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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 7, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with breaking news this morning out of paris, where authorities have shot and killed a man carrying a knife outside of a police station. that man was reportedly shouting allow akbar and carrying fake
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explosives. chris is in paris this morning. what are you learning right now? >> reporter: police are still keeping residents from the scene. lot of police out here still heavily armed. some still wearing riot gear. it doesn't seem anyone is in imminent danger. they are just trying to clear and secure the area. there is a school nearby and all of the students have been kept inside as a precaution. what we know of the specific attack is that the man attempted to enter the police station with a butcher's knife. a meat cleaver. possibly to attack an officer who was there. he was shot four times according to eye witnesses who saw what happened and then because they feared he may have explosives, a
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robot controlled -- remote controlled robot was brought in to check. he did not have any explosives on him. but it just goes to show how very tense the city is one year after the attacks on the "charlie hebdo" offices, carol. >> the man was wearing fake explosives? can you get into more detail for us on that? >> reporter: yeah we're not sure exactly. police were actually waiting here for a police press conference. they feared he had explosives but that he was not. however he was wearing a belt or vest that made them suspect he had explosives. that is what we know at this point. the other thing we know is he allegedly shouted alu akbar which means god is great in
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arabic. we don't know the he was linked to any organization. they are still being very cautious on this. >> many thanks to you. now to chris cuomo and paul cruicksha cruickshank. police must have been ready for this since it is the one year anniversary. >> i agree but very often this is the least likely time because of the enhanced presence. but context is everything. it isn't just the one year anniversary. this happened at the police station at almost the exact same time so it really set people on edge. and from the police perspective, yes. all muslims during prayer say god is great. but it's also become an opera phrase for terrorist incidents. so that is going to become a threat indicator for police.
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he had a cleaver and a pouch with some kind of wire coming out of it. the real good news is nobody else god hurt here. they had shut down schools and there was concern that maybe he was bait that he was trying to draw people to a scene and there would be a secondary attack. none of that came to fruition. but with terrorism that effect of just fear has meant so much here. this is the big sale day here. all the stores say 50% off but there are few people on the streets. >> a man tries to get into a police station armed with a butcher knife and wearing fake explosives. fake -- that just doesn't make sense to me. >> well they are still investigating this whole thing. they are still trying to figure it out.
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the fact that he went in with a butcher's knife. the police obviously could take no chances. they clearly thought that he might have something under his jacket. at the same time they could take no chances with that. i could tell you carol that people here in europe, counterterrorism officials who are on edge, the concern is about copy cat attacks. they are monitoring a lot of radicalized individuals in europe right now and they have all been electron fied by the -- they may be sending more extremists back to europe to launch more attacks the worry. >> and what are they doing there in "charlie hebdo"? >> well they did come out with a new magazine as you know. they put out a million copies
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for this anniversary. on it there is a depiction of a god-like character. and the headline is "the assassin still runs on the loose." and obviously they are playing with religion again. this is what they do. they see this as an expression of their liberty here. these terrorists didn't just take lives, they attacked a way of life. today there are many who are visiting the offices of "charlie hebdo." there is a makeshift memorial kind of outside of it. but there is as this intentionality being projected by the staff to not remember this just as the worst. live our lives. let us put out the magazine. that was seen as targeted and specific. but after the november attacks carol, that really changed the disposition here. parisians became awakened to the reality that we have to live with in the united states that it could be anyone, anywhere, any time and it's definitely had
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an effect outside and inside paris. >> i have to leave it there. chris cuomo, paul cruickshanks. alarming spike in tensions between saudi arabia and iran. unfolding in yemen, teheran says its embassy has been struck by war planes in the is is saudi led coalition. and iran says the attack was deliberate. nick payton walsh is following the development in lebanon. >> it is unclear really what did happen late last night in the yemeni capital sanaa. the iranian foreign ministry is saying that their embassy was hit and that guards were injured late last night. the saudi coalition, their spokesman for their turn is saying they don't have any credible evidence at this stage but they are investigating what
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did occur. and this just feeds in whatever it was that actually happened just feeds into that broader rhetoric and actions between iran and saudi arabia. yemen is relevant because the group holding the yemeni capital sanaa, the houthis are backed by iran. currently in a war with a coalition led by saudi arabia who's jets are repeatedly in the skies more frequently now for a long time in the past few days. at the same time iran and saudi arabia have been canceling diplomatic relations with saudis and allies and banning goods at cabinet level and stopping citizens going an pilgrimages to saudi arabia. the fact now that potentially and we really don't know what happened in the yemeni capital
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of sanaa, is a dreeply trouble ing elevation of tension. >> thank you nick. the u.s. and world community is scrambling to slap some sort of punishment on north korea. there are growing doubts of over its claim of successfully detonating the first hydrogen bomb. >> we're still waiting to find out was this truly a hydrogen bomb or something else. you have intelligence agencies trying to put together analysis to figure that out.
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in the meantime neighboring countries, china, south korea and japan they have all said they have not seen san increase of any radiation in the air as a result of this nuclear test but that doesn't give us conclusive information whether or not north korea did make a technical leap and did successfully test a hydrogen bomb unlike the previous three nuclear exercises, explosions it's carried out since 2006. now the chinese government has shown its disapproval by summoning north korea's ambassador to the foreign ministry. we don't know whether or not china will take further measures. it has said it was not told ahead of time about this nuclear test. the south korean government has vowed there should be some kind
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of vow of a corresponding price as a result of this nuclear test. so far they have announced one measure and that is on friday south korea will resume broadcasting propaganda across the demilitarized zone into north korea with these giant banks of loud speakers that will be broadcasting news bulletins and this incredibly popular pop music that south korea churns out. that believe it or not is something that has very much angered north korea in the past and both sides had to have three days of talks last september and august when tensions spiked. and in the end south korea agreed to turn the loud speakers off. so far that is the only concrete measure we know of anybody is going to take to punish north korea after this test. >> reporting live from seoul, south carolina this morning.
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investors bracing to the worst start to a trading year since 2008. right now futures are pointing lower as markets are seeing red. the free fall in china as trading was stopped after just 30 minutes. stocks plunging more than 7%. christine romans is following this for us. >> and it spread around the world. once you saw chinese stocks plunge and stop trading after just 30 minutes. europe opened up. big losses there. paris, frankfurt down 3%. that is a big move the for one day. the united states, the dow jones industrial t dow 30, likely going to open down about 300 points. that is what it's indicating now. it's already lost 500 this week. that is a year with more than 800 points wiped very quickly. china is the problem. growth story in china. how quickly the economy is
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cooling. when china sneezes the rest of the world gets the cold. second largest economy in the world is driving this. >> still to come in the newsroom. donald trump doubles down on questions of ted cruz's canadian birthplace. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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republican presidential hopefuls donald trump and ted cruz go head to head as try to fight for the top in iowa. the birther battle heating up.
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during two separate interviews trump and cruz addressed the controversies. trump telling it could be a big problem. cruz saying nothing but a silly side show. >> there is this doubt. people have doubt. again, this is not my suggestion. i didn't wring this up. a reporter asked me the question. but the democrats are brought it up. and you have somebody a congressman saying no matter what happens we're going to be suing on this matter. that is a tough matter for ted. i didn't bring it up. this was brought up and this was asked to me as a question. it is not the first time it is being asked but it is being asked by a lot of different people to a lot distinguish. >> you're doing -- >> no -- >> his mother was a u.s. citizen. >> -- can i.
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>> was he natural born citizen? >> who knows. who cares right now? we're talking about something else. i have my own theory about obama. someday i'll do a book. >> -- >> it's never been tested because. >> listen, the constitution and laws of the united states are straightforward. the very first congress defined the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad as the natural born citizen. and many f those members of the first congress were framers at the constitutional convention. at the end of the day this is a non issue. but my response is i tweeted a link to a video of fonzie jumping a shark. i'm not going to engage in this. and the reason is simple. there are far too many serious issues facing this country. >> today senator cruz carries his campaign to the hawk eye state, iowa, while trump heads
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to burlington, vermont. local media reporting some 20 thousand tickets have been given out. the only problem is the venue itself only holds about 1400 seats. dana bash reporting, ooh it looks nasty out there. >> it's pretty actually. just a little cold. >> tell us more about your interview with ted cruz. >> well look, let's take a step back to where we are right now and the reason we're really heating up. we're just a few weeks from the iowa caucuses. ted cruz is doing well. he is the front runner here in iowa. and i've been with him on his bus tour which all told is six days and he's just trying to secure his position at the top, make sure that people get out in caucus.
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he has a pretty impressive ground operation here in iowa. he and donald trump are battling on issues that really appeal to conservative voters. first and foremost is the issue of immigration. and they are trying to outdo each other when it comes to how they would handle illegal immigration. listen to part of donald trump's interview and what ted cruz told me. >> now he's taking my idea for the wall. i think it is the right thing the do. the problem is i'll build it it will be the right wall. the thing is politicians don't know how to build anything. i'll build and it have mexico pay for the wall. all of a sudden they are trying to come over into my territory. no. we will get people out and the people who come back will come legally. we'll have a country again. strong borders.
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i heard just the other day ted said. he never said about -- >> my principles are secure the border and stop illegally immigration and we should welcome and celebrate legal immigrants. as it concerns the visa program i used to support a expansion of that and i support the original goals of that which is bringing in high skilled workers that produce jobs and economic growth. but any rational person responds to changed circumstances. what's changed? we've seen a number of employers abusing the program. >> so there carol you were hearing ted cruz talk about the issue of legal immigration. the fact that just a couple of years ago he supported increasing visas for high-tech, highly skilled workers and now he wants to suspend the program. now are accusing him of flip-flopping for politically
6:22 am
crass motivations. he insists that is not it. that the issue has changed, that the program needs to be reformed. and i want to add, manu raju did an interesting story on this really explaining it on >> the candidates also tackled gun safety, right? >> they did. and again, this is would have been those issues where they are tripping over one another to be the most critical of president obama and his new new plan of executive action. >> the first thing i do is protect the second amendment. second, i would use executive orders to do this. you got to get people. our country is founded on the basis that you are supposed to negotiate back and forth with different members of different parties. and you come to a conclusion through negotiation and compromise. you don't go and just keep signing orders. and all he's doing is taking
6:23 am
chunks out of the second amendment. that won't happen. >> you don't want convicted felons or mentally ill people to be able to go to a gun -- any place online or whatever and get access to a gun. >> when you say anyplace, we have strong lawes on the books now -- >> gun shows for example. you don't want the bad people to get access to guns. >> i know but when you get into the gun show that's the -- >> what about -- >> following the tragic shooting in sandy hook. president obama could have brought democrats and republicans together and said let's focus on violent criminals. let's focus on the criminally insane. let's come down on them like a ton of bricks. that's what i believe we should do. >> so you hear ted cruz arguing that it's important to prosecute people who commit crimes visa
6:24 am
via getting guns that they shouldn't and so forth. and when it comes to cruz he's criticizing the president but there is no question the cruz campaigns welcome this issue because this is in many ways where he cut his teeth as a national conservative figure as solicitor general of texas. he organized a bunch of states to help with the arguments in the supreme court, a landmark decision that did away with guns in the district of columbia but also made clear that the law of the land is individual right to bear arms that is something that conservatives who are in the know on this understand and this is a chance for ted cruz to talk about it which can only help as we're just weekes away from the iowa cauxes. donald trump isn't the only one who says questions are valid. johnny mccain who faced a similar issue during his 2008
6:25 am
bid, one quickly quashed, is also weighing in. >> i do not know the answer to that. i know it came up in my race because i was born in panama. but i was born in the canal zone, which is a territory. barry gold water was born in arizona when it was a territory. it is a u.s. military base. that is different from foreign soil. there is a question, i'm not a constitutional scholar on that but i think it is worth looking into. i don't think it is illegitimate to look into it. >> now we should note mccain and cruz have not been on the friend lest terms in washington. once referred to as whacko bifrd birds. mccain later apologized.
6:26 am
joining us now our analysts and consultant. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> ron, i want to start with you. donald trump addressed this topic once again, especially what john mccain said via twitter this morning. he said it was a wise move that ted cruz renounced his canadian citizenship 18 months ago. . . >> king kong versus godzilla. ted cruz is no favorite but neither is trump of mccain. they have gone at it even more pointedly in recent months and years than cruz. and yet here is mccain very
6:27 am
consciously i think stirring the waters. in the end there does not appear to be a legal issue here. what donald trump is doing is raising a political issue and it is very similar to what he's doing by raising questions about whether cruz's evan gellal face is electorate. and. >> and the washington post wrote an article about this and called trump brilliant. he's just bringing up the question. >> how he did it was smart. not making accusations but he said stay he was concerned. the democrats are going to go
6:28 am
after him. it could be in the courts for years and it could hurt a lot of other candidates on the republican ticket for governor and senate if this is a major issue in the fall. everybody in republican circles knew this was a potential issue. and frankly i do wish senator cruz would spend more time addressing it. >> well he did renounce his canadian citizenship. so doesn't that indicate he was worried about it at one time? he is a constitutional scholar. he is saying he doesn't have a problem. most constitutional analysts believe there is not a real issue. but the fact is we are talking about this issue. again, the success of the trump campaign has been to take this campaign and move it into a series offed a hom anyone personal attacks. and there will be something else in all likelihood if the pattern
6:29 am
holds in a few days aimed at someone else. this is the ability to drive the narrative of the campaign by raising this issue. and a lot more people today know that ted cruz was born in canada than knew it a week ago. and that is the reality he has to face. in a republican primary in which as the cuban american he's dealing with an electorate that looks very different than him. >> you handled strategy for rick santorum in 2012. what is you prediction? >> donald trump has support who i believe are people who have never gone to a caucus before. the real challenge he has is can i actually get them to cross the barrier and show up? and i think that is the challenge. in a messaging standpoint i think in iowa they get very sensitive to all of this criticism. i think donald trump is missing an opportunity with what is going on in china with the stock market, what's going in with
6:30 am
korea, with the hydrogen bomb, what's going on with iran and saudi arabia. to not look more presidential and i think that's where donald trump one smart to move. >> still to come, investors bracing more another wild day. what you need to know, next. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪
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alisyn kosik is following live from the new york stock exchange, good morning. >> good morning. because of china. because for the second time in four days china suspended trading because stocks there fell so much so fast. and there are new indications that china's economy is slowing even faster than we thought. and then you have the chinese government devaluing the yaun to try to make exports cheaper. b because our economy are so interconnected it is making investors nervous and they are hitting the sell button. so what does this mean for a correction? we are less than 00 points from
6:35 am
territory. it depends on where the markets close today. but before you freak out, a correction is normal. you don't want the indexes to go just straight up. because that could create a bubble. the markets had a correction in august. now we see it falling back into a correction again. but something to consider as you are having morning coffee and watching all of these numbers fall this morning. corrections are a natural part of market movement. like tapping brakes on a bike or car. sometimes you have to take a breather. one more thing to keep in mind. we're a long way off from a bear market. that would be when the market drops 20% from a recent high. carol. >> i'm soaking it in, and i'm feeling more calm. thank you alison kosik. >> that was the intention. >> thanks. hours from now sitting down with anderson cooper for a live town
6:36 am
hall on gun control. making gun safety a top priority his final year in office. not everyone is on board. the national rifle association, the nra, the nation's largest gun rights organization is snubbing the event. declining the invitation. calling it a public relations spectacle by the white house. joining me, her sister vicki was a teacher at sandy hook elementa elementary that day and trying to protect her students. 21 people died that day. including 20 children. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> cnn is hosting this, not the white house. as i mentioned. still the nra declined the invitation to take part in this town haul. why do you think it did? >> i think that they are honestly scared that, you know, the president has stepped up and
6:37 am
is doing something. and i think they are finally realizing that, you know, there is actions that are being taken that there are plenty of people who are willing to fight the nra and go up against them and demand change. because nobody wants to join this group. nobody wants to be a gun violence survivor whether you lost somebody to gun violence or you are a survivor yourself. no one wants to join that group so that everyone wants to stand up. and the nra is scared of that i honestly think. >> if the nra had accepted the invitation, you are in the audience of that town hall, what would you want to ask the nra? >> would they still be on the same side that they are? would they still feel that nothing needs to be done if their loved one was in a classroom and brutally murdered in front of their students? would they still feel the same way? would they still feel that nothing needs to happen? that our nation is safe and that
6:38 am
we should just put more guns in people's hands and that is going to make it a better place to live? >> well they probably would say had your sister been armed she might have survived. >> even if my sister was armed, i know her better than anyone, she would never have thought to grab a gun to protect her students. she would have done exactly what she did that day. she would have tried to hide as many of her kids as she could. she could have been locking the door and trying to deep her said. a gun a distraction. i don't think she would have take an teaching job if it was a requirement to carry gun. it is a first grade classroom. there is no place in a first grade classroom or any classroom a gun should be. >> the issue over guns has become so partisan.
6:39 am
some might say hopelessly so. i'll ask a tough question in light of what happened to your sister. why bother with this town hall? >> to me it is not hopeless. to me i look at how much has changed in the past three years. you know, we've come so far. we've had so many states pass such amazing gun laws. and we are still fighting. and thanks to the president for taking executive action and narrowing the loopholes that keep guns out of dangerous hands that we have some hope that we will get this fight done and we are going to continue to fight. we are going to vote for congress members that are going to help us make it a safer country. and the ones who aren't going to help us, we are not going to vote for them and we are just going to continue to ask people to join us in this fight until we have a safer nation. and we know our loved ones are
6:40 am
safe whether they are going to the mall, going to school or they are just on the streets and hanging out with their friends. we are going to make this nation safer one way or another. so it is not a hopeless dream for me. >> a lot of people say that the president's executive order would not have saved people who died as a result of a mass shooting. but we're talking about many other kinds of deaths caused by guns. 30,000 plus died in this country last year alone because of gun violence. you are talking about all kinds of gun violence. not just the kind that happens in mass shootings. >> gun violence is an every day occurrence. not just mass shootings. and what the president did will narrow that number. we hopefully will have less americans killed every day to gun violence because of what the president did. because with what he did, he's
6:41 am
keeping guns out of dangerous hands. there will be background checks that will have to be done and lives will be saved. it may not save everyone's life but it will save some and that is what matters and we're going to continue to fight until we save everyone's life from guns. >> thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you. >> still o come in the newsroom. 17 miners trapped 900 feet under ground and rescued. we'll have the details next.
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17 miners trapped under ground for nine long hours. 900 feet under. gene casarez has more. >> as we were sleeping this was going on. they are all safe. but it started out very simply that they were just going to work. down the mine shaft. in an elevator. it took 15 agencies to come on board to try to help rescue them. we do understand from the ithaca fire department that they -- that -- they are saying it was one of the most difficult resident accuse in recent memory. listen so some sound from the mine manager. >> 10:00 last night approximately we had 17 employees that started their
6:46 am
journey under there -- to their work area via our typical elevator that they use every day. duration that trip the elevator became stuck in the shaft. approximately the 900 foot level. >> at the original 911 call said the cage is stuck. we need rescue for a rope rescue on all of this. so the governor of the state of new york is calling on the department of emergency management for a full investigation. but the mine itself is a salt mine. and they produce and distribute two million tons of salt a year to 1500 entities around the's coast. so as you are driving and the salt is helping you stay safe. it is these miners doing that. >> courage. jean casarez, thanks so much. still to come dozens of sex assaults reported during a new
6:47 am
year's eve celebration in a german city. the mayor's advice to the victims? keep men at arm's length.
6:48 am
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it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". a string of new year's eve assaults in new jersey are sparking harsh criticism with its open door on refugees. the city of cologne says they've received assaults and were mugged. they described their gangs of attackers as arab or north african men. cnn's fred pleitgen has more for you. >> reporter: allegations of assault were made public, cologne continues to search for the perpetrators and answers. how could things get so out of hand.
6:51 am
more victims are coming forward and describing their harrowing experiences. >> translator: suddenly we were surrounded by a group of between 20 and 30 men. they were full of anger and we had to make sure that none of us were pulled away by them. they were grabbing us and we were trying to get away as quickly as possible. >> reporter: police and witnesses speak of a group up to 1,000 men, groping and robbing women as cologne's main railway station on new year's eve. more than 100 criminal complaints have been filed. germany's interior ministry criticized the police's low response to the violence and says authorities must do better in the future. >> we still do have not have a clear picture as to who may be behind the crimes. all we have are some clues. the actions of the perpetrators are not acceptable. >> reporter: with germany announcing the country took in 1.1 million asigh liylum seeker
6:52 am
2015. authorities say there is no indication refugees are involved. cologne's mayor is under fire for suggesting women need to be more careful. >> women would also be smart not to embrace everyone you meet and who seems to be nice. such advances could be misunderstood and that is something every woman and every girl should protect herself from. >> reporter: as the search for perpetrators continues, questions remain as to how this night turned so sour. fred pleitgen, cnn, london. >> i'll be right back. id®. right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort.
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for you at 55 miss past. a group of cairo is being interviewed. the tour group is described primarily as arab israeli. the ministry denies they were attacked. the texas state trooper who arrested sandra bland has been fired after a grand jury indicts him for perjury. police say she hanged herself. the grand jury did not believe the trooper's claim that he made bland step out of her car so he could conduct a safer traffic investigation. he now faces up to a year in jail. guess what? no one matched last night's powerball number so the jackpot has gotten even bigger. estimated 675 million bucks.
6:57 am
that would be the largest in the history. could it be yours? fat chance. the drawing happens on saturday. good luck. this just into cnn. our own mike rowe did not rob a bank. he just looks a lot like a guy who actually did rob a bank. the mix-up happened after a oregon police department picture of the suspect and people called in saying it looked like mike rowe. roe himself even agreed so much that he had to provide an alibi. >> i cannot deny there's an uncanny resemblance so i fired off a dismisses ive, by the way, i'm in kansas so be on the lookout for someone shorter. the next call would be my mother. just say you didn't do it, michael. say you didn't do it. >> after learning rowe was in
6:58 am
kansas, the police department posted on their facebook page, this is a real bummer. back to the drawing board. they have a humor. we are now looking for a suspect wearing a mike rowe mask, which is brilliant. chipotle, let's talk about that. chipotle is facing a criminal investigation. the chain announcing it has been served with a federal grand jury subpoena as authorities investigate an outbreak of norovirus that sickened more than 200 people at one of its restaurants in southern california. strange. >> yes. so, what the subpoena is doing is the fda office of investigation is trying to get more information about how 200 people got sick from this one restaurant in simi valley. but we don't know the target of the investigation yet. in other words, it may be chipotle. it may be another part of the supply chain. we don't know the answer to that. one thing for sure, this is another negative headline that's going to have a negative impact
6:59 am
on sales. people are pulling back their chipotle purchases. we see it in the numbers. it's not just the fact this company has -- or had food safety problems. it's because of the way the news is trickling out. it seems like week after week we're covering another bad headline for this company. the cdc three more people got sick, two more people got sick. that's killing chip oelpy sales right now. this crisis is striking chipotle at the core. this company prides itself in empowering its staff to cook, cook fresh ingredients. now instead of chopping the vegetables in the restaurant, they have to outsource that to a commissary that has fda inspectors, that's very much policed. this, like i said, really is about the philosophy of the company changing because it has to get safer food safety standards. >> unbelievable. thanks so much.
7:00 am
the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you very much for joining me. much of the world on edge. in paris a man with a meat cleaver and fake explosives shows up at a police station. in yemen they say they were struck by warplanes. we have cnn crews spread across the globe. let's start this hour in paris where the man with the meat cleaver was killed outside the police station while reportedly shouting, allah akbar and wearing fake explosives. coming on the one-year anniversary of the attack on "charlie hebdo." chris cuomo is in paris.
7:01 am
good morning. >> reporter: carol, this is being investigated as a terror situation. all muslims say, god is great, allah akbar, but it's also become an operative phrase in terrorist situations. that's how policeman interpreted it, taking this man's life. on his body they found a cell phone, an isis flag folded up in his pocket and some type of demand note they have yet to release the translation of. that's the word from authorities. the big scare is that he did seem to have have on some type of pouch or wire or vest that looked like an explosive device. they brought in a robot, did expert analysis and it turned out to be fake. but this was a real fright on the one-year anniversary of "charlie hebdo," the satirical magazine.
7:02 am
they put out a copy today saying god still runs free. part of the terror attack on them wasn't just to take lives, which is did, 123 in their offices, but a way to change lives and they have become the word of french defiance. >> i was going to ask you one more question about "charlie hebdo." so, has the magazine recovered from those terrible shootings? >> reporter: in some ways it will never recover because it was its people and lost their cartoonists and great editorial staff. in other ways you could say it's stronger than ever because of its resolve and challenge to speaking freely about sensitive topics. we all remember the magazine cover it put out right after the attacks, again, with the prophet muhammad remittpresented on it n act of defiance. i think "charlie hebdo's"
7:03 am
relevance is more than ever but it suffered losses that could never be replaced in terms of the people lost that day. >> chris cuomo reporting live from paris. we're following breaking news out of the middle east. spike in tensions between saudi arabia and iran. situations unfolding in yemen. tehran says its embassy there has been struck by warplanes in a saudi-led coalition. there are unconfirmed reports that guards and civilians were injured. iran says the attack was deliberate. cnn's nick paton walsh is following the latest developments from beirut, lebanon. >> reporter: the one thing we're really missing at this stage is clear, hard evidence on the ground about the iranian embassy was, in fact, hit some way. specifically this accusation by saudi warplanes. that's what the foreign ministry claims is the fact that guards were injured, that was damage done to the building itself. the saudi coalition spokesman is
7:04 am
quite clear in that he believes this is no credible evidence at this stage. they are investigating the claims and this adds to a broad and troubling raising of the fiery rhetoric between these two powerful middle eastern countries. so much of the violence in the middle east. syria, in yemen, where this alleged bombing occurred is because of the rivalry between saudi arabia and iran. iran, backing in yemen, the houthis in sanaa. violent region, the foundation is the rivalry between these two countries because of the killing of sheikh nimr al nimr in the past week. many saudi allies have followed. they announced -- iranian cabinet saying they were banning all imports, preventing --
7:05 am
extraordinary tense region already and no help at all as the now potential accusation as we're seeing here. no evidence it's tangible yet but the accusation that saudi warplanes hit an iranian diplomatic target. even the talk of this alone will be extraordinary inflammatory in a region that, frankly, needs greater negotiation and much less rhetoric. carol? >> nick paton walsh reporting live for us this morning. the u.s. and much of the world community scrambling to slap some punishment on inconor korea. there are growing doubts of claims it detonated its first hydrogen bomb. ivan watson is in seoul, south korea, this morning. >> reporter: south korea announced its first retaliatory measure to try to punish north korea in response for its
7:06 am
nuclear test. get this. it is going to broadcast a blair propaganda across the heavily fortified demilitarized zone from huge banks of loud speakers at north korea. and some of those broadcasts are employi going to include not just news bulletins, which are tightly controlled, but also pop music, k-pop, that's the word for south korea's very popular brand of pop music. so, this is one retaliatory measure. it may not sound like much, but it is something that has infuriated the north koreans in the past. it led to a spike in tensions last august and september between the two governments and they finally had to resolve it with three days of negotiations and finally a deal struck and the loud speakers were then turned off. the south koreans are calling for more measures as well. we do know the u.s., that you
7:07 am
had governments getting together, ambassadors calling for a new resolution to try to punish north korea. but at this stage nobody really knows what mersz can be implemented against a country that's almost entirely cut off from the rest of the world, except for china. china has voiced its condemnation, its disapproval of its long-time trading partner and traditional ally north korea for this nuclear test. it summoned north korea's ambassador presumably for a addressing down at the foreign ministry in beijing. we don't know if the chinese will adopt any further measures as well. in the meantime, all the countries in the region, intelligence agencies are trying to figure out whether or not north korea's claim that it set off its first hydrogen bomb explosion or, as it described it, an h-bomb of justice, they're trying to figure out whether or not that was, in fact, true. we've heard some skeptical comments coming from south
7:08 am
korean lawmakers from the white house as well. carol? >> ivan watson reporting live for us from seoul. thank you. coming up in the "newsroom," investors, brace yourself. you're in for one wild ride again on wall street. we're following it next. i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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7:11 am
we're often to a brutal start in wall street. we're down -- that's better than it was a couple minutes ago but it's a brutal day on wall street thanks to china. >> coming into the session the dow was down, so you add more. chinese stocks plummeted overnight. because of these circuit breakers they have, this
7:12 am
automatic stopping in their stock market to slow selling, what happened is then they just stopped trading. that caused more fear and confusion. so, you had london and paris and frankfurt, big losses there as well. when the u.s. market opened, it was the same thing. now, just in the last few minutes we learned chinese authorities say they're not going to do that again. they're not going to stop trading again. the chinese are learning as they go here about what a free market is like. have you to have information and transparency. you haven't really had that in the chinese markets and that's made it worse. another thing i want to talk about quickly is oil. oil prices are the lowest they've been in 12 years. this is unbelievable. this is a crash in commodity, carol, that runs the world. all of the emerging markets who depend on crude oil to run their governments are really feeling the heat. saudi arabia, russia, venezuela,
7:13 am
my gear yea nigeria, iraq. >> the weird thing about saudi arabia is it raised its gas prices 50%. >> it depends on one thing to run it, and oil prices are down 65% over the past year and a half. it's remarkable how it's hurting some of those governments. >> and it's affecting our economy here. in alaska they instituted a tax because the oil revenue isn't what it was in alaska. >> we actually have -- we're brimming with oil. the world is brimming with oil. we had a gasoline stockpile number that was unbelievable the amount of gas sitting around. that's why gas prices have been low for consumers, that's great. but at some point that big disruption in such an important commodity is hurting the overall economy. a couple of things here. china's slowing. we know its growth is slowing. getting a handle on that has been difficult. that's one reason why there's so much concern that maybe china's slowing growth is going to hurt everybody. then you have this crash in the commodities. you also have this uncertainty about the transparency of the
7:14 am
chinese market. it's been a very icky way to start the year. we're going to get a jobs report in the u.s. i hope that changes the report. >> i hope so. sit tight. don't worry too much. >> absolutely. we had days like this back in august. we're only at the lowest of the last few months. it feels a little nuts when you have so much money coming out of stocks going into gold and going into bonds. those are fear trades. that shows you that fear is really driving the markets right now. >> christine romans, thanks. still to come in the "newsroom," top gop senator john mccain siding with donald trump, at least when it comes to ted cruz's eligibility to run for president.
7:15 am
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7:18 am
a side show and a nonjiissu that's how ted cruz is fending off attacks about his birth place by rival donald trump. >> do you believe senator ted cruz is a natural born citizen? >> i don't know, to be honest. i like him a lot. i don't like the issue. i don't like even bringing it up, but how can you have a nominee running against a democrat, like whoever it may be, probably hillary clinton because she'll probably escape the e-mail problem, which is disgusting that she's able to. so, how do you run against the democrat, whoever it may be, and you have this hanging over your head if they bring a lawsuit? >> two candidates exchanging punches as cruz leads the pack in with iowa. in a one-on-one interview with cnn's correspondent dana bash,
7:19 am
cruz defended his american citizenship and tackled hot-button issues like gun safety. dana joins us from snowy iowa. >> reporter: good morning. snowy and beautiful iowa, carol. we are waiting for the trump -- excuse me, the cruz bus to start rolling again. we are in the middle of a six-day bus tour going all through iowa. i did get a chance to talk to him about a wide range of topic s on his bus. we're now driving through osceola county. i don't know if you know this, but i saw that the whole idea that there are more cattle than people, it's actually true here. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: 38,500 heads of cattle and 6,500 people. is this the ted cruz insurance policy for winning iowa? >> this is certainly how we approach campaigning, which is grass roots campaigning from the ground up. asking one person at a time for every vote here in iowa, we're doing the same in new hampshire
7:20 am
and south carolina and across the country. >> reporter: and you know cows can't caucus, right? >> i was actually thinking the democratic caucus, they're welcome. >> reporter: oh, ouch. on a much more serious topic, the president's executive action on guns. trying to tighten background checks. purely on the issue, want the way he did it, what's harder for making the mentally ill or criminals to get guns? >> what the president did is illegal. he doesn't have the legal authority to ignore the constitution and ignore the law. that's what barack obama has done over and over again. it's also focused on the wrong problem. look, he's targeting private, consensual gun sales between law-abiding citizens. this is what obama gets wrong over and over again. he can't distinguish between good guys and bad guys. so, following the tragic shooting in sandy hook, president obama could have brought everyone together. could have brought democrats and
7:21 am
republicans together and say, let's focus on criminally insane, come down on them like a ton of bricks. that's what i believer we should do. instead he said let's go after law-abiding citizens. the right to bear and keep arms. >> reporter: he says he's not doing that -- >> but he's not telling the truth. he's not telling the truth. it's the same thing, san bernardino, we saw the exact same thing happened. after that terror attack, president obama did a national tv conference. he once again refused to even say the words radical islamic terrorists. what does he say? let's go after the right to keep and bear arms of law-abiding citizens. he can't distinguish between violent criminals and law-abiding criminals. he can't distinguish between radical islamic terrorists and law abiding citizens. >> reporter: if you're president, how can are you going to make sure first graders, boys and girls your kids' same age, go to school and not have to worry about being victims of gun
7:22 am
violence? >> listen. there's an easy answer to that. if you look in the wake of sandy hook, i joined with iowa's own chuck grassley in drafting legislation, the grassley/cruz legislation, and it focused on what obama should go, tar getting the bad guys. 2013, there were 54,000 fugitive who tried to buy guns. do you know how many the obama administration prosecuted? 44? 44 out of 15,000. the grassley/cruz legislation created a task force so if a fugitive tries to buy a gun, we prosecute them. you know one of the shocking things the justice department has done? significantly decrease the prosecution of violent gun crimes. the bush administration ratcheted it up. they had a project called
7:23 am
project exile f you used a gun in -- gun prosecutions decreased under president obama. you asked about first graders. do you know the obama administration slashed the funding for school safety by roughly $300 million? so, the grassley/cruz legislation restored the funding for school safety. that's actually -- if you're trying to solve the problem, you direct it at the violent criminals. what is interesting, grassley/cruz got a majority of the senators to support it. this is in the harry reid democratic senate. we've got nine democrats. got most crossover bipartisan support of any comprehensive legislation. do you know why it didn't pass into law? because harry reid and chuck schumer and democrats filibustered it because if they couldn't strip the constitutional right to bear arms, they didn't to want do anything to stop criminals. >> reporter: right after the president gave his speech, your
7:24 am
campaign posed on your website a menacing picture of president obama and the headline says, obama wants your gun. how is that anything but fear-mongering? >> it's the most accurate. eric holder, first attorney general under barack obama, said he believed it was his job to, quote, brain wash americans against guns. >> reporter: that's not the president. >> but it's at the president's direction. at every instance the president uses every terrorist attack, virtually every criminal incident -- >> reporter: you don't take him at his word that he just wants to protect your children, his children -- >> absolutely not. in fact, i'll tell you who i take at her word -- >> reporter: why not? >> -- is senator dianne feinstein. who says if i could go to mr. america, mrs. america, hand over all guns, do it. i believe when she says that. barack obama is in exactly the same boat. if you want to know what his position s ushld take a look at
7:25 am
the supreme court's case in heller versus direct of columbia. i represented 31 states in the heller case which upheld the right to keep and bear arms. barack obama's position is there is no right to keep and bear arms under the constitution. you and every american -- >> reporter: but that's not what he said when he spoke. he said he's a constitutional lawyer and he very much believes in the second amendment. you're just saying you don't believe him? >> let's be clear. hillary clinton says she'll put supreme court justices on the supreme court that will overturn heller. there were four justices, including obama's appointees, who said -- actually, obama's appointees weren't there said it is only a collective right in the militia. which is fancy lawyer talk.
7:26 am
what it would mean if the four deisn dissenters -- either the federal government or a state government could make it a crime to possess a firearm. that's the consequence of their legal position. i don't believe it's right for the president to try to write the bill of rights out of the constitution. >> reporter: you may have heard donald trump is bringing up the fact that you were born in canada. and saying that if you're the republican nominee, it could be held up in the court for two years. you're a constitutional scholar. you've argued before the supreme court. why do you think on the legal basis he's wrong? >> oh, look, the legal issue is clear. the constitution in laws of the
7:27 am
united states are very straightforward. the very first congress defined the child of a u.s. scitizen asa natural born citizen. many of those framers were at at constitutional convention. at the end of the day, this is a nonissue. i tweeted a link to a video of fonzi jumping a shark. you know, i'm not going to engage in this. the reason is simple. there are far too many serious issues facing this country. last night north korea claims to have tested a hydrogen bomb. what the american people are looking for is who's prepared to be commander in chief. who has the seriousness, who has the judgment, who has the knowledge, who has the clarity of vision -- >> reporter: let me button this up, though. the issue of the passport. >> what passport? >> reporter: donald trump is suggesting -- is saying that you had a canadian passport. >> that's not true. >> reporter: false. >> never had a canadian passport. >> reporter: true.
7:28 am
>> you asked your mother, you asked your dad. >> i'm sure. >> reporter: i remember covering you in the senate a few years ago, you were arguing how important it was for legal immigration to continue and you called for an increase in visas for highly skilled workers by 500%. now on the campaign trail you say they should be done away with completely, or at least suspended. is it just because the politics of being a candidate have changed? >> no. there's changed circumstances. listen, my principles remain identical. my principles are, number one, we should secure the border and stop illegal immigration. number two, we should welcome and celebrate legal immigrants. now, as it concerns the visa program, i used to support an expansion of that program. i support the original goals, bringing in highly skilled workers. but any rational person responds to changed circumstances. what's changed? we've seen a whole number of
7:29 am
lawyers abusing the program. number one, bringing in people who are not high skilled and firing american workers and adding insult to injury, forcing the american workers to train their foreign replacement. >> reporter: you know the rap on you, on what is being talked about here in iowa about renewable energy is that you're flip-flopping. >> let me get this straight. your point is that political opponents of mine are attacking me? as they would say in "casablanca," i'm shocked, shocked to hear such a thing. >> i want to bring dana bash back in. something else ted cruz said that was interesting about undocumented immigrants in this country, he said he was in favor of deporting all of them and not allowing any of them to come back into the country. is that right? >> reporter: it is. and there was a moment the first day of this bus tour a few days ago where a voter here in iowa asked ted cruz about the difference between his
7:30 am
immigration plan or plan for illegal immigrants and donald trump's. and cruz's answer was effectively what you said. that donald trump wants to deport everybody, as cruz does, but that unlike trump, cruz won't let them back in because trump has said eventually if the undocumented immigrants are not criminals and can pass a series of tests, they could eventually be allowed back in. cruz told this voter he wouldn't do that. there's no question as we get closer and closer to caucus day here, especially where illegal immigration seems to be kind of a hot issue, that all of these candidates are trying to one-up each other on being as conservative as possible. we'll see what that does what we get to the general election for the republican party because we've talked about this many times before. after the 2012 election, the republican national committee tried so hard to right a wronged
7:31 am
ship because they did so poorly with hispanic voters because they thought it was because of the policies and rhetoric during that presidential campaign. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," donald trump taking aim at ted cruz over his canadian birth and immigration stance. will either resonate, though? it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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7:35 am
cruzle is trying to appear tough other immigration. >> ted was in favor of amnesty. . he and marco rubio are fighting about who is weaker. i was watch be ted the other day and it was interesting and he said, we must build a wall. my wife said, darling, he just said, build a wall. that's the first person that said, build a wall. i've been saying it for five years. and he said, we will build a wall. now he's taking my idea for a wall. i think it's the right thing to do. but i'll build a wall. it will be the right wall. these are politicians. they don't know how to build anything. i'll build the wall and have
7:36 am
mexico pay for the wall. all of a sudden, they're trying to come over into my territory. no, we will get people out and the people that come back will come back legally. we'll have a country again. we'll have strong borders. border patrol people are fantastic. i got to know them. ted never said about wall before. all of a sudden he's talking about a wall. and i don't blame him. >> trump's immigration plan has come under fire, though, especially his idea to ban muslims from coming into the united states. the british parliament is so incensed over trump's muslim ban, it will actually debate banning trump from entering their country because of hate speech. trump is now threatening to pull his golf courses out of scotland. with that, let's talk, john, tara setmeyer, also a cnn political commentator. so, john, it isn't every day
7:37 am
that britain debates banning a presidential candidate in the united states during an election. >> no, it's not. but then donald trump isn't your typical presidential candidate. i mean, look, the democragoguer with which he's run his campaign is a problem. br britain, our strongest ally, are debating donald trump, it's symbolic but it speaks to how deeply divisive his campaign is even across the atlantic. that should be a reality check for republicans. >> will it be? >> i think trump supporters don't care. it's just another one, stick it to the system. the people who support donald trump, they -- conventional wisdom, conventional politics, conventional anything is something that they don't care about. so, whether that actually makes a difference to trump
7:38 am
supporters, it's not going to. really donald trump's support has reached a certain ceiling. he hasn't gained that many more supporters inside the republican party, per se. and how that will play out if, god forbid, he were the nominee, how that would play out in general election because independents and people like that will look at him and say, wait a minute, we can't have someone represent the united states if they can't get into or number one ally, great britain. it's just another example of where a donald trump candidacy as our gop nominee would look like. this brings in another one of those controversial issues that distracts from trying to fix the real problems going on in this country and internationally. >> so, you sound like senator ted cruz at the moment talking about how donald trump is questioning his eligibility. you should become president because he was born in canada but his mother was a u.s. citizen so ted cruz is american but what if someone challenges that in court. the weird thing is, senator john
7:39 am
mccain, who was no fan of either trump or cruz, came out in support of donald trump. listen. okay, we don't have that. but let me paraphrase. senator john mccain said, i was born in a military base in panama, that makes me a u.s. citizen. but ted cruz, he was born in canada. don't know about that. why would senator mccain be standing up for donald trump? >> i know why. that's an easy -- because john mccain called him a whacko bird. he can't stand ted cruz. he doesn't have many friends on capitol hill. but go ahead, john. i think it was to you. >> the reality is, the people who know ted cruz best, senate colleagues do not like him. whacko bird sentiment aside, it's unusual for john mccain to stoop and play birther politics. generally when folks have raised crazy things around john mccain
7:40 am
he's done a good job of denouncing them but it speaks to how disliked cruz is. both trump and cruz have an overlapping base in the republican party. if you add their totals together, this is a majority of the republican party. that's got a lot of folks panicked and accounts for the odd politics between these two. >> so, the other strange thing that happened this morning, tara, and it's because of senator john mccain's comments, donald trump sent out a tweet saying, it was a very wise move that ted cruz renounced his canadian citizenship 18 months ago. senator mccain is no friend of ted. why would donald trump send out that kind of tweet? >> this is all because ted cruz is nipping at donald trump's heels and he's beating him in iowa in many polls. so, mr. trump, who talks about losers, he doesn't take second place too kindly, so this is just a distraction to throw something out there to get people talking about
7:41 am
questionable ability. solicitor generals have come out and said this is not even an issue for ted cruz. he's eligible. but the fact that we're talking about this instead of more policy differences is exactly what donald trump wants. he knows how to control the message and this is the way to do it. why aren't we talking about what's happening in afghanistan? afghanistan is falling apart. asking donald trump what he would do about that? why aren't we talking about what's going on with saudi arabia and iran, what donald trump would do about that? we're not because he can't go toe to toe on policy with any other candidates. maybe carson. his game is this and we're feeding into it. >> with that said, i'll end it there. thanks to both of you. we are going to talk about north korea right now because north korea, as you know, is trying to prove to the world is did, indeed, successfully
7:42 am
detonate a hydrogen bomb. will ripley is the only american reporter in north korea. he's in pyongyang. will, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, carol, i had just had a meeting with north korean officials and got interesting insight into this reported h-bomb. many are denouncing this claim by the north korean regime they detonated a hydrogen bomb. but they told me they're going to take me to visit scientists close to the project who will tell me exactly why north korea says they can prove this was, indeed, an h-bomb detonated in a mountain in the northern part of the peninsula. they say it was detonated deeper into the mountain using new technology that prevents radiation from spilling into the atmosphere in great quantities. that may be why south korea, japan and china are not detecting any significant change in radiation levels.
7:43 am
there is something that could escalate the situation here, carol, and is that is about 12 hours from now, south korea has said they will turn back on those propaganda loud speakers at the border between north and south korea, known as the demilitarized zone, dmz. they were turned on after two south korean soldiers were injured in land mine blasts. that propaganda infew infuriate north korean regime. here image is everything. to turn on the loud speaker of what happens to be the 33rd birthday of supreme leader kim jong-un, they have said in the past that's a declaration of war. we have to watch very closely, could this situation really escalate in the coming hours. later on around lunchtime in pyongyang if those loud speakers are, indeed, turned on, carol. >> we look forward to your report tomorrow. stay safe. will ripley, reporting live. the only reporter reporting live
7:44 am
from inside north korea. i'll be right back.
7:45 am
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7:47 am
fresh off his address to the nation, president obama sits down with cnn's anderson cooper tonight for a live town hall event on gun control. part of the president's push to make gun safety a top priority during his final year in office. cnn's michelle kosinski live at the white house to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: you know, carol, the president's executive action on guns don't go nearly as far as he would have liked, so now the goal is, as the white house puts it, to inspire more passion among people who feel the same way and then maybe they can put pressure on lawmakers. maybe even make changes within their own communities. and that is why the president agreed to do this town hall tonight.
7:48 am
he said to have good people on good issues on both sides of the discussion. you said you don't have to be disagreeable while disagreeing but he feels he needs to have some urgency on this issue. 80 to 90% of americans agree with them, but when you look at the issue more broadly, you look at some recent polls, 62% of americans disapprove of how president obama is handling gun policy. and just over half oppose stricter gun laws. so, just more testament there to how complicated this debate always is. we're see how it goes tonight. interestingly, america's biggest voice for gun rights, the nra, won't participate. they're calling it a pr spectacle, organized by the white house. but it wasn't organized by the white house. in fact, it was organized by cnn, which asked president obama to participate. carol? >> michelle kosinski reporting live from the white house.
7:49 am
president obama has been talking about gun control for years. in fact, in 2013 he took his message right to hollywood, asking entertainment executives to tone down their use of gun violence in films. as you will see, did not happen. >> we better start over. >> oh, come on. >> our world is reduced to a single instinct. survive. >> special forces assassin that created a monster. >> this time it ain't just about being fast. >> and, you know, one -- a lot of republicans have come out and said, why isn't a representative in hollywood taking part in this town hall meeting tonight? why isn't the president talking
7:50 am
like he did in 2013? why isn't he asking hollywood to tone down the violence this time around? i wanted to talk about that this morning. with me now is bill carter, a media analyst for cnn, and chuck nice, a daily share contributor and a if you knowy guy and really smart, too. thank you both for being here. >> appreciate it. >> back in 2013, the president did ask hollywood to tone down the violence. it didn't happen. why do you think he's not asking more loudly this time around? >> i don't think it's the same issue. there's an issue about violence in movies but this isn't the issue he's talking about. he's talking about regulation of guns. that has nothing to do with, in my opinion, the violence in movies. there is a total distraction to make them part of this argument. i think the conservatives against this want to use anything to say what's -- you know, it's mental health issue. they don't to want address the issue that having proliferation of guns is what he's -- >> don't you think part of the reason we have so many -- why so many people have guns in this country is because we love the gun culture in america?
7:51 am
isn't that a reason why? >> well, you know, we have a lot of guns because we do love guns. after watching that montage, it's all i can do to not go get a gun right now and go kill somebody. my god, i want to do it so bad because hollywood affect med in such a way it's so exciting. >> that's not serious. >> it's a species argument, to be honest. everyone knows guns don't kill people. tarantino films kill people. it's ridiculous. >> let me throw something else into the mix here. last year harvey weinstein, right, big-time super mega producer, he vowed to turn away from films glorifying violence. he did. of course, this year his new movie is out entitled "the hateful 8," a quintin tarantino film. >> a ton of violence in that. >> a ton perform why did he say that a couple years ago and -- because harvey weinstein is connected to the business.
7:52 am
>> maybe turning away means he's not going to watch his own films. >> he's going to turn away? >> he's not going to get in the way of what a film maker wants to do. >> he's not a filmmaker. >> he helps finance the films. come on. he has power in hollywood. >> he does have power in hollywood, but he's also the producer. and i think -- look, you can't -- i don't think can you take this argument and say, oh, because people see these movies, this is why they get guns. there's way more violence in reality. there's been this year something like 200 people killed by guns this year. 2016 already. so, there's violence on tv all the time, on the news. should we take it off that? i don't think that makes sense either. >> we need to focus on the real problem here. rap music. of course, i'm joking. please don't write. >> i want to throw something else into the mix because you know i like my debate thing. we're talking about quentin tarantino and he says his films are art. i can't watch them myself.
7:53 am
>> consider the source. >> according to "vanfy fair" in eight films 860 people die on screen. they die in creative, bloody, violent ways. if you're watching that and you become conditioned to seeing violent happen without consequence, without much emotion, don't you think that conditions you in the real life -- >> are you going to go out and buy a gun? >> that's a good question. >> to me the most violent show on tv is "game of thrones." it doesn't inspire anyone to buy a sword and slay dragons. >> speak for yourself. >> they put out videos with violence -- >> isis is actually beheading people for real on screen to appeal to people who find that desirable, to lure them in. so, the real problem with hollywood is exactly what you said. when we are desensitized to violence by watching it over and
7:54 am
over again depicted in these films, we become desensitized to it in real life. we have a mass shooting, people dying, people being gunned down in the streets, our situation in chicago, and guess what? it doesn't do anything to us. so, if hollywood is responsible for anything, it's responsible for making us numb to the reality that is the gun violence that's happening in america today. >> i don't think people are actually numb. when the incident happened with the school children, the whole country felt, it i believe. necessity didn't then say i'm used to violence, i'm going to shrug it off. >> i would disagree because it didn't change anything. >> it didn't change the gun issue because that's a political football. you can't move the ball -- >> not one congressman, not one senator, not one state legislator lost their job because of inaction on gun control after sandy hook. not one person was fired. why? because we're numb to it. that's where the numbness happens. our only political power as americans is to go to the polls
7:55 am
and kick people out of office. we didn't do that on this issue and this issue alone. why? because it goes way down on our list of priorities. >> you want the last word? >> i think the president showed that he is sensitive on this and maybe he does want to do -- it's very hard to get anything accomplished in congress, as we know. >> i agree with you there. >> i think we all agree there. thanks for stopping by. i'll be right back.
7:56 am
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checking some top stories at 58 minutes past the hour. officials in lansing, new york, say it was one of the most difficult mine rescues in recent memory, but this morning cheers could be heard as 17 trapped miners were finally freed. those workers got stuck in an elevator last night. some 900 feet below the earth in
7:59 am
a salt mine. before they were rescued, emergency workers made contact with the miners via radio and provided blankets so they could keep warm during the rescue operation. speaking on the mood of the miners after their nearly ten-hour ordeal. >> their spirits are tremendous. i'm just -- i don't know. i'm -- i'm inspired by them, to be quite honest with you. the first four that came out of the mine waited until the last two that came out of the mine. >> details about what led to the incident were not immediately available. an emergency response official says all of the miners are doing well this morning. hasbro is modifying star wars game to include ray. originally the company had luke skywalker representing the light side of the force but after the #wheresray surfaced the company decided to replace him
8:00 am
with ray in the star wars edition of monopoly. thank you for joining me this morning. i sure do appreciate it. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone, i'm john berman in new york. >> and i'm kate bolduan live in fairfax, virginia, at george mason university where just hours from now president obama will face critics and supporters of his executive action on guns during a town hall right here on cnn. new this morning, both the gun owners of america and the nra have declined cnn's invitation to take part in this. we should note, despite that, there will be many nra members and gun rights advocates in the audience tonight. we'll speak with both sides of this impassioned


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