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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 5, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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happening now in the newsroom, who is tashfeen malik. described as quiet and soft spoken, she is at the center of an fbi terror investigation for gunning down 14 people with her husband in a commando-style assault. >> we are spending a tremendous amount of time over the last 48 hours, trying to understand the motives of the killers and every detail of their lives. plus, isis responding to the attack calling the shooters supporters of its terrorist operation. >> i don't understand. how can a woman just deliver their baby and google crap like this? >> newsroom starts now. hello, everyone. thanks for joining me.
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i'm fredricka whitfield. police are closer to determining a possible motive. an isis radio station announcing the two shooters were supporters of the terrorist group. tashfeen malik and her husband syed farook opened fire at the inland regional center. they died in a shootout hours later. they are investigating the massacre as an act of terrorism and there was evidence in extreme planning. let's go to polo sandoval who is live in redlands, california. a worrisome night for the community. they are really not sure what to think about this, are they? >> reporter: absolutely n lly n fred. with this new information there could be several possible isis links. people in this community are watching the story even closer now. you go among the community, talk
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to people and folks are talking about the story. it is really all over the headlines. you don't have to pick up a paper, go out for a walk. past 53 north center street. this is a reminder of what happened earlier this week. san bernardino on edge. overnight, police evacuated a u.p.s. facility and called in a bomb squad to investigate a package. it was addressed to the home of say yesterday farook. the mass shooting is being investigated as an act of terrorism. >> we are spending a tremendous amount of time, as you might imagine over the last 48 hours, trying to understand the motives of the killers and trying to understand every detail of their lives. >> reporter: another recent revelation object tashfeen malik, the female shooter that left 14 dead and 21 wounded, she posted a pledge to the isis leader while the shooting was happening. [ sirens ]
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>> reporter: the mass shooting may have been inspired by isis, fwu t but the terror group did not direct or order the attack. it's a case that left family members baffled. >> i ask if i had called him that morning or the night before or what he was up to, if i had any inclination, maybe i could have stopped it. >> reporter: they are down playing the idea that farook was angry when he left the holiday luncheon. he returned heavily armed with his wife. >> we have initial information from a witness or some witnesses that left the party and provided information that it appeared he left upset or under a form of duress. there's indication from other people he was there, there was nothing out of the ordinary, then suddenly, he was gone. >> reporter: back at the doorstep where officials believe it was planned, people make
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their way out. many people are not working. we have lost count of those who stopped by with cameras or phones taking pictures. the u.p.s. driver, as well, police saying he did the right thing, instead of delivering that package, went back to the sorting facility. >> polo sandoval, thank you, in redlands, california. >> the picture in the sid owe is from the attack. a tragic scene in just minutes. 14 people killed, 21 others injured. listening to the police scanners during the shooting gives you an idea of how chaotic it was. >> okay, last seen in the alley way. >> male, dark skin is all i have. >> did you get that? >> have them -- more people here unless it's the s.w.a.t. team.
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>> exact location. >> we are at san bernardino and shedden. one guy down. one guy in the back of the car. >> hold your fire! >> we have the suspect vehicle stopped. we go ahead and extract him. stand by. wait for the bear cat, copy. >> one down inside the car. >> lieutenant mike madden was one of the first san bernardino police officers to arrive. he says what he saw was unspeakable. he wants to remind people that most officers sign up for the job because they want to protect the public. >> the situation was surreal. it was something that i don't think we prepare for. we talk about sensory overload. they try to throw everything at
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you to prepare you for dealing with that. what you are seeing, hearing, smelling and it was all that and more. it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing. the number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead. the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. the initial 50 people did not want to come to us. they were fearful. they were in the back hallway area and that actually heightened my concern and my fear that potentially, the suspects were in that hallway holding them hostage and waiting for us to enter into the hallway. we had to tell them several times, come to us, come to us. ultimately, they did. once that first person took the motions forward, it opened the flood gates and everybody wanted
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to come and get away from that as quickly as possible. you know, we have taken a lot of hits lately. some justified, much of it not justified. and, it takes a toll. it takes a toll on all cops because it's hard being -- it's hard being labeled and hard being branded as being rogue. i guarantee you, no cop comes into this job with the mind set that, oh, great, i have ultimate power to be corrupt and violate people's rights. there are cops that go astray. overwhelmingly, the vast majority of officers, when i say vast majority, 99.5% of officers go out and do the job to protect the public. yesterday reminded me of that and solidified that again in my heart and in my mind set. for that, i'm thankful. >> incredible. lieutenant madden grew up in san
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okay. da! after the female shooter in the california massacre pledged allegiance to isis, president barack obama says the u.s. is prepared for isis threats. he says we have never, i'm quoting now, never been more protective, at home. republican presidential candidate, donald trump said that the u.s. should call it what it is, quote, a war. cnns chris is here to explain what both men are saying. chris? >> hey, fred. the news the attacks may have been inspired by isis is fueling criticism that president obama's strategy to defeat the terrorist group failed. republican presidential candidate, donald trump, today,
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called president obama's response week and ineffective and continues to pound on obama for not calling the attacks islamic radical terrorism. >> this is a war. we are in a war. if we are not senator and we are not cunning and if we don't beat them to the punch, it's going to be very ugly over here. it's going to be very bad. >> on the day of the attacks but before the isis link was discovered, obama down played the danger saying isis does not pose a threat to the united states. today, he talked about the threat of lone wolf terrorists who are hard to track because they work in isolation. >> it is entirely possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror. if so, it underscores a threat we have been focused on for years, the danger of people suck coming to extremist ideologies.
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we know isil and other terrorist groups are encouraging people to commit terrible acts of violence. oftentimes as lone wolf actors. >> americans were expressing doubts after obama's strategy. more than half of those polled don't like how he handled it. what could be the biggest terror attack in america since 9/11. fred? >> chris, thank you. >> thank you. coming up, cnn obtained police accounts of what happened the night chicago teenager la quan mcdonald was shot. there are discrepancies between the story and the video of what happened, next. opportunity is everything you make of it.
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new developments in the deadly shooting of la quan mcdonald. the teen shot 16 times by a chicago police officer. cnn has reports that contain officer's accounts of the shooting that happened in 2014 and they are dramatically different than what the dashcam video shows. we want to remind viewers the images are graphic, but it is
10:18 am
important to see how they compare to the police reports. to go through these differences, i'm joined by rosa florez. what stands out to you? >> reporter: well, fred, several things stand out as we go through the hundreds of pages that were released by the city of chicago and the police department. first of all, in one of those sheets of paper, it says that la quan mcdonald injured officer jason van dyke. we had never heard that before. it's not in his actual account of what happened, either. that's a discrepancy in and of itself. let me take you through this video because as we look at the video, which we should remind our viewers is disturbing to watch and review the account of jason van dyke, the police officer, who fired the shots, they just don't match. let's take a look at the video. you can see la quan mcdonald on
10:19 am
the middle of the street walking. you can see the responding police officers. now, one of those officers is jason van dyke. he's on the left hand side of the screen. you can see him with his gun drawn. his partner has his gun drawn. we know he started firing shots six seconds after arriving on scene. now, here is what that police report says happened according to jason van dyke. i'm going to quote here. he says mcdonald was swinging the knife in an aggressive, exaggerated manner. thereafter, it says mcdonald raised the knife across his chest and over his shoulder, pointing the knife at van dyke and attempting to kill van dyke. here is van dyke's react according to to the count on report. in defense of his life, he back pedalled and fired his handgun at mcdonald to stop the attack. mcdonald fell to the ground, but
10:20 am
continued to move and grasp the knife, refusing to let it go. we know, based on that video, after la quan mcdonald falls to the ground, the officer continues firing his weapon, even though the angel of the camera changes, we know he continues to fire his weapon. according to the coroner's report, mcdonald was hit 16 times. now, in the report, van dyke explains why he continued shooting. he says mcdonald appeared to be attempting to get up, all the while, continuing to point the knife at van dyke. now, fred, one of the other things that stands out is not only does jason van dyke's account not match what the video shows, other officers on the scene mention some of the same things that don't match with the video. i'm going to quote this one. it says mcdonald ignored the verbal direction. we know there's no audio in this
10:21 am
video. instead, raised his right arm toward officer van dyke, as if to attack van dyke. on top of that, there was a sergeant who collected all the video, reviewed the statements. it says in that report, this sergeant viewed all the videos and looked at the witness accounts and everything was consistent. fred? >> rosa, remind people, what was the alleged offense of mcdonald? why was he being pursued, any way? >> reporter: this is also in the police report and we heard this from the state attorney's office as well. now, before these images, these 15 seconds when we see 16 shots being fired according to police records, la quan mcdonald punctured a tire. he punctured the tire of a police cruiser. now, responding officers, about
10:22 am
eight of them responding to the scene where we see the shots being fired. that's what happened beforehand. police were in pursuit of la quan mcdonald and we know those 16 shots were fired and according to the autopsy report, la quan mcdonald was hit 16 times. >> now there has been this civil, you know, settlement in the millions. how does that comport with what could be an ongoing investigation, criminal investigation about all the events that happened? how will that settlement impact the ongoing pros? >> reporter: well, here is the chain of events. this shooting happened, the city of chicago settled with the family for $5 million. there was no lawsuit filed. the settlement was made
10:23 am
beforehand. now, the video was not released. the video was not released thereafter. it took a journalist filing a civil suit for that video to be released. here we are, more than a year later, that video is released through a civil court order. this judge said that through a freedom of information request, it was legal for this journalist to have this video and here we are. more than a year later, looking at these images that don't match the police report accounts, not just from jason van dyke, the officer who fired the shots, but other officers on scene and also a sergeant reviewing the witness accounts and the video. fred, it's a bit disturbing to see a narrative in that police report is continuous. but it doesn't, doesn't agree with what we are watching in that video. >> all right.
10:24 am
it will be interesting to see what types of investigations come from this on both the municipality level as well as the federal level. rosa florez, thanks so much. next, unspeakable carnage. how one of the officers described what he saw. his own words, out of california, next. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course.
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hello, again. thanks for joining me, i'm fredricka whitfield. an act of terrorism confirmation from the fbi that they are investigating the deadly mass keer in california as a terror attack. an isis radio station announcing this morning, the two shooters were supporters of the terrorist group. officials close to the investigation are telling cnn the female attacker, tashfeen malik, pledged allegiance to isis on facebook while the massacre was unfolding. i want to bring in cia operations manager mike baker. good to see you. >> thank you. >> we have not yet heard if malik's social media accounts were being monitored before the attack. how does the cia and fbi decide whose internet activity they should track, keep a close watch of? >> it's a difficult process as
10:29 am
you might imagine. there are upwards of 900 plus active investigations going on around the country right now. in terms of the social media, part of it, do they meet a certain threshold? are they in contact with known supporters or terrorist suspects overseas? is there indications of radicalization that meet a certain threshold? if that's the case, they go through a process to get approval to do this. it is an incredible heavy lift when you think about the potential pool. terms of sharing, identifying, starting to monitor and do the surveillance and coordinating that with not just the u.s., local and state authorities, but the liaisons. >> if there's not a track record, it makes it that much more difficult to watch someone's social media activity
10:30 am
or see if they have a digital, you know, footprint, until after something happens. is that, indeed, the case? >> that is. exactly right. we may well find in this case, with the two shooters here, that, you know, they didn't surface. there were certain indicators. one thing the fbi has done that was smart is going forward and saying look, certain indicators here match a terrorism act. we need to push it into a terrorism investigation. that allows certain resources and intel capabilities during the course of this investigation. look, this was not -- if this was just a workplace violence issue, the facts don't add up. syed abruptly stopped going to his mosque three weeks before the attack. before that, he was becoming increasingly religious, attending the mosque every day. that doesn't make sense. growing out a beard.
10:31 am
efforts days before to erase their electronic finger fingerprints. there's things the bureau can look at. if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it is probably a terrorist. >> they would not be looking for somebody in the community to be individual lent to say or put two and two together, hmm, it's unusual he hasn't been to the mosque after being somebody who was very committed to attending or that the beard was being, you know, grown. it would mean a very astute member of the community to say, i find this strange and it would mean being very receptive from the bureau or anywhere else to that kind of observation from someone. is that realistic? >> you are correct. you have hit on probably the most important aspect of all of this, which is, the bureau, you know, law enforcement anywhere, scotland yard and the uk, they will tell you the most
10:32 am
effective, efficient way to identify someone crossing over, becoming radicalized is from the immediate family, a mother, father, brother, cysister. that is a very heavy lift. it requires an increasing effort for community policing within the muslim communities. again, here in the u.s. and elsewhere. you have to be able to create that ability to get that dialogue back and forth. the fbi is working extremely hard to create that level of ability, that level of trust within the communities that says if you see something within your family, if you see one of your -- i know, this sounds like an impossible task. if you see your son or daughter and they are changing abruptly like this or appear to be concerning, tough say something. ultimately, that's the way to do it. imagine convincing a mother or father to drop a dime on their kid. >> that is hard for a parent to do. mike baker, thanks so much,
10:33 am
appreciate it. >> thank you. what could have motivated this couple with a new baby to carry out an attack in san bernardino? next, a man who knew one of the killers. i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken,
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upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of serious side effects. i'm down with crestor! make your move. ask your doctor about crestor. this breaking news cnn obtained from a senior pakistani sbil jens source, a photo copy of tashfeen malik's pakistanny
10:37 am
identification card. let's go to stephanie elam outside the unit where malik lived. stephanie, what more are you learning? >> reporter: good morning, fred. yes, this is something we have been looking for pictures identifying tashfeen malik to see what she looked like and where she was living prior to her entry into the yids. this id was a country given id in the country of pakistan. he was living in pakistan and gives a clue about her age. it looks to be a match that she would have been 30 next year. another image of the woman, the female in this duo that pulled off the massacre here in san bernardino a couple days ago. learning more about this couple and this woman at the heart of
10:38 am
this travesty here in san bernardino. fred? >> stephanie, in your reporting, what are neighbors saying? i know that people have been so thrown off guard because they thought this couple looked like any other couple with a 6-month-old. in hindsight now, are people now reflecting on some subtle changes that perhaps they overlooked and now they are rethinking? >> reporter: yeah, we have heard from some neighbors saying perhaps this was a case of i didn't want to say anything. i saw odd activity. there was a friend of a neighbor who said that. other people saying everything looked normal, they didn't say anything, they kept to themselves. i think what is interesting here, especially after we got the look inside the house yesterday, where the killers were living, a lot that you would see there, if people were looking for something that said these are people that would pull off a massive event like this and terrorize a neighborhood the way they did, there were no
10:39 am
clues inside the house. you saw baby toys, standard, operating procedure for a young family. that may be the scarier part that they blended in so well. >> stephanie elam, thank you so much. a new cnn poll shows donald trump is dominating the gop race for president as he continues tough talk about fighting isis. hear what he had to say about the shooting in san bernardino, next.
10:40 am
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10:43 am
on the road to the white house, donald trump not mincing words in iowa today about the shooting in san bernardino, california. he's speaking now in iowa. here is what he said. >> if somebody thinks bad things are going on, you have to report it. that should not be racial
10:44 am
profiling. they thought something bad was going on and they didn't report it. not good. okay? >> can you elaborate on your comments about racial profiling? >> no, there's nothing to elaborate. i think you are in the way of the camera, by the way. you okay? trying to make him look good. the story was -- >> our political panel is here, nikki, a democratic strategist and a republican strategist. good to see you. trump giving a tough talk on isis and criticizing president obama. is this resinating with his base and if so, what about the undecided voters? >> it's resinating with the base and the american people at large. you look at the president who just the day of the attack said isis is not a threat. that very same day, we had the second worst terrorist attack
10:45 am
since 9/11. he's out of touch. he's not showing the strength people want to see. they look at trump and see the opposite. he does not mince words. they see someone who is strong and willing to go after isis and not make hesitation and calling it what it is, islamic terrorism. he is rising in the poll. president obama is helpless, sitting in the white house doing nothing to protect america. >> those are bold states to make for barack obama who has more foreign policy experience and legislative experience than donald trump. nowhere in history has -- if you are going to talk about primary states and winning. nowhere has a nonelected official in primaries. yes, he might be rising in the polls, but with a certain demographic, uneducated without college or high school degrees. what that means is when he's
10:46 am
winning 40% of uneducated voters is they respond to language us versus them, he says i'm going to bring back water boarding. that doesn't work. they got rid of that. what works as fear mongering are going to turn to the polls and vote against them. >> that's patronizing to call half the republican party uneducated. >> you don't have to agree, it's a fact. uneducated. i'm not saying they are not smart. they don't have college degrees. >> let's stick to, because we really don't know what makes up the supporters or the base for donald trump. we don't really need to go there. we do need to try to understand what donald trump is and is not saying and how his rhetoric on isis or the safety of this nation, how it might be translating into greater support or diminishing support. right now, we are seeing his
10:47 am
support is growing. he's not holding back. even when m.j. was asking the question about profiling, this is what he had to say. >> if somebody thinks bad things are going on, tough report it. that should not be racial profiling. they thought something bad was going on and didn't report it. not good. >> can you elaborate a little bit on your comments about racial profiling? >> no, there's nothing to elaborate. i think you are in the way of your camera, by the way. you okay? trying to make him look good? no, the story is they didn't want to racially profile. in the meantime, a lot of people got killed. we have to use common sense. >> is that misleading? he says people knew about them and nobody said anything. that's not anything we heard -
10:48 am
co-ob ration with. it is okay to profile if it benefits you. >> it is common sense. look at the facts of san bernardino, a neighbor who did not report the men out of fear of being called a racist. a man was suspicious of a half dozen muslim men walking into the house, but he didn't report it out of fear of political correctness. we can sit here and not call it what it is, it is islamic. we can do that, but it costs american blood. it cost 14 people their lives this week. it's going to cost more. we can pretend this is not islamic terrorism. donald trump saying this, people are ready for a change. people are ready for strength. that is what trump is doing. he is not mixing words. >> semantics are not going to solve the problem of isis. whether or not it's islamic terrorism or off color joke, that's not real. itis not what lawmakers do when
10:49 am
they plan to go after isis, whether or not to work with tech companies, whether or not they should shut down the accounts. these are real issues we are facing. this is what the fbi is facing, the cia, what the president is delivering over. he is not talking semantics. >> the fbi is facing a situation where people are not reporting things because they are afraid of being labeled. >> one person said that. that's not an epidemic of people not reporting things. you now, you have to say racial profiling in countries where there's racial profiling, they have been trained in a certain way of profiling. it's not necessarily racial. if you see something, say something. if there's something that is -- >> unusual behavior. >> exactly. >> or alarming behavior. >> if they say all muslims should be shipped out or all syrians are dangerous, they will
10:50 am
think -- >> i wonder, ladies, as we encroach on cnns next debate and the next debate and the first primary and caucus just weeks away i wonder if you're going to see that any or all of the candidates need to be more specific about their language, about their intention, about how they see the landscape on the nation fighting terrorism, right now it's broad-brushed but here we have the most recent incident which screams specificity coming from some of these candidates. are any of these candidates going to rise to that occasion to be specific about how they see the landscape and what they propose they would do if president? >> it's not about specificity. we have a president who laid out very specifically what he wanted to do in the realm of foreign policy. isis is operating openly, a vast territory. he gave us specifics and what we got in return was isis dominating a region. what we need to see is strength.
10:51 am
we need to see people who say yes, we need to racial profile because it works. ll airlines in israel racial profiles and have not had a hijacking in 30 years. it's not experience. it's resolve. >> last response on that? >> all i have to say is it's easy to say these things but it marginalizes the community which is exactly what's isis wants. you're separating a community so they can recruit. >> ladies, thank you so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love.
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. getting back to our coverage of the tragic shooting in san bernardino, california. learning more about the moment medical first responders arrived. these doctors, many of them arriving before s.w.a.t. teams. faced with the threat of possibly having to defend themselves against the shooters. our dr. sanjay gupta has more. >> a man you're about to meet is one of the first to arrive, a new kind of doctor.
10:57 am
as you're about to see an increasingly necessary kind of doctor. before any other member of his s.w.a.t. team arrived on wednesday's massacre, dr. michael niki was already there minutes after the shooting began. >> from the field to israeli bandage which is a compression dressing. >> a new kind of first responder. a hybrid of healer and soldier. a doctor and a member of the s.w.a.t. team ready to defend as well as save lives. >> a good guy should be able to defend himself and also help everybody else. >> in order to do that, not only does he need to carry medical equipment but he has to carry a gun as well. a gun much like the one used by the shooters. >> well, you know, i don't want to get hurt. if somebody really has intention like that yesterday where he was coming and shooting everybody and i'm the first one that gets there as active shooter response, i want to be able to
10:58 am
defend myself and those civilians down there. >> shooters ready. >> ready, sir. >> that's dr. niki on the right. today just one day after the shooting we followed dr. niki to this training facility. >> ready sir. >> and this is another part of being a brand new sort of doctor, going through training like this with other members of the s.w.a.t. team to try and make sure he can defend himself in situations where he's taking care of other patients. >> we are now going to the assault rifle injury type pattern which rips and shreds apart organs in your body, tissues in the body, vessels. even our tactics are changing right now for law enforcement. we are going sideways and now we're going to the front to expose less organ injuries rather than -- >> so instead of going like this -- >> when the bullet goes through both lung and heart and comes through the other side where as
10:59 am
you go from the front now you have a plate that protects your heart and you can still be functional. >> that's fascinating. you always see people approaching lower profile. >> he grew up in iran and served in the military there. so guns and combat aren't new to him but he never thought he would have to use these skills in america. >> did you ever think your experiences in the middle east were going to be useful here? >> never in a million years but now that i'm here this is one of my duties. when you signed -- it's a privilege to work here and a privilege to be part of this team. to serve the community out there. it's the least i could do. >> i should point out that dr. niki knew one of the victims here. a fellow citizen from iran who has three children who are the same ages as his children. he cried when he heard the news and he wished he could have
11:00 am
gotten there even sooner. fred, back to you. >> incredible story. thank you so much. incredible profile. the next hour cnn newsroom begins right now. hello again thanks so much for joining me. we have breaking news in the investigation into the deadly shooting rampage. cnn just obtained this photocopy of female attacker tashfeen malik's pakistani national identification card. this as an isis radio station claimed this morning that the two shooters were quote, supporters of isis. the fbi announced they are investigating the massacre as an act of terrorism. let's get to stephanie who is in redlands, california outside the unit where the two lived. what more information are you gathering about this id card. >> reporter: what's important about this id is the fact that


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