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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  December 26, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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forecasting more rain. you are in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. happy saturday. >> i'm christi paul. i'm. >> errol barnett in for victor blackwell this morning. it is 10:00 on the east side, 7:00 on the west. >> good to be by your side. >> good to have you here. thanks for getting up on a holiday weekend. >> any time. >> talk about this breaking news. look at the pictures we are getting in of this wild fire out of control still at this hour. mandatory evacuations and highway closures are part of what's happening at this moment. >> major thoroughfares, the fire has burned an estimated 1,000 acres just overnight. they have been forced to close part of two major highways, the pacific cote highway and the 101 near ventura. >> look at the video coming in from overnight. more than 500 firefighters are
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responding right now and helicopters are being used to dump water on those plains. sara sidner is following the story. i know that you are usually in los angeles, sara. because of your great perspective, how significant is it that the 101 and the pch are shut down. >> it is huge. any time you mess with flatraff in that part of california, you are going to have trouble. this is a problem that we are probably going to see this year in a very big way. one of the reasons for that is it is an el nino year. yes, it will bring rain. it also brings winds. there has been such a terrible drought that hasn't been this bad in more than 100 years. as soon as something sparks, it just goes nuts. that's what you are seeing here. this is now about 1100 acres according to firefighters that were out there.
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there is more than 500 firefighters trying to get this blaze under control. when you say the word brush fire, christie, you kind of think like, okay, something just kind of a small little fire and this is pushing a lot of smoke. it is making it hard to see, hard to breath. there are evacuations going on. because it is stopping traffic along the 101 and pacific coast highway, this is a big event. unfortunately, we may see much more of this as the year goes on. it is going into 2016. >> sara, can you speak to what one of the officials told us a couple of hours ago, that there were wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour and oil wells in that area. >> people hear oil wells and they think, wait a minute. what are we really dealing with here? >> that's the danger. if this continues to go as it has been. it has been fast. that's what happens there because of the drought, when something sparks, it just goes
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very, very quickly, hard to control. it is nowhere near contained. usually, you start hearing numbers about containment. it is completely wild, going on its own. the firefighters are batting this blaze. yes, there are oil rigs in the area across california. there is always going to be that concern. if that happens, you are going to see explosions and more destruction. this is a way, generally, from home, there are a few homes in the area. this is generally away from home. so that's the only good, if you can say, part of all this. i want to give you some idea of exactly where this is. people may not know ventura county that well. this is between santa barbara to its north and malibu to its south. you are looking at a map there. pacific coast highway is one of the most beautiful drives in all the world. it is absolutely wonderful. you can go from southern california all the way up to the san francisco bay area and see the water and the beauty. a lot of people like to do that
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on the holiday. that's what we are in right now. if is really, really difficult and hard to see this happen right now, because california is probably going to be dealing with a lot of this including mudslides if it starts to really pour down rain. the state needs it so, so bad. >> thank you so much for that perspective. i want to bring in heather sumagaisi. she is a public relations expert watching this as well. can you give us an update on what's happening there this more? what is the biggest obstacle in >> reporter: the biggest obstacle is the thing we have been fighting for the last couple of hours, which is the weather conditions and the winds that are occurring right now. we are at over 1,000 acres. we are saying 1,100 acres right now. we don't have any containment.
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we have additional resources en route so we can start to contain a line around the fire. we have month are than 500 firefighters from various agencies, ventura county, santa paula, l.a. county, cal fire. all of these people are here today to aggressively handle what happened out there right now. >> we were just talking about sara sidner about the fact that it is pretty significant that the 101 and the pacific coast highway are shut down. what can you tell us about traffic and are people staying away from that area? >> reporter: we're encouraging people to avoid the 101 right now. we're trying as best as we can to put a strategy in place for that weekend, open the freeway as soon as it is safe and whether that be we open it sporadically to let traffic through.
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we are encouraging the people in the meantime if you can avoid the freeway or use alternative routes, because we do recognize that the holiday weekend will greatly impact traffic. >> are you getting calls from anybody injured or any structures that have burned? >> no structures burned, no injuries reported. all firefighters and citizens are safe right now, which we are happy to report. but right now, we are aggressively attacking this fire. >> heather sumagaysay, with the fire department there, we so appreciate it. thank you for keeping us apprised of what's happening there. thank you and best of luck to all of you there and the crews. >> thankfully, no buildings being threatened right now. if the west is on fire, the south, here in the south, we are under water. >> you can have crazy weather
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outside of your door no matter with you you are. a powerful rain storm hit the east. 14 million people. tomorrow, that number could be up to 22 million. in the past 24 hours, the south has been getting drenched with double digit rain totals causing this terrible flooding. the same region still reeling from that tornado outbreak earlier this week. the death toll continues to rise. at least 15 people are confirmed dead. dozens more injured across. mp, arkansas and tennessee. cnn's nick vary len see lencia g the developments. >> devastating portions of the united states. you remember how bad it was for christmas eve in atlanta. torrential downpours that continued over christmas and didn't get much better. alabama took the brunt end of the damage yesterday with a christmas day tornado. the bad news is, everyone was saying, more could be yet to come.
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>> severe weather battered several southern states. heavy rain hammered parts of alabama. at least 20 inches fell in less than 24 hour the at the airport. the water made some roads impassable. rescue crews helping residents trapped in their homes. the national weather service said a potential tornado touched down in birmingham, causing damage to several blocks. >> the damage done was confined to one square mile. we had three structures, three houses that collapsed. we transported one person from the scene. there were two others that were removed from the structure but we were reporting no injuries. >> alabama's governor declared a state of emergency because of widespread flooding. at least 117 homes overcome by water. in georgia, the rain damage rose and made driving treacherous. in mississippi, flood warnings
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and relentless rain add more misery to areas already devastated by tornadoes. they killed at least 8 people in the state. many roads are flooded and some people are dealing with rising water in their homes. in ren, mississippi, victor and tamika hail watched as their home of ten years was overtaken by water. >> the trailer, it just floated away, garbage can, everything gone. >> it happened so fast, we had to get up and get out of there. >> reporter: the couple and their 9-year-old son now homeless, staying with relatives. >> it is discouraging. we lost everything. my child didn't get none of his christmas items. >> a memorable christmas for all the wrong reasons for that family and many others. already, 15 people have had their lives claimed as a result of this storm. two more unaccounted for in the state of mississippi. >> our hearts go out to all those affected families.
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thanks, nick. >> the thing is, it's so frustrating. there is more to come. we want to go to allison chinchar who is going to map it out for us. >> let's take a look. we have multiple different types of things we are going to be dealing with. more rain to the eeastern half f the country. first, let's take a look at the severe weather threat. an enhanced threat for tornadoes. if you have travel plans in, out of or around dallas, be patient, careful and check with your airline carriers for any delays. it stretches in san antonio to cincinnati. tomorrow, that system begins to push a little farther east. little rock and memphis and new orleans under the gun for the same threat. look at the forecast rainfall amounts, incredible. 8-10 inches of rain in oklahoma, arkansas and missouri. now, looking at mississippi, alabama and georgia.
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an additional 4-6 inches of rain in these areas. on top of what they have already had for the last few days, which for parts of alabama, mississippi, georgia and tennessee, some areas have already had 8-10 inches. an incredible amount of rain coming in. we have flood watches for a dozen states. >> allison, thank you so much. >> we are about a month away from the iowa caucuses and political jabs are underway. >> coming up next, a new ted cruz superpac ad takes a swipe at marco rubio. the former home of president bill clinton damaged by fire. what investigators expect is behind it. the man accused of the shooting rampage of the planned parenthood clinic last month says he wants to help himself in court. we will talk to a criminal defense attorney about the consequences of such a decision.
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the iowa caucuses are now just about a month away and big money donors are busy writing checks to political action committees or pacs. they pay for those ads that surely you are seeing on tv by now. who are the people behind those checks? why are they writing them? chris frates joins us with an inside like. >> big money donors are
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increasingly giving to so-called superpacs, which can take unlimited amounts of money. it is ra rare for superpacs and donors to speak about their relationships and what that money brings them. we talk today a top gop moneyman who has given millions to politicians and the presidential candidate. hi, i'm foster freezen. >> he has written his biggest checks to support rick santorum. in 2012, he threw him a life line when he gave the superpac supporting him more than $2 million. >> i think he is a champion of the little guy, very presidential. >> reporter: in his heyday, friese was making $10 million a month and explains why he donates. >> i get a sense of satisfaction that i am continuing the process that created my success. >> reporter: he prefers to give
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to superpacs which can take as much as he is willing to give. >> when the superpac came along, i realized i could just write a check tanned is a lot more effortless and that seems to work. >> santorum doesn't believe he is trying to buy influence. >> if he was in it for access, he wouldn't be supporting a guy tho is 1% in the polls. >> reporter: they say passionate donors by friess are outgunned by those seeking influence. >> there are a lot more giving because they believe in something, they far outnumber the people that give for access. the people that give for access give much larger dollars. >> according to a nonpartisan watchdog, so far, superpacs have raised $315 million and spent almost $100 million. much of it, on ads. those ads still leave republican candidates far behind the
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frontrunner who hasn't spent a dime on television ad vvertisin >> superpacs are a disaster, a scam, they cause dishonesty and you better get rid of them. they are causing bad decisions to get made by very good people. i am not blaming these folks. >> reporter: some say big check writers are driven by a mix of business and ego. >> they are giving to people they think will support what they want and people that they know will answer their phone calls if they win and give them access and listen have he carefully to what they want on a public agenda. >> reporter: those gop, presidential political ads you see on tv, more than 80% so far have been paid for by superpacs, according to a recent report. how successful they are still is an open question with many candidates supported by superpacs doing poorly in the polls. with the first contest just over a month away, now is the time that money could be a
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game-changer for many of the candidates. >> for the candidates, surely, there are a couple of strings attached to all of the cash. we'll see that unfold. thanks a lot. let's talk to cnn presidential his storal, douglas brinkly. you have seen this whole process. how has pac money changed the way presidential races are run in your opinion? >> well, i have to agree with donald trump in this regard. i don't think it has been very helpful. i think it has led to a dirtier politics and it gives the perception of buying influence but in the end there are other ways, as donald trump is showing, to get free media. there are other ways to get your message across. by writing a book that becomes a best seller or finding ways to travel, knock on more doors. i don't think that we see an advancement of american political culture due to this apartment of money that gets pumped into these campaigns and these pacs.
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>> ben ferguson earlier said -- i asked him if a superpac can elect a president. he said, he didn't think they could elect one but they could eliminate a candidate. do you agree? >> absolutely. very well-said. i just recall the damage they can also due to somebody's character. look at the swift vote attack ads on john kerry. for all that money to tell us john kerry was not a vietnam hero. well, john kerry has three purple hearts and a silver star and a bronze star. he was a vietnam hero. it is an attempt to smear somebody without having your fingerprints on it. it is low-ball politics, low-rent, not our american, democratic process at its finest. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. her biggest rival, obviously, bernie sanders, comes out and he shuns superpac money. is that a smart move? >> i think he is trying to show
7:20 am
that he is not in it and owned by wall street or owned by america's financial interest. it is a move of desperation, when you don't have any other cards in your deck to play. i think it is authentic with bernie sanders. in the democratic race here, it is hillary clinton all the way. it has almost not been a race against hillary clinton and sanders. 2015 was the year of donald trump or the year of the conservative movement. 2016 is going to become perhaps the first woman president of the united states. it is going to be a big year for hillary clinton. >> i want to walk real quickly with you here. an ad put out by ted cruz's superpac. >> he represents the people. he represents me. >> he went to washington, d.c. and did what he told the voters he was going to do. >> who has stood up to not just democrats but to leaders in our own party? >> he is not afraid to say the
7:21 am
honest truth even from the senate floor and even if it is unpopular. >> you talk about how they can eliminate candidates. this actually focuses on something that's polarizing about him. standing up to leaders also led to a government shutdown last year. how much at risk do people put themselves, candidates put themselves when they are involved with these superpacs? >> well, look. ted cruz is working with superpacs. he needs to. he is running against now head to head against a billionaire like donald trump who has unlimited money. he has to use the superpacs. i think what's interesting about the cruz campaign, is that it has been very shrewd of not trying to go after donald trump and stay in the number two spot with an aim at iowa and the evan gel gel cal vote. if he wins iowa, ted cruz, and these ads are going to help him do that, he suddenly becomes the
7:22 am
talk of the country. you have a scenario where donald trump may very well win new hampshire. the media needs to focus on south carolina. it could become a huge showdown between trump and cruz there. this may be the cycle where the conservative movement is demanding they have a candidate, because the establishment gave them mccain, followed by romney and they didn't get victory out of those. >> good point. douglas brinkly, we always appreciate your insight. thanks for taking the time. >> thanks. >> take care. we are still following breaking news out of southern california. you are seeing raging wildfires burning there at this moment. it is forcing man da torre evacuations and closing of major roads. we will bring you an update on this next. plus, madonna's international custody battle for her son. mom wants him home in new york. dad wants him to stay in london.
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with sleep number.
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seems like a tough holiday
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start for madonna. she went to court in manhattan and won a court order to force rocco to return. here is the thing. ricci's lawyer in london says rocco expressed very clearly he did not want to return to new york. we want to talk about this with criminal defense attorney ashley murton. one judge has ruled he can stay there. new york judge says he has to stay here. who has the authority to make something happen? >> that's the difficult question. who has jurisdiction. >> because rocco is not in american. he is in britain, they would have jurisdiction at this point. the problem is, there was a previous action in new york. that carries some weight because there was a previous action. the issue is whether or not he has a passport to come back. his lawyer has his passport for safe keeping, which means he can't come back. the lawyer could be implicated for interfering with custody.
7:27 am
that would have the more powerful say. what rocco is doing by staying there, all he is doing is violating a court order, still serious, but only punishable but contempt, which is a fine. >> this is a 15-year-old kid. we are not talking about a toddler here. i am talking about a toddler here. they have the right to say which side they are on. that can override that. absent some extra circumstance, some type of abuse, anybody who is 14 or above, has the ability to say which parent they want to stay with. even if he came back, he most likely would be able to say when he comes back to america. i want to go with dad and the ,- journaling would have to avid by that. >> i would think that anybody who has that.
7:28 am
you want your son and you want him to say publicly, i don't want to be with you. what is her best bet to heal whatever is going on here? >> this is one of those tough situations. just because legally, you can get him back, doesn't mean that's the best court of action. going in a court of law right before christmas, and saying, i want to get a judge to forcefully bring my home back. is that the best course of action or better to work it out? >> it sounds like the judge was trying to get them to work it out. in family law situations, that is always going to be better to work it out. a 15-year-old, a judge ordering a 15-year-old, never a good idea. >> ashleigh merchant, thank you so much. we appreciate your expertise, as always. errol? we are still following breaking news. wind fires shutting down major roadways and forcing mandatory
7:29 am
evacuation the. our other developing story in the southeast, severe storms affecting millions of people. updates on those stories, next. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges this holiday season, gewhat's in the trunk? nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered. family fun. everybody squeeze in. don't block anyone. and non-stop action. noooooooo! it's the event you don't want to miss.
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severe weather threats. parts of the south are getting drenched causing terrible flooding in some areas. more rain on the way. we'll keep you posted throughout the day on cnn. >> we want to get you back to some of the other breaking news we have been watching all morning. look at pictures coming in of a wild fire out of control. it has already burned an estimated 1,000 to 1,100 acres. so far, the more than 500 firefighters who are responding have not been able to get this thing under control. erin meyers of cnn affiliate, ktla is in ventura, california. what is the situation there, erin? >> reporter: we are about an hour north of los angeles. the fire is really difficult for firefighters to deal with because of winds and dry conditions because we are in a drut out here in this area. we are in the 101 freeway. this fire has jumped the freeway right along the coast here. if you follow me over this way, i'll show you this is on the other side of the 101 freeway. the hillside right there. it is now starting to die down.
7:32 am
that was completely engulfed just a short time ago. we know the fire started around 10:40 last night and crews tell us when they got on scene, it had already burned about 100 acres in this area just north of ventura county. the fire is moving very quickly due to these dry conditions and winds. they could see gusts up to 50 miles an hour that could really move that fire along. another issue is the oil in the fields. about 500 firefighters are on scene. currently, the 101 is closed in both directions from ventura to right before carpenteria. there are man datory evacuation in place. fire officials rs asking
7:33 am
evacuees to head north of this area tie red cross structure. so far, no structures that have been lost and no injuries. the fire is going to be very difficult for firefighters to battle. about 1,100 acres. they tell us once the day starts, the sun starts to come up, they will have a better idea and be able to assess this fire a little more and be able to put a better plan of action. right now, it is moving very, very quickly. in ventura county, i'm erin myers. back to you. >> she is with cnn affiliate, ktla we want to bring in our cnn meteorologist, allison chinchar. what are the weather conditions in southern california? might they help california. >> the weather may start to improve as early as 24 hours from now. it would be very good news for the firefighters. not so much right now. we have almost like a santa ana wind coming in. you have it coming down from the
7:34 am
northeast. again, that's making it very difficult for the firefighters to get a very good handle on the blaze that's out there. right now, winds up around 25-30 miles an hour sustained. that means constant. we have gusts up to around 60 miles an hour. again, it is no wonder we have these wind warnings out there right now that are going up to much of the area. again, you can see that we have high wind warnings, wind watches and advisories out for much of this area, stretching from las vegas all the way down towards los angeles. as we mentioned, again, the big issue with this is that northeastern wind coming down. it is moving very, very quickly, which again that can cause the fire to spread pretty quickly and make at the have difficult for firefighters to battle that blaze. as i mentioned earlier, we do have maybe some positive weather on its way. this next front should be pushing in by sunday. when it does, it will be
7:35 am
bringing in some moisture. people take whatever they can end up getting. the winds will begin to shift as that front comes back through. no longer going to be out of the northeast. a more favorable wind to help out the firefighters. >> so much to keep your eyes on. thanks very much. >> a new report says the u.s. is planning raids that would force undocumented immigrants out of the country. would it be legal? we have an immigration lawyer weighing in.
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donald trump taking credit for mass deportation of central immigrants. news of the raids were reported by "the wall street journal." the front-runner is quick to take place. the democrats and president obama are now, because of me, starting to deport people who are here illegally. politics! the politics aside, this is a
7:39 am
very real situation for those who are in this country illegally. let's talk about this with matthew green. he is an immigration attorney. mr. green, we appreciate you being with us. first of all, wondering, who are the primary targets of these impending raids? >> good morning. i have read the news as well. it appears the primary target of these impending raids are some of the asylum seekers who showed up at the southern border in 2014 and who, for whatever reason, have final orders of deportation from immigration judges and they are still here and they are not in detention. >> so is there only hope, would it be a stay of deportation. >> yes, that's true. there is a variety of reasons why some of these people might have orders of deportation. really, it comes down to two primary categories. the first category would be people who actually have gone to court and their cases have been
7:40 am
finished by immigration judges. now, i don't think that that's very likely ta thathat that's go be the majority of these people. if they have gone to immigration courts, they have been released from detention, it is unlikely their cases would have been finished by now, because the courts are so backed up. it is more likely the vast majority of these people were released from detention, either once they saw an immigration judge or more likely before they even saw an immigration judge and for whatever reason, they didn't show up to their court dates and they received what are called inabstencia orders of removal orders of deportation issued by judges in the absence of these immigrants. >> i'm wondering if people's circumstances can change enough while they are here in this country to afford them perhaps a different kind of visa or some aspect in that regard to stay? >> well, they absolutely can. in fact, there was a case from the ninth circuit court of
7:41 am
appeals published earlier this week, a case called sisnaro rodriguez. it explained a woman who was absolutely subject to deportation was also eligible for what is called a u.v. the immigrant community is vic timmized by crime as well. deet pore tation officer in that case was reprimanded for just trying to process her through and not taking a look to see whether or not her circumstances had changed and whether our laws could help her stay here. >> so there is nothing about this new proposal and what's going to happen possibly at the beginning of the year, we understand, that is out of the ordinary to you. >> well, it's not out of the ordinary but i do think it represents a very sensitive situation. also, an opportunity for the obama administration to show
7:42 am
that it is intelligently and sensitively enforcing our incompetent immigration laws. i expect the vast majority of people that have orders of deportation that are still here did not show up to court. the case law is very replete with examples over the years and the immigration nationality act has specific provisions to address this. lots of times, people are traumatized, released from detention. they are told to show up in court or told they are going to get a not show up in court and they never do or if they do, they don't understand it, because these are, by and large, uned katd uneducated, undereducated, unsophisticated people. it doesn't go to the right place but they can reopen their case and get automatic stays of removal. deet pore tation officers that are doing the rates and apprehensions have a responsibility to inquire into
7:43 am
this to make sure it wasn't a mistake. they ultimately have total discretion to decide whether or not these people should be thrown out of the country or maybe we should take a closer look at them. >> matthew green, i really learned something from you this morning. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> the suspect in the planned parenthood clinic massacre, plans to represent himself in court. we'll bring you legal analysis on the consequences of that decision. also, a secret gift sends a woman into, let's call it, a happy frenzy. this video is going viral right now. for good reason. you are going to see it all next. but i gotta take a sick day.
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but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back. the case against the man accused of killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic could all hinge on whether he is found to be mentally competent. robert deer appeared in court and interrupted his public
7:47 am
defender and told the judge he wants to represent himself. the judge ordered deer to undergo a mentally valuation. however, in a previous court appearance earlier this month, deer indicated he would not cooperate with a mentally valuation. >> watch. >> and i'm not gonna agree to their mental health evaluation where they want to take me and put me under psychotropic drugs so i can't talk like the batman guy. >> deer faces 179 felony counts, including murder and attempted murder. let's talk about all of this with criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, nicole devoord. what happens if robert deer won't go ahead and do this mentally valuation? how does that complicate the next few steps? >> well, it just makes it a little more difficult for the court to make the same types of determinations that it is going to make anyway.
7:48 am
they will be able to get his jail records, be able to subpoena records from his previous health care providers and probably learn whether or not he has had any other mental health issues or commitments or treatment. they are going to evaluate him anyway. they will use what they find with or without his assistance to make the determination about whether he is competent. >> what do you make of the fact that he wants to represent himself here? he has been interrupting his public defender almost making the situation more difficult for him in addition to the things he has said. i mean, do you think he is increasing his chances of what? what is he doing here? >> there is a saying amongst lawyers that even a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client. that is even more true for somebody who has no legal training whatsoever. it is a disaster for someone to try to represent themselves in court even if they have legal training. this individual has none. it is absolutely not going to be a positive thing for his case.
7:49 am
he will increase the likelihood that the damage to him will be great. >> this question on if he is mentally competent, what happens if he takes that test and he is found to be mentally competent. how does that factor into the possibility of the death penalty? people died in this shooting. >> absolutely. it is a tragic case. if he is found competent, the district attorney's office can proceed just as they would in any other case. if they decide to seek the death penalty, they will be able to do that. he will be tried and at risk for death if he is found guilty if they choose to proceed in that way. >> have you ever seen a case like this where there has been a horrific crime and the defendant wants to represent himself. >> there may be fear there may be some grandstanding as he makes more political statements. >> a lot of folks that end up in the criminal justice system are there because of some sort of mental health problem. whether or not the mental health
7:50 am
problem makes them incompetent is a completely different question. people in that circumstance, make some incredibly poor decisions, even once they are in court. it is not that common as you would think. >> criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, nicole debor, thanks for your insight and juror joining us. >> thanks for having me. keeping our eye on the breaking news in southern california, that raging wild fire shutting down major roadways forcing mandatory evacuations this morning. we'll bring you the latest. also, more on that in just a moment. this holiday season, get ready for homecomings. i see you brought a friend? i wanna see, i wanna see. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all. hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees
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>> president obama took a break from his family vacation in hawaii making his annual visit to thank the troops. he promised the men and women in uniform their service is never taken to are granted. >> as we know, when you are deployed overseas, it is tough. even though we have been able to reduce the number of folks who
7:54 am
are deployed in places like iraq and afghanistan, there is still folks over there every single day and it is still dangerous as we saw this past week. we had some outstanding brave men and women who were killed. so we never take for granted what all of you do for the american people. you help keep us free. you help keep us strong. whatever service and branch you are in, we are extraordinarily great full for everything you do every single day. >> you heard the president mention the six americans killed in a suicide bomb attack in bagram, afghanistan. the president calling them outstanding and braver. certainly, no matter what side of the fence you sit on politically, we do certainly appreciate our troops and all the things that they do and sacrifices they make. >> without a doubt. >> so this is the time of year when we look back at 2015. we wanted to focus this time on a story that really was
7:55 am
controversial here in the united states and europe, which was the refugee crisis. the number of migrants that have entered by land and see has passed the 1 million mark. >> the treatment of rev few screes continues to be a controversial topic. >> our ivan watson and charissa ward, they all covered the crisis and discussed their experiences. >> did you ever think you would see these matches of people marching into europe like that. i don't think i ever would have imagined a scene like that. >> and the scene when you get to greece and the boats that keep on coming and coming. >> there is this logic, why don't they stay in lebanon or turkey? >> the question is, would you?
7:56 am
>> you need to be able to build a life, build a future for yourself and you are not going to have a future sitting in a refugee camp or a country where you can't get a job or pursue your education or your life. sadly, the reality is, they are not going to go home. the war in syria isn't going to end any time soon. even if it were to end tomorrow, the country -- >> this is an awful consequence for the decades to many could, the dentists, the architects, the people that do those jobs are not going to want to go home and they are going to be doing that job in germany z this isn't the poorest of the poor that are making this journey. >> ai lot of these folks are middle class and coming from different parts of syria. >> the poorest of the poor are still in syria or stuck in the refugee camps. it is not a cheap journey. >> it is so universal. the sheer volume of people doing
7:57 am
it. >> there is no way the refugee trail unfolded that it was good for any of them or any of the european states. it weakens european ins stoout stugss and. >> that idea of europe or even america, it is meant to be a democracy. it is meant to uphold all this ideals and values and to be treated like trash, that's how they felt. they felt like they were being treated like trash. >> i think it depended on the country or the border. that's not entirely fair. there were people who welcomed these migrants. >> and people that made very difficult political decisions. >> it created more of a pull factor. was that better? >> we had that conversation in the u.k. where the conservatives said, if you stop saving them, they will stop coming. then, you have to debate what that does to your rue manity. can you really watch thousands upon thousands of people washing up on shores? >> why does it have to get that
7:58 am
bad for people to react? why do we have to take that imsnanlg. >> on the beach if, for people to begin to react. >> we'll learn so much more from them. they were there. >> they can talk about all the different views we want to make your smile today. we think this is going to do it. >> indiana woman learning she us a grandmother. that's her reaction there. >> she had no idea her son and daughter-in-law were visiting from the holidays. that bundle of joy make it even more special. they surprised her with their newly adopted baby girl. we woke her up, basically and spoke on the phone with eva a short time ago about her
7:59 am
priceless reaction. >> we knew that sonny and miranda had longed to adopt for quite some time. we knew they had gbegun the process. they wanted to spare us from any heartache, because adoptions, things can go wrong. so they wanted to spare us from any possible heartbreak or heartache and so i came around the corner. i saw my son. i knew my husband had told me that the kids were there. i came around the corner expecting to see my son. i looked at my son. i looked at my daughter-in-law and saw her holding this beautiful child in her arms. my heart just burst. i was so excited. >> one of the things that stands out to me when i watch this is when you say, i had a dream it was a girl. >> what did she say? how did she react to that? >> oh, she just smiled.
8:00 am
we were all crying tears of joy. my mom instincts were pretty strong. so they didn't question them. >> congratulations to the whole family again. thank you very much for sharing your morning with us. i'll be back with christie tomorrow. deb feyerick picks things up in new york. it is so incredible to watch that mom with the little baby. it is like she has been holding that baby for her entire life. that's what was so heart warming about the whole thing. thanks so much, you guys. really appreciate it. we'll take it from here. it is now 11:00 on the east coast. i'm deborah feyerick in for fredricka whitfield. news roo "newsroom" starts . the south, still reeling from


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