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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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some residents beginning to clean up after the flooding in illinois and missouri, others are bracing for the worst. in southern illinois, anxiously a second levy after one levy has already over topped. erosion or worst, breaches. illinois governor bruce rauner toured the damage in his state just last hour. missouri jay nixon is expected to speak in eureka, in the next hour. this as residents are returning to their homes to survey the damage andby begin the cleanup. eureka, dan, what are you seeing? >> reporter: the floodwaters have receded in this suburb, but all the aftermath. you can see behind me. community volunteers who have come to this one particular street, and helping residents clean up. you can see dumpsters like this one, and see all of the damage
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belongs, if you were turfurnitu. homeowner across the street. this is keegan emmert. you can see some of the damaged stuff on his front lawn. keegan, tell us about what it was like seeing the floodwaters rise and kind of take over your basement? >> well, i had been up the night before pretty much all night, but when i fell asleep, my sister woke me up a couple of hours later and there was three inches of water everywhere. just kind of started slowing rising from there. it was pretty freak key. >> the fact it happened in the winter, how surprising was that to you? >> pretty surprising, you know. you never know what the weather is going to be like around here. i mean, it's pretty, you know, unexpected to have this happen. >> so where do you go from here? i've seen all these community volunteers, which is great to see by the way on a saturday morning. neighbor helping neighbor. what do you do to sort of move
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to the next step? >> well, from here, i mean, you know, we've salvaged all we can, so we're just very happy that every one is safe. from here, we're going to try and have each other's backs and help in any way that we can. >> how much damage would you say you have? >> oh, gosh, we had a foot and a half of water at least probably in the house, i mean, you know, some of the stuff is still here, but good majority of it has been damaged, yeah. >> and that's really -- thanks very much. i appreciate you talking to us. >> yeah. >> that's pretty much the scene, fredricka. you have people that lost a lot of belongings in their basements. it didn't rise to the upstairs in most of these homes, but obviously people keep a lot of things in their basements. so you have lot of damage. it's really about the cleanup. the waters have receded, but they're going to be out here for the next several days to come. >> oh, my goodness. thank you so much, dan simon. while those residents clean up, southern illinois bracing
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for more blooding. emergency management director for alexander, illinois. mike turner. mike, we know one levy has already over topped. are you monitoring a second potential breach? >> well, yeah right now, it is actually the same levy. what started overtopping yesterday, there were five breaches in it that occurred last night. but it is the same levy system that other levies appear to be right now holding pretty good. it's the small levy that we're concerned with that we've had the problems with so far. >> my goodness. so what about evacuations and the concerns, you know, of residents potentially in danger? how do you get to them? what's the message being sent, et cetera? >> we have began a couple of days ago going through the
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issues of voluntary evacuation order, and that was followed up, state police went door-to-door in the olive branch, miller city, even though over to hodges park, advising people that at that time the situation was dire, and what did happen was imminent. so the majority of people had evacuated on that note. >> and what do you need as emergency management, what do you need to, you know, ensure people's safety? what is the message perhaps even being sent to that people are being vigilant themselves? >> the message being sent is as the river flows through where it breached, there is still concern about where it might backup into the olive branch area, whether it will or not, and right now, we're just trying to monitor that and see what path it takes
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on its way out. >> all right, all the best, mike turner. you've got a big job on your hands. wishing you all and your reenforcement there the best of your efforts. so for more on these overtop levies and allison chinchar. weather center. allison. >> we still have 16 states that are dealing with flood watches or warnings and the reason for that is all of the rivers locations that we still have that are either at or above their flood stage. that number, over 270 of them. can you see, it is spread all across the midwest and also parts of the southeast. now, this entire gray shaded area is the basen we've talked about for days now. all of the rain that has fallen in this area has to go somewhere. it ends up in the mississippi river, the arkansas or even the ohio rivers, they all at some
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point funle back into the mississippi. st. louis crested yesterday, which is good news. the water started to recede. different story a little bit further south. take a look at cape inju. we already have one levy that over topped near miller city on the east side of the mississippi river that's south. it's possible we could have more levies that get over topped over the next several days. again, as we notice, a lot of these areas aren't expected to crest for several more days. not for another 10 to 14 days. any rainfall that we get in the next 10 to 14 days could make it even higher, depending on the amount of water. one good news, we expect the spillway to help alleviate some of the flooding problems down in new orleans. >> allison, thanks so much. straight ahead, presidnt obama expected to announce an
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there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. . relatives have identified a suspected gunman still on the lose who killed two people near a pub in tel aviv on friday. the uncle says the father called israeli police and told them to arrest his son, 31-year-old neshad, alem, an arab.
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following the story from jerusalem. are police any closer to finding that alleged gunman? >> well, fredricka, that really is priority number one. they still consider him very much a dangerous, potentially still armed after that shooting. now, we are learning more about him, the father, as you said did alert authorities after seeing his picture from cctv security footage. before that, though, when he saw his son, he went to his safe, checked his safe, noticed that a gun was missing. that's when he called police. i need to point out the father is a volunteer at the police force. he told the police that they need to capture his son right away. this is all according to the uncle of the suspect. but right now, the bliss inside israel are still serging.
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massive man underway. road blocks around tel aviv. he can't escape. but really, you know, he is armed, they still considered him armed. they want to make sure they can ne neutr neutral is neutral. >> tell us about the prison? >> so back in 2,000, he tried to take a gun away from a soldier. he was arrested for that and served five years in prison. about this time as well, he was diagnosed with a psychological disorder. he has been on medication. the family is telling us they are afraid that he's off his medication, and that's what could have been part of this situation. they're urging the police to capture him so that he can get the help that he needs. but again, the priority is to stop him one way or another to
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make sure he can't carry out another attack. >> all right, ian lee, thank you so much in jerusalem. we'll be right back.
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hello again, president obama returns to washington tonight after vacations with his family
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in. ahead of his a dread, an executive action on guns next week. before he's even announced the move, republican front-runner donald trump is already weighing in. >> i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment. we have plenty of rules of regulations. plenty of things they can do that are already there. they don't do them. we have a tremendous mental health problem. all over the country they're closing them, all over the world. tremendous mental health problems. nobody is doing anything about that. all they want to do is blame the gups. it's not the guns that pull the trigger. >> jim acosta joining me now with more vacationing with the president, even the president making his way back. what should we expect to hear leading up to his final state of the union address, jim? >> reporter: well, fredricka, air right.
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the president is nearing the end of his vacation. time to put down the golf clubs and pick up the pen. don't say the word lame duck around president obama. he is planning an ambitious agenda for 2016. at the top is gun control. >> for president obama, the final round is about to begin. >> in 2016, i'm going to leave it out on the field. >> long time response to mass shootings in the u.s. sources familiar with the plan say it will be a package of executive actions on gun control. >> expected before the january 12th state of the union, aimed at the gun show loophole, background checks on their customers. >> all across america, survivors of gun violence and those who lost a child or a parent or spouse to gun violence are forced to mark such awful
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anniversaries every single day. and yet, congress still hasn't done anything to prevent what happened to them from happening to other families. >> the president will review the slate of administrative changes with attorney general loretta lynch on monday. the white house argues the actions will be within his executive authorities. broad support for tighting background checks. >> change is going to take all of uls. the gun lobby is loud effortl s effortlessly for anyone. the rest of us are going to be just as passionate and well organized and defense of our kids. that's the work of citizenship. stand up and fight for the change that we seek. >> vowing to fight the move, the nation's biggest gun lobby, nra is saying what he always does when he doesn't get his way, denying the will will of the people and the president will ask congress to shut down the
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terror center at guantanamo if they balk at the white house plan. >> it will be an uphill battle. >> hopes to travel to cuba, and perhaps more than a dozen other countries, what's shaping up to be a global fair well tour. >> but the president's agenda could be up-ended by the war on isis. a foreign policy crisis that could complicate white house plans to campaign heavily with the democratic nominee, a prospect that may put him and hik on the trail together again. >> i think we will have a strong democrat particular nom me. i think they will win. >> now, white house officials say don't expect the president to unveil a long laundry list at the state of the union speech which is two weeks away. in part, that's because fredric fredricka, he's running out of
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time. he doesn't have but a year to get a lot of things done in his final year in office. they say the president not only wants to set the agenda out in washington but on the campaign trail, so when donald trump talks about guns and is against the executive action on gun control, that's something the white house wants to talk about. they want to have that debate. >> the white house also saying that setting the agenda means this president is going to be using more executive order throughout the last year? >> reporter: potentially, you know, the big battle coming up in gun control and the president has already decided because congress has been unable to act on that, that he's going to go ahead and go forward with these executive actions. but they are going to try first to unveil a congressional plan, but the white house officials have made it very clear if lawmakers balk at that proposal, and they think they'll have some republicans will support them,
11:20 am
john mccain may be one, he has called for shutting it down for some time, but if republicans balk at this, the bless preside pretty set to go after some executive actions, controversy on the campaign trail. republican candidates, they don't mind that at all with the debates. >> thanks so much. our 2015 was a year where isis flexed is e its musses and showed the world its frightening reach. what can be expected this year. correspondents who have worked in these troubled regions weigh in. >> ar each country may be next. >> i hope i'm wrong but i think it's going to get worst. i don't want to be right about this.
11:21 am
>> in terms of the next phase in isis' evolution, are you looking towards libya? do you think that's where the push is going to be? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think we're going to see a lot of changes in syria and iraq. unintended consequences. many problems in afghanistan too. isis are an attractive brand to young, poor men there. slightly got their heads around libya. >> a lot worst in the sense of what you're talking about, you know. it is going to change, but it's still going to be there, and that fear that they're able to create and generate is going to be there. let's not forget in all of this, the those actions, people feel so abandoned by the west that failed to come in and safe them
11:22 am
when it comes to dying at the hands of asseyed. how many activists do we know who are dead, fled or vo become radical. >> or disappeared. >> let's not forget that you have just a mind-boggling number of foreign militaries, all flying and backing different proxies with completely cont contra -- >> consensus forming around the need to actually move, you know. >> but i also think everyone has a different idea how to bring down isis. >> the russians and iranians are supporting the. >> the whole region, the need for the region to take ownership of the problem and fix it themselves. even if isis is somehow defeated, that doesn't fix the problem of the saudis and iranians population. >> that's what it comes to, right?
11:23 am
ultimately iran need to be locked in a room together. >> at the same time, hopeful that there will be some consensus with saving the problem in iraq. a problem in yemen. no one is talking about yemen. >> but i really believe it's possible that we're seeing a seismic shift and over the next few decades, you're going to see a lot of these borders, and artificially designated borders any way. >> unsustainable. they were never going to last. it didn't have to be this violent. >> this mythology that we can protect ourselves, close borders, close doors, with the ebola crisis, syria washing up on the shores, europe knows it needs to get its house in order this year. >> i don't think we're mature enough to actually make the right decisions. i don't. i have really, sadly lost a lot
11:24 am
of faith in humanity. >> you say that, but i know each single one of us has a story from the field we're been completely unwem completely overwhelmed by the kindness of people. i think that's what i hold on to. >> fascinating, some of our best foreign correspondents right there. all right, ahead, a second baltimore officer is expected to go on trial this month in the freddie gray death case. this time, lawyers want to explore freddie gray's old medical records. could gray's previous claim of having a bad back help the defense? no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live...
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. all right, hello again, thanks so much for joining us. i'm fredricka whitfield. freddie gray case, officers charged now trying to get a look
11:28 am
at his medical reports. gray died in april after driving in a baltimore police van. one of the officers said gray told him he had a bad back. weeks before his death. he here's miguel mar quez. >> filed documents asking for gray's medical and incarceration records. in one of these documents, baltimore police officer wrote gray said a couple of weeks before he was critically injured in the back of that police van, that he had, quote, hurt my back or, quote, had a bad back. the defense arguing here that there could be other cases for gray's traumatic injury. the timing of this document is worth noting, though. the officer, john herzog, unsolicited basis after he was critically injured.
11:29 am
her zog wrote this memo and sent it to his superiors on may 1st. he died on april 19th. the original conversation happened on march 31st. herzog said in the memo that his memory was jogged after the riots. >> defense attorneys asked for gray's detention records because they site an unconfirmed report that gray had tried to harm himself while in baltimore central booking facility during a previous arrest. the prosecution argue x-rgray's medical records have nothing to do with the injuries sustained in the back of the van last april. his neck was critically injured because of his treatment by police. the judge in this trial is expected to rule this week on whether to allow those records in the goodson trial who faces the most serious charge of second degree murder. the trial expected to start january 11th. >> thanks so much. miguel.
11:30 am
with me to discuss this, joey jackson. so joey, how important is this? because what is also being alleged, right, is that the officers did not respond accordingly when freddie gray said he needed medical help. and so how might what is being revealed here about whether he had any kind of previous back problem or not impact what the prosecution is saying? >> good afternoon, fredricka. >> good afternoon. happy new year. >> exactly. happy new year. so it depends on who you ask. prosecution, as miguel mentioned, this is totally irrelevant. why on earth do you have to look at issues relating to his back when we're talking about a significant and catastrophic spinal injury that led to his death. there is no connection whatsoever. judge denied his request. if you're the defense, however, it's extraordinarily evident. why, because in terms of plotting strategy, if the
11:31 am
ultimate end game, as it appears to be, suggests this is self-inflicted, based upon them seeking information about a prior arrest where he was apparently, you know, attempting to injury himself, and then seeking to elicit information on that rest where he was thrashing around an banging around to inn jur himself, we want to know the extent of that back injury, whether it was related or connected to the spine in any way. does it make it more probably if he had a preexisting injury. those are the battle grunds. the prosecution saying it's not relevant at all, the defense saying it's relevant. our client didn't do it. that's why they're seeking to have the judge release that information. so when the trial starts on january 11th, they could make much of what exactly is in those medical rofrds. >> other arguments are this is the defense's i guess strategy
11:32 am
in trying to taint the jury pool. what about that argument? >> you know, it's always important when you're going to im panel a jury to get your information out there. your theory of the case out there. but make no mistake about it. i think if it was only to taints the jury pool, the judge would have a lot to say about that. we know, though, that there records or potentially that may exist. why, because what happened, remember, in the initial case of porter, it was then that the prosecution disclosed this sergeant herzog memo where he's saying that apparently, wait a minute, we were interviewing him about a robbery and he was sitting a little awkwardly. why are you sitting like that. he said he had a back problem. so we know that, because the prosecution disclosed that. the real issue is that in fact the reality. did he have a back problem, was there treatment for that back problem, where he was treat, and what was the nature and extent of it. so apparently, information is out there that makes the
11:33 am
request, you know, the request of the defense has a reasonable one whether the judge will grant it is at the judge's discretion. >> okay, so if a person is fragile, if that's what is being implied here, which freddie gray is fragile, how does that remove responsibility of any police officer or arresting officer in the way in which they treat somebody physically? >> i don't think that it does. now, remember, from the prosecution's perspective, this is not relevant at all. it's a back injury. what are you talking about? the medical examiner talked about it was a spinal cord injury. however, if you're the defense's point of view, you're going to say if it was a preexisting injury, he was more prone or sus sus sbekt to sustaining an injury. it wasn't because of my client's negligence. it wasn't because they gave him a rough ride. it wasn't because my client advocated or failed in any responsibility, it was because he was already injured. the fact is, if you match that
11:34 am
with himself inflicting himself and banging around, that is what caused the injury. my client had nothing to do with it. that's what the defense's argument is going to be. whether it will be effective, carry the day or sway the jury is another matter. it's going to be very important, fredricka, if the judge allows the defense to have these records exactly what's in the records, exactly what freddie gray's medical condition was, and that's going to drive how they can use it effectively, they being the defense or not use it effectively at all. so the proof is going to be in what the records contain. >> all fascinating stuff. joey jackson, thanks so much for breaking it down for us. >> thank you fredricka. always a pleasure. >> all right. straight ahead, flames consumed a hotel in dubai on new year's eve. photographer trapped on the 48th floor. how he escaped while documenting the whole thing. premium like clockwork. month after month.
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48th floor. authorities looking into the massive new year's eve hotel fire. the blaze at the address hotel it was still snoelderring as of last night. government officials say at least 16 people received assistance, mostly from over crowding and smock. friday that the fire was contained and all guests and employees have been safely evacuated. >> a source tells cnn the fire started when curtains caught fire in a 20th flores dent. on the 48th floor, shooting the fireworks, found himself trapped. filming the story. cnn john jensen. >> in this day, my locations. >> new year's eve is one night dennis mal mallari will never forget. dubai's fireworks display at the
11:39 am
tallest building. >> but at 9:30 p.m., his vantage point, inside the nearby address hotel went up in flames. ma larry, trapped, scared and alone, had to fight to make it out alive. >> i'm on the side of the building. i need help. >> i go there, inside to try to go exit, i'm not going to die because of the fire, because of the smoke. >> he was stuck on a balcony on the 48th floor. great for photos, but smoke quickly filled the building. escape wasn't an option. >> this is my view on 48th floor. >> the filipino first panicked, then sent desperate pleas for help to friends and family on facebook. >> i need help! >> i already posted that i'm here on 48th floor. help. >> he also kept filming to stay calm, especially when things looked the worst. >> we were at the 48th floor,
11:40 am
address hotel, happening right now. >> i can hear them. i saw some debris falling down from the building. >> after almost two hours, ma larry came up with a last ditch plan. he repelled down the window, even though it wasn't quite long enough to make it. >> i prayed that if this is my last, my last chance, then, so be it. >> as he started going over the edge, firefighters found him and saved his life. >> you have to pull me back. i have a belt. >> okay. >> i have support belt. >> after walking down all 48 floors, he was treated for smoke inhalation. >> he let his friends know he was safe, posting this picture. he continued with work, capturing dubai's fire works, just meters away from the building that nearly killed him. jon jensen, cnn, dubai.
11:41 am
>> what an experience he had. already, coming up, a busy campaign day for presidential candidates. we'll show you what happened when a heckler tried to trump bernie sanders this afternoon.
11:42 am
11:43 am
11:44 am
all right, the second day of the year and presidential candidates out on the trail. amherst massachusetts this afternoon before a big crowd, just four weeks ahead of the first caucus and pry marries. americans are ailing from forgetfulness. >> many of my republican friends, you know, they suffer from a very serious illness and we should not be hard on people who have serious illnesses. a. eem niece yeah is not a joke. they all seem to have forgotten where we were seven years ago. but we have not forgotten. we remember 800,000 jobs a month
11:45 am
being lost. we remember a $1.4 trillion deaf fit being created. here's a trump supporter, worried about mr. trump's money. >> so sanders as you see right there, was slighty interrupted by a trump supporter, but the crowd drowned him out as he was escorted out of the hall. and later today, donald trump will be greeted by his own supporters at a ral lie in biloxi, mississippi. chris frates in the washington bowery at the race for 2016. >> good afternoon. several republican candidates did some year end tinkering to their campaigns. strategies and players. changes come as the gop becomes hurdling between make-or-break between iowa and new hampshire that are only a month away.
11:46 am
>> we are a going to have a great time next year. make america great again and we're going to do everything in our power to make sure that happens. >>.has been off the campaign trail the last few days, but that hasn't stopped them from going after his rivals on twitter. >> how bad he's doing on his campaign, other than the fact he took millions of dollars of hit ads on me. >> jeb bush changed things up this week. canceling ad buys in south carolina and moving staffers into early states. >> he's not a serious candidate. he has a broad appeal, but it may not be as deep as people imagined. we're going to put together a ground game, if you will, in iowa and new hampshire and here in south carolina that i think will be second to none. that's how we'll do -- we'll win and do well. so i'm excited about it. >> trump leads by wide margins
11:47 am
in national polls, but his lead in iowa is more disputed. with the caucuses less than a month away, ted cruz gaining on the billionaire. the republican senator is up with an ad there selling his conservative credentials and he started a six day bus tour on monday. to help blunt cruz's rise, trump will spend $2 million a week on his own advertising. >> i'll be doing big ads in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, they'll be substantial. they're very well done. i've seen the first two or three of them. we're very proud of them. we're going to be talking about a lot of things. including the border, including trade, including isis and security for the country. >> and then carson rang in the new year with a new cast of advisors. three top aids resigned. february 1st caucuses.
11:48 am
>> now, dems are also getting on the back on the campaign trail. we've seen bernie sanders in massachusetts today, and over the next two days, new hampshire gets a double dose of clinton. on sunday, hillary clinton makes a stop, and then on monday, bill clinton makes his first solo appearance of the campaign to stump for his wife, fred. >> all right, chris freight fraets. >> steph jobs didn't create the first personal computer, but did he change the world. he explores how he brought humans and technology closer. it examines his personal flaws. lori seei lori talked about working with jobs. >> you used to do lsd with steve jobs. can you take me back to those college days? i mean, let's just rewind and go back there. >> let's see.
11:49 am
were we playing sergeant pepper. it was pretty pro zaic. >> freshman college year is a very poignant time of life where you're very much trying to figure out what the world is about. >> you haven't probably heard of daniel cosy, the time they spoke of spirituality and drugs was actually there for many important moments in the apple founder's life. >> this was our booth at the personal computing festival in atlantic city in 1976. >> two traveled to india together after school, he moved to palo alto to work on the first very prototypes of the mac. >> this one says number four. >> he was also there when steve jobs learned he was going to have a child. >> she got pregnant and steve was just, not me, it's not me, it's not me. right? even though that was not a reasonable thing to say. >> it was that moment that would
11:50 am
lead to the end of their friendship. >> he was pretty clearly the father. there was an incident where time magazine called me up, asking for verification that steve had a daughter named lisa, and i said oh, it's not a secret. but that was the wrong thing to say apparently. steve got very, very upset with me. that was 1983. even though i was working on the mac team at apple. >> it was a mistake that cost him his friendship with jobs. according to him, it was the last time they spoke. despite the abrupt end to a close friendship, he says he still looks back with happy memories to the early days. >> steve was my best friend at the time of life when i was discovering all this huge current of eastern literature. >> we were monks. we were monk wana bes. he was starting this project and
11:51 am
that was a surprise to me and i volunteered to help, not having any qualifications whatsoever, but i was happy to help. >> all right, well, watch steve jobs, the man and the machine, tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern right here on cnn.
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11:54 am
all right, as 2015 winds down, we're looking back at the personnel tease and stories that made headlines, 2015 behind us now. 2016, this year, we met caitlyn jenner in 2015. donald trump, triumphed in the polls and who could forget the faces of refugees. top ten media stories of 2015. >> debates, shootings, scandals, relentless news buzzing in 2015. moments stood out among the crowded landscape. top ten media stories of the year. >> hello everybody, thank you so much. >> number ten, late night's new year. stephen colbert taking over for
11:55 am
david letterman. comedy central, former daily show, samanthaby, a late note show as well. photo shopped picture, joined the ten-minute late night, was a hit on the internet. >> number nine, scandal brings down 19 kids and counting. tlc canceled the show after he admitted molesting children, including his sisters, when he was a teenager. the family stood by him, but it got worst. broke into ashley madison's database. he admitted cheating on his wife and biggest hypocrite ever. >> number eight, caitlyn g jenner's enough life. spreading awareness about transgender issues. diane sawyer interview, and then
11:56 am
jenner accepted an espy, a ratings boost. her reality show was renewed on e. >> number seven, it couldn't be more different. july's magazine 35 women who could accuse bill cosby of sexual assault. the headline red cosby, an unwelcome sister hood. the website crashed for 12 hours, following the release. led he has not been charged with any crime and continues to deny the allegations. >> washington post jason convicted in iran. his trial for espionage and other trials ended in august. the hose tell because u called condemned his detention, a pawn in iran's political power struggle. december marked his 500th day in jail. power of a photograph.
11:57 am
3 kbreerld syrian refugee, drowned off the coast of turkey. the image of his body waking the world up, countless hours of news coverage. the heated debate about how to solve the problem is ongoing. the picture remains a hauntsing look at its toll on humanity. number four now, a shooting on live tv. the execution style killings of wbdj allison parker and photo journalist adam ward shocked the country. both victims significant others also worked at the station. one was in the control room at the time. the murderer, a disgruntled former employee point of view shooting on social media. shot himself as police closed him. horrific events, but a strong response. posting pictures of their jobs, doing their jobs, just like they were doing that day.
11:58 am
they stayed on the air in the awful days following the tragedy. number three, charlie hebdo. january 7th in paris, gunmen stormed the offices, killing 12 people, including the editor and several cartoonists. they were seeking revenge for cartoons depicting mohammed. the world pushed back, "i am charlie" unfortunately it would not be the only time they mourned an attack. here in the u.s., brian williams gets kicked off the air. the celebrated nightly news anchor was suspended without pay for six months in february, after exaggerating a story about a helicopter mission during the iraq war. an nbc investigation found at least ten other embellishments in the past. lester holt took over the news permanently. they thought he would never return at all. covering breaks news on msnbc.
11:59 am
he told matt lour this about the exaggeration. >> it had to be ego that made me think i had to be sharper, funier, quicker. >> number one, the biggest media story of 2015 is donald trump taking over. it started with controversy. >> they're bringing drugs, crime, they're rapists, and some, i assume are good people. >> it was followed by rising poll numbers, record debate ratings, and some frustrated fact checkers. even when the media calls him out, he never seems to back down. he's not afraid to pick a fight with the media, making controversial comments, or kicking people out of a press conference. thanks largely to trump, the gop debates attracted 20 million viewers each, smashing all prior records. reality tv effect on the
12:00 pm
campaign trail. as primary season heats up, the media circus will continue. but voters will have the last word on trump. happy media new year, brian t l steltzer. >> thanks so much for spend something the time with me today. i i'm brianna keilar. >> thank you, fred. you are in the cnn newsroom in washington in for poppy harlow. our top story this hour, record high floodwaters are receding in the st. louis area to entire communities. as the flooding eases, dangers persist downstream. a short time ago, the governor of illinois toured this flood kwaul right there along the banks of the mississippi river. water topped one levy in southern illinois and a


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