they are doing in acknowledging the supporters of the islamic state. that's them owning what happened. they are inspiring others to do the same. >> the signal to everyone is if you do something like that, we will give you essentially membership to isis. which for some of these people, that's what they want. >> the thing i keep coming back to is because they apparently perhaps never were in direct contact, they were never on anyone's radar. there were never communications that could have been intercepted. >> this is day three of the investigation. you feel the situation like this there's always one shoe left to be dropped. there's some information around
12:14 pm
the corner that we can't see yet. who knows what the telephones will turn up. we can't rule out that there was some contact. but from the evidence that we have so far, it's not surprising. unfortunately, this is the new wave of terror. people have been warning about these lone wolves for a long time. and now this has come to fruition. this is another layer of security and other lawyer of threat that security forces have to prepare themselves to sort of basically try and ward them off. it's making the lives of law enforcement around the world infinitely more difficult. >> they want the fear. >> absolutely. >> thank you. i want to honor the 14 lives
12:15 pm
who were lost on wednesday. so coming up next, a couple who are close friends with a number of the people killed in the shooting, they will join me live from san bernardino with their stories. let's focus on them, next. quiet! mom has a headache! had a headache! but now, i... don't. excedrin® is fast. with 2 pain fighters, plus a booster, excedrin® ends headaches fast. in fact for some, relief starts in just 15 minutes. excedrin®. wow, that was fast. presenting excedrin® geltabs. fast headache relief... ...that's even easier to take. try excedrin® geltabs.
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12:19 pm
you're watching cnn. . i want to dedicate the next bit of time to talk about the victims, their lives to remember those who were killed in san bernardino. different priorities, different passions, but they all had this in common. they were so loved. now their families are left in agony without them. robert adams of the proud father of a toddler. he married his high school sweetheart. he was planning to take his wife and daughter on their first trip to disneyland next week.
12:20 pm
he was 40 years of age. michael was the proud father of six children. his wife renee says he was, quote, the most amazing person she had ever met. he was 37. he was devoted to his jewish faith. he leaves behind two sons and he was 52. my next guest were close with all three of the men i just mentioned. and just to you, sorrow for both of you. my condolences to you and your community and your friends. >> thank you so much. we appreciate that. >> jenny, i know that you knew these three quite well, as we mentioned. can you just take me back to wednesday morning.
12:21 pm
you're there on campus in a different building from what i've been told and you like so many you reached for your phone to text them. >> i immediately sent a text to robert because i knew of anybody that he would respond back to me. and u never heard anything back. and then as the stories came in to our office, they locked down the office and then they had us evacuate all together. they were just in my heart and i was just heartbroken and. confused and i didn't know what to think or where to go. >> was there a piece of you that thought surely he's safe. he's under a desk, as so many people were. were you in that moment
12:22 pm
comprehending what really could be? >> i had a pretty good idea of what it would look like. i've been in that conference room many times with him and knew how it was going to be set up and where everyone was going to be sitting. and i wasn't surprised i didn't hear back from him. >> i read his wife texted is he really gone. how do you even begin to answer that question. >> i had spoken with nick's wife just previously to that. and she told me it was assumed that anyone who did not come back or was not on the buss was not coming back at all.
12:23 pm
and she told me that summer was waiting and waiting and she kept putting out texts. has anyone seen robert, please tell me you have seen robert. someone sent her a picture of an overhead from one of the helicopters trying to say it was robert. and i knew immediately it wasn't. she thought it was. i just thought at that time when she asked me, she had a right to know. >> what did you say? >> she needed to know for her own safe. i said, no, he's not coming home. >> raymond, how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. it's tough dealing with these losses of friends and people that i have known for 10, 15 years. it's really tough. >> when do you go back to work?
12:24 pm
>> i'm not exactly sure. the board of supervisors has closed the offices for yesterday and today. and some offices i have been told will not be open or not at full staff next week for grief. counselling and such. and my director of land use services called me and he said given my closeness with environmental health staff that anything i need, as much time as i need to take off to go to services, anything i need, they are going to work with me on that and he said don't even worry about it. just let us know and we know you'll be -- that's where you'll be. >> priority number one is taking care of yourself and your head and your heart.
12:25 pm
i do want to ask you about this. i was reading this piece in the "new york times" about fear because no one in a million years would have thought this could possibly happen where it did. i'd like to quote this article and ask you about it. it was written after all a gathering of county health worlders would not seem likely to make the top million of a list of shooting targets. it was a not a symbol of freedom or a target draped in conflict. if you are not safe there, where were you safe? a common office party, that was everywhere, that was everybody. >> how will you in this community move forward. >> it's going to be very difficult. the folks that worked in our office, i worked out there with them for two years.
12:26 pm
the people that were out of the san bernardino office, we rotated. inspectors would work different areas every two to three years. i was the receptionist for everybody. i don't know how you go back seeing those empty desks. and knowing that person isn't going to be there anymore and you're not going to see them walk across the parking lot and you're not going to see robert with his videos of savannah. i don't know how to do it. i u don't e know how to -- i don't know how to keep going. i don't know how i can do it in that atmosphere having to take calls from people that you just want to say don't you know what just happened. >> raymond, final word from you, sir. >> they are going to be missed.
12:27 pm
like everybody else, it's something e we never thought would ever happen here. and it did. and life will go on. >> obviously, it wasn't a random target. it wasn't the planned parenthood, something that would be obvious. you just don't think. you just don't think it's going to happen. >> you don't and that's -- >> yeah. there's no way i would have thought that he would ever do that. >> did you know his wife at all? >> no. but i knew 10 of the 14 people that were killed.
12:28 pm
and all of the people that were wounded. >> i cannot imagine going back to work. i cannot imagine that happening in my own place of work. seeing the images of everyone at the holiday party and the children and the incredible work that you all do. my heart goes out to you. i just appreciate the time. i'm so sorry. thank you both. we'll be right back. so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mmm hmm. just wanted to touch base. we came to manage over $800 billion in assets, through face time when you really need it. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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12:33 pm
director and attorney general loretta lynch are making a statement right now about the investigation in san bernardino. cnn cameras were there. but just to reiterate from last hour, saying they are investigating this as an act of terrorism. paul cruickshank, let me bring you in, our cnn terrorism analyst and editor in chief. on the piece of information that you broke on our air. i want you to reiterate the point that isis now, as we're hearing possible self-radicalization specifically on behalf of this wife in this attack. isis is referencing this attack. what have they said? >> that's right, brooke. the a news agency linked to isis, which includes exclusive content from isis, commenting on this saying these were two supporters of the islamic state, but they did not use the word fighters. they used fighters to refer to
12:34 pm
the paris attacks, which they did in the same statement saying therapistist fighters, but these were isis supporters in this case. now their claim actually was put out two and a half hours after cnn were the first to break. the story about this facebook pledge. so they were reacting to the cnn reporting to the other reporting that then followed after cnn to make this claim. there's no detail that's not. in the reporting put out by cnn and other media outlets. so they are reacting to events just like the rest of us. it does not seem, at this point, that there's any evidence this they had any foreknowledge of this attack. so that's a very interesting data point in this investigation. >> you mentioned facebook. let's be clear for people watching who may not know what we're talking about. here's the other piece of
12:35 pm
information. this wife of this murderous duo mid-attack jumps on facebook, pledges allegiance to the head of isis abu bakr al baghdadi. . here's my question to you. when you think of women as terrorists, you generally think of how they are brainwashed by the men, and it's possible, and i imagine this is a threat they are looking into, that she was leading this. >> kind of playing the lady mcbeth role, perhaps, encouraging, instigating, radicalizing. that's certainly a possibility that the fbi field team team on the ground in california are leaving very open and are investigating. should she have been the one who was more gung who about this. time will tell but i have interviewed female jihadis who have been wearing the trousers, so to speak, in the relationship, who have sent their husbands off to be men and
12:36 pm
to work with al qaeda or other terrorists groups. so certainly there's some precedent for this. we have seen a a number of husband/wife teams over the years when it comes to islamists terrorism. we'll all remember back in january and her companion being involved. >> paul, let me jump out of this and go to the attorney general loretta lynch. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for coming over to join the briefing today. as many of you know, the news from san bernardino continues to evolve. obviously, we now have seen the names and faces of those victims, of the fallen and the injured. as always, our hearts go. out to them and let's keep them in our prayers. not just those who did lose their lives, but those injured in this it including our law enforcement officials. as we have always told you about this matter, it is an evolving
12:37 pm
investigation. we also told you we'd keep you informed about this investigation. just recently there was a press conference in the local area with the assistant director in charge of the los angeles office providing more operational details. the director is going to give you a further briefing as well. as you saw from that and as we indicated yesterday, the fbi has taken the lead in had this investigation. they continue to work with our local partners who are outstanding partners also along with the atf and u.s. marshals as well as we continue to investigate this. there's been a lot of new information that has come to light and the director is going to give you more insight. thank you for being here today. >> thank you, madame attorney general. let me begin by echoing the general attorney's remarks. our hearts continue to ache for the people lost and wounded in san bernardino and their families. i also want to say a word of grat. tud and say how impressed we were with the response of local law enforcement in san
12:38 pm
bernardino. they were sumpl lsimply amazing. we're lucky that good people become police officers in this country. i want to say a word of thanks to the folks we don't talk about, which are the people that renderred emergency care and the aid. the nurses and doctors, those are the angels of our business and don't get the thanks they deserve. so thank you to them. we're here today because we want to make sure you understand that this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. and the reason for that is that the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. and we're spending a tremendous amount of time, as you might imagine, over the last 48 hours trying to understand the motives of these killers and trying to understand every detail of their lives. we are going through a very large volume of electronic evidence. this is electronic evidence that these killers tried to e destroy
12:39 pm
and tried to conceal from us that we now have and are exploiting to try to o understand. we are keeping our minds open as we always try to do. i know that there are a lot of good questions that folks want answers for quick, but i hope you know we aspire to do it quickly, but we aspire to do it well and do it carefully. there's a lot of evidence in this case that doesn't quite make sense and so we're trying to be very thoughtful to understand it and to make sense of it so we understand the full extent of what we have here. let me offer you a couple specifics on the investigation. first, our investigation to date, and it's only two days old, so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or part of a cell. there's no indication that they are part of a network. again, i quickly add it is
12:40 pm
early. we're still working very hard to understand, but. so far we don't see such indications. there are nothing in our holdings about these two killings. i have seen reporting where folks have focused on reports that they were in contact with people who had been the subject of fbi investigations. either investigations that were closed or that were still u open. i would urge you not to make too much of that. there were no contacts between either of the killers and subjects of our investigations that were of such significance it raised these killers on to our radar screen. we're looking very closely at those contacts, but i would not want to focus too much on that. it is 48 hours old. there's much about this that doesn't make sense to even e those of us who do this for a living. that's the reason we have hundreds of people running down leads all over the world on this and spending tremendous amount of time as we silt here trying
12:41 pm
to understand the electronic record around these two killers. and that is we know that this is very unsettling for the people of the united states where we hope you will do is not let fear become disabling but to try to channel it into an awareness of your surrounding and get you to a place where you are living your life, but if you see something that doesn't make sense, you say something to somebody. when we look back over our cases over the last 10, 15 years, in almost every case, we find that somebody saw something where there was a family member or friend or a co-worker and didn't say something to law enforcement. wrote an innocent narrative over facts that were making them feel uncomfortable or the hair stand up on their necks. don't do that. we have worked hard since 9/11 to get ourself s ves to a place where if you tell a police officer or deputy sheriff or call the fbi and say i saw something next door that seems off or i saw something online
12:42 pm
that seems off, it will get to the right people and we will investigate it quickly and responsibly. we investigate in secret so we don't smear innocent people. we don't run over and bang on your neighbor's door. if you say something, we investigate. if there was nothing there, no harm done. if there was something there, great harm may be avoided. so we would ask you, please channel that sense of fear into something healthy. just an awareness of your surroundings and let us do the work you pay us to do, which is to investigate and fight terrorism while you live the lives that are so wonderful in this great country of ours. thank you for this and we'll take your questions. >> that was loud. so that was the chief of the fbi. and i still have paul cruickshank with us, cnn terrorism analyst here. to me, the headline there, it doesn't appear -- it appears
12:43 pm
these two killers in san bernardino aren't part of any sort of cell or organized network. your response to that. >> that's very important indeed. if that is really the case, then the immediate danger has now gone away. that was consistent with what the assistant director of the fbi and los angeles area was saying a few hours ago that there's no immediate terrorism threat in the united states that suggests they have some confidence that it was just these two and no more who were involved. they are also saying they don't believe that part of a wider network or cell, and you can read into that. they don't believe that they were recruited physically by a terrorist group overseas by isis. they didn't get recruited and get marching orders and meetings in the middle east.
12:44 pm
these are self-radicalized isis-inspired rather than isis directed. so far, the message from isis land is much the same. these were two supporters of ours. they weren't fully fledged fighters. so we're starting to get perhaps a sense of the scope of this, which were two individuals acting on behalf of the islamic state. not people who got training necessarily overseas, but perhaps learned how to make these primitive pipe bombs over the internet. we all know how easy it is in the united states to buy extraordinarily powerful weapons. >> to steal a phrase from our colleague, they were free lansing. it's extraordinary to point out, when you think of al qaeda, it was terrorism 1.0.
12:45 pm
you have to train in a place like yemen or other countries and carry out these very precise attacks. here with this terrorism 2.0 and isis, it's either we're going to give you this direction and you do this or if you feel inspired by our crazy ideology, go out and kill people, which is precisely what happened in california it sounds like. >> that's right. but don't discount terrorism 1.0 because we just saw that play out in paris with isis taking a chapter out of the al qaeda playbook. there's now real concern that isis is aiming to hit the uk next. two days ago they took that vote to launch airstrikes againstist nis syria. there's specific intelligence that british isis operatives have been tasked with returning to the uk to launch an attack. there are other countries in europe isis has also threatened. notably germany, belgium,
12:46 pm
netherlands, these countries participating in airstrikes or some form of support in the anti-isis coalition. >> paul cruickshank, as always, your expertise invaluable to us. one of our terrorism analysts, thank you so much. a quick break, we'll be right become. if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira giving me new perspective. doctors have been prescribing humira for ten years. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal
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12:50 pm
there is nothing in our holdings about these two killers. i've seen reporting where folks have focused on reports that they were in contact -- at least one of the killers was in contact with people who had been the subject of fbi investigations, either investigations that were closed or that were still open.
12:51 pm
i would urge you not to make too much of that. there were no contacts between either the killers or the subjects of our investigations. it was of significance that raised our killers up onto our radar screen. we're looking closely at those contacts but i don't want you to overindex on that just yet. it is as i said -- >> so that was fbi director james comey speaking a moment ago sitting next to loretta -- speaking next to the attorney general there. and i think it's really important what he said and this is two days into the investigation that don't read too much perhaps as this duo had been in contact with someone who had been investigated domestically by the fbi. he's saying don't read a lot into that. paul cruickshank, i understand i still have you with me, one of our cn nrk terror analysts. i think it's important for folks just joining us go back through what was said by comey. as they are trying to understand
12:52 pm
the motives why these two would want to do this and murder 14 people and injure 21 others, he said that this was the biggie we were just discussing, there was not a cell or larger organism or terrorist network. it's this notion if you see something, say something. it's frightening as we were just discussing obviously what's happened, what's continued to happen in these mass shootings, he's saying don't let fear become disabling. do you what are some of your questions as you're listening to the fbi here dig into this? >> well, how were they radicalized is going to be an absolutely key question here whether they get all these materials for the pipe bombs to what degree were they in touch with people on the radar screen. what the fbi is saying these two weren't really on the radar screen but were communicating with people on the radar screen.
12:53 pm
after these attacks they were able it would seem to go back and figure out that they were indeed communicating with people that they knew about. so they'll be looking at all those kind of things. they'll be examining the trips they made overseas to saudi arabia, to pakistan, i think just in 2014. but from what they're saying that they're not part of a wider network or group, that suggests they have quite a lot of confidence at this point that they didn't meet established terrorists outfits while they were in pakistan or saudi arabia or anywhere else or at least they don't have any firm evidence suggesting that to be the case. at this point. this seems more in the isis inspired column. but isis is really inspiring these people. and part of the force of inspiration that they have is that they control all of this area in the middle east in syria, iraq and libya. and in the eyes of their followers gives them a huge
12:54 pm
amount of religious legitimacy. and so, you know, one of the things that western governments can do to try to stop horrible days like this is to take away this isis safe haven, this pseudo isis state, brooke. >> right. right. hopefully there's a lot that can be done but again, also hearing from the l.a. based fbi agent earlier today saying indeed they're investigating this as an act of terrorism. paul cruickshank, thank you so much. if in fact it is, this would be the first isis-inspired deadly plot carried out on u.s. soil. quick break. we'll be right back. whether your car is a new car an old car a big car a small car a car that looks kind of plain a car that looks kind of like a plane a red car a white car a blue car a red white and blue car a green car a city car a country car this car, seriously this car
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12:58 pm
truly prepared him for what he saw. >> the situation was surreal. it was something i don't think, again, we prepare for. active shooter we talk about sensory overload, they try to throw everything at you to prepare you for dealing with that. what you're seeing, what you're hearing, what you're smelling. and it was all of that and more. it was unspeakable the carnage that we were seeing, the number of people who were injured. and unfortunately already dead. and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. the initial 50 people did not want to come to us. they were fearful. and they were in the back hallway area. and that actually heightened my concern that -- and my fear that potentially the suspects were in that hallway holding them hostage. and waiting for us to enter into the hallway. we had to tell them several
12:59 pm
times come to us, come to us, come to us. and ultimately they did. and once that first person took the motions forward, it opened the flood gates and everybody wanted to come and get away from that as quickly as possible. you know, we've taken a lot of hits lately. some justified, much of it not justified. and it takes a toll. it takes a toll on all cops because it's hard being labeled and hard being branded as, you know, being rogue or, you know -- and i guarantee you that no cop comes into this job with the mindset that, oh, great, now i have ultimate power to be corrupt and to violate people's rights. there are cops who go astray. but overwhelmingly the vast majority of officers and when i say vast majority i'm talking 99.5% of the officers go out and they do the job to protect the public. and yesterday just reminded me of that.
1:00 pm
and it just solidified that again in my heart and in my mindset. and for that i'm -- for that i'm thankful. >> and we are thankful for folks like lieutenant madden. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" starts now. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we begin today with breaking news on many fronts in our national lead. the fbi is now officially investigating the san bernardino massacre as a terrorist attack. this latest development comes after the news that broke on cnn this morning that law enforcement officials have uncovered writings on facebook by the female terrorist pledging support to isis leadership. also this afternoon, after it was cleared by law enforcement, the landlord allowed cnn inside the terrorist couple's apartment. it's no longer according to the fbi an active crime scene. it was an extraordinary place to visit. we will bring you into that scene. but moments ago fbi director james comey spoke