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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  December 28, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes, come out from the cushions, you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. havi -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. oh, it is massive. >> oh! >> let's talk about the torna tornadoes, the blizzards, the flooding. it is all coming from this monster storm system affecting about 100 million people. >> at least 43 deaths in seven states in days. >> oh, no. >> and the force of the ever-4 tornado was so loud that it muffled the warning system. >> i saw it coming, but all of the grandkids and the great grandkids in the hall, and the wife, and then it hit. >> and buildings cracking and
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ripping stuff up, and all we could do is run the closet and pray. it seemed 20 seconds it lasted. and then it got real quiet, and i stepped out, and saw this. >> i was praying to god that he protected the house, and nothing bad happened. >> that can always be fixed, but we are grateful that everybody is alive. and hello, everyone. i'm deborah feyerick in for ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." 60 million americans are under a flood threat as a deadly storm heads east. severe weather has claimed the li lives of 43 people over the last week with more than half of the deaths happening this past weekend alone, and it is not just intense rain and tornadoes, but record snowfall. texas all of the way to the great lakes could see winter weather. meanwhile, parts of new mexico are under 16 inches of snow right fou, and that -- right now, and that is where the snow
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is headed east. and now, officials are calling the devastation catastrophic. and in the midwest, deadly flash flooding with the kcars swept away. the rescue crews pulled off more than 100 water rescues in missouri alone. meanwhile the dallas area residents are trying to the recover after a string of tornadoes. garland, texas, is hardest hit, and eight people killed there after a twister touched down. one man saying, i saw it coming. to make matters worse, families whose homes were destroyed by the storms will now is have to deal with snow and very cold temperatures. cnn's nick lavenc vealencia is garland. the residents must be wondering how they will come back from this? >> well, the shock has not settled in for some of them. we have spoken to some of them coming back in the last couple of hours or so, to salvage what little they have left. we are joined by the johnson family, michael and his son jaylen, and hey, how are you doing, and his wife, la tonya,
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and how are you doing in >> we are living. ta is what i keep telling everybody, we are living. we walked out and all four still together, and thank god for that, but we are living. >> you guys rode out the storm as a family, and your son jaylen was telling me that he heard the sirens, but it seemed a little too late for you guys. explain what happened? >> it was just quick. the moment that he said that he heard the sirens, we could hear them, and they got louder and we got up and put on shoes, and we headed to the bathroom, and you could hear the most terrible noise that you have ever heard in your life. it sounded like a giant stepping on the for est, and trees cracking an crunching, and then you heard the distinctive what everybody says the train sound, but i have been by train tracks, and it didn't sound anything like a train, i will tell you that much. >> and do something with me, and look right here, and this is your home just beyond the back here. and when you see this, and when you can see this scope of damage, i mean, you are starting
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to tear up looking at it. >> i mean, i have gone through that since saturday night, and you cry a little bit and look at the family and you are a little happi happier, and then you thank god that you made it through and then you nod off, a you feel the vibration again and it comes back surreal to you. for two days i have been asking one question, where is my car, and i think they got a shot of it earlier, ap we finally saw it today, it is halfway lu the middle of this building. >> reporter: your car was picked up and moved that way? >> yes, our apart mement is at very back of these, and it picked it up and halfway through the buildings there and it is upside down. >> this experience has to -- come in here, la on thia, and this experience has to have brought you closer together as a fam ri. what were those moments like when that tornado was bearing down on you? >> it was it was scary. the only thing that i could say is god, please. god help us.
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god please. >> reporter: just praying. >> just praying, and we were all together huddled and holding each other, and just riding it out, and just hoping that this is, this is is the extent. not the end, but feeling the vibration of the house, and hearing it, it is like a deep, deep roaring sound, you know. >> reporter: we will let you guys get back to the recovery, and we know that you have a lot to go through, and a lot certainly on your mind, and so many people thinking about you guys across the nation, and my thoughts and prayers are definitely here with the johnson family, and thank you so much for taking the time with cnn and it is a incredible and courageous survival families like the johnson family keeping the community going, and many people said they the did not have any warning and the force of the storm was so loud that it muffled the sirens there, and you will see the residents like the johnsons coming back to try to see what the damage is and where they go from here, deb.
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>> and amazing description there, by mr. johnson who said that it sounded like a giant stepping on the forest, and someone else said it is 20 seconds there and gone. nick valencia, and thank you for covering this on the ground for us. as we mentioned, it has been a crazy day. wi winter weather expected from plains to the great lake, and millions across the southeast are facing the threat of severe weather. jennifer gray has the latest, our meteorologist. and when does this end? when do we get relief? >> for texas, the storm relief has come, and the storms are moving to the east. but i want to the add something to what nick said about people with little warning. these are storms are moving very, very quickly at # 65 desi for the people who are indoors, but it is for the people who are
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outdoors and so you need a weather radio to wake you up. don't rely on those sirens indoors. and still a huge flooding concern across the middle section of the country, and a winter watch for people in new england, and a lot of people are seeing the first snow of the season coming mup tex int 12 to 24 hours. and the first thunderstorm concern is still there, and we are looking at snow across places like oklahoma up to iowa and missouri and even a wintry mix and the ice is going to be a huge concern. it takes a little bit to bring down the trees and the power lines. we will see the power outages. look at chicago, it is getting very messy, and we are seeing a wintry mix there, and then eventually all of this is boing the be turning to rain. all of the threats are damaging winds and isolated tornadoes for mobile and birmingham and memphis, you are included in that and a couple of tornado watches for a large portion of alabama and the florida
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panhandle, and we have seen several warnings, and then southern alabama, and so much of the rain pushing up through the mid-atlantic, and through place, and also, boston is pick up a couple of inches of snow, and turning into the freezing rain and sleet, and we could see some p power outages there, and it is a messy morning commute in the s boston area, and eventually changing over to rain. all of this is going to be moving out quickly, and we are not expecting it to stick to the ground, because it has been warm lately, and we are not planning on that, but we are planning on the icing concern around oklahoma city, and kansas city and up to chicago and detroit. it is going to be a mess, deb, over to the next day the as we deal with the ice and then of course the freezing rain and as well as the snow in the northeast. >> and all because of the crazy el nino weather front. jennifer gray, thank you so much. we will be going to chicago for a live report, and the mayor on vacation, and the community is
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and now to chicago are where police and the mayor have two more controversial shooting deaths to answer for. authorities have deemed the death of 55-year-old bettie jones an accident when an off opened fire on 19-year-old quintonio la gear. they said that he had a mental disorder. rosa flores is on the story for us. what exactly happened? how was jones involved in this? >> you know, deb, there is a lot of questions about exactly what
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happened, but here is what we know from her family. her family says that this grandmother, that this mo ttherf five, all she did was to open the door. she is a neighbor of la gear, and here is what we know transfired based on what his family has said publicly. they said that his father called police because of a domestic disturbance, and when the police responded to the scene, they were confronted by a quote combative person, this 19-year-old, and police later confirming that the 19-year-old had an aluminum bat and coming at the police aofficers with th aluminum bat, and the police officers responded by firing, and of course, we now know that the 19-year-old and the 55-year-old were shot and killed. again, deb, there is a lot of questions as to where each subject was, and how all of this transpired and why police officers opened fire. >> yeah, and what is the
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reaction of the community? a lot of people are saying that the mayor rahm emanuel should come back from vacation in cuba, and this is a continuation of what this is is going on in the community, and with police. >> well, the mayor releasing a statement even from cuba asking for ipra and that is the independent police review authority to review the training for crisis intervention, and what that is, that is the training involved for all calls involving mental health crises. and lagrier's family is not saying or confirming that the 19-year-old was having a mental health episode. they are not saying that, but they are saying it does not matter, and even if he was, the police should not have responded with lethal force because the teen did not have a gun. and the officer involved is on desk duty for 30 days, and the
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superintendent of police, and this is the interim superintendent, because remember, that a few weeks ago, the superintendent was replaced f following the laquan mcdonald shooting release of the video of that shooting, and so, now, the superintendent saying that, that is new policy. i want to evaluate a police officer before the police officer goes out in the field again. >> and it is interest, because it is a besieged mayor and police department clearly that is being sort of turned upside down because of what is going on there. rosa flores, thank you. and chicago mayor rahm emanuel is asking the police to sharpen the training for s suspects with mental health crises which is known as emotional disability, and this is following the weekend death of two people at the hands of an officer who called in saying a man was threatening him with a bat. also killed was the 19-year-old
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qintonio lagrier and bettie jones. when she opened the door, police shot her by accident. now we go to the panel of experts and defense attorney and hln analyst joey jackson, and also law enforcement analyst cedric alexander. and cedric, people are saying that tasers should have been used, and the reports are that the emotionally disturbed 19-year-old university student had a bat and threatening the father, and what should have been the police response? >> well, first of all, we don't know that we have a emotionally disturbed person or not as indicated by the correspondent. what is important here is that they have to go back to do a thorough investigation in terms of what occurred. as to whether they should have used a taser or not becomes an
9:17 am
option at the discretion of the officer, and the training they received. maybe it is an option, and maybe it may not have been, but the problem for chicago p.d., they are operating from the deficit. they are a department still being critically scrutinized by the passing incident that occurred involving the shooting there that we all very well know about, and the credibility of the department as well along with the investigative body internally is at question. so they are operate ing from the deficit, and one thing that i would recommend for them is that they go to use outside independent sources to review this investigation. it has to be done carefully and meed to cli. so that, that community can begin to have some sense of trust in that department again. >> and cedric, you know, when you think about this, and you say that the taser could have been an option, and maybe, maybe not, and it depends how close that young man was to the police officer, and even if they worked, because they don't always work in every
9:18 am
circumstance, but dealing with a place like chicago with so much gang violence, are the police reacting in a way they have been trained that extreme violence, and even when it comes to dealing with the emotionally disturbed people which is what the call came in as? >> well, regardless of the population that the community may be confronting, but particularly there in chicago where you have communities of col color, and the challenge there is continuing to be the trust issue. unfoch n unfortunately, deb, you will have police shootings. chicago is a major metropolitan city, and it has incredible hot spots as most major cities do across the country, and the engagement there of another police shooting is going to be very likely, but what has to the happen here each case must be looked at individually and i still would encourage an outside independent review that would give that community and across all of chicagoland an opportunity to feel a sense of
9:19 am
confidence with the outside investigative source, and the d.a. office as well that is going to be acting expeditiously with a great deal, and with a great deal of sbeg integrity be they are, too, at question. >> and joey, after an overall call for review of the chicago police department, and what is the outcome there and how can does that work? >> well, good afternoon, deb. good afternoon, cedric. the outcome is important, but it is something to be undertaken, and why? because cedric speaks to the issue of trust. it is so important to when you have police policing the community, some level of trust and respect between the community and the police. that starts with knowing exactly what happened in this instance and every instance, and when ever you get the federal government involved, there is a sense ta there is some outside source that is doing to review everything. it is not going to be politics. it is not going to be business as usual, but it is going to be an investigation that is
9:20 am
predicated upon the facts, predicated upon the circumstances and allows the chips to fall wherever they do. so in terms of what the investigation will reveal, we don't know. we do know that the federal government, a few weeks ago has launched the investigation to look at the prak patterns and the practices of the police conduct, and the interaction they have with the community, and what if anything can be done to restore that trust, to restore that integrity and to build the gap between the community and the police department. >> and so, joey, in the case of bettie jones, the police is have acknowledged that it was an accident. she was shot when she was near the door, and that the lagrier was running towards. do they -- is there a civil suit or in the case of laquan mcdonald simply pay her? or the family. >> and there is a couple of things looked into. if there any criminality and that is investigated and of course, the civil will be investigate and the distinction
9:21 am
of the two is to determine whether the officer acted criminally, a we don't know, and we don't have all of the facts or the circumstances, and that is what the investigations are for, and when you look to the civil side of it, it is the reward of money. and the fact is that of course, the family wants their mom, and the only way that the system, unfoch n unfortunately the way it works in law is to pay someone for any misdeed that may have occurred. so from the negligence perspective, that is what the civil looks at, deb, was there carelessness? a lack of judgment here? what could have been done differe differently so as to have the personal live instead of dead. and of course, two people dead at this point. >> and so, to both of you very quickly, the chicago police does have an independent review board, but they have ruled really in favor of the police officers in these controversial shootings, and the mayor has appointed a new head. can justice be done by an internal review of what happened, or is there too much distrust, and as cedric suggests, should there be somebody are from outside, and
9:22 am
you first, joey? >> well, are there has to be, because there is an evaluation of what is the immediacy of the threat? is the fact that the baseball bat, and warrant lethal force, and first option, maybe or maybe not, and other things that could have been explored and two, the proportionally of the force, and did you need to fire at a person multiple times with a bat, and how reasonable was the officer in acting this way, a nd if you have is an independent source looking at that, the community would have much more confidence than the internal district attorney and the review board ta you talked about that has found two wrongdoings in 400 police cases, 400, and two wrong shootings, and something is problematic when 4.5% of the time the police got something wrong. >> and cedric, as you said earlier, it is going to be very hard for the police to police themselves and somebody independent has to be brought in. and to both of you gentlemen, thank you, cedric alexandra and
9:23 am
joey jackson, we appreciate your thoughts on this. >> thank you, a lot. and still ahead, the victory in iraq cheers as they take victory over isis in one key city. we will go live to baghdad. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. these are multi-symptom. well so are these. this one is max strength and fights mucus. that one doesn't. uh...think fast! you dropped something. oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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are de-clairing a major victory over isis claiming they have recaptured a key area in ri mau da and taking the flag over. and the u.s. military strikes
9:27 am
have helped to take over the city that was taken in may. we are joined from auk withiraqe latest from nima elbarger. >> they are saying they have to go unbelievably slowly because of the the ied fighting, and those are from the northern tip of the city. and this, if they are calling it a little bit too soon, it is the pure sheer excitement that this moment has come. when ramadi fell, it is the lowest point of humiliation and not just for the iraqi government, but the u.s., and their strategy here in iraq, and whether or not they could find a strategy that could work and
9:28 am
actually be replicated in other cities across iraq and possibly into syria, and is so this is a hugely strategic moment, and a moment where there is finally a sense of momentum here, deb. >> and as you said, washington had a role in this, and the u.s. airstrikes fa s helping in the off ramadi. >> everybody out here is excited and there is a sense of optimism, and it is not perfect, and very few of the situations are. and iraqi government has a sense of calling liberation before they should, but in this situation, everyone we are speaking to, and all of the sources in the western don't begrudge them that, and we were speaking to other sources, and they said that halfway through the conversations, there could be a sense of celebration on new year's eve. and they could put so much of
9:29 am
the violence and strife behind it. >> and they did it with the hel toch sunni tribesmen, and the sunni sunnis who were excluded from the early iraqi government. nima, thank you is much. we will continue the talk about this with retired general rick francona and general retired hertling. we are hearing as they will say they liberated a town and then reversing themselves, and can we trust now that ramadi is in their control? >> well, first of all, deb, you have heard it before, and the media has heard it, and reported it before and i have to tell you the truth, liveded it before. i have been there when we are liberated the towns in iraq, and they do tend to announce too early. there is work the be done in ramadi to secure the city from
9:30 am
the ieds that have been placed around, and that is the kind of action that takes a while, and they have to get the government back in place, and police security back in town, and water and e e lek trlectricity back i and that is going to be taking a little bit longer, and this is not that we are through with the fight yet, but i can understand why they are celebrating. >> and now they took the back the city, and now they will have to rebuild the city. and i i have to ask this question, in the new cnn/o, c poll who is winning the war on terrorism, and according to the poll, terrorists, our respondents said 40%, and neither side, 40%, and the u.s. is 18%. and when we talk about the war on terrorism, it is so vague. are we talking about in iraq? in syria? here on the street ts of americ where we are seeing the isolated events or even paris or western europe? the war on terror, who is winning, and what is it that
9:31 am
they are winning? h >> well, it is a perception problem rn and we say the war on terrorism, and that is the world at large. what we are talking about here is isis in syria and iraq and in the region. and people tend to conflate what goes on and see what happens in paris and what happens in sinai and an a and ankara, and wen you see them, you address them individually, and abz as the general was talking about ri u ramadi, this is a success, and so the war on terrorism is much too broad of a topic, and we have to focus on what we are doing in each individual conflict. >> and if i could add to that. >> yes, please go. >> and rick is exactly right. when the question was asked of omost americans they immediately reverted to isis, and that is
9:32 am
the big terror boogeyman right now, and are we winning this, 3 and truthfully, it has been challenging for the last year, and this is an organization that has stood up within the last few year, and it is a tough slog as we have gotten some things together, but there are t terrorist, and you can name about 30 terrorist organizations all over to the world, and terror is an act. it is not and a political factor. it is going to be difficult to stamp out anyone who wants to commit a terrorist act. >> there is a huge stream of thought that this should have been deemed a war on extremism and violence and not just on terror which is so broad and can cover so much. when you look at what is going on, and the u.s. had a lot of skin in the game in terms of the fall of ramadi and air strike, and training the sunni tribesmen and special forces there which are effectively the boots on the ground, and also a move towards a peace process, and in syria that is calling the shots in terms of isis, and where they are going, and what they are
9:33 am
doing, and general, do you think that in fact, perhaps there could be some resolution or, it seems that there are positive developments or am i being too optimistic? >> i am with you, deb. i'm an optimist by nature, and rick is going to know more about syria, but i will tell you when we started to see it turn around in iraq, it is because the government started changing, and started treating the people of all sects and beliefs the same way. it is becoming a patriotic, and nationalistic fervor, and again tashgs is not happening in syria, and until there is good governance there in syria, and until mr. assad removes himself, you will still have problems with terrorism in syria. >> and rick, when you think about this u.s.-russia negotiated peace process that
9:34 am
the u.n. wants to incorporate, but either russia or syria just took out a major rebel leader. does it affect what happens now? >> oh, absolutely. and you know, the general is absolutely right. i am optimist when it comes to iraq, but i am pes misstisimistt the attacks, because they have good intelligence there in the southern regions of damascus, and they took out a moderate leader who went out to talk to the syrian regime, and now the syrian regime is taken out, and now they have hardened opinions on both sides. syria is still a problem, and whereas in iraq, you have defined actors on each side. in syria, we still don't know who all of the players are, and we can't sit down with the russians the other super power to talk about how we will approach a terrorist organization, and so syria is a real problem, and the solution is not on the horizon as it is
9:35 am
in iraq. >> a so even though they have lost places in libya and other places, they have liberated ramadi. thank you so much, rick and mark. >> and now sh, so many people a affected by the storms. we will have more about the severe weather in the south straight ahead.
9:36 am
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9:38 am
as many as 100 million americans are are facing a triple threat of violent and rough weather. and now, headed east, it could be high winds and rain an record snowfall. 43 people have lost their lives in the last week, and meanwhile,
9:39 am
one town is dealing with the one-two punch of tornadoes and snow. residents of garland, texas, trying to recover after a twister killed eight residents there. officials say that 600 homes have been destroyed and leaving some families to deal with the devastation under frigid snowy conditions. let's bring in the mayor of garland douglas athis. our condolences, because we know that you have lost eight people from your town, and tell us about this devastating situation, and who you are seeing and talking to? >> i am talking to the resident, and also the first responders and talking to the people who are at the federal level and the state level trying to hem us as far as the federal assistance la later on. there is a tremendous amount of destruction, and what you can see behind me right now shgs , pretty bad, but it is homes, and in some cases, they are just
9:40 am
totally gutted and the roof is gone and everything sucked out of them completely. i have talked to a null beof residents in the home, and some of people in the apartments that were here at the timef of the tornado, an hunkered down in bathrooms, and we are blessed that we didn't have more injuries and more fatalities from this event. but we have been through the search and rescue phase. we don't believe there there are any other live people left in any of the 600 structures affected. we can't right now say that they are not might not be other bodies discovered in the the future, but we know that there is nobody live left and trapped. >> and mr. mayor, what are the challenges that you are facing with the electrical or the gas or the utilities, and what are the challenges? >> well, the biggest problem right now, of course, is the areas of so much destruction, and so many limbs and downed power poles and things out in the streets and things of that nature, and we can't turn the
9:41 am
electricity on right now, because of the people going through the houses. we pex t-- we expect the residents to be let in so they can start to recover their valuables. and we will bring out dumpsters for the debris, but we have to let the owners in before we start that process. so we have been in the search and rescue phase and now we have to go into the cleanup phase. we are transitioning from one to another. >> you are talking about the cleanup, and i am talking about the home behind you, and does that home stand? get knocked down or a one sort of a door by door e evaluation, and are you getting any financial help from the state? >> well, these are apartments behind us. i am sure that will be totaled and taken right down to the foundation and started over, but we are getting incredibles a iss and the from all levels of the county level and the state level and from the federal level. congressman sessions is here with me right now touring this, and he is going to be talking to
9:42 am
e fema for us later today. >> the families that you are seeing, are they in shelters or other family members? or did people seem to get where they needed to be before this hi hit? >> they didn't get where they needed to be before it hit, because they only had a moment's notice, and this this started re really south of the location that we are at right now, when the tornado touched down. so very few people had more than a seconds or minutes' warning. those that ran and got the safest place they could in their homes, of course, being in texas, we talk about tornadoes all of the time, and people are familiar they have to move quickly, and think that of course, that is constant training, and on the stant talking saved a lot of lives. >> sir, when we talk about, you
9:43 am
had eight fatalities there in the town, but what about the hospitals? are they treat ing a ling a lot injured folks as well? do you know how many folks may have been injured in the tornado? >> i don't have the exact number, but it is in the 40-some people or something of that nature, and not a whole lot more of that. and if you look at the devastation around me, it is hard to understand how so many people were able to come through unscathed, but we are blessed in that and thankful, of course. >> and you are hearing of the people running to their bathrooms to sort of shelter in place, and what a terrifying ordeal. we wish you all of the very best as you are starting the long process of cleanup and time to salvage the homes there. the mayor of garland, douglas athas, thank you. >> thank you. >> and now, we will hear more
9:44 am
about the state of virginia and the elections.
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
the year with two new enemies in his cross hairs, and the first is someone he is not even running gamagainst, and the sec, it is not even a person at all. trump says that bill clinton is fair game if he plans to campaign for his wife, the presidential frontrunner in the democratic party. and if he believes he can play the record against me, then he is fair game. and nia-malika henderson is
9:48 am
going to join me now. didn't trump sign his own pledge? >> yes, you have the state party in virginia, the state republican party in virginia saying that the essentially, the voters there can be any stripe of voters, because it is open primary on march 1st, the republican party down there saying they have to sign a nine-word pledge identifying themselves as republicans, and trump backers and trump himself, they are saying this is going to be possibly limiting the people who come to the polls who could be independents, who could be democrat, and who could be anyone who wants to participate in the process, and so they are crying foul on the state party there. and of course, the trump campaign is also having difficulties with the rnc, and this is different of course, because it is the state party in virginia. >> and knee ya, trump has called out bill clinton for what he calls women abuse, and he is
9:49 am
referring to the affairs thatcl trump has been living in a glass house if you remember wife two? >> yes, he is living in a glass house on this one, and it is interesting, because from time to time, political figures have tried to bring up the these infidelities on the part of bill clinton and it has not worked. in fact, it is usually backfiring and benefited hillary clinton who has had some of the best approval ratings right around the time that the monica lewinski scandal was rage manage the 1990s. a and so you have donald trump going back to the way back machine, and bringing up what is is well known about bill clinton who is a figure who is beloved d among the can democrats, and that is who is he is going to be campaigning in front of next month in new hampshire. his wife has talked about him as
9:50 am
a secret pep weapon, but it is no secret that bill clinton is a master campaigner, and now that the donald trump is poking him, we will have to see what the rejoinder is from bill clinton. >> is this preemptive in some levels to cut the air out from underneath bill clinton's tires to make perhaps that he does not gin up any support for the wife? >> well, you know, maybe. i don't think it is going to work. again, bill clinton will be c campaigning among the voters who really like him, and remember the 1990s quite favorably, and so i don't think it is going to work in terms of taking the wind out of bill clinton's sails. he is a masterful campaigner, and he is going to do a better job for his wife, and i think that he has learned from some of the mistakes, but again, donald trump adding to the enemies' list, and we will see how much it grows in the next year. >> very interesting. knee nia-malika henderson, than, and we appreciate your insights.
9:51 am
>> thank you. and they made us gasp and shake our heads and say huh? the top scandals and controversies of 2015 coming up next. . but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018. know better sleep with sleep number.
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you experience tv. from a drug company executive who became the poster child for corporate greed, to a reality star's fall from grace. scandal and con trtroversy wereo things that were not difficult to find in 2015. in the top ten of 2015 series, joe johns will look back at the jaw-dropping scandals. >> reporter: number 10, most hated. pharmaceutical company executive martin scherili makes the list, not only because he jacked up the price, but it took him too
9:55 am
long to stop talking. >> and it took a while to catch up. >> and also stop tweeting. he was indicted for unrelated fraud and resigned before the the end of the year. number nine. state of denial. 2015 was banner year for illinois politicians in big trouble. former house speaker dennis has earth g hastert got caught up in as well as rahm emanuel on the rope po ropes for the the city's handling of the police shooting video that did not go public until after the mayor was elected. >> i am responsible. i don't shirk that. >> and number eight, family values. >> we are the the duggars. >> con ser servative man and tv josh duggar quit the family
9:56 am
research council while he admitted that he molested four of his sisters, and then his name popped up when the ashley madison hacker exposed his name. and he was not the only one with those posting the hashtag, life is short, have an affair. and this is one that is the president of the the spokane naacp was outed as white by her parents, rachel dolezal. >> are you after can american? >> i don't understand the question. >> reporter: no crime of course. in a color blind society, it would not matter, but this is not that america. the telling part was the overheated reaction about rachel's story that said more about the times than she ever could. >> i think that she is quite out of her mind. >> at first i thought that it is a psychological disorder, but now i am convinced she is a conartist. >> reporter: and number six, at
9:57 am
least they are consistent the secret service who protects the fir first family seems to be in the spotlight for their blunders instead of e heroics. in march two senior agents who had been drinking crashed a car into the white house barricade. and also, failed to stop to a drone flying over the white house. and number five, brian williams -- >> i did say that i was hit by fire, and i was not. >> reporter: and then there was the national concern changing the focus to the opus of the campus of the university of the- virginia. and then fifa, the governing
9:58 am
body of soccer is traveling in a car, and who is driving? to a answer is the police. it is not a joke considering all of the officials who control the world's most pop ular sport hav been implicated by the justice department for bribery, fraud and money launder rg, and that joke was so not funny to fifa that when one of the p.r. guys told it in public, he had to quit his job. and speaking of sports scandals, don't forget about tom brady who had a punchline as well as a criminal act, playing with deflated balls. >> those balls are perfect, and that is what i expect when i show up on the field. >> reporter: and number two, "alice in wonderland." >> there is no place on earth and if you want to survive it,
9:59 am
you have to be as "mad as a hatter." >> reporter: when liewis carrol wrote this, he could not have seen the jabber wok ki coming from both political parties' candidates. >> everything i did was permitted by law and regulation. >> reporter: and insulting millions could have you lead the race. >> and i do not advocate a muslim in charge of the country. >> and donald j. trump is calling for a complete and total shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: and the general election is ten months away. and finally, number one, policing in the age of the candid camera phone. it has dominated the headlines for more nonthis a year, and separating the vast majority of those officers doing their jobs to those who abuse their power. and now, a police report says a guy got locked up or beat up or worse was resisting arrest, pictures can sometimes tell the rest of the story. joe john, cnn washington.
10:00 am
thank you for watching. i'm deborah feyerick. wolf with brianna keilar is wolf with brianna keilar is going to start right now. -- captions by vitac -- hi, there, i'm brianna keilar, and i'm in for wolf blitzer. wherever you are watching from around the world, thank you so much for joining us. we begin to today with iraq claiming a major victory in the fight against isis. they are saying they retook the city of ramadi which is 60 miles from baghdad. >> yes, ra ra mmadi has been fl >> after days of fighting they have claimed to recapture a e key compound in the


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