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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 10, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we have a frantic manhunt for terror suspects on there's and tey are linked to the attacks in paris. we're talking specifically today about geneva, switzerland. you can see the map, geneva not too far at all from paris and right now the city in switzerland is on high alert as security officials there say
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they have gotten, quote, a vague threat, from a vague threat to a precise threat. police are searching for five suspects possibly connected to the attacks last month that killed 130 people in france. so let's get right to paul cruickshank. paul, let me ask you about, when we hear specific or precise threat what does that mean? >> well, in this case the specific part of it, brooke, is that there are five individuals that they are looking for in geneva and the surrounding area around geneva, very worried about -- worried that they could be a threat within geneva, a threat potentially to international organizations, the u.n., they are ramping up security there. also at the airports, there seems to be some concern according to local media a u.n. meeting tomorrow between the americans and the brits and others related to syria could be some kind of target.
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a lot of this is not clear yet at this point. but we're learning at cnn that this group of five individuals believed to be linked to a recruiter for the syrian jihad who is the guy what recruited one of the attackers at the bataclan in paris. that's the connection to paris, the recruiter being somebody called farez who is in jail in france right now but recruited a lot of people from france and switzerland to go and fight. what we're also finding out, what we're being told by sources is that these individuals that they are trying to find in switzerland could also be some kind of threat to cities in the united states. the swiss have been told this. in fact, we're being told they were alerted about these individuals from the american intelligence services and the american intelligence services have some kind of information saying there's a threat nexus
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back to the united states as well. what does it mean? it's not completely clear. >> some kind of threat. >> reporter: some kind of aspirational plans. maybe they were heard talking about american cities. we're trying to sort it out. we're trying to talk to our sources on this. but the epicenter of this threat right now in geneva, a group of extremists, five individuals they are looking for. four of those individuals we understand were identified by u.s. intelligence services, appears by the cia. >> as soon as you get more, obviously, paul people's ears perking here in the u.s. when we hear some kind of threat to cities in the united states as the hunt is on for these individuals in the geneva, switzerland area. paul cruickshank, thank you so much. meantime to politics we go here. check the calendar. it seems as though the primary contest gets closer and closer donald trump's lead is getting
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stronger and stronger. check the polls. less than two weeks -- months to go until the iowa caucus, february 1, a new poll finds donald trump has a whopping 35% of the republican vote. more than double that of his closest competitor senator ted cruz. we should note that most of this poll was taken before donald trump pushed his plan to ban all muslims from entering the united states, a plan he further clarified last night with my colleague, don lemon. >> i have many friends that are muslim people. they are so happy. >> this doesn't apply u.s. to citizens. >> never did. from day one it never did. this applies to people coming into the country and all it is is a break until our politicians who are grossly incompetent, by the way, can get their act together. >> what exactly does that mean? figure out what? what is there to figure out? >> why is there such hatred and
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such viciousness. why is somebody willing to fly airplanes into the world trade center and go after even prior to that. >> with me now cnn political director and cnn political commentator who is also the author of "a woman in charge the life of hillary clinton." gentlemen, great to have you. let's get to you, carl bernstein you're up first. we're six weeks away from iowa. holiday hibernation is about to, if not already, setting in. with a look at that poll trump is undeniably the favorite right now. >> something dangerous is happening in america and the agenda of one of the two political parties and the arguments have been driven by a celebrity crypto fascist and the media has gone along with this debate. there's some push back by the media and people within the republican party in the last couple of days but it's very
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late in the game in terms of the cultural impact. >> will there be more push back. you call him a celebrity crypto fascist. do you think there will be more push back the further along it goes? >> it's starting now. it doesn't mean that the damage to our culture has been done. we now have 35% of the voters in one party plus another 15% who embrace carson's ideas, who go along with an agenda that really is about exclusion, bigotry, fascism. we haven't had this in our country really going back for several generations, and it's terribly -- it's serious and terribly dangerous. >> david, so with everything that was said, with the republicans here, excluding trump, what are they -- what's brewing? would you have like a soft political coup here, a take
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down? what do they do? >> i have not seen any evidence over the course of the last six months or so that trump has been leading here that any attempt sort of from the establishment side or the other candidates to try to take him down has any kind of effect. now, granted we haven't seen sort of a full onslaught of hundreds of millions of dollars of television ads but everything donald trump has showed us so far, brooke, indicates to me he's not vulnerable to that kind of traditional political attack. in fact, i think it only emboldens his supporters when he does come under that kind of attack. >> to me it's like when you read about all this, i've been on vacation and in a dark hole for the past couple of days. i don't know if this is more about trump or our country and about how people feel not just the washington inside the beltway, but elsewhere. >> this is about people of the country and their grievances. there's an awful lot of no
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nothingness involved in this. it's about people who want something outside the established order and they are moving increasingly towards authoritarian ideas and solutions that are proposed by a celebrity who we in the media are enabling. we're not giving anything like equal time to the other candidates. we have promoted the circus. we provided three rings and it is a very self-destructive circus and it's time we started talking about ideas. >> i'm listening to you very closely, carl. >> i'm not sure it's the media, carl. i don't think it is. i think that the voters we saw this morning on "new day" who were supporting donald trump that there is a -- he is tapping into something inside the republican party mostly right now that is real. that is -- >> not just inside the republican party. not just inside the republican party.
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there's a deep vein of legitimate frustration in this country today, economically, about stasis in the political system, about our national security, the failure of the left and center left and parts of the democratic establishment to start calling islamic terrorism by name and what it represents. and at the same time this has been amplified by a demagoguic and fascist, a word that's been thrown around much too much until now because now it's applicable to what we're seeing. about a desire for a kind of nationalistic authoritarianism that is antithetical to what both parties represent. it's become driven by trump's ideas. >> david, let me ask you this. a lot of people are talking
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maybe trump will run as an independent. if you flip the script. let's say he wins the republican nomination. would there be a push that a republican candidate could then make a third-party run? >> i don't think there would be an effective push for that. none of the candidates indicated they would try to do that. i also don't think -- if you have not been able to galvanize support in one of the great major parties in our country to take down donald trump i don't know that with all the challenges there are in running as an independent or a third-party to begin with in our system, brooke, if one of these failed candidates would then be able to take him down from outside that system. that doesn't seem to be a plausible outcome. >> david, we're days away from las vegas for a massive republican debate. i'm curious of everyone on the stage who has the most to lose? >> oh, man. that's a good question. obviously if you're the dominant front-runner like donald trump you have the most to lose
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because he's holding the most chairs right now. i think the stakes are high for many of them because remember, this is now so close to the voting, the debate will be six weeks away from the voting and entirely new shifted landscape avenues environment post-terrorist, post-san bernardino. is this a commander-in-chief test. i think the stakes will be incredibly high for everyone on that stage. >> agreed. thank you both so much. again, a reminder. we are days away, five days away from that next republican debate. the stakes are huge. final republican debate of the year. tuesday, december 15th, 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. also today we have some breaking news as we're learning the national office for the muslim group cair has been evacuated here in washington, foreign substance was apparently received in the mail. more on that in a moment. but first also more breaking news involving the san
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bernardino killers. one of the shooters linked to a convicted terrorist. plus new questions about whether a terror group arranged their marriage. also today, bowe bergdahl in his own words. for the very first time we're hearing his reasons for leaving his army out post, eventually becoming a taliban hostage. why he brings up the movie character jason bourne? and outrage erupts over this picture. have you seen this? these are citadel cadets with white pillow cases over their heads. we have the back story and the response. i'm brooke baldwin, this is cnn. i've smoked a lot
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got some more breaking news for
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you out of washington, d.c. pertaining to really one of the nation's foremost muslim advocacy groups, cair. evan perez is coming up on what's happening there. what's going on? >> well, brooke, we know that the office was of the council on american islamic relations better known as cair has been evacuated because they received some type of foreign substance in something received in the mail. so now just a short while ago as a matter of fact we saw hazmat crews heading in the direction of the cair offices. it appears now the authorities there are trying to figure out what this substance is. this is, obviously, the largest muslim advocacy group in this country and it has been the subject of numerous threats over the years, so this perhaps is a reaction to some of the rhetoric we've been hearing but right now they have been taken out of their office, they just tweeted that out. we also talked to them, they said they are waiting to hear
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what exactly this is and when they are allowed back into the building. >> we'll stay on that and follow it. let me keep you, you also have some news pertaining to the san bernardino attack because we know the fbi may have uncovered this link between the shooter and an american terrorist currently serving 25 years behind bars. we know investigators are take agnew look into the ring leader of this error group arrested in riverside, california, back in 2012. group plotd to travel to afghanistan, join al qaeda and target military bases there. so tell me, who is this group and how may this husband killer been involved there? >> reporter: well, brooke the name of this croater who was the leader of this group that was arrested back in 2012, his name is concern abir. he served in the u.s. military for a short period and according to the fbi he was this figure
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that was very influential in recruiting radicalizing this group that was arrested, there were four of them that were arrested, five in all that were being investigated, and now what they have found, what the fbi has found is that there are links between that group and syed rizwan farook, the shooter, one of the shooters in san bernardino. here's the link. they found syed rizwan farook was part of the social circle of kabir who is now sentenced to 25 years in prison, he was sentenced earlier this year. so now the question that the fbi wants to know is who else might be involved. obviously, there's a question of there being a network that perhaps included syed rizwan farook at the time they didn't notice at the time of this 2012 case. it's something now that the fbi is going back over that case, looking at everybody who was investigated there. the fifth person who was never arrested is now also obviously going to be questioned again and the fbi wants to know who else might be out there. they want to know whether or not this was part of a larger network because, again, we still
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don't know a lot about what was driving syed rizwan farook, how far back this goes to at least 2013, perhaps 2011. did it begin earlier? >> yeah. fbi going over a lot, i'm sure and chasing a lot of threads. i know senator lindsey graham, many questions asked fbi director james comey what he called a game changer. here's that exchange. >> is there any evidence that this marriage was arranged by a terrorist organization or terrorist operative or was it just a meeting on the internet? >> i don't know the answer to that yet. >> do you agree with me if it was arranged by a terrorist operative organization, that's a game changer? >> it would be a very, very important thing to know. >> evan, i mean what is the possibility the terror groups like cisco be playing matchmaker? >> reporter: you know, so far they have not found any indication of that but that's definitely at the top of everybody's mind.
11:21 am
look it probably isn't isis because at the time that these two were meeting online and talking about jihad and martyrdom back in 2013, isis was still not really a big thing, not well-known. so it's probably not. but it appears as happens, brooke, these stories, you covered many of these stories and noticed that these guys tend to pick and choose among the different types of radicalization. they might be influenced by al qaeda, one minute and then end up doing something on behalf of isis. it's really a mix and match, so to speak and there's really not much that can explain it, really to us. but at the time, certainly it appears that some of this radicalization was already part of farook's background so now they want to know who else was part of this. >> i don't think anything can fully explain how they could murder 14 people. evan perez thank you so much. before we go break i want to share this with you today. this is a rare moment on the
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streets of paris. madonna surprised fans, she was there, she surprised fans with this impromptu performance last night outside one of the materials for the victims of last month's terror attacks. ♪ ♪ living life in peace ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ i hope some day you'll join us ♪ ♪ and the world will live as one ♪
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for the first time in his now six year saga we're hearing directly from former taliban captive, army sergeant bowe bergdahl on why he left i had post in afghanistan back 2009. you know the story he's been charged with desertion. but in this new released podcast bergdahl said he left to save his fellow soldiers. >> and what i was seeing from my first unit all the way up into afghanistan, all's i was seeing, was basically leadership failure to the point that the lives of the guys standing next to me were literally from what i could see in danger of something seriously going wrong and somebody being killed. >> there is so much to this, bergdahl further explains he wanted to create a crisis by
11:28 am
leaving his post thus alerting multiple federal agencies, ultimately exposing that the leadership failure there. but he also revealed he had another more personal motivation. >> i was trying to prove to myself, i was trying to move to the world that anybody who used to know me that i was capable of being that person. >> like a super soldier, you mean? >> yeah, capable of being what i appeared to be. like doing what i did was me saying i am like, yeah, the idol of jason bourne. >> right. a character in a book or whatever. a character. >> yeah. jason bourne. with me now cnn chief jim sciutto and army senior defense council a former federal prosecutor. welcome to both of you.
11:29 am
jim sciutto, from what you listened to thus far what's the biggest revelation in all of this? >> reporter: one of the revelations is really just human. he's a kid from idaho. in the mountains of western afghanistan, he had a crisis and he made this decision, even described it as a fantastic decision not meaning great but i think out of fantasy to walk off his outpost in an attempt to draw attention to what he called bad leadership on the site and as he says in the interview 20 minutes after he walked out he knew he made mistake. the other part is this, he spend five years in taliban captivity, really in effect, tortured there and you get a sense of just what that was like. the pain that he went through. listen to his description of where he was kept during his captivity. >> i can't scream, i can't risk that. so it's like you're standing
11:30 am
there screaming in your mind in this room. you're standing in this blackened dirt room that's tiny and just on the other side of that phillipsy little wooden door that you could easily rip off the hinges is the entire world out there. it's everything that you're missing. everyone is out there. you know that breath that you're trying to breathe. that release that you're trying to get. everything is beyond that door. >> he said he hates doors now because doors remind him of how he was confined during that time. whatever the military decides, he went through a brutal five years and i just personally i find i want amazing how someone survives that. >> yeah. i think you hit on it, almost that he was a guy from idaho. humanizing of all this because anita we were able to get inside his head a bit with the journals. now you have this audio and i'm wondering what's the strategy in allowing him to do this, for
11:31 am
podcast after podcast. he does admit he left his post. >> that is the most fascinating piece and has nothing to do with the military or uniform code of military justice. this is a defense counsel making a strategic decision to release 25 hours of basically potential testimony that he could be cross-examined on and the only person they are trying to convince potentially right now is one person and that's general abrams who is acting like the district attorney and he's the one who has to make the decision whether this will go forward. so there's two potential jury pools, general abrams and if it goes forward whoever the military jury members are. >> how will all of this audio, anita, affect that decision? >> i think potentially it goes really to the prosecutors here, what we call in the military, the trial counsel. they are the ones who will be pouring over because if he potentially takes the stand just
11:32 am
like any other criminal matter, it's fodder for cross-examination. and it's clear that he's trying to establish at least what his state of mind was at the time because like any type of case that goes to his intent at the time that he left. >> jim, i go back to the question and you hit on it a second ago. he admits what 20 minutes after walking away from his post he felt unsafe. it was a bad idea. the question is, why not turn around? >> it's a good question and no one knows really what was in his mind. teen details there where he said he walked out in sort of vaguely civilian clothes, imagining that he, this tall light haired kid from the military can somehow blend in to the population out there, it just doesn't stand really to reason. so here's a question and i think anita makes a great point. this is almost trying the case in public to some degree which the case is enshrined to this
11:33 am
point it's an issue on the campaign trail. the republican house armed services committee passing a bill saying in effect the administration violate ad law by negotiating this. so, you have this prosecution going on outside the courtroom and in effect you have his defense now going on outside the courtroom as well. >> jim sciutto, anita, thank you both very much. >> thank you. coming up next, to chicago we go. is the mayor's job in jeopardy? rahm emanuel, protesters sending a powerful message to the mayor of chicago, marching yesterday right around this time through the streets of the city in the aftermath of police related shootings. we'll talk to an illinois lawmaker that could set the stage to remove rahm emanuel as mayor. that's next. i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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the city of chicago says it has had enough. the community says it has no confidence in their mayor, rahm emanuel and many want him out now. we saw the frustration play out live right here on this show around this time yesterday. thousands of protesters angry protesters marching through the streets of chicago demanding that mayor step down. hours before this we had mayor rahm emanuel call for change during an emotional speech, a rare apology before the city council. >> no citizen is a second class citizen in the city of chicago. [ applause ] if my children are treated one way, every child is treated the same way. there is one standard for our
11:39 am
young men. >> that may not have been enough. two state lawmakers in illinois have now joined the public outcry by introducing this bill to recall the mayor. so joining me now the co-sponsor of this recall bill illinois state representative mary flowers, representative flowers thanks for being with me. >> hi, brooke, thank you for having me. >> before we get into exactly what you want i do have to ask you about that moment and we just played a piece of it. but watching mayor rahm emanuel in that apology yesterday, impassioned, you know, emotional, rare for him. does that make a difference to you? >> quite frankly i was appalled because if he had not realized that we live in two illinois and that not only are children treated differently than his kids, but one side of the city is treated different than the other side, the south and west side of the city of chicago has been neglected for a very long
11:40 am
time. so no i did not feel any empathy or sympathy. >> okay. let me just for sake of getting the other side this is the city putting out this new statement, quote, we understand there is a desire by some to insert politics in to this discussion but the mayor's focus is not on his own personal politics his focus is on the residents of this city and finally and fully addressing the issue of police accountleability which has challenged chicago forde kids a. he is energized by the challenge in front of us and committed to driving real solutions for our city. tell me why do you want him recalled? what role do you believe he played in all of this? >> well, i just want to make one thing perfectly clear. back in 2013, i wrote the mayor, rahm emanuel, and superintendent a letter in regards to sensitivity training for police officers and cameras.
11:41 am
this is not political. this was an issue i saw coming and i wanted to get ahead of it. as a result i was not given an opportunity to have that conversation. the people have spoken. 51% of the people in the city of chicago said they had enough. chicago deserves better. chicago is a first class city. we want something different. this bill is not necessarily about rahm emanuel, it's a process in which the people could have their voices heard again. >> it is about rahm emanuel in a sense because you would want him to be recalled, you want a new mayor. we already would have a new police summit and now a new mayor. my question then if you're starting from scratch in a sense with some very high leadership positions with that not worry you as well moving forward? >> well, let me just say this. the bill calls for a process. the process would be over 90,000 signatures and two aldermans
11:42 am
have to sign on to it and there's other parts of the bill. if that doesn't ham and if rahm emanuel wants to be re-elected he can get re-elected. this is a province which the people will have, to have a recall. right now there's no process in place. if it happened to be that rahm emanuel is the one to be recalled, so be it. there will be a process but right now there is no process. >> what about just bigger picture here when you look at the president of the united states, this is like an adopted home, chicago. why do you think he has been so silent on the racial unrest? you talk about the city divided. do you wish he would speak up and say more? >> well, let me just say this. this is not all on the president. this has been going on -- this is intergenerational. this is over 200 years of misuse and abuse. i won't put this burden on the president. it's about we the people.
11:43 am
all of us are outraged, all kind of races of people are outraged. they are protesting about the democracy and how we are treated here in the city of chicago. >> you don't think the president's voice could help. >> the president's voice, he brings power. he has the tools. but it's still up to the people. he can do all that he can but we must have our voices heard as well. he has the entire country as well as the world to consider. he could be of help. he has helped. he sent the feds in. that's a good beginning. i'm sure there will be other tools that he's going to bring to the table as well. but the fact of the matter is this is the city of chicago. we voted mayor rahm emanuel in. and the people have spoken, 51% of the people are dissatisfied with his actions. we deserve better.
11:44 am
and we want better. >> we will continue to listen to the people of chicago state representative mary flowers. thanks. >> thank you. coming up next, despite his controversial call for travel ban for muslims into the united states, donald trump is surging in yet another national poll. so cnn sits down with his supporters to see why they remain so loyal to the republican front-runner. >> we got people in positions of power who i know for a fact are liars. liars. i watch the tv. my president comes on the tv and he lies to me. i know he's lying. jusdoes that mean they have toer grow apart from their friends, or from the things they love to do?
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all right. in case you needed another national poll to show you who is the clear republican front-runner for the race for 2016, wait for it. there you go. again it's donald trump dominating his rivals the "new york times"/cbs poll shows trump with a solid 35% support. ted cruz, senator from texas trailing trump with 16% followed by ben carson with 13%. this poll was taken mostly before trump's recent call to ban all muslims travel to united states. so what is trump's big appeal to voters? cnn spoke with several of his supporters. >> as far as the truth goes we've got people in positions of power who i know for a fact are
11:50 am
liars. liars. i watch the tv -- my president comes on the tv and he lies to me. i know he's lying. he lies all the time. i don't believe any one of them, not one, i believe donald. >> exactly. >> i'm telling you he says what i'm thinking. >> exactly. >> never been involved in politics. never had an interest in any of it. now suddenly he's resonating. he's resonating with the people and he's speaking our minds. our minds. when the pundits and the experts and all the people who are supposed to be in the know and know all this stuff, and they are so great, i know some of them, maybe not all, but some of them are lying to me straight to my face. and i am so sick of it. >> worth noting, she's a two-time new hampshire state
11:51 am
representative who fought in 2012 to keep president obama off the ballot because she said he wasn't born in the united states. joining me now, a sociopolitical comedian, host of cnn's series "united series of america." it's a pleasure and honor and welcome to the cnn family. fir time we've had a chance to chat. welcome, welcome. >> thank you, thank you. my stomach hurts a little bit from that last segment. >> oh, my goodness. we got to hear from everyone. >> no, i don't. i'm not a journalist. you got to hear from everybody. i want to hear from people i want to hear from. >> i was trolling your twitter and facebook in a read your facebook post and it's funny. i'm here in washington today and i walk out of the makeup room, my colleague would absolutely -- she said the to me exactly what you said, you're saying white people need to take responsibility for donald trump. can you please explain why?
11:52 am
>> here's the thing, white people and thank you for bringing it up. white people, you've created race and then off of race, off of back of race you created racism and everybody has a racial category except white people don't claim their racial category which sucks because you're most of the racial category in this country. i consider it manipulate job to handle ben carson, raven simon, random black people on the internet. it's your job to handle donald trump. >> you're saying handle. handle. define handle. how did you handle as you use in your post rachel, for example? >> i did my part. black people came together. there's black twitter. black twitter came together to handle rachel dolezal. i'm talking about the problem
11:53 am
and claiming my race when i talk about the problem. i'm not talking about rachel dolezal as a fake black person. donald trump is the pinnacle of white privilege and supremacy. i stunned cnn. >> why is trump -- why is that a race thing? why is that a white people thing. then i want to move on to chicago. >> oh, yeah, that sounds fun too. look, talk to your black friends, white people. brooke you talk to don lemon. black people have a tendency to have to deal with people of their race. when somebody goes on "the view," back people went out and say we need to pull her coat and explain that's not the way to do it. not people talk being to people but black people talking to black people. we're a community. white people have no community.
11:54 am
you all go well i really don't want -- i'm part irish, part german, part british. those are all white people. >> i'll marinate on this. >> have some white pride. >> let's move on to -- i'm 100% watching this. i was on 2005 them. here's a clip. let's get a little tease and then we'll chat. >> boom. >> is that your game face? >> yes. >> winners. >> really? >> winners. >> yeah! >> famous americans. >> for real. >> strategy. >> what the other people think that they have a chance at winning but then boom. >> what if nobody expects to be good or win? >> we either win. >> boom. >> or we sabotage. >> yeah. >> i'm the dumb one. >> sure berman won two times.
11:55 am
>> no one wants john berman to win again. >> i think robin she's all about distraction. >> if we lose it's sabotage. >> yes. absolutely. the only plausible explanation. >> seems to me the most physical quiz show tease you've ever seen. you and margaret are my favorites going into it. how was the experience? how was the buzzer for you? give me something. >> it was one of the most tense experiences in my life. john berman is a machine. he's a machine of knowledge. and i didn't realize how competitive you guys would be about this. we thought we would have fun. but you guys were -- the anchors play like they are actually getting the money. >> people don't know they hand
11:56 am
you like pamphlets. okay learn about all the famous people ever and hand you a three inch notebook. did you read it? >> i found sleeping on that notebook on the plane out to new york did not do me a lot of good. next time i have to do better. >> thank you very much. you're fantastic. it airs this sunday night 7:00 eastern. coming up next here, switching gears, breaking situation here, a situation unfolding at arkansas state university. they are issuing an alert to students, school is on lockdown. we'll be right back. christine... living her life... loving her family. moments made possible in part by the breakthrough science of advanced genomic testing. after christine exhausted the standard treatment options for her disease, doctors working with the center for advanced individual medicine at cancer treatment centers of america suggested advanced genomic testing. the test results revealed a finding that led to the
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11:59 am
top of the hour you're watching cnn and brooke baldwin. we're following a breaking situation unfold right now at arkansas state university. they are issuing an alert to
12:00 pm
students, the school is on lockdown. nick valencia, i want to bring you in. what are you hearing? >> reporter: we're just getting this information as it comes into us right now. we're seeing on the twitter account of arkansas state university that the campus is currently on lockdown. i just got off the phone with department of emergency management there in the state of arkansas. they are responding as well. what they can tell us is that earlier this afternoon an individual was spotted on campus after crashing into a barrier, he was subsequently surrounded by local police and he is currently as we understand it surrounded by police right now. on that twitter account of the university they did call this an active shooter though it is worth mentioning that no shots have been fired and we're not hearing of any injuries either at this time. no description of the suspect. we did reach out to the university, our producer talking to campus officials. they do say there has not been as far as they know any previous threat to the campus.
12:01 pm
right now campus is on lockdown. no shots fired so far and this individual who crashed into a barrier there near the student union on campus has currently been surrounded by local agencies, also state agencies responding to this as well. brooke. >> okay. sounds like it's handled. nick valencia, let's stay in close contact. meantime more breaking news involving a frantic manhunt for these five terror suspects who are linked to the attacks in paris. we're talking the hunt is in geneva, switzerland for these five individuals. right now they are on high alert there. sources tell cnn that these individuals could be also some sort of threat to cities right here in the united states. police in geneva say they are possibly linked to this french national recruiter for jihad in syria. he's said to have recruited the third attacker who is identified
12:02 pm
at paris bataclan arena last month. let's go to senior cnn correspondent clarissa ward. let's begin with this french national. who is he? >>. >> reporter: well, brooke, his name is morad farez. he is believed to actively involved in recruiting quite a lot of men to join the jihad in syria. he's a french national. he's spent time in prison. of course, it's no secret that france's prisons have typically been really active area for recruitment. that's where one of kawashi brothers was recruited for the "charlie hebdo" attack. beyond that we don't know very much. we're getting a lot of small pieces of information coming in about what is happening in geneva. this information coming from u.s. intelligence concerning a possible threat on u.s. cities as well as attacks inside
12:03 pm
switzerland and what you're seeing, brooke, is how this is spreading. these attacks started off, we were all in paris and we were looking at paris. then all of france. then looking at belgium. now we're looking at switzerland. swiss media reporting another two men are now being looked for. they are believed to have entered into the country overnight. one of them is believed to be friends with the eighth attacker who was still at large. so essentially what you're seeing are two things. first of all, how easy it is to move for these attackers, for these people on the loose, how easy it is for them to move across europe with free and open borders and giving you a sense of the more police pull on these threats, brooke, the more they are realizing there's a larger network out there and more attacks planned. >> but it's new too, clarissa in the last hour in addition to look for these five suspects with this specific threat, the language is precise threat the
12:04 pm
fact they could be linked to some kind much threat to cities in the united states, do you know any more about that? >> reporter: all we know is it's believed that the information as i said came from u.s. intelligence and it's believed that it was based on intercepts. intercepts is one of the most key tools that u.s. intelligence has at its disposal and we know that in france, for example, and in paris a lot of information that led to that major raid where the ring leader of the attacks was ultimately killed were coming from cell phones. cell phones that the men had discarded, one of them in a garbage can in the suburbs, so seven int cell phone intercepts are very key for u.s. and european intelligence. you heard president obama in his speech the other day talking about how we need to improve and increase tkraecrease the amount intelligence sharing between u.s. and europe.
12:05 pm
you're seeing what's going on in geneva the beginning of that effort. >> the last time i saw you in paris and you were there for weeks. are you surprised that all of these suspects, as you pointed out, you know, not only france and belgium but switzerland, that these people weren't more on the radar? >> reporter: it is surprising. what you're realizing is that they were on the radar in certain countries. but they don't -- let me give you and example. a lot of these men were known to french authorities. french authorities had a red flag next to their names. they had gone to syria. it was known they joined radical groups. when they come back to europe they don't fly to france they fly to belgium or latvia. they choose a different country, germany and then drive, make their way back to belgium, back to france and that has made it so difficult for not just french authorities but all european border officials to try to get a
12:06 pm
sense of where these guys are and to try to lockdown on their targets and to be able to follow them. one french official told me it's really impossible even within france they have thousands of people on watch lists who they are trying to keep an eye on let alone with these open porous borders. we heard the french president francois hollande say a month ago now that we need have a system in place in europe across the continent that's essentially a passenger sharing information network. he says it needs in place by tend of the year. clearly what we're seeing in geneva and how this investigation is spreading to more and more countries is a good illustration for the need of that. >> excellent having you on. thank you very much. i appreciate it. now to the terror case here at home, the fbi has uncovered this new link between san bernardino shooter, the husband here, this killer couple and convicted american terrorist.
12:07 pm
investigators are connecting the husband to this group of jihadists who were rested in nearby riverside, california back in 2010. the ring leader of that group now serving 25 years behind bars. for more let's bring in cnn intelligence security analyst bob baer. authorities never questioned this husband or his friend this guy at the time of the arrest the riverside group arrest. what does that tell you about, you know, the fbi investigation at the time? >> reporter: well, the fbi, of course, is devoted to this case, completely devoted, all agents are being called in. they are looking at all the data mining, they are looking at all the kmerks and frankly those connections don't mean much until there's been an event like san bernardino. so what we're seeing now is the fall out from this and they are doing a good job. i think what we're coming to is a conclusion that there's a
12:08 pm
wider network. i don't think these people are winning their preparations for the attack against that target in san bernardino but the fact is they did draw on support and it was a recruiting network if informal in the imperial valley. i think it's a pretty important one. >> it's an important one. the other bit of all this and i'm honing in on this couple. you had comey, the head of fbi answering these questions and saying yes the fbi is looking into whether this couple, a couple match made in hell. the notion a terror group potentially arrange a marriage and use this fiancee visa system. you have been in this for years. would that surprise you, bob baer? >> reporter: brooke, i'll go out on a limb as i usually do and albeit you this girl was recruited either in saudi arabia, pakistan, got some sort of weapon training, was sent on
12:09 pm
a k1 visa. k via sasse are easy to get. they let you in the country for 90 days. you simply have to live with somebody to prove to cis that you are actually, you know -- it's a real marriage. easy to do. they can't check on you all the time. in spite of having a child out of this marriage i think it was -- >> a child out of this marriage. even if it was arranged, why? sorry. i'm angry over this. >> reporter: you know, i am too. i used to spend a lot of time on visa lines. there's no way to vet these people. you don't know what's in their minds when they apply for a visa. let's not blame the state department or immigration. women make good suicide bombers, i saw it in israel. the wife was having an affair the lover and husband got together and decided they would expunge this shame by sending
12:10 pm
this wife who had two children to blow herself up in israel and she did. anything is possible once you adopt this cult of death this, belief that martyrdom is the right way to go. so this doesn't surprise me at all. >> bob baer, i don't get it. i never want to get it. thank as always. in the wake of the california terror attacks gun sales in the united states by the way are up, up, up. down in broward, florida there's a call for arms. the sheriff is telling county residents to arm themselves and do everything they can to stop terror attacks. >> i've had enough of terrorists and others deciding to target u.s. citizens because they want to make a statement or get their 15 minutes of fame. now than ever before it's time for law enforcement and our citizens to be fully prepared to immediately respond to an attack or active shooter scenario with the right tools to eliminate or at the very least distrupt
12:11 pm
attack. let there be no mistake. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> sheriff, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> here's my first question four. when everyone, you know, takes your advice and draws their guns and starts shooting, how do you tell who the good guys are? >> well, you know, this is not anything that our team and law enforcement officers around the country haven't already been faced with when we look at the number of concealed permit holders, the number of states that allow open carry. what we know is that our citizens are arming themselves. they are using firearms and other measures to protect themselves. we do traffic stops all the time with people that have concealed carry permission. we respond to scenes with good people that have guns,
12:12 pm
law-abiding citizens. the fact that it's concealed or not concealed is one of the things we deal with on a regular basis. the video we put out was a message to our citizens about being prepared to defend yourself in the event of an attack. >> you know, i wish we could prevent these attacks and i would never like to report on another active shooting situation again. the fact we know what happened in san bernardino two people planned an attack. your telling me if you think one of those innocent civilians had a gun, fewer people would have been murdered? >> well, i think you have to look at all the different incidents. the events in california are still unfolding and law enforcement authorities there who did an incredible job not only in responding but addressing everything that took place, you know, the facts, all of the facts will come out of that. this is what we do know. this is an absolute fact. the best law enforcement agencies in the country have response times in minutes and a violent criminal can take your life in seconds.
12:13 pm
what we're telling our citizens and what has gone across the country is that you may very well have to be prepared to protect yourself, your family and those around you, and as we said, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. a person that has a concealed carry or a person thinking about getting a firearm to protect themselves we want our citizens to be mentally prepared, b, take advance training. we offer an advance training course, a self-defense through tactical shooting course that we offer to our citizens. bottom line is no matter what you're using you got to be prepared. >> i'm glad you bring up training. reading how other people feel about this, it's one thing to be trained and i for noun never have been in a high stress situation. let's be real. this is a typical point from nra the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. i listen to universities.
12:14 pm
let me quote this retired army sergeant. lady combat team in iraq. he was talking about this. he said i think there's fantasy gun play in the movies. it doesn't happen that way. when i heard gunfire iran iraq i didn't immediately react. i ascertained where the shooting was coming from. how far away was i. most untrained people will either freeze up or whip out their gun and start firing in that circumstance and that would be absolute panic. your response. >> my first response to that if you take any of the mass shootings that have taken place they didn't have to figure out where the gunfire was coming from. they were in immediate close proximity. in ourselves defense course we teach we talk torch -- our course is about as much not when to shoot as it is when to shoot. regardless of what weapon you've chosen be it a firearm, pepper
12:15 pm
spray, a taser, you have to be prepared for the emergency. can't wait for the emergency to happen. you have to go into action right now. regardless of who is a talking point for or anyone else the simple fact is that these active shooters, terrorists whom ever they are that's going in these scenarios are taking peoples lives in seconds and law enforcement most likely will not be on the scene. law enforcement will be spongd. what our message to our citizen is, be prepared to defend yourself. the calvary is on the way but you may be the very first line of defense. >> sheriff, thank you so much. we'll leave it there. next what if donald trump won the republican nomination. one of his rivals ran as an independent. that question being raised as the backlash against him is growing. prosecutors say he used his power to prey on women. have you heard this story? this former police officer on trial for raping 13 black women.
12:16 pm
hear how he allegedly chose his victims and why the jury is all white. and outrage erupts over this picture. citadel cadets wearing white pillow cases over their heads. we have the back story and the response. you're watching cnn. (elephant noise) (mic screech) there's a big difference between making noise... (mic tap) ...and making sense. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates! enough talk. give us a plan.
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12:20 pm
you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. in politics seems the primary contest is guesting closer and closer. donald trump's lead is getting stronger and stronger. we are less than two months out until iowa, that's february 1st, the caucus there.
12:21 pm
this new poll has donald trump has a whopping 35% of the republican vote more than double that of his closest competitor senator ted cruz. this poll was taken before mr. trump pushed his ban to ban all muslims from entering the united states. let's go cnn national political reporter. good to see you. cnn had him at 36% last week. 35% this week. it's a solid lead. by the time our vegas republican debate rolls away we're six weeks away from iowa. >> yeah. it's really been fascinating to watch how strong he is as other candidates like ben carson have really dropped in the polls. but what you do see is a certain amount of softness in all of these polls in the sense that you still have, you know, as many as 64% of republican voters saying they are not sure of their choice. i think it's really important to look at those numbers and remember that when voters make
12:22 pm
their decision a lot of times they do change their mind up to the last minute. certainly, donald trump has a very passionate and engaged following, but be interesting to see as people think about the general election when the primaries get closer what happens to his support then. >> you mean we change our mind a lot? get out of here. i kid. you look at this poll and obviously he's, you know, up and away, the clear front-runner there are negatives for trump when i want comes to looking ahead to that again rag election. can you be specific? >> yeah. well we know, for example in a state like new hampshire even the sunday before the primary as many as half of voters haven't made up their minds. there were some arresting figures in this new "new york times" poll. for example, you know, 40% of voters generally express fear about what donald trump would do as president, 24% of voters expressing concern about what he would do as president and site
12:23 pm
will be really fascinating to watch what voters are thinking as they look at those kind of numbers heading into the primaries. is he really the best candidate to go up against hillary clinton. will that start to affect the decision that they are making and will they give other candidates like rubio a closer look as we look at those general election match-ups as well. >> thank you. i'll see you in vegas. let's remind everyone we're five days away from the next republican debate. the stakes are huge. final republican debate of the year. it's tuesday, december 15th, 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. coming up next, there is this group of cadets at the citadel in trouble after this questionable photo surfaced showing them wearing white hoods. how the school is responding. the back story there. this is cnn. so what about that stock?
12:24 pm
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12:28 pm
one photograph has launched suspension proceedings for several students at south carolina military college the citadel. here's the photo. you can see four self here. this is taken from facebook. shows seven cadets wearing over their head white pillow cases, pointed tops, eyes cut-out, you get it. victor blackwell is following this one for us. victor, what was going on there? >> reporter: brooke the similarities are clear between what they are wearing and the typical garb worn by members of the ku klux klan. the question is is that what was intend. the citadel has had some accusations of racism and discrimination in the past about 30 years ago the fbi investigated after several upper classmen dressed in white sheets and pillow cases rushed into the room of a cadet, a black cadet shouting racial slurs and burning a cardboard cross. but we have to also consider
12:29 pm
that there are other possible explanations. let me read for you first the statement that came from the president of the citadel. he found the photograph offensive, disturbing. here's part of his statement. in accordance with college policy we immediately began suspension proceedings for those cadets known to be involved and we are korntsing to investigate this incident. preliminary reports our cadets were singing christmas carols as part of a "ghosts of christmas past" skit. let me offer some context because this photo hits social media about two weeks after a prankster hits video on youtube went viral. he said five black men into a white community to sing christmas carolinas. watch this video.
12:30 pm
♪ ♪ toe told me ba-rum-bob ♪ a newborn king came to see >> so the mess saks of course of this video, don't judge a book by its cover. was this, this photograph taken during well intended albeit ill conserved christmas sketch. was this meant to be a racially charged statement by dressing up members like the kkk or were they making a response video that's been viewed more than 3 million times and challenge people's rush to judgment. we don't know. i can tell you this. the citadel is investigating and the president of the citadel
12:31 pm
says he'll update the media once that investigation is complete. >> let us know. those guys are really good. victor blackwell, thank you. coming up next, donald trump is fending off criticism from both sides of the aisle, vowing to ban muslims from coming to the u.s.. why he's telling don lemon he's the least racist person you ever met. we'll chat with don live. ahead a former police officer on trial accused much raping 13 african-american women. so why is the jury all white? let's talk about that coming up next. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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12:36 pm
republican presidential front-runner donald trump making his case and really tripling down on his controversial proposal to temporarily ban muslims from entering the united states. he talked at length to my colleague don lemon in defending his plan. >> are you a racist? >> i'm the least racist person that you have ever met. i am the least racist person. >> are you bigoted in anyway? >> i don't think so, no. >> islamic to big? >> i have a certain street sense. i know where things are going. what i'm doing now is far more important. and i'm talking for the muslims. i'm doing good for the muslims. what i'm doing now is far more important than any particular business i have in the middle east. >> here's a pledge you sign. you saw this pledge. your going break this pledge? >> i think it's highly unlikely
12:37 pm
unless they break the pledge to me because it's a two way street. they said they would be honorable. so far i can't tell you if they are. the establishment is not exactly being very good to me. but i'm leading in every poll by a lot. it looks like i'm going win. my whole life has been about winning. i'm not like so many of the other people that you talk to that are essentially losers, okay. i know how to win. i intend to win. >> well, speaking of winning check out this poll in terms of leading "new york times"/cbs poll national poll he holds a double digit poll. don lemon is joining me from new york. don lemon you had 35 minutes sitting right there with him. he said to you he's not a racist, his policies aren't racist, he's being treated unfairly. what was your sense of everything? >> reporter: well, my sense is that he believes all of those things that he said or he would not have said them. he said he believes that the
12:38 pm
president, the current president, his words, obviously not mine, has not done well when it comes to bringing the country together when it comes to race. so he doesn't understand when people say that, you know, he's racist. he think that's this president is a divider and as president he said he would be a healer. i asked him how. here it is. you said you don't want -- you want to talk straight. do you sometimes the language, do you think sometimes the language and the tone might incite some sort of hof hysteri. >> our president is the greatest divider i've ever seen. our country has never been more divided than what barack obama has done. whether it's white on black, whether it's our country has never been more divided. >> what do you mean. >> take a look. take a look what's going on. our country has never been this way.
12:39 pm
look at the riots we have the horrible things taking place on in ferguson, st. louis, baltimore, all over the country. >> that's the president's fault, you think? >> i would have thought that he would have been a great healer. i would have thought -- i've said this. that he was going to be a great cheerleader. >> aren't you saying what i'm saying. >> excuse me. i didn't think he would be a great president but i thought he would be a great cheerleader. he's bean horrible cheerleader. >> i went on the say how do you know those things. you haven't sat in that chair, you don't really know what it's like to be president. everybody goes i know what i'm going to do. he kept moving on. he needs be more passionate and more of a cheerleader that's basically was his answer. >> okay. what about this possibility, you know, he's saying if he doesn't get the respect, decorum as he runs for the republican nomination maybe he would break the pledge and run 0 a third-party ticket.
12:40 pm
how serious is he >> he's serious. he's serious he would do it. after all it's donald trump. he said he would rather not do it. i ask him specifically if it came down to it would you run as an independent and he said i would do it. i this it would be tough. but i would much rather run as a republican, but, again, he said -- he kept bringing up this issue with the republican establishment and i asked him why he had an issue with it. he doesn't believe they are giving him the respect he deserves. >> what an interview, my friend. don lemon, thank you. good to see you. we'll see you tonight on cnn 10:00. >> take the cookies and the napkins. >> i will tonight. thank you. talk about a little party i'm going tonight. coming up prosecutors say he used his power to prey on women, a former police officer on trial accused of sexually assaulting 13 women. who his legal team called to the
12:41 pm
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12:45 pm
we have an update for you on a situation we were watching at the top of the hour. arkansas state university still on a lockdown. suspect rammed his way through a barricade on campus, nick valencia has been working for us. tell me what you know. >> reporter: we got off with the department of emergency enactment. the situation is still going on. that gunman is still inside of his car. that green chevrolet pickup truck that he crashed into near the student union in arkansas state university campus. we're told he has 100 pound tank
12:46 pm
of propane in the back of his truck but that s.w.a.t. has surrounded the vehicle and according to the department of emergency management they say he's not getting off this campus even if he tries. but as of five minutes ago this latest information that the situation was still ongoing, gunman still in the car. no injuries and still as far as we know, no shots fired either. >> no shots fierds. nick stay with me. let me get into this next story. we're waiting on this verdict in a highly charged trial with all kinds of racial undertones in oklahoma city the suspect named daniel holtsclaw. he was a police officer on the oklahoma city police force when he was accused of serial rapes of 13 african-american women. the prosecution claims he picked them because he didn't think they would speak up. he faces 36 counts in all including sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy and rape.
12:47 pm
also joining us criminal defense attorney. so, first nick, bring us up to the speed. >> this has bean lengthy trial. five weeks of testimony. lot has to do with what you just reported. 13 women all of them african-american, all of them accusing that former oklahoma city city police officer of raping them of sexually assaulting them. the state alleges that he singled out his victims, trying to pick out people in impoverished areas, people with checkered pasts or run ins with the police department so if they ever did come forward to report this their credibility would be drawn into question. his credibility, the defense called his ex-girlfriend to the stand to speak to his character. she talked about how according to local affiliate reporting he read bible scriptures to her. they were together about year and a half. but the big bomb shell in this case is skin cells, rests on skin cells of then a 17-year-old
12:48 pm
who is accusing him of rape. his defense is arguing that this was zbark transfer he came upon the skin cells after a routine search of this accusers search. the state isn't buying that. closing arguments ended on monday. huge controversy is the make up of the jury. it's all white. the local chapter of the naacp is furious. they said this will thread an unfair trial. and that man you were looking there on your screen, he's being charged with 36 counts including first and second-degree rape. he face life in prison. >> alison, to underscore nick's points, here you have all african-american accusers, the officer is white, the jury is white. how does that come to be? >> well, what's incredible to me is that how the prosecutors could allow an all white jury, that's very perplexing. it is concerning that the
12:49 pm
deliberations have taken three days. there are 36 counts so if the jury is look at each charge and each victim individually that's a lot of information to plow through. but it is concerning, specifically because the m.o. that each woman described is very, very similar and there is dna evidence on at least one found in his pants of one of the victims, so it's a very reasonable inference that what she is saying is true, therefore because the m.o. is similar, it happened to all the rest as well. >> and the alleged victims didn't choose ceos or soccer moms he chose women he could count on not telling what he was knowing, count tongue fact no one would believe them and no one would care. >> in fact that was their testimony they didn't come forward because it was them against the police. they were distrusting of the police. they didn't think the police would come to their aid when
12:50 pm
they were accusing a fellow police officer and routinely fo. thank you both. coming up, we'll return to our breaking news involving the killers in san bernardino. new threads today one of the shooters we're learning was linked to a convicted terrorist. those details are ahead. ♪ deck the halls with barks from rudy ♪ (rudy barks) well, it's more like "fa la la la la la la la la" but you're in the same vein. say happy holidays with milk-bone!
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hacker. word alone tends to frighten people, but for some it's not about money and power but about hacking for a greater good as part of this cnn money special, cnn's lori siegel introduces us to the world of hackers. >> reporter: vegas, i've always found it strangely fascinating. you got gamblers, adrenaline junki junkies, instant bride. from this standpoint vegas is
12:56 pm
about the show, the promise of something better. but on this particular week there's a different type of show. you might not even realize it's happening. but i suggest you turn off your wi-fi because during this week this strange little mecca fills with what's becoming one of the most influential groups in the world, hackers. thousands and thousands of hackers descend on vegas to party and hack. if vegas is a gigantic party, every year at cyber security conferences black headed def con the best in the world gather to show off party tricks. it's not more like what you're drinking but what are you hacking. a modern day super power, it can be used for good or evil. josh is a hacker who uses his power for good. >> mistake number one is thinking hacking is bad, right? it's a form of power. i'm a big fan of stan lee and
12:57 pm
the whole spider man thing, with great power comes great responsibility. >> reporter: one hacker who uses her power for good found a flaw with a wi-fi connected gun. >> you can just connect to the wireless network and you can talk directly to the back end of the system. what we tested specifically was to change the weight of the bullet. and that made the shot go two and a half feet to the left instead of the target that we were aiming at. >> reporter: so when they told the gunmaker they say it's safe to use and updated the rifle since the version she tested. it's that step telling the company that divides the hacking community. a good hacker or white hat reports the problems they find so other users aren't at risk. a bad hacker or black hat takes advantage of the problem, usually to make money or gain power. exploits can sell for thousands online on the black market. but it's not that cut and dry. in this community there's a lot of gray area. the white hat by day could be a
12:58 pm
black hat by night skprks for those who use the skill for good, there's always the what if. >> there's always the fleeting thought i could be on a beach drinking out of a gold encrusted goblet, but i always keep in mind that for any hack, especially one that would result in financial gain, there's a victim. >> reporter: and here's what you realize when you hang out with hackers at def con. this strange cyber event is a microcosm to the real world. connect to wi-fi in a room full of hackers chances are you'll end up on what they call the wall of sheep. stolen passwords and e-mails for everyone to see. this is meant to be a public service to remind you to only browse on trusted wi-fi networks. would you call yourself hackers? >> white hat hackers. >> reporter: because as they say with great power comes great responsibility. >> lori siegel with that. thank you very much. and do not miss her special,
12:59 pm
it's called "the secret lives of superhero hackers." it air ths saturday at 2:30 eastern and pacific only right here on cnn. before i let you go i want to update our breaking story we've been reporting on for the better part of the last hour here. in arkansas, arkansas state university apparently has now apprehended this individual who did have a gun. but thankfully no shots were fired. apparently this guy in his truck drove right on through some barricades on to the campus there at arkansas state. here are some pictures. we know that the campus has been on lockdown. there were no reports of shots fired as i mentioned a moment ago. we did learn from nick valencia that there was a propane tank in this guy's truck through the barricade on campus, but again, the suspect is in custody. and the world of politics just a quick reminder that our next cnn debate will be next week in las vegas december 15th. 9:00 eastern. the final republican debate here of this year, six weeks before those iowa caucuses, that being
1:00 pm
the first of february. so make sure you tune in for that. i'm brooke baldwin here in washington. thank you so much for being with me. we're going to send it off just a smidge early to my friend jake tapper. "the lead" starts now. thanks, brooke, an emergency message overseas, "the lead" now. a terror alert for americans in a major european city while here at home new details about the terrorist couple who dropped off their baby before murdering 14 innocent people in san bernardino. the fbi now looking at how they may have missed a link to a group of terrorist plotters who were arrested more than three years ago. also, new proof that donald trump may very well be able to archie bunker his way to the presidential nomination. more polls show his numbers soaring even after or maybe because his plan to ban every muslim from coming to the u.s.


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