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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 6, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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leave money on the table. they don't get all the employee match they deserve. this year there are new limits. the irs will lit set aside $18 document pre tax. >> if your company matches that, is free money. >> there you go. >> "early start" continues rate now. breaking i don't have night, north korea claims it exploded a hydrogen bomb. this is a major jump in the nuclear tensions. new reaction from the world pouring in. donald trump making a new version of a birth clause. this time it's forrer at the time cruz. he says cruz's birthplace in the race for the white house. >> a new show of emotion for president obama as he lays out his new gun control action. this morning, we will hear directly from republican leaders, including some who want his job. good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> christine romans.
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it is wednesday, january 6th. it is 5:00 a.m. >> this is cnn breaking news. breaking overnight, north korea says it exploded a hydrogen bomb. this is the very first time the reclusive regime can made a claim. yes, it did nuclear tests. those were for crude devices. a hydrogen bomb would be a huge escalation and present huge new challenges for the u.s. in terms of security. now, this apparent underground test set off political tremors around the world all night long, prompting an emergency meeting of the united nations's city council. that's set for a few hours from now. joining us for the very latest. cmn will ripley live for us from beijing. this is a big provocation by the north koreans. >> reporter: absolutely, christine. if their claims are true that if is, in fact an h-bomb, it's a different situation within have you this regime, which invested
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aggressively in growing the nuclear arsenal, now in possession of a weapon, more powerful than in 29 and tweeting. the tremors were a 5.1 mag new tied event felt in china, forcing the evacuation of schools. it's a test site in the northern part of the peninsula near the border with chosen. right now the chinese government is out testing for radiation. the japanese government sent up planes to see what environment am impact if any. the north koreans say they tested without adverse effects to the environment. it's sending a strong message they will continue in spite of very strong sanctions to grow their nuclear program to develop more warheads. they have the resources, financially and also they have raw uranium in the country. so the united states, which for since 2009 really has dried to take this policy and
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strategic -- to ignore the pyongyang regime and hope they denuclearize on tear own under the pressure of sanctions. that clearly hasn't happened says the u.s. ambassador to south korea. >> the condemnations from around the world will pour in. russia, china, france, england, united states, everywhere you look the rest of the world is condemning this. they would do that for any nuke cheer tests from north koreans, if, in fact, this is a hydrogen device as north korea claims, it is even more serious. why? >> reporter: well, it will be more serious because of the strength of the device. you mentioned all of the countries condemning north korea on that list as well, right here in china and bye beijing, a difficult situation for government which has been a benefactor. they sent high level representatives to pyongyong a few months ago. now they will face a lot of pressure from the international community to punish for this action. and if it's not punishment, then
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what is it? the beijing government is calling for high level talks with north korean leaders and other countries around the world. and that really ist sense that i get from visits to north korea the last year-and-a-half, what is pyongyang and the premier wants to sit down with the president of the united states and have a face-to-face talk. they don't have bargaining chips. the nuclear program is one. there are some analysts spebl speculating for a while, north korea might conduct one more nuclear test and perhaps be willing to talk about putting a moratorium on further tests. they've given that message clearly, perhaps they'd be willing to stop testing for now in exchange for aid and a listing of some sanctions. >> the most insight into what's going on inside that country probably comes from china. we talked to an expert that says now that relationship is back in the deep freeze, so really a lot of questions about what koym kim jong-un is up to and what this is about. >> back here in the united
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states, campaign 2016, new developments this morning, donald trump questioning whether at the time cruz is even eligible to be president. let's bring in zach wolf, cnn managing editor of politics to discuss. zach, let me play for you what donald trump is now saying. the questions he is now raising about the fact that ted cruz was born in canada. listen. >> reporter: a lot of people are talking at it. i hope it's not so. i hope it doesn't come about. people are worried if he weren't born in this country, which he wasn't, he was born in canada. if the democrats bring a lawsuit the lawsuit could take years to resolve. how do you have a candidate if there is something over the head of the party and that individual. >> so, zach, the constitution says you need to be a natural born citizen in order to be president. ted cruz is, his mother was an american citizen, though she was in canada when he was born. most constitutional scholars says ted cruz has no problem
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here. >> john mccain was born. >> in the panama. why is donald trump bringing this up. >> he says a lot of people are talking about i. he's pretty much the only person talking about i. he says they could bring a lawsuit barack barack and hillary clinton running for president who passed a resolution through the senate saying it would be okay for john mccain to trump. this is the trump method of sowing doubt. she passing information on his religion. cruz, of course, has roots in cuba and is an evangelical. it's like this kind of subroad campaign by trump. you know, it's all there i think probably to sow doubt among the people in iowa. cruz is doing very well in iowa. he's coming up in iwatch that probably is clearly concerning to the trump folks and trump, himself. >> does it show a rare kind of confidence in drufr he is seeing what is happening in iowa and he
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is, he is saying these things? >> i mean, i think the fact that he's targeting cruz in such a specific and sort of subliminal way. you know, it's not subliminal at that point i guess. but the fact that he's going after cruz specifically right now shows cruz is the guy he is focused on. he reads polls. he used to talk about them. still does a lot. he obviously know cruz is the guy he needs to focus on. >> it's on the table. he's talking about it as much as he k. i am interesting, zach, also in the response from ted cruz. he tweeted out a link to fonzi, literally jumping the shark in the "happy day's" episode. i hope we have sound of it. ted cruz basically said it's the press' fault for covering what donald trump says. let's listen. >> with all respect, our good friends here in the media are playing into the democrat's playbook. how about we talk about the real
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challenges facing this country? one of the things the media loves to do is gaze at their navals for hours on end by a tweet from donald trump or from me or from anybody else, who cares? let's focus on the issues. let's focus on the issues that matter. >> donald trump flat out suggesting he may not be an american citizen, ted cruz doesn't respond. why is he being so careful here? >> well, i think for cruz, he doesn't want to engage on this, he doesn't want it to become a thing. for a lot of people they might hear he was born in canada, how come? we will go through the process of answering that question, talking to constitutional scholars, et set remarks et cetera, as donald trump raises these questions. for cruz engaging it he would give it legitimacy i guess. he renounced at one point he was listed as a dual canadian citizen. he renounced that a couple years ago. this is something he's clearly been thinking about and he's
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preparing for. so they knew this was coming and trump had actually raised it earlier in the campaign. not when cruz is said doing so well. >> if the clock is ticking, he said he didn't know he was listed as a dual canadian citizen, right? ted cruz said he wasn't aware there was a dual citizen issue for him. >> that's right. but he did go ahead in the dallas morning news i believe it was wrote about this. it's something percolateing out there. i think we will get it out of the way here. >> just to be careful. get rid of the canadian citizenship, go all guns blagz as an american citizenshipch guns also an issue on the campaign trail. president obama made the announcement yesterday. executive action is being taken. we expect to hear from paul ryan and republican leaders today. of course, there is this, a special program note. anderson cooper will host a town mall l hall event with president obama tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. guns in america. a few executive action will be zulsed at length.
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the president will take questions from a live studio audience as town hall, guns in america, moderated by anderson tomorrow with the president only on cnn. let's switch to money for a moment. stocks pushing a lower open. the dow and the s&p 500, new worries about asia after north korea reported hydrogen bomb test. wall street is feeling the burn, in a major speech tuesday, bernie sanders capped atm fees at $2. he said no one in goldman sax would work in his administration. a shot for hillary clinton. one of eher top advisers a 18 years goldman, he ran the cftc. bill clinton had gold medal alums in his middle circle. sanders says bankers are quote destroying the very fabric of our nation, helping stay competitive in key states like iowa and new hampshire, where there is mistrust of the banking system and still a lot of pain and anger about those bailouts after the crisis. >> back to the breaking news
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overnight. north korea says it tests a hydrogen bomb. this a major escalation in nuclear tension. how will the world respond? how will the u.s. respond? what are the options? we're going to speak with a key expert next.
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. >> breaking news, pyongyang says it exploded a hydrogen bomb. an underground explosion. the first time the country made that claim, setting up a dynamic shift on how north korea is treated on the big stage. we have the inside story of the north korean nuclear crisis. mike, there is so much we don't know what is going on inside the hermit kingdom. but we do know, this is a first, if indeed it happened, it is a first. it catapults kim jong-un into a
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new position in his neighborhood and on the world. >> well, if it's true, it is really a game changer because a hydrogen bomb is vastly more powerful than the atomic bombs of north korea. if it turns out it wasn't a hydrogen bomb, though, this is a major step forward in terms of the development of north korea's nuclear program. not the least. each nuclear scientists are further along the road of miniaturizing a warhead. that would enable to put a warhead on a long range missile intermediate or longe range missile. if it conceivably hit the united states. so from the security point of view, it's very important. it poses a really big challenge to the u.s., south korea, china, japan, international community, trying to physical out how to respond. >> you bring up an interesting point. there are doubts of being brave, inside south korea and among some experts this morning about whether it was, in fact, a hydrogen device, why do you
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doubt this morning? >> well, there are some initial south korean reports which say that the force of the explosion was not big enough to be a hydrogen bomb. it's going to take some time before the american, south koreans, are able to sort of take samples from the air to test what radiation that leaked out to make that determination. but i think the key thing here, whatever it was, it was a big explosion of some nuclear type, which is a step forward for the north korean program. now the attention is going to shift to the united nations. there is going to be an emergency meeting. there will certainly be widespread condemnation, probably new sanctionings. the problem is based on what's happened the last three times the north koreans have tested, sanctions don't work. they hurt north korea. but they haven't produced a change in the behavior of the north korean regime. there is little to think a new set of sanctions will do the same thing now. it's tough. you won't go to war with korea.
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they have shied away from diplomatic negotiations. so in that vacuum the north koreans continue to develop fear nuclear capabilities is there why now? some sucked the 33rd birthday of kim jong-un, maybe making some sort of statement to the chinese, you know, there have been a top level diplomat who comes from china earlier this year, but now, gosh, maybe this relationship is back in the freezer again. why now? >> well, it's very hard to read what's in the mind of the north koreans. i think the key thing is having a nuclear capability has a cornerstone of kim jong-un's regime. it's really central to his identity. the boosts his prestige. it boosts his hold on hower inside north korea. it gives north korea a lot of additional leverage, whether it was a hydrogen bomb or something
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else. the north korean, yet again, are in the driver's seat. they have the entire international community reacting to what they've done and if there is any diplomatic follow-up, it gives the north the leverage of everybody knowing they've got this powerful new device. they will continue to go more unless they get what they want. which from the united states is recognition of some kind. respect from china, it probably involved money. more aid and without that, the north is signaling very clearly, it's going to keep moving ahead and developing this nuclear capably. >> you talk about north korea's relationship with china. it's primarily financial. how much pressure do you expect china to exert in the coming days and weeks? >> well, the test is really a slap in the face to china and its leaders. the chinese in recent months took a different approach to north korea. they have been pretty critical of pyongyang the last couple of years. they adopted a new friendlier tone. the chinese calculation i think
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was being more accommodating would encourage the north koreans to exercise restraint. now they slapped china in the face. beijing is furious about this. it will probably support some kind of new measures against north korea. but at the end of the day, china's big interest in the korean peninsula is stability. they don't want to see a collapse of the regime, an implosion that would remove them as a buffer against the pro american system in south korea. so the chinese in my view are not going to take the kind of steps that would bring the north koreans to their knees. the kind of steps that would probably be required to force a change in north korean behavior e. at the end of the day, they will probably get away with it. we will probably see the last pattern with the last three tests. >> mike, thanks for that. 19 minutes after the hour. some other news this morning, an
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emotional farewell. new york giants coach tom coughlin says good-bye in a final news conference following his resignation, andy scholes with the details in this morning's believe report next.
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>> can baseball stars file report against al jazeera. >> andy scholes has more in the bleacher report. >> ryan zimmerman is suing al jazeera america for defamation of what was in the report titled "the dark side." in their report, al jazeera
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named howard and zimmerman as two athletes that allegedly received performance enhancing drugs. he has recanted its statements. al jazeera stands by its reporting. it was inaccurate, unsubstantiated and reckless in nature. the lawyer asks for damages and a retraction. al jazeera america says they would have no immediate comment. tom coughlin resigned as the giants head coach on monday. yesterday during his press conference. he was at the podium. getting his take on all things coaching, including love and respect for his all time quarterback eli manning. >> you make it what you want. because what, i mean, he thinks he's the reason. he's not the reason eli, it's not you. it's not you. it's us. we win, we win together. when we lose, we lose together
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him when we win, we win. when we lose, i lose. >> he walked behind the giants, others today were focused on getting out of the room. this story had a lot of people talking a. high school basketball coach was upset. he appeared to head butt one of the officials. the head coach was ejected from the game. take a close irlook. it looks like he make more contact with his chest than head. we reached out to the school for comment. a double overtime thriller. two seconds left. darren williams t. pump fake. he's going to knock down the 3 at the buzzer to win the game. his teammates jump on him. owner mark cuban runs in, jumps on the dog people. cuban later tweeted. the best part about owning a team is being able to run on the court and dog pile after a
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buzzer beater. i don't know. guys the best part of owning a team would be the fact that you have hundreds of millions of dollars. >> they're both okay, it turns out. >> that fake is ridiculous. he's still flying past him. >> amazing. >> it was a good one. >> all right, andy scholes, thanks so much. >> the best ching of seeing mark cuban is seeing mark cuban, all things mark cuban. word, north korea tested a hydrogen bomb. they claim it was successful. now the u.n. city council ready to tackle the issue in an emergency meeting. a live report next.
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. >> breaking overnight, north korea enflameing global tension over nuclear weapons. pyongyang claiming a successful test of a hydrogen bomb. the global reaction. what it all means moments away.
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donald trump raising questions about whether ted cruz is eligible to be president. the texas senator born if canada. is this a new birth or issue for donald trump? how far will he take it? how will ted cruz respond. >> president obama with a teary appeal for the nation to come together on gun violence. he outlines the executive orders of victim's families, but his detractors aren't buying his argument. >> welcome back. >> 30 minutes past the hour. nice to see you this morning. >> this is cnn breaking news -- >> breaking overnight, north korea said it exploded a hydrogen bomb. this is the first time that north korea has made that claim. it has had nuclear tests before, those were for physician devices, a hydrogen bomb would be a huge escalation in their capabilities an present huge new challenges for the u.s. in terms of security t. apparent underground test set off
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political tremors around the world all night and prompted an emergency meeting of the u.n. city council set for a few hours from now. joining us with the latest. cnn's will ripley in beijing. china has keen interest in what is going on in north korea as well. first, what exactly do we know about this test? >> well, what we know is that it was conducted around 10:00 a.m. local time t. test was confirmed. it cause had a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. there are tests in china and in the air, set for radiation. to see what the environmental impact of this might be, but it's a very serious situation. because if north korea is now in possession of an h bomb, hundreds of times more powerful than the device they tested in 2013, they tested in 2009 and 2006. it's a clear indication that the u.s. policy of strategic patience, ignoring the north korean regime, hoping they would denuclearize on their own after
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pressure of sanctions that, clearly hasn't happened t. north has aggressively continued to invest in their nuclear program at the expense of feeding their people. listen to what the former ambassador has to say about that policy. >> i'm not saying responding with strategic patience is going to get us very far. so i think what we're going to have to do is there will be a discussion with the u.n., there will be an effort to tighten sanctions, improve our effort we aregional countries, including china. and i hope there will be some understanding that we have to somehow retard this program in a way that we did with the iranian program. so i think we're going to ask to think very hard about what to do. because we can't leave this one alone. >> i can tell you after several visits last year, i got the impression the north koreans are proud of the program. kim jong-un called the sound of a hydrogen bomb an exciting
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noise in a do you mean he authorized this test, with i is occurring, be i the way, john, just two days before his 33rd birthday. he is 33-years-old at the hands of a growing nuclear arsenal that could if explained an h-bomb be true be more powerful than anything we have seen out of forth korea before. >> will the aim of the north korean leader, what is it believed to be? >> yes, i also believe, again, through discussions with officials at among yang, they do not have a desire to detonate these device, although, selling nuclear technology would be a way for this very, very poor country to make a lot of money. >> that i have a lot of raw your rainium. but i believe from what i've heard from officials in pyongyang that they view their nuclear program as one of their few bargaining chips to force international community to sit down with them and have a conversation what they really want is normalized relations with the united states.
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could this nuclear test open the door for discussions between kim jong-un representatives and the united states through economic aide for north korea as past agreements have in lifting some sanctions, it seems counterintuitive a provocative action could help the state of the country. but this could force the hands of nations that have refused to talk. >> will ripley for us in beijing him we should note that you were one of the few american reporters to spend extensive too imin north korea, doing terrific reporting from inside that regime, your insight is invaluable. thank you so much. to the race for the country now, a divisive new lean aattacks between two candidates that so far have been chummy. donald trump raising questions about whether ted cruz is even eligible to be president. the texas senator was born in canada, most legal scholars agree, cruz does meet the constitutional requirement that he be a natural born citizen. nevertheless, trump says nominating cruz has put
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republicans in a very precarious position. >> a lot of people are talking about it. i hope it's not. so i hope it doesn't come about. people are worried if he weren't born in this country. he wasn't. he was born in canada. if the democrats bring a lawsuit t. lawsuit could bring years to resolve. how do you have a candidate where there is something over the head of the party and that individual? >> cruz responded by tweeting a clip from fonzi from "happy days" jumping a shark. instead of going after trump, cruz went over the media for covering division with the candidates. >> with all good respect, our food friends in the media are playing into the democratic playbook. how about we talk about the real challenges facing this country. one of the things the media loves to do is gaze at their naval for hours on end by a tweet from donald trump or from me or from anybody else, who cares? let's focus on the issues. let's focus on the issues that
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matter. >> cruz spent today in iowa. trump is off the campaign trail for the day. he will sit down with wolf blitzer in an interview that will air on "the situation room". new reaction to president obama's announcement on proposed fun control measures. in a few hours, house speaker john ryan, other republican leaders will make their case against the proposal. the outline of the plan unveiled tuesday. we knew most of the details beforehand. we did not know the emotion we saw from the president. extraordinary show of emotion as he was surrounded by victims of the mass shootings and their families. >> for every family who never imagined their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun, every time i think about those kids, it gets
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me mad. >> editor of cnn politics, zach, the president, no drama obama, cool, calm, constitutional law professor. he showed more emotion yesterday in that press conference than i think we've ever seen in this presidency. does that help him get what he wants on gun violence? >> well, that was an expression of him kind of admitting he can't get anything from congress and, you know, he's going ahead with these executive actions. it's him sort of admitting defeat i guess in some ways. he can't get any sort of sweeping reform. so he is doing these things. it can be ultimately repealed by the next person. he was talking about anger there when he thinks about those kids. he wasn't talking so much about sadness, although, you know, were those tears of anger or sadness or what? i don't know. it was a remarkable scene, that's true. >> probably a combination of both. people in the white house will
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tell you the single worst moments for the administration was after the new town shooting. so interesting to see it here in public now. zach, i want to turn to the republican race for president. before we heard from president obama, he heard from donald trump and ted cruz on the issue of fed cruz' eligible to be president he was born in canada. his mother was an american citizen. all scholars say he is a natural born citizen. he meets the constitutional rierpt. so why is donald trump stirring the pot? why now? >> just trying to raise questions in the minds of those iowa cote voters out there. we are getting closer and closer to caucus time in iwest virginia that's where ted cruz is doing his best work. that's where he is rising in the polls. i think donald trump is trying to lay the groundwork of doubt as much as he can with, you know, with those voters. he also talked about cruz' religion a little earlier, mentioning he has deep roots in cuba. trying to make cruz sort of this other candidate in cuba, not iwest virginia i think it's probably a little of what's
2:39 am
behind this. >> it's interesting, john mccain was not born in this country. it didn't raise any kind of legal questions when he was running for office. so you wonder how long or the legs of this line of criticism from donald trump has? >> you see, donald trump said the, you know, cruz running would put republicans in a precarious position. braermd, broward county obama and hillary clinton in 2008 this sort of in with this vot in the senate made it okay in everybody's minds for john mccain to run, he was from panama. so i don't see the challenge coming from the official democratic wing. trump says a lot of people are talking about this. it's donald trump right now. >> it's interesting to see donald trump involved on the stump over the last knew noneths. last night we saw something interesting. all candidates have been criticized for not calling people out in the audience when they say things controversial.
2:40 am
last night donald trump had a little fun with that. let's listen. >> like the iran deem, who would make this deal? during the -- what did you say? i didn't hear it. okay. i didn't say it. i didn't say i. i refuse to get, oh, i'm supposed to reprimand the man, who is the man that said that? i have to reprimand him. how dare you? i've reprimanded him. where is she? i didn't hear that. that's terrible. terrible. >> the bathroom. >> you should never say that. that's terrible. they said she's in the bathroom. that's a terrible thing. i'med a monishing you for the press. you are admonished. we should throw him the [ bleep ] out of here. get out of here. thumbing his nose, perhaps raising a different finger at the idea of political correctness all toke. >> i mean his whole campaign in a lot of ways has been an
2:41 am
assault on political correctness. he did come under some fire a little while ago for not confronting somebody at a rally. he clearly was noted a monishing the guy in the rally, so more trump there. i think we've kind of grown to expect this sort of thing and more and more in your face as we go along. >> he is really a natural with those crowds. i mean, a natural performer with those crowds, it's something to watch. you can see where he has so many people there, you know, he's singing to the choir. so interesting. all right. thank you so much. into is to see you back. a special programing noted, around 8:00 p.m. president obama will join anderson cooper for an exclusive live town hall event on guns in america. he will take questions from a live studio audience. the president moderated by anderson this thursday night 8:00 p.m. only on cnn. all right. time for an early start on your money the u.s. stockmarkets are under pressure this morning, mixed results in asia overnight.
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north korea did a hydrogen bomb test adding to worries there. europe is down right now. stock futures, u.s. stock futures are deteriorating here. gun stocks are surging. the company raising details, earningings out for the latest quarter and the entire fiscal year. it seems every time there is a threat of gun control, americans rush to buy millions of guns. all right. 42 minutes past the hour this morning. german's chancellor, very harsh words. sexual assaults in germany, more on that next.
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. >> new this morning, angry protests breaking out in the german city of cologne, 90 women reported being robbed, threatened and raped on new year's eve, the suspects described by police were arab or north african. angela merkel is calling it disgusting and warning against an anti-immigrant backlash. fred pleitgen is tracking developments. good morning. fred. >> reporter: one of the reasons she is warning is germany has taken in and announced today 1.1 is million people in 2015 seeking asylum. have you those waves of refugees coming from places mostly like syria and iraq over the course of the summer well until right now. after these incidents took place, many witnesses describing the perpetrators allegedly being
2:47 am
arab or north african origin. that is something stirring tensions in germany. again, the police say at this point in time. p, it has no idea who these people are, only there were a thousand a. that event, gropeing women, surrounding them, trying to steam their belongings, many people reported their belongings having been stolen. at least up with woman reported having been raped there. witnesses who spoke afterwards were saying they felt absolutely scared, at the mercy of this mob as these events were unfolding. the police there in the city has come under immense fire. so far has made arrests. no convictions just yet. this is stirring a lot of tensions in germany. >> we will keep our eye on this throughout the morning. thanks so much. time to take a look at what's coming up on "new day." >> hi, michaela. >> hi, we will pick up where you left off. north korea saying it's
2:48 am
detonated its first hydrogen bomb. if it's true, what are they saying about their plans for it? we will press our expert, hope they can give us insight on what's going on there, back at home, we will break down president obama's plan to curb gun violence and all of the challenges that faces, we're going to speak with the mother of the teen that the president spoke about in this speech. >> that young man, who was killed, protecting his friends from shots that were fired in their neighborhood. plus we will get gop reaction from the campaign trail with republican presidential candidate senator rand paul. we have a busy show as usual. >> oh. we'll see what he has to say. thanks so much, meika. the stockmarket maybe feels like you are reaching for the new years roladies, powerball, that is not a way to plan for retirement i have three sure fire ways. >> does that involved roladies?
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. some welcome weather news this morning after so much drought in some part of the country. some of the wettest days in years. we want to bring in our meteorologist for the latest. >> reporter: good morning, john, christine. what a tragedy over the next couple of day, the temperatures uniform on the eastern half of the countries. 40s and 50 widespread in new york, boston, should make it up to around 40 degrees. we have northerly flow in place. southerly air now out of the gulf here t. temperatures want to warm up a little bit. that will take you above normal in the next 24 hours. a wind chill around new york city. wind chills in boston down to around 9. compare that to yesterday. again a big time trend in the northward department with the temperatures. look at this. get up to 53. >> that is some 15 degrees above normal as we head into the latter portion of the weekend. the trend there goes back
2:53 am
downhill early next week a. quick glance. you can't miss this storm system towards the southwest. impacts one and three-quarters of rainfall comes down in san diego. similar amounts the next couple days. compare that non-existent almost when it comes to heavy rainfall and still can get four-to-six inches across southern california by the end of this weekend. >> ped ram, thank you for that. the neighbor who police say bought the weapons used by the san bernardino shooters in last month's deadly attacks, he had his day in court today. the arraignment comes as investigators are trying to fill in the gap between the husband and wife's time line between an 18 minute window the day of the massacre. evan perez has that part of the story. >> reporter: john, christine, it's an unusual appeal from the fbi, asking the public to piece together 18 minutes in the time
2:54 am
line between when they carried out a terrorist attack in san bernardino, california t. fbi released this map showing the attackers stayed in an l-shaped area, seeming to drive around aimlessly in the san bernardino area. they used traffic and under surveillance camera and cell phone tracking as well as more than 500 witness interviews to account for nearly four hours of the attack. missing from the time line are details from 12:59 p.m. to 1:17 p.m. did they stop to meet someone, stop at a business or location to get rid of evidence? this could be key to the investigation. nothing so far indicates that this was an attack directed by isis or some other group. but investigators believe that this was an attack inspired by jihadi ideology. and still a mystery to investigators, why that day? and why that holiday office party? john, christine. >> all right. thanks so much. a pretrial hearing is set this morning for the second of six baltimore police officers
2:55 am
charged in the death of freddie gray. jury selection of the officer goodson is monday. he was driving the van in which gray suffered a spinal injury. the first baltimore officer to stand trial, william porter is trying to avoid testifying. a retrial is scheduled for june. a federal judge in massachusetts postponing the deposition of cam ill cosby in a defamation suit against her husband. she was scheduled to give testimony today to lawyers for seven women. they claim bill cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago and were defamed by the comedian after they went public by the allegations. now the judge agreed to put off the deposition until an appeal is heard. good news for twitter users. it may be good news. at least the people that find the 140 character limit a tight fit. they are reporting a 10,000 character for tweets the top for direct messages. ceo jack dorsey hints at the
2:56 am
change in a tweet referring to the limited character account as a quote beautiful constraint. 140 characters is not twitter. >> all your tweets are you are the best. that's what people tell you, you need four words. >> i think christine romans is the best. well under 140. >> exactly. all right the powerball jackpot keeps on climbing. tonight's jackpot expected to top $450 million, making it the largest payoff in powerball history. a lump sum payout for tonight's game would be worth and estimated $275 million. your odds of picking all the winning numbers? that's easy, one in 292 million. almost the same odds as finding the winner lottery ball ticket on a subway great. so there is a chance for you. whether you buy it or not. let's get an early start on your money t. world mashlths already know this, news of north korea's
2:57 am
h-bomb claim, losses in china, gains in shanghai overnight. markets in tokyo and all of europe are down right now. big news about the health of the american economy. americans bought more new cars last year than ever before. 17.5 million cars and trucks rolled out of dealerships last 84. these are new figures from auto data up 6 ', from the year before, just edging up the previous record set in 2000. low gas price, easier credit. lots of financing plans out there. strong job growth and pent-up demand for years of depressed auto sales. this year, forecasts call for another record high. all right. the stockmarket also a rough start. >> that powerball has millions of you wasting money, frankly. here are three sure fire ways to waste money in 2016. finance, rates are still low. they will rise this year, consider moving from an adjustable rate into a fixed loan. two, take the savings from your tank into your bank, drivers
2:58 am
saved about $540 in lower gas prices this year. use it to pay down debt or put it in savings. it's about $10 to fill up. >> that saves you money on interest. >> you will have christine romans to thank. >> very careful with your five minutes. number three, make sure you max out your 401k. don't leave money on the table t.irs has a new limit this year. can you set aside $18,000 pre tax this year. make sure you do it. >> all right. breaking news out of north korea. north korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb t. u.n. city council set to meet in a few hours. "new day" picks up the story now. north korea says it exploded a hydrogen bomb. >> a major jump in nuclear radiation. >> enhanced capability has been a central theme of kim jong-un's rule. >> the only country in the world
2:59 am
that pushes forward with these nuclear tests. >> are you suggesting or questioning his birth right, hills citizenship? >> i just know it's being questioned all over. >> he says we will build a wall. here's the good thing, he's a politician, so he wouldn't know where to start. >> with all good respect, our good friends in the media are playing into the democrat's playbook. >> every time i think of those kids, it gets me mad. >> under the president's new executive action, a warning to gun sellers to conduct background checks. >> i am proud of president obama's announcement. >> if he's serious about gun violence, he will focus on gun violence. >> this is cnn breaking news. north korea conducted the first successful test of a hydrogen bomb, the first time that has happened. are they telling the truth? the 5.1 magnitude seismic event
3:00 am
la has experts untrue. >> the u.n. security council set to hold an emergency meeting in just hours. we have this story covered the way only cnn can. let's begin with paula hancocks, live in seoul, south korea with all of the breaking details. paula? >> reporter: well, alisyn, this is almost a carbon copy of what we saw at the last nuclear test back in 2013. we had the seismic activity detected at the same area in the northeastern part of the country. there was then the speculation and then the confirmation from north korea. the difference this tomb, they say it was a hydrogen bomb, although many experts here in south korea and officials are casting doubt on that claim. now, what we know it was the same area, just very close to the chinese border and the force of this seismic activity, actually caused tremors on the chinese side of that border in


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