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tv   Amanpour  CNN  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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we appreciate you participating in this consideration with us tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow tonight at 9 eastern. tonight j starve to be death in a war zone. desperate scenes spur some relief, maybe. plus mei n kampf. the a debate on this past. >> it is important to know how a book can destroy human beings in such a way while it was a manual for crimes, for extermination of people in the world. >> i think having this book out is a shame to society and
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certainly something that the german people should not permit in any manner. good evening, everyone. welcome to the program. i'm christiane amanpour in london. more than 42,000 people besieged for the last six months say they're being slowly starved to death, and they're sharing these shocking images of children and babies on social media. a small charity sent us these pictures showing their desperate efforts to help people with what little remains, handing out soup
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and milky porridge. although we can't get in or independently verify the situation, as these images have become public, cede the united nations said the asaad regime will allow aid. britain has strongly condemned the regime, accusing them of starving their people. two years ago the regime starved a city into surrender, and cnn was there who met people like this woman and her brother who ate leaves and grass for three months. the world food program is preparing to send a food program in. a middle east spokesperson joins me. thank you very much for joining us. can you tell me, do you actually expect the regime to honor what it says that it will allow you
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to take food and medical aid? >> i thank you for having me. we're cautiously optimistic. we hope we'll be able to move in the next 48 hours with food, and that's not just the world food program but also the u.n. agencies with humanitarian supplies such as medicine, water, food for babies. this is a part of the green light that we received is for reaching a town as well as two other areas. we hope and we're cautiously optimistic that we will be able to get through. >> let's just be quite frank about this. according to everybody's figures, there are 400,000, nearly half a million people besieged in many different pockets around syria. some by the regime, some by the
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opposition. why is the regime and the opposition violating international law and not permitting these convoys to get through, and why do you think you're only just getting the guilty today? is it because of these images? >> i think that starvation and using this strategy of siege and cutting off aid and supplies is becoming a weapon in this vicious war in syria. and it's used by all the parties to this conflict. now, why madaya specifically, i think this is part of this, again, swap of access agreement between the opposition and the government. there are hundreds of thousands of people who are still in besiegement. we should not forget those others around syria. >> let's talk specifically about madaya. we've heard from doctors with contacts inside that there have been, for the last several
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weeks, several cases of malnutrition per day, per week, and now that number has skyrocketed to about 300 cases. we understand more than 30 people have died over the last several weeks of malnutritiomal. can you paint us a picture of what people are enduring there right now? they even surviving? >> what we're hearing from people is similar to the reports we've witnessed ourselves with the people who left the old city of hams ys people eating grass and living for days eating nothing. just, you know, some reports of severe cases of malnutrition. we've seen children living a city looking like they are only two years old while they are six years old. the same scenarios we're hearing and probably seeing coming out of madaya.
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people are living off nothing. they are surrounded by mountains covered in snow. the little food that gets in is through tunnels and is expensive. we expect also that irreversible damage to some of the damage who have witnessed some of the worst weapons of war which is starving them. >> why has the government not allowed wfp into the areas it's besieging? >> well, as a humanitarian agency, we are on stand by and ready to deliver the food when we get the permission and the clearance as we negotiate on a daily basis. we put pressure at the local level so that we can push our way into these areas. however, at the end of the day, this is a conflict that is just incredibly vicious and difficult, and all the parties are incriminated into that. now, it's up to, you know, the international community and the
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security council and all the parties to put the pressure and at the end of the day, it has to happen from decisions on the ground. >> and what about the fact that only a person percentage of what you're trying to get there gets there anyway? i know you described this, but you're about to send in what you hope will be a month's worth of supplies. do you think that you'll have extended access, or will it be a one-off only? >> we hope that this will be extended access. the story of madaya did not start today. there was a locally negotiated agreement that was reached between the different parties to the conflict in october. according to this agreement, we were supposed to reach madaya and the other places on a monthly basis. there were other terms to this agreement including the evacuation of injured and civilians. since then we've only reached these areas once which is in
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october. and people need food every month to survive on. and especially that this is the coldest month of the year. so we certainly hope -- and we will push as much as possible -- to get food on regular basis to these areas. one time off is not enough. people need to survive on food. you don't want to diffuse the pressure now but just by one time convoy. we hope this access will continue and that these people can be reached by the basic humanitarian supplies on a monthly basis. >> and finally, it is winter, and snow is falling, and as you said, and others have reported, that many of these places are in hard to reach, snowy areas. what is your worst case scenario? what do you expect to find when you get into some of these places if you ever do? >> well, we expect to see high rates of extreme and severe malnutrition. we expect to see stunting. we expect to see extreme food
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insecurity among some of these people. i've been to syria and i know how harsh the weather can be. some of these areas are difficult in terms of the harshness of the winter. >> thank you so much for joining us. the spokeswoman into the middle east for the wfp. this war has raged on for so long that the fallout is being felt everywhere. there's a surge in the nation's far right in germany. for the first time since the end of world war ii, germany, this week republishes an evil manifesto that led to 6 million jewish deaths. hate speech or free speech? you decide, next. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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welcome back to the program. after world war ii, germany went through a cleansing, draconian, transformed the nation from the darkest of tyrannies to the
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strongest of democracies. but this week "mein kampf" is being republished. it's always been available in other countries and, of course, online, but the copy right ban in germany has now expired, and a respected historical institution is putting out a version explaining the truths, the lies, and the half truths. heated arguments have erupted, as you might imagine. i've been speaking to a man who has devoted his life to combatting his grandfather's poisonous ideology. i always spoke to is israeli publisher whose mother was a holocaust survivor. welcome to you both. this is a sensitive matter. i want to ask you with your family's background during world war ii, germany has been widely admired for building a robust democracy out of the ashes of
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this hateful ideology, including denying hate speech and prosecuting people who conduct that. why do we need a republication of "mein kampf" 70 years after hitler's death? >> i think that kind of book is overview to reproduce, but i think not in the original version. it should be done like the history in berlin, they did it right now, so show how such a book can lead people to such a sadistic cruelty period of time like we had in the nazi era in germany. >> mr. greenfield, your mother is a holocaust survivor. you disagree with the publication of this book. why do you not think that the lies being explained in the new
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version might actually contribute to the educational pool of all this? >> i believe that the freedom of speech is very important to us all. but sometimes we also have to realize that we have the freedom of not knowing certain things. unfortunately, in past history, this book among the people who have worked around it succeeded immensely and their success caused the murder of six million jews and many others. i'll remind, they murdered many homosexuals and jgypsies and other people around the world. i think having this book out is a shame to society and certainly something that the german people should not permit in any manner. >> mr. hess, i mean, that's a pretty unimpeachable argument. we know this book. it's available online and in every other country. why should it go to be
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republished for the german people who have already made a decision not to revisit that ugly past? >> all these historians did in the last three, four, five years, it is a huge amount, and a powerful way to give the lecture to see, to destroy all these lies and what hitler committed in that book. and i think it's -- we should use it for schools as well. it's a manual of how we can hate, and it's, as well, for modern times. if you can see what happens right now in the world with muslims. >> let me put that to you. it is being published at, perhaps, one of the worst possible times, this huge hate of this huge resurgence of hate, hate crimes and racism. not just in germany but also where around the world. we have articles that we can quote ad nauseam.
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the rise in hate searches in google corresponding with the rise in hate crimes. that's basically around the world, including in the united states. in germany, itself, we have one of the leaders of this populous party who gave an openly racist speech on africans and europeans. this kind of stuff is happening right now. won't another publication of this feed that beast? >> i don't think it's a matter of today or two weeks or months ago. i think we should be very careful of what we publish and what do we spread out to the youth around the world. the picture, the picture of going around germany of all places, and suddenly seeing this book in every window of a book shop and saying the best-selling book by hitler, "mein kampf," to me, it's something earth
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shattering. it's something that every german should go out and demonstrate against. this must never happen again. there is no reason to let anybody read this book and the umbrella of the academic aspect is a farce. it's a matter of people who want to bring hate red back into this world in the front window. >> this ideology which your grandfather was part of, from a personal perspective, how does it make you feel? >> like mr. greenfield, we all had mixed feelings. but after all, i work very closely in munich about the my grandfather. i know how perfect these guys were with things like that. of course, i can understand mr. greenfield as a survivor of a second generation that they have
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fear that it spreads hate and cruelty, again, on all planet. "mein kampf" was published until the war every year in several countries including america, including sweden. so it is not -- the germans made a secret out of it, and i agree as well with mr. greenfield. it is not the time if we do it yet, or half a year ago or next month. but i think for the growing youths and they have more distance to what happens in the second world war or in the holocaust at all. i think for these young people, it's important to know how a book can destroy human beings in such a way, while it was a manual for crimes, for extermination people in the world. >> mr. hess, if i may answer. i think that it is important to teach what a book can do.
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i don't think it is necessary to publish that book again. i think that if someone would publish a book today about why muslims should not be living in this world, for whatever reason it is, i think the whole world will go up in arms against it, and no one would say, well, it is very interesting for us as humans to learn how can we, by writing certain things against the muslims, can we cause damage? god forbid, i don't think anybody should be able to teach and spread hatred against any other people. when you look at what's happening in france with "charlie hebdo" when they put out a caricature of a pig depicting muhammad, i don't think anybody said that's something right that should be done. people have feelings, and we should respect those feelings. >> i know you agreed on that particular issue. thank you both very much.
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thank you very joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. after a break, imagine a world where love and determination can overcome the horrors of war. a love story and a long engagement, next.
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>> and finally tonight, earlier in the program we showed you madaya, a town suffering and starving under siege. now imagine a world where love can bloom even in the worst of times. this image of a young syrian couples' reunion went viral. they found each other at the end of a journey that spans the conflict. romance took a sideline to education, only for them to reconnect as syria became a battle ground. the man was working for a syrian media center in london, while
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the other worked in a field hospital in the conflict. they stayed in contact until one was jailed in 2013 and held until march of the next year. when became a refugee, finally ba making it to the united kingdom. no honeymoon. they tell us they hope to mary soon, but first their in ty're streets of london protesting the starvation of people in the streets of madaya. that's it for us tonight. follow me on facebook and twitter. thank you for watching and good-bye from london. t directio, it can be a burden.
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this is "cnn newsroom" live from atlanta. we want to welcome our viewers joining us from the united states and welcome back to our international viewers. i'm natalie allen. let's check the top stories. south korea has been directing anti-pyongyang propaganda at north korea for the last several hours. they're using loud speakers in response to the north's claim this week that it detonated an h bomb. the united nations says it's received credible reports of people dying of starvation in
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