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tv   Wolf  CNN  December 8, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello, i'm john berman and wolf blitzer is on assign oment. it is 11:00 p.m. here in new york, and 8 :00 p.m. in jerusalem, and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. we start with the plan of donald trump to ban all muslims from the united states. in a statement, trump said that our country cannot be the victim of horrendous acts of penal who only believe in jihad and have
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no respect or reason for human life, but with the proposed ban and that comment, trump is in effect saying that all muslims believe in violent jihad. many a campaign event, trump did not let up. >> we are out of control. we have no idea who is coming into the kun tcountry, and we ho idea if they love us or hate us or if we want to bomb us. i have friends who are muslims, a and they are great people, but they know that we have a problem. we have a a real problem, because something is going on. and we can't put up with it, folks. >> trump further defended the strategy this morning on cnn's new day talking with our chris cuom cuomo. >> and you take a look, chris, at what is going on, and it is disgraceful. first of all, you know, people quickly forget that world trade center one, world trade center number two. and you take to a look at all of the things happening that are having to do with the problems, and now you are the problem in
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california and miraculously $28,000 dollars found, and disguised into this guy's account, this horrible person, this killer, this maniac, and into his account, i have no doubt that we have no choice but to do what exactly i said, until the country's representatives can figure out what the h leshgs l is going on, because we have a problem in the country, and you look at paris and the carnage that took place in paris, but look at it beyond that. and paris is no longer the beautiful and gorgeous kun city, because it has a tremendous problems and areas in paris that are radicalized where the police refuse to go in there and guard it. you look at london and other places -- >> we are well aware, and here is the point. >> you say we are well aware, and you say that so routinely -- >> because i have been in there
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and the police are all over that country right now, and doing a lot of policing, but more importantly to your point, i would say it is the opposite reality. you are seeing the french more embracing of the people around them, and you can see them living their lives and refusing to accept fear as a basis for behavior whereas here, what you are doing, and in the country that is known as the symbol of freedom is a saying that we are too afraid to be inclusive. we are going to be rejecting the promise of america, and ban an entire religion, even though we need to do things on the case-by-case basis and it seems that you are acting out of fear and not looking strong and rejecting what america is all about. uk is not doing this, and france is not doing this. >> and don't tell me about paris, chris. they are under siege, and they are absolutely in fear in paris, and do not tell me that they are not. >> and they have heighten ed awareness and they do not have fear, and they are not acting out of it, and they are letting
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in the refugees. >> of course they have fear, and i have friends in paris who want to leave. they are petrified. >> but what are they doing? are they banning the muslims? >> well, we will see, maybe they are going to do. >> it is not on the table. >> look, i am talking about the temporary situation until the country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on, chris. >> and that is donald trump a short time ago on cnn's new day, and moments ago from the podium inside of the white house press room, and josh earnest responding to donald trump's proposal to ban all muslims from entering the united states. >> let me step back and say that the trump campaign has had a smearing history, and from the outright lies to the fake hair and the whole carnival barker routine that we have seen for some time now, and the question now is about the rest of the republican party and whether or
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not they are going to be dragged into the dust bin of history with him. and right now the trajectory is not good. this year, the republicans elected to the leadership someone who famously bragged to a reporter that he is david duke without the baggage. and earlier we saw the executive director of the senate campaign committee was advising candidates about how to the ride the trump wave. and just today, today, the newly elected speaker of the house said that he would vote for donald trump for president if he is the party's nominee. now i know that each of the republican candidates has already taken an oath pledging to support donald trump for president of the united states if he wins the nomination, but the fact is that the first thing that a president does when he or she takes the oath of office is
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to swear an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. and the fact is that what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president, and pfor the republican candidates for president to stand by their pledge to support mr. trump, that in and of itself is disqualifying. >> and white house press secretary josh earnest, and this is what other prominent political figures are saying. democrat hillary clinton says that what trump said is reprehensible and divisive and tweeted love trump's hate. and jeb bush said that he is unhinged and chris christie says that this is something that people say when they have no experience and don't know what they are talking about, but lindsey graham may have gone the furthest with his response. >> and you know how you make america great again? you tell donald trump to go to
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hell. >> and the highest ranking republican in congress, paul ryan who does not comment on the presidential campaigns broke his silence this morning. >> normally, i do not comment on what is going on in the presidential election, but i will take an exception today. this is not conservativism, and what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for, and more importantly, it is not what this country stands for. >> joining me now from washington is chief cnn analyst gloria borger and political reporter knee nia-malika hender. and this is a response from a wide array of the spectrum, and so at this moment, does donald trump pose any threat from the past contre ver shall statements that the he has made? >> well, it is deja vu, and it is ritual for him to say
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something controversial and predictions to be said about his demise coming up, but again, he still seems to be rising in the polls or stay put in the command or something like one-third of the republican parties' voters, and there with josh earnest, he is making a point that i think that you will hear from a lot of democrats this idea that people like paul ryan and dick cheney and people like jeb bush are condemning donald trump on the one hand, but they also seem to suggest that if he is ended up to be the nominee, they would ultimately support him, which is also a point that bill kros tall who is a prominent conservative wri writer made as well, so the white house is doing some work for the democratic party there today with josh earnest's statement. >> yes. >> and can i just say that josh earnest was very strong obviously in the condemnation and saying what trump did was unconstitutional and disqualifies him from serving as president, but by weighing in
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that heavily, it helps donald trump with the republican base that he is trying to attract as he heads into iowa and new hampshire. as a general e llection strateg obviously, what josh was doing would be gathering the democratic base, but right now, i think that they pretty well don't like donald trump. but going in this heavily against trump right now, it only gives him another talking point as he campaigns. >> because the thought being if obama hates it, it must be gr t great? >> yes. >> and if the white house is talking about you from the podium, and not liking you, and saying that you are disqualified to become president what the republican primary base, that kind of works in trump's favor. >> and what about it, nia, that josh was making the point that paul ryan said if he is the nominee, he will vote for him, and all of the republican candidates signed a pledge, and does this put the kacandidates
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a bind or put the party in a bind? we have not heard from the rnc proper, and they don't normally weigh in on things like this, but they have been remarkably silent. >> and you have heard from three party chairs out of the early states, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina weighing in similarly, but that is the next question that the candidates will get and if you are pressed on this, and if you are jeb bush, you tweeted that donald trump is unhinged and can you say that you are going to be voting for a person who is unhinged and so in the coming days, we have donald trump who has defined the pram the ters in some ways at least over these next days in how they talk about muslims and how they talk about isis, so they are going to be put on the defensive in this specific way, and they have to figure out how the handle it as well as the entire republican party. i do think that the era of gloria talking about how they could gain fuel from the white house today, and gain fuel from
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the establishment, coming out against him in such a broad and vociferous way. >> and can i say that reince priebus because you asked this question, the chairman of the rnc just came out and told the "examiner" here in washington that he does not agree with trump, and that we need to aggressively take on radical islamic terrorism, but not at the expense of the american values. >> so the chairman of the rnc coming out against this plan of donald trump. it is going to be interesting to what he says and other candidates say leading up to the debate one week are from tonight on cnn on the subject of foreign policy, and all of the candidates have to stand on the stage with him, and will they condemn that plan to his face? thank you both. and words of the proposal of trump spread like wildfire and at that moment, one senator said it is the worst idea ever from the presidential candidate, and a those words are from jeff
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merckley and he is joining me from capitol hillment and you are agreeing with paul ryan na it is bad politics. >> yes, it is wrong and dangerous, and complete lit out of sync with the values and the constitution, but it is also dangero dangerous, because what isis has wanted is to create a appearance of a war between the america and islam. but we are not at war with islam. we have islamic nations who are key partners with the battle against the extremists, and isis, and we have certainly patriotic americans in every religion working together, serve manage the armed forces fighting together to take on isis. so when you play in, and give the exact idea that isis has wanted to cultivate, you are contributing to the radicalization of muslims around the world, and exact opposite of what we want. and this is certainly hurting our national security.
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>> and weighing in on the military leaders who are fighting isis say it is giving people what they want. and now, paul ryan condemned donald trump's statements saying they were un-american, but then he said that he would vote for him if he were the nominee, and you are not on that side of the aisle, but in your mind, is that enough of a condemnation for the republican leadership, or do they need to come out harsher? >> i do, because as this is said earlier, it is not conservativism, and this not within what is of the range of the valor, because we have the beautiful words at the base of the statue of liberty, bring us the poor and the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. and we don't have a coe -- code that says unless you are free.
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we want them to come here to wlish their beliefs freely. and so i think that donald trump is certainly not expressing and understanding of the constitution, and understanding of the history, and understanding of the american values, and he really is disqualified from someone who is in charge of the free world. >> leaving trump aside for the moment, and do you, senator, believe that enough is being done to screen people when they come into the united states? >> certainly a big debate over the refugee program, because a number of folks said they would not allow the refugees to come in, and chris christie said a syrian orphan under the age of 3 he would not allow to come in. we have the most extensive are refugee screening process in the world. it takes two years and goes into every aspect, and that is completely misguided. certainly, those who want to enter the united states to do harm wouldn't choose to go through the two-year refugee process. we have to continue to be open
10:15 am
to refugees from around the world, and that is part of the american vision, and american values. >> and the president spoke sunday night from the oval office, and there is criticism that he did not offer up enough new eyes, but what do you want to hear from the president in how the country is going to be fighting isis both here and abroad and going forward? >> well, the president stood nup a clear fashion, and made it the core point that we are not at war with islam. and by the way, george w. bush expressed it very effectively when he is president. and it is not often that i can say that i was in complete agreement with george w. bush, but he said that we are fighting extremism, and not islam, but a extreme group. and so this is the core of the values and the opposite of where donald trump is headed. >> thank you, jeff merckley for joining us. >> thank you. and now, the first travel
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ban con trtroe trer shall comme is not the first statement made by trump. and now, we will find out why some are standing behind the candidate, and how the couple in san bernardino became radicalized. i've smoked a lot
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our top story, donald trump's proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states at least temporarily. trump is no stranger to controversy has made several comments since entering the race, and several comments that have offended some people, and here are a few of them. >> they are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems with us they us. they are bringing in drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists and some of them are i assume good people. >> he is not a war hero. he is a war hero who was c
10:21 am
captured. and i like people who were not captured i have to tell you >> you have to take out the families, because when you get these terrorist, you have to take out the families, and don't kid yourselves and to say they don't care about us, you have have to take out their families. >> is there any systems that should track the muslims? >> there are a lot of databases, and you can do it today, but right now, we have to have a border, and strength and a wall and we cannot let what is happening with this country happen. >> donald j. trump is calling for a complete and total shutdown of muslims entering the united states until the country's represent thetives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> and now as controversial the comments have been, clearly, trump has the supporters, and he is leading in almost every state in the national poll, and last night in the trump event in
10:22 am
mount pleasant, south carolina, randi kaye spoke to a few of the supporters. >> that is a very prudent idea, and i think that he has done due diligence when he has made that statement. we have to protect our american citizens first, and the whole vetting process lacks integrity. >> do you agree with that? >> yes, i do. >> why? >> i don't want them here. >> and to talk it all over, i am joined by lou gargiulo, and also joined by s.e. kup c, and lou a mandson, and so i want to start with, you lou. do you believe that we should agree with trump? >> i think that we need drastic steps for the homeland, and what happened in san bernardino and in paris speaks to the chaos across the world with islamic
10:23 am
terrorists entering both western europe and the united states with the sole purpose of killing non-muslim people. do i believe that we should ban them indefinitely? absolutely not. but what i do believe is that we need to take a step back, and figure out how we ensure that they are properly screened and then allow people in. the screening process obviously what happened in san bernardino speaks to the fact that the lady came into the country and obviously wasn't properly screened. nobody even knew where she came from in pakistan. how do you allow people in like that at this point in time? >> so, but, all muslims, all muslims -- you know, by the way, the guy was born in illinois. >> i recognize that he was born in illinois. and i was speaking about his wife that he found on a muslim
10:24 am
dating site that was brought into the country most likely with the sole purpose of radicalizing him sh, and those the dangers that we are facing today. i mean, the situation is much different than anything else that we have ever been faced with. i recognize what mr. trump said can be viewed controversially, but clearly, we need to take steps, and the current administration on sunday night came out and said, same old, same old, and did not come out with anything dramatic on how to resolve the issue with isis. and until we do, and until islamic leaders in this country and across the world come out and condemn the radical islam element that exists, we are going to have continued problems. i call for islamic leaders to speak out. especially as they do about everything else about what is going on. >> all right.
10:25 am
harris, you have heard it that donald trump wants to ban muslims from the united states and you heard a trump supporter, to ban muslims from the united states at least for now, and what is your response? >> well, because we believe in the messiah, we have said from the safety and the security of the nation is the top priority which is why we believe that the remarks of donald trump should not be dignified with a response for three reasons. it is impractically and there is literally no way to know who is or who is not a muslim. two-thirds of the world's population is of arab descent. and we are built on liberty and not fear. and it feeds into the extremist ideology, and i am wondering if he is in contact with isis, because everything that he uses is to prove that they are against muslims, and to vilify
10:26 am
muslims absond within the -- an in the ha ma dahmadiyya muslim community, we are calling for true islam, and that is to call for the true islam versus the extremists and championing our voices instead of pushing us apa apart. >> that comment that you made about mr. trump is absurd. absolutely absurd. >> that comment that mr. trump is in cahoots with isis. >> well, everything that he says is giving them content for the video, and so we are against isis and anybody who is supporting their ideology, and he is feeding all of the content in the videos to prof to the naive muslims who know no better
10:27 am
to say this is what america is all about, and so we want to continue to partner with the american leads and not people who are in cahoots with the >> and s.e., let me ask you about the political aspect of this, because david brody used the word bravery initially and then he talked about the courage to discuss the issue of muslims coming into the united states. do you think that this will play with evangelical voters, s.e., and republican voters in key early voting states who say, donald trump says is not so crazy? >> well, cleely the supporters are behind it. but i think that most republi n republicans find what donald trump said is repulsive. a and it is on multiple levels. it is repulsive morally and morally if you cherish the constitution, and are repulsive if you are a good conservativist, and if you like freedom of religion, and are
10:28 am
repulsive on so many levels and i don't know how lou can sleep at night peddling this garbage that is frankly from a guy that is nef going to be president. >> and if it is repulsive, how would paul ryan say that he would still vote for donald trump as nominee. >> well, to a person, almost everybody in the republican party has summarily denounced what he said, but what are they going to do tell everyone that they are going to be staying home on election day? they can't do that, so they are having a little difficulty trying to sort of situate themselves for what they believe is not going to be ending up a trump nomination, but in the eventual case they can't say they will sit home, and that not a bad idea >> was a pledge a bad idea, and reince priebus made every candidate pledge ta that they are will support a nominee.
10:29 am
yes, i understand it is a procedure, and everybody lives under that spector of the third-party candidate which nobody wants, but however, this is a guy that didn't want to be married to the republican party, and this is a guy who was considering a third party run and supported the democrats before and believed in some fairly liberal policies before, and so here we were not only begging him to marry us, but flying up to new york to deliver the ring on one knee in person. and i think that does make it easier for democrats to say, this guy is your brand, even when all of us denounced what he says, it is very easy for the democratic party to paint the entirety of the gop field with the trump brush, and i am writing at it today. >> and s.e., and lou and harris, thank you all for joining me. and we will have the final
10:30 am
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new developments in the san bernardino shooting. authorities are saying that tashfeen malik and syed rizwan farook had been radicalized for some time before. and they were on the way to becoming a caliphate. they said the couple frequented local gun range, and practicing within days of the massacre, and now, dan simon is there there in san bernardino for us, and what is the fbi saying about this new time line? >> well, hey, john, it is not clear that a firm time line has been established, but what the
10:35 am
fbi is saying is that in fact, both the husband and the wife had been radicalized, and we also know that they did go to a shooting range within days of the shooting. cnn confirmed with the owner of a range in riverside, california, that the husband syed farook had been there and that they had turned over surveillance logs to the authorities. this is is an an extensive investigati investigation, and 320 pieces of evidence recover and 400 interviews. we have heard from various times of the family, and the attorney for the family is speaking out once again reiterating that the family knew nothing about the plot. take a look. >> sayed and tashfeen were very isolated and honestly the family was completely surprised and devastated and have been crying for the past, you know, since wednesday, the time of the incident and praying about the
10:36 am
event, but, no one had any knowledge, and if anybody would have, they would have definitely done something to stop it. >> well, the fbi says that it is working with foreign counterpart s to build out extensive profiles, and one key question remains is whether or not farouq and his wife received any financial assistance or received any funding ooeither from the united states or people in the united states or overseas. those questions are apparently still remaining. john? >> than thing you, dan simon in san bernardino for us. thank you, dan. and still ahead a christian leader and the son of a convicted terrorist weigh in over this new controversy over donald trump. other wireless carriers make families share data switch to t-mobile now and get 4 lines with up 6gb each. just $30 bucks a line and no sharing.
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condemn and chastised for calling for the removal of muslims from coming into the united states, donald trump adamantly defended his stance when he talked to cnn's chris cuomo on "new day." >> listen, we had the world trade center number 11. we had world trade center number 2 and many things happening, and then the other day, the california attack where these two animals, and they are total animals that became radicalized and they wanted to do far more damage than that, and what is even more disturbing if you are in terms of looking into the future is that other people knew what they were doing, and there were pipe bombs laying all over the floor, and they had other people who knew what was going on, chris, and nobody reported it, and they used the e excuse that they didn't want to be racial profilers, but they wanted to be politically correct, and the people who said that in their own way, they are guil guilty, and the mother knew, and the parents knew, and everybody
10:42 am
knew, and now even his father is under watch we found out. >> you used political correct -- >> chris, we can be politically correct -- >> and this is not about being pl politically correct -- >> and we have problems in the country, and we need to solve them, and you are going to have many, many more world trad se centers and many, many more, and probably beyond the world trade center. -- >> we are joined by a son of a the terrorists, and are also the president of the southern baptist ethics and liberty center. and i want to talk to you first, because your father was behind helping to plot the terrorist attacks on 911, and do you believe that there are going to be more attacks? >> well, in any free society there are going to be acts of terrorism, and that is the price we pay for having a free
10:43 am
society, but i would say that certainly not following the instructions of men like donald trump would make our country any safer. unfortunate unfortunately, he is doing precisely what the groups like isis want which is to create fear and hatred and judging people based on where they are born or the ethnicity. >> and russell, you are an evangelical, and you disagree with a lot of the tenets of islam, and yet, you say that evangelicals must support freedom for the muslims' religious and denounce donald trump. >> yes. and religious freedom is not just for us, but everyone. if you had told me that we wor talking about banning people from the united states because of the religious faith, and law abiding people, and i would have thought that it was a science fiction movie released, and not a presidential race held by the
10:44 am
leaders such as washington and lincoln. and it is disturbing, and what is important the recognize is that the freedom of religious is not a grant, and he did not give it to us, and take it away, and god gave us freedom of religion and conscious, and donald trump should get them confused, but we never should. he is exploiting a horrific time of war to bring up things that are not only at odds with the constitutional freedoms, but also with the god given rights. >> and we had a guest on before that said that donald trump is in cahoots with isis, and that is unfair, but you said that the comments help isis. explain. >> absolutely. i don't believe they are working together, but the implications of the beliefs of men like donald trump, and we heard the clip of ohim talking about if we don't take the steps that he recommends that it will lead to the attacks greater than september 11th, it is that fear.
10:45 am
we create a community, and create an environment that is hostile to people based on things like race, religion, and those are antithetical the beliefs that i understand being born and raised in the united states. unfortunately, isis did not attack cities like paris, because they want to take over france, they are doing it to instill fear and hatred in communities, and we don't need more hatred. it is precisely this kind of the conversation between russell and i and people who may not necessarily believe in the same things, but are willing to come together to promote a universal rights. >> and russell, i want to ask you, given what you are saying and what zak says, how do you explain then trump's appeal in states like iowa with a large evangelical voting base, and he is not leading among the
10:46 am
evangelicals there, but he is doing very, very well. >> well, some people who are claiming to be evangelical and they have not been to a church foyer since they were in bible school, and i don't put a lot of stock in that identification. >> and what about the people who are in the country and the affiliation or not, and theyo support donald trump? >> well, certainly, they do, because he is giving an appearance of strength and toughness over a president who seems not the know what to do. we have a crisis in the middle east, and a refugee system of people who are filing out of the middle east under the most repressive terror ever imaginable, and ancient minority communities including christians and yazidis and others to the in the homeland and there is a we response. donald trump gives the illusion of winning and i will fix -- and i will fix it all, and i will
10:47 am
fix it for you, just hand over your freedoms. that is a bad bargain. what we need is to have somebody deal with the repressive regimes and structures in the middle east, and protect the homeland from terror and do it within the framework of the constitutional morays. >> thank you, both. >> thank you for having us. >> and so how are donald trump's latest comments resonating among the voters. we have some new data overnight, and we will dig into it next.
10:48 am
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the big news today donald trump proposing a ban on muslims coming to the united states.
10:52 am
so how will this latest controversy affect his standing in the polls? joining me now is a man with the answers from washington. political director david chalon. you have some data indicating what this travel ban, this muslim ban is doing to donald trump. >> that's right, so put aside political analysis. what we think might happen. put aside what the current polling shows of this moment in time in the race. just take a look at what we have here is a political prediction market. this is in cooperation with our friends at pivot. this is like the stock market. it looks at sort of realtime analysis and look at what happened in the past 24 hours inside this prediction market. donald trump took a nose dive of 11 points from where he was yesterday in odds to win the republican nomination to where he is now, 22%. e he went from 33% to win the normmination to 22% chance of winning the nomination inside this political prediction market. and you can see here that ted cruz and marco rubio went up as
10:53 am
a benefit of that in this last hour. this is now who would you vote for. this is who is going to win the nomination consideration where the polls are, what social media is saying. all of that goes into the pot and people bet on who they think will win the race. >> it's like the real stock market. they hate uncertainty. in this prediction markets it seems they don't like controversy because frankly the polls say something very differt including the latest cnn national poll which has donald trump ahead of 20 points. a mammoth lead. we have a a new iowa poll that shows him up 12. why are those numbers so different. and do you expect the pivot numbers to drift back towards the polls if this controversy starts to fade over the next few days? >> they could for a couple reasons. people look at his stock going down, if you will, and say you should go in and buy trump.
10:54 am
but i also think the state of the race is quite clear. the snapshot is donald trump is dominant national ly in that ke kickoff state in iowa. woolsey some new new hampshire polls later today. and we'll see if we see the same thing there. but donald trump is dominating across the board. and even in the prediction market if you look at the early states in the political prediction market, he's dominating there too. people think he's the winner in those early states. i think what may be happening here is people are looking ahead thinking at one point he may get out of this thing and they are predicting other people will win the nomination. >> certainly not before next tuesday, the big cnn debate. that looks so interesting right now. especially with this it controversy going on. what will the other candidates say to him on that stage. thank you so much. make your own predictions. you could wib win a chance for you to join cnn at the debate march 10th in florida.
10:55 am
a long way do go before then. that's on i'm going to be back at 8:00 eastern. the news continues right after this quick break. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next?
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for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. top of the hour, i'm poppy harlow in for brooke baldwin. we begin with words that are moving like wild fire. not around just this country, but around the world igniting fury from london to egypt. a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. those words from a statement donald trump put out last night. the leading candidate for the republican nomination for president calling in to cnn today and doubling down on his proposal. again, it is a a total ban on muslims entering the country.
11:00 am
at least, he says, until representatives can figure out what is going on. that is his quote. it may well be his most shocking declaration of the campaign to date. the candidate claims that he is not -- that not heeding this it call will have deadly consequences. here he is in his words. >> you're going to have many more world trade centers. >> i don't e see the point of scaring people with the possible when the reality is we haven't had. >> when you look at what's going on in the middle east. they are chopping off heads, they are looking to come over to other places too. they want the e jihad. it's very simple. >>ou can't just throw out notions without any kind of checking of them. this is what got you wound up on the philadelphia front page like hitl hitler. >> let's pull up that front page,