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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 5, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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gotten there even sooner. fred, back to you. >> incredible story. thank you so much. incredible profile. the next hour cnn newsroom begins right now. hello again thanks so much for joining me. we have breaking news in the investigation into the deadly shooting rampage. cnn just obtained this photocopy of female attacker tashfeen malik's pakistani national identification card. this as an isis radio station claimed this morning that the two shooters were quote, supporters of isis. the fbi announced they are investigating the massacre as an act of terrorism. let's get to stephanie who is in redlands, california outside the unit where the two lived. what more information are you gathering about this id card. >> reporter: what's important about this id is the fact that
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it does give us an indication on when she was in pakistan before becoming -- moving to the united states under that visa. also just another picture we could find because there were not a lot of images that we were finding here of tashfeen malik before she came here to marry syed farook. these were supporters of isis. we also have learned that facebook saw there was a post of someone saying that they were pledging their allegiance to isis and the leader of isis and it turns out they believed that was tashfeen malik using a different name posting right about the time this attack started in san bernardino. that post being taken down. we're starting to see more of the threat and especially now that we hear that officials here in the united states are saying this is an investigation into terrorism now.
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so changing the tone as this investigation deepens and we get more into the background of these individuals, fred. >> and you were among the first reporters who had a chance to enter the unit where they lived. why did investigators feel like it was an all clear crime scene now and this would be a good time for reporters to see what's inside and how they lived? >> i think it's less about how officials felt about it and more about the landlord saying sure, come in and take a look. at this point by the time we got that glimpse inside the building where the killers were living it was no longer a crime scene. the tape was gone. they were done with it. the fbi making very clear that this was no longer a crime scene and once they turn it back over to the owner it's up to that individual to decide whether or not they let people in. so going in was not something up to the law enforcement but at that point they had already done their investigation and so it
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was done. it's worth pointing out we have heard a lot about malik and farook building bombs in their garage. that is a separate unit from the rest of the house and we didn't see any of that inside of the actual household. that was in the garage so we didn't see that part. what i can tell you is looking around the house, for the most part it looked like a very normal house and for a lot of people is the question is did they look like they were harboring some long hate. when you looked around the place it looked like they were blending into the american society better than some people might have expected. >> stephanie, thank you so much in redlands. the fbi is looking into the possibility that tashfeen malik may have influenced her husband into becoming radicalized.
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how isis influences people to become killers and the signs they give that might have been missed. >> we see radicalized and you think all of a sudden they bond with isis. the isis stage is the operationalization where they become jihadists where they want to do the violent attack. the radicalization takes years. isis is providing that picture. the picture is the islamism, the sense that the political movement, anti-sell i -- while certainly the solution will come from inside our faith and that's why this is a battle within. the slide towards radicalization leads them to what many of us call patriotism or the allegiance to the concept. isis is tapping into that and it's becoming more successful recruitment than al qaeda because it's tapping into that.
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americans that need to look for things and see something say something, it's about the sense of violence and are they going to act out. that's going to happen in the last few days and weeks. us in the muslim community we put together two page declaration that said these are the ideas of the dividing line between reformers and those who believe in the islamic state. so muslims that are adherent to that are going to be part of the pathway to radicalization. the belief about violent jihad, about the inequality of men and women, principles that run against what we're used to are part of the radicalization process and we're the only communities that can address these things because we see them early and we can tell muslims incompatible with society versus those drifting towards a hate for the west, and a sense they
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want to become part of some other loyalty and thus american citizens become dehumanized and targets on their battlefield. >> the fbi says there have been isis related arrests in 21 states and all 50 states have active isis related investigations. this just in to cnn, president obama meeting with his security advisors on the shooting today. he received updated information from the fbi director, attorney director and the homeland secretary. cnn's chris is here to tell us about the meeting. >> news coming out of the white house today. the white house telling us president obama met with his intelligence team in the situation room this morning. they highlighted several pieces of information important and point to the attackers radicalization and that's important because so far the only evidence made public of
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radicalization was that one of the shooters facebook post pledging allegiance to the leader of i have sis. so now we have several pieces of information now that points to this radicalization and opens up the question what other kinds of things other than this facebook post does the president know about. we'll continue to report on that and bring that to you as we can. also, fbi director, attorney general, homeland security secretary reiterating that there's no evidence that the killers were part of a broader terrorist cell. that's something we have known for the last day. they reiterated that to the president. the president telling his team to stay on this, to use all necessary resources to make sure that the investigation continues, that they get to the bottom of this and in fact they keep the american people safe, fred. so that's the update we have out of washington from the white house. we will keep you posted as we figure out what those new pieces
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of information are. >> thank you so much. chris in washington. next, one of the 14 people killed in san bernardino died shielding his co-worker. that colleague describes what her friend did and what he said in those moments of chaos. actually be exactly what i am.
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. we're learning more about the 14 victims killed in san bernardino california. one of them was 45 shannon johnson. he died shielding his co-worker from the hail of bullets. denise says he wrapped his arm around her holding her close. she says quote, amidst all the chaos i'll always remember him saying these three words, i got you. he was among the 21 wound and recovering at home. we have more on the other victims and their families. >> for the loved ones of the 14 people killed in the san bernardino shooting the emoti emotional toll is immeasurable. jennifer lost her husband nicholas and his death may provide investigators with more clues. the 52-year-old born again jew had a conversation about
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politics and religion with his co-worker and gunman syed farook days before the shooting. >> i'm sure he would have talked to him and probably evangleized with him. i'm sure they had discussions about religion because my husband wouldn't have discussed that with anybody that wouldn't listen. >> he married his high school sweat heart and got his wish last year when she gave bitter to savannah. they had plans to take her to disney world next week. a mother of three moved to the u.s. from iran. the 46-year-old was giving a presentation to her colleagues when the shooters opened fire. her husband says everything she touched bloomed. and her daughter, 15-year-old jolean is left with the memory of her mother's advice. >> she used to tell me like that
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if i do go, i want you to like -- i want everybody to stay strong, not grieving or crying. just going off that. >> michael wet zell leaves behind six children. on a fundraising website for his family his wife writes i didn't know a better person, he loved his work and family so much. without him this family will never be the same. we appreciate all the love and support that everyone is showing. daniel kaufman worked at a coffee shop at the regional center. >> this was actually true of daniel. >> hours after the shooting ryan said he tried to reach his boyfriend again and again to no avail. the l.a. times captured this photo when he finally got the news that his partner was gone. >> unfortunately it's events like this that really show you how important people are and how
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many of those who knew tashfeen malik and her husband syed farook say they are shocked they would commit such gruesome acts while others say they believe rizwan farook married a terrorists. we take a look into the couple's history. >> a glimpse at the confusion inside a family searching for answers in an interview with cbs news. >> so many things i ask myself. if i had called him that morning or the night before and asked him how he was doing and what he
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was up to. if i had any inclination maybe i could have stopped it. >> sara is describing her little brother syed rizwan farook. so shy he used dating sites to find a girlfriend posting that he liked to work on cars, go out to restaurants, take target practice in his backyard and looking for a girl who wears a veil. it was one of these dating sites where he would meet his weave. tashfeen malik is a mystery. a pakistani who lived in saudi arabia, came to the united states, married farook, had a child and left an impression on almost no one. >> very conservative. a stay at home mom. she was help raising the children. helping taking care of the mother at the house. they're a very close-knit family. not too many people knew anything about them. >> syed rizwan farook and his
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family were leading a typical american life. he grew up one of three siblings living through a turbulent marriage of their parents. he finished college, was paid $53,000 a year as a health inspector. the trail to radicalization according to the family and so far any record is simply not there. >> we are also mourning the loss of someone with you knew or thought we knew. so we would really want everybody to give us some time to mourn or, you know, give some time i guess. just like everybody else out there that needs time to mourn. >> and coming up, it's been 95 years since the new york times featured an editorial on its front page but they did it today. more on that next. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed.
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>> i don't think my stature has
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affected my driving. >> he won a quarter of his races in 2014 and grabbed his first nascar victory in july. >> got the lead with numerous laps to go and lost and then got it back with 10 laps to go and ended up winning the race. there's not much more of a feeling than that. >> and the celebration getting ready to ged underway as rico crawls out of the car. >> at 4'4" he has his cars adapted to fit his height and wants to inspire others to find a way to do what they love as well. >> a lot of people come up to me and say how inspiring i am. i really feel that you can push yourself to do what you love. >> after all, on the racetrack, it's not about how tall you are. >> everyone is the same size when they race. and it's just about having the
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biggest heart. >> dr. gupta, cnn reporting. >> new developments in the investigation of the deadly shooting rampage in california. cnn has just obtained a photocopy of the female attackers tashfeen malik's pakistani national identification card. officials believed she lived in pakistan two years ago and the white house said there is no indication the couple was part of a larger organized terror group. wednesday's shooting massacre came a week after another mass shooting in colorado springs in the wake of all these tragedies, cnn asked americans if they feel safe. ♪ >> yeah, i'm going to be more careful and, you know, try to be careful about seeing people.
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it's something that happens really frequently now. >> it's not going to change the way that i live my life day to day. just looking around a little bit more. i have no desire to buy any kind of firearm. but i do think that it should be more difficult for people to obtain assault weapons. >> as far as changing my holiday plans, not a chance. no
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on the front page published on the front page of the morning paper it calls for outlawing owner ship of weapons. and the bombing against isis is depleting its stockpiles and wants more funding. since the obama campaign began it has fired off more than 20,000 missiles and bombs and an oil rig in the caspian sea catches on fire. conflicting reporting on how many people may have been kill and rescued. a storm damaged the platform and rough wind and waves have made rescue efforts difficult. nasa says these photos show some of the best ever closeup images of pluto.
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they were taken in july and they were beamed back to earth. the pictures show craters, mountains and glaciers. nasa expects more photos next week and much more on the california massacre and the terror investigation at the top of the hour. i'm fredricka whitfield. next vital signs with dr. gupta. >> education is the foundation for our future and our future quite frankly depends on it. welcome to vital signs. seven of the top ten smartest


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