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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 17, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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top of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me on this thursday. here's the news now. today we do expect to see the first criminal charges filed in the deadliest r terror attack in the united states since 9/11. the san bernardino shooting now 15 days ago the man likely to be charged has told officials he did not know. he says he did not know about the plot that would claim the lives of these 14 people leaving another 21 wounded. prosecutors say enrique marquez did admit to vuding some of the weapons used in the massacre. he was a friend of the male gunman. he and his wife were killed in that police shootout hours after
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the couple opened fire inside that center in san bernardino. and i can tell you that cnn has just learned they were buried two days ago, though no word as far as where. minutes ago we saw the president of the united states mentioned san bernardino when he spoke from the national counterterrorism center saying the u.s. is meeting the challenge in a, quote, new phrase of terrorism. >> at this moment our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. we are in a new phase of terrorism including lone actors and small groups of terrorists like those in san bernardino. because they are smaller, often sfl initiating and self-motivating, they are harder to detect. that makes had harder to prevent. but just as the threat evolves, so do we.
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we're constantly adapting, constant ly upping our game and getting better. >> let me bring in our justice correspondent evan perez with more on this whole angle. so what more do we know? thooz charges do relate to the buying of those guns. >> that's right, we expect. the charges will be announced by prosecutors in los angeles will relate to the fact that enrique marquez admitted to the fbi that he bought the two ah-15 rifles used in that assault. >> several years prior. >> had bought them in 2011 and 2012 and gave to farook. farook asked him to buy the guns because he wanted to avoid additional scrutiny, according to marquez. that's a technical violation of california and federal law because you're not allowed to buy a gun for the purposes of someone evading the background check. it's a little strange because farook already owned three guns and had a background that would have been able to pass a check like this. but he just simply wanted to
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avoid additional scrutiny, according to marquez. this is a story marquez has told. he's been cooperating with the fbi. >> he's the one who checked himself sbo the mental facility. >> that's right. immediately after the attack he checked himself into a mental health facility and soon after started cooperating with the fbi. he's been talking to them almost daily pretty much since then just over a wook. he waived his miranda rights and was able to get a lawyer in the last week or so. he's been cooperating providing all kinds of information including he says back in 2012 he and farook converted to islam at that time. e he and farook planned a terrorist attack around that time around 2012. they never carried it out. we don't know what specifically they were planning to do, but just that it never happened. again, this is his story. this is a story he's been telling the fbi as part of his cooperation. he's also told them that he and farook were building pipe bombs as part of a hobby.
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>> a hobby? >> as part of a hobby. he takes no credit or responsibility for the ieds found at the farook house. there were 19 devices found including some that were not completed. . and at the regional center, farook and his wife left behind a backpack that inside had three pipe bombs that were tied together and were rigged to go off by remote control. they did not go off. interestingly enough, according to marquez's story, he's been telling the fbi that he knew how to build these things. if he had built them, they would have gone off. . that's probably a way for him to disassociate himself from these devices. the fbi has been working to corroborate his story knowing all of this background, including the mental health facility. >> you would think if you're y buying ar-15s you would be asking why. e pe says e he didn't know what it was for.
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he says the pipe bombs were a hobby. evan perez, thank you very much. and in terrorism beyond our yorders, two developments it in the paris attack. a source says french authorities are now convinced that the ringleader there abdelhamid abaaoud returned to france by way of the greek island of laros. greece has been inundated with hundreds of thousands of refugees who are innocent syrians fleeing that war. it is not clear if abdelhamid abaaoud exploited the refugee processing system to get through the borders. officials have also revealed the encryption apps they belief some of the terrorists used specifically in the days before november 13th. the kill rs used these apps and investigators conclude because of the encryption they may never know what's in those messages. just yesterday the director of the fbi, pressed frustration
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over how encryption often helps terrorists go dark at the most urgent of times. >> if isil finds somebody online who is a live one, someone
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star starts, full on. >> full on barb wire. >> it uses disposable encryption keys that are generated on the fly and go away. so only the e device that wants to read it can read it and the person that isn't it that key disappears. here's the other thing. when the fbi talks about this, what they have been talking about is they want a skeleton
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key for all encryption. they want want to have a back-door so to have the encryption, but when we need to -- >> citizens are saying, slow your roll. >> that's when they freaked out. because of the revelations aboutst edward snowden about what the nsa was doing. that caused technology companies to ramp up encryption tactics. >> why are we talking about so much now about encryption? how long has this actually been around? >> it's been around for a long time. it's old technology. it's about the level of it. it's now 256 level basically bit encryption, which is the highest level that's virtually uncrackable. a hacker at some point down the road is going to figure out how to break it, but this is something that, for example, apple and imessages, we can't
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deliver this message. telegram is going to say the same thing. they can't break into this stuff. >> that's a fine line for technology companies that want to play ball but want to make sure folks' information are mains private. >> they are delivering information to the government. many of these companies like microsoft with their e-mail or facebook, they will get requests from the government and they are not using end to end encryption. so when the government goes there, they can gain access to the servers on their side but only with a warrant and the prop r channels. that's still possible. but with end to end encryption, no one can. going dark is a very real thing. and i think that people are try ing to protect the privacy of their customers. theirs these bad actors coming in -- one thing about telegram is why do they use it so much because it has broadcast lists. >> what does that mean? >> up to 200 people can be on
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this list who can receive all at once a a fully end to end encrypted message. >> got it. it makes sense i suppose. unfortunately, too much sense for some of them. thank you very much. perhaps a sign of exactly how much the fight against terror is intensifying here in the united states, there are metal detectors at disney world and disneyland. a spokeswoman says visitors are randomly selected for a stroo screening. they are constantly reviewing security measures. let's go to alena. >> it's not just disney. universal studios and seaworld are also using metal detectors to screen people who visit their theme parks. as you mentioned, disney will be randomly selecting guests for a
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secondary screening using these detectors. they have also added what they are calling visible and nonvisible security measures at all of their parks. measures include the use of specially trained dogs to patrol key areas. some of the other things you might notice if you head to a disney park is they are discontinuing the sale of toy guns on disney property and they are no long r allowing people to bring a toy gun to the theme park. also if you're 14 and old oer, you won't be able to wear costumes at any of the parks, brooke. >> the times are changing. thanks for the update. now to this, from russia with love. vladimir putin, have you heard about this, call iing donald trp outstanding, flamboyant, talented. now e he reveals what he would do if trump were to win the white house. plus is jeb bush thinking about backing out of the republican loyalty pledge over donald trump? hear what his advisers are doing
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from russia with love. russian president vladimir putin telling media this morning that the republican front runner is an absolute leader in the race for 2016. putin said trump is talented, outstanding and flamboyant. >> translator: he's a brilliant and talented person without a doubt. . but it's not our right to
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identify his virtues. . it's the prerogative of the u.s. voters. he's the lead er in the presidential debates. >> the feeling is definitely mutual. trump said he respects vladimir putin. he thinks the two will get along famously. >> i think in terms of leadership, he's getting an a. they did not look good together. >> i think i would probably get along with him very well and i don't think we'd be having the kind of problems we're having now. >> i believe we will have a good relationship with russia. i believe i will have a very good relationship with putin. >> trump has also said if elected he would expand u.s. relations with russia. putin and trump have not met yet in person. let's turn to two candidates who have been gaining on trump in the polls. . ted cruz and marco rubio, in tuesday night's debate the senators brawled more than anyone else over immigration,
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for one. definitely didn't stop on the stage in las vegas. >> i think their campaign understands they deent have a path to victory. their only hope is to try to launch false attacks and, unfortunately, that's something they have been doing more and more. >> everyone on that stage talks tough. i'd like to say we're going to destroy isis and make the sand glow. that's easy to say. what are you going to do it with? >> let me bring in todd gilman, washington bureau chief for the dallas morning news. welcome back. >> good to be with you. >> i want a fact check from you. cruz supported green. cards. rubio is a leading in drafting immigration reform bill. they both are saying they are going to come down hard on undocumented immigrants. both sons of cuban immigrants. who do you think is the tougher candidate when it comes to
11:18 am
immigration? >> rubio is the only one who supports a path to citizenship. he supported it in the gang of eight bill and he said in tuesday night's debate, which cruz has been whopping him with ever since, that. if he had his druthers, he would still like to pursuit that as part of a bigger deal that includes lots of enforcement and security. cruz does not like the idea of any path to citizenship, but he is vulnerable on this issue and that's where rubio is trying to kick up dust in this area. cruz has said that he would like to give some kind of legal status to people in the country illegally. >> this next point totally fascinates me. you have senator cruz and senator rubio, you look at them initially and think they fall totally differently on the spectrum of republicans and would have separate bases, yet
11:19 am
here they are sparring from the stage to the trail and i'm wondering why you think these two who seem different are going after the same supporters? >> it's a fascinating dynamic because only three years ago when senator cruz was running for the senate, he and rubio were not so distinct. they were very much similar tea party type candidates. rubio ended up being a senator who tries to work with other senators in both parties. cruz has ended up being a senator who works only with about two senators. every once in awhile he finds a coalition with someone else. they are very different in certain areas. they are both ambitious. they are similar. they don't have the same base at the moment because cruz really is going after the evangelical vote. rubio is trying to be the pragmatic conservative. cruz is trying to paint him as a centrist moderate, don't trust him if you're a real conservative. but they are both part of the same camp, which is i am not
11:20 am
donald trump trum donald trump camp. that's where they need to draw the distinction to be the premier not trump. >> okay, okay, the i'm not trump candidate. that's a good one. here are live pictures of senator cruz in his yellow plaid there in las vegas talking to a crowd. so while we have you, i want to get to other political headlines out today. donald trump was on jimmy kimmel last night. this is what he said about his role in the race. >> i would like to e see the republican party come together. i have been a little divisive in the sense that i have been hitting people pretty hard. >> a little bit, yeah. >> and ultimately, we have to come together and get this thing done. i'm having a great time. >> come together out of mr. trump, what do you read there? >> it's a new theme song for his rallies. i was at his rally on monday night and it was we're not going to take it. now it's come together.
11:21 am
he's not a come together candidate. he's more than a little divisive. we played the sound from vladimir putin on trump. final question, do you see that as a sort of endorsement for donald trump? >> i don't want to down play the wisdom of the russian president. he's spouting conventional wisdom. donald trump is the front runner right now in american politics. the voters will decide. i think he's on a pretty safe conventional wisdom ground in saying much of what he said. >> todd gillman, thank you so much. we'll see you next time. coming up next, just about 24 hours after baltimore judge declared a mistrial, will there be another day in court for this first police officer of six to go on trial in the death of freddie gray? what happens next? what does the mistreel mean for the five other officers due to stand trial as well?
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first, have you heard of this 4'4" nascar driver ripping up the track winning races? cnn's chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta has the story in turning point. >> he was born with a bone disorder that's the most common type of dwarfism. but that has quell ed his competitive streak. >> i don't think my stature is affected my driving style or what i do on and off the racetrack. in anything i have ever done, i wanted to win. >> and win he does. he won nearly a quarter of his races in 2014 and grabbed his first ever nascar victory in july. >> got the lead with numerous laps to go and lost the lead again and got the lead back with about ten laps to go and ended up winning the race. crossing the checkered flag when you win, there's not much more of a feeling than that. >> the celebration getting ready
11:27 am
to get underway as he crawls out of the car. >> 4'4" he has his car adapted to fit his height and wants to inspire others with dwarfism to find a way to do what they love as well. >> a lot of people come up to me and say how unspiring i am. i really feel that you can push yourself to do what you love. >> after all, on the racetrack, it's not about how tall you are. >> everyone is the same size when they race. it's just about having the biggest heart. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting.
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. here we are a day after the breaking news we talked about. a mistrial in the freddie gray case. the big question today is this. what is next for that first baltimore police officer to stand trial. defense lawyers for william porter and prosecutors did appear in court briefly this morning. this is what's not clear. whether or not the state will decide if they will retry the officer on manslaughter because no new. court date has been set. port r is one of six officers
11:32 am
facing charges after the 25-year-old resident broke his neck while in police custody. he died a week later. the family and attorney as well as officer porter says it's not over yet. >> we are hopeful that they will retry officer porter as soon as possible and that his next jury will reach a verdict. >> there will be the perception among some that this is a defeat for the prosecution and a win for the defense. no, it is not. >> mr. stokes, welcome back. >> hi, brooke, how are you? >> i'm doing well, thank you. let me begin with one of the headlines. the fact that no new court date has been set so it's not clear whether the prosecution has
11:33 am
decided it will formally retry officer porter. your reaction to that? >> my reaction is that obviously they have to figure out and determine what are the chances that they will get the conviction with a retile. i guess i'm not inside the courtroom, obviously, but they want to know what was the split. how many for conviction and how many for acquittal to determine what may have been in the minds of the jurors. so i guess they are going to figure out what are the odds in going forward for the retrial. >> do you think it was the right call to try this in baltimore? >> i'm sorry, say it one more time. >> do you think it was the right call to try it in baltimore given the fact we have a mistrial on trial number one? >> yeah, i think they made a good call there. the next call is going to be on the driver, who by the way it
11:34 am
seemed that part of the defense of officer porter was that it was the driver's fault. it wasn't my fault. i total them what to do. i told them. they didn't do it. so it seemed that part of his defense was to blame the driver. and the driver is up next. so it's going to be interesting because i would guess that the prosecution is going to bring officer porter as a star witness against officer goodson. >> so one of the questions, do they continue on with officer porter and go to goodson, who is is the driver that you just mentioned who drove the van where fred day gray sustained those injuries. the state's attorney has been criticized for, number one, bringing this first trial too fast, according to some. the fact that it was officer porter and perhaps not another and not the van driver who was tried first. do you think she made a mistake? >> no, u don't think so. actually, i don't know their it strategy, but i don't know that
11:35 am
they made a muscle take. i don't think they did. i won't try to second guess that, but i really believe that most of the city is surprised given the evidence or maybe lack of that there wouldn't be some verdict on some part of the charges that were given. i think that it was sort of in baltimore people were sort of taken aback at some of the defense's arguments. for example, that officer porter did not handcuff freddie gray because no other officer does that. which seems to be an unethical at best argument, but most of the officers do handcuff prisoners when they put them into the truck in audit of the police procedures of the last 2013 showed that most did. then there was the argument that the defense made that it didn't matter whether officer port r
11:36 am
reported or took freddie gray to the hospital. he was going to die any way given his line of reasoning to present. and many people thought that the officer porter would be convicted of at least the charges of improper conduct and not really taking care of the prisoner and acting in a more humane way. >> it is not noninsignificant that the officer defended himself or took the stand in this past trial. the six different police officers all facing charges, where are they now? >> i'm sorry, you went out for a moment. repeat that, please. >> where are the six police officers? they are all bonded out, but do you have any idea where they are at the moment? as they are awaiting trial? >> i assume they are in their
11:37 am
private residences. i'm sure they are going about their normal everyday lives, except that they are not on duty. they all have been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the trial. >> final thought for you. i'm sure you read your baltimore sun this morning, but for our viewers, there was a scathing editorial about the city's police department after the m mistrials. what the trial revealed with great clairity were the falling of the baltimore police department. we're not sure whose depiction was worse. the prosecution's account of police who express an indifference to the lives of those they arrest or the defense's picture of a department so riped with incompetence their client's f l failures were unexceptional. final question, do you agree this trial was an indictment on the police department? >> absolutely, the police department is a tremendous mess. what i would hope is that many
11:38 am
of the things that the police department are really bad at that they r were to fix them immediately between april and now. in other words, the fact that it is not demanded that every officer seat belt every prisoner put in the van. that the cameras in the van aren't working. and many other pieces that the police department can fix immediately between april and now. i think the police department is in a horrible, horrible mess on so many levels. and as the sun editorial said, one thing we know for sure, the verdict is in that the police department is guilty. that's for sure. >> baltimore city councilman carl stokes, thank you, sir. >> thank you, brooke. have a great holiday. >> thank you, same to you. next, a police officer says his gun accidentally discharged
11:39 am
when he shot a dui suspect, which crashed his car here. dash cam video support that claim? we'll show you what happened during this encounter and why charges have not been filed. stay with me. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch.
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when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. outrage in california over the response to a police shooting incident. prosecutors in california say they will not charge an officer who fire d a man in a wrecked suv. the dash cam video is graphic. here's what we know. according to the da's report, the officer started following a 26-year-old after he sped out of a parking lot with his headlights off. >> roll over. just east.
11:43 am
>> the report states thomas flipped his car. the wife was ejected. she died later. you see the officer pulling out his gun and down thomas goes back through the window. the da statement says that this officer fired one shot. the report indicates thomas was hit in his spine. it goes on to say that this officer didn't report the shooting for 11 minutes after the man who was in the car was taken from the scene. the officer says his gun accidentally discharged. the da's office called the shooting, quote, possibly negligent but not criminal. as for the driver, the police report indicates thomas had a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit. he's still in the hospital. he could face vehicular manslaughter charges in the death of his wife. now this police officer is on paid administrative leave until the internal investigation is complete. a lot of parts to walk through here.
11:44 am
i have charles coleman jr. with me. so great to see all of you. my first question is from an officer r perspective, he sees this car and appears to be erratically driving. the car flips. you walk upon this car. the instinct apparently is to pull the gun and shoot. why? >> the instinct is to pull the gun but not shoot. he was justify ied in drawing h weapon. he didn't know what was coming out of that vehicle. but to shoot, you don't shoot people like that. when you look at the video shs the guy has his hand in the air. there was no eminent threat of life to the officer or anyone else. he says it was an accident, but we can't get in his mind, but i'm troubled over the fact that after the weapon was fired there was not immediately over the radio, which is procedure, shots fired, shots fired, send help.
11:45 am
>> he only waited 11 minutes later. >> and that's a little troublesome. you can't prove intent, but the fact of the matter is that it shouldn't have come down that way. >> the district attorney says he will not face criminal charge cans at the gun accidentally discharged. >> so there are two things you have to look at when you're talking about why this district attorney is not going to charge the officer involved. the first is intent. as we have just heard, a large part of it is you can't be in this this officer's hard and make a determination as to whether there was a woeful and intentional firing of that weapon. now while it may seem egregious to the common eye, the way that california law is written requires that absent a death, that prosecutor would need to be able to establish that trigger was pulled willfully and intentionally. he can't make that out, which is
11:46 am
why he's chosen not to prosecute in this case. >> if you're walking upon an erratic car and thinking it could be a drunk driver. how does that change how you perceive the situation upon which you're watching. >> on many incidents like this in my career, my gun at time was drawn. people are getting out of their cars. you really don't know if they are drunk until after you test them. it could have been a mentally ill person, it could have been any number of things. you don't draw your gun to kill someone -- >> why would you draw your gun period? >> you dent know what's coming out of that vehicle, so that's fine. you have to have your weapon under your control. had that individual had a weapon in his hand we wouldn't be sitting here today discussing this. the affordable care act of the matter is on the face of what we see, i understand and correct me if i'm wrong, that the officer radioed in that the guy wasn't cooperating after he shot him. that's a problem.
11:47 am
i see the guy cooperating. i see the guy coming out of this vehicle. then there was another issue that the guy. was fleeing. that was another report. >> that was a concern according to the officer. >> the guy is coming out hands up and you could see that. that's not a fleeing felon. >> back on the da, shock and confusion are the words that we're hearing here leading this officer to respond the way he did. is that satisfactory? >> it's not. i do think that it really does -- >> she dies. >> it raises some interesting questions as to mind set. you're talking about shock and confusion being the mind set of the officer and what is taking place, but on the other hand, you're saying you're not able to prove intent. he's able to comment about one mind set with respect to shock and confusion, but to the woeful discharge of his weapon, we can't prove that beyond a
11:48 am
reasonable doubt. those things don't jog and reconcile with each other very well, which struck a as being very odd to me when i listen to the prosecutor and read his report. >> you and i use one word. it will all boil down to training. i would be very interested to see what training procedures and what what type of sinces in training that these officers go through. training has a lot to do with this. the officer we got to take him at his word. i think the guy got frightened and the weapon fired. >> why not report it for 11 minutes? >> i was just going to say that. i learned one thing. tell the truth. if you foul up, you foul up, but always tell the truth. >> that's where discipline comes into. the conversation. in order for a law enforcement to understand that these actions will not be tolerated, and. by actions i'm referring specifically to what we see on the dash cam does not add up to what is told in these reports. discipline has to come into
11:49 am
effect. officers know and law enforcement knows they have to tell the truth or be held accountable. >> we saw the video. wanted to to have the conversation again. no criminal charges filed. thank you both so much. still ahead, he was considered too spoil ed to go t jail. this young man who killed four people in a drunk driving accident now the manhunt is is on for the teen in texas who disappeared after police issued a warrant for his arrest. plus a major development involving the identify theft company life lock over what it failed to do for customers. you're watching cnn, we'll be right back.
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tonight when the calendar rolls over to december 18th shss for -- "the force awakens." the "star wars" saga opens a new chapter at midnight here in the united states. advanced ticket sales are galactic according to the hollywood reporter. sales have reached $100 million and still counting. we'll e show you some pictures of the fans camping out and hanging out and lining up. some have been there since the
11:54 am
5th of this month. not everyone is feeling the force. like cnn digitals todd leopold. he has an article called "please stop forcing "star wars" on me." to counter his grinchness around the holidays here, i'm bringing in van jones, who usually joins us to talk politics, but today getting real on "star wars." e great to see both of you. . van, ipts to pick on you first. you are a friend and we were having din r in vegas and talking politics and you whispered you were excited about friday. when you bought your movie ticket, tell everybody about that. >> i bought it months ago and i'm proud. anybody that can watch that "star wars" trailer and not get the goose bumps needs to go to the hospital. "star wars," new light sabers, new droids, are you kidding me?
11:55 am
>> i feel you through the screen, but todd, are you going to rain on his parade? >> i'm not going to rain on his parade. may the force be with him. me i'm going to take a few weeks off and cash in when the crowds declined a little bit. >> this is the bigst sinmatic event possibly in the history of cinema. if you are not there tomorrow night, how are you going to explain that to your children? this is "star wars." >> it is "star wars" and it was a phenomenon back in 1987. the internet has done a terrific job explaining it to everybody, including people who are more agnostic about "star wars." >> you guys keep going and then i'm going to jump in. . >> first of all, this is a huge deal. you and i were kids with the
11:56 am
first one. my nephews were kids with the second set. my children watched the clone wars. now a whole different generation. this is a key -- this is the central metaphor for american mythology. this is the greek gods. this is huge. you can see yo da on five continents and people know what you're talking about. harrison ford as hans solo r you kidding me? this is unreal. >> it's very true. it's incredible the way this one-time little b movie that was going to be dumped has become this incredible phenomenon. but all i can say in my defense, for better or worse, it didn't connect with me or i didn't connect with it in 1977 or 1983 and to this day -- >> your lack of faith is disturbing. >> you feel the force. >> let me jump in. i'm hearing both of you. i was born in '79 so i remember
11:57 am
watching it as a kid. i remember fact sizing over having that village in my backyard. that said, that second round of movies were kind of so-so. so i'm wondering, van, if your expectations are a tad too high for this next attempt. >> jj abrams, forget it. this is going to be amazing. have you seen the trailer? i got goose bumps through my suit just thinking about it. jj abrams, "star wars," it's off the chart. you have not seen harrison ford as this guy for what, 20 or 30 years. you see him on the screen, come on. i'm concerned about you, brother. it didn't connect with you as a kid? i don't understand. >> what movies do you like to see?
11:58 am
>> i mentioned a space odyssey. that's the most bore iing mu vo vee of all time. i can't argue with that. when something hits you in the heart, it's hard to argue with it. it's really meaningful. the movies that connect with me, i love comedies. you're talking about mainstream movies, they are ul over the board. whatever hits your sweet spot. i mentioned "booet l mania." i adore everything. "star wars" has never did it for me. >> you're entitled to that opinion. we'll end with you and your goose bumps. i feel like i'm seeing a young van jones, a little boy on screen right now. who gets to go with you? are you taking your son? >> i'm taking my sons and my wife. we're all going. >> family outing. >> family outing, and you don't want to e see what i'm wearing.
11:59 am
it will be an instagramable moment. >> i will be looking for that when that happens. thank you both for much for having a little fun with me on this thursday. >> take care. >> may the force be with you. how about this? this is what i'm excited about. another pop culture milestone at the rock and roll hall of fame. it took four nominations, but finally n.w.a. is being inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. ♪ >> this comes after the legendary hip hop group hit the big screen this past summer "straight out ta compton." you have other inductees chosen by more than 800 members of the hall's voting committee.
12:00 pm
thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. today is the day we expect to see the first criminal charges now filed in the deadliest terror attack here in the united states since 9/11. the san bernardino shooting. the man likely to be charged has told officials he did not know about the plot that would kill 14 people. but prosecutors say this man enrique marquez did admit to providing some of the weapons used in the mass murder. marquez was a friend of the husband. they were killed in that police shootout hours after they opened fire in that center in san bernardino. also this, cnn has just learned they were buried two days ago, though no word on where.
12:01 pm
let me get straight to evan perez and with us here is defense attorney randy cellen. you have more news on the charges. >> that's right. we expect that the charges for enrique marquez will center on the firearms that he says he bought for syed rizwan farook. he says syed rizwan farook he asked hum to get them because he didn't want to draw attention. these firearms were bought in 2011 and 2012. . it's interesting that's around the period that marquez claims that he and farook cooked up this plan to carry out a terrorist attack of their own. marquez says he converted to islam before then. that's part of the story he's been telling the fbi. he's been talking to the fbi now cooperatively telling them everything he knows for the past
12:02 pm
week or so. he's waived his miranda rights and has a lawyer helping him. he's looking for some kind of leniency because he knows he's in trouble for having secured these firearms used to kill 14 people and injury so many others. so we expect that those charges will center around those firearms. it doesn't mean this is the end of it. the fbi is still working on this case and may bring additional charges. they don't have to show all their cards just yet. >> this is pernt innocent to the weapons charges. when you support provide to terrorists -- >> even though he had no idea.
12:03 pm
this is real life. does anyone really think this guy would get a fair trial? plus all of this evidence could possibly come in if there could be some proof he was talking about another plot. remember a conspiracy is just the agreement and somebody doing something in furtherance of the agreement. you don't actually have to carry it out. what chance would this guy have in a courtroom. he negotiates a cooperation agreement. they probably want to know who these people were working with and that will allow the judge not to put him in for the rest of his life. >>. interestingly enough, he checked himself into a mental health facility. >> is he out or still in? >> he's not in anymore. he's been working and talking to the fbi. really that's going to play a
12:04 pm
role in this because i think from his lawyer's perspective, he's going to try to argue, i think, that perhaps that's one reason to have some leniency. he says he went in there because he was upset about the attacks. says had e had nothing to do with it. he even says he helped farook build ieds in the past but takes no speedometer for those associated with the event. >> he says he didn't know about the plot. he checks himself in. when you're hearing all of that and thinking as his -- if you're prosecuting him, what do you do? >> if i'm prosecuting him, i would love to have this guy in my conference room because i would love to ask him about what the real bad people were doing, who they were talking to, who they were networking with, maybe you can tell me where the hard drive is. maybe you can tell me where there's other evidence so i can
12:05 pm
find the rest of this network. what i give him is a cooperation agreement, which is i'm going to go to the judge and say, judge, do what you want, cut this guy a break. he helped us, he provided substantial assistance. then the fact that he checked himself into rehab, that becomes a different argument. you have a downward departure because of cooperation. over here you have a sentence. one of them being i was messed up in the head. i came clean and am helping. let me see the light of day some time soon. >> we should know about the charges. maybe more about the additional charges. thank you both very much on that. there has been a major development in the paris attack that killed 129 people and wounded more than 350 others from last month. here's what we're learning. a source says french authorities are now convinced that the
12:06 pm
ringleader of those attacks abdelhamid abaaoud returned to france by way of greece. the greek island leros. greece has been inundated with refugees trying to flee this war back home. it is not clear if abdelhamid abaaoud exploited the refugee processing system to cross the borders. just this it afternoon we heard from president obama defending the u.s. process for screening refugees. he spoke from the national counterterrorism center. >> any refugee come iing to the united states, some of them victims of terrorism themselves, will continue to get the most intensive scrutiny of any arrival. they go up to two years of vetting including biometric screening. >> cnn terrorism analyst and editor in chief paul cruickshank
12:07 pm
joins me now live on the phone. before we talk about perhaps abdelhamid abaaoud's path through europe, with regard to refugees, the fact that a lot of folks back here at home have been up in arms over bringing in refugees because terrorists like this man could sneak in and crack the system. >> well clearly there's been concern about this, especially in the wake of the paris attacks. we know at least two of the attackers came in through the greek island of leros. they had fake syrian passports and posed as refugees exploiting the syrian refugee processing system to get into europe. also the possibility now that the ringleader in the plot was also in leros and also exploiting that refugee processing system. what we hear from our sources is
12:08 pm
that the french have a firm belief now that he was in leros in the weeks before the paris attacks. what they are investigating right now is whether he indeed entered the european union exploiting this refugee processing system. so they are investigating both those possibilities. clearly there has been mounting concern they have been trying to exploit the system and the sheer offers but there have not been a huge number of cases where there has been a confirmed nex us is between terrorism and refugees coming in.
12:09 pm
>>. okay, let me ask you about this remaining fugitive. the one law in belgium that prevented overnight how searches may have allowed him to evade capture for days. >> well, that's a possibility that some in the belgium parliament have been raising. my understanding is that that is far from confirmed. belgium counterterrorism officials telling me that the trail for him went cold on the saturday after the attacks just one day after the attack and that they have had no information about him since then. the question was a few days later. this may turn out really not to be very much, but clearly, the
12:10 pm
background here is that there has been concern in belgium about some of the restrictions put on the police in terms of when they can go in and conduct raids, but i don't think it's established that these restrictions played a big impass. >> paul cruickshank, thank you for taking the time to call in. i appreciate that. officials have also revealed the encryption apps that they believe some of these paris terrorists used in the days before the onslaught on november 13th. officials say these kill rs used apps you probably have on your phone. investigators can see that because of the encryption here, they may never know what's in these messages. just yesterday the director of the fbi expressed frustration over how encryption helps terrorists go dark at the most urgent times. >> if isil finds somebody online who is a live one, someone who might be willing to travel or kill in place, they will begin a
12:11 pm
twitter direct messaging kakts. if they really think this is someone who will kill on their behalf, they make another move. they move them from twitter direct messaging chrks we can get access to to a mobile messaging app that's ento end encrypted. at that moment, the needle that we have been searching a nationwide hay stack to find goes invisible to us. >> the paris attackers used other methods to cover their tracks including changing sim cards and try iing to avoid surveillance. coming up from russia with love, vladimir putin calling donald trump outstanding, flamboyant and talented. now he reveals what he would do if donald trump were to win the white house. plus is jeb bush thinking about backing out of the loyalty pledge over donald trump? hear what his advisers are doing behind the scenes. sdplnch and this new twist in the
12:12 pm
teen who avoided jail after driving drunk and killing four people. he's missing now and authorities suspect he is on the run. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. candidates back on the campaign trail following tuesday night's
12:16 pm
republican debate here on cnn in las vegas. jeb bush told donald trump that his insults will not get him to the white house. trump got a chance to hit back on the jimmy kimmel show. >> is jeb bush scared of you or scare d in general? >> i think he's scared of me. he's having a hard time. >> do you think he wants to run for president? >> no, he was a happy warrior, but he's never been a happy warrior. he's having a hard time running. he was supposed to be because of the name everyone thought he was the favorite. i gave him this term low energy. i said he's a low energy individual. we don't need low energy. >> he may call jeb bush low energy, jeb bush in his camp may be hitting back harder. dana bash joins me now with that. dana bash, great job the other
12:17 pm
night at the debate. good to see you. so the bush camp told you that they are look iing into what wod happen if jeb jb were to withdraw his loyalty pledge, is that correct? >> kind of. it's not because of what you said, it's because of how kind of murky the bush campaign is making this. let me show you what the bush spokesman said on the record. he said the following. we did due diligence looking into the pledge rules. the reality is jeb made his view that trump would be an unserious, chaos president crystal clear on tuesday night. he's focused on beating him. so there you have that. now the back story. the back story is that there was a story in politico this morning that said that jeb bush was considering going out on tuesday night and saying he's not going
12:18 pm
to support donald trump if donald trump is the nominee. i talked to a bush adviser this morning, who said that insisted that wasn't true. he isn't going to say anything else saying he won't entertain that. he believes he jeb bush would be the nonominee, end of story. the campaign was getting calls after trump's new policy not to allow muslims into this country u came out. they were getting calls saying do you still support him that they did due diligence and looked at states that require a pledge to get on the ballot to make sure there would be no wiggle room. if you're a little kind of perplexed -- >> there's a lot of zigzagging here. >> why they would do that and still not to make the pledge, it leads back to the original,
12:19 pm
which is are we sure that jeb bush was really not considering going after trump in. the ultimate way saying i won't support you even if you're the nominee. >> things that make you go hmm. let's talk ted cruz and marco rubio. their debate performances, their back and forth was the headline. they are arguing still on the campaign trail. here's a sampling with regard to immigration. >> i think senator rubio's campaign understands if conservatives continue to unite, they don't have a path to victory. their only hope is to try to launch false attacks. that's something they have been doing more and more. >> everyone on that stage talks tough. it's easy. i can stand here this morning and say we're going to destroy isis or blow them up and make the sand glow. that's easy to say. what are you going to do it with? >> these two have some things in common, but they seem to have such different bases looking at the spectrum. why are they u so totally going
12:20 pm
after each other, do you think? >> that's such a good point. first of all, just who they are. not only are they the same age up until two weeks ago when cruz turns 45. they kind of have the same kind of new face next generation republican. but you're absolutely right. marco rubio now that jeb bush is doing so poorly in the polls is hoping to get that establishment mantle vote, if you will. ted cruz doesn't want any part of that. . e he has been mr. outside e i'm not going to listen to the washington establishment. however, the first contest date is in iowa. and the immigration issue is one -- i should say that ted cruz in several polls is up, in one poll way, way up in iowa. the expectation at this point is that ted cruz should win iowa. so what marco rubio is trying to do is stall his momentum by turning around something that was supposed to be his own achilles heel, that he supports
12:21 pm
a path wway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. turn that around on the debate stage on ted cruz and suggest that he supports legal status, something that many iowa republicans those saying they will go out and caucus for ted cruz do not support. it's becoming so incredibly intense between the two of them. it's all about iowa. >> it is. iowa, february 1st, got it on my calendar. dana bash, you do as well. thank you so much. the republican presidential candidates are on the road today. it's still quite the crowded field with more than a dozen stul vying for the job. many still in single digits in the polls. so when is it time to call it quits? who needs to say bye-bye? claire malone is with me today. has been talking about what's called this drop out draft. kand of like the fantasy football of politics. also is jamie weinstein. so good to see both of you.
12:22 pm
so to you first. according to your blog and fantasy football of politics, who should be dropping out? >> i think it's a lot of the guys like lindsey graham. someone who is in the establishment vein and worried about the state of the party. if you watched the undercard debate, he was trying to be the voice of reason saying trump isn't a good look for the party. >> he's not the only one. he's done pretty well in the undercard debates. >> another one we said is rand paul should be getting out of the race. he's not doing that well in the polls. he's slipping in support. cruz is going to pick up the libertarian voters that would be leaning rand's weay. i'm not sure how many will drop out before iowa and take christmas break to say we talked about it as a family and not sure we should do it. >> you sound like a politician there. that's who you say should drop.
12:23 pm
you say four should remain. >> at this it point, there's only four that have a plausible way. at the top of that list are three candidates, trump, cruz and rubio. they are really fighting it out. the dark horse is chris christie. if he can somehow upset new hampshire, there's still some voters out there that believe that it's a governor that we need. he seems to be the governor that is the last one remaining with a shot. those are the four that i think should remain in and the others should call it a day. >> do you think the other four have enough variety to satisfy everyone under the tent? >> you're never going to satisfy all the rand paul supporters. he's a unique flavor in the party. ted cruz is trying to pick up some of them, but it doesn't matter if it satisfies everyone. the others weren't able to get enough support. these are the four that really look like they have some chance. christie is a smaller chance, but the other three are a serious chance of winning the nomination. >> as folks have been talking
12:24 pm
about when and who, if any of these candidates would benefit from having a larger field. >> in some ways, ted cruz benefits from having donald trump in the race. >> why? >> it's a little drafting on the support of trump voters kind of like cruz and cruz voters are kind of picking up what trump is putting down. i think that trump -- ted cruz is a conservative. he has socially -- having trump in the race makes cruz look a bit more mainstream. if trump weren't in the race, there would be eyes on cruz saying he doesn't have any friends in washington. what's his deal? i think cruz benefits from having trump in there. >> i think trump benefits the most because he has passionate supporters that won't leave him. who's hurt is marco rubio by having christie and bush in the race. they are take wag from that establishment support that would probably go to marco rubio if they were out of the race.
12:25 pm
>> thank you both so much. we will talk again i have a feeling. still ahead, have you heard? the russian president calling donald trump bright and talented in this national address. we'll dig deeper into how vladimir putin would deal with the potential president trump. but first the teen at the center of that case is now mia. his lawyers argue he was too spoiled to e know right from wrong. killed four people. he got off with probation and he's missing. the sheriff not surprised to hear they can't find him. >> i hate to say i told you so, but i told you so. ng a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa,
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12:29 pm
a little bit of breaking news. we're learning the former speaker of the house has suffered a stroke. we have more from washington. >> it turns out that former house speaker dennis hastert was hospitalized in november. that's according to his lawyer. i have a statement. mr. hastert has been treated for
12:30 pm
accept sis while in the hospital. two surgeries on his back were performed. we're hopeful he will be released from the hospital in the early part of the new year. it's interesting that he was hospitalized that first week of november because if you remember in the last week of october, dennis hastert pleaded guilty to essentially structuring money to hide it. he also pled guilty to lying to federal officials and sources told cnn that the money he was trying to hide was to keep the silence of a former student who he sexually assaulted. you might remember before he was in congress, he served as a high school wrestling coach in illinois. so now we know that he has suffered a stroke. they are hopeful he can come back out of the hospital after the first of the year and dennis hastert is scheduled to be sentenced for those crimes on february 29th. he's looking up to six months in
12:31 pm
jail here. so some breaking news. dennis hastert has suffered a stroke. he had two surgeries on his back and is expected to recover and come out of the hospital after the first of the year. >> we will talk about that sentencing in february i'm sure. thank you very the update. i appreciate that. let's get to this next story. i know it outraged so many of you. a teen so rich, so spoiled he was judged to be unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. remember he was dubbed the afte who drove drunk and killed four people in texas. at the time, he was 16 years of age. two years into his probation, this video has recently surfaced. yep, beer pong showing him at a party where alcohol is being consumed playing beer pong. you see the cups. it would be a violation of his probation. he and his mother have
12:32 pm
disappeared. his probation officer has not been able to reach him. the sheriff in texas is saying he predicted this. >> i hate to say i told you so but i told you so. the family has plenty of money and i think this was planned and i believe they planned to get away and i believe they are going to run far and try to hide. u just don't think -- i'll be happy to be wrong if he's hiding somewhere locally. >> nancy grace. from our sister network hln. i have to say to be fair, we don't know if if he was drinking and playing beer pong. i don't know when the video was taken. beer pong and mom missing. >> well, first of all, let me stress that beer pong is the least of my concerns. the fact, however, that he would be playing beer pong with all of his friends and sliding half naked up and down a table
12:33 pm
covered in glasses of beer is totally repulsive to me. and this is why. he killed four people. we can all laugh and make light of him playing beer pong. he killed four people. one a mother and a daughter. how do you think that father/husband feels when he hears that his this guy gets straight probation for killing four, leaving two others totally paralyzed permanently. he gets straight probation and then doesn't report to probation. that's what first raises suspicion of texas authorities. then this vud owe shows up. he knows he's in trouble. now he's gone. and his mother is gone too. i have spoken personally with the sheriff in tarrant county who tells me there's no doubt in his mind that he is on the lam. now you all may think that beer pong is not a big deal, but that is not the issue. the issue is failing crime
12:34 pm
victims. they trust our system. when things like this happen, it's like a kick in the teeth. >> it is like a kick in the teeth. you're right to point out the four people kill ed in the accident. the mother here, the fact that she is missing as well, when they find her, what could she be charge d with? >> aiding and abetting, harboring a fugitive, obstruction of justice and that's just for starters. these people are rich. i'm not talking like they pulled out $100,000 a year. i'm talking millions. they have this huge mansion. they have a lakeside retreat. the mom and the son are living in a rental home. the sheriff has not been able to account for any vehicles. i guarantee you either these two flew commercially before the warrant was issued or they made off in a private jet. that's very easy to do. think about it.
12:35 pm
you flash a fake i.d. and you're out of there. >> when hay that find him, because they will find him, what happens to this kid? >> well, now he's 18. now there's going to be a big brouhaha whether he will be treated as a juvenile or as an adult. he has gone on the lam as an adult. so he will be treated as an adult. so he will be going to adult jail. and another thing worse than the beer pong. worse than that is never showing any remorse. he never looked the families in the face and said, my god, i am so sorry for what i did. i'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to make up for it. never, not a word. >> you're right to call him an adult. i stand correct ed. he's 18 years of age. he knows what he's doing. nancy grace, thank you. we watch nancy on hln every weeknight. thank you. . coming up next, cnn gets
12:36 pm
rare access to the syrian air base where russia is launching its bombing campaign. this as britain accuses russia of helping isis with airstrikes. we'll tell you how russians are responding to that. plus vladimir putin suggesting he would be in favor of donald trump as president. we'll read between the lines. but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the
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12:39 pm
it has been three months since russia started launching aur strikes in syria. now come new accusations that the strikes are helping not hurting isis. a large majority of airstrikes are targeting the rebel forces who are fighting isis. and as the target of russia's airstrikes come into further doubt, matthew chance was able to get inside the air base in syria, the place where the strikes are launched. matthew?
12:40 pm
>> this is how the kremlin supports syrian allies and the battle its enemies. we gained rare access to the syrian air base, now the military hub of russia's air war. this really does feel like the center of a massive russian military operation. the air is filled with the smell of jet fuel. and the ground shutters with the roar of those war planes returning from their bombing missions. russia's defense ministry says more than 200 targets have been struck in just 24 hours. 320 militants killed, it says, from isis and other rebel groups fighting the syrian government and its president bashar al assad. so i'm joined by the chief military spokesman for the russian government and russian
12:41 pm
defense ministry. thank you for the trip. he's escorting here on this trip of the military base. let me ask you this it question. that question atiat question ab targeting. is it isis are you supporting bashar al assad? >> translator: i can answer the question with our actions. every day we show you how russia is fighting terrorism, destroying their infrastructure in syria. >> reporter: on our tour of the base, we were shown how russia carefully arms its bombers with high-tech precision weaponry. e we also saw unguided bombs being loaded. human rights groups accuse russia of killing civilians from the air, a charge the kremlin
12:42 pm
stren ewously denies. there's another plane coming in now that's touching down. it's going to be very noisy. it was just carried out an airstrike somewhere in syria against rebel targets. russia says it is stopping isis in its tracks, shrinking the territory they and other groups control. after more than 4,000 saudis over syria, this kremlin air war shows no sign of winding down. matthew chance, cnn, western syria. >> matthew chance, thank you. vladimir putin is making headlines today for a very different reason. paying more than a few compliments to the republican front runner. here he was.
12:43 pm
>> translator: he's a brilliant and talented person without a doubt. but it is not our right to identify these virtues fps the prerogative u of the u.s. voters. he's the leader in the presidential debate z, as we have seen. >> the feeling is definitely mutual. donald trump said he respects vladimir putin, thinks the two would get along famously. >> i think in terms of leadership, he's get iting an a and our president is not doing so well. they did not look good together. >> i think i would probably get along with him well and don't think we'd be having the kind of problems we're having now. >> i believe we'll have a very good relationship with russia. i believe i will have a good relationship with putin. >> trump has also said if elected he would expand relations with russia. joining me now from moscow is jill dougherty of the internal center for defense and security. she's the former bureau chief. good to see you.
12:44 pm
let's just get right to it. he's pointing out that donald trump is the front runner in this race. but what do you think vladimir putin is up to, if anything, with these comments? >> it's very intriguing because it wasn't part of the news conference. it actually happened right after that when reporters went up to him and threw him a couple of questions. it was a foreigner, but i couldn't figure out the accent. i think what he's doing is he's taking a swipe at obama in an indirect way. . the whole narrative here in russia is that obama is weak. he's a very weak president. here comes donald trump, who is a strong image. president putin likes strong images. e he obviously himself gives the image over and over again of being a strong leader. so maybe kind of in that sense they bond on that level. then also again, it allows him
12:45 pm
to kind of oppose donald trump to president obama. then also he says in one breath he says he's the strongest candidate. he's out there winning. he's an interesting guy. but i don't want to mess with american politics. during the news conference, he said those americans always tell us who to vote for, but we don't do that with them. so you have this on the one hand and other hand, which is what vladimir putin is very good at doing. >> i think you're right on the money pointing out a slap at obama because i have never. heard putin say those words about the current president. these two men, talk about some of the biggest personalities on the planet. they may talk nice now, but if they both had the power that that could be a recipe for a mega confrontation, jill
12:46 pm
dougherty. >> it could. it would just depend on what donald trump was try iing to dot that given moment. vladimir putin's motive is to let his opponent and still remember the united states is an opponent for russia right now. the americans are criticized constantly over here in russia. so e he would let let's say the united states take a move and then try to come in and either criticize, answer, et cetera. however, recently we're seeing a little bit of movement by president putin to become more friends again. and you're seeing that on syria. let's work together to fight terrorism. it's going to be a big meeting tomorrow in new york at the united nations. and i think you're going to see a little bit more positive image of president putin trying to
12:47 pm
work with the united states. >> final question, indulge me. with your knowledge of politics over there. if vladimir putin could vote in this election, if he could have his way, who do you think he would pick as president? >> well, i will tell you i have to be diplomatic. but the relationship with hillary clinton is not so good because remember president putin accused hillary clinton of stirring up revolt and problems in ukraine. so his track record with her is pretty bad. very personal comments about that. among the other candidates, i can't really say who other than he obviously seems to be throwing his vote to donald trump. but i would ask myself, why is he doing that? because vladimir putin doesn't
12:48 pm
do anything for the fun of it. >> i think your answer was not hillary would be the answer for vladimir putin. jill, great to see you. thank you so much for your candor, i appreciate it. coming up next, they promised to protect the people from identity theft. now lifelock will have to pay out a massive settlement over what it failed to do for its customers. we have that for you, coming up. but the more you learn about your coverage, the more gaps you might find. like how you thought you were covered for all this... when you're really only covered for this. hot dog? or how you may think you're covered for this... but not for this... whoa! no, no, oh , oh! ...or this... ...or this. ...or that... talk to farmers and see what gaps could be hiding in your coverage. my heaven! ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum. bum - bum - bum - bum ♪
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all right. so this is kind of a massive promise to make anyone especially in this age of rampant identity theft, the company life lock promises to keep your personal information safe, but today lifelock agreed to pay $100 million to the federal trade commission to settle charges that it in fact did not make good on its promise. it did not protect its customers personal data. and that its claims were in fact false. joining me cnn money's paul la monica. this goes back to 2010 and this deceptive claim which was -- >> yeah, this is the second time. so back in 2010 lifelock settled, paid $12 million over claims that their advertising was basically false. this is the company that used to have their ceo's picture on a truck driving around with his real social security number on it and the ftc found lifelock wasn't really protecting customers from every single type
12:53 pm
of identity theft including some of the most common ones. that's why they got dinged a few years ago. >> this is a megadeal. >> this new settlement is because they didn't live up to all the original terms. some of the things ftc found is lifelock was claiming their security was as good as the banks, which turned out not to be offering 24/7 365 service as soon as they noticed there was something wrong with your credit report. that didn't turn out either. these claims go to 2014, so lifelock apparently has gotten its act together and now paying $100 million to settle. >> okay. heads up for anyone who uses it. >> amazingly they now have more users than they did a year ago. >> no kidding. paul, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, commercial flights are cleared for takeoff from the united states to cuba. what this historic move means for your chances of buying a ticket. we're the only american network there in cuba. we'll take you live to havana next.
12:54 pm
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. all right. quickly here, just to note on sergeant bowe bergdahl who we know will be facing this general court-martial we just didn't have a date. now we officially have a date, he will be arraigned december 22nd in fort bragg, north carolina. let's end with this today.
12:58 pm
cuba, cuba, soon commercial flights from the united states will resume to the island nation for the first time in more than half a century. the state department says it has reached an agreement with cuba. right now charter service is actually the only way to go you can fly between these two countries. this is the latest step to restore ties between the united states and cuba after decades of very frosty relations. patrick oppmann is our correspondent based there in havana. this is exciting for people wanting to go where you live. tell me about this. >> reporter: it's going to make things a lot easier, brooke. in the near future you will be able to contact your jetblue, american airlines, any one of these major u.s. airliners that want to open up full-time operations with cuba. and buy a ticket almost like you would any other country. i say almost because it is still illegal to come here as a tourist under u.s. law.
12:59 pm
but there are a lot of ways frankly around that. there are now 12 authorized categories, but one of the catches it's been very difficult to come here on these charter services that have been run somewhat inefficiently and are very expensive. and don't have probably as many options and as many destinations as people would like. that is expected to change very soon, brooke. we expect probably early part of next year that there will be many more american carriers landing in cuba establishing regular service. and tens of thousands of more americans descending on this country. where are they going to stay? where are they going to go? that's a big deal because this is a country that uses soviet era infrastructure. cubans do realize they need to build more hotels. they need to upgrade a lot of things in this cash strapped country. it's a big challenge. they have to succeed at confronting if they're going to take advantage of this huge
1:00 pm
interest in the united states that was until recently completely off limits, brooke. >> i'm listening very closely early next year, got it. patrick oppmann, got live in havana. thank you so much. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. let's go to washington with "the lead." the commander in chief tries again to calm a jittery nation. "the lead" starts right now. after san bernardino with fear of lone wolves rising, president obama goes to mission control for hunting terrorists and tells americans to have a happy holiday season, but keep your eyes open. is this the battle for second place? ted cruz and marco rubio take their fight to the campaign trail as trump gets an unexpected, perhaps unwanted endorsement from russia with love. plus, maybe it's not all bad luck after all. a provocative new study finds that 90% of cancer could be