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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 22, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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$250 thousand. >> yes.? >> now what do you have to say? >> i'm prez impressed. that is a wonderful christmas story. >> there are good people doing good things -- >> all the time. >> even when they have a lot of money they are still good people. we seem to be forgetting they are out there. >> and now carol costello. >> another good person. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. i was just laughing at your exchange. it was lovely though. have a great day. newsroom starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the republican battle for the white house and a new quinnipiac poll that shows ted cruz and donald trump are running neck and neck. trump 28%, cruz 24%. the poll released after another
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raux trump rally. raux trump rally. >> yes darling? >> [ inaudible ]. >> that's a very weak voice. we can't hear you darling. wow. that is not a protester prime, right? look at these people. boy, what a bunch of losers, i'll tell you. you are a loser. you really are a loser. no get him out. >> joe johns joins me with more on the trump rally in michigan. good morning. >> good morning. trump is famous for his one liners and insults directed at opponents but even for him some of the comments he made last
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night leveled at hillary clinton are surprisingly personal, ratcheting up the feud between the two candidates from the respective parties who are leading in the polls right now. >> and you see hillary, what happened to her? she's terrible. >> trump unleashing yet another tirade against clinton at the rally in michigan. >> that's not a president. >> the billionaire coming under fire for using ar r-rated derogatory term. and weighing in on her much discussed bathroom break from the debate. >> i know where she went. >> trump then going after clinton's claim that trump is
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using him in their videos. >> she's a liar. >> as the confirmed fact that the footage of donald trump making those hateful comments. >> reporter: trump also discussing the controversy over vladimir putin's praise -- >> oh trump should have been much nastier, that's terrible. and than they said, you know, he's killed reporters and i don't like that. i'm totally against that. >> reporter: then reconsidering. >> i would never kill them. i would never do that. umm -- no. i wouldn't. but i do hate them. and some of them are such lying, disgusting people. >> trump continues leading in the latest national poll but texas senator ted cruz is closing in. the rest of the gop field making
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the rounds in the battle ground state of new hampshire where trump rival jeb bush again went on the attack. >> this is not a serious man that has serious plans. >> and a little bit more about people being kicked out. as, you know, carol, it has happened at other trump events during this campaign. between 10 and 12 people were interrupting trump and removed from the venue by security guards. >> joe johns live from washington. thank you. >> that quinnipiac poll is not at all a bed of roses, especially for donald trump. let's take closer look at thesis numbers. 50% of american voters told quinnipiac they would be embarrassed to have trump as the face of the united states. just 23% would be proud to have trump as president. and it makes this headline in the washington times resonate. obama, clint may be setting up trump to win? what's that about?
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and joining me now my panel. thank you both. >> good morning. >> so before we get into campaign conspiracy theories, let's talk terminology. this was actually a headline in the washington post. let's put it up there. because we didn't hear it earlier but donald trump did indeed say this about hillary clinton's aalleged lose together democratic debate. he used the the term -- i'm note allowed to say it on television or my bosses would be mad. but this is the headline. donald trump's blank. the post calls it sexists. i haven't used it since i was in 7th grade and it made me giggle. but this word has made it into the political landscape. ross. thoughts? >> am i allowed to say the word?
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>> sure go ahead. >> no no, this is a family broadcast. look, again the key to understanding donald trump's political strategy is that it is a combination of whatever pops into his head at a given moment and whatever will keep him dominating the news, particularly cable news like he's dominating our discussion right now. so everything he does, from not apologizing for putin praising him and sort of speculating about whether journalists are the worst human beings in the world to making sexist, derogatory comment about hillary clinton are all best understood through a television reality prism. donald trump wants ratings. they keep him in the news and it keeps his poll numbers roughly where they are. i think there is a ceiling on his poll numbers, which you can probably see showing up a little in the quinnipiac poll. i don't think he can get to 40 or 50% of the republican primary vote. which is what he ooed need to win. but right knee he's just a
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trying to hold what he has. and and the way to do that is to keep generating controversy so no other candidate can get oxygen. >> so it might be a bad strategy when all is said and done because of the embarrass factor. 50% of voters said they would embarrassed if trump were president. can you get elected with that number? >> well, it would be very difficult in the general election but we have remember that trump is worried about the primary nomination battle first. and i think this is where he gets into the trouble in some of these discussions particularly in iowa where he had been leading and now we're seeing cruz has come up. iowa has a heavy e advantagevan population there. and if you think about the
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sequential process he goes there, if trump has problems there and then in new hampshire it really doesn't matter. >> head to head clinton tops him. bernie sanders hammers him. and ted cruz is snapping at his heels. primary voters do pay attention to these numbers, right? >> well what trump has done is put together a very unusual coalition in republican polit s politics. he's put together a coalition that combines a lot of very conservative voters who are particularly attracted to him because of his stand on immigration with a lot of sort of moderate to liberal working class voters who are also on his stand in immigration but just generally like his hitch that
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the both parties have messed up in washington. they like his lack of political correctness in many cases and that coalition again looks like it is about between 20 and 30% of republican electron rat. and i think he's going toorate. and i think he's going to and i think he's going to hold on to it. but it seems like a three-way race coming with him, cruz and rubio. in more conservative states cruz should be able to beat him. and presumably in bluer states like new hampshire if rubio can consolidate the center right vote he would probably beat trump as well. so that seems like the state of the political landscape. but you don't know. after paris and san bernardino, trump's numbers went up a bit. you don't know what events could intervene and make him more of a factor for the long-term. >> i want to bring in ted cruz
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for a second. andy, as we said he's neck and neck with trump now. cruz and clinton, they are pitted against each other in a general election, actually tie in this poll. what duoes that tell you? >> i think you are seeing just the partisanship and the indication that it is going to be a close general election in november, no matter who the candidate is, other than donald trump. trump was less well against either sanders or clinton than does cruz and rubio. so i think what we're seeing there is just the natural partisan ship of the electorate playing out. but donald trump is more polarizing. he currently would drive some republicans away from voting for him rather than attract for independents to come to him. so i think if you look at cruz and rubio, i think it is more of an indication that they are not as well known and you are just getting the partisanship of the
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electorate. >> andy smith, ross, thanks to both of you. a texas grand jury has decided not to indict anyone in sandra bland's death. raised questions about successive force and the role of race. she was found dead in her jail cell in july three days after she was arrested for allegedly failing to use a turn signal. police say she hanged herself with a plastic bag. >> feel that the grand jury process and the secretiveness of it is reflective of our experience with waller county officials the to date in terms of what has been furnished to us. five months after we don't have that report gives us cause for concern. >> the special prosecutor handling the case insists the grand jury process has been thorough though. >> we have left no rock
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unturned. and the grand jury, anything they have asked for, we've done our best to get it to them. >> jordan also says the case is still open and the grand jury will reconvene in january to consider other indictments. still to come charges filed in that deadly vegas hit and run and surprising things we're learning about the driver's past. next. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno® aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with the goodness of active naturals® oat and 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. healthy skin equals beautiful skin. and for shower softness, add the body wash, too! aveeno® naturally beautiful results®
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call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. [ male announcer ] you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. this morning we're learning more about the women struck and
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killed on the las vegas strip. behind the wheel, 24-year-old holloway now facing a murder charge. judge deciding today whether to proceed with the case against her. >> reporter: so many questions about this case. people want to know what was going through her mind as she started ramming the people on the sidewalk. we know three people are in critical condition. one person died during this. what the sheriff believes that she was homeless for about a week and she was kicked off several different properties by security. at some point directed her car towards the people on the sidewalk. we found a video of her overnight from a portland center that helped disadvantaged teens and this is what she had to say back then. >> my mom always tried to do what was best for my sister and
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i. as a is single parent with an 8th grade education it was all a struggle for her. and later down the line it became all too hard. she drank more and cared less. today aam not the same scared girl i used to be. i am a mature young woman who broke a cycle many young woman not only did i manage to beak working dead end jobs but managed to land a federal job at 21. now, that is what i call living the grand life. >> that was actually from the portland opportunities industricenter. the sheriff tells us they believe that a dispute with the father of the child was one of the reasons she was upset. they don't believe it was drugs
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or alcohol. but a lot of people wondering what could have a caused this to happen? there is just a lot of questions. >> ryan young reporting live from las vegas this morning, thank you. other top stories. at 18 minutes past, the baltimore police officer's who's trial ended in a hung jury will be retried. retrial date set for june 13th. first of six to be tried in connection with gray's death, for failing to buckle him into a police van which play have led to a deadly spinal cord injury. and the bill cosby hitting back. the model claims cosby drug asked tried to rape her back in
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the eighties but cosby says she's trying to join others acting against him to improve her memoir. investigators these cases of e. coli may be separate from a larger outbreak back in october. and isis fighters are using civilians as human shields. the latest for you next.
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okay. da!
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iraqi troops are now fighting isis forces trying to retake the city of amadi. they are having troum stopping isis because isis is using civilians as human shields. counterterrorism forces moved in this morning backed by iraq can coalition air power, trying to clear the center of the city. iraqi leaders say around 250 to 350 isis militants have dug into fight them. >> there is a territory in afghanistan too. police say they are running out of weapons and supplies and will be killed if they are captured. in the meantime on the other side of the country, the u.s. military mourns the death of six american troops in a taliban suicide attack. one of them staff sergeant joseph lemm, a 15 year veteran
6:24 am
of the nypd and a member of the air national guard of the he was deployed to the middle east three times. he recently surprised his family when he came home after ten month ace way. >> i'm shaking right now. i'm speechless. i'm sorry. >> spending time with the family of course. can't wait for a pizza and a nice burger. american burger? can't go wrong with that. >> good morning carol. just one of the names, faces in the lives and families of the fallen of afghanistan. commissioner bratton saying in part, "detective joseph lm epitomized the selflessness we
6:25 am
can only strive for. putting his country and city first. detective lemm not only served new yorkers, but served his country as a member of the u.s. air national guard." . he was only recently promoted to detective. he served with the bronx squad. we're awaiting the pentagon's release of the names of the five other fallen. their families learning about their lives as well. two others injured in this attack in afghanistan. carol. >> barbara starr live from the pentagon this morning. we're learning isis forces are using radiobroadcasts to win new fighters. let's talk about that. so these radio broadcasts.
6:26 am
are they effective? >> looks like they are. and they are using a transmitter that apparently moves locations quite a bit and they are calling it the voice of the caliphate and what it is doing is telling the diseffected youths of provinces that it is time for them to join isis. they are basically saying this is the way to salvation. this is the way in which they can effect change in their lives. this is the way they can actually better themselves. and they are really appealing to their islamic roots and their religious tenets and they are actually having some success with it. >> so the danger here is -- i don't know how else to describe it. is that taliban and isis are fighting one another for recruits. so in afghanistan we could see
6:27 am
battle between the two? or a joining of the two? >> what do you think will happen? >> that is going to be interesting to see. i think you could see either one of those. what's more likely at some point in time they are going to be fighting each other. because in the final analysis it is all about power. and the taliban are the traditional power broker not part of the government in kabul. and of course before 2001 they had their own government in afghanistan as we all know. so they're used to power and they want to come into power and they believe that the isis folks are basically intruders on their tur and there is going to be a turf battle there. >> so isis is trying to recruit within afghanistan. there is a fight for the helman province. all of these battles going on all over the place and the majority of young people in afghanistan are unemployed which
6:28 am
makes them more likely to join a terrorist group, right? yet the afghan president left today for a planned trip to as azerbaijan azerbaijani. aser azerbaijan. >> i'd save that for another time but certainly not the case. >> add that to the list. the deputy governor of the helman province posted on open letter on facebook asking the afghan president for help and the afghan president goes to azerbaijan? >> right. you see this letter from the deputy governor saying we need help. we're not going to be able to
6:29 am
hold this territory. it was a frank assessment of what's really going on. and it shows the weakness of kabul. the house of cards that is the kabul government is beginning to fall apart. and this is a very dangerous time. not only for the afghans but the u.s. and coalition forces in afghanistan right now and that is really the sad underpinning of this story right now. >> conditional latleyton, thank for your insight. >> you bet. an arraignment gets under way for bowe bergdahl. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. the most serious charge against him is that misbehavior before the enemy. it means endangering the safety of the command. nick valencia is currently
6:30 am
inside the hearing. and when he has information to pass along of course i will pass it along to you. refugees are flooding europe and now we have a number. the staggering stat and what president obama is planning to do about it.
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and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. it's a staggering figure. the number of refugees and migrants reaching europe by land and sea has now passed 1 million. last year just 219 thousand crassed to europe. now we're laurening -- learning more. and dianna is watching for us.
6:34 am
>> one million is a huge number. half of hthem are refugees from syria. afghanistan, iraq and many also fleeing persecution and poverty in africa. the majority have come through to greece the idea of the numbers, 4,300 arrived today. over the course of this year some 4,000 have lost their lives crossed the mediterranean, which makes it the deadliest route on the planet. and so far europe has not been able to pull together a coordinated strategy. and it is a real test for the values europe is supposed to stand during the antimuslim
6:35 am
sentiment. of course it doesn't really compare to the numbers that are in turkey. 2.3 million in turkey. lebanon something like one million. jordan has 600,000. so this is a global problem. that is why the u.s. president will be hosting a summit of global leaders at the u.n. next year which will be on the refugee crisis to see how the world can handle this problem. because the unhcr says that this year there will be 60 million displaced. still to come in the newsroom, the mall of america going to court to prevent another protest like this from black lives matter. supposed to happen tomorrow. will it? that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself.
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the biggest shopping center in america taking on black lives matter. a judge expected to rule today on whether a temporary restraining order against protesters who plan to rally at the mall tomorrow. last year more than 1,000 protesters took over the mall. as for tomorrow's protest it is in response to last month's police shooting death of jamal clark. >> good morning. >> good morning. you have publicly called this unlawful. how are they breaking the law? >> i want to start by taking a little bit of issue with how you led into this story by saying mall of america is taking on black lives matter. we are not. we totally respect the message. we totally respect their free speech rights.
6:40 am
absolutely. it just doesn't belong -- a demonstration doesn't belong on private property, and specifically in this case mall of america. the demonstrators like black lives matter have been told time and time again that under minnesota law and really under u.s. court law a private property owner has the right to say no, demonstrations no. come here and shop. school choirs come and sing holiday music. that is what we're about. we are not about demonstrations. >> well some might argue that the hallways inside the mall are public. the individual stores inside the individual mall is private. >> it's been resoundingly turned down by the supreme court.
6:41 am
specifically relating to mall of america. >> tell me what happened last year when they protested inside the mall. >> what happened last year was despite being informed by mall of america that demonstrations are not allowed, zpeed being despite being informed, despite being told that the organizers continue to come out to the mall on the busiest shopping day of the year. and it was chaos. there was not violence, which is great. but it certainly impeded the shopping experience, frightened guests and had an impact of lots and lots of people. i'll give you quick example.
6:42 am
my daughter was a server at a restaurant in the mall of america that saturday. she was counting as a student on bringing home lots of tips that very busy day. and she went home with empty pockets because the mall had to be shut down in part during prime time. so it isn't just about mall of america. it isn't just about the tenants. it is about 15 thousand people who work there and it is about people who want to come and finish their christmas shopping. >> i'm just curious. i don't know how in tune she was with the cause behind black lives matter but since she didn't make any tips, what does she think of them now? >> my daughter was and is very supportive of the cause of black lives matter. and do you know what? you can be supportive of the cause without supporting the methods. and if this instance the method
6:43 am
of disrupting private property against the clear law of minnesota is just not supportable. >> so if the judge grants your order and black lives protesters still show up, what happens? >> our hope is that the judge making it clear yet again that demonstrations at the mall of america are not welcome and are unlawful, our hope and expectation is that the protesters will go elsewhere. one of the many, many public places where free speech is welcome. and demonstrations are welcome. if they violate the law and in this instance a specific court order, then they can be held in contempt of court. our hope and expectation is that it won't get to that. >> thank you so much for being
6:44 am
with me. as i mentioned black lives protest leaders have vowed to protest despite. black lives matter put out a statement calling the mall of america steps outrageous and total r >> there are many avenues the mall could pursue to try to limit our freedom of speech and it's a complete over reach and unconstitution until our opinion. >> explain that for me. mall of america wants black lives matters to take tweets off social media promoting this protest tomorrow. is that what you are talking about? >> yeah. they want us to specifically
6:45 am
send a message, campaign for them to tell people to got to the mall in support of black lives minneapolis. and we're simply not going to do that. if they want to just simply keep us off their property, they are right. the state of minnesota said it is private property. we view that differently obviously. so they could essentially just give us trespassing charges if they really wanted to to keep us off the property. the fact they are going for a civil suit and pursuing all of this action is yet another example of trying to purse cute peaceful protesters by bringing a civil action. >> whatever the judge's decision you still plan to show up at the mall of america to protest. >> yes. we are still going to be showing up. you know, we showed up last year and the court sided with us. in the actions that we took for black lives. so we have a different view. the mall of america receives
6:46 am
billions of from the state of minnesota to -- like in tax breaks and so on and so forth to function. they take plenty of public money. so we view it as a public space. >> here is the thing. last year when you guys protested, stores were shut down to protect shoppers and their children. children were riding the merry-go-rounds and were fearful. that doesn't sound like a peaceful protest. it sounds like intimidation. >> i was at the mall and i didn't see any of that. there were children, there were families that were protesting. a lot of the fear came from the reaction of the mall of america and police showed up in riot gear and blocked store entrances. >> i'm looking at the picture there. that looks like you are blocking an entire hallway in the mall of
6:47 am
america. that would be kind of intimidating. don't you think? or am i reading this wrong? >> well yes. it was in the rotunda area. people were singing christmas carols. it was peaceful. nobody got hurt. the fact that nobody got hurt. no property was damaged. that is a prime example of our criminate to non violence. because that could have been, susan is completely right. that could have been very very badly and it didn't. and because of black lives matter's commitment to non violence. >> you heard susan gardener. she said that business owners lost money. her daughter who support yours cause lost money. why should they lose money for this? why can't you just protest outside the mall on a public space? >> because we're losing lives. people are literally being killed. and yet again that is a perfect example. that line of thinking that susan has, that the mall of america has, that money is more important than people. it is not. and that is exactly what we're
6:48 am
saying -- >> i don't -- in fairness to susan i don't think that is what she's saying. she's just saying you are effecting people's livelihoods at a time when people need the money, one one of the biggest shopping days of the year. why not just move your protest outside, people can see your protesting as they pull into the parliament by t parking lot by the,000 thousand. what's wrong with that? >> it also brings to mind about people who agree with your message but not with your tactics. we don't need anybody to agree with our tactics. we're disrupting business as usual. that is the whole idea. we are not going to stand in a corner and protest because nobody pays attention to that. we are going disrupt your life. you are going to know that business is usual in america and the world is not going to continue while unarmed black people are literally being shot
6:49 am
and killed by law enforcement in the street every day. and the mall is -- i know people who get caught up in this idea about the mall not being the right venue but the mall itself is this coliseum of capitalism. the mall participants in this antiblack race. and white supremacy. the mall of america has been investigated -- >> but wait. >> -- for violations for the way they treat people of color in the mall. so these same issues that we're seeing in police departments are manifesting in the mall and people of color and black people are being affected negatively because of the way the mall decides to act. so that is why they are an appropriate target. >> i have to leave it there. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you i appreciate it. >> you are welcome. still to come. if you are dreaming of a white christmas, you are in for a big let down. especially sp if you live on the's coast. nearly 60 degrees in new york right.
6:50 am
now crazy.
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6:52 am
6:53 am
oh, you can forget about a white christmas. it's going to be a really, really green christmas on the east coast. you might want to head to the beach. go to the jersey shore. what a difference from last winter when people were shoveling. look at that. isn't that crazy? temperatures are expected to soar into the 70s in new york by thursday and stay close to that on christmas day. what is up with that, chad myers? >> el neino. i don't know if he's on the naughty or nice list. what about you, carol? >> i'm on the nice list. >> santa has skateboard wheels on his sleigh, no problem. it's going to continue to be warm through the end of the
6:54 am
year. this is what we'd expect. this is what we expect on an el nino year. this is a typical el nino pattern. everybody in the northern part. country should be warmer than normal. we called it godzilla el nino, one of the strongest we've seen. january and february is going to be above normal. this isn't going to be a snowless winter for sure. new york city on christmas will be 72. l.a. will be 63. the snow is pouring, coming down in the west, but nothing at all in the northeast. it's going to be warm everywhere. i'm going to the beach. i'm going to tampa but i'm still going to the beach because it's so nice. no reason to employ to the mountains to go skiing. you have to go to colorado for that and that's too far to drive. >> my husband got a job in los
6:55 am
angeles and so he's living there and i'm living in new york city. he was bragging about the warm weather out west. it's like, i got nothing on new york city. chad myers, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> merry christmas to you. in these days of rampant social media, current events can be summed up in one hashtag. brooke baldwin counts down the biggest stories of 2015. >> reporter: social media's role in breaking news is undeniable but sometimes it's the hashtags that start a movement. here are the top trending hashtags for 2015. number ten, guacamole with peas. when "the new york times" tweeted a recipe that included peas, the internet was skeptical. people jumped on twitter, not showing love. even the president of the united states even jumped in. i did a taste test. it was kind of delicious.
6:56 am
>> it's really good, huh? >> reporter: number nine, a little girl's body wash add shore in the boston harbor and the massachusetts police jumped online trying to identify this baby doe. more than 50 million people viewed the composite. after 50 days she was identified as bella bond. >> this child, whose very name means beauty. >> reporter: her mother was charged with accessory to murder, her boyfriend, murder. number eight, ahmed mohammed was arrested at school because they thought his clock was a bomb. #istandwithahmad. more than 370,000 people tweeted, including president obama. number seven, caitlyn jenner. >> caught me caitlyn, caitlyn jenner's first public
6:57 am
appearance, formerly known as bruce jenner. >> reporter: the reality tv star in june introducing herself on the cover of "vanity fair" and with a new twitter handle. @caitlynjenner reached 1 million followers in four hours and three minutes. number seven, a refugee crisis spread through europe as they fled wars in persecution. >> people reach such a point where they physically, emotionally, mentally can't take it anymore. and so they eventually end up deciding to take matters into their own hands. >> reporter: thousands of people used the #refugeeswelcome to call for european countries to grant them sanctuary. number five, pluto may never be a full-size planet but as nasa released these images, twitter users took notice. the #plutoflyby generated more
6:58 am
than 1 million tweets on july 49 as stunning images were transmitted back to earth. number four, choose your answer wisely. what color is this dress? is it #blueandblack or #whiteand gold. it started when a woman posted this polarizing picture to twitter and 4.4 million tweets in two days. number three, they celebrated same-sex marriage with rainbow profile picture and #lovewins. >> no state can ban gay marriage after the decision cast today. >> reporter: twitter registered 6.2 million tweets and counts. number two, #blacklivesmatter started in 2014 but became a movement in 2015. other hashtags were brought, one
6:59 am
being #assaultspringvalleyhigh where it showed a resource officer view lently moving a student out of her desk. number one, 015 started and ended in the shadow of horrific attacks in paris. the offices of the "charlie hebdo" magazine, the world showed support by using the the #jesusischarlie. >> i am charlie. >> reporter: then #prayforparis to show their solidarity for the city of light. >> thanks to brooke baldwin. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom" -- ted cruz is cruising toward trump in the polls but the billionaire is
7:00 am
still focused on one target. >> hillary, that's not our president. >> but he didn't stop there. >> she got trumped. >> even criticizing her bathroom break. >> i know where she went. it's disgusting. >> also, one of new york's finest killed by a suicide attacker in afghanistan. what kind of guy was joe lamb? the kind of surprise his family with a homecoming. >> can't wait for a pizza and nice burger. >> what the taliban is saying about the attack. plus, new information about the mother accused of plowing into the crowd on a vegas strip. what we're learning about her life before the deadly crash. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. this hour the fate of a hit and run driver will be in a judge's hand. 25-year-old holloway is facing a
7:01 am
murder charge. a judge will decide as early as today will to proceed a case against her. she drove her car on a sidewalk, striking nearly 40 people and killing one woman. that woman, 32-year-old jessica v v valenuala. >> reporter: we believe that may happen on wednesday. i want to give you an update on the people involved. one unfortunate death involved in this. three in critical continue, two in serious condition. there was a doctor driving down the sxroed his wife said she noticed something as people were starting to fly into the air. they were noticing the attack. they pulled over to help out. so many people wondering why this happened. the sheriff's department says, lakeisha holloway was homeless for about a week in the las vegas area and kicked out of
7:02 am
several different parking lots before coming down the las vegas strip. now there's questions about what happened to this young lady in the years since this video that we're about to show you where she talked about changing her life and actually stepping forward with hope for the future. >> my mom always tried to do the best for my sister and i. a single parent with an eighth grade education, it became too hard for her. she drank more and cared less. today i'm not the same scared girl i used to be. i'm a mature young woman who has broken many generational cycle that those before me hadn't. being homeless and on my own taught me how to stand on my own two feet. not only did i finish with working dead-end job but i landed a federal job at 21. now, that is what i call living the grand life. >> reporter: carol, the real question what happened in this
7:03 am
young lady's life that led to this. the sheriff's department says they believe a dispute with the child's father led her to las vegas and being homeless again. the 3-year-old is in protective custody. some people still have questions about exactly what happened out here. dozens of people injured after she rammed her car into them several times here on the las vegas strip. >> liryan young reporting live from las vegas. sandra bland's death raised questions about excessive force and the role of race. pp she was found dead in her jail cell in july, three days after she was arrested for failing to use a turn signal. police say she hanged herself with a plastic bag but her family is questioning that and calls the grand jury process flawed. >> we feel the grand jury process and the secretive of it is -- in terms of what has been
7:04 am
furnished to us. the fact that five months after sandy's passing we don't have that report. that gives us cause for concern. >> darrell jordan, the special prosecutor handling the case, insists the grand jury process has been thorough. >> wie have left no rock unturnd and the grand jury, anything they've asked for, we've done our best to get it to them. >> jordan also says the case is still open and the grand jury will reconvene in january to consider other indictments. let's talk politics now. a new poll that suggests republican voters may be looking for someone other than donald trump to be their next presidential nominee. that's the finding of a new survey by the quinnipiac people at quinnipiac university. it shows ted cruz closing in on donald trump. trump still leading with 28% but cruz a close second at 24%. marco rubio, ben carson and chris christie rounding out the
7:05 am
top five and jeb bush is now in sixth place. trump's latest win in the polls comes after a fiery rally in michigan where he took aim at the front-runner on the democratic side. hillary clinton. >> everything that's been involved in hillary has been lost. even a race to obama. she was going to beat obama. i don't know who would be worse. i don't know. how does it get worse? but she was going to beat. she was favored to win. and she lost. she lost. >> joe johns, cnn washington correspondent, joins me now to tell us what that word means. just kidding. >> i don't think i'm going to go there, carol. this feud between donald trump and hillary clinton is sounding very personal now, isn't it? it's the kind of fight that fires up supporters of both candidates. now, that said, this is pretty rough stuff compared to the language donald has used to
7:06 am
describe other candidates in the race. in a public forum directed at hillary clinton, surprisingly personal, using that derrogatory term to describe how she was beat by senator barack obama and even making comments about the bathroom break she took during the last debate. listen. >> i know where she went. it's disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. no, it's too disgusting. don't say it. it's disgusting. we want to be very, very straight up, okay? >> reporter: trump's rallies have always been a lot of stream of consciousness, one-liners sprinkled with a bit of script and it's been part of trump's appeal. sam clover said on our air this morning they've gone out of their way to be very direct with their language with the american people and that one of the things that has attracted so many people and such a diverse group of people at the rallies is the fact they speak plainly,
7:07 am
so no backing down there from the campaign. there were, by the way -- yes? >> but another step they might want to watch out for in the quinnipiac pole, 50% of voters would be embarrassed if trump represented the united states. >> reporter: you also pointed out the biggest deal of all, although it is a national poll, it does show ted cruz closing on donald trump. so, it looks like problems for him, quite frankly. and perhaps this is part of that. there were also several protesters at the venue in michigan last night who got thrown out after heckling donald trump. a lot of stuff going on on the donald trump front right now. >> you're earning your money, joe johns. thanks so much. >> reporter: you bet. ted cruz may owe surge in
7:08 am
the poll -- "new york times" writes mr. cruz has sharpened his language. to demonstrate conservative purity and attacks from senator marco rubio over immigration and national security policies. that shift in rhetoric on display in a grand new ad released by a cruz super pac. >> when millions of americans rose up against obamacare, i was proud to lead that fight. >> doesn't apologize for what he has to say. >> he has been consistent on every issue. >> when millions of americans rose up against planned parenthood, i was proud to lead that fight. >> i feel as though he is a man of conviction. >> why do i support ted cruz? it's because i trust ted cruz. >> trust is everything. >> we have to get it right. >> i think he's what this country needs. >> when i tell you i'm going to do something, i'm going to do exactly what i said i would do!
7:09 am
>> we come to both of you. should we talk cruz first or do you want to talk about that word that donald trump used to slur hillary clinton. >> dealer's choice, carol. >> because the clinton camp is now responding. jennifer, part of clinton's team. >> communications director. >> she tweeted out. would you like to read it? >> you can read it. >> she tweeted out, we are not responding to trump but everyone who understands the humiliation this degrading language inflicts. all women should. i'm not allowed to say the word. maybe we're now all familiar with it. does that word inflict damage on women everywhere in the world? >> no. i think it's overstating it a little bit. it's melodramtic but it's
7:10 am
completely inappropriate, completely inappropriate term for donald trump to use for a presidential candidate to use. maybe not for donald trump, because this is par for the course for him. but for a presidential candidate. marco rubio has an ad out at the end of the ad he says we want a america we can be proud of and that represents america. a president that represents this country. yeah, because that's direct attack against donald trump and his antics and this kind of behavior. it's been entertainment all the way along. that whole speel he did was talking about hillary clinton going to the bathroom. give me a break. we have isis cutting people's heads off, terror attacks in the united states and he's making comments like this? i think that's partially responsible for ted cruz's rice because conservatives are saying, okay, maybe the show is starting to get old now. we need to look at someone who can be commander in chief. >> only 23% would like to see
7:11 am
donald trump become president. >> right. although i think that question's a little odd because it's -- you know, he's in a republican nomination race right now. he's not in a general election contest. i do think, though, politically this is solid turf for him to be on because republicans, even those with other candidates, do like to see these candidates take it directly to hillary clinton. so maybe the language isn't exactly -- >> right. opens him up for these kind of criticisms. >> him taking the fight directly to hillary clinton is something republicans, beyond his core supporters, can rally around. they want to see somebody who is going to be tough against hillary. and he's starting to do that now. >> let me ask you about this because this was in the washington "times" this morning. it said the democrats are purposely goading trump because they want him to be the nominee, right? you saw the "saturday night live" clip, right? where the two hillary clintons
7:12 am
saying, yea, donald trump, we're going to win the election. is that plausible? do democrats really do that? >> i think democrats are as con founded as though in the rest of us in the media. do i think they think donald trump is a candidate they can beat? when i talk to democratic strategists in the clinton campaign and those throughout the party, they think he's a very vulnerable general election nominee. one they certainly wouldn't mind running against. >> don't primary voters pay attention to? isn't that the way cruz is surging? when you pit cruz against clinton, they're tied in the quinnipiac poll. >> that wasn't the case before. that was the concern for many folks on the gop side saying oi don't know if ted cruz can win against hillary clinton in a general. this shows not only is he closing the gap with trump, but
7:13 am
he's tied with hillary clinton is good for the cruz campaign. ted cruz has run a very smart campaign. his campaign is modeled after barack obama's. very successful, grass roots, 50-state strategy. he has a strong social media presence that a lot of the republicans were slow to getting into that. understanding the importance of social media. so now those dividends are paying off. it's particularly in places like iowa. he's starting to creep up in new hampshire, south carolina. he's building a southern -- the southern states for the march primary, the super tuesdays. that is something he's been creeping up doing. everyone else is paying attention to donald trump. meanwhile, ted cruz has an excellent campaign organization and a lot of money in the bank while people like carson are fading away and rubio is trying to figure out how he's going to split hairs here, you know, in the moderate lane and the conservative lane. if you notice, ted cruz is using language now against marco rubio saying, well, he's more moderate.
7:14 am
he's going to take in the moderate. the establishment is coalescing behind him. because he knows that's at poison pill in the gop primary for conservatives who come out in larger numbers than moderates do. >> help us make sense of the polls then, david, because national polls, like the fox news poll, for example, shows donald trump at 40% and ted cruz at 18%. this quinnipiac poll shows them, you know, nearly tied, running neck and neck. >> it's always best to compare polls to polls. quinnipiac poll today, compare that to the quinnipiac poll three weeks ago, right? as opposed to comparing different polls to different polls. in the quinnipiac poll, donald trump was 27, inches up to 28%. ted cruz gained eight points from quinnipiac poll to quinnipiac poll. rubio went down five points. you want to look at the trends within a given poll as they move forward. to explain it, i do think that you are right, ted cruz is building beyond just the early states. he's building something nationally that is starting to reflect in the polls.
7:15 am
and he has enough money and data and information about these voters and how to motivate them to stay in this for quite a while. >> the immigration issue is probably the reason why marco rubio slipped five percentage points. he was dinged up pretty badly on that issue during the last gop debate. you're seeing that for sure, that debate back and forth, rubio was on the losing end of that for gop voters. general, maybe a different story. >> got to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom" -- isis fighters now using civilians as human shields. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time.
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battle under way for control of ramdy. isis forces trying to retake the city. iraq defense minister sources say they moved into the center of ramdy but they're having trouble because the isis terrorists are using civilians in the city as human shields. let's bring in cnn's robin to tell us more. >> cnn has just learned the following. according to officials from anbar command, that's what the iraq forces, 20 isis militia have been killed in this morning's assault. as you said, it's an incredibly slow and sensitive assault because isis has forced a number of civilians to stay within the city and act as human shields. in order to minimize casualties, the iraqi forces, special forces, they're a part of the elite counterterrorism unit,
7:20 am
u.s.-trained, are having to advance very, very slowly throughout the city. another reason they're having to go very slowly is because isis has had a number of months in which to entrench themselves. that mean to dig rat holes throughout the city to plant snipers. that means plant a number of improvised explosive devices for troops going in to recapture the city. there are vehicle-born ieds and other items. this is part of the reason this advance is taking such a long time to try to reach the city center. it began back in november and leaflets were distributed on sunday by iraqi forces warning civilians to try to get out of the city before this all began. as i said, a number of militants taking civilians hostage and holding them captive to act as human shields. we understand around 250 to 300 isis militants remain in ramadi
7:21 am
city. they will, if this is like the battle of sinjar, fight until the death. they would have likely blended in with the population and filtered out within the last few days and will probably likely, if history is anything to go by, launch counter assaults in the next few weeks, days and months. now, the reason that the city is so strategic, carol, is because it is located about 60 miles west of baghdad. really, there's nothing between ramadi and baghdad, nothing blocking that, so they can launch strikes from the city very easy. it will also be a huge psychological boost to the iraqis who were massively humiliated when the city fell with such ease to isis earlier this year. >> robyn kriel reporting from london, thank you. a bit of breaking news. that arraignment is wrapping up for bowe bergdahl in north carolina. a former taliban captive. he's being court-martialed for
7:22 am
desserting his duty. nick valencia is on the phone. he was inside that hearing. what happened? >> reporter: a bit of more breaking news. we're watching sergeant bowe bergdahl watch out of the courtroom flanked by co-counsel. around 9:45 bergdahl walked into the courtroom to wait for the judge. he was in military dress, clean-shaven and sat spres expressionless waiting for the judge. once the judge arrived, the arraignment lasted ten minutes. the judge asked if he was okay with his counsel and he answered, sir, yes, sir. that's how he responded to most of the questions. he deferred to enter a plea. he had that opportunity, carol. he was also asked whether or not he wanted a trial by a judge or at five officer members of his peers. he deferred that. also waived his right to hear the charges against him in open court. part of the controversy, of
7:23 am
course, is the type of court-martial hearing bergdahl is facing. in a preliminary hearing the presiding officer recommended a special court-martial that would carry a maximum one year in custody. top brass in the u.s. army decided not to follow that recommendation. now instead pursuing this regular court-martial case. he's charged with desertion as well as misbehavior in front of the enemy. that desertion charge, carol, could face him with life in prison if he's convicted. again, we're just watching bowe bergdahl take off from ft. bragg courtroom facility where the arraignment has just wrapped up. >> nick valencia, thanks so much. still to come in "newsroom," charges filed in the deadly hit and run. what we're learning about the driver's past.
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
7:27 am
the manhunt for a texas teenager and his mother is intensifying. the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch, and his mother have been on the lam for a week now. he was convicted of driving drunk and killing four a week ago. his defense, he was a rich kid, his parents coddled him. he got probation and not jail and now he's on the run. authorities have released photos of his mother. they think she's helping hide her son. alina machado joins us with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. investigators are tracking down hundreds of leads. they're getting tips from all over the world and across social media from people who believe they may have spotted ethan couch and his mother. authorities are searching for this dark-colored ford f-150.
7:28 am
they released pictures of that truck yesterday, along with a photograph of tonya couch. they've also added tonya to the missing persons list. the 18-year-old was serving a ten-year probation sentence for driving drunk and killing four people back in 2013. his probation officer was unable to locate him. that's why a warrant was issued on september 10th. the tarrant county sheriff says he knew it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. listen to this. >> this didn't surprise us in law enforcement at all. those who dealt with him at the accident scene and the post-accident scene saw absolutely no remorse. we saw absolutely no guilt or bad feelings or sympathy for the four families and the four lives that he had taken and the families he shattered. i said then two years ago, we're not done with ethan couch. he will be back in the criminal justice system. >> reporter: now, the sheriff
7:29 am
also believes a video that surfaced on social media earlier this month may have prompted ethan couch to go on the run. the video seems to show couch at a party playing beer pong, even though he had been instructed to stay away from alcohol. the fbi and the u.s. marshals are also helping search for couch and his mother, carol. >> so, where's the father? >> well, the dad -- authorities say they're talking to the dad. they talked to him just a few days after they got that detention order. the sheriff says he told them he hadn't heard from ethan or his mother in the past two weeks. they say he was polite and cooperative but didn't really have any information that was helpful to the investigation. >> alina machado reporting live for us this morning, thank you. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. any moment now a judge in nevada will review police evidence
7:30 am
against the driver in that deadly hit and run on the las vegas strip. 24-year-old lakeisha holloway is facing a murder charge. a judge will decide whether she faces additional charges of child neglect and murder for multiple injured victims. she drove her car repeatedly on a sidewalk sunday night, striking nearly 40 people and killing one woman. now we know more about this suspect in this case. she was actually living in her car with her 3-year-old daughter. we know that. she had been in las vegas for about a week. in 2012, she was publicly honored by a program that helps disadvantaged youth. in this video, you'll hear her talk about her past struggles. >> five years ago my biography sounded a lot different than it does today. boy, have i come a long ways. then i was a scared little girl who knew there was more to life
7:31 am
outside of crime, drug addiction, low income, alcoholism, being uneducateded, all the things i grew up be withing familiar with. my mom tried to do the best for my sister and i. as a single parent with an eighth grade education it was a struggle for her. down the line it became all too hard for her. she drank more and cared less. i'll never hold any of those hits and misses against her, but as a result of things becoming too hard for her, i became homeless. >> that was shot in 2012. this young woman is 24 years old today. she's charged with these serious charges. with me now to help make sense of this is psychologist and assistant professor of behavioral medicine with turo college, dr. jeffrey gardere. she was the first in her family to grad high school, graduated
7:32 am
college, had a great job with a federal government and has a 3-year-old, we know because she was in the car that terrible night. what do you think happened? >> certainly from what we've heard from her directly is that her life has not been a bed of roses. she had to deal with homelessness in the past, under her mother who allegedly also had issues with alcohol and other problems, too. so we see that as being part of the picture, and struggling to keep her mental health and to stay strong emotionally. we also hear, allegedly, there were some real issues as far as the father of the child where, perhaps, they did not have a very strong relationship and she was trying to, perhaps, find him, get some help with her daughter. so, certainly we know that this is a young woman who was struggling. and when we look at -- again, allegedly, she was living in her car for several days with her
7:33 am
daughter. it tells me this is a person who was so stressed that what we normally see in this kind of a profile is that downward drift into mental illness. a person can become so deexpressed, have a nervous breakdown, to the point of perhaps being psychotic. we don't know in her case. also, perhaps, disassociating. in other words, being in such emotional pain that they begin to withdrawal from themselves. their lives become a movie that they're watching their behavior butter they can't control it, which may account for what may have happened on the las vegas strip. >> it's just -- now, i watched that whole video. and the way people described her was caring, they were impressed with her. i mean, she was smart. she had help. i mean, her mother did kick her out and her mother was an alcoholic and she was homeless for a time, but that organization helped her with money. she wasn't stressed in that way.
7:34 am
yet she's in this car with her 3-year-old in the backseat. she shows absolutely no emotion. not one ounce of emotion as she's driving down the street, allegedly hitting person after -- one person broke the windshield of the car that she hit. >> yes. certainly my prayers to the deceased and those who were injured and their families, of course. it tells me, when you're looking at someone who has complete flat affect, absolutely no emotion, this is where we talk about that dissociative state, where they become a robot, they're not feeling anything at all. it's almost as if they aren't there. she did get a lot of help in her life. thank goodness for that. and was doing very well. it speaks to the struggle people have for a very long time in their lives, especially in the very critical moments if they have been homeless or something very traumatic happened to them, it affects them for the rest of their lives. therefore, even getting all
7:35 am
sorts of support, it still is difficult. when something begins to fall apart, the whole life begins to, now at this point, go under. it seems that's what happened. >> why drag her child through this? >> well, again, i think the proof is in the pudding. this is allegedly, and i would think, a very loving mother. she didn't want what happened to her and her mother to happen to her and her child. >> but her little girl was in the backseat while she allegedly mowed down dozens of people on the sidewalk. the little girl could have been injured. >> absolutely. but i think it speaks to, perhaps -- again, i haven't examined this individual -- a person who really had a nervous breakdown and who just was not in their right mind. this is, to me, a very, very strong example of a mental illness that just was not being taken care of. and she was just compensating day after day after day and it led to this.
7:36 am
allegedly she just walked away from the child after she confessed to this thing. again, it speaks to, she was just completely cut off from reality. >> sad story. dr. jeff gardere, thanks. still to come in the "newsroom," a small cat baby with shining blue eyes. that's how the taliban described army sergeant bowe bergdahl. we'll talk about that next. ♪ while you're watching this, i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you?
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7:39 am
arraignment for sergeant bowe bergdahl ended moments ago. he did not enter awe plea. he's charged with desertion and misbehavior in front of the enemy. bergdahl's five years in
7:40 am
captivity being broadcast in a podcast. we hear how the taliban described their prisoner as a small cat baby with shining blue eyes. it was gathered by an afghan journalist by some of the taliban who captured bergdahl. >> the taliban describe him as strong and aggressive. other times he's meek and pathetic. for those who may not have been with a werner before or maybe not even with an infy dell, a non-muslim, bowe was exotic. that lal said he was like an animal captured by kids. his pail skin was weird, the way he spoke was weird. his eyes were blue which sami says is somewhat suspicious in
7:41 am
afghanistan. there's a saying that you should keep away from blue-eyed people. in the mosque, that hala. >> i'm joined by former air force colonel and j.a.g. attorney larry younger and peter monsour. i want to touch on the podcast serial and how the taliban describe bowe bergdahl. colonel, when you listen to that, what do you think? >> there are a lot of places in afghanistan that are so remote that people have never seen a foreigner. blond hair and blue eyes are exotic features and pale skin. these are people who have lived a medieval existence up to the
7:42 am
present day and for some of these nomadic-like people to capture a werner, they're simply amazed by the differences. you know, they have no access to the internet, so -- and no access to tv, so this is really unusual for them. >> well, they sort of stumbled on bowe bergdahl in the desert and they couldn't believe who they captured. he turned out to be this american and also a soldier. they couldn't decide what to do with bowe bergdahl. they knew they needed to do something and they knew they needed to get him out of afghanistan to pakistan. why would that be? >>-e getting inside the mind of the enemy there would be to move him up their chain of command and use this captive american soldier as a prize, as a bargaining chip, which in fact they did use him as such almost five years into his captivity.
7:43 am
>> i think of the serial podcast, they said the reason the taliban thought they had to move him into pakistan is because that would make it more difficult for the army to find him because you just can't go into pakistan like you can go into afghanistan. >> there was an enormous search put under way immediately after his duty status was unknown. there were thousands and thousands of soldiers scouring the countryside in neighboring provinces for this one soldier. so, if he was going to remain in taliban custody, their only chance was to move him across the border because the united states simply does not conduct ground operations in pakistan except for the raid to capture osama bin laden. >> we know what happened to bowe
7:44 am
bergdahl after he was traded to other taliban forces. he was basically tortured for five years. how much will that play into this court-martial process, colonel? >> i believe it should play quite a bit if we get to a sentencing phase. it's very important to caution all that right now sergeant bergdahl is presumed innocent. we have had the acquittal -- excuse me, the arraignment happened today. following that it will go to trial and there are two main phases in that military trial. a findings phase, and if convicted then a sentencing phase. assuming a lot that we get to that sentencing phase, how he was treated while in captivity is a major factor for sentencing. as to findings, it may have an impact as well. we will see what is being, perhaps in his own words through the serial podcast, as to his intentions. we have a long way to go to see
7:45 am
how much the treatment, while in the hands of his captors, will impact this trial. i see it's certainly having an impact but at this point we have only had the arraignment and even then we still have to have some decisions as to how he will plead, what type of kor marshal forum he will choose, with judge alone or with members. >> he made none of those decisions today. just one word about bowe bergdahl and the podcast. i'm listening to you. are you? i'm just curious. >> yes. >> when you hear bowe bergdahl talk, several things go through my mind. one, he's just an idealistic young man who should have never been in the army. number two, he's completely crazy and, number three, he's totally irresponsible and put his unit as risk and gets all he's getting right now. what do you take from his comments on that podcast?
7:46 am
>> well, i think you've nailed it, carol. he's an idealistic young man who thought he could be jason bourne and on his own run from his combat outpost to another forward operating base over a miles away -- over a dozen miles away, to report to another general officer. it's unbelievable. this kid has watched too many hollywood movies. he simply, as you said, was totally irresponsible. by the way, just one comment, the reason i think they went to a general court-martial and didn't just stick with a special court-martial is it brings into play the dishonorable discharge, otherwise a dishonorable discharge would not be part of the sentencing phase. i think the army saw in what this young man did, something severe enough that they had to bring that punishment into play. >> all right. have i to leave it there.
7:47 am
thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom" -- an act of heroism. muslims acting as human shields to protect christians. that story's next. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. this is new video just coming into cnn. that is bowe bergdahl. you can see him on the right-hand side in his dress blues. he's leaving ft. bragg in a court-martial hearing. he's facing charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he did not enter a plea and he did not decide who exactly he wanted to hear the case. we wanted to show you the new video of bowe bergdahl leaving the court-martial hearing at ft. bragg. a fight for territory in afghanistan. local forces are in a standoff with the taliban in the helmand
7:51 am
province. they say they're running out of weapons and supplies and will be killed if captured. meantime, near bagram airfield, the u.s. military is mourning the death of six american troops in a taliban suicide attack. one of those killed, staff sergeant joseph lem, a 15-year veteran of the nypd and air national guard. he was deployed to the middle east three times and he surprised his family two years ago in west harrison, new york, when he came home after ten months away. >> i'm shaking right now. i can't even believe daddy's home and i have my family back and -- i'm speechless. i'm sorry. i'm just speechless. >> spending time with the family, of course. the little guy got a little bigger and heavier. can't wait for a pizza and nice burger. american burger, can't go wrong with that. >> we're still waiting to learn the identities of the other five americans who were killed. in kenya an attack by
7:52 am
islamic militants does not go as planned. muslim bus passengers send up shielding christians from attack, telling al shabab terrorists, kill us together or leave us alone. cnn international correspondent david mackenzie reports from nairobi. >> reporter: the aim is terror but kenyans have stood up to al shabab in an extraordinary act of defiance. they were on this bus on the chronically insecure border with somalia. bullets ripped through the side of the bush in an ambush. >> i see peopling running to the road to stop us and they tell us to get muslims to come out. go back to the bus. >> reporter: a man on the bus told cnn there were 12
7:53 am
christians on board. the gunman wanted to identify them and execute them. he says muslim passengers helped hide some of them on the bus and they gave the christian women head scarves before the gunmen made them line up on the road. they stood strong, telling the gunmen, quote f you want to kill us, kill us. there are no christians here. al shabab then fled. >> we are all kenyans. we are not separated by religion. everybody can profess their religion, but we are one country, we are one people as a nation. that is a very good message. >> reporter: civilians have suffered through countless al shabab attacks in the border region of kenya. earlier this year al shabab attacked university killing 147 students. they singled out christians. more than 20 were killed in a shocking bus ambush last year. a man who tried to flee and a
7:54 am
passerby were killed but it could have been so much worse if it wasn't for the bravery of these muslim kenyans. >> david mackenzie reporting from nairobi, kenya. the giants odell beckham jr. suspended after slamming head-on into another player. new reports as to how a baseball bat may have set him off.
7:55 am
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the nfl has issued a one-game suspension for wide receiver odell beckham jr. after the giants player was flagged for a series of personal fouls during sunday's game. the worst of which saw beckham slamming helmet-to-helmet -- that's just crazy. while there's no justification for these on-field antics, some of his teammates are tlactually
7:58 am
defending him. andy joins us to tell us what that defense could possibly be. >> a couple of things got beckham upset before the game. one was a panthers practice squad player brought a baseball bat out on the field pregame making threats to beckham. panthers say they always bring this bat out. they do it as a symbol to remember to play hard and the other thing is panthers players directing gay slurs at beckham and, apparently, he got really mad at that, going into the game. and that's why he was, you know, he had three unsportsman like penalties during the game and constantly going at it for josh norman. there is no excuse for what he did to norman. this is what got beckham suspended. he ran full speed and dove into norman's head.
7:59 am
beckham is lucky norman was not injured. beckham will appeal his one-game suspension. the giants have a big game sunday against the vikings. really a must win for the giants if they hope to make the playoffs. carol, most people -- i'll turn to something more light-hearted. most people have santa claus on their mind. not hawks guard dennis schroder. he's waiting on on the tooth fairy. he can see his tooth fall out. we'll circumstance it will for you. he picked it up, put it in his sock, put it under his pillow and i bet he's waking up with a crisp $5 bill. i made that part up. >> i hope he gets a bigger bill than a $5 bill because he deserves it. >> what did you get when you were a kid?
8:00 am
what was the going rate for a tooth in your house? >> nothing. i got 50 cents. it was big back in the day. what did you get? >> i think i got 10 bucks for a front tooth because those are big. >> your parents are very generous. i've got to talk to my mom. i'm mad. thanks, andy. always a pleasure. thanks for join meg today. i'm carol costello. . new poll numbers show ted cruz nipping at donald trump's heels and how do the field feel about the front-runner? half of them say they would be embarrassing if he were president. does donald trump care? new developments in court-martial for bowe bergdahl. could his own words in a podcast be used against him? a texas


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