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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 8, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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at least, he says, until representatives can figure out what is going on. that is his quote. it may well be his most shocking declaration of the campaign to date. the candidate claims that he is not -- that not heeding this it call will have deadly consequences. here he is in his words. >> you're going to have many more world trade centers. >> i don't e see the point of scaring people with the possible when the reality is we haven't had. >> when you look at what's going on in the middle east. they are chopping off heads, they are looking to come over to other places too. they want the e jihad. it's very simple. >>ou can't just throw out notions without any kind of checking of them. this is what got you wound up on the philadelphia front page like hitl hitler. >> let's pull up that front page, the controversial
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"philadelphia daily news" cover. likening trump to hitler, a small piece of the reaction here in the united states. still you heard the cheers last night at the rally when trump talked about this. he has a lot of supporters. moments ago the white house press secretary lashed out saying this. >> the trump campaign for months now has had a history like quality to it. from the outright lies to even the fake hair, the fact is what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president. >> a tirade of insults from gop candidates. lindsey graham. >> he's a race bigot. tell donald trump to go to hell. >> the mayor of st. petersberg. i am barring donald trump from
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entering the city until we understand the dangerous threat pose d by all trumps. joining me now is sara murray. you have been on the campaign trail with him. you know the controversies that follow him. you know how his supporters stand behind him. just like they did last night. >> yeah, i think what is amazing is that donald trump does really have this sort of sticky support among people who really do believe what he says. people who are fearful, mistrustful, don't understand the muslim community. so when he says things like this, trump knows exactly what he's doing, he's playing into the fears and that hatred. he's using it to appeal to a core base of conservatives and hopefully drive his numbers up even further in iowa. the amazing thing is that even when you talk to trump supporters who don't agree with everything that comes out of his mouth, they will still say that comments like this don't disqualify in their eyes.
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they are still willing to vote for him because his persona is so different from any other candidate running on the republican side. >> so you don't think this has turned any sort of large or meaningful percentage of his base? >> i think the interesting thing hoar is we are e seeing more republican leaders than we have before come out and condemn these remarks. we have now heard house speaker paul ryan do not agree. and the republican chairs in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, the first three states. the problem is these trump supporters, the reason they like him is because he's not an establishment guy. they are frustrated with their own party. but the risk factor here, and this is a risk factor for any republican trying to win the republican primary, but especially with trump with his rhetoric is you may be able to win iowa with this rhetoric, but at what cost? will you win the republican nomination? and can you take rhetoric like
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this to the broader electorate in a general election and be successful? >> it's a huge question. we're going to talk more about that and the convention and what might happen there ahead in the next two hours. thank you. i want to go to our panel now. a professor at the naval war college, still serves in the navy. daryl scott, a donald trump supporter, also founder and senior pastor of the new spirit revival center in ohio. also mike shields, former chief of staff for the rnc and president of the congressional leadership fund. thank you all for being here. your thoughts when you heard this proposal from donald trump last night? >> thank you for having me. like most americans, i was very disturbed in it my case as somebody who wears the uniform of the united states military very proudly and has sworn to protect the constitution, those remarks were contrary to the constitution and i was very disturbed. but more importantly, as somebody who looks at terrorism and teaches about it to our
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military leaders, i was very worried that this kind of rhetoric leads to isis recruitment and plays into the hands of the enemy that says that we as a country are at war with islam, which is not true. >> daryl, you are a trump supporter. do you support him after these comments? and as a man of faith, where do you land on that when he talks about calling for a a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our representatives can figure out what's going on. >> first of all, i am a suppo supporter of donald trump. i make no secret of that. when i heard these words, i immediately said to myself that the word ban is a strong word. ul the reason is i believe there has to be an improvement and revision and upgrade in our
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vetting process. the thing we have to realize is he's not banning all muslims. he's simply saying we need to put a moratorium on immigration. >> that's actually not what he's saying. he didn't use the word immigration. this applies to tourists, to people emigrate. ing to this country. this would apply to muslims trying to come and take jobs in this country that they are offered. this is not just a about immigration. >> the headline from his press release spoke of immigration. his policy towards immigration. you have to understand american citizenship is not a global right. american citizenship is a privilege. no other foreigners have a right to emigrate to america. it's a privilege that has to be enjoyed after going through whatever the proper procedures are. but apparently our vetting process needs to be upgraded. when you think about the shooters in san bernardino, we see they were radicalized some time ago and the fbi states that they have a lot of information
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about them now that would have been useful then. so should the san bernardino shooters have been monitored? should they have been under surveillance. potential radical elements of islam and if they were ufed as such, it could have saved american lives. something has to be done. something has to be done. often time when is you look to be proactive, i think caution cannot be construed as hate. >> that's absolutely right. i agree with the pastor that we need robust intelligence, a a vetting process, we need to upgrade our visa process. i agree with him wholeheartedly. what i don't agree with what this implies is that we ost size an entire community. sir, you know there are thousands of american-muslims that are part of our tapestry of this great country that have earned the privilege of the united states citizenship. something i am willing to die
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for to protect. you know that. you also know that there are american-muslims in the united states military who are right now deployed abroad. . when we say ban all muslims, we're saying those folks cannot come back. the interpreters, the intelligence community assets, it is very important in a time like this to distinguish between the -- let me finish. we need to distinguish between the extremists and the law-abiding, patriotic american-muslims. you have to read mr. trump's official statement. i got it from the website. >> we have it right here. >> he has further clarified the statement. >> one voice please at a time. >> i don't care about clari clarifications. >> then you don't care about truth. >> if you don't care about
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clarification -- if someone makes a statement and you clarify the statement, you can't say i don't care. >> guys, i need one voice at a time and we have to get mike into this conversation. mike, thank you for being here. i'd like to get your political perspective on this. what senator ted cruz just said, let's listen. >> friends here have encouraged me to criticize and attack donald trump. i'm not interested in doing so. but i believe we need a plan that is focused on the direct threat. the threat we're facing is radical islamic terrorism. >> it's interesting. you have cruz, a standout here who is unwilling and says i'm not going to put my attention on criticizing donald trump. this is about defeating the terrorists. your reaction to how cruz has handled this. >> i think in general i'm proud of my party today. if you look at what all the other candidates are saying, what the leader of the party has
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been saying, what the speaker of the house said, they denounce this. >> but that's not what ted cruz is doing. i'm asking about him specifically. >> the majority of the people in our party are denouncing this. they are saying this is not our values. i think we're blessed to have a great -- >> the two front runners aren't. you have donald trump and ted cruz. >> here's the real issue here. when you have a president of the united states that won't lead and creates a vacuum, then something is going o to fill that vacuum you may not like. the real issue is we have to get some leadership in the white house. i put this on president obama. the country is dying for someone to show leadership. they are worried. this is not the right answer. this is not the approach we should have. most of the leaders in our party starting with the speaker of the house has said this is not our values. this isn't the republican party's platform. if you read the report that the rnc put out in 2013 this is counter to that. this is what's going to happen. you're going to have someone try
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to fill the vacuum when the president of the united states isn't leading. >> you're saying this is because of president obama that he drove donald trump to say this? >> what i'm saying is there's a market for someone to fill a vacuum to say things that are on the edge when the president of the united states is not leading and that we have a path to defeat this. there's a lot of candidates running for president now putting forth reasonable answers to this. >> what does the rnc do in your opinion? you were a leader in the party. what do you do at this point? >> this is where we benefit from having the leadership and experience of a three-time elected chairman. he handled this the right way. . he's the referee during this, so he's not going to get involved. however, when someone goes over the line, he's going to step up and say this is out of bounds, which he did, which was the right thing to do. in the meantime he's letting other leaders say this while he's being a good actor.
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when someone goes over the line and says something counter to our values and the growth and opportunity report, he did the right thing by saying this is not the right way to go. >> let's listen to another republican, what dick cheney said in reaction to these comments last night. >> i think this whole notion that somehow we can say no muslims, it goes against everything we stand for and believe in. >> daryl, to you. >> this is why there's a part of me that's proud of my party today. when confronted with something that is against our values, you have had senior leaders in the party step up and say this is out of bounds. i think the majority of republicans do believe this is out of bounds. you're going to see that play out. i don't think this is an effective strategy to win the nomination. i don't think insulting women, minorities, religion, veterans,
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all of those are things that are good for a news psycycle. >> this isn't just about a primary. this is about eventual ly a general election as well on the path to the presidency. daryl, to you, and you heard what dick cheney said. that's aligning people like dick cheney with a hillary clinton, with a bernie sanders. >> what you want to say is -- >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> daryl, you go ahead. >> we're all in agreement about one thing. something needs to be done. this problem has to be dealt with. it's a potential threat to american lives. i was talking to someone last night and they brought up the fact when the ebola virus threatened american lives, we immediately shut down
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immigration from the areas that the virus was active in and we identified those who were potentially exposed to it and who had been infected with it. until we were able to isolate the problem and formulate a strategy, we closed our borders. >> now you're calling islam a disease. >> i'm not. >> come on, pastor. i expected you to make more sense. >> you're trying to put words in my mouth. i'm calling terrorism a disease. it's a threat to american lives. when we identify the threat, we have to contain it and prevent it. >> i'm with you. i want to stop every single terrorist. i want to stop every single terrorist. i'm with you. >> those 14 people killed in san bernardino, we can't say those were collateral damage. >> they were not. that was an act of terrorism. i agree with you. now let me make my point. >> daryl, i have to get a last
11:15 am
point in here. >> i just want to say this also goes beyond american values. this goes into american national security. we have muslim-americans that are interpreters, law enforcement, gathering very critical information to stop future terrorist attacks. they are fighting our war. we have people helping us with airstrikes, human intelligence, you don't just have to hear about it. that is a truth. >> if u don't hear about it, i can't e know about it. >> all you have to do is read a newspaper once in awhile. >> it's very important that we stick with our values and value our national security. >> we're on the same side. >> thank you all so much.
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we could go a lot longer. thank you very much. >> thank you. god bless. coming up next, donald trump keeps referencing a poll that is widely seen as just not legitimate. we're going to talk to you about what the poll comes from, who is behind it. we'll talk about that, next. also breaking details about the killer couple in those tragic san bernardino attacks. we're now learning when they were radicalized, my next guest noticed something very chilling about the shooters' wardrobe in particular. and also a pig's head thrown at a mosque in philadelphia. the fbi is now involved over concerns of a hate crime. the latest on that, stay with me. in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people,
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breaking news out of philadelphia. the fbi is investigating an incident of a pig's head being thrown at a mosque. i want to take a close look. this is surveillance footage. you see is right there. what they threw is a pig's e head. it shows that truck driving slowly, tossing it out of the passenger's side window. the mosque's caretaker discovered the head when he came to work this morning. a lot of questions here why a pig's head. they are considered unclean in the muslim faith and not eaten by practicing muslims. they don't eat pork. let's get more on the story. >> no idea why. it's being investigated a as a possible hate crime. the fbi taking a close look at the video. it's too dark to see who might have been driving the car. the video shows a pickup passing by the mosque shortly before something was tossed from the car. it passes by again and that's when something was thrown from
11:22 am
it. i spoke to someone at the mosque who said a month ago they received a threatening voice mail. that's been passed along. the mosque says they are complying hoping to get to the bottom of what happened yesterday. >> when you look at what -- i can't imagine how upset and hurt the people of the mosque are. what are they saying in respo e response? >> they are being defiant. i asked one of the spokes people if they were scared. he said absolutely not. he said they are in a tolerant part of philadelphia and they refuse to be intimidated. this isn't something that has shaken them. they had received phone calls previous previously. >> thank you very much. next, new details about the radicalization of the kill r cup until san bernardino.
11:23 am
was the wife radicalized abroad? my next guest spent time at the school in pakistan that she attended. it's a a school that's under skrut gn scrutiny. you'll hear from her live, next. oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor. i only notify people if there is a robbery. there's a robbery. why monitor a problem if you don't fix it? that's why lifelock does more than free credit monitoring to protect you from identity theft. we not only alert you to identity threats, if you have a problem, we'll spend up to a million dollars on lawyers and experts to fix it. lifelock. join starting at $9.99 a month.
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new details emerging about the radicalization of the california terror killers. the fbi revealed that both were radicalized for some time and sources tell us here at cnn they believe the wife had been radicalized at least two years ago. both spent time practicing shooting at various gun ranges and investigators say that the female shooter received rifle training. investigators also keenly focused on her conversion. where it happened, how it happened, who were the teachers. we do know from investigators
11:28 am
that she declared allegiance on facebook ahead of the san bernardino attacks. let's talk more about her specifically with the co-founder of the muslim reform movement. she's also the author of the book "standing alone." you spent time in some of these study surk ls of women's groups in pakistan. you strongly believe that that is where the female shooter was radicalized. what leads you to that? >> i'm a child of india. my family moved to pakistan. what i saw from the 1980s to 2001 when i went there last time was this islamization. it's new stricter rules. after i arrived awent to these study circles of this
11:29 am
organization that the wife in. california belonged to. and what i heard and saw there was just so upsetting. it was so far from the islam that my parents taught me. hour after ho, there were protests against the jews. against the west, against the christians, it was so much hate in those hours of religious teaching that i literally got on a plane in islam bab to get out of town, i couldn't take it anymore. >> i want to read a statement that we did get from the school just to be clear here. they write, our welfare foundation is a nonpolitical and nonprofit organization, which does not have any links to extremist regime. the organization stands to promote a peaceful message of islam and denounce extremism, violence and acts of terrorism. you have said that you were
11:30 am
extremely struck by this picture. we can pull it up and talk about it. this picture of what the female shooter was wearing. that's the man shs but let's talk about the woman as well. what struck you? >> it's a a really important statement. but what we don't understand in this statement is that radicalization is like a conveyor belt. it occurs at one point and then you continue on this belt. so with this photograph and with other clues that i saw, for example, with the husband, he's not wearing a mustache, as you can tell. if your viewers google wearing a mustache, they are going to e see that in fact this tradition of islam following the tradition of the prophet mohammed says that men should shave their mustache and women should cover completely. so i brought here this koran and
11:31 am
you want to guf you one example. chapter 33, verse 59, o'prophet, tell your wives to draw their clerks all over their bodies. to right now, i feel like i'm modest. but what the saudi version says is draw their cloaks and it says veils all over their bodies, ie, screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way. so this is this tradition of islam that we have to talk about. and i think i am a good muslim. but what they expect for a muslim woman to look like this. covering completely. now this doesn't mean that the women that we see wearing these veils are radical extremists. but what we have to start doing
11:32 am
as we really try to burro down into our understanding about that there is this continuum. and unfortunately, tashfeen malik went on that conveyor belt toward violence. >> i'd like to know a bit about your experience with the taliban ladies axillary. you have even talked about some chapters here in the united states. >> it was really disturbing. i'm a very personal level, my aunts went from india to pakistan as very modern moderate women. then in pakistan they started going to these circles. and they invited me along. that is where they ended up on this conveyor belt. not towards violence, but toward supporting the taliban at that time. today many of those women support the islamic state. and so at that time, i called
11:33 am
them the taliban ladies axillary u. your viewers may be distressed to hear this, but they have chapters in the united states in texas and in canada. the teacher is a very respected woman in those circles. if you simply google their pictures and look for their students, you'll see their classrooms are filled with women that are covered. importantly, not every woman is a radical extremist who is violent -- >> not even close. i just think that's a very important distinction to make. >> it's very important. i simply want to make this point about theology because just like we never say christianity is something, there is no monolithic islam. what we are prepared to do as a society is understand that continuum. i think that's how we're going to be able to understand the far extreme that ends up in violent
11:34 am
radicalization. >> thank you very much for coming on the program. i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. coming up next, cnn's chris cuomo, one-on-one with donald trump. the republican front runner today defending his proposal to block muslims from entering the united states. you will hear that interview, straight ahead. also from egypt to the united kingdom, reaction ction donald trump's comments. hear what country's leaders are saying. i've smoked a lot
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in a campaign that has been
11:39 am
riddle d with controversy, donad trump has ignited a fire storm that perhaps eclipses all that have proceeded this. the leading candidate for the republican presidential nomination wants to temporarily ban muslims from entering the united states. some calling it unfair, unconstitutional and un-american. trump responding to those accusations in a one-on-one interview with chris cuomo. here is part of that conversation from today. >> we can close the eyes and put the blinders on, but i don't choose to do that. is it temporary, yes, it's until the country's representatives can figure out what is going on. >> what destroys america -- >> we don't even know where they are. >> what destroys america -- >> there's no documentation. there's no paperwork, why do we insist on destroying our country. >> what tears at america's fabric more than rejecting an entire faith. in the land of religious freedom. >> you have a large portion of
11:40 am
people from syria that are christian. why aren't we allowing the christians in? >> that's not true. that's just not true. does it matter to you that it's not true. >> it's largely true because the percentage is in favor of the muslims. >> you have a massive muslim population. >> the ones that are in the bigger danger are the christians. >> christians are in trouble? >> we are not allowing the christians into anywhere near the extent we should be. >> because people like you say syrian refugees shouldn't come into the country. how can you say let the christians in. >> we should not let them in. >> so you shouldn't let them in. >> e with don't know if they are racist. if we're letting in, why aren't we letting the christians in? >> you tell me. you're the one saying no. why aren't we let iting them in? >> obama set a policy. >> he didn't set a policy. he is let iting them in.
11:41 am
>> somebody in the administration. >> that's just not true. >> yit's almost impossible to come into this country. >> give me a a second and i'll explain it to you. the refugee process is onerous. they have to go through the unhc and can take months or years. then it comes to the u.s. vetting. you're making a case for refugee vetting, which many people will appreciate. it's very exhaustive. however, what we're dpeealing wh now is ignoring what you just stated as fact, which is that it's tough to get through the refugee program in saying even still we need to keep them out. >> it's tough if you're christian. if you're a christian, it's almost impossible to come into our country. >> let me ask you this. we have had a couple conversations on and off camera about the gop being fair to you. you're not going to do a third party thing as long as they are
11:42 am
fair. can you blame the gop for moving against you after saying something like this? can you accuse them of being unfair if they say we can't have our nominee tearing at the fabric of what america is. we're going to have to do something against you at the convention or whatever they come up. would you hold to the pledge because you have created your own problem? >> there's no problem. i'm doing the right thing. i could very well just rested on my poll numbers, which you just released and they are phenomenal. i'm resting on them nicely and there's no problem. and they go up and down. i have to do the right thing. i am talking about a measure that ends. it's not a measure that's in stone. we have to find out what we're doing. we're letting people into our country who we don't know who they are. people are getting $28,000 miraculously over the last little while deposited in their account that they are using for very sinister purposes. there are like this husband and
11:43 am
wife, this horrendous husband and wife, you have many other people in this country like that. many other people are having checks deposited in their account to do destruction. >> that's part of the interview. the entire interview is online at you can see much more of it here straight u ahead. al a city on edge. a new video of a m being tased in chicago inside of his jail cell. he later dies. the mayor of chicago demandi ii answers from his own police department. i will speak with a chicago mother who is demanding action after her son died in a police-involved shooting last year. stay with us.
11:44 am
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another shocki ining police video out of chicago. this is back in 2012. the video just released. the limp body of the 38-year-old is dragged from the cell down the hallway. kohlman passed away in the hospital. the medical examiner determined he died from an adverse reaction to a sedative that was administered there in the hospital. the death ruled an accident. his father spoke just moments ago. >> somebody in this city needs to be responsible for killing my son. the chicago police are at the head of this table. they broke every rule in the book. if you are e bleeding and you are hurt when the police are going to arrest you for something, they have to take you to the hospital. that's what they have to do. they didn't do that.
11:49 am
>> this video comes hours after the announcement that no charges will be filed against a different chicago police officer who shot and killed 25-year-old ronald johnson in october of last year. police dash cam video just released this week shows johnson run wag from officers into a public park when he was killed. the investigation concluded he was carrying a gun and refused officers ree pepeated calls to and drop it. the mother of that young man joins me now. she's joined by her attorney. thank you very much both for being here. >> thank you. >> i'd like to begin by showing and playing for our viewers some of what cook county states attorney said yesterday. >> at the time of the shooting, mr. johnson was armed with a handgun. mr. johnson had run from an area where shots had recently been fired. . mr. johnson resisted arrest and
11:50 am
mr. johnson ran into a public park and towards an occupied police vehicle that was arriving on the scene in that park. based upon an objective review of the evidence and the law. we have determined that the prosecution could not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the actions of officer hernandez were not reasonable and permissible under a the laws of the state of illinois. >> so do you first, dorothy. the killing of your son she used the word reasonable. what is your reaction? >> that she went on tv and the officer changed his story on what happened the night he murdered my son. and the states attorney is covering up for him. even though she's a states attorney, but she was acting like she was hire d to represen him as his private attorney. >> michael, to you.
11:51 am
we heard alvarez say yesterday in this it press conference. i watched the entire thing that the video is not ideal quality. she says it is dark and blurry and happened to fast. but she notes an object and the state says that object is a gun. and you say it's not a gun. you say it was planted. what is your reaction and what is your evidence behind that? >> well, first of all, the states attorney office is supposedly had had this case for 14 months. they have conducted no investigation. in fact, they call ed me high ranking members of the office called me friday night to ask me if i had any evidence to give them. there's been no investigation. anita alvarez spent an hour trying to justify her decision not to charge officer hernandez. i have never seen that in a long career as a prosecutor, as a criminal defense attorney and civil rights attorney. she said they relied on the independent police review authority for their
11:52 am
investigation. which means she basically admitted they did no investigation themselves. ipra is a flawed organization. the head of the organization was fired two days ago. >> just to be clear, i want to be very clear the head of ipra was not fired. he stepped down. there were not broad calls for his resignation. she said this is a completely independent investigation. dorothy, to you. we just saw and we showed our viewers before you came on another video of a death and someone who was tased in their jail cell in 2012. what do you make of the city of chicago now releasing these three videos in the span of two weeks? are you happy to see that? >> no, it's not nothing to be happy about. it just shows how corrupt the cpd is in the city of chicago. these murders are being covered up. it's time for a change. the only chaung change i know is
11:53 am
to fight back. i don't know how nobody else about it, but i'm not giving up. . i'm going to keep fighting because justice is going to get served. >> what does justice look like for your son? >> right now, i'm going to get justice for him because we're going to get anita alvarez. somebody is going to step in and do a full investigation of all these murders here in the city of chicago. >> we now the department of justice has launched a pattern and practice investigation this week. we'll continue to follow it. thank you both so much. coming up, the rnc chairman respond iing to donald trump's call to put a travel ban on muslims coming into the united states. is it a third party now a serious possibility? we'll talk about it, stay with me.
11:54 am
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today is an ominous anniversary in music history. 35 years ago today form eer beatles john lennon was gunned down. kyra phillips has been exploring the life and death of lennon in a special report that airs tonight. ♪ >> would he play the same song over and over again? >> yeah, sometimes. u came up to see him after dinner and he was in his room. and the strangest thing is he had the volume cranked up all the way and he was laying on the floor with the two speakers by each ear, turned up as loud as he could go. >> as the beatles started
11:59 am
getting into drugs, so did chapman, eventually lsd. his hallucinations so intense he says at one point mark said he was john lennon. >> he was psychotic. he had become a a completely different person. >> chapman became delusional. >> jesus had talked to him. >> what did jesus tl him? >> jesus told hum to change his ways. >> he changed and he decided on religion he didn't just go. to church on sunday and try to live a better life. he just became what we call the jesus freak. >> that became a problem, says high school friend miles mcman us when chapman discovered an old quote, famously proclaiming the beatles more popular than jesus. >> he was very mad about it and would not listen to beatles records anymore and he destroyed a all his albums and changed the
12:00 pm
words. >> you got, collusive access to the recordings. his journal, his calendar. >> chilling, that's the one word. you hear his voice and you hear him describe the murder and what he was thinking and why he did it and how he planned it and also in these tapes, he changes personalities. he goes from the christian and then the devil worshipper and then the egotistical monster. it really puts into perspective a lot of things. ul let it be revealed in the hour that we didn't know decades ago. >> and the calendar showed you? >> we access to his calendar and journal. e he wrote schematics of these committees of little people that ruled his mind and ruled his head. . he wrote down three vices, which
12:01 pm
were sort of odd after he killed john lennon. taking vitamin c, eating junk food and sexual deviant pleasures. >>. as you sanote, this is a man wh died advocating peace by someone who represented pure evil. >> we can't forget what john lennon represented. >> thank you, i can't wait to see it. don't miss this special report tonight here on cnn. top of the hour, i'm poppy harlow. thank you for being with me in today for brooke baldwin. was it a step too far? donald trump saying until the united states and our government officials can, quote, figure out what the hell is going on, he wants a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. this was not just a remark he made. this was in a prepared statement
12:02 pm
e-mailed to everyone in the media. a policy proposal and today he called in to cnn and doubled down on that. >> you're going to have many more world trade centers if you dent solve it. and probably beyond the world trade center. >> i don't see the point of scaring people with the possible when the reality is we haven't had it. >> you look at what's going on in the middle east. they are chopping off heads. they are looking to come over to other places too. and they want the jihad. it's very simple. >> what do you mean? you can't throw out notions without any kind of checking of them. this is what got you wound up on the philadelphia front page like hitler. >> take a look at that front page. the controversial cover has him there. it says the new furor. one small piece of a massive fire storm. critics condemning it as un-american and unconstitutional.
12:03 pm
but a lot of people were cheering it last night at that rally. the republican party leading the torrent of insults. >> normally i don't comment on what's going on in the presidential election. i'll take an exception today. this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and more importantly is not what this country stands for. >> donald trump always plays on everyone's worst instincts and fears. and saying we're not going to let a single muslim into this country is a dangerous overreaction. >> this is the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they are talking about. you do not need to be banning muslims from the country. in my view, that's a ridiculous position and one that won't even be productive. >> he's a race baiting, religious bigot. he doesn't represent my party. he doesn't represent the values that the men and women who wear
12:04 pm
the uniform are fighting for. you know how you make america great again? tell donald trump to go to hell. >> that was lindsey graham this morning. joining me is gloria borger. trump is doubling down, not apologizing for anything. he notes all of the supporters e he has. and i know you have a new poll that says a lot. >> that's ragt. e we just got a new poll out of "usa today." this basically confirms what we have seen before. which is that trump is in the lead at 27% of gop voters. you have cruz coming in second at 17%. rubio basically tied at 16%. then carson taking a tumble there at 10%. so this is what we have seen. going back to the summer, he has been dominating these polls. not only the national polls, but also the state to state polls as well. >> i just want to read. we just got a tweet from donald
12:05 pm
trump that came in. it says, let me read it here. a new poll indicates that 68% of my supporters would vote for me if i departed the gop and ran as an din independent. gloria? >> well, that's not so vailed threat. i think donald trump has been under a huge amount of criticism today from the leaders of his own party, the people he's running against in his own party and i think this is his way of saying it. he's always said if you don't treat me well, i could run as an independent. if he ran as an independent, he would take a following with him. there's absolutely no doubt about it. and that would defeat republican chances for victory. >> i have heard increasing ch chatter among republicans about the real possibility of something we haven't seen in
12:06 pm
this country in. decades and decades. that is the possibility of a brokered gop convention. can you walk us through what that would look like? >> it's more likely than ever, but it's still highly unlikely. the reason that it's at least a little likely is because of the way this is is set up. we have a front loaded calendar here where the delegates are going to be allocated proportionately until march 15th. we have a crowded field of people. if you look at the top four people, they are flush with cash, which means they can go state to state and pick up delegates, even if they don't win outright. if they come in second or third, although they will pull away with delegates. so this would be sort of a nightmare for the republican party. ironically it's one they tried to prevent with the new calendar, but now at this point it seems like it could be more likely than ever, but still,
12:07 pm
again, probably pretty unlikely. >> it's certainly been a long time. gloria, you have this fantastic, fascinating new op-ed this afternoon. i want to read a little bit from it. you say this particular election year story has all the following. frustrated voters, ineffective president, a level of public fear rising steadily, throw in anger and the media and trump appears on stage like a vision emerging out of the clouds: the dark knight of our politics. you say in response, the other candidates, and these are your words, punching jelljell-o. >> the more they attack donald trump, the more his support coalesces. it's not like any other year. usually republicans behave. they kind of flirt with newer candidates with outsiders and they always run back to the establishment candidate.
12:08 pm
whose turn it is to get the nomination. so far this time, the republican primary voters are saying we're not going to do that anymore. because we're afraid of another terror attack. we don't trust our institutions. we think our political leaders, including republican political leaders have failed us. if you think we're going back to the same, think again. we're not going to do that. that's what we're hearing from republican voters so far and it is a sea change in our politics particularly in the way republicans have behaved in p primary fights. >> we're going to hear from all of them firsthand in gop debate next tuesday night. you'll be there hosted by wolf blitzer. thank you very much. as donald trump stood in front of hundreds of his supporters in mount pleasant, south carolina, he read his statement aloud and as he
12:09 pm
declared the words a shutdown of muslims many in the crowd jumped to their feet cheering and clapping, proving one thing is certain, he knows what his supporters want to hear. >> that's a very prudent idea. i think that he's done due diligence when he makes that statement. we have to protect our american citizens first. >> i don't want them here. who knows what they are going to bring sbo this country. bombs, isis, they need to go. >> somebody just needs to go in there and take control of this. i think it's going rampant. i'm worry ied about america. worried about our safety. they are getting in. they need to be stopped. >> joining me now is the founderover the republican muslim coalition. also brian levin. i'm very interested in, and there's been a lot of talk in the wake of his comments, about the constitutionality of what donald trump is proposing here. is it constitutional? what would it take on the part
12:10 pm
of congress? >> it's not constitutional. here's the thing. we have not had a definitive supreme court case specifically on this issue, but let me just say, that religious tests have been frowned upon in case of case. in addition, the state supreme court consistently held to non-citizens have rights, particularly those deemed fundamental rights that apply to the people as opposed to citizens. in that respect, the first amendments guarantee of freedom of religion and freedom of speech would certainly block with regard to supreme court challenge. >> this isn't the first constitutional challenge we have heard from him. e we heard him a few months challenging the 14th amendment. this isn't the first time we have seen him say, look, that isn't the way it is and this can be changed. i'm interested in your take because i know you were a supporter in the past. you're no longer a supporter of
12:11 pm
donald trump. was it this moment that changed your mind? because he called mexicans coming into this country rapists. what's different this time for you? >> i'm deep ly disappointed in donald trump about his unconstitutional policy suggestions. he needs to go back and study the basics about religious liberties. when he says a blanket ban on all muslims traveling to and from the united states, i'm a muslim-american. you have a u.s. passport. under his plan, if i go outside the country, i can't come back in, which is not fair. and i don't think you can -- it's unconstitutional, first of all, because there's a religious liberties and due process of law and when do i get a hearing. he is making absolutely ridiculous policy suggestions. >> was this the moment for you? you were a supporter before.
12:12 pm
>> i was really looking forward to his economic policies and hoping he would bring his business skills to revise the economy, but he's making absurd comments about groups of people that i feel like -- i don't know what he's going through. he's had dealings with muslims all his life. he has properties in the middle east and now he's complaining the middle east is full of jihadists. it's hypocritical comments coming out of him. i'm very dispounted. >> trump critics are calling this hate speech. can you talk us through legally the line there. >> sure. let me clarify one thing. i was responding in the last question with respect to non-citizens. if someone is a citizen overseas, they can't be exclu excluded. the first amendment is strong with regard to that. with regard to even non-citizens, they possess fundamental rights to a certain
12:13 pm
degree including due process and how the law applies. with regard to hate speech, here's the thing. in the united states, speech, as long as it's not threatening or part of a traditional crime like a conspiracy, people can say hateful things. >> he's inciting violence. >> if i may continue, the u.s. supreme court in a case in the 1960s involving a clansman put something forth called the incitement test. abstract ed a vo ed a vo ka is . hate speech is protected. the fact that some might act on this speech does not mean it's immediate and does not mean it's a call to imminent criminality. that is a test that we have with regard to the supreme court and the constitution. there's a case out of the 1960s involving a kkk member. e loathe donald trump and what
12:14 pm
he says. but abstract advocacy is protected rightfully so by our u.s. constitution. while i loathe him, i support his right to be a bigot. >> a quick 30 seconds, saba. >> i disagree with that. i think it's totally unconstitutional. he's indriciting violence. if muslims were at the rally, we're the ones who suffer the hate crimes coming out of his bigotry and all his nonsense comments. >> that's the thoughts of a free society. >> thank you very much. an important conversation. we are now just one week to the day away from the last gop debate of the year. it will be here on cnn. wolf blitzer moderates tuesday, december 15th, starting a the 9:00 p.m. eastern. next, i will speak with a a muslim-american veteran about
12:15 pm
whether he would serve with donald trump as a commander-in-chief. also breaking new details about the killer couple in san bernardino. . we're learning when they were radicalized and how proficient she was with the rifle. stay with me. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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12:19 pm
donald trump saying 24 hours ago he wants to put a a temporary ban on all muslims entering the united states. with me now is a military medic with the 82nd air bourn. he was honorably discharged in 2012 and is now a student and a member of the young republicans in florida. he backs rand paul for president. thank you for being here. >> thank you for bringing me on. >> so donald trump saying in the interview on cnn this morning from chris cuomo this would be a
12:20 pm
temporary ban. i'm interested though from your perspective as someone who served this country in the military, would you fight under donald trump as your commander-in-chief? >> well, i believe that your moral convictions our duty does not change with whoever the commander-in-chief is. so as a veteran and as a service member of the united states military, yes, i would serve under donald trump. the mission does not change. it's all about protecting america and our liberties. >> some have said that rhetoric like this plays right in the hands of to what isis wants. that we cannot have more division in our nation or they win. do you believe that these words and rhetoric impacts the safety of american troops overseas? >> i mean, i would say so.
12:21 pm
isis actually wants to see this sort of rhetoric. they play on the same fears in iraq and syria with their same divisive tactics of separating muslims and christians with different styles of treatment and they persecute the christians over there and persecute muslims over there. this sort of rhetoric definitely does play into that sort of m mentality. so u would say that it is dangerous to our troops. it's also dangerous that we're even there in the first place. i think we have been in the middle east for a little too long now and might be time to bring the troops back. >> i want to read you a tweet from democratic minority leader harry reid. he tweet ed today racism has log been prevalent in republican politics. only difference now is that trump is saying out loud what other republicans merely suggest. what's your response to that? >> i would say that is
12:22 pm
definitely not true. i'd say we should judge people based o on their individual merits perhaps and not based on a group. it's the same thing that donald trump does when he says e we should ban a all muslims from coming in the country because there may muslim terrorists. the fact being that as a republican muslim, i have been welcomed and felt a very welcoming sensation from the liberty movement that i'm a part of and the republicans both in my hometown and abroad. we have all sorts of people, religions, colors. the republican party is very diverse, and i think people need to really make note of that. >> thank you very much for being with us. thank you for your service to this country.
12:23 pm
we appreciate it. >> thank you, ma'am. up next, new details about when the san bernardino shooters were radicalized. i will speak live with the terror expert on how this happens. and also about his report with stunning statistics about the rise in foreign fighters joining and other terror groups. stay with us for that. [meow mix jingle slowly anright on cue.cks] [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin.
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12:27 pm
new details emerging today about the killer couple in san bernardino in those horrific attacks last week. the fbi is trying to figure out if the killers had any unusual financial transactions that may be relevant leading up to this attack. law enforcement sources are saying an on line lender issued a $30,000 loan to the male shooter you see there.
12:28 pm
law enforcement officials that cnn spoke with could not verify the loan. there's no indication at this point in time that any money the killers may have received came from an outside financer backing the plot. but fbi investigators say they are looking into all of the finances of the couple. they are also looking at the finances of their families. the fbi also revealing both of the killers had been radicalized for system time. they believe the wife was radicalized long before she arrived in the united states on that fiance visa. sources in pakistan tell cnn raided a home in central pakistan that was owned by her father before the family did move to saudi arabia and police confiscated religious books and documents. here to talk about all of this and the broader terrorism fight, former fbi counterterrorism agent who served on the joint terrorism task force.
12:29 pm
thank you for being here. you have a stunning report that frankly everyone is talking about today showing how much the number of fighters going and fighting inside syria and iraq has increased in just the last 18 months. walk me through it. >> we first studied the phenomenon of foreign fighters before even isis became a calipha caliphate. and the number a the time of foreign fighters who traveled from around the world to the conflict zones specifically in syria and in iraq was about 12,000. so we decided to do another study and update our numbers. we found out that the number of trying to contain that threat of foreign fighters went up between 27 to 31,000 foreign fighters and we see significant increases in places like western europe.
12:30 pm
the number doubled. if you look at the former soviet republics, the number went up 300%. the united states, not much. >> your former fbi counterterrorism. the number we got yesterday at the pentagon reporting that coalition airstrikes have killed more than 23,000 isis fighters since the war began. can you help us put that in context with your number and just in terms of new recruits and replenishing the force. >> definitely they have a lot of people gone. let e me just comment on the 30,000 number that we came up with. those people are not all isis. they are isis, al qaeda, they are their own groups. they are sending all their people from central asia from the north caucuses to syria. there's a big vacuum in syria
12:31 pm
that can train and become experiencedand then maybe they k and do their fight back home. i don't know about the numbers o of the 23,000 where it's coming from. and i don't know how we ne for sure that all these individuals are isis versus people who are killed because of airstrikes by us. >> what about russia? there's an interesting note about fighters being recruited or going from russia. >> that's very interesting. the number went up literally 300%. if you look at it, you see this and russians actions now in syria. putin is there to support assad. we know that 100%. but also i think putin has more internal national security reasons for his involvement in syria. when you see just from russia alone about 2400 chechens who made the trip to syria. you can see the same in
12:32 pm
dagestan. you have a few hundred fighters. so the situation is very dangerous for them. especially for all these countries in central asia. you look at it from different perspective. . all these people are going there not for the interest of fighting assad, but they are trying to train all these fighters because maybe they would use them back. if you remember after the afghan jihad. even here in the united states, we have terrorists attacks conducted or plotted by people who actually went and traveled to afghanistan during the soviet jihad. that's why it's important also to point out that people now also are coming back. because the pressure that isis and other groups under in both syria and iraq. we found out between 20 to 30% in western countries foreign fighters are returning.
12:33 pm
and we need to figure out why they are returning, what did they do when they were in syria and are they trying to carry out another attack. >> they are stunning numbers. a new report out. thank you very much. i appreciate it. next, back to politics. the fall out from donald trump's calls to ban muslims from coming into the united states. i will be joined live by a trump supporter who stands behind her candidate. a conservative who thinks he's bad for the party and an author who says trump is pushing a a dangerous form of islamophobia. stay with me for that debate.
12:34 pm
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12:38 pm
outrage among many sparked by donald trump's comments and calls to put a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. we're hearing it from a number of politicians. hillary clinton tweeting this is reprehensible, prejudice and divisive. donald trump you don't get it. this makes us less safe. the white house weighed in with this from josh ernest. >> the trump campaign for months has had a history like quality to it from the slogans to the outright lies to even the fake hair. the fact is that what donald trump said yesterday disquali disqualifies him from serving as president. >> gop candidate jeb bush used the term blow hard on the campaign trail a short time ago. >> what we shouldn't do is just say muslims aren't coming into our country. you got to find the proper balance of believing in american
12:39 pm
values and being serious and real about keeping us safe. it's not about the blow hards out there just saying stuff. that's not a program. that's not a plan. this is serious business. . and we shouldn't along the way do exactly what these radical islamic terrorists want. they want us to marginalized muslims so they move in their direction rather than in our direction. >> there's a lot to discuss here. join iing me now is scottmy hughes, chief political correspondent. also a columnist for western journalism and a trump surrogate. wrote an article sbiet. led you're a fool if you're supporting donald trump. thank you all for being here. did he make it hard er for a a
12:40 pm
republican to win the general in 2016. >> i'm not really sure if he made it harder for republicans to win. certainly he's saying fool you shall things, as usual. but you know they are like those foolish things are not unlike the foolish thing he is used to support. barack obama and hillary clinton had been saying. i got to give this to trump. at least when he was talking about was taking away a privilege from foreigners while you have hillary clinton and barack obama talking about take ing going along with the same kind of elitist attitude that hillary clinton and barack obama have been showing. >> i think it's ridiculous. i served with muslims over in kosovo. loyal people who protected us and worked with us.
12:41 pm
to denigrate an entire group based on the activities of a significant portion of that group. let's face it there are a significant number of razz call islamic nonsense is just foolish. we need to take people by individuals. we need to allow people into america who benefit america and many of those are going to be muslims. >> i'd like to have you take a look and respond. i want to show you this cover of the "philadelphia daily news." this is your pick for president. you're a trump surrogate. this paper is making a clear comparison. your thoughts? >> my thoughts is any time a paper does that, you have to understand they see the immediamedia as the enemy. they just reenforce that idea that the media is never going to
12:42 pm
go for a conservative candidate. in response i would say way to go mr. trump. this is all about um graimmigra. this is about regardless of the faith including muslims against those on the outside that are not u.s. citizens that want to come in here and harm us. while you want to say this is a small number, at the same time there are over 35 people that have been killed since 2011 in the name of allah. and the numbers continue to grow and our current leadership have offered no solutions to stop this it from continuing. >> so i want you to respond to what was just said. we got to protect american citizens. as we know, there are millions and millions of american citizen wos are muslims. you wrote an entire book about this. and thinking about the rally last night in south carolina, there were many people cheering before he even finished his sentence. it's clear the support donald trump has from some behind this. i wonder what you think it does
12:43 pm
to american citizens who are muslims if you did have a ban on anyone of their faith coming into this country. >> i think what trump is doing with his comments yesterday is making explicit in rhetoric what is already implicit in policy terms. we already have had a situation since 9/11 where thousands of muslims were rounded up and deported because they were muslim. e we already have had a situation where mosques are being spied on. we're already having a situation where we have politicians saying we won't allow syrians to come in and claim refugee status because they are syrian. so we already are in this situation. what trump is a symptom of a wider culture of islamophobia. the rhetoric that he's come iin out with yesterday. it does have effects.
12:44 pm
the muslim woman riding on the subway this morning worried about the suspicion looks she's getting or the cab driver that's worried he's going to have a passenger attack him. >> i can't believe i have to stand up for common sense. a large number of muslims believe in this islamic radicalism nonsense. this vicious, bloody ideology. muslims have to take the lead in curing this disease. >> wait, let's be clear. we have to be careful when we say a large number of any group. >> but it is a large number. it's not one or two guys.
12:45 pm
>> tell me what number you're going to talk about. please give us what number you're talking about and the sourcing on it. >> studies and polls have shown -- >> which studies? which poll? you want me to google it right now. >> this is part of the problem. we have a situation -- >> it's ridiculous to assume that every single muslim is a friend and a lover of western freedom. it's just not so. now again, i served with muslims who believe in freedom, who believe in liberty, who don't believe in this sick, twisted ideology. but we have to be realistic. some of them do. it's ridiculous to say that every single muslim is innocent and every single muslim is good. >> scottie, jump in here. >> i want to talk about this
12:46 pm
whole idea of the brave woman on the subway. brave is calling out one of the own snakes in your grass that is demonizing an entire stereotype of your religion. brave would be her going to the fbi and saying i think my neighbor might be suspicious. and bravery once they turned them in that instead of if they were wrong suing them for $15 million like we're finding out with the bomb er. thank you for trying to keep americans safe. that's brave to me. something that we're not encouraging. . that's why we're having this it problem. the muslim community will not communicate with the rest of america to say we are good. all you hear is these select few and hear the care suing the fbi. you don't hear the muslims. >> you haven't been paying attention at all. >> i want to get this in. >> simply not true. every muslim organization in america has condemned terrorism.
12:47 pm
>> that is a lie. >> let's let him finish. one voice. >> this is very revealing. i've simply pointed out that america has a problem of islamophob islamophobia. >> there's no anger. this is a discussion. >> there's a reason why. >> you are demonstrating my point very effectively. you want to talk about extremism and terrorism, you haven't been paying attention. you simply haven't been paying attention. >> i was paying attention last week when 14 were killed. christians and jews were targeted. >> let me finish my point. >> everyone, wait. we're not helping anyone if no one can hear you. please finish your point. scottie and kurt, you can talk
12:48 pm
then. >> let's lock at the trends of terrorism in the united states right now. firstly, we know that since 9/11, far more people have died in far right wing terrorist attacks than in terrorism carried out by muslims. >> bull, show your point. >> second point, let's look at muslim terrorism. the main trend that we're seeing is muslims are no longer focusing on planes. they are carrying out mass shootings. so a muslim terrorists are becoming more like americans. . they are integrating into american gun culture and they are becoming more like you. you're a gun lover. now we have a situation where if you want to solve this problem, we can solve two problems at the same time. let's deal with our gun problem and we solve the muslim terrorism problem at the same time. >> your response, i have one minute total. >> you want to start with the
12:49 pm
gun problem. if every person in that room in california had a gun on their ankle, i guarantee they would not have been dead at this point. you have spun that so much. congratulations, those are false lying talking points that the muslim community -- this is why we don't trust muslims because they lie like you just did. >> i do trust muslims. i trust the ones i work with. i don't need to be lectured when i spent two deployments protecting muslims giving years of my life and risking it to protect murz limslims. don't start telling me i'm islam phobic. but the truth is the truth. there's a a cancer in the muslim community. the first responders have to be other muslims. >> scottie, as i wrap up, you just grouped all muslims in america into one. >> that's the reason why there's a a distrust of the muslim community. >> that's not what you said.
12:50 pm
. you said that's why they are like that. >> they are why they are distrusted. that's why we distrust them. if they would be more open, open up your mosques, let us go in and see what you're teaching these folks. the boston bomber swaugs, we found out there were signs those brothers were planning to do something. the mother who lived in this apartment she had no clue. her father is a relative. they know they are going out. that's right there. you want to help your community, turn in the bad ones. >> thank you all so much. it's an important conversation to have. thank you all. we'll have you back soon. quick break, we're back in a moment. the keys to this home belong to mark and alissa anderson. they bought the place four months ago on what was arguably the scariest day of their lives. neither has any idea what the future holds for them. but they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway.
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spike lee weighing in on the donald trump controversy. just sitting down with an interview with christiane amanpour. >> we're talking about the highest office in the united states of america. this is not a tv show. this is someone who has the guy next to him who got that box. i've seen that box. >> you're talking about the nuclear codes. >> yeah. i have seen the box. i had a fundraiser for the president. i saw the box. that's scary. i don't want trump near the box.
12:56 pm
>> spike lee there with christiane amanpour. up next, ben carson will respond to donald trump's call to ban muslims coming into this country. jake tapper will have that for you in a moment. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour- the next thing i know it's morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress and it also adjusts to my body. my cloud feels... it's like somebody's hugging you. how can a bed do that? (vo) there's a tempur-pedic for everyone. [meow mix jingle slowly anright on cue.cks]
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donald trump's new proposal is being called dangerous, unhinged and un-american. that's just by the republicans. "lead" starts right now. step one, say something completely outrageous. three, watch your poll numbers rise. then repeat. this is donald trump's campaign strategy. did he finally push it too far with his stunning call to ban all muslims from coming into the united states? and while trump feeds off controversy, many of his republican