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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> right now in tel aviv, the shooting took place on visingoff
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street. a man dressed all in black carrying an m-16 carried out this attack. two people have been confirmed killed in this incident. four are in serious condition. the street is known for its shopping, bars, restaurants. this attack happening in broad daylight. we just got off the phone with israeli authorities. so far they are still not saying whether this is a criminal incident or if a palestinian carried this out conducting a terrorist attack there in tel aviv. >> and even, that last reference because of the last three months there has been exchange of violence between palestinians and israeli police, correct? >> reporter: thasht that's right. multiple stabbing incidents here and that is one thing they are
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wondering about is, is this just an escalation of the violence we've been seeing or is this somehow criminal related israeli police being very careful to say they just don't know right now. >> and what do woe know about this pub? was it like an outdoor cafe? are there any eye witness accounts about how this person wearing all black went about this attack? >> reporter: well this attack happened fairly quickly. as the suspect is still at large. that massive man hunt taking place. showing up, shooting outside of this pub, hitting a number of people. we're hearing at least ten people have been hit. the others though suffered minor injuries. but police very much searching this area were seeing pictures also right now of police officers fully body armored with m-16s searching the area looking for the suspect because he's
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still at large according to these witnesses, has an m-16, still very dangerous situation in tel aviv. >> ian lee, thanks so much. in the meantime, raw nerves and raux celebrations as millions of revelers celebrate a new year and police scramble to diffuse isis threats here in the u.s. and abroad. authorities evacuated two train stations in munich after intelligence i uncovered possible isis plans to dispatch suicide attackers. the plot supposedly to strike at midnight. and in rochester new york federal investigators say this man planned to slaughter revelers in the name of isis. they said he had his weapons and had been in contact with someone overseas claiming to be part of the terror group. we are uncovering all of the details. cnn's boris sanchez in new york and frederick planken in london.
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>> good morning. officials are saying the capture of the suspect is a good sign. americans are doing everything it can to prevent an isis-related attack here in the u.s. attorney for the western district of new york telling cnn this new year's eve prosecution underscores the threat of isil even in upstate new york but it demonstrates the determination to immediately stop any who would cause harm in its name. now as you mention for the suspect did have contact with someone abroad claiming to be a part of isis. the suspect asked that person if he could go to syria to prove himself, to prove he belonged among his brothers in isis. and he was told he should stay in the united states and target americans. >> a home grown terror plot to attack people, celebrating the new year forwarded by the feds.
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charged with attempting to provide --. >> i was nervous owning some establishments downtown. it is a little scary but then i sat back and thought, you know, we have very good security staff. and there is great police presence on the avenue and they're really just trying to put the fear into us. >> talking to an fbi informant he discussed using a bomb and kidnapping people. i will take a life. i don't have a problem with that. the feds say on tuesday he went to an area walmart with the informant to stock up for the attack. buying black ski masks, zip tie, knives, a machete, duct tape ammonia and latex gloves. >> there is also a new normal
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when it comes to terrorism. >> governor cuomo talking about the suspect's alleged path to radicalization. >> he served time inticaattica. became a muslim and on the internet became a proponent of one of the groups and pledged allegiance to the isil group and had a specific plan to assassinate people. >> but luchman's neighbors say that is not the man they knew. >> he's just a street kid. he's not a hard core terrorist. just being stupid. >> he could face up to 20 years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. >> he had some criminal instance in his past and served time for a robbery. due back in court next week. >> let's check in with fred pelycoen now.
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the terror fears in germany. what are you learning? >> absolutely that this was a plot that at least was inspired by isis and it is interesting because apparently the original tip-off that was given to the munich police department and authorities came from u.s. intelligence services and later the germs got the same information from the french as well and that is when they decided to act. they got this information very late in the game on new year's eve and decided they had to act very quickly shutting off the munich main railway station. one of the main in germany and also one in the west of munich as well. they said the information they got was quite specific. they are still trying to corroborate whether or not these are real people or whether or not these are phony names. the talk is of about five to
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seven people who wanted to conduct suicide attacks at midnight on new year's eve. apparently of iraqi and syrian origin. the celebrations went forward. lots of police there. they have given now the all clear. they are still very much in heightened state of alert. >> thank you so much. let's discuss boat of these terrorist fears. with cnn national security analyst. if these plots are in indeed real what does this tell you about isis? it's reach, determination to trorz the west? trorz terrorize.errorize the we? terrorize terrorize. >> this is an example of how isis is taking different approaches depending on where they are. as we all have seen in the last year, europe is a much easier target just given the number of people that have gone to syria to fight.
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they then come back. they are able to form. they are able to plan larger scale attacks. what we see in rochester is very different and a lot of people may read that indictment and say this doesn't seem like much. what a lot -- what the fbi is doing now is essentially making very public arrest even against people who seem not like a huge threat or may have mental disabilities i think to make a statement to others that the fbi is watching. >> almost like acting as a deterrent. >> absolutely. and i think in this case in particular so. isis and with the lone wolf with threat is make people who might plan an attack slightly paranoid and concerned that they may be being watched. and in this case it was a perfect example of someone who was approached by an fbi informant, planned with the fbi informant and then of course was exposed by the fbi informant. and you want to keep them a little bit paranoid and on their
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toes so to speak so that they then don't plan these kind of attacks. >> and we know the u.s. and europe have been on alert because of the recent attacks and the holidays. but what do you make of any potential suspect who would take advantage of an occasion where there would be so many people at the same time where there would be such heightened security measures. >> the united states concerns me more is less like times square but more places like san bernardino. the infinite soft targets we have on random days. those attacks are nerve wracking and scary because one, they are hard to disrupt. but two, the good news at least is -- they tend not to be as consequential as what we saw in
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paris. paris has a very different problem. which is the capacity of isis members or those who have been trained by isis to actually plan and execute in such an organized fashion. that is much more difficult in the united states for a variety of factors. >> and julia, perhaps you took a look at the washington post this morning and saw this headline saying obama thinks his syria strategy is right and folks just don't get it. and it talks about how the president scolded his aids for not adequately selling his antiisis strategy. is that the bigger problem perhaps? that the selling of the strategy undermines its effectiveness and then sends a less than reassuring signal to the public? >> i've been supportive of the president's tactical and strategic strategy in the sense it is a long-term strategy. it is not a quick fix like closing the borders but i think it is a long term strategy. where i do think the community
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and resonating with the american people about their own concerns. and then you have more extreme people talking about not letting muslims or some of the more extreme measures we've been hearing. i think we need to take a deep breathe in the new year. recognize there is a threat but also recognize that we can't lose our heads in the process of combatting a threat that while scary is also something that is manageable if we just effectuate the plan. >> and super quick, flipside to that. how much of your strategy would you ever want to really reveal? >> that's exactly right. especially in the united states. what we saw with what's happened in rochester is there is a lot going on that we actually don't know about until it is exposed in a court or in an indictment. and this is going on throughout the united states. and i think what we need to do
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now is recognize, you see the polling, people are nervous and i think we have to recognize that nervousness is real. it is not irrational. and then address it in ways that we can over the next year. but there are no quick fix. even what we're hearing by a number of people that none of those are quick fixes to a long-term problem that we have. >> julia thank you so much. and happy new year. >> you too. >> russia thinks nato's expansion is a threat. and vladimir putin has approved a new security strategy in response. the details from moscow next.
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welcome back. we continue to monitor a situation out of tel aviv, where investigators continue to intensify the certainly more a gunman, someone who opened fire outside of a bar restaurant there on a popular street in tel aviv. he was wearing black and carrying an m-16. two are dead and four injured. and a new strategy in russia which is now declaring nato a threat. vladimir putin endorsing the plan saying the build up threatens his country's national security. matthew chan with more on moscow about this. >> reporter: there are a couple of points to come out of this document which is a sort of official document that russia has to up every six years. it was last update in 2009 so time was ripe for this new description essentially of the threats to the russian state as the kremlin sees it.
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and it says that it sees the expansion of nato, the wester military alliance as the major threat to russia's national interests and it also says that is because russia's what it calls independent domestic and foreign policy, which has triggered a counteraction from united states and its allies. so i think the reference there is to the fact that russia has engaged in military activities in ukraine, engaged in syria as well. carrying air strikes against isis and other rebel groups in support of al assad and his allies. and that's angered the united states and nato countries in general. so this is a formal document that says nato is a threat but it doesn't necessarily represent a big shift in the thinking of russia. russia and putin in particular has been describing nato as a strategic threat to russia for some years now. and indeed that threat has come
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to a head over the conflict in ukraine. trying to prevent ukraine from joining nato and other western institutions wants to prevent the further expansion of nato and has made that now a priority in terms of its national security. >> matthew chance in moscow. thank you so much. american politics, donald trump is ringing in the new year and hoping his momentum continues into this election year. >> three two one -- happy new year. >> meanwhile trump's rival dr. ben carson is starting the new year with a shake up atop his campaign. this as he continues to struggle in the polls. in october he was rivaling donald trump for the lead. but the latest cnn poll shows him a distant third place. it's quite the shake up.
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>> quite the shake up. good morning and happy new year to you too, fred. and welcome to the first day of a presidential election year. the ben carson campaign starting this year with new leadership. after weeks of struggling in the polls the campaign ended with a happy new year shake up. three top directors resigned yesterday. officials explaining the resignation as routine and not the signs of a campaign in a tail spin. and with only weeks to go until voting starts, carson said in a statement that it was necessary to invigorate my campaign with a strategy that more aggressively shares my vision. now carson named bob dees as his chairman and elevated brookover in an campaign manager.
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the formers we respect the candidate and we have enjoyed helping him go from far back in the field to top tier stagtus ad wish him and his campaign the best of luck. carson started losing ground after the paris attacks in san bernardino. here is how he said he would reverse his slide in the policy. >> dr. carson is not the one to stand like mr. trump or mr. cruz and stand and front and center and people think you stand proud and you are loud you are a leader and he's soft spoken. and he's learned sometimes being soft spoken is not authoritarin the way he speaks. >> he's now a distant third behind trump and cruz.
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>> next hur we're going to be talking to the new campaign manager for ben carson. look forward to that. the potential of levee failures could turn river towns into the islands today as this massive flooding shows no signs of leaving missouri quickly.
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levees topping cut of roadways this morning. the biggest concern, how to get around. the national guard joining the fight overnight to keep lanes of this major interstate open. i-55 one of the only ways to cross the meramec river right now. closures still in effect on that bridge. the town of valley park and jennifer gray is there, how does it look this morning? lots of high water. >> yeah lots of high water. looks like we're standing at the end of a boat launch but this is actually highway 141. and you can see at the end there
6:26 am
interstate 44 and believe it or not the water has gone down considerably actually. it's gone down almost six feet if you can believe it. but we still have a long, long way to go. it is going to be at least until tomorrow or sunday before things start to look a little closer to normal where we are. right around st. louis though, the mississippi river there is cresting now. will most likely do that throughout the entire day so the water is still very, very high. a lot of places still vulnerable. you are talking about the levee concerns. they evacuated people in that area a couple of days ago and the latest update says the levees are holding fine. but it is still going to be a fluid situation until those waters can start to recede. so the weekend is going to be a very crucial time to watch all of that as the waters continue to go down. but fred it is going to be a long road ahead for people here.
6:27 am
not only do they have sewage floating in this water as we've been talking about yesterday in the reports as well as this morning but also the mud and silt from the mississippi river t meramec river left behind not to mention all the trash and debris. a lot of clean up ahead. >> and not to mention toxins too because of cars flooded out. lots of dirty stuff in that water. thanks so much jennifer gray. in this breaking news we continue to watch israeli's second largest city tel aviv reeling after a gunman opened fire on a crowd outside of a pub and at least two confirmed dead, several others wounded. a police searching for the shooter. in jerusalem for us. >> reporter: we're still watching this massive search operation taking place.
6:28 am
images of police going through people's yards, going house to house searching for the suspect very much still at large at this hour. those two eye witnesses that told israeli radio described the person as wearing all black and carrying an m-16. and that is why the police right now are very careful but also going and searching every nook and cranny because this person is still believed to be armed and two people were killed. four seriously injured. but still the police are very careful about placing blame on this right now. they are saying that it could be criminal or it could be a palestinian carrying out a terrorist attack. right now they don't know. this attack happening on vissegoff street which is the main street in tel aviv. happening in broad daylight and police as you can see it is getting dark, that certainly
6:29 am
going into the evening fredericka. >> thank you so much. president obama spending his first day of the new year in hawaii. the president and family wrapping up their vacation there and returning to washington will be pretty busy for the president as he enters his final year in office. in in just a matter of days he delivers his last state of the union address and among the highlights a new executive action on gun asks plan to close guantanamo bay. jim acosta has more from hawaii. >> reporter: during his vacation here in hawaii president obama has been working with his top aids on the upcoming state of the union speech to set the tone for his last year in office and right at the top of the agenda is gun control. for president obama the final round is about to begin. >> in 2016 i'm going leave it out all on the field.
6:30 am
>> reporter: up first in the president's eighth and last year, mr. obama's long response to mass shootings in the u.s. aimed at the gun show loophole which allows some firearm sellers to avoid conducting background checks on their customers. the white house argues the president's actions will be within his connect executive authority and in line with polls that show tightening support for background checks. >> unfortunately congress has shown the courage so that is why the president asked his team to o to be look into it. >> the president of the nra is saying the president is doing what he always does when he doesn't get it way, defying the will of the people and taking
6:31 am
executive action. >> it will be an uphill battle. >> reporter: the president also hopes to travel to cuba and perhaps more than a dozen other countries in what's shaping up to be a global farewell tour. but the agenda could be up ended by se set backs in the war on isis. a foreign policy crisis that could complicate plans to have the president campaign heavily with the 2016 nominee a prospect that may well put him and hillary clinton on the trail together again. >> i think we'll have that strom democratic nominee. i think that democratic nominee will win. >> reporter: first the president lays out his plans at the fast approaching state of the union address less that is two weeks from now. don't expect a long list of proposals in part because the president is almost out of time.
6:32 am
>> so the president already getting a head start on his 2016 agenda by urging congress to pass laws that would help reduce gun violence. >> and all across america survivors of gun violence and those who lost a child or a parent or a spouse to gun violence are forced to mark such awful anniversaries every single day. and yet congress still hasn't done anything to prevent what happened to them from happening to other families. >> so the president's new executive action on guns due out next week is expected to expand background checks on gun sales and including government funding to help better enforce gun laws already on the books. with me now to talk about this, historian douglas brinkley. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> we know president obama is focusing on unfinished business in his last year.
6:33 am
gun control topping the list now. he vowed to use more executive privileges. what do you expect in his final state of the union? >> well he's definitely going to want to try to address the gun issue as you just mentioned. this is something that is a pet peeve of the president. he's angeredpy the fact that much of his presidencies had to deal with shootings and mass killings. so he's trying to find if congress won't help some executive tool, legal tools, that will help him get gun control be a major part of his legacy in his last year. also climate change, this president has put a lot of skin in that game. he got a result out of paris recently. and now he has to come home and sell climate change to the american public. and i expect those will be the two main thrust of the state of the union along with how to defeat isil. >> okay. and when you look at recent polling and 50% say they have an unfavorable view of the
6:34 am
president. will it be important to the president to try to turn those numbers around in 2016? how much of his legacy is shaped by that kind of sentiment? >> well as the good question. ronald reagan used to say you don't want to have a box office that goes below 50%. if he could hover at 50 he probably would be satisfied with that. but i'm afraid that with unless things get better given the war on terror, any time there is a strike anywhere, any time we have a situation, people in some ways blame the president for some kind of security breech or he wasn't working closely love with allies. so it is going to be hard to keep his 50 going. but do not think barack obama, his presidency is over that he's a complete lame duck. the very fact is hillary clinton is going to need him in the
6:35 am
democratic party. barack obama had a 90% or more approval rating with african americans. he needs to generate that vote. and there are obama democrats. can he start bringing out the vote for hillary clinton particularly in urban settings. it will be very interesting to see as the year turns into the fall. >> and many argue about whether polling is, you know, is that important? but when it does come to the satisfaction with the u.s. and how it is being governed, there is this polling that says only 24% say they are satisfied. how is the president to interpret this? is it a reflection of how he is governing? or how the white house and congress are? or are not working together? >> if you are president barack obama and if you do see polls you don't like, the way you make yourself feel better is then go look at what the congressional
6:36 am
polls are. >> -- >> yeah. exactly. congress is just abysmal polling record. so basically he'll say it's congress's fault. the reason we haven't done something dramatic is congress's fault. why isn't congress backing the war on isil. presidents tend to blame congress and the press for things they are unable to get done and i suspect president obama is like all the others. >> and overall what do you think will comprise of the president's legacy? what will be his lasting mark? >> well, the economy. when he came in we had the great recession. there was a feeling that our nation's financial systems were hemorrhaging. here we are several years later. and just look at the wall street ticker tape or look at indexes for home prices and unemployment has gone way down. so i think he's going to want to say i pulled us out of the great recession. he can't say that yet in true
6:37 am
terms because he still has another year to go and as we know anything could happen. the economy bombed on george w. bush in 2008 his last year. so first of all he has to keep the economy alive this year if he wants to achieve one of these above average or outstanding leg sis. >> happy new year, thank you is much. >> happy new year, take care of yourself. >> still o come we're following the situation in israeli. search for a gunman. and bill cosby breaking his silence. first comments since his arrest for sexual assault as a judge now forces his wife to be interviewed under oath. sfx: rocket blasting off
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welcome back. i'm fredericka whitfield. bill cosby tweeting this short message thanking his friends and fans for their support. but the reaction online wasn't so kind in return. lena dunham tweeted if i believed in hell bill cosby would be going there. and kanye west took a dig at bill cosby in his latest "facts" last night. we made a million a minute. we made a million a minute. does anybody feel bad for bill cosby? -- >> joined by joey jackson. kanye aside. how will cosby's tweet impact his upcoming case especially since he's said so little? >> he has said little indeed.
6:42 am
good morning to you and happy new year. ultimately the case will turn on what happensed in the courtroom, not so much tweets. of course if he testifies, than whatever he tweeted is fair game. whatever he put in the deposition back in 2005 will be fair game. so how tweets or anything else will impact the depend upon whether he takes the stand in his own defense and what he has to say. >> and his wife will have to testify against her husband next week next week. what do you suppose some of the questions to her will be? >> oh, now this opens up a whole can of worms. because remember the attorneys for her made a motion to quash. and what that means is they said we are not going to honor the subpoena. why should she have to testify in a deposition?
6:43 am
there is a spousal privilege to anything she might have said to her husband. and also represents undue burden because of the fact she's not involved but the judge said no you are going to have to testify. and in that deposition remember it is very broad the questions attorneys can ask. and as you might imagine the attorneys are going to focus on somewhat she knew and when she knew it. what do crow know about your husband's improprieties. who has your husband been with? do you know at any point what he was doing with them? were you with him if not where were you? have you used pills? when, how? what do you know about that? i would suspect certainly the attorneys are going to focus in on what she shows about his sexual history involving multiple other women. and discovery remember is very broad. so attorneys can ask broad based
6:44 am
questions. and what ultimately she tells them can in fact prove damming to him. >> in the meantime cosby's attorney, one of them, was on cnn last night and disputed cosby's contact with andrea constand was illegal. listen. >> the complaint in this case took it willingly after complaining of being inable to sleep and complaining of pain to the head so the actions you described from the deposition i know you know are not criminal so the fact that someone took some medication -- >> you said that i know that that is -- >> consensual sexual contact is not illegal. >> you -- >> so what about this argument despite the out come of the court settlement of the constand in the previous suit.
6:45 am
cosby's attorney is maintaining the contact is con sense shl from start to finish. >> this is where the battle ground is drawn. obviously consensual contact is not mutually. the fact you had pills into her rendered her incapable of speaking. i gave her the pills upon her request that i give them to her to help her with her sleep. anything we did, may have done or is alleged we did because there was a romantic relationship and so the whole issue of consent and in that clip where you saw her with brianna keeler, the attorney for cosby making the argument that is going to be argument may made
6:46 am
to the jury. these occurred by bill cosby and andrea constand but at all times andrea was on board. and if the jury doesn't buy that, then of course there is a conviction. so that is going to be something we're going to have to focus on and see. credibility. does the jury in fact concur that andrea constand you know didn't want anything to do with cosby of that variety or do they believe cosby's crew in saying do you know what? everything that happened was something that adults agreed to. >> and it will be interesting to see if any of the accusers would be taking to the stand, none of them pursuing any criminal charges. >> that's huge. i'm willing to believe the judge will keep out a lot of that. if others came forward and say in a criminal case bill cosby did something to them what are they going to be believing? the attorneys are a going to
6:47 am
really limit the playing field and attempt to get the judge to focus on what happened with andrea constand and not with what happened with accuser one two three four -- i can count all the way up to fifty. so it is going to be tough. >> joey jackson. we'll be right back.
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6:50 am
a quintessential new sight, 016 entering with big celebrations around the world, including the big one here, new york city.
6:51 am
more than a million people packing into times square for security. more than 6,000 nypd officers were on hand. in london, intense security there, greeting the thousands who turned out for a spectacular fireworks display. pope francis rang in the new year this morning, welcoming 2016 with a message of mercy. the pontiff called on the world to end, quote, the arrogance of the powerful, end quote, as he invoked the image of the millions of migrants and refu e refugees displaced around the world. john allen is live for us from rome. john, you were watching. what else did the pope say? >> reporter: hi, fredericka. happy new year to you from a somewhat chilly rome on a new year's day. it's been a very busy day for pope francis. this morning he celebrated a mass in honor of mary is the mother of god. at noon he delivered his
6:52 am
traditional new year's day message, focusing very much on a call for peace. let's listen to a bit of what he had to say. >> translator: the enemy of peace is not only war, but interference, which makes us think only of ourselves. creating suspicions, fears and closure. >> reporter: so, this was a brief and somewhat generalized appeal for peace from the pope. earlier he delivered a longer message for what the catholic church observes on january 1st as the world day of peace, staking out a position on a host of policy issues from a call to the abolition of the death penalty to stronger protections for migrants and refuse gee, a more just economic policies, even prison reform, arguing for better treatment of prisoners, especially those awaiting trial and detention.
6:53 am
later today the pope will head across town to open a holy door for his jubilee major of basilica. the holiday in rome has seen pope in good spirits but the vatican hasn't been untouched by the security fears so much in the air these days. earlier vatican showed statistics, showing a 30% drop in papal events for the month of december large by because people were afraid of large, public gatherings. on the other hand, this is a pope very much in keeping with the spirit of the season. last night for new year's eve, he spent part of his evening with a group of about 6,000 youth who were part of youth choirs from around the world, joking and singing with them. at one point telling them, he never sang himself as a youth because he was afraid he would sound like a donkey. that's the story from roam. >> he always has quite the sense of humor. people appreciate that about him. john allen, thank you very much. happy new year.
6:54 am
stay bundled up in a chilly rome. a major shakeup in ben carson's campaign. three key staffers quit, including the campaign manager. next hour i'll be talking to carson's new campaign manager, ed brookover. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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hi, welcome back. college football world, only two teams left standing in the battle for college football's national championship, clemson and alabama rolling over their opponents in the orange and cotton bowls, setting up an epic
6:58 am
showdown. cnn's coy wire joins us from ft. lauderdale. happy new year. so, definitely not tight games. >> reporter: awesome games. happy new year to you. clemson starts as the number one ranked team but still underdogs to oklahoma. clemson seeking their first national title since 1981 but they had to find a way to stop the sooners' third ranked scoring offense. clemson exploded in the second half, outscoring oklahoma 21-0. they were led by wayne on the ground and watson, who is the game's awesome mvp with over 330 total yards and two touchdowns, including this one through the air. clemson stays perfect with a 37-17 victory. head coach dabo sweeney's tigers have been on a run.
6:59 am
>> 2015 to earn a chance to play one more time in january 2016, that's our 17 lt win in a row and we ain't played wilson junior high 17 times. we played some tough people. >> reporter: no disrespect, wilson junior high, dabo loves you. alabama taking on the big ten champs, michigan state. nick saban entered a perfect 8-0 against his former understudy and jones' 57-yard punt return but quarterback jake kocur threw two touchdowns and ties 38-0 smackdown of the spartans. coke he dedicated this to his brother fighting overseas. watch the emotion as he told our andy scholes after the game how much this means to him. >> i just love him, man. do all this, you know, he's the
7:00 am
reason for a lot of this, why i play so hard and do what i can do. he's an inspiration, man. i love him to death. >> reporter: ten days alabama and clemson will play for the national championship and arizona will be there. while the tide are looking to win their fourth title under nick saban, clemson has the first time to finish the season a perfect record. in fiesta bowl, ohio/notre dame and rose bowl, iowa. >> that alabama qb put a tear to my eye. that was too sweet. happy new year. the next hour of the "cnn newsroom" begins right now. more on this breaking news. hello, everyone, i'm fredericka whitfield in for care costello. we're following this breaking
7:01 am
news out of tel aviv, israel's largest city. a gunman open fire on a crowd outside of a pub and at least two people are confirmed dead and several more are wounded. this is amateur video from inside the pub showing people ducking for cover as the gunshots explode and people are swarming a neighborhood, we understand, searching for the shooter and any clues as to whether this is terror-related. cnn's ian lee is in jerusalem with the latest on this as we look at that new video. ian? >> reporter: that's right. that's giving us a lot of clues, telling us exactly what happened, fredericka. as we see a man coming in with bar with bullets and then the - running away. it looks like the incident took place less than 15 seconds, although we don't know what happened once he went off camera. but this is the person police are searching for right now in
7:02 am
tel aviv. they're going door to door, going through people's gardens. a massive police operation, searching for this suspect -- this person that carried out this attack. now, two people have been killed. eight people injured. four of them right now are in serious condition. the police at this hour are still not saying whether this was criminal or if this was a terrorist attack. these are things they're investigating. one thing one eyewitness told us, saying the weather here is bad right now. that's likely prevented this from being an even worse attack as it's rainy, not a lot of people are out on this first day of the week end, but right now police searching for that person that carried out this attack. still a very dangerous situation there in tel aviv. >> the more we are able to look at that video, that cell phone video that keeps being reracked and shown, it appears to be the
7:03 am
gunman and the gunfire. do you have a clear understanding as to whether investigators believe there is other video, how it will help them to piece together or try to figure out the identity or the direction of that gunman? >> it's very likely, i would almost say certain we'll see other video come out. this is the main street of tel aviv. there are cctv cameras all over in israel. not just in tel aviv, but here in jerusalem. we should see more video come out from different angles that can give us a clearer picture of what happened. this video we're seeing appears to be from the cafe, the pub where this attack took place. but police very certain they're looking at cctv footage, different angles, trying to figure out exactly who this was and what were the motives behind this attack. >> ian lee, thank you so much. we'll keep that image up, that
7:04 am
cell phone video from inside the pub as the shooting was taking place and bring in national spokesman for the israeli police. mickey rosenfield joining us by phone. if you could, give us us an idea, anything you're learning from new images, the cell phone or perhaps the cctv images in this very populated, popular area? >> well, the israeli national police and different units are continuing to search the different areas neighborhood by neighborhood, building by building, trying to find the suspect who is behind that shooting this afternoon, just over two hours ago. at the same time what's developing is we're looking both into the cctv footage we've now got hold of, which is part of what we can see exactly what took place at the scene itself both from inside the pub, which was relatively packed this afternoon, and to find from which angle and which near road
7:05 am
next door the suppospect came i from. the main emphasis is to determine if we're talking about a terrorist attack or a criminal-related incident. it's obviously very significant and very important both in terms of the security in the area, both in terms of the safety of the public on a friday afternoon just before the sa bath and heightening security is continuing at the moment in the tel aviv area. >> you're convinced there was one gunman? when we see the video, we see one gunman. are you searching for more than one? >> at this point in time we're searching for, based on the cctv footage we have, one suspect that open fire with an automatic weapon, that we know for sure. our different units, counterterrorist units, special patrol units are working in the different geographical areas of the tel aviv area. over the last 24 to 48 hours
7:06 am
there was heightened security for the new year celebrations that took off both in tel aviv, and there was no major incidents. this afternoon there was no clear intelligence of any attack that was going to take place across any major city in jerusalem or tel aviv, therefore, our main emphasis is trying to find out the exact background, whether we're talking about criminal related or terrorist related. that will change the direction and the seriousness of the incident. >> our latest confirmed information is that two were killed, four injured. when you look at the video from inside the cafe, it almost appears as though the gunman is pointing toward the busy street. can you give us an idea of those who were injured? were they at the restaurant? can you paint the picture for us of who was hit by this gunman? >> from what we understand and what we've seen and what we know
7:07 am
from eyewitnesss, people injured were on the sidewalk as well as in the pub itself. the shots were fired, maybe 15 to 20 bullets were sprayed at people in the streets, in the public areas. by an automatic weapon. that's part of the investigation that is continuing. we need to try to determine and try to find that suspect as quick as possible. it's very important that this moment in time, in the evening, especially when synagogues will be packed with people praying the sa bath coming in in a short while. therefore, it's very important that heightened security continues in the tel aviv area and we find the individual who carried out that incident. >> mickey rosenfeld, spokesman for the israeli national police, thank you so much. raw nerves and celebrations as millions of revelers celebrate year's end. police scramble to end isis threats. here and abroad, in germany
7:08 am
intelligence in munich showed possible plans to attack, suiciders, to strike at midnight. in rochester, new york, police say this man planned to slaughter revelers in the name of isis. he had weapons and contact with someone overseas reported to be part of the terror group. let's begin with the terror scare in germany. cnn's frederik pleitgen is in london with the latest on that. we learned more about the potential suspects. tell us more about them. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. the information given to german man authorities spaernl came from u.s. intelligence as well as french intelligence, separately of one another. they got this from two separate sources and that's why they believe this was so credible and they had to move so quickly. the information they got was that there was about five to seven potential suicide bombers
7:09 am
who wanted to carry out attacks either at munich central station or at a different station in the west of munich. both of those stations were immediately evacuated, immediately locked down. obviously there was a very large police presentation there as well. and there was more information german intelligence got from sources as well. they got the information these people were of iraqi and of syrian descent and apparently got personal data including names and other data from at least some of these people that the germans are now following up on, trying to find out whether or not these were real names, phoney names, whether or not these people exist, whether or not these people might live somewhere in the munich area. all of this prompted them to take very quick action. i can tell you, fredericka, i've been following a lot of the police work in germany over the years. and i have very seldom seen press releases come out with
7:10 am
such urgency as i did last night. germans said we have credible threats that attacks could be taken out at midnight. germans put out a statement saying, stay away from larger crowds, stay away from these two railway stations. then they reopened them. germans shocked by the fact this terror threat was there. of course, as they were trying to celebrate new year's like everyone else in the world as well. >> frederik pleitgen, thank you for that update out of london. let's shift to the terror fears in upstate new york. cnn's boris sanchez joins us more on that. >> reporter: good morning. officials say the capture of this suspect, emanuel lutchman was a great catch. telling cnn, quote, this new year's eve underscores isil even in upstate new york but demonstrates our demonstration
7:11 am
to stop any who would cause harm in its name. this suspe a homegrown terror plot to attack people celebrating the new year tlorthwarted by the fe. his alleged plan, police say he was looking to attack a bar and restaurant while revelers party overnight in rochester, new york. >> i was nervous owning some establishments downtown. it's a little scary. but then i sat back and thought, you know, we have very good security presence, great police on the east avenue. they try to put the fear in us and we're not going to let that happen. >> reporter: talking to an fbi informant, he discussed using a pressure cooker bomb and kidnapping people. according to a criminal complaint, he told the informant, quote, i will take a life. i don't have a problem with
7:12 am
that. the feds say that on tuesday lutchman went to an area walmart with the informant to stock up for the attack, buying black ski masks, zip ties, knives, a machete, duct tape, ammonia and lay text gloves. the complaint says he planned to release a video after the attack. >> there's also a new normal when it comes to terrorism. >> reporter: new yok governor andrew cuomo talking about the suspect's alleged path to radicalization. >> he served time in attica, became a muslim, became radicalized on the internet and became the proponent of one of these terror groups, the isil group, and pledged allegiance to the isil group and had a specific plan to assassinate people. >> reporter: his neighbors say that's not the man they knew. >> he's just a street kid. he's not a hard-core terrorist, you know. he jumped on a band wagon being
7:13 am
a little stupid. >> reporter: if convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. >> governor cuomo mentioned, lutchman had legal problems in the past. he served almost five years after a robbery conviction in t attica. he's due in court next week. in southern california millions of people are getting ready for a new year's day tradition, the rose bowl and parade set to hit the streets of pasadena, california, in just about an hour. amidthe festivities, of course, tensions remain high after last month's terror attacks in san bernardino. sara sidner is in pasadena. hi, sara and happy new year. >> reporter: happy new year, fred. yeah, i mean, they really are extra, extra serious this year. we've been watching so many planes and helicopters in the sky, blanketing the area.
7:14 am
it's not just that, the increased terror threat in the united states and across the world really has the police and dozens of other agencies on high alert. the terror attacks that shocked the world from paris to san bernardino have had a ripple effect on how police in america deal with large-scale events, such as new year's eve and new year's day parades. >> we are always prepared for these kind of situations. >> reporter: for the pasadena police chief and his department, all eyes are now on the rose bowl parade and game. it's a tradition that brings some 700,000 people. what used to be looked as good, clean fun is now scrutinized as soft targets for terror tax. >> we've looked at san bernardino, paris, maly. >> reporter: as the floats are
7:15 am
choreographed seamlessly, passi pasadena are doing the same with fbi teams. >> highly skilled, highly specialized with a specific mission. that mission is if there's an unusual occurrence or an emergency, those teams will be immediately deployed. >> reporter: and citizens will notice differences in what they can bring with them. everything has to be in clear, plastic bags at the game and everyone should be expect to be on surveillance cameras more times than they can count. for other cities, new year's eve was the big test for american security. new york city deployed 6,000 police officers in times square alone. bomb-sniffing dogs and even nuclear and chemical agent detectors, all in an effort to assure the public their safety is top priority. >> we monitor threat information and intelligence information through our partners with the fbi and all the other government
7:16 am
agencies, department of homeland securit security, krooishgs et cetera. >> reporter: now the attention turns west as thousands gather for the rose parade. they can be sure, police are watching more than the floats. it's not just what you see but what you don't see that is helping secure the crowds. this parade, you can hear it, it's about to get started. there are lots of undercover officers milling about within the crowd as well. but the police chief very clear in saying that generally speaking because there are so many more members of the public, if you see something, say something. it is the public that can help secure itself. >> yeah, everyone playing a role in what is always a beautiful and very ornate parade there. thank you very much from pasade pasadena. still to come, they are the questions that have consumed chicago. who knew what and when in the shoots death of chicago dean laquan mcdonald.
7:17 am
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mounting trouble out of chicago. newly released e-mails show advisers to rahm emanuel, an independent body investigating them, appear to have coordinated their response to a 2014 deadly shooting of african-american teenager laquan mcdonald by a white police officer because they knew the case would and could spark unrest. the 17-year-old was shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke. earlier this week van dyke pleaded not guilty to murder and misconduct charges. let's get to cnn's rosa flores
7:21 am
in chicago. she's going through the e-mails right now. what are you learning, rosa? >> reporter: hi, fretd. good morning. cnn requested any e-mails to and from the mayor, mayor emanuel, regarding the mcdonald case. we got thousands of e-mails, so we've again going through page by page, reading these e-mails to try to assert what was going on. like, i can tell you, there are very few e-mails that were actually to and from the mayor that we received. a lot of these e-mails, the bulk of it is e-mails -- strings of e-mails between staff, figuring out the comment the city was going to generate. figuring out the comment both from the city side and the independent police review authority. so, it's a lot of the behind-the-scenes efforts to
7:22 am
respond to what was going on. this was a huge story in the city of chicago. i want to point out one e-mail. i'll start with this one because this was an e-mail sent from a lawyer who has worked with the city before and it was sent to one of the mayor's top advisers. i'm going to read it here. it says, quote, i'm concerned that the city may erupt when and if the video, and this is referring to the laquan mcdonald shooting video, if the video gets out, what if the mayor and some community leaders, such as father pfleger lead a peaceful demonstration with 100 plus african-american youth wearing red mortar boards to symbolize education as the solution while also invoking the image of laquan mcdonald in a positive manner. that was one of the e-mails. this was someone outside the city sending their concerns to
7:23 am
the city about what could happen in the city of chicago after this. now, we received a statement from the city this morning regarding all of these e-mails. that statement says, we made the decision to release e-mails from the mayor's office, the law department and top officials in the police department in the interest of complete transparency and being as open as possible. we even opted to waive the right to withhold attorney/client privileged discussions, meaning hundreds of e-mails which would have otherwise not been produced have now been made public. i'll give you background. the shooting of laquan mcdonald happened back in december of 2014. everything surrounding this shooting is talked about in these e-mails. now, we know, we fast forward time, we know the mayor replaced the superintendent of police
7:24 am
after this. he replaced the head of the independent police review authority, which is the agency that investigates every officer-involved shooting, jason van dyke is charged with tirs-degree murder and also misconduct. and we know he has pleaded not guilty to these charges. that trial is going on. fred, there are a lot of moving parts here. what these e-mails show is what's happening in the background, what's happening behind the scenes in the mayor's office. so, we're still looking through them. as soon as we find anything of significance, we'll bring it to you. >> rosa flores, thank you so much in chicago. appreciate that. still to come, three of ben carson's top aides stepping down, including his campaign manager. in just a few minutes, we'll be speaking live with the new campaign manager with the ben carson campaign. you're here to buy a car.
7:25 am
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7:28 am
turning to the race for the white house, dr. ben carson is starting the new year with a shakeup atop his campaign. carson's campaign manager, deputy manager and communications director have all resigned. this comes as dr. carson t continues to struggle in the polls. the latest cnn poll shows him a distant third place. cnn's sara murray joins us now with the very latest on this. so, what's the reaction from the carson campaign? how are they spinning this? >> reporter: this has been an interesting shakeup. at first ben carson did interviews, saying i'm preparing for a campaign shakeup.
7:29 am
then he sort of walked it back, saying he was happy with his senior team. ultimately a number of staffers have ended up leaving anyway. they left, they put out a statement and they said they respect the candidate and we have enjoyed helping him go from the back in the field to the top-tier status. they said they're proud of his efforts and wish him the best but ultimately they felt they couldn't stay on. when you look at how the carson campaign is responding to this, ben carson put out a statement essentially saying, we needed this sort of transition to jump start. he said it's necessary to invigorate my campaign with a strategy that more aggressively shares my vision. so, it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of love loss on either side in terms of this departure. look, a lot of this friction we saw in the campaign had to deal with these outside operatives, dealing with armstrong williams, who is ben carson's long-time business manager. he was on cnn yesterday and he acknowledged that the carson campaign has sort of been working on their candidate and
7:30 am
sometimes, you know, after these terrorist attacks people have gotten the sense ben carson isn't as tough as they wanted their candidate to be. take a listen to what he said. >> dr. carson is not the one that stands like mr. trump or mr. cruz and say all these things and people think because you speak loud and say fiery things you're a leader and you're in control. he's soft-spoken. sometimes people confuse soft-spokenness with not being strong enough. dr. carson has learned that soft-spokenness is not enough. he'll be more authoritarian in the way that he speaks. >> you see the campaign is acknowledging there are weaknesses, both with the candidate and the operation. i think the challenge after a shakeup like this is what happens next. can you regroup and can you deliver a solid ground game in iowa? can you prevent additional unforced errors and buckle down in the final weeks of the caucuses and get your poll numbers up? we'll have to see if the carson campaign can pull that off. >> thank you very much. we'll talk about this more now,
7:31 am
the 2016 race with cnn senior political analyst ron brownstein, along with cnn political commentator peter. happy new year, gentlemen. >> happy new year. >> let's talk about this carson shakeup. ron, is this as simple as dr. carson puts it, to invigorate, the word he used, or is it a sign of something else? >> i think it is a sign of the situation that he's in. the presidential campaign and primaries have become a national audition where everyone sees the candidates at big moments. when carson had the spotlight, he simply did not seem prepared for the presidency. many republicans admire his life story but he didn't project the authority or understanding of some of these issues that are required in a president. i think as a result his moment has probably passed in terms of being a major factor in this race.
7:32 am
he still has an audience, a much smaller audience and i think it will be hard for him to restore any of the support he had earlier. >> how do you dissect those who left the campaign, with complimentary words on the exit. the statement is very gentil. >> look, i think a lot of people hold ben carson in high esteem. as ron said, this is a campaign which has basically been in freefall. back in the fall ben carson was actually leading the race at a certain point nationally. now he is way down in the pack nationally, sxes specially in iowa, which is a key state for him, given the influence of the evangelical christians. it's not surprising. you tend to see staff shakeups and all kinds of warfare in campaigns that are struggling. no campaign in the second half of 2015 saw a more dramatic rise
7:33 am
and dramatic fall than ben carson. >> so senator ted cruz now is making some bold predictions in this new year, too, to campaign volunteers during a conference call. this is what he told them about 2016. he told them, quote, this is a very good possibility that the republican primary will be decided by the end of march. first thing tomorrow we've got a 90-day sprint to get the job done. and then added he expects to be the nominee. peter, your reaction to the statement, the timetable that cruz campaign is forecasting there. >> i think the cruz campaign has had a clear strategy. have you to give them credit for that. it's to win iowa. it's to do very well in south carolina, where evangelicals are strong, and to clean up in what's called the s.e.c. primary. a lot of states in the deep south where cruz, given he's emerged as the evangelical
7:34 am
candidate in many ways, is well positioned. i think the danger for him is that the race is not over. and that the establishment wing of the party consolidates around someone, probably rubio, and the states that come after the big southern states are more in the midwest and east and states where someone like rubio might begin to have a better chance. you might see the establishment really rally around an alternative to cruz because most washington republicans hate cruz and most think he'll lose big and hurt them in congress. if they get the chance, they will rally around someone else. >> ron, senator cruz's gop rival, donald trump, was on fox last night. just before midnight gave a prediction of his own in this election year. let's listen. >> well, i hope you're going to be calling the white house, and i promise you will get through. you'll always be invited and we're going to do something really special.
7:35 am
we're going to make a lot of amends for the mistakes that have been made over the years. so i hope you're going to be calling the white house. >> so, ron -- i love the expression right away. >> no, he's nothing if not confident, as, you know, you should be in the primary. look, the ted cruz assumption is that the race will quickly reduce to two candidates. will he consolidate the right. there will be one more center right and he will win. historically the center right opponent has won in the first place. more importantly, cruz's strategy kind of assumes the second part disappears, which is that donald trump isn't there. and donald trump is, i think, a big -- trump and cruz are a challenge for each other if the center produces a candidate because they do overlap in their support, particularly among blue-collar evangelical christians. the cruz assumption is that trump kind of goes away and he can consolidate the right against someone in the center. that may not happen.
7:36 am
you may have a race where cruz and trump are the two finalists or a three-way race, trump, cruz, and someone from the right, and this race going on in that scenario probably all the way to june. >> wow. i love these predictions. 2016 is going to be an interesting, bumpy year. ron brownstein, peter, thank you so much. happy new year again. be sure to stay tuned because in a few minutes we'll be speaking live with dr. carson's new campaign manager. we'll be asking him more about this shakeup. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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welcome back. this just into cnn. new documents reveal freddie gray, who suffered a spinal injury and later died while in baltimore police custody, may have had a previous back injury, according to defense attorneys for one of the officers charged, cesar goodson, seen here on the right, and has already pleaded not guilty last month. a judge declared a mistrial for police officer william porter after jurors were unable to reach a unanimous decision on his case. let's go straight to cnn's miguel marquez. one has to wonder if this will change the argument for prosecutors who are trying to establish that something awry happened that led to a fatal
7:41 am
injury for freddie gray. >> the document we're talking about is defense attorney for cesar gray. they want everything in his medical past and also his incarceration records, a separate document followed by the defense says there was an anonymous tip they've never been able to confirm that mr. gray tried to harm himself while in central booking in baltimore. this particular document about the medical records indicate that on march 31st, the timing is curious to me, on march 31st they say mr. gray was in the western district police station. that's where he eventually wound up not breathing, but this was weeks before he was arrested by police in that incident and that he was getting police information about a robbery. so, one, it tells us that freddie gray worked with police or at least on that occasion was, and secondly they say he complained of a bad back. not that he had a previous back injury or there was a surgery or anything else, but that he had a bad back and his back was in pain that day.
7:42 am
what is curious is that document was filed on may 1st so the conversation happened march 31st, according to the officers, prior to mr. gray's injuries while in police custody and then it was filed on may 1st after those injuries had occurred. that will be looked at as well. the prosecution in all of this has filed documents saying the defense should have none of this because none of it is relevant to what happened to mr. gray in the back of that police van. they say whatever happened to him in the back of that police van was so traumatic it snapped his spine, essentially hurting him very badly and then leading to his death some days later. fred? >> miguel marquez, thank you for bringing that to us. appreciate it. still to come, gunfire explodes as a gunman opens fire just outside of a cafe window. we'll have the latest on this
7:43 am
morning's deadly rampage in tel aviv. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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7:46 am
we're following breaking news out of tel aviv, israel's second largest city. two people are confirmed dead and several more wounded. you can see in this video right here, supposedly seeing the gunman's rampage. it is worth noting we don't know how the video was obtained and it does not match what some witnesses are describing. police are swarming and neighborhoods searching for the shooter and any clues as to whether this is terror-related. cnn's ian lee is in jerusalem and, ian, do we know what the shooter was doing right before the attack? were people able to monitor the movements of this suspected gunman? >> reporter: well, frederique
7:47 am
kashgs we're seeing new cctv footage on israeli media. this showing the gunman in a superintendent, right before the attack took place. a bit bizarre behavior. he is looking at some of the produce. he puts some in the bag. he walks off camera, comes back, dumps it out and then he proceeds towards the exit. he puts a backpack that he is carrying on some shopping carts. he pulls out the gun from there. and that's when he steps around the corner. that's when he starts shooting the pub and the sidewalk, injuring eight and killing two people. it appears to be just one person but israeli police are looking into the chance he had help as well, but the attack taking place over less than half a minute, really, a real quick hit and then the gunman is running away. right now tel aviv, they're
7:48 am
going door to door, house to house, street by street, looking for this gunman as he is still at large, fredericka. >> ian lee, keep us posted. thank you from jerusalem. checking our top stories. bill cosby breaking his silence on social media, this tweet thanking his fans for support as he is charged with sexual assault. reaction was mixed, some backing him. his wife camille could be in court next week after a judge overturned an effort to block her testimony. and tonya couch's attorney is speaking out, saying her client did not violate any laws. the mother of the affluenza teen, ethan couch, was returned to the u.s. she was charged with apprehension of a felon. her son is still in mexico. legal proceedings for ethan
7:49 am
couch's extradition could take weeks or months. investigators are dealing with the after dast math at a massive hotel blaze in dubai. clouds of smoke are still coming out of the 63rd floor of that building. firefighters battled the blaze as a new year's fireworks display lit up the sky. officials say as many as 16 people were treated for injuries related to the fire. a source tells cnn the fire may have started when curtains inside a residence in that building caught fire. and we continue to follow the latest this morning in the shakeup in the ben carson campaign. ben carson's deputy manager, communications director all resigning. here to discussion carson's new campaign manager, ed brookover. good to see you. happy new year. dr. carson says this shakeup is necessary to invigorate his campaign. what's meant by that statement,
7:50 am
exactly? >> well, first, fredericka, thanks for having me. i'd be remiss if i didn't say our prayers go out to the victims of the shooting in israel. it's a very sad situation. inside dr. carson's campaign we're all re-evaluating how to get better. dr. carson did that. general bob dee, his campaign chairman, which led to a couple of people resigning and we're moving forward. >> some might interpret this shakeup as trouble, especially since dr. carson is slipping in the polls. how does the campaign respond to that? >> we've raised more money than any other campaign. we have 5 million followers on facebook. we have hundreds of thousands of volunteers across the country. we think we need to do a better job always of getting dr. carson's message out. that's what we plan to do. >> so, raising money but losing traction? >> i would say that polls go up
7:51 am
and down shl, especially nation polls. february 1st is what we're focused on in caucus night in iowa. we've had over 19,000 people have attended our events in iowa. we feel good about our opportunities to do very well when we get to the caucuses on february 1st. >> armstrong william, dr. carson's business manager, as you know was on cnn yesterday, characterizing this announcement as a burden being lifted off dr. carson. what do you suppose he meant by that? >> i don't know. he's a guest here often. ask him next time. >> but when that message is sent by someone who is a close associate, close aide of dr. carson, and saying that, you know, a burden has been lifted, i mean, how does the campaign respond to that? or what burden might he be speaking of? >> i don't know what burden armstrong may have been speaking of. i do know we're still operating today as we did yesterday and the day before and will do
7:52 am
tomorrow. very focused on working with our team, our staff, our volunteers, our donors to get dr. carson's message out. >> as the communications director, what is the message sent within the campaign that needs to be the primary focus in this new year as it pertains to resuscitating dr. carson's viability? >> we want to get our message in front of as many voters as possible, especially those voters who agree with dr. carson's message of wanting to heal what's wrong with our country and revive the american spirit once again. we'll focus on that through social media, volunteers, door knocking as we move forward. >> heal the country. i know that's the big moniker, but specifically, can voters expect to hear something more concrete from dr. carson, the campaign, from you, the communications director, in this new year? >> i think that -- i think that you will. i think dr. carson's been pretty specific about what he wants to
7:53 am
do in terms of taxes, in terms of dealing with isis, in terms of dealing with the race problems that this country faces. and i think that you will continue to hear those kind of plans and programs as we move forward. >> and just with days away from, say, the iowa caucuses, is there a direct message, a particular strategy that you as the new communications director want to reveal to try to capture some of the support that may have been lost in recent weeks? >> we just want to keep getting dr. carson in front of as many people as possible. >> i apologize. as new campaign manager. what do you think -- >> you gave me another new title there. >> you're doing it all, right, as the campaign manager. what in particular do you think needs to be done to better support, better, you know, recapture some of the support that dr. carson may have lost,
7:54 am
particularly after his visit to the refugee camps? jordan? it seems as though that's when some of his support took a dip in the polls. >> i think we need to stay very focused at our task at hand. it isn't simple -- i mean, isn't hard to describe, but it's one we need to execute better on, and that's getting our message out to the voters. >> all right. ed brookover, appreciate it. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed, plus no interest until january 2018.
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thisit's like candy block ofcane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature.
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the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new passat and other select models. this sunday on cnn a ground-breaking look at the man who virtually reshaped how we view technology. steve jobs. the documentary "the man in the machine" gives us an inside look at the iconic innovator, including what jobs called the artistry of the very first computer he helped design. >> one of the things steve thought was important and jerry facilitated, this is where all the signatures are.
7:59 am
they're all the original people, the original group, that actually signed the machine. there's steve jobs right in the middle. my name is over here. >> why did you do that? >> because the people that worked on it consider themselves, and i certainly consider them, artists. these are the people under different circumstances would be painters and poets but because of the time we live in, this new medium has appeared in which one expresses themselves to fellow species, and that's a means of computing. >> how interesting. you can catch the entire documentary "steve jobs:the man in the machine" sunday at 9:00 p.m. celebration around the world including the big one in new york city. >> more than a million people
8:00 am
packing into times square and security was very tight. 6,000 nypd officers on hand after new york, los angeles and washington were targeted by terror threats. happy new year. i'm fredericka whitfield. i'm jim sciutto. we begin with breaking news. was it a random act of violent crime or an act of terrorism? right now a manhunt is under way in israel for the gunman who open fire outside of a pub in tel aviv. quloesed-circuit video, which we'll show you right now, shows him spraying the area with gunfire. there he is highlighted as patrons rush to get away. two people were killed, four people seriously injured. more surveillance video has surfaced just now. this is from moments before the shooting at a grocery store. it a


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