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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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high anxiety on wall street, the dow off to its worst january since 2008 in the middle of the financial crisis. stocks tumbled yet again today as we fear the closing bell. we're joined by cnn global economic analyst, but i want to start with cnn's alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. alison, how bad was it today? >> it was pretty bad today, jake. i've been watching the dow dip in and out of correction territory. that's where you see the dow off a recent 10% high. as the numbers settle i actually see them settling in correction territory. we'll have to see where the numbers settle, but overall it was an ugly day. but the selling was calm. i know strange to hear especially when you hear what a trader told me earlier today, that he sees the market close to capitulati capitulation, which is a fancy wall street term for extreme selling, where anybody who's thinking about selling just sells. now, the trader tells me that we're not there yet, but the selling could get a lot worse. now, one thing we're going to
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keep our eye on tonight is how the trade goes in china. because that's what's really sparking this whole selloff. and if you see a selloff in china, you could very well see more selling here in the u.s. and around the world, jake. >> ronna, talk about that. china, is that what is spooking the markets and causing all cau this? >> yeah, absolutely. china is the world's second largest economy. and it's been in a meltdown for some time now. growth has been slowing for over a year. you have a recession in the manufacturing sector. and you have the currency plummeting. china is basically in the middle of a debt crisis that was very similar to what the u.s. went through in the run-up to the sub prime and financial crisis in 2008. it's interesting the markets are reacting similarly right now. >> and, alison, oil down to its lowest level in years, average gas prices they're about $2 a gallon. that's great for son sumers at the pump, but how is that playing into whatever's going on on the market? >> yeah, you see wlast been happening with oil, jake, over
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the past 18 months. it's been like a slow motion crash in oil. and, yeah, it's great for consumers who get the reap rewards in the wallets for gas prices, but think about what makes up the dow, s&p, these are energy companies that rely on higher oil prices to bring in their revenues. when you see these oil prices crash as much as they have, you see these energy companies. and any other companies that are remotely related to the energy industry, getting crushed as well. so everybody from the exxons to the halliburton. i have to say the dow has entered correction territory closing at a level that's a 10% off of its recent high, jake. >> all right. alison, rona, our viewers at home are worried about their retirement savings. what do they need to know? >> well, the market is going to be rocky, certainly the next few days, weeks and probably for the entire year because frankly there's no one country driving global growth right now. the u.s. consumer really hasn't come back fully since the financial crisis, even now we've
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been in recovery for several years. the chinese are not able to pull the global economy along. that had really been the hope that china would pick up the slack where the u.s. left off. but they've got their own debt crisis brewing right now. so i think the thing to do for those of you who are watching your 401(k)s is hang tight. it's not the time to sell when markets are down. keep money in blue chip u.s. stocks, it's still a pretty good place to be. but be wary of the emerging markets. they will be rocky this year. all right. thank you so much. let's move to our world lead. exactly one year after islamic terrorists attack the office of the french satirical magazine "charlie hebdo," parisians are once again on edge tonight. a man wielding a meat cleaver wearing a suicide belt and shouting god is great in arabic tried to attack a city police station. atika shubert is live in paris for us. atika, was anybody hurt? >> reporter: no one was hurt in this, but you can easily see why
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parisians are so on edge. nrve investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened. police say the man approached the station brandishing a meat cleaver yelling al -- >> translator: he had wires coming out of his coat and then backed off and came back at the police but with hands in the air. they shouted get back, get back, get back, when he didn't they shot three times, no hesitation, bam, bam, bam. >> reporter: a remote control device checked the body for what appeared to be a suicide vest. police now say that device was fake. also found a rambling note handwritten in arabic stamped with the black flag of isis. >> translator: the person who committed this act of aggression and was killed when the police were forced to open fire is in the process of being identified and it's possible that in the coming hours we will learn more about this person's plan and his
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motivation. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: this exactly one year after a gunman targeted "charlie hebdo" office and kosher market killing 17. and barely three months after attackers with explosives belts and automatic rifles brutally murdered more than 100 people at a concert hall, cafes and a football match in paris. a grim reminder that paris remains on the highest terror alert. just a short while ago, jake, the justice minister said that in fact the man was known to authorities but as a petty criminal. now, we are hoping to get more details tomorrow morning on who exactly he is. >> atika shubert, thank you so much. joining me now cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank who is also in paris. paul, is there any evidence yet known whether this man had any ties to isis or any of its
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affiliates? >> reporter: short answer no. he had that isis flag printed out, also appears to pledge allegiance to abu bakr al baghdadi. in a claim he had in arabic on his person. the justice minister has suggested there may be some mental health issues involved as well. we've obviously seen attempted attacks where you have both radicalization and mental health issues. but this attack today took place at 11:30 in the morning in paris which was the exact time that a year ago the killing spree was launched on the office of "charlie hebdo." so presumably no coincidence. presumably that was thought out. presumably he wanted to join the bandwagon of these radicals who are so upset and angered by these cartoons perhaps because he hoped that he would be rewarded in the afterlife, jake. >> and no evidence yet he had
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any specific ties to any terrorist group and it doesn't sound like a particularly well thought out or planned attack. how are police treating it? >> well, they treated it very seriously, clearly in the moment today they were on high alert. this was the anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" attack. and ever since those attacks on november 13 they've been on even higher alert in france. isis has called on their supporters in the west to launch attacks on police. we've seen other knife attacks here in france in the last year or so, in europe more generally. so they weren't going to take any chances when he approached them. a little bit puzzling why he had this fake explosive vest, explosive pouch. presumably he had that because he wanted to be absolutely sure that they were going to shoot him dead, so he was going to get potentially what he wanted, so called martyrdom. >> paul, let's turn to the wider
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terrorist threat in europe. i understand you have new reporting on how european isis operatives currently in syria may be trying to sneak back into europe. >> reporter: yes. this comes from a senior european counterterrorism official. there's recent intelligence which indicates western and european isis operatives are faking their own death in syria and iraq so that they can sneak potentially back into europe to launch attacks here. there is real concern tonight about this possibility. more and more evidence of this. and you'll recall abdelhamid abaaoud, the reningleader for t paris attacks also faked his death to coordinate a bomb plot in eastern belgium. they're on high alert here in europe. an unprecedented threat they're facing with 6,000 european
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extremists having traveled to syria and iraq, many of them joining isis. 1,500 back here and that's just the ones they know about. >> all right. paul cruickshank in paris, thank you so much. in other world news increased skepticism today about north korea's claims it detonated a hydrogen bomb, but that's not stopped kim jong-un from bragging about the success of the test. our own will ripley is inside north korea in its capital pyongyang. that story next. and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in our other world lead today with citizens across the world terrified about the north korean announcement of a successful hydrogen bomb test, kim jong-un and his regime are getting ready to celebrate his birthday and compelling the north korean public to join them. kim jong-un now calling his country a nuclear world power as the hermit kingdom prepares for that birthday. while many experts say the evidence does not suggest any h-bomb test was successful, the fact that the north koreans detonated any sort of nuclear device is alarming. the obama administration is vowing to punish the rogue regime joining with other nations to impose more and more sanctions. reuters is reporting that south korea has asked the pentagon to send more strategic weapons to the korean peninsula where 28,000 u.s. troops are already stationed. about six hours from now in response to the nuclear device the south korean government will
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resume anti-regime propaganda broadcasts into north korea. let's go into north korea right now to pyongyang. that's where we find cnn correspondent will ripley, the only american tv reporter in that country. will, last august when south korea started these cross border broadcasts, north korea fired shots at the speakers for their heightening tensions on the korea peninsula. what's the mood there now? >> reporter: yeah. north korea, this regime of course tightly controls the propaganda message, so they consider these loud speaker broadcasts by the south tantamount to an act of war. it could seriously escalate the situation, an already tense situation here as you know given north korea is celebrating swha it says test so strong it caused an earthquake in neighboring
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china. unlike previous nuclear tests where china got a heads up, this time they were blindsided just like the rest of the world. and so really it's anyone's guess right now what this regime led by supreme leader kim jong-un will do next. >> will, the u.s. congress is preparing to vote to impose more sanctions on north korea. is there any response in pyongyang to that threat? >> reporter: i met with several north korean officials last night and specifically asked about the likelihood of more sanctions against this country. and the response was they said they expect more sanctions as a result of their nuclear test. they say this country has lived under crippling economic sanctions for so many years that any additional sanctions will really have a minimal impact. in their exact words they say we'll just tighten our belts a bit further and continue to develop our nuclear program. they've been aggressively investing in their weapons
1:15 pm
technology both missile program and nuclear program. and you can see by the mostly dark pyongyang skyline behind me, they do that and they sacrifice other things such as generating electricity or adequately feeding some members of this country of 24 million people. >> will, that the u.s. would -- kim jong-un, that's no surprise, but as you noted earlier even chinese officials are disstretrd and even publicly condemning this. >> when we were having our meeting last night, one thing i asked about were donald trump's comments on cnn saying that essentially china has total control over north korea. and they scoffed at that suggestion and said nobody has control over north korea aside from the workers party led by kim jong-un. and so a defiant tone even in some closed door meetings.
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and it's really indicative of the mindset of this country. they compared north korea to a hunter holding up a loaded rifle. and they compared the rest of the world as a pack of wolves waiting to strike. and they said they have their finger on the trigger and will pull their finger if provoked, jake. >> will, you're the only american tv reporter in north korea broadcasting from north korea live right now. in a few hours you're going to be touring a science lab in north korea. what's that about? >> reporter: yeah. this was a previously scheduled tour. this is a science lab personally designed by the supreme leader. he's put a tremendous focus on developing science and technology. there's a whole new neighborhood in pyongyang of brand new housing complexes and office buildings devoted exclusively to scientists. and so this facility is where we're going to talk to, we're told, later today some scientists with close knowledge of this purported h-bomb.
1:17 pm
they're going to explain the science behind it and why north korea says they have proof in fact this was a hydrogen bomb that was detonated despite many claims internationally questioning and disputing that. >> will, before you go, beyond the pride that north korean officials are obviously expressing and the triumph of this detonation of what they claim was an h-bomb, have they explained to you why they are pursuing nuclear weapons? have they threatened anyone? have they told you what they intend to do with these weapons? >> reporter: well, it's interesting because -- and i've been talking to scientists who are closely aligned with the weapons programs here in north korea. this is my sixth trip in the last year and a half or so, and we've talked extensively about the nuclear program, about the missile program. and of course the purportedly peaceful space program because there are several satellites waiting to be launched at any moment. so don't be surprised if in the coming months we see a rocket
1:18 pm
launch carrying a satellite, which the north koreans say is a peaceful endeavor unrelated to potentially carrying miniaturized nuclear warhead. north koreans have said they have no desire to drop nuclear bombs on the united states or other countries, but yet their propaganda rhetoric says otherwise. essentially the tone here is that they will strike if they feel their sovereignty is threatened, which is again why we need to watch this situation on the demilitarized zone with the propaganda loud speakers so closely because that is an extremely provocative act, considered provocative here in pyongyang by the government on kim jong-un's birthday, no less. so how he will respond. how the regime will respond. it's something that certainly must be concerning. however, one might assume that the south koreans have thought this out and feel for now that's the appropriate response. we'll have to see what north korea does in response. >> will ripley reporting live from pyongyang, thank you so much. appreciate it. joining me now state
1:19 pm
department spokesman john kirby. thanks so much for joining me, john. first, yesterday the white house challenged north korea's claim saying that initial analyses showing north korea had not successfully detonated an h-bomb, what do we know now based on the latest intelligence? >> nothing's changed about that assessment, jake, the analysis is ongoing and so we don't have it concluded. it could take some time for us to actually complete it. but we've seen no evidence thus far in that analysis to lead us to conclude that their claims are accurate. >> but as former ambassador chris hill pointed out yesterday, even if it wasn't a successful detonation, it was still a test and they are that much closer to detonating an h-bomb having learned whatever they learned if it was unsuccessful. we know the house is expected to vote on additional sanctions against north korea. does the obama administration support this step? >> we do support working with congress to look at options, obviously. we are going to work hard through the international community. through the u.n. we asked for
1:20 pm
special emergency meeting yesterday of the u.n. to consider international responses and sanctions against the north. and we're certainly not going to take off the table any unilateral opportunities to hold them to account. so what i can tell you is we look forward to working with members of congress. >> beyond possible sanctions, beyond u.n. condemnation, is there an obama administration strategy to stop north korea from developing nuclear weapons and missiles? >> i think, look, there's been a concerted effort and strategy here to deal with the real problem of north korea. and it's on many fronts. we believe that diplomatically the best forum to discuss this and to move forward is six-party talks. we are willing and perfectly willing to return to those talks, the north is not. they've done nothing and certainly this test on the 6th proves they're not willing to return to the table to have talks with the international community to get to a verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the peninsula. that's on the diplomatic side. the military side you know well,
1:21 pm
jake, that the asia pacific rebalance in terms of military capabilities is very, very real. 60% of our u.s. navy is now in the pacific. we moved two aegis missile defense systems to japan. we have a sophisticated air defense system on guam. there's been much on the military front to beef up our deterrence and defense capabilities specifically to get after the northeast asia threat in north korea. >> john, let me ask you, there's a report from reuters that a south korean official says that south korea has officially asked the pentagon to send more strategic weapons specifically not to japan, not to guam, but to the korean peninsula. is that on the table? >> well, i've just been made aware of that specific request. i don't know whether it's actually accurate whether the south koreans have asked that. what i can say is we have a very significant and serious alliance commitment with the south on the peninsu peninsula. we have as you know nearly 30,000 troops there on the
1:22 pm
peninsula as well as other operational and strategic assets in the region. we're fully prepared to meet our security commitments under that alliance and nothing's going to change about that. but i'm not aware of any new requests. >> john kirby, thank you so much. >> my pleasure, jake. in our politics lead, ted cruz might be done talking about his canadian birth, but donald trump definitely is not. and one other major republican is also announcing there's a legitimate question about cruz's eligibility to be president. plus, a woman from bill clinton's past is back and tweeting an ugly accusation against the former president. that story next. living with chronic migraine
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our politics lead. people have been lining up since 11:00 this morning trying to be one of the first 1,411 people to make it inside the flynn center for performing arts. all of them want their chance to see the biggest, brashest act touring the country, no, not megadeath, republican front-runner donald trump. cnn is shadowing every campaign bus following all the candidates. let's start with senior cnn washington correspondent jeff zeleny. he's at the epicenter of trump mania today, burlington, vermont. the campaign says they got requests for 20,000 tickets for the event. let's go inside and show what it looks like inside the theater. it's kind of small. what are police going to do with all the thousands of people who show up and can't get in there? >> well, jake, it is small by trump standards, but most candidates in this 2016 campaign would be thrilled with an
1:27 pm
audience of 1411 people, as you said. but frankly it's not the police's problem or their issue. we talked to the police chief earlier today. they're not thrilled with the trump campaign. they believe they kind of sprung this on them at the last minute. that 20,000 number though may be a touch off. one campaign aide tells me it's about 6,000 people actually who are confirmed with tickets. but still, 6,000 minus 1,400 still leaves a lot of people standing outside in this burlington, vermont cold. donald trump isn't letting go. fanning the flames about ted cruz's citizenship. >> he's got this cloud over his head, i don't think it's going to be possible for him to do very well. >> reporter: today, trump sent a message to his rivals saying, ted, free legal advice on how to preempt the dems on citizen issue, never mind democrats, it's republicans raising questions. all over whether cruz could face a legal challenge. he was born in canada, but his mother was a u.s. citizen. trump told wolf blitzer that cruz's birthplace raises constitutional concerns. >> there's this doubt.
1:28 pm
people have doubt. i want to win this thing fair and square. i don't want to win on this point. >> john mccain, who is tangled with cruz in the senate, once calling him a whacko bird, mccain was born outside the united states was quick to distance his case from cruz as mccain was born on a u.s. military base. >> i think there is a question. i'm not a constitutional scholar on that, but i think it's worth looking into. >> cruz, who has emerged as one of trump's biggest threats says the talk was nonsense. >> the legal issue is straightforward, the son of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. >> reporter: he told cnn's dana bash he's not going to engage in it. one more sign the fault lines in the republican primary are becoming clear. just watch who's feuding with whom, it's not only trump versus cruz, but chris christie versus marco rubio. christie said rubio's too weak
1:29 pm
to be the party's nominee. >> that's the kind of person we want to put on the stage against hillary clinton? i don't think so. she'll pat him on the head and cut his heart out. >> reporter: but trump is firing the most poignant attacks with one eye on cruz he's not letting up on clinton. trump rarely mentions bernie sanders, but that could change tonight as he holds a rally in sanders' hometown of burlington, vermont. and, jake, you may be wondering why donald trump is in vermont at all. not exactly a republican heavy state, but vermont is one of those states that votes on march 1st. super tuesday here, so donald trump is already looking ahead past the first four contests of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada, to states like vermont. i can tell you when you talk to voters outside, i think this crowd tonight is going to be a mix of bernie sanders supporters and donald trump supporters. some were standing in line side by side here. i'm not sure we're going to hear much about ted cruz, but i expect we'll hear some about bernie sanders and the democrats who of course donald trump loves to talk about and pick on, jake.
1:30 pm
>> all right. jeff zeleny in burlington, vermont, thanks. also in politics lead, bill clinton's past is reemerging on the campaign trail as an accuser from decades ago comes forward once again claiming bill clinton raped her. that story next. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. let's stay with our politics lead. hillary clinton says unequivocally, quote, every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed and supported. this is something she's tweeted and said on the campaign trail. she even made a television ad on the subject to hammer home the point. but there is at least one woman who says she was raped, and her story is now dogging the clintons on the campaign trail. cnn's brianna keilar is traveling with hillary clinton in california. brianna, explosive allegations from years ago. and former president bill clinton was just peppered by reporters with questions about the allegations. our own sunlen serfaty asked
1:34 pm
clinton on a rope line about this rape allegation. now, you can't hear it in the video we're showing right now, but he says, point-blank, any questions, quote, they have all been answered, unquote. brianna, what's going on here? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and that's actually the most directly that he has answered questions about these allegations that have come back to life as he campaigns this week alone for the first time for his wife hillary clinton. he's really the only one who's even responding in any way to this. the clinton campaign is not, nor is the candidate. i just asked hillary clinton just a few moments ago at this event here in san gabriel, california, about donald trump taking aim at her over her husband's past. and she just ignored the questions. as bill clinton hits the campaign trail for his wife. >> you will never have a chance to vote for a better candidate. >> reporter: accusations of
1:35 pm
sexual improprieties from years passed are reemerging in hillary clinton's race for the white house. now, one of the subjects of those scandals is resurfacing. ju juanita broderick claimed clinton attacked her in 1998. she's now a trump supporter and tweeted i was 25 years old when bill clinton, arkansas attorney general raped me and hillary tried to silence me. i'm now 73, it never goes away. there was no physical evidence and charges were never filed. attorneys for clinton in 199 9 says any allegation that the president assaulted mrs. bro broaddrik is false. >> you are very rude. and i'm not going to ever call on you. >> reporter: critics say hillary clinton set the stage for these questions with her words supporting victims of rape. >> secretary clinton, you
1:36 pm
recently came out to say that all rape victims should be believed, but would you say that about juanita broaddrick, kathleen wily, paula jones, should we believe them as well? >> well, i would say everybody should be believed at first until they are disbelieved based on evidence. >> reporter: most of hillary clinton's opponents have stayed away from the scandals until now. >> the husband wants to come and she wants to accuse me of things and the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break. give me a break. >> reporter: donald trump has been hammering on bill clinton's past and calling hillary clinton an enabler since she accused him of a penchant for sexism. >> it's not the first time he's demonstrated a penchant for sexism. >> reporter: today, the former president answered questions at a campaign event this way. trump not letting up his campaign putting out this instagram video today. >> womens rights are human
1:37 pm
rights. and human rights are womens rights once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. >> reporter: now, a reminder that hillary clinton's highest approval ratings actually came during the monica lewinsky scandal. that's why many republican candidates think this may not be the best strategy for attacking her. donald trump today telling a radio station he can tone it down. he's able to tone it down if he sees that it's offending female voters, jake. >> brianna keilar, thank you so much. let's talk about the clintons and much more about the 2016 race with cnn political commentator donna brazile and editor for weekly standard bill crystal. donna, a feminist writer writing in the liberal website slate. she says feminists have repeatedly and convincingly made the case that when women say they've been sexually assaulted we should assume they're telling the truth, particularly when it comes to the story of juanita
1:38 pm
broaddrick, it's not easy to square the arguments against believing her with the dominant progressive consensus on trusting victims. >> well, in the context of donald trump built his campaign on mocking women, attacking immigrants of course and smearing muslims, i'm not surprised donald trump has decided to go into what i call the sleaze basket to try to bring up anything that would keep him from having a real conversation about issues that matters to the american people. when it comes to sexual assault, violence against women, i think democrats and liberals and progressives have a good history on ensuring that women are able to tell their truth and to ensure that there are laws properly on the books to allow victims of these crimes and abuses to have their day. so i don't think there's any contradiction there. now, if donald trump believed that this is one way to silence hillary clinton when she brings
1:39 pm
up his attacks on women, i don't think that's going to work either. now, i'm a feminist, jake. and i know bill clinton. and i have a great deal of respect for bill clinton. during that time we all condemned his misconduct. i mean, i'm not married to bill clinton. i'm sure as a husband and wife issue there were marital issues they had to resolve. but donald trump is using this for politics so he can gain the support of conservatives and others who might not be embracing his campaign. >> and that's the thing, bill. so many republicans shy away from discussing this for any number of reasons including the fact that nothing has been proven in terms of the juanita broaddrick allegation, it makes people uncomfortable. i'm uncomfortable sitting here right now, you two probably are as well. is it smart politics? >> well, i don't know if it's smart politics. it's probably smart politics for donald trump. one is able to be anti-trump and
1:40 pm
anti hillary clinton at the same time. here's a fact, bill clinton lied in 1992 about jennifer flowers when running for president, he lied under oath about paula jones, he lied about monica lewinsky. hillary clinton defended him, i think in some of those cases knowing she was lying and defending him. it is legitimate to say is that really the record of someone who stands up for women in all cases. and she in fact had people going out and attacking monica lewinsky and calling her crazy and delusional. >> i don't know if everything you're saying is true, bill, but hillary clinton has a lifetime commitment of supporting women and girls whether through legislation or advocate for women and girls. the notion that for some reason she cannot run a campaign and talk about these issues without somebody bringing up the misconduct of her husband. i mean, in my judgment that is real -- >> monica lewinsky was telling the truth.
1:41 pm
paula jones was telling the truth. that's just a fact. >> she was not part of any effort to smear women. >> we just have a couple more minutes and i want to move onto a couple more issues especially donald trump raising questions about the constitutional eligibility to be president of senator ted cruz. take a listen to john mccain who was asked about this. of course he was born in panama. he was explaining why his case was different than cruz. >> it's a u.s. military base. >> yeah. >> that's different from being born on foreign soil. so they think -- i think there is a question. i'm not a constitutional scholar on that, but i think it's worth looking into. i think it's illegitimate to look into it. >> i got to say i was kind of surprised mccain went there. i know he's not the biggest ted cruz fan. is this a serious issue for ted cruz? >> i don't think so. he's running a textbook campaign in iowa and this is the best donald trump can do is take a child born of american mother, yes in canada, but i'm not a lawyer but i don't see a
1:42 pm
problem. but this is donald trump again going back into the trash can. he's just trying to win, that's all. >> i do think it shows donald trump is very worried about ted cruz, who i think is probably leading him in iowa. this bus story he's been on has had big crowds. he has momentum. and trump has the sense if you run second in iowa, maybe closer to marco rubio in third, ted cruz in first, suddenly that lead in new hampshire becomes vulnerable and suddenly thein evidentability of donald trump this kind of fantastic, i'm ahead, i'm winning, i'm ahead in every poll, there's a real vote and doesn't end up first in iowa, it's a problem. >> were you surprised with mccane's comments? >> a little bit. he does dislike cruz a little bit, but mccain does occasionally color the things he says. i think it shows there are things trump could criticize cruz on, i can't believe this one is going to be effective. i thought a lot of other things weren't going to be effective and they backfire -- >> amazingly enough i've occasionally been wrong about that. >> bill clinton, bill, donna
1:43 pm
brazile, thank you so much. supposedly using attack on his own people, there are horrific photos locals say prove it. and look at how law enforcement trains for active shooter situations. that's ahead.
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1:46 pm
welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. making headlines in our world lead, cries for help today about a desperate humanitarian crisis ravaging syria. the country's deadly civil war has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions.
1:47 pm
and now more evidence that in besieged cities and villages innocent men, women and children are being starved to death intentionally by syrian president bashar al assad and those loyal to him. today, the syrian government under pressure from the united nations announced that it will allow much needed aid into the village of madaya, a damascus suburb where more than 40,000 people are reportedly in danger of dying from starvation. a word of caution now, this story includes some disturbing images, images provided by activists that cnn cannot independently verify and ones that might be upsetting especially to small children. let's go to cnn senior international correspondent arwa damon. arwa, you've traveled through syria extensively. give us a sense of what's happening on the ground there. >> reporter: you know, jake, as you just mentioned these are hardly images that anyone thought they would necessarily be seeing emerging from modern day syria. they're more reminiscent of the horrors and the images that we
1:48 pm
saw coming out from world war ii at death camps. you have a photograph of a little emaciated baby. you have adults pictures that were also posted online. peoples ribs sticking out, their eyes bulging out of their sockets. there's one video where you see a man he's holding a baby towards the camera and just begging, saying the children of madaya are starving. and this little baby's eyes are just bulging it seems out of its head, echoing that desperate plea. there's also an additional video that shows a little boy speaking to the camera. and there he's saying that he has not had a real meal in a week and that he just wants to be able to taste meat again. to give you an idea of what these people have really been suffering through, this area has been under siege since july of 2015.
1:49 pm
back in october that was the last time that humanitarian aid was actually able to reach the residents of madaya. and even back then the icrc said they could easily see hunger in the eyes of the people. and let's fast forward to today. that hunger has resulted in death. according to doctors without borders, jake, since december 1st in one of the field clinics that they support 23 patients have died. and among them six of those patients were babies. they were under a year old. residents and activists have been warning that this would happen, but the sad reality is that when it comes to syria, yes, the situation has to get this dire for help to arrive. the u.n. finally announcing that aid would be arriving. the world food program hopes to have those trucks into these areas soon, but jake, this is not the only area in syria undergoing situations like this. and this most certainly is not the only atrocity transpiring in that war torn country. >> arwa damon, thank you so
1:50 pm
much. coming up, how do police officers prepare for active shooting situations? we get an inside look at the training they go through coming up. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back to "the lead." let's do the national lead now. we're nearing three hours until cnn hosts an exclusive town hall on guns in america with president obama. tonight's event is at george mason university in fairfax, virginia. it will bring together a passionate audience. the attempt has been to make it evenly divided on this heated issue. the discussion will focus on how to curb the nation's countless deadly shooting yet simultaneously not threatening the rights of legal gun owners. one influential group will not be represented tonight, the national rifle association declined cnn's invitation even
1:54 pm
though of course nra's headquarters is less than five miles away from tonight's venue. cnn's jim acosta joins me now live at the white house where president obama is getting ready for this discussion. jim, what's the white house response to the nra declining the invitation to participate this evening? >> jake, aides are not surprised that the nra will not be involved in tonight's meeting. the white house and nra have been at odds over this issue of gun control for years. but the white house insists president obama will hear from all sides in tonight's town hall meeting. the president will no doubt hear from critics who argue his executive actions aimed at expanding background checks and mental hoelt care will take away their constitutional right to own guns. the president is ready for that question. the white house is also well aware of these spikes in gun sales that seem to happen every time the president starts talking about gun control. i asked press secretary josh earnest on that. he blamed that on the gun
1:55 pm
industry and not the president's views. here's what he had to say. >> there's a profit motive on the part of the industry to try to convince their customers that the government wants to take away their guns or will somehow limit their ability to buy guns, because you guys have all documented the fact that every time they say that it works. people go out and buy record numbers of guns. >> now, josh earnest also said the president will once again reiterate his support for the second amendment at the town hall meeting later on this evening, jake. it's not clear whether or not that will persuade people in the audience who definitely believe that the president does not really support their second amendment rights. >> jim acosta, thank you so much. this town hall comes at a time when active shooter situations have become a new normal in this country for law enforcement. you have the office gathering in san bernardino, the community college shooting in umpqua, oregon. and of course who could forget the ame church in charleston, south carolina. we live in a day and age where
1:56 pm
training for these scenarios has also become common. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown joins me now. pamela, these so-called survival guides started happening practically every day under president obama's time in office. >> that's right, jake. in fact, since president obama took office there have been 112 active shooter situations according to the fbi. and there's been annin creasing focus on what civilians can do to protect themselves before law enforcement even arrives on scene. it can happen anywhere, any time. 13 people killed at ft. hood military base in texas. six gunned down at a congress rally in arizona. >> everyone screaming it was gabrielle giffords. >> reporter: 26 people including 20 children shot dead in an elementary school in newtown, connecticut. >> got bodies here. >> reporter: one of the deadliest massacres just last month in san bernardino where
1:57 pm
radicalized husband and wife shot dead 14 innocent people. the chaotic scenes of mass shootings have become almost routine. >> well, today's reality is we cannot be passive. we cannot be passive as a citizen and certainly the police cannot be passive. >> reporter: since 2008, the year president obama was elected, to 2014, there have been on average 17 active shooter incidents every year. more than one a month. that's more than double the number from 2000 to 2007 when there was an average of seven a year. active shooter training is just as common place for law enforcement and civilians across the country. the fbi recently released this slickly produced this video named, the coming storm, showing a fictional active shooter scenario on a college campus. it teaches law enforcement the
1:58 pm
tactics to confront and diffuse the situation. this rapid response training at texas state university puts officers in realtime active shooter training. >> we hear the shots, we know the problem is down here. so i'm kind of pushing you let's go, let's go. again, if we're coming to try to stop the active shooter, we've got to get to the active shooter. >> reporter: but authorities say it's often up to the victims to either run, hide or fight in those crucial first minutes. >> law enforcement response to these situations is not instantaneous, so citizens need to think about what their response is going to be. if it is a protracted incident, they hear sirens but no one helping right now. >> this was a very, very graphic shootout here. >> reporter: these series of active shootings have struck a chord with the president fueling his decision to bypass congress on gun control during his last year in office. part of what the president announces is encourage people who sell guns to get licenses and people buying guns to get background checks, jake.
1:59 pm
>> what specifically does the fbi study have to say about the shooters themselves? >> well, it really puts things into perspective, jake. as you know when these shootings unfold oftentimes there's questions about whether or not there are more than one shooter. what it says is all but six of 160 shooting incidents the fbi looked at in a recent study involved male shooters and only two involved more than one shooter. also, more than half of the incidents ended with the shooter either committing suicide or fleeing while 21, jake, of these incidents ended after unarmed citizens successfully restrained the shooter, jake. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. you can watch the discussion as president obama joins anderson cooper for a town hall on guns in america. that's coming up in just about three hours. tonight at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific, right here on cnn. be sure to follow me on facebook and twitter. you can tweet the show. we actually read them. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. i now turn you over to one mr.
2:00 pm
wolf blitzer. he's right next door to me in a place we like to call "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, anniversary attack. man shot dead outside a paris police station exactly one year after the slaughter of the "charlie hebdo" magazine. new sanctions as pictures emerge of north korea's test site, congress planning to punish kim jong-un. we'll go live where the communist regime is celebrating what it calls a hydrogen bomb test. trumped up charge. donald trump keeps up the birther attack on ted cruz hinting his rival may not be qualified to be president of the united states because he was born in canada. will this have an impact on the iowa caucuses as they draw near? and guns in america. as he pushes for tighter controls, president obama is set to leave the w h