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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm in for poppy harlow. breaking news from the middle east tonight. the execution of a prominent shiite cleric by saudi arabia triggered numerous protests throughout the region. in iran, a predominantly shiite nation, they are reacting angry to the execution. take a look. this is tehran where these loud and angry demonsrations broke out tonight at the saudi embassy. someone actually throwing firebombs and riot police trying
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to control the cloud, trying to prevent protesters from getting inside this build. shiite protesters have taken to the streets in saudi arabia. on the road from tehran, sherzod. we have fires burning. riot police on the scene. tell us what it looks like right now. >> well, it's practically over now. and the police have cleared the area. there are at least 150 policemen blocking the access to the building. when i was there about an hour, hour and a half ago, there was smoke coming out. the whole thing started 2:00 p.m. eastern time. fire was burning and the smoke was coming out. something around 200, 300 people
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were left demonstrating. they were not so loud or anything. they already left. some of them were on motorcycles throughout the crowd. some of them got into the building. >> so they did manage to get inside the building and actually set fire inside the building? you said they ransacked some records? what has the official reaction been to this? either from saudi arabia or
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iran? >> the saudi ambassador was called to the foreign ministry in iran. regarding the execution of the shia leader in saudi arabia. so the iranians have sympathy. so do the iraqis. >> thank you so much for being our eyes on the ground there. i do want to bring in cnn analyst bob baer and retired general mark hurtling. >> it is not the demonstrations, brianna. it is touching off a conflict.
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we have been close for a year now with the war in yemen, iraq, as well as syria. it's hard for most people to understand how close we are to a general conflict between these two countries. this is what concerned me. >> the way the iranians look at it is the sheikh was an activist, but he wasn't a violent one. he didn't deserve to be executed in anybody's terms. so the saudis have gone way beyond the norms on this. they haven't had beheadings and executions since 1980. so this is a big thing. it is causing widespread anger in the region. >> and another thing i think to note, general, is the reaction from the united states expressing some concern. but that i think really you read between the lines. what are the sensitivities here with the u.s. clearly behind the scenes not happy with what has happened? >> well, a couple of things,
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brianna. what i suggest is it's not only just the reaction to him being executed but the execution of 47 prisoners in 12 different locations today in one fell swoop. this is over 150 the saudis have executed using sharia law. and it ranges -- i think we have to put it in perspective. the saudis will say, hey, we are doing part of what this is all about is attributed to our laws. and the people they executed today ranged in drug trafficking all the way up to insurrection. this is under their court systems under sharia law. they will defend it as being part of what they do. it can be seen as nothing but provocation. he was arab. he was not a persian from iran.
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he was trying to instill a little provocation in the eastern provinces where the shia live. i hate to use this example. he was like martin luther king getting the people to rise up and get representation. incident was a violation against the saudi house. and they saw it as a provocation and insurrection. he was arrested several years ago and sentenced to death. there were a lot of people who said he wouldn't be executed but he was. you are seeing not only in iran but condemnation in lebanon and iraq. and it certainly comes at a horrible time given some of the other, as bob said, some of the other fights going on in the region right now. >> so, bob, why would saudi arabia do this now. and put in context how important saudi arabia is to the u.s. as it fights the war on terror? >> well, saudi arabia is worried
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about its own stability. this war in yemen has taken a great toll. samman is taking more and more power. terrible economic problems in the sense that they put a tax on gasoline. it has been raised 50%. and the house of sayyoud, they are react to go a dire situation inside the kingdom. and we really need to be careful of this situation. i'm worried about a war between iran and saudi arabia, as i just said. the iranians could take out the saudi oil facilities in a matter of hours with their rockets, and there's nothing we could do. >> brianna, i will add to that. it is not only a fight between iran and saudi arabia, but it is, as he stated, an explosion within the country. the new king is attempting to tamp down and provide some new approaches to things. but truthfully, there's a lot of
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rumblings within saudi arabia that could cause an implosion in the country as well. that would not be a good thing in the region. >> how worried are you, general hertling? what are the chances of that happening? >> well, i first say it is not all about religion. it is all about the way the saudis do things. but certainly there is an appearance that it is more sectarian violence between sunni and shia. that's the appearance. but this is really the house trying to tamp down insurrection within their country, trying to keep things under control when economic difficulties, when oil prices and the price of a barrel of oil is significantly lowered. they are being challenged on the outside not only by iran but russia and others. so this is traumatic. and it's somewhat reminisce sent of what happened prior to world
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war i where a lot of seemingly small things contributed to a much larger conflict. we are seeing this all over the middle east now. >> we are looking at pictures from kashmir. this could spread to other places. we saw this in kashmir. do you think we will see this in the coming days in other countries? >> i think 2016 is going to be a tough year, as the general said. i think the chances of a general war in the region are pretty good. it could draw in russia or the united states. i know this sounds like the sky is falling, but it is a very dangerous situation. and it's not getting better. and none of these wars are coming to a quick conclusion. and, you know, getting drawn into this could happen in spite of our best, you know, interests. >> all right. bob baer, general, hertling,
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thank you so much. donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> coming up, we'll tell you which jihadist group is using trump's comment in an effort to recruit new terrorists. i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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a new terror recruiting video focusing on donald trump's comment on banning travel to the united states. he announced the plan saying if he was president he would put in effect. in the wake of the san bernardino shootings last month, it was released by al shabaab based in somalia. the video labels it as a racist society. it features audio of trump's proposed muslim travel ban. right now donald trump is prepping for his first campaign appearance in mississippi. tonight's event, as others are, jam packed. huge crowds lining a coliseum that seats 13,000 people. joining me from biloxi in that coliseum. tell us about how trump supporters there are reacting to this terror video featuring trump's image and rhetoric.
4:14 pm
phil. >> you have three responses. one, they haven't seen it. two, they don't care. on or the third one, take a look look at this. >> i think that's fabricated. >> you think the video was made up? >> sure, it was. you can see where it was cut in. at least that's my opinion. i think that was strictly -- i may be wrong, but i think that was a made-up deal. >> so, brianna, there is a real group of people who don't think the video is real at all, it was fabricated or even planted by the hillary campaign. one thing that has come through, nobody is bothered by it at all at this rally. >> so who do they think is fabricating it? >> there are a couple theories that we have heard. this is anecdotal just talking to people. >> yeah. >> one person thought it of the clinton campaign. the others, they don't have an idea. they just don't think it is real at all. they think it is an effort tom side track the trump campaign.
4:15 pm
>> okay. at the risk of asking you to predict what donald trump will say tonight, phil, he doesn't even go off script. you never exactly know what he is going to address. but do you think he may address this video? >> it is certainly possible. look, his campaign hasn't talked about it at all today. we have requested comment. haven't heard back from them. one of the most interesting things when you ask supporters about it, brianna, they took it back to national security. if you look at the latest poll, three-quarters of americans polled don't feel comfortable with the current anti terror strategy. if you ask it was his response to isis, his strength. that's the focus. i guarantee you you will hear a lot of that at this event in a little under an hour. >> when you ask why are they there, they say national security is driving them?
4:16 pm
>> yeah. more often than that. you will hear immigration. that consistent live comes up. that is often the second or third issue. over and over again, national security. i asked what is the specific element of his strategy that sticks out the most? what is the policy that matters the most. they like that he threatens to bomb the expletive out of things. when you look at people unsatisfied or nervous about what has been going on overseas with the islamic state, at rallies it has really resonated with his supporters. >> thanks so much. a short time ago, donald trump launched a fresh zincer denou e denouncing taking executive action on gun control. >> i don't like it. i don't like anything having to do with changing our second amendment. we have plenty of rules and regulations. there's plenty of things they can do right now that are already there.
4:17 pm
they don't do them. we have a tremendous mental health problem. we are closing places all over the world, all over on the country. but they are closing all over the world. nobody is doing anything about that. all they want to do is blame the guns. it is not the gun that pulls the trigger. >> so those new gun rules are part of president obama's effort to avoid being a lame duck his final year in office. he is planning a flurry of executive actions to get his way on issues that congress has not dealt with. jim acosta joining us live from honolulu where the president is on vacation in oahu. jim, he has a big to-do list even though this is his last year. >> that's right. he's going to be putting down the golf clubs and picking up the presidential pen in washington. the very first thing on his agenda is gun control. and the white house says because
4:18 pm
of congressional inaction, the president is going to strike out on his own and take unilateral action through a series of executive actions. a package deal, we're being told that will be announced in the coming days. he meets with attorney general loretta lynch on monday to talk about this. the cornerstone of these executive actions will be to tighten the back ground check in this system. as you know, brianna, there are some gun purchasers through person-to-person sales at gun shows who elude the background check system. they want to tighten that up. the president cannot alone require universal checks. the white house acknowledges that. that's only something congress can do. beyond that, there is the issue of guantanamo. the president does plan to unveil a proposal later on this year that congress would have to act on. but he says and white house officials say, if congress fails to be act on that, the president will strike out on his own once again to close down the detention facility at
4:19 pm
guantanamo. so even though he is heading out of office at the end of 2016, heading into 2017, he has an ambitious agenda for the months ahead. >> can congress stimy his gitmo plans, jim? >> you know, i think that remains to be seen. we saw with immigration, through the same kind of justification, congress didn't act. so congress said were he was going to act. republicans up on capitol hill. they really couldn't do much. we saw this attorneys general in various states around the can country stimy the president's executive actions on immigration. that did halt that in its tracks. so there is that potential there. i did talk to a smokes man for house speaker paul ryan who said they will wait and see what the president has in mind on gun control. and waiting to see what the president has in mind on guantanamo. the president not only wants to
4:20 pm
be relevant in washington but out on the campaign trail. they like the fact that donald trump. they point to public opinion polls that the vast majority of voters out there like this idea of expanding the system. hillary clinton is not shying away from gun control. she has been talking about it a great deal out on the campaign trail. they are hand in glove. they don't really see a down side in pursuing each of those issues. >> jim, thank you so much. tomorrow you can hear from two of the candidates on the state of the union. bernie sanders and carly fiorina on live tomorrow 9:00 a.m. eastern only here on cnn. coming up, the daunting task of cleanup begins as floodwaters recede in the midwest. we will see you the catastrophic damage that homeowners are
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this just in to cnn. the president today signed an emergency declaration for the state of missouri ordering federal aid to supplement state and local response efforts. cities along the mississippi river are still bracing for
4:24 pm
surging floodwaters that have swamped cities farther north. they are uncovering significant damage and debris below. dan simon is there. >> brianna, this is what you call a giant debris field. you can see the magnitude of destruction. all these household items that people have collected and brought over to this community center. ultimately this will be taken to a landfill. in the meantime, you need a place to put all of this stuff. i can tell you governor jay nixon has asked the obama white house for an emergency declaration. you have to have all the debris removed and try to get cleanup accelerated they are hoping the president will honor that request. we will walk around a little bit. you can see all the stuff people have dropped off.
4:25 pm
you can see mattresses and other household items. you see a bunch of sandbags in the back. they cannot be reused. >> i'm from this part of the state. quite frankly, it is almost hard to believe. when you see the levels of where water was. when you are coming over historic highs from the beginning of time we kept records, by four and five feet. when you are seeing 55. when you are seeing a house that floated, a "full house" that floated into the highway 30 bridge and blowing up, it is almost as if you're living on some other planet. >> fortunately, the floodwaters have receded. so what you are left with is just the debris. in reality, this is just a fraction of what you are saying all throughout the state. hundreds of businesses and homes have taken on significant damage. brianna? >> dan simon, thank you so much. bill cosby's wife camille is being forced to break her silence. a judge has ordered her to testify the on wednesday in a
4:26 pm
defamation suit. they said bill cosby portrayed them as liars. mrs. cosby's attorneys argue the private conversations are privileged. but they say they are subpoenaing her because she is her husband's business manager. bill cosby could face up to 10 years in prison on sexual assault charges in pennsylvania. cnn's jean casares has details. >> criminal charges for bill cos cosby. out on $1 million bail. he was arraigned on criminal sexual assault charges. >> anything to say? >> they stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at mr.
4:27 pm
cosby's home in montgomery coun county. >> the 78-year-old comedian charged with three counts of aggravated in decent assault. she worked at the athletic facility. she accuses him of drugging and then assaulting her when she visited his pennsylvania home. >> he made two sexual advances at her that were rejected. on the evening in question, mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine >> according to the criminal complaint, the pills and wine left constant feeling dizzy, nauseous, frozen and paralyzed but aware of cosby fondling her breast and putting his hands into her pants. constant went to the police a year later. but the district attorney did not file charges citing lack of evidence. she filed a civil suit against cosby, forcing him to be
4:28 pm
deposed. he settled with her, the terms of which were sealed. that was unsealed in july. in it, cosby admits to giving women quaaludes but never without their knowledge. she is the first of at least 50 women to have come forward with similar allegations over four decades. some of those women now sharing their reactions to the news. >> when i saw the mug shot, i started to cry. it was -- it was -- it just hit me so hard. and i really didn't anticipate that i was going to react that way. >> an attorney representing somewhere of the accusers said she believes others may be called to testify against cosby at the trial. >> they are going to demonstrate that kind of courage. they are going to tell what they say is their truth. >> the comedian has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and even filed a countersuit against seven women earlier this month. he has yet to directly answer questions about the allegations.
4:29 pm
in interviews last november, cosby refused to comment. >> shaking your head no. >> there's no response. >> in a statement, his attorneys called the charges "unjustified" and vow he will be "exonerated by a court of law." and on new year's eve, bill cosby tweeted, friends and fans, thank you. his preliminary hearing continues to be set for january 14th in pennsylvania. brianna. jean, thank you. coming up, putting a superstar on trial. how bill cosby's global celebrity could impact the case against him. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this.
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his superstar dom on this trial. host of "seven deadly sins" and "did he do it" on investigation tv. great to have you answer questions about whatever legal case we have at hand. tell us how much more difficult to make this case. >> we have seen examples where being a celebrity has been helpful to a criminal defendant and others where celebrities were punished more harshly because of their status as a celebrity. what is especially tricky for cosby in this case, though, is that at its very core, this case is about the misuse of his celebrity status. they could argue, hey, ladies and gentlemen, don't let him get away with this again. don't allow "celebrity justice"
4:34 pm
to happen. that means you better return a conviction. the other thing that is interesting, because of bill's status, there is a news cycle that's very interested in him. we will hear everything there is to know about bill. this tends to make it very, very cloudy. when for the defense they want to keep things very siloed. can they prove beyond a reasonable doubt that certain things happened on a certain day. the cloudier and muddier it gets with everything focused on everything cosby the more divitt makes it for the defense. >> there are a couple of things that are very damning for bill cosby. and i wonder when you think the chances of them getting into this case, being something that the jury gets to look at. one, the deposition where he agrees with andrea constant about what happened pretty much. there were pills.
4:35 pm
then there were sexual acts. he just says it was consensual. clearly she says it is not. the prosecution will want to bring in a parade of alleged victims of cosby's to prove he has an m.o. what are the chances this comes into the courtroom? >> yeah. i think that what this foreshadows is we are going to spend a considerable amount of time and energy on pretrial motions fighting about exactly these things. let's make no secret bit. if you're the defense, you want to keep this very narrowly toque used. if you're the prosecution you would love to bring in the parade of horribles. it invites the possibility of really outraging the passions of the jurors.
4:36 pm
ultimately, i think you have a decent shot it could play out either way. some of this material that you referenced may make it in. others is going to be kept out because it is more prejudicial than probative on a particular issue. but either way you can be absolutely certain there are going to be compelling hard-fought arguments on both sides of that issue. >> real quick before i let you two, what do you think the chances are? you said it could happen either way. but what do you think the chances are that the deposition gets in? >> with depositions, as long as he had the same motivations to testify truthfully and there were opportunities to cross-examine as well, that will more than likely come in. anything cosby said, if it's under oath, admissions aren't admissable against them. that is likely to get in front of the jurors. wait for the legal fireworks. i'm sure there are arguments on
4:37 pm
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it's a busy travel weekend with a lot of people heading home after the holidays. o'hare is one of the nation's busiest airports, along with another chicago airport, chicago midway. they are the focus of a new cnn investigation. we wanted to know why some of the officers assigned to protect both airports are not allowed to carry weapons. they work alongside armed police officers. but there is one major difference. if there's an attack at any of these terminals, these aviation police officers say they are trained and told to run away. and now these officers are speaking out. here's cnn senior investigative correspondent drew griffin. >> reporter: take a look around
4:41 pm
the passenger terminals at chicago's o'hare and midway airports and you will see what appear to be police officers. but take a closer look. not one of them is carrying a gun. in the event of an active shooter or terrorist strike here, you might be surprised to hear how they have been told to react. not try to neutralize the threat. but instead to run. you guys are police officers. but you don't have guns. you're unarmed. do you feel safe when you're working? >> no, sir. not safe at all. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: do you feel almost as if you're a sitting target? >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's not for lack of training, licensing or experience, they are all sworn in the state of illinois. they get the same training as chicago police. many are military veterans or have suburban jobs.
4:42 pm
they say all they want is to carry a gun like any other law enforcement officer. just two years ago at los angeles international airport, a man with an assault rifle killed a tsa officer, wounded several others, before being shot and wounded by an armed police officer. if the same event took place in chicago's two airports, the 300 unarmed aviation police would be defenseless to stop it. >> so in the event of a terrorist attack, it's a shooter, what are you supposed to do? >> run. >> hide. >> and seek shelter. >> reporter: this internal chicago aviation document obtained from aviation department sources outlines the policy. if evacuation is not possible, hide. you must also ensure unarmed security personnel do not attempt to become part of the response. here's the training video
4:43 pm
officers say they were instructed to watch. >> if evacuation is 23409 possible, find a place to hide where the active shooter is less likely to find you. block entry to your hiding place and lock the doors. >> how could the public look at us if they see police officers run and hide? >> chicago police carry guns at both airports since they are the primary law enforcement agency. if there's a major incident or an arrest, aviation police tell us they must wait for chicago police to show up. a unique arrangement among major u.s. airports. >> it doesn't make any sense. >> an official with the union that represents aviation police officers. so basically they're just -- no disrespect to those officers. but as their role they are glorified security officers. >> that's exactly right. my question to the city is, you send these men and women to the
4:44 pm
chicago police academy to be trained as police officers to be able to respond as police officers, to be able to act as police officers. >> reporter: the chicago police department has 231 armed officers assigned to o'hare and midway and the city says that's enough. so too does the chicago aviation department about its unarmed force. and the staffing level of armed police is for the most part, similar to other major u.s. airports. if you compare the top three busiest in the u.s., atlanta's hartsfield-jackson has 178 armed police. los angeles, 572. o'hare has budgeted 175. the numbers do not include additional security such as private security personnel. the aviation department says the multilevel security has proven effective in stopping and preventing crime and that violent crime incidents are extremely low. but there's been no explanation
4:45 pm
why the nearly 300 aviation police officers here are unarmed. the department is declining to discuss security measures. cnn has surveyed large u.s. airports and found chicago's use of unarmed be aviation police officers is unique. and according to miami security security wayne black, absurd. >> you have sworn law enforcement officers at a u.s. airport that are trained to hide if there's an attack. it's crazy. airports are targets of terror activity. what are they going to do if somebody runs in with a gun and there is no law enforcement officer there? >> in october, a man caught with these knives attempted to gets on the airfield and actually told the officers he knew they were not even armed. the gun issue has been part of an yon going dispute between the officers and their chief, richard edgeworth. aviation police took a no confidence vote against him, calling him in competent and someone who exerts control through intimidation and fear. despite the vote, his boss says
4:46 pm
he has full can confidence. when we approached him to ask our questions, he did what his officers are supposed to do if anyone approaches them, armed. hi. excuse me. chief edgeworth. i'm with cnn. good to see you. we wanted to ask you why your officers aren't armed? why the aviation police officers in the united states apparently are not armed. wouldn't the public be better protected if they were armed and better able to engage the threat -- sir -- instead of having to run and hide? just ahead. >> it smells of citrus fruits and pine needles. a mixture of hard and soft. just like president putin himself. i suppose i should give it
4:47 pm
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last minute bargain hunters listen up. it is not too late to get your hands on merchandise featuring russian president vladimir putin. maybe some cologne, how about a calendar featuring him purposing iron. we have a virtual shopping list of ways that russians are adding more putin to their lives. ♪ >> for fans of vladimir putin, there's no shortage of stuff with the russian president's image all over it. these putin t-shirs have been around for a while but they're still popular new year's gifts. so this is the most popular one. >> nice. >> okay. so how well do these t-shirts well. >> translator: they sell really well. maybe tourists pay them but our
4:51 pm
compatriots buy them as wul. they love putin. >> despite a deep economic crisis and international isolation over the wars in ukraine and syria, putin's ratings are doing well, too. so what about spending the entire year with president putin? well that's what this 2016 putin calendar is promising, with every month revealing a carefully chosen image of the russian leader. this one has him in siberia with a horse in the forest. here he's smelling a flower and this third one over here, he's working out in the gym. but photographs aren't all you get with this calendar. you get putin's words of wisdom too. some are characteristically hard line like this one for the month of october, no one will succeed in gaining military superiority over russia, putin says. others hint at a softer side.
4:52 pm
dogs and i have very warm feelings for one another, says the russian leader for november. one group of putin supporters has put together an entire book of putin's best known remarks and one-liners, publishing a limited edition which is set to go on sale next year. the book is called "words changing the world" and its publishers say it makes the perfect holiday gift for patriotic russians. and if reading putin isn't enough, you can now smell him too with a new men's fragrance that's just hit the shops here in russia. it's called leaders number one. but make no mistake with the profile of vladimir putin on the side and the words inspired by vladimir putin, it's pretty clear which leader they're referring to. the advertising bump says that it smells of citrus fruits and pine needles, a mixture of hard and soft, just lake the
4:53 pm
president putin himself. so i suppose i should give it a try, shouldn't i? let's have a smell. >> do you like it? >> i'm impartial on it but i can see how it wouldn't be to everybody's taste. matthew chance, cnn moscow. still to come, he was once steve jobs' best friend. >> we were just traveling around, just hippies traveling around. we weren't even hippies. we shaved our heads. we were monks. >> daniel explains how psych tellic drugs sent the friends all the way to india, next. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars.
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twooint. daniel kottke may not be a household name but at one time he was the closest person to apple founder steve jobs. lori segal tells us how when kottke was dropping acid in college he was tripping with one of the creative minds of the century. >> you used to do lsd with steve jobs. the you take me back to the
4:57 pm
college days. let's rewind and go back there. >> let's see, were we playing sergeant pepper? >> what were you playing? how does this go down? >> it was pretty prosaic. we were at portland in reed college. freshman college year is a poignant time of life where you're very much trying to figure out what the world is about and what you're interested in. >> how did you guys meet? >> reed was a pos toirl environment so there was a lot of hanging out going on. steve and i developed a friendship when we figured out we had both read this amazing book called "be here now" which is about psychedelics and spirituality. steve was my best friend at the time of life when i was discovering all of this huge current of eastern literature. all of the sudden psychedelics were being introduced into the mix of traditional spirituality and that was very face nating.
4:58 pm
>> do you remember the first time you guys took psychedelics together? >> no, not really. we were just kind of walking around, i think. we used to go for hikes. i think we camped out on the beach. i can't really remember building a campfire. i don't remember what we did when it got dark. i can tell you that the times that i was taking psychedelics with steve, we weren't really talking that much. we were more of in a meditative pace. >> at some point you guys, you and steve jobs, you decided to go to india, right? >> yes. >> what was that trip like? >> i didn't have any money. i had no travel plans. but steve had started working at atarry and he had money, couple thousand dollars. so he offered to buy my ticket. i said absolutely okay, let's go. we were just hippie traveling around. we weren't even hippies. we shaved our heads. we were monks.
4:59 pm
we were monk wanna bees. >> everybody is in the garage working on the first prototype? >> when i heard he was start the apple project, that was a big surprise to me and i volunteered to help. not having any qualifications whatsoever. but i was happy to help. most of what i was doing was testing the boards and you know, hooking them up and testing -- i had to plug all of the chips in and then test them. and steve was on the phone in the kitchen most of the time. so i was alone in the garage. did i, did i even have a radio? no. >> once you were there did you and steve jobs ever take lsd or continue to take psychedelics? >> once apple started steve was really focused with all of his energy on making apple successful. and he didn't need psychedelics for that. >> catch the cnn film "steve
5:00 pm
jobs the man in the machine" tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. next on cnn, a look back at 2015 and the stories we all couldn't stop talking about. and at 9:00, "blackfish."" have a great week. faster than a jie ro captainer and hitting harder than holly hole. this year has countless heros in sports, pop culture, music and movies and we'll take them all on with our league of superheroes. actress melissa joan hart, richard quest, model and rereality tv star carmen carrera, titus burgesburgess, c anyour john


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