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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 8, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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dealing with the public every minute of the day. >> we'll leave it there, but cnn will surgeonly stay on top of all of these breaking news stories. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." the news continues next on cnn. here we go, a busy afternoon here. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. as you have been watching, we have two major break. ing stories. the first is this terror attack in philadelphia. we just learned from the police commissioner there that this isis-inspired gunman ambush. ing and shooting an officer 13 times at point-blank range in the name of islam. but first the capture of one of the world's most wanted men. el chapo is now in custody. again. the drug r cartel lead er escapd
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last summer. a tweet moments ago you e see here mission accomplished. we have him. i want to inform the mexican people that el chapo has been arrested. let's go straight to raphael romo with all the details. how did they find him? >> an hour ago we started hearing reports that mexican official forces were carrying out an operation in the mexican state. this is the home base and the president himself tweeted that he had been captured. el chapo escaped in mexico on july 11th in a very spectacular fashion through an underground tunnel. and authorities both in mexico and the united states had been
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looking for him since. the united states has a $5 million reward for his capture. add to this $3.8 million from mexico and you can get an idea of what kind of individual this guy is. at one point, he was named of 9 most powerful people. his fortune estimated at $1 billion. the fact that he was captured today is a huge victory for the mexican government. >> u.s. government put out a $5 billion bounty. mexican government, $4 million bounty. this is huge. you're getting new details. . don't go too far. martin savidge, let me brung you in. you were recently in mexico. you think of the cartel. and there are obviously issues with drug cartel influence, issues of corruption within sort of the prison system. are they going to be able to
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keep thunderstoem this time? >> and is had he going to be transported o to the united states. is that going to take place and how quickly would that happen. the last time he was captured, they immediately transported him to mahmoud mazatlan. it was nondescript because they didn't believe they had the security in place to transport him to mexico city. they were very concerned that someone might try to rescue him. we don't know what the circumstances are right now, but we believe that the first place he's going to go is mexico city. but the questions here about how can he be held, how do we know had he hasn't bribed any people. that's been one of the great concerns as they have been looking for him. there were special forces involved. there's a reason for that. the local police fear have already been bought and corrupted when we were there. we feared the local police most
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of all. then on top of it, there were so is many people in that area either treat him as a hero or financially beholden to him or are scared o to death of him. and all of them will work in his favor. so the question now is can he be kept or will he get away again. . if the mexican president is going to say we got him, they are going to hang on to him until they can get hum to a federal prison or transport him to the united states. we'll have to see. >> we will indeed. martin savidge, thank you. art roderick, let me bring you in as we cover this it breaking news. rearrest ed in mexico. you're former atf. how does this work. i have to imagine mexico wants to keep him and prosecute him, but if he were to be in the u.s. security prison, he's not going anywhere. >> i think at this particular
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point, as you recall after his escape about a month and a half afterwards, there was 11 individuals extradite d back to the u.s. for various charges. by understanding was the extradition paperwork for el chapo was also signed. i think now it's a question of how long is he going to stay in mexico and when does the u.s. get him back. >> forgive me, form rer u.s. marble, i should know better. . let's play through and say he does come to the united states. what about that entire prison transfer process from the state level and mexico across the border and here to the united states. what guarantee is there to martin savidge's point that somebody isn't paid off like he flew away with a pilot the last time in july outside of that tunnel. who's to say he won't this time? >> i think at this particular
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point, if the extradition process goes through the formal way it goes, we will bring him back. the u.s. mar. shls will bring him back to whatever district is going to have him first. he's wanted in eight or nine federal districts. new york, illinois, chicago, texas, so it's going to be a matter of which case he's going to go to first. once he's convicted, he'll end up in a facility like florence in colorado which is the u.s. max facility joint. once you go into florence, you're never going to see the light of day at that particular point. >> art roderick, thank you. sikh unger is joining me now, former bounty hunter, very familiar with this process. so as we just heard, el chapo was caught. this is a mexican special forces involved in this massive arrest.
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where would he be held right now? what does that look like? >> right now, i would assume he's being held by the united states marshal service in a special holding area so that the corruption that's going on in mexico like it did the last time will not affect the transfer of him back to the united states on the provisional warrant. >> is he cuffed in a room alone? are they communicating with him? are they trying to get information out of him? give me those details. >> at this point, i'm sure that the marshal service, who has been working han in hand with the mexican marines on high profile fugitive cases, they most likely have him at a military installation right now versus a local jail facility. >> what's the biggest challenge in had this process brunging him to the united states? >> well, at this point, because
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of what transpired the last time, i can tell you that the united states marshal service will keep basically him in a specific area where they can monitor everything. i would assume the provisional warrant will allow them to transport him quickly. he will go in front of a imagine strags for extradition. i would assume at this point that the extradition will be granted. because he is a mexican national, he can't fight. extradition, but in this case because i believe he's such a high profile fugitive, that extradition will be granted fairly quickly. >> i think it's worth getting into the details. . people are hearing el chapo and they know it's a mexican king n kingpin. not only did he escape from a prison in 2001 hiding out in a laundry cart, just recently it was just last july he was in this maximum security prison in
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mexico. it was the federal prison. so e he goes in. he goes in to take a shower, slips sbo this hole in the shower stall, that leads into a tunnel leadsing out of this prison. the opening is connected to a vertical passage way complete with a ladder. that leads to another tunnel that had tracks for some sort of makeshift motorcycle. he gets out of that. authorities don't even know how he left, but authorities indicated that a pilot then who was later arrested in connection with wihis escape helped him ge away from the prison. have you ever heard of anything like that? >> the cartels have unlimited amounts of money. when it comes to doing what they have to do, they have plenty of soldiers, they have plenty of workers and money. money to pay off officials. money to do the construction. they have pilots on staff. the cartel is actually their own
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entity that has unlimited funds to do whatever they want, whenever they want. and basically right now he's in the hands of the united states marshal service and i promise you he will not be getting away. he will be coming back to the united states. he will be going to trial. and he will be going o to federal prison for the rest of his life. i guarantee you e he won't escape from our prison. >> thank you so much. he's charge d with drug trafficking, related crimes and multiple federal courts including arizona, new york, florida, the list goes on. joey jackson is sitting next to me. he's one of our wonderful legal minds. one of our legal analysts. so as we're talking about el chapo, talk to me about the extradition laws. >> we do have very good relations between mexico. there's a treaty in 19 80. as a result of that and the good relations, what you have to
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establish is that there's an indictable offense that's been committed that there's probable cause to believe he committed that offense and e he would otherwise have jurisdiction over them. there are other people who have an interest in him based on the deeds he's done elsewhere. so the issue will be who get. s the first piece of him. that will be a matter of some state department concern. so i think as it moves forward, there's no question that there's a valid claim that the united states has when the united states ultimately moved him forward is another matter. >> raphael romo, let me bring you back in as you're breaking this for us here on cnn. el chapo has been arrested. speaking of everyone wants a piece of him, what are the different u.s. cases or charges levied against him? >> there a's some amazingly big number of cases against him here in the the united states all related to drug trafficking, all related to his vast criminal enterprise that traffics cocaine
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and heroin to the united states. just listen to the states that want him in their jurisdictions. arizona, california, texas, illinois, new york and florida. in fact, there's been reports that there was a direct connection between the mexican state where he's from and chicago, where this this cartel used chicago as a hub from which to transport drugs to different parts of the country. now we were talking about the resources that he has. at one point, his fortune was estimated at $1 billion. that's the reason why he was able to pay to build this sophisticated tunnel fitted with tracks, fitted with a motorcycle, pay off a pilot and be able to escape. i don't know any other criminal in history that has been able to escape so many times in such a spectacular way. he was first captured in 1993 in
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guatemala. was taken to mexico. spent eight years in prison. escaped in 2001. he was on the lam for 13 years. he was recaptured in 2014. he escaped again in july of last year. what i was just droibing to you before. he had been on the loose for 182 days until today, brooke, when he was recaptured again. and by the way, the fact that a president of a nation feels like he needs to tweet that a criminal has been arrested, that by itself tells you how big the arrest of el chapo is at this point. >> mission complete. thank you so much. martin savidge, back to you. you were recently in mexico. tell me more about what you saw. >> it's an extremely rugged area. you almost have to think of the
11:14 am
way military operations are conducted in afghanistan. a lot of this is being done by air. they simply have to be able to fly and drop in. they make these makeshift landing zones and drop out of the sky into narrow openings and quickly go search. there are some reports now that the mexican marines were involved with some kind of fire fight. even when we were down there, the mexican authorities when flying over the area with helicopters sometimes said they were engaged by ground fire coming from what they said were el chapo's body guards and things like that. back in october, there was another very close call. they said they saw el chapo, the marines moved in, there was exchange of heavy gunfire. el chapo got away by falling off of a steep incline and the mexican authorities said he was injured. then he just vanished. so the question now you have to make sure that medically, was he wounded in any way or what happened on this kind of arrest and also was he suffering long-term effect as a result of the injury back in october.
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so medically, he may have been to be checked out on top of these legal things that we're talking about. >> martin savidge, thank you so much. we'll talk about more of this breaking news. he's not going anywhere. at least that's what the united states is saying this time. much more on that breaking story. . also breaking today, a police officer in philadelphia shot at point. blank range 13 times. they have the man who shot him and just in the last hour we heard from the police commissioner in philadelphia saying not only did he confess, he said he did it in the name of islam for isis. more on that, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar.
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we're back with more breaking news on this friday afternoon. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. . here's what we have out of philadelphia. this gunman shooting a police officer 13 times at point-blank range all in the name of islam. the horror of the assassination captured on video surveillance. the would-be culler running up to the driver's side firing round after round after round. you can see in the images here the shooter with his hands, his pistol, look at this. basically elbow deep inside this patrol car. the police commissioner calls the scariest thing he's ever seen. the terror unfold iing in a frantic police dispatch call. >> shots fired. i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> all cars standby.
11:20 am
we have an officer shot. repeat iing in the 18th distric assisting officer 6-0 and sproous. we have an officer down. >> i'm bleeding. please send another unit. . >> sir, we have officers en route to you. >> it was chilling. this officer had the will to live. just three bullets hit the offic officer. he's expected to make a full recovery. miguel is in philadelphia for us. hours later he is talking. what exactly did he say?
11:21 am
>> he was shot, but we have to be very clear about what police are saying about this supposed tie to isis and the islamic state. this is something they say this individual said after questioning after he was arrested at the scene. it is not clear whether or not he truly has any connection or if he's just saying this to mess or play with police as they try to question him and get an understanding of why he did this. i can tell you the actions of that officer, that five-year vet reason after the philadelphia police force are unbelievable, heroic in the way he was able to do this. west philadelphia last night dro driving along. the pictures you mentioned. 11 times, maybe 13 times, 30-year-old edward archer fired at that police officer. at one point his hand is all the way in the car shooting that police officer.
11:22 am
. he was hit three times in the arm. very bad injuries to that officer. he got out of the car after that, chased the suspect down the road and you can hear him speaking to the dispatcher all through this. his left arm now useless firing with his right arm somehow keying his mike to get help. the police commission is saying by the time he got there he lost a lot of blood and was in bad shape, but he's in surgery and will go through many more surgeries before he can get back to recovery. it's not clear if he'll regain use of his arm. here's what the police captain had to say about that claim about the islamic state. >> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state. he follows allah and that is the reason he was called upon to do this. >> now police and fbi and others are now looking through
11:23 am
everything that mr. edward archer and figure out if there's anything to back up this claim that he did this in the name of allah and pledged to and whether he has any communications with him and if there's anything beyond him making that statement. they are searching several locations. they hope to have much more information in the hours and days ahead. another critical piece of all of this. the gun used to shoot that officer was stolen from a philadelphia police officer a couple years ago. so the police force here wheeling from that reallization. it's not clear who stole it and how archer ended up with it. >> thank you so much. art roderick, let me bring you back in. with regard to had this, the firearm used was a stolen police firearm. to the police commissioner's point, who knows how many hands in exchange before landing in this would-be killer's hands. what do you make of that? >> well, unfortunately, that
11:24 am
does occur. police officer's weapons are stolen out of vehicles, homes, not on a regular basis, but it does occur. the key to this investigation now is going to be, okay, where did he get that firearm and how many hands did it go through. was he the person that actually stole the weapon or did it pass through how many hands. the whole thing about the islamic state that they've got to go back. if this individual has a long criminal history. is he just a criminal thug r or is he been radicalized either online or through prison contacts or whatever. that's going to be the key part of this investigation that i know the joint terrorism task force is looking at right now. >> this takes me back to the hatchet attack and the directed from isis to go after police officers. . it's a great point. who knows if this is something e he just said at the tip of his tongue being questioned or something he thought about. but depending on that answer,
11:25 am
this is something that we saw reaction from new york pd and police around the country mindful of this because this would be one's worst fear. >> yeah, exactly. law enforcement officers are targets. they are in a cruiser, they are in a a uniform. but this heightens it. the alert went out to nypd and i'm sure it's going out to a the lot of major police departments around the country. . law enforcement has to be on their absolute alert in this particular time. we have had the incident just a couple days ago in paris at the police station so this is like covering the world now at this point. >> that's right. that's exactly right. art roderick, thank you so much. we'll talk more about philadelphia. we're getting breaking news. an update to the el chapo arrest in mexico. we are now hearing it was a deadly standoff, a deadly standoff that finally led to the arrest of this mexican drug
11:26 am
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11:30 am
e he escaped are from a mexico prison last july through a series of tunnels. here's the new information we have. we know he was caught around 4:30 in the morning that he was caught by. the mexican navy. there were several deaths involved in this shootout. the deaths were on the el chapo side. this was a a coordinated takedown and arrest effort involving multiple intelligence agencies and we are awaiting a news conference in mexico any moment now hopefully on more details as far as how exactly they grabbed him. but i have with me now live from mexico city and inside the criminal insurgency, he's tan author. thank you so much for joining me. >> great to be here.
11:31 am
>> what a day. you have been in mexico city covering drug cartels for more than a decade. you know el chapo. you know the details of his life and hiss capes. here you have this news there was this deadly standoff and he's been caught. your reaction. >> i have been covering for 15 years. i remember when he first escaped in 2001. i was running around border sides carve iing these paths of bodies with. then when he was arrested in 2014 he escaped six months ago. there's some real drama that carries on. i'm not surprised in many ways. we expected it. it's really where they are from. that's where he has most support from people. . we expected he would go there. we expected the mexican marines
11:32 am
would be the one who is go after him. they are an elite force trained by the united states, trained by. the northern command. heavily armed, used to many fire fights. they will go in there very hard and in some ways it's lucky for chapo that he's stul alive. maybe five people died. he's lucky he survived that shootout. >> are you surprised that after this massive escape that he made headlines last summer that he would go right back home? >> i'm not surprised because these drug lords time after time they are always captured in their homelands. you'd think some of these guys are billionaires. they could go anywhere in the world. they might go to the caribbean
11:33 am
on a beach somewhere or australia or italy or somewhere far away. their instinct is always to go back to their base where they have their friends around them, their family around them. to be caught in the homeland, that wasn't a big surprise to me. >> i want to know more about his personality. i don't know how close you have come to him or his underlayings to interview and get the essence of who this most. ed man is. . how did he live so large? >> from people who have been close to him and been up to where he's from and spoken to the people there and he is somebody who is extremely intelligen intelligent. he's somebody who comes from a very humble background. this is a town where many people walk around in sandals with dirt
11:34 am
roads. very poor area. but it's been involved in the drug trade for almost a century now. so drug traffickers are seen as the people who really give to those communities. he is somebody who is extremely smart who they can come from these areas, but they can move billion dollar operations. they can outsmart the mexican government, the mexican army. so they are seen as these e heroes. people in these areas sing these songs about him and this incredible admiration and the time they saw him in this town and came close to him. he's a real icon. he's a holy status that he's seen as. but somebody who is very smart and could use violence all the time. i have been to more crime scenes than i can count with piles of
11:35 am
dead bodies. very brutal scenes. use violence more selectively, use violence and use massive bribery. basically buy off anyone you n can. buy off politicians, governors, generals, anyone you can to stay at large. that's part of the mix of violence and bribery and heroic status. it's part how he survived so long and reached this status. >> i'm wondering if anyone within his inner circle would have dared turned on him. stay with me. let me bring zeke unger back in. we're hearing some of the details of this to this deadly capture. we also know this was a coordinated frt. this is the top of the top in mexico who all work together to take him down.
11:36 am
what would that have looked like, that sort of operation in the middle of the night to get him. >> they have been planning this for a long time using the different means to find him. we spoke about often that these fugitives go back to where they are comfortable next to their home and around people that basically know and trust. so when the law enforcement teams and the military get. together in these joint operations, it's a long process. last night in the middle of the night, they were discussing tactics and how they were going to go about making the arrests. i know for my sources there was some ballistic resistant vehicles involved on the other side. there were some degree. nad launchers. when you go into these things and planning to do it, you have to take into consideration everything you're going into into your advanced plan. >> stay with me.
11:37 am
thank you so much. thank you. we are getting more breaking news. three gunmen have stormed a hotel at a popular beach resort. tourists have been hurt. we have those details, next. we danced in a german dance group. i wore when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that i wasn't finding all of these germans in my tree.
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two breaking stories. one the arrest of el chapo and two, an assassinate nation attempt on a police officer. authorities are confirming the shooter who ambush ed this
11:41 am
philadelphia police officer says he did it in the name of the islamic state. 33-year-old officer jesse hearth net was shot while sitting in his patrol control. the suspect tried to execute him in cold blood firing 13 rounds using a a stolen police weapon. jim sciutto joins me from the pentagon. jim sciutto, when you see these images, you see the shooter, essentially almost all the way reaching inside of this patrol car 13 times. talk about heroic actions from this police officer. also the man confessed. >> he did confess. his words according to police is i follow allah. i pledge my allegiance to the islamic state and that's why i did what i did. this is really the kind of lone wolf plot that u.s. law enforcement has been most
11:42 am
concerned about. seemingly a random attack. he clearly wanted to hit a a police officer, but with no planning, no warning. he picks a police officer on patrol and goes up and shoots him sticking his hand inside the window of the car. later saying he did it in the name of allah. the difficulty is there's no planning required in advance. you don't have to talk to someone in iraq or syria. getting guns is easy. this is a stolen police weapon, which adds to the irony. that's why law enforcement is so concerned about lone wolf attacks. assuming that's how this plays out to be, you don't have the sort of trigger points in advance to learn about the attack and stop it before it happens. when a man took an ax, we're seeing it again here. it really is alarming to watch it it play out in those pictures. we're lucky that police officer
11:43 am
is alive. >> tell me more about the officer. >> he's 33 years old. what police have been saying is it's remarkable what combination of luck and skill and bravery has him alive today. he took several in his arm apparently. as you watch the video, he got. up and left his vehicle and chased this gunman away and managed to hit him in the butt tox which helped apprehend him. one reason the cops have their hands on him today. remarkable to do that with several bullet wounds in you as it happened. >> he was able to radio for help, incredible. jim sciutto, thank you. >>. coming up next, video of the operation that captured el ch o chapo, one of the world's most wanted men. video, coming up next. we live in a pick and choose world.
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as promised, want to roll you some video. these are some images we are just getting out of mexico. this is the aftermath of this el chapo takedown. this was a deadly standoff. multiple deaths. this happened in the mexican state. this is his home turf. clearly after he had that elaborate escape of the maximum security prison, he went back home and they caught him. it was a multiple agent su takedown. it was the mexican navy who nabbed him. i have multiple voices to talk about this. zeke unger, art roderick, so how about, art, to you first.
11:48 am
what i'm looking at, here are more pictures and looks to be a manhole cover removed. are you seeing what i'm seeing, art? >> i see it, brooke. >> what is this? >> we know that el chapo is a tunnel king. i'm not surprised they are looking at manhole covers and any escape routes he could take. we're talking about the mexican marines, they are the cream of the crop. that's who u.s. law enforcement, federal law enforcement go to the fbi, u.s. marshals, that's who they work with in. these takedowns. >> we should be chris call clear. we don't know where they got him. we're looking at street scenes here. but who knows where. i think zeke was telling a producer during break, before an operation, because this happened at 4:30 in the morning, would
11:49 am
they have gone in knowing they were looking for him and gone through any tunnels or opened up any manholes just to prevent any further escape? >> well, a lot of times manholes are used for two purposes. one is to plant explosives in them and also can be used for people to come out of them and use them for shooting purposes. so a lot of times in these operations, especially when the tactical agencies know where they are going, they definitely look at the manhole covers and lift them out and basically the secret service used to do it when the president would come to town, they would weld them shut. they are known for being a problem location. >> and the fact that they did this in the middle of the night, cover of darkness, element of surprise, all of that makes sense. >> yeah, when you're going after fugitives shs the main thing on your side is the element of surprise. if you can catch them off guard,
11:50 am
you're going to catch a little less resistance. but they were ready and there was a pretty substantial fire fight. >> we know it was a substantial fire fight, a deadly fire fight. several people on the el chapo side were killed. art, so now what? they've got him and he comes to the u.s. >> yeah, i mean, when you look at this particular operation, this was more of a military operation as opposed to a law enforcement operation. we knew from the begin. ing when he he escape ued that was really going to be the only way he was going to be captured was through a military operation. now that he's in custody, my understanding is the paperwork has already been signed for his extradition. probably a month or so after his escape, we got. 11 individuals wanted in the u.s. were extradite d back to te u.s. based on extradition. i think his paperwork was signed at that particular time. so it's just going to be a matter of how long he's going to stay in mexican kwus day before he's transferred to the u.s.
11:51 am
marsha marshals to come back to face the charges in eight or nine different districts here in the u.s. >> now that we're seeing the images in mexico, the aftermath, i have a feeling mexico will want us to see the man himself. we'll all stay tuned for more images of the most wanted man here. this drug kingpin. gentlemen, thank you. more breaking news. three gunmen have stormed a tourist hotel in egypt stabbing two swedish tourists. according to egypt's state-run news agency, it happened in hurghada along the red sea coast. security forces have intervened and stopped the attack, as soon as we have more information on what's happening, we'll bring it to you. next, brand new information on the history of the gunman in philadelphia. the one who tried to assassinate this five-year veteran police
11:52 am
officer in the name of isis. we'll be right back. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. while you're watching this, i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us.
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11:55 am
breaking news on what's happened in philadelphia. we know there was an assassination attempt of a five-year veteran police officer. the officer is recovering from serious injuries after this gunman has confessed to wanting to shoot and ultimately kill this police officer in the name of allah. did it for the islamic state. they caught him. they shot him in the butt and that's how they caught this guy that confessed. new details in the criminal history of the gunman in philadelphia, which by the way the hearing of the police
11:56 am
commissioner a little while ago saying his criminal history wouldn't not call it extensive prior gun charges face terrorist threat charge involve some domestic dispute as well with a woman. she said she threatened her and terroristic e threat charge was dropped. i have steve rogers and joey jackson joining me to talk more through this. by the way, can we begin with this police officer. he's sitting in his patrol car. you see the video. arm's length inside, shoots at him point-blank 13 times, somehow he's able to radio in for help and they catch the guy. >> you know how contained it is
11:57 am
in the police car. you're really tight. it's a miracle this officer survived. we said time and again isis is taking a war to the united states. the battlefield is going to to be here. it remains to be seen if he was directed by isis or just one of those disgruntled americans who is taking on the isis image and the police department in philadelphia commissioner did an extraordinary job in bringing to the public. what was necessary. now the investigation is continuing and we're going to find out. how wide ranging is that. on that point, that's huge. >> the reason it's huge is moving forward you want to preserve and protect the police officers in that community. in addition to civilians. it's going to be very important to know is this the lone wolf attack as you can call it where someone just indiscriminately attempted in the name of isis or allah, whatever he did to harm
11:58 am
someone, or is it a lot more involved than that? was it plotted and planned? were other people potentially involved? i think it's going. to be very important for investigators. >> joey brings up a good point. if this was an isis directed attack, our first line of defense, the police on our streets. the police departments across the country, not just in philadelphia, now have to look at their man power allocations. i notice one thing that was a little chilling is the officer was riding alone. they are going to have to team up, put two officers in police cars. new york city we have two or three police officers walking the streets together. this is going to cause police departments to rethink how they are going to dispatch their roles. >> this was last year. the attack in new york city. this has been a directive from isis specifically. we don't know if this came from isis. this could have been someone who
11:59 am
has a criminal history who decided after the fact to try to shoot and kill a police officer is saying it was isis. i did this for isis. we don't know. >> you want to find out. the essence of finding out goes to the issue of protecting and ensuring that the public is okay. if it's him, he's in custody. we're fine. who if anyone else participated. >> the fbi and department of homeland security is involved because they are going to look at the electronic footprints. >> what about the fact that this was a stolen police firearm? >> these things happen. he could have stole a firearm from anywhere. it's hard to track these weapons once they are stolen. how many more are out there? >> stay with me. we have more from you all. let's start hour two. we continue on.
12:00 pm
wow, what a friday. i got a lot of breaking news stories. we're pivoting back and forth between them. we talked about philadelphia. now to this. the man, the fbi has called the most influential drug trafficker in the world has been caught. we are now learn iing from the mexican law enforcement official that several people died as authorities captured the cartel leader known as el chapo. the senior official say the takedown happened at 4:30 in the morning local time in the town. and those killed were from el chapo's organization. the nation's president tweeted immediately quoting him here. mission accomplished. we have him. i want to inform the mexican people that el chapo has been arrested. with me now is journalist and film maker of "drug lord."
12:01 pm
first we're going to go to raphael romo with the late breaking details on how this went down. raphael, tell me everything. >> brooke, we're hearing two different stories from the mexican side. one story is what you have just reported that a mexican source is telling us that there was an operation at 4:30 in the morning and there was a shootout where several people belong iing to e chapo's hitmen died when they faced the mexican navy. that's where he was captured. there was also a press release issued where they say that there was a report of armed people in one house in the city where the marines went. there was some sort of shootout
12:02 pm
but the forces were able to win that battle. what is clear and what the mexican president has confirmed is that the number one most wanted man in mexico and the united states was captured today. mexican officials are also saying within this hour there will be a press conference to confirm some of the details that we have been talking about. this is huge for mexico, brooke. i can't overemphasize this. it is a man they had been looking for for 182 days since he escaped on july 11th last year. this was the second time he escaped. he is the leader of the cartel, a vast criminal organization that traffics cocaine and heroin to the united states as well as other parts of the world, including europe and asia. >> raphael, thank you. you made the movie on el chapo.
12:03 pm
the fact that they have now found him in this sort of deadly fire fight back in his home turf, your reaction to that that he went home. >> when we did the film, what we wanted to prove was that at least everybody knew where he was. he was always there. he always moved around the golden triangle where we went to film. that's where his mother lives. that's where most of his associates come from. i am surprised they recaptured him this fast. i thought that he was not going to allow him to be captured alive because now he knows he's going straight to america or that's what i think is going to happen because the mexicans haven't shown they were able to hold him. now i'm sure the american authorities will want him quickly on american soil. but the big question, for me,
12:04 pm
they've got el chapo but i can guarantee you that not a single kilo of cocaine will be stopped from exporting to america because he has been arrested. the moment there is a fight inside the cartel to see who is going to replace him and i'm sure that somebody will start for his job pretty soon. >> it's interesting what you say about cocaine. he's a wanted man and has a hierarchy in place for if and when he's caught. if you know the core group of the inner circle, who would have been with him potentially in the muld migd middle of the night when they found him? >> it would be security guards that probably grew. up in the same area where he grew up. what i know is that five people
12:05 pm
have been killed and six others have been captured. but it's a big difference compared to the last time they arrested him. last time he was alone with one guy with his wife and with his twins. clearly now he knew that the security situation is difficult for him. and until recently, el chapo did not run from the authorities. el chapo run from his enemies from rival cartels. so now obviously, the area where he was arrested, it's a pretty hot area. there are two different cartels fighting to control that area. and obviously, i think it's not easy to walk around with 12 armed body guards. so i'm surprised they captured him alive. but now if they've captured him alive, what i would like to see is the names of the bankers, the
12:06 pm
lawyers, and all the people who allowed el chapo to become el chapo. >> stay with me. duncan wood, you lead the mexico institute at the wilson center. i think the thing that he said that spoke volumes to me is if we're talking about deaths and injuries in this takedown, the loyalty, the loyalty that these people and his inner circle and i'm sure beyond have to this man is undeniable. >> yeah, i mean, i think it's not just in his inner circle. we have to recognize that within the communities this is a man who has achieved legendary mythical status maybe. he's a man who has provided certain basic social services to poorer mexicans where the mexican government may have failed them. in addition, he's thumbed his
12:07 pm
nose repeatedly at mexican authorities saying come and get me, here i am and weren't able to do it. then he escaped twice from prison. so the guy really does have that legendary status. that's helped him in his attempts to hide from the authorities in the state since he escaped this second time. now the fact is that the cartel as an organization, we have to see it not just as a criminal organization but as a business. recognizes that his interests are closely tied with maintaining some form of legitimacy with the local community there. that's what's led them to support not only el chapo but the crime group in general. >> the fact that he wasn't killed, that he went alive, obviously, we don't know what was said in those final moments before he was hauled off, but what do you think he would have been thinking? what would he have been saying to the marines or the mexican
12:08 pm
navy as they grabbed him? >> pure speculation, but very recently they came close to capturing him. there was another gunfight. e he fell off a cliff and was injured in that. there was another gunfight there. i would imagine he's surprised he's been caught. i think as both have said, this is a a big surprise that the mexican government with enormous help from the u.s. authorities has been able to track him down. so part of his reaction will have been surprise. secondly, i think he's going to be recognizing that extradition is eminent to the united states. he will be thinking about what his strategy is going to be in terms of plea bargaining, turning over information. that can be enormously damaging not just for mexican business interests who may have been involved with the crime group but also for mexican politicians, particularly at the
12:09 pm
local level. it remains to be seen what will happen when he begins to spill that information. but it's going to be incredibly interesting to find out. >> raphael, back to you. remind me of the cases here in the united states that have stacked up against him through the years. >> there are multiple cases in different jurisdictions here in the united states. i can mention the states where he is being sought where he is wanted. arizona, california, texas, illinois, new york and florida. we were talking earlier about the fact that for a long time, officials say that he has used places like chicago as a hub to distribute cocaine and heroin to the united states. so you would expect officials to be talking to mexico right now and seeking a very, very fast extradition to the united states, brooke.
12:10 pm
>> thank you. zeke is back with me. former bounty hunter, very familiar with this sort of extradition process and these centers in mexico where he's likely sitting. but to you, when we learn about this it fatal standoff that multiple agencies were involved, what would that have looked like in the cover of darkness there? >> when you have special operations groups working together, this came together relatively quickly. they did an advance on the location. they got the bearings and where they were going to set up. the hardest thing in mexico is to keep it a secret because of the corruption and when these cartels get ahold of the information prior to the agents going there, you see that we end up with a fire fight.
12:11 pm
so basically i think what's going to happen is i think he will be brought back. he will be brought back by the u.s. marshal service and brought to a federal correction facility here in the united states. >> the u.s. would say this time he's not going anywhere. thank you all so much. we'll come back to you. we have to pivot it to the other breaking story. we're getting new information on this would-be assassination attempt of a police officer. new information on the criminal history. it's extensive and an update on how the officer is doing. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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12:15 pm
we're back with breaking news. i'm brooke baldwin. let's look at our first picture. here he is. this isis inspired gunman who police say ambush ed and shot a philadelphia police officer 13 different times at point-blank range as he confessed in the name of islam. >> he stated that he pledges his allegiance to islamic state. he follows allah and that is the reason he was called upon to do this. >> his assassination attempt caught on surveillance video. you can see how close he gets to this officer in this patrol car running up to the driver's side firing round after round. and in this image, the shooter with his hands and his pistol all the way inside of that patrol car. the officer was alone seat ed i
12:16 pm
there at the other end of this gun. the scene a police commissioner calls the scare yellowstone thing he's ever seen. he spoke about the terror unfolding with the frantic dispatch call. >> shots fired. i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> all cars stand by. we have an officer shot. 6-0 and sproous. repeating in the 18th district assisting officer 6-0 and sproous. we have an officer down. >> please send me some units. it's urgent. >> we have officers in route to you. >> chilling, chilling to listen to that. incredibly 3 of the 13 bullets hit his intended target. the 33-year-old officer expected
12:17 pm
to make a full recovery u. let's take you to philadelphia to my colleague miguel march kwez. tell me more about this -- i want to hear about the officer and how he's doing, but also this gunman and what he said when he confessed. >> this is what officers here are trying to understand right now. is this claim of doing this in the name of isis pledging his allegiance to the islamic state is that anything that is based in reality. is there any certificate of evidence to suggest that he did this on orders from anyone or was encouraged by others or somebody self-motivated and a lone wolf type of character. the incident that occurred here in philadelphia last night and the work by 33-year-old officer is unbelievable. the fact this was an officer who was on routine patrol, had his window down in the west
12:18 pm
philadelphia suburb and was driving along. was flagged down by this individual and to see those photographs one after another after another shot inside the car as you say at one point then the officer chases him down, shoots him in the butt, stops him so other officers can arrest him all while losing blood. the officer is badly hurt. one of the bullets broke a bone with extensive nerve damage as well. it's not clear how well he will do. the fact that he was bleeding, speaking to the dispatch er, shooting this guy, taking him down and directing other police to him just defies logic. the police commissioner was shocked he survived. the fact that he lost so much blood along the way is incredible. but now police looking into the life of edward archer and trying to figure out everything about him and just how real that claim
12:19 pm
of doing this in the name of islamic state is. >> wishing that officer a speedy recovery despite what happened to him. incredible what he was able to do. thank you. i have steve rogers with me, former terrorism task force and michael smerconish. who calls philadelphia his home. >> unbelievable. >> and gives chase. unbelievable. thank god he's alive. i just came up from philadelphia. he's what's on people's minds. we consider ourselves to be a world class city. we have the liberty bell and national constitution center. the pope just visited. the democrats are coming this summer. we're now wondering what form of terror has just hit the city of brotherly love. it's some form of terror. was it connected to is this guy just off and committing these crimes in the
12:20 pm
name of isis. does it matter if it spurs copy cats. has terror reached our city limits. apparently so. >> the police chief calling his history extensive. prior gun charges, faced terroristic threat charge, threatened a woman in domestic dispute. that was dropped. also pled guilty for simple assault. trying to connect the dots. >> doesn't this speak to career criminals. they have to go behind bars and stay there forever. this is a nightmare of police officers. we put them behind bars. a year or two and some of the worst criminals are released to go back out ob the streets and commit crimes. you're right, my friend. the battle is here.
12:21 pm
the first line of defense is now a victim of terrorism. we don't know and don't want to lead people to believe this is a terrorist connection, but it could be a a lone wolf home grown terrorist act. we have to worry about copy cats. very worried about that. >> so moving forward, we talked about -- i read about the hatchet attack a year ago here in new york. . and isis issued this directive to whoever to freelance for terrorists to run them over and here you see what happened in paris. it is frightening. they need to find out more as far as motivation is concerned. >> they need to the department of homeland security needs to start sending more funding to local police departments. they need the money for the equipment. but especially the intelligence gathering apparatus. they need a lot of that here on
12:22 pm
the ground. >> it's the first week of a new administration. a new mayor. michael nutter was on our air last night talking about the gun event with the president. we have a brand new police commissioner. we had a world class police commissioner. he's just left the job. so three, four days in, this is what they are dealing with. >> when i saw those gentlemen, this new administration, handle this admirably for the nation to see howed admirably it's put together. >> the first concern is the well being of the police officer and figuring out what this is about. tomorrow in the next day, the political ramifications of this. it will be fatter immediately. >> you have a lot on your table come tomorrow morning. thank you both so much. from philadelphia to mexico we go. we have been get. ing late breaking e details on this arrest vvling multiple
12:23 pm
agencies swooping in the middle of the night. this is el chapo's home turf. they caught him. we have video and pictures inside of the raid. we'll share that with you, next here on cnn. you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently. it's a prescription antibiotic that acts mainly in the digestive tract. do not use xifaxan if you have a history of sensitivity to rifaximin, rifamycin antibiotic agents, or any components of xifaxan. tell your doctor right away if your diarrhea worsens while taking xifaxan, as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications, because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body.
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[ applause ]
12:27 pm
there's a lot of people out there who don't trust you on the issue of guns. you keep saying you don't want to take away everybody's guns. a lot of people in this room don't believe you. >> i would thank everybody who made this conversation possible. >> the town hall just wrapped two minutes ago. the president took a moment to walk around and shake hands with almost everyone in the room and then he was escorted out with secret service. it was a tremendous moment here live on cnn. this town hall space at george mason university. i want to get immediate reaction from some of the folks here in the audience and who got to ask questions of the president of the united states. let's ask. >> you were the very first question. >> your message of hope is something i agree with. it's great. i think that by creating new laws, you do give people hope. the thing is that the laws that we create don't stop these
12:28 pm
horrific things from happening, right? that's a very tough pill to swallow. e we want to think that we can make a lot of people follow it. by. the nature of their crime, they are not following it. >> were you satisfied with the president's answer? >> i think that unfortunately a lot of this isn't time to get deeper into issues, but there's more i wanted to say and would like to ask him to not use executive order and go through the due process and all of that. i think there's a very tactful way to answer all of the good questions that were here tonight without fully answering them. he got. close sometimes, but i also think there are some things he kind of skirted around without answering. the sheriffs question was not answered directly. >> what i wanted to hear from the president is we all want to get to the solution. i'm a cop. i want people safe. . that's what we do for our jobs. we put our lives on the line. we don't want to see anybody hurt. certainly not killed.
12:29 pm
how do we get to this issue when it's mainly criminals who get their name because they don't follow the law. the real issue is those with mental health concerns and criminals. >> i feel like there's going to be a figure head for each side of the issue. it doesn't necessarily represent the entire population of the united states. neither one of those represents perfectly the large number of people in this country. >> when i see you, i think about my own youth. i wasn't that different from you. probably not as articulate and maybe more of a goof off, but the main difference was i lived in a more forgiving environment. >>. his answer to me really inspired me. >> i don't know how many times he can e explain or say it. he's not trying to take guns away. he's trying to curb the illegal guns and easy access to guns to people who are going to use them for bad things. children are dying on the
12:30 pm
streets of chicago. i think of how many times, what does he have to do to say i'm not trying to take your guns away. i just want to save some lives. >> you guys be in favor of removing restrictions for honest americans that want to be able to buy firearms to protect thmss? are you on that side as well? >> i don't think that honest americans who want to buy firearms now are currently being denied that right. >> this is a country that was founded on the principle of basic authority. >> this is just an example of how difficult this discussion is. town hall is long over. these two are back and forth representing two very important pieces of a discussion. we're so glad we had this discussion tonight here at george mason with the president
12:31 pm
and folks like this. good folks like this, the conversation needs to continue. >> just reminder we are airing once again if you haven't seen it, you have to see this. the town hall between president obama and members of the public, people who have been affected by gun violence and members of the nra. an important conversation we're airing it tonight at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. developing political news now involving senator ted cruz and whether his canadian birthplace could prevent him from become. ing president of the united states. presidential nominee mitt romney now weighing in on the issue. i have sara murray with more on that. what is mitt romney said? >> romney has weighed in on this time to time on twit r. he's doing it again today. he tweeted that ted cruz is a natural born citizen. obama too. even george romney. he tweets this isn't the issue
12:32 pm
you are looking for. and this is interesting because he invokes his dad on this. this is a question his father faced. george romney was born to american participants but he was born in mexico. he was interesting to see the former standard barer weighing in saying we shouldn't be having this discussion. i was with ted cruz earlier this morning at one of his events here in iowa and he was asked about this by one of the voters who said can you just put this to rest. can we put this to bed for the voters of northern iowa and explain why you are a citizen. it is clear that this question is percolating down to voters. whether it's the kind of thing that will change people's minds, whether they think it's something that could be a problem for him later down the road, i think that remains to be seen. >> sara murray, thank you so much on this whole back and forth over ted cruz. . thank you so much. let's e get straight to brian
12:33 pm
todd, who has information on the other breaking story of the el chapo arrest in mexico. >> just got. off the phone with a mexican official. dramatic details of the capture today. it looks like this follows the pattern of his escapes and everything else he's done recently. just incredible drama in the operation. a mexican official says this operation began at 4:30 in the morning local time when mexican special forces closed in on his house in the city where he is from. they did some house searches before that. this official says there was a shootout. five people were killed, mexican officials say it was all on el chapo side of the gun battle. six people were arrested, one mexican marine was injured in this. it looks like el chapo had quite a lot of fire power with him. this mexican official telling me that eight rifles were seized and an undetermined number of rocket launchers were taken in this operation. two vehicles were seized.
12:34 pm
i've been talking to experts who say they are awe little bit surprised he went out of this alive. they thought because he did not want to go to the united states to face charges that he might go out in a blaze of glory, but he was captured today. this was not without casualties. five people killed, six arrested, one mexican marine injured this this very dramatic operation in the predawn hours. >> that is exactly what i have heard also from people who made movies about this man, covered him for the last two decades, cannot believe they took him alive. we'll look to e see more of your repo reporting. we're wait iing for a news conference to get more e details on the arrest in mexico. this is massive news. standby for that. dog the bounty hunter will join us live, coming up. diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers.
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12:38 pm
let's get to it. more on our breaking story as we're waiting for this news conference to happen any moment now. we have learned mexico has recaptured the world's most infamous drug lord el chapo. any minute now, mexican authorities will be holding a news conference to find out how they pulled this it off. we do have new pictures. look at this. we were hearing about all the rifles and the weaponry that was found here as part of this it takedown.
12:39 pm
now you're seeing it. this is western mexico. mexican law enforcement official telling cnn that several mbs of his organization died during this fire fight, during this takedown. i have duane chapman on the phone, dog the bounty hunter. great to have you call in here. let me just begin -- listen, this part of mexico is pretty much as dangerous as it goes. the fact that -- talk to me about the terrain and how it's difficult to even get close to el chapo's home turf. >> thank you, and yes, the terrain is terrible. it's rocky, hilly, a lot of brush. if you wanted to hide, you pick mexico and exactly where e he did. when he first went out wanted, i assumed and said if you're going to catch him this time, you better. have the united states marines with you because he's going to go down in a shootout.
12:40 pm
that's exactly what happened. they got him, but there's a lot of people lost their lives. >> that's right, people lost their lives and were injured. in your experience as far as what you know in mexico, the fact that this happened at his home. they were searching other homes. this is around 4:30 in the morning. what multiple agencies here involved, the best of the best in mexico, are you surprised they took him alive? >> i'm very surprised they took him alive because that's very surprising. but this is the greatest manhunt that right now in america in the world that we have ever seen. the reason they caught him is exactly what you said. both agencies worked together. years ago you could run to mexico and hide and that's not happening anymore. they just caught ethan couch down there. now el chapo.
12:41 pm
there's nowhere in the world for these guys to hide anymore. >> dog, who would he have been with? talk about loyalty of an inner circumstanle and beyond within community. they all know and revere this leader of this cartel. who would have been with him to have been involved in the fire fight? >> well, who would have been with him is his gang. el chapo had one of the most extensive gangs, loyal guys in the world because of the money he mad. this guy is a billionaire. it's incredible that he was at his house. just like osama bin laden, he was at his house. don't these guy. s learn. they don't think that the government is going to come after them like that. so very incredible. i doubt if there were too many family members because usually they sent the family away. but it's incredible they found him at his house.
12:42 pm
again in the predawn raid at 4:00 a.m., they got him. >> now what? the papers are signed and i'm hearing from our reporting that he gets extradited to the united states. where would he even go and what's that process of extradition? >> well, the process of extradition changes constantly between mexico and america. there is extradition if he's going to do more than i think 40 years mexico won't let him go back, but it's changing monthly these laws about mexico and america. i think that we have made a deal with the mexican authorities that if they caught el chapo, we would put him in a mexican prison. that conversation was happening when the two inmates escaped from the big new york prison. so everyone was like, yeah, you go. to mexico and you get right out. well, you come to america you can get right out too. i would suspect one of the top in america, one of the top
12:43 pm
federal institutions is in where i was raised, colorado. so i would suspect they would put him in colorado. for him to say he'd never get out again, for someone to say that, you can't say that. whatever a man can build, a man can escape out of it. pi you would think the best place is put him in america where he doesn't have as many loyal friends and family members. >> no tunnels and makeshift motorcycles and pilots on the ready in florence, colorado, that is for sure. dog the bounty hunter, thank you for calling in. again, watching and wait iing f a a news conference to get new details as far as how this arrest went down in mexico. in the meantime, new information today as far as this would be assassination attempt in philadelphia. we now have new information on this shooter who apparently pledged his allegiance to allah
12:44 pm
and did it in the name of the islamic state and what we're learning about the gun he used and his extensive criminal history. that, next. you both have a perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509
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i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. he was, quote, called upon to do this and this is what authorities are saying about this man we now have a name. edward archer and here he is. police say he told them he follows allah and that he opens fire on an unsuspecting police officer in the name of isis. this man has been arrested for this terrorist attack against an officer, the 33-year-old who has been on the force for five years. sitting in the patrol car when a
12:48 pm
man approached him and then opened fire. firing 13 rounds point-blank range deep into this it patrol car here. investigators say he was trying to, quote, execute the officer. joining me now is buck sexton, counterterrorism analyst. buck, good to see you, sir. this story out of philadelphia, phenomenal, hearing from the police commissioner saying despite all of this, we see the images. it's chilling. the fact he was then able to chase the man, shoot him, stop him, radio in for help, that's one piece of it. the other piece is this man saying confessing he did it for islamic state. >> the perpetrator here checks a lot of boxes. so you would have to call a terrorism at his word because an individual can engage in an act of violence in some political cause whether it's a realistic cause doesn't matter. one person can be a terrorist. we have seen this many times over. but he also has this long history of criminality, mental
12:49 pm
illness, he checks a a number of boxes. mental illness and jihadism and terrorism are by no means exclusive. it's tough to tell which one may have been the predominant fac r factor. it's possible these two things coincided. he might have had issues with mental health in the past and also be a devout muslim who thought isis was asking him. not just to attack in the west, but specifically to law enforcement. >> this is like the worst fear in terms of law enforcement, trying to protect us and here they have to worry about a lone wolf. >> it's hard to defend against. this officer is both lucky to be alive and also showed, a tremendous amount of bravery and skill on the spot to get out of the car, return fire. there's little that can be done to prevent this kind of attack. if somebody snaps like this and it was a stolen firearm, so that's not at issue. somehow he got into. a police officer's home and stole the weapon. so this just is one of these attacks that isis is hoping will
12:50 pm
continue to happen. whether they actually have contact with the person or not in this case i would guess they didn't. but whether they have contact doesn't matter. it creates this fear, it puts us on edge puts us all on edge tha enforcement as well as all the rest of us could be at target any point in time. >> putting on your political hat at the moment, i'm also wondering what the headline will be in 24, 48 hours as far as on the trail, right? we've already seen a tweet from jeb bush praying for officer hartnett, threats from home grown radicalism continue to grow. we need a president who will lead the fight against it. how do you see this playing out politically? >> well, i think all the republican candidates are going to seize upon this to once again say that they think president obama has not done a good enough job at defending the homeland against terrorism. there's just momentum now it seems the president doesn't have a handle on this. that's just evidence by the polls, the american people a solid majority of them now think the president's not doing a good enough job against isis in iraq or syria or in defense of the homeland. i think you'll see all of the republican candidates trying to make that case, whether the
12:51 pm
american people actually care in a few months or not we'll have to see. >> again, you see what's happened in ramadi and some gains made. i know you can argue against me, but again, perspective. buck sexton, thank you very much. >> thank you. let's pivot and talk once again as we're getting new video. let's roll it and look at it together. the arrest -- guys, get in my ear and tell me if this is post arrest -- transfer. oh, thank you. this is the transfer of "el chapo." let me bring in former u.s. marshal to walk me through. there he is is that him with a towel over his head into the plane? >> yeah. thags the image that we've received shows reportedly transfer of "el chapo." this is in the early hours of the morning. and this video shows the moment in which joaquin "el chapo" guzman is being transferred on a government airplane. there you have it right there. he's covered by some sort of white piece of cloth.
12:52 pm
he's being transferred to mexico city by members of the mexican navy who conducted this predawn raid. as you can see, brooke, there's a lot of fire power there. and they're doing -- this is a military operation setting up perimeter, looking at all sides because "el chapo" guzman has a lot of followers, has a lot of loyalists who would not think twice about attacking the mexican navy even under these circumstances. and so these are the first images we get to see "el chapo" guzman already in custody of mexican authorities, brooke. >> and, rafael, as we're playing this on loop you'll see wait for the left side of krour screen there's a guy with a cell phone taking a picture. this is such a big, big deal not just in mex cobut globally this arrest. this multibillionaire obviously made his fortune in trafficking
12:53 pm
drugs, what do you know about the arrest, the takedown, the weapons that were found in his home? >> "el chapo" guzman and his people had a lot of fire power. we're talking about at least eight high caliber rifles. also rocket launchers that were found where he was hiding in that house. so last time that he was captured he was found alone with just a couple of relatives at his home. it was not the case this time around. he had a number of people with him. and according to sources with the mexican government we know that five people killed -- were killed in the shootout. six more were arrested. and on the side of the mexican forces at least one soldier was injured. so he didn't get out of that house happily as you can imagine. and it was a military operation. now, an interesting point, brooke, is that the mexican
12:54 pm
government issued a press release earlier saying that there was a report of people armed in a house and that's what started the situation. so it makes you wonder exactly how they found him and whether they had prior information before they attacked this house, brooke. >> waiting for new details from that news conference out of mexico. i'm sure they'll take it on the lead with john berman in just a moment. rafael, thank you so much. we did send our correspondent nick valencia to mexico. you all know about the massive highly orchestrated escape out of that maximum security prison last july when "el chapo" got away, the tunnels, right? well, nick went deep into those tunnels to show you what happened. >> this is the closest that we've been allowed to get to "el chapo" tunnel, the tunnel he used in his brazen escape on saturday night. it is by all accounts a magnificent feat of engineering. let's come on in and see exactly
12:55 pm
what "el chapo" here had in store. this is a small little exit, just a couple feet wide and a couple feet long, you see with a ladder. maybe about 10, 15 foot ladder that leads down into that tunnel. the room here is nothing to brag about. it's empty, full of sincinder blocks. you can see these containers full of dirt here, these wheelbarrows full of dirt. here we go. okay. here's another ladder leading down into another part, deeper part, deeper section of the tunnel. it's a ways down. you can see here this is the modified motorcycle that investigators showed us images
12:56 pm
of before. this is on a track. it rolls back and forth. you see that. there's buckets left behind. and look at this, left behind oxygen tanks as well in order for them to survive down here. it is a very tight space. i can't even stand up. i'm about 5'10", i can't even stand up all the way. it is just remarkable feat of engineering. the tunnel stretches for more than a mile, carved out earth here. this modified train track for that minimotorcycle, you see here electricity lines. it's very difficult to breathe down here. a lot of dirt, dust. this here for the ventilation system. tight, tight space down here. but for a man known as "el chapo" -- >> unbelievable. nick valencia, thank you so much for those tunnels in mexico, how he escaped. again, we're watching and waiting for that news conference out of mexico how they have arrested now "el chapo." special coverage continues right after this.
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this is cnn breaking news. welcome to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake tapper. we are following two big breaking stories. new video just in of one of the world's most wanted men captured today in mexico. drug kingpin "el chapo," juan guzman, now in police custody. you will see him being transferred to an airplane here. he walks out of that car, moving into an airplane. there he is. that is our first sight of him since he was captured in a dramatic raid. we are waiting for a news conference from the mexican president, that is expected to begin any minute. but first, breaking news in our national lead. an urgent warning going out to law enforcement after a gunman tried to