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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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the very moment we meet princess leah, she asserts herself as. >> i'm a member of the imperial senate on a mission to ult ron. >> leah's mother notes -- >> i was not elected to watch my people suffer and die while you discuss this invasion in a committee. >> reporter: people suffering and dying while politicians yuck it up at a committee hearing doesn't sound so far, far away. >> all right, the force, asin jake tapper. thanks so much. all right, the next hour of the "cnn newsroom" begins right now. sgl. hello, thanks for joining me. democratic presidential candidates spared in what was the last debate of the year.
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they took to the new hampshire stage and instead of targeting each other, they spent a lot of time going after donald trump and chris, what stood out to you? >> what stood out to me was all the drama in the days before last night's debate. you thought for sure that sparks might fly between clinton and sanders, finally giving democrats some of the excitement republicans have had all debate season long. finally a democratic debate with a potential for drama. and the debate stage was set for the top two democrats to throw down over allegations that sanders exploited a software glitch, a move clinton's camp called below the belt. clinton goes for the juggialer, signaling that she was ready to throw mud in saturday night's
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debate. >> i apologize. >> reporter: wait, what? >> not only do i apologize to secretary clinton -- >> i very much appreciate that comment, bernie. i don't think the american people are all that interested in this. >> reporter: instead she thought americans wanted to hear about how she would take on republicans, largely ignoring her two democratic rivals. >> and we need to make sure that the really discriminatory messages that trump is acceptediacceptesending around the world don't fall on subjective ears. he is doing isis's work for him. we now finally are where we need to be. we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis, which is a danger to us as well as the region and we finally
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have a u.n. security counsel resolution bringing the world together to go after a political transition in syria. >> reporter: republicans pounced on that remark. jeb bush tweeting, no, hillary clinton, we're not where we need be in the fight against isis. o'malley. >> iceal training videos are telling loan wolves the easiest way to fwooi a gun is at a gun show and that's because of what my colleagues have represented for the past forty years. >> reporter: so none of the flash and bang that people had hoped for. neither landing any game changers and hillary clinton left the last debate of the year so solidly the frontrunner and
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she said that republicans want to roll back all this progress made under barack obama. >> thank s so much. so, bernie sanders did apologize but also had something to say on the sunday talk shows today. he wasn't too kind about how the dnc reacted to how his staff accessed voter data from hillary clinton's campaign. >> our access to our own information could significantly hinder our campaign was a complete overreaction and that was absolutely wrong. >> i'm going to bring in simone sanders, she is the national press secretary for the sanders campaign. good to see you, simone. >> thank you for having me, fred. good to be here. >> so, does he feel like it's done? he's apologized to hillary
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clinton and now, it's water under the bridge? >> you know, senator sanders, i think he made it very clear how he felt on the debate stage and this morning, so, yeah, senator sanders, he came out, he was authentic. he had boundless energy and the apology was very sincere and he meant it and he wanted to get back to speaking about the issues and that's what everybody on the debate stage wanted to do. they want to know how they're going to keep their communities safe and put food on the tables for their families. >> has he expressed to you that he's in any way concerned about whether the actions of his staffers will reflect on him. he's supposed to be the
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antiestablishment guy. and whether it be one, three, four, we're hearing varing i numbers of those involved, does it tarnish him? >> what our former stater did was inappropriate. now, the fire wall breach was at fault of the dnc vendor but that doesn't mean that our staffer should have looked at the it data and once we found out what happened, we took swift action inturernally to terminate that staffer and we will take additional disciplinary action if needed. mr. sanders was very clear that's not what our campaign stands for. we're cooperating with the dnc is and we've call fred for an outside audit for their handling
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of all of the campaigns this entire campaign season. we want to get back to speaking about the issues that the american people care about. >> he is from nearby vermont, your in that vicinity right now. but how do he and his supporters believe they can defeat clinton in states where they're made up of larger blocks of hispanics, and what's the mindset? >> the mindset is tat we're taking our message to where voters are, meeting them in their communities. in nevada, we have opened more offices than any other presidential campaign candidate in the state. we travelled throughout south carolina, we are meeting people where they are. we're taking our message to the beauty shop, the barber shops and the bible studies and we're
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actively talking about the issues people care about. whether ethethey're white, blacr latino, they care about economic equality, and making sure their communities are safe and that there's adequate money in their pocket. so, we again are speaking to the issues that people care about. we know the name recognition in some communities is not as high but we're working to change t t that. we'll be back soon. >> simone sanders of the bernie sanders campaign. >> thanks for having me. have a great day. >> you too. we're learning that former president jimmy carter told his congregation that his grandson died. this is a picture of him in 2009. jeremy on the left in the blue
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shirt and the reverend saying this, jeremy carter had naupt been feeling well yesterday andality some point later in the day he had gone to sleep and during that time the heart stopd and they puerformed cpr and the took him from the hospital. they were trying to keep his hard going and eventually a long enough time passed and he was pronounced dead. and a suspicious device on a plane forced a plane to make an emergency landing. disturbing details on what ooficials found.
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a suspicious device found on an air france flight was not a bomb, according to the airline. four people have been detained in connection with what the airline ceo calls a nasty joke.
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it made an emergency landing in kenya after the flight crew was alerted. what more are you learning about the four people being questioned? >> well, the kennian authorities are being pretty tight lipped. this packed triple 7 more than 450 passengers, vacationers frump the ocean island heading back to paris, france when a passenger went into the laboratory behind the cupboard, they saw this device. the device, they said was a cardboard box containing papers, a kitchen timer like device which would immediately freak out someone if they saw that on a plane and the authorities are saying this is not a bomb and as you said the ceo saying it's a nasty joke. let's listen to the ceo in
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paris. >> translator: every time that we can get information, intelligence about the authors of this extremely unpleasant jokes, we can find this behavior both stupid and completely one which causes damage and absolutely unacceptable. >> many of the passengers have left kenya inroute back home. >> the question is was this deliberate or was it to bring chaos? >> and this isn't the first time that air france has experienced something like this. this is becoming a pattern, is it not, in the last month? >> it is a pattern. certainly. just over a month ago, you had those two flights from the u.s. on their way to paris and a bomb
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call came in and certainly nervous time for flying, both in the wake of the hideous paris attacks and of course, the russian airline that was brought down when it took off enroute to moscow. so, they will look inwhether the four people had anything to do with it. it wasn't an exploisive device but of course, in those moments when the captain heard about something suspicious, they had to divert, certainly the response from the kennian authorities seemed to be pretty rapid. and they initially thought perhaps there was a mechanical failure on the flight. but it turns out once again it's the threat or the fear of terror
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which is grounding these planes and causing a huge headache for air france in the last few weeks. >> thank you so much from kenya. ahead, an urgent message from a former al qaeda recruiter. and an american who says washington needs to make changes to compete with grizzly isis propaganda videos. we'll get advice in a cnn exclusive next. 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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investigators say the california killers were isis sympathizers. and it's still unclear how they were radicalized but often it happens online. we have an exclusive look at how that often plays out from an american who inspired others to wage jihad.
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here's elith bth cohen. >> reporter: he admits he was once one of the most effective isis recruiters. for his personal safety, we've disguised his voice. we can't say where he is or show his face or say his real name. but now he regrets what he did and wants to use his expertise to keep others from being recruited. >> there are couple of the individual that are now dead and i have to walk around with that for the rest of my life. >> reporter: he has a message for the united states government, if you want to stop terrorists from radicalizing people online, get your act together and fast. because videos like this one from the state department can't compete with videos like this one from isis.
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>> their honor is in -- >> reporter: so, what's so powerful about this video? >> look at the moving imagery, the animation, it's done with computer generated graphics. you see the movement, the very good graphic design skills. it's far superior to what's being done on the other side. >> reporter: he says it's the gaming generation, so like in games, isis uses a lot of symbols. >> the notion is that the united nations, the u.s. government and even the soldiers on the ground are in one grand conspiracy. >> reporter: is this going to desuede a young girl from joining? >> she'd consider it government propaganda. it would actually prove probably counter efecktual and help that narrative that the u.s. is in
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war with islam. >> reporter: and he says they're lost souls like he used to be. >> early in my youth i came from a traumatized and very dysfunctional family and as i got engaged more and more, they had people that were very kind, very, very, very giving. and now he has joined this movement and every day he's able to hold a coalition, standing in front of a black flag, praying with his brothers. it's like a community. >> and almost like a brother hood. >> it is. it is for them. >> reporter: the main character looks cartoonish and you never actually see him talk. he doesn't look real. >> they would just believe that's actor. >> it was a small operation
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against a culoss of messages from the islamic state. >> did you feel like the white house was committed to the mission, to what you were trying to do? >> it depends on what day you talk to them? >> reporter: what does that mean? >> it means they vary it according to the circumstances. if john oliver made a joke about the work offu our operation, it caused them to get flustered. so, it depends on the day, on the event what happened. >> so, one joke on a comedy show would make them anxious? >> yes. >> reporter: the state department says they've beefed up their staff for anti-isis messaging. >> it's a big challenge and a differ difficult challenge for government because government doesn't always move rapidly.
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>> reporter: he says if we don't want anymore attacks like chat nook -- chattanooga, california, we need step up. coming up, donald trump and jeb bush have battled before but now it's getting really ugly. ms.
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all right, welcome back. incredible pictures just now coming in from southeast china. hundreds of workers are searching a massive land slide, at least 22 buildings collapsed. and four drones are participating in the search and rescue effort.
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reskieers have saved at least eight people. it's not clear what caused this land slide. and today in this country, donald trump launching his harshest attacks yet on jeb bush on nbc's meet the press. calling him an embarrassment for the bush family. this is indeed getting really ugly. >> he's an embarrassment to the bush family and doesn't even want to use the bush name, which is interesting. >> just one thing i want to get off my chest, donald trump is a jerk. you can't insult your way to the presidency. >> it was so sad to watch him bush. it's like close to incompetent. you look at that and it was terrible. >> for us to win, donald trump can't be the nominee. he's not going to beat hillary
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clinton. not being able to answer the question about the roll of the nuclear tried a. the answer they gave was -- it made no sense at all. >> joining me now, the director at the center for politics at the university of virginia. you heard jeb bush say he doesn't think donald trump could actually beat hillary clinton. does that mean he stands a better chance of doing that? >> you know what, he does. and i'm starting to think these two don't like each other. just now starting to feel that way and hate is not too strong a word in this case. they really do want to see the other fail. we know two things. one, is that donald trump's followers could care less. they're not going to be turned off by what donald trump says. the other is that jeb bush, who
1:30 pm
a year ago this very week hinted strongly that he was running and shot to the top of the polls as a frontrunner is now down at 2%. so, my guess is that yes, he thinks somehow he can come back and if he can't, he wants to see donald trump go down and he would be happy to be the instrument of his down fall. >> you mention two points, in some it's three. so, really he has nothing to lose. is borrowing from trump's play book, the only option he says and i say barring from the play book, i mean using the harsh language. donald trump the first one to comment on people's hair or saying they were stupid and all that good stuff. bad stuff. >> name calling. calling somebody a jerk is not
1:31 pm
presidential, even while you're campaigning for president and i think bush for a long time tried to appear presidential. so, no, it doesn't help his cause but i think he's realistic to know that the pundits don't think he's going to we the republican nominee, so this might be the best he can do to bring down the donald trump. >> and i want to talk about the democratic debate last night. and hillary clinton and martin o'malley were brass about encrypted communication and this is what they said. >> apple ceo tim cook says removing encryption tools from our products altogether would only hurt law abiding citizens who rely on us to protect their data. so, would you force him to give law enforcement a key to encrypted technology by making it law? >> i would not want to go to
1:32 pm
that point. i would hope that given the extraordinary capacities that the tech community has and the legitimate needs and questions from law enforcement, that there could be a manhattan-like project, something that would bring the government and tech communities together. they have to be partners. it doesn't do anybody any good if terrorists can move towards encrypted information that no law enforcement agency can break into before or after. >> the federal government sld to get warrants. with new technologies, i believe the people creating these products also have an obligation to come together with law enforcement to figure these things out. >> all right. and now, joining the conversation here, cnn law enforcement analyst, good to see
1:33 pm
you tom. and larry. so, tom, you first. were either of these ideas strong enough in your view? >> i hear the candidates on both sides and sounds to me that they're ignorant about how this works. they think it's just a question of partnership and somehow they can solve it, create a manhattan project. the federal government and i know personally, the fbi, cia and nsa have had their top cryptolo cryptologist working on encryption and they can't get into it. so f you tell apple you can no longer put that in your devices because you're an american company, then what's to stop samsung or anybody else from plo blowing it out of the market because they continue to do it? and it's more than a lack of
1:34 pm
effort on the part of the government. >> and clinton is getting a bit of criticism for these comments. listen. >> i wish we could say, yes, let's go destroy isis and let's let assad continue to destroy syria, which creates more terrorists, more extremists by the minute. no, we now finally are where we need to be. we have a strategy and a commitment to go after isis, which is a danger to us as well as the region. >> and larry, what do you think she meant to say or what was the meaning behind when she says we're where we need to be? >> she didn't say it but i think what she meant is that president obama at first wanted to just contain isis and said so. hillary clinton said several times that she wants to destroy isis. i think she's more satisfied
1:35 pm
with where president obama has moved -- remember something -- phone's ringing. absolutely no question that thet tiny little statement "we're where we ought to be" believe me, that's going to be in a tv ad or two or three. >> so, what should be the priority for a presidential candidate right now fighting isis at home with issues like self radicalization or fighting isis in syria and the middle east? >> well, politically, i can sum it up in one word "toughness." with toughness, you will get a better hearing for umthe public, even at a democratic primary, and obviously, democrats have a different perspective in foreign policy. >> the problem with that is that self radicalization is something
1:36 pm
that occurs in somebody's brain and there's no way to look inside somebody's head and see what their intentions are going to be unless they tell other people and they report it or they make phone calls or try to recruit partners, then it gives the opportunity through out reach to maybe thwart the plots. and as long as they can do this on their own without significant assistance from the outside, i don't see anyway to stop it. you're not going to be able to evaluate what is in their head. >> so they really don't know, they don't have all the information at hand about what national security is really doing, what military strategy is really afoot. everything cannot be public information, so there's a lot of
1:37 pm
strategyizing. >> i disagree. it doesn't have to all be out but i think there's enough out there to say what we're doing for the most part to eliminate isis and what our agencies are doing domestically to work these cases and defeat encryption and self radicalization and those issues. so, i think they know enough that they should be able to make reasoned statements about it, even if they don't. >> and larry, last word on that. do these candidates know enough to make the kinds of arguments that they are makmaking? >> they ought to. but the democratic nominee, hillary clinton is likely to be that nominee. look at the republican field, every one of them is taking to an extremely tough stance on isis. she has to counter act this and be as tough as they are.
1:38 pm
>> all right. we'll leave it there. thank you gentleman. and answer the phone, larry. now you can answer the phone. meantime, rand paul piled on ted cruz over immigration saying his rival should quote just admit that he changed his mind end quote and here's what he told cnn's jake tapper. >> on monday, you're launching a new web video. this one focusing on senator ted cruz, let's take a look. >> it sounded like you wanted the bill to pass? >> the web ad describes him as a
1:39 pm
flip-flopper and cruz describes himself as a curages republican. is that how you see ted cruz as a craven opportunist? >> i think on several things he wants to have it both ways. on immigration at the time he said we're not going to get citizenship but we'll allow a legal status and i was in the same category, i thought citizenship was too far but no citizenship would give them a legal status. he's been explicit about it and now he says never and he never did it. so, i think he should just admit that he changed his mind. he wrote something with paul ryan supporting obama's trade authority and now he's against that. and he said he wouldn't support reauthizatiorization of the pat
1:40 pm
act and then he supported reauthorization. >> jeb bush and marco rubio have also attacked cruz 's position. and saying he led the fight against it in the senate. and straight ahead, a second baltimore police officer set to go on trial in two weeks or so for the death of freddy gray. what we could expect after the first police officer's trial ends in a hung jury.
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♪ ♪ a penguin loaded a toy car onto a racetrack. zoom! it took off... ...going faster and faster, and twisting and turning, until finally, it stopped...
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...right in our driveway. but dad, penguins live in the south pole. the lexus december to remember sales event is going on now, with some of the most magical deals of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. [meow mix jingle slowly anright on cue.cks] [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. . a california man accused in a drunken driving crash last month has died. but it wasn't the wreck that caused his death. andrew thomas was shot by the officer as he tried to climb out of his mangled car. the single shot paralyzed thomas from the neck down. earlier this months, the district attorney says it could
1:44 pm
not charge the officer because thomas had not died. well, this weekend after 5:00 yesterday eastern time, he did die. the district attorney is now reconsidering charges. and now to baltimore, where the trial of officer caesar goodson jr. is set to begin last month in the death of freddy gray. and just last week, the trial of the first police officer, william porter, ended when the judge declared a mistrial. this came after the jurors said they couldn't reach a verdict. and polo, what's next? >> reporter: that is one of the main questions that's on the minds of people in baltimore. we have to remember a gag order is in place, despite a mistrial. and the next phase, possibly weeks could be crucial as we're exect exect pd to find out when or if
1:45 pm
he will be retried. >> reporter: and a mistrial was declared last week after a jury failed to reach a verdict following three days of deliberation. the decision reignited frustrations in the community. >> i'm terrified. are we going to have five more mistrials? >> reporter: and cnn analyst is closely watching porter's case. >> the mistrial is not necessarily a loss. >> the government because they can convict him again. it's just going to be lot of strategy stuff playing out. >> reporter: and trying porter before the other officers is a crucial part. >> the state said in filings with the court that it hoped to use him as a witness. so, that's why they had wanted to call him first. >> reporter: he lays out the options for the state. they could grant him immunity,
1:46 pm
forcing him to testify against his fellow officers but the final decision will have to be made by the judge, until that happens, the people of baltimore are left, waiting and worrying that peace could be broken again. so, ultimately the attention focusing on these prosecutors as they try to figure out what their next calculated move will be and if they decide to prosecute william porter again, it will be the judge's decision to move forward with trying it immediately or reorganizeinizing the order of some of the defendants in this case. >> thank you so much. held captive by the taliban for years, now army sergeant bo bergdahl faces a court martial and possibly life in prison. next.
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army sergeant bo bergdahl will face a military court on charge of desertion and endangering fellow soldiers. he was held captive by the taliban for nearly five years. he was freed after the u.s. released five taliban detainees in a controversial exchange last year. here with details. >> reporter: by now, you've probably seen this video, a u.s. blackhawk helicopter lands in the middle of controlled afghanistan. with each passing second, u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl awaits. >> it's like you're standing
1:51 pm
there screaming in your mind. in this room you're standing like in this blackened dirt room and it's tiny and on the other side of that flimsey door is the entire world out there. >> that's bergdahl describing his captivity. >> from his american life, it's cereal, one story told week by week. >> reporter: she chose bergdahl as the subject and we get a chance to hear from bergdahl from himself. and bergdahl says as a 23-year-old private, he didn't feel like his concerns would be taken seriously. >> all i was seeing was basically leadership failure, to the point that the lives of the guys standing next to me, were
1:52 pm
literally, from what i could see in danger of something seriously going wrong and somebody being killed. >> reporter: shortly after his release, president obama hosted bergdahl's parents in the rose garden and defended his decision to exchange five prisoners from guantanamo bay to bring bergdahl back home. >> we made an ironclad commitment to bring our priso r prisoners of war back home. it's a profound obligation in our military and today, at least in this instance, it's a promise we've been able to keep. >> reporter: but it seemed it was this moment from bergdahl's father that piled on to the controversy. bergdahl's father grew out his beard and learned to speak in hopes to be able to speak to his son's captor. but what awaited back home was anything but a homecoming.
1:53 pm
the celebration in his home town canceled amid controversy of his release and questions surrounding his disappearance. >> president obama wants to justify his hasty bergdahl terrorist swap by claiming the soldier was too sick to wait. then he needs share his evidence with the rest of the country. >> we don't negotiate with terrorists and the fact is we've violated that policy. >> and some of his platoon were part of the initial rescue mission. >> if we had found him, i thing a lot of us would have shot him. if that tells you anything. >> reporter: the army announced this month it will court martial bergdahl on charges of desertion and endanger fellow soldiers.
1:54 pm
>> i made it through the last five years it just kind of seems stupid lose whatever it is thats -- >> reporter: they already see him as a hero or a desserter. >> and bergdahl's defense attorney slammed the court martial in a statement saying he had hoped the case wouldn't go in this direction and that the army commander quote did not follow the advice of the preliminary hearing officer who heard witnesses. still to come, "star wars" is making history again, the astonishing box office numbers are next. >> i was raised to do one --
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lnch "star wars" now rules the
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box office galaxy. "the force awakens" knocking the former film "jurassic world" back to the number two spot. it's earned $238 million this opening weekend and that is the most ever. and also the first film to earn over a million in one day. and the deiinammic duo, and reviving their impressions of sarah palin and hillary clinton. >> oh, geez, looks like i went through time and space again. >> oh, sarah. >> what the heck, i landed in the bedroom of a lesbian couple. >> we're not lesbians, we're
1:59 pm
hillary clintons. >> i heard after you lost, you had to become a secretary. >> of state. oh, god that was a real fun election. i was paired up with that cute little john mccain fellow. may he rest in peace, i'm guessing. >> he's alive. >> i remember he was great.sara worst thing that ever happened to me. can we focus because i'm getting advice from the smartest woman i know. >> me. >> well, jeesh, i should give you advice because in 2008, i got a heck of a lot closer to the white house than this gal did. here's my advice, you got to do what you believe in your spirit but also america and not teachers and their fat liberal buts but also and even why worry about fast food wages with their
2:00 pm
status quo -- >> and to close out the show, well, why not bring in paul mccartny and bruce spring steen rocking to "santa clause is coming to town." and next is show show. . and you're in the cnn "newsroom" on this sunday. and we begin with presidential politics and a whole new level of trash talking on the republican side of the race. donald trump and jeb bush letting the insults fly. here's just some of what they said in the last 24 hours, beginning with a new shot fired by trump just this morning. >> he's an embarrassment to the bush family and in fact, he doesn't even want to use the bush name, which is interesting. he's an embarrassment to


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