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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 10, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> we recognize expert involvement and oversight is essential to assuring our neighbors and customers and the general public this accident is being addressed as safely and expeditiously as possible. >> reporter: there are a lot of people here who support the proposed plan of action but others called on the site to be shut down for good. they also accuse the gas company and state regulatory agencies of dragging their feet to address the problem. >> they've had their thanksgiving, they've had their hanukkah, they've had their christmas, they've had their new year's, they've had their family celebrations all disrupted because of irresponsible actions of state to the gas company. >> that was victor blackwell reporting. next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. hello again, thanks for joining me, i'm fredricka wit feel. stunning new details in the capture of the world's most
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wanted man, el chapo guzman, new revelations of a secret meeting that may have led to the drug lord's arrest. after years of planning, sean penn secured a meeting at an undisclosed meeting in mexico to write a feature article for "rolling stone." "rolling stone" obtained a two-minute video believed to be guzman's first recorded interview in decades. >> penn's meeting made possible by a mutual connection, mexican actress kate del castillo. now mexican authorities want to question both actorsen it unclear if there will be legal fallout for their meeting with a
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known fugitive. penn's piece he writes, quote, i take no pride in keeping secrets that may be perceived as protecting criminals. as an american citizen, i'm drawn to explore what may be inconsistent with betrayals our government and media brand on their declared enemies. to mexico and cnn's nick valencia live on the story. nick? >> reporter: hey there, fredricka. this interview published a day and a half after the capture of guzman. and in this interview we hear from the drug kingpin in his own words speaking candidly about his life and his role in the drug trafficking world. >> reporter: for the first time we hear from the drug kingpin
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himself. despite being on the run, the drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman agree tauz to an intervi with sean penn. a plot twist to an already surreal story. in a report fror "rolling stone," penn writes, the pair met face-to-face october 2015, 3 months after el chapo's brazen prison escape. according to penn the meeting happened in the middle of a mexican jungle and included tequila and tacos. his irrational fear of being watched by armed drones and surprised by el chapo's quote shifbleery. replies sent who asked the questions offcamera.
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the meeting was brokered by mexican actress, indicate del castillo, 2012 when del castillo reportedly developed a friendship with el chapo, after posting a series of tweets, critical of the mexican government. while celebrating the notorious drug trafficker. del castillo has not commented since publication of the "rolling stone" article saturday. cnn has reached out to her. their communication continued over the course of the next three years, even after the 2014 arrest of el chapo, that landed him here at the penitentiary. they stayed in touch via blackberry messages and letters. it was that relationship between del castillo and el chapo that eventually led to the meeting between sean penn and notorious drug lord. a month of back door dealings that included encrypted messages, disposable phones and clandestine nun communications with el chapo associates. el chapo talks about drug trafficking, violence, and his
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role in it all. >> reporter: a senior mexican law enforcement official tells cnn they want to question both del castillo and penn, specifically, about the location where the meeting took place. we're getting contradictory information from the mexican government as to whether or not they knew about this meeting between el chapo and sean penn. senior law enforcement official in mexico tells me that the mexican government had no idea about this meeting until it was
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published on "rolling stone." however, another source tells cnn that the mexican government was well aware this meeting was happening. it does, however, beg the question, fred, why it took them an additional three months to pinpoint the location of el chapo. >> wonder what people are saying if the mexican authorities did know and didn't follow up right away, was that a security issue potentially to make sure that sean penn and others may have gotten out of country on time and what would have been the psychology to sitting 0en that information not acting on it? >> reporter: you know, we wish we could have the answer. i'd like to know, as a matter of fact. one source telling us one thing, another telling us something completely din. whether or not the mexican government trying to save face because this legacy of el chapo has been embarrassing to the country the president. they touted the capture back in 2014 only to have the legacy by
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the escape in 2015 in july. a din tone on friday, celebrating the accomplishment, saying mission accomplished. residents here in rural areas have more faith and trust in cartels than their own government. you saw what the famous actress kate del castillo said, the one that brokered that meeting between penn and el chapo, taking to twitter to say she had more faith and confidence in the drug trafficker than her own president. fred? >> nick valencia, thank you so much. let's talk more about the mexican actress, kate del castillo. a key player in the secret meeting. she's best known for her dramatic performance as a leader 0 of a drug cartel in a popular telenovela. [ speaking foreign language ] >> so she's starred in some american productions. i want to bring in cnn's rafael romo to take us back into the
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career of del castillo and her prominence. >> her role and link to el chapo guzman. started in 2012, with a tweet in which she said that she trusted el chapo more than the mexican government and the tweet, as you can imagine, generated a lot of controversy. but apparently opened some secret doors into the underworld of mexican drug cartels. >> reporter: this is the woman sean penn says served as link swe between him and el chapo guzman. kate del castillo famous in mexico for a long time but americans only introduced in recent years. she has appeared in films like last year's "no good deed" a thriller about a man who escapes from prison. >> i tried to wait. >> reporter: the 43-year-old also played mexican crime boss on season five of the showtime series "weeds" in 2009. after a successful career as
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soap opera actress in mexico, del castillo rose to fame thanks to telemundo series "the queen of the south" in the series, she plays a woman, who through a mix of tragic and fortunate events, becomes a drug queen, thriller partially based on a true story. she raised eyebrows in 2012 when posted a tweet about el chapo. today i believe more in el chapo guzman than in the governments that hide the truth from me even though it is painful, del castillo wrote. she later reflected on an interview on cnn in espagnole that more than a compliment to el chapo, her message was a criticism to the mexican political class. >> translator: we know what he does, we know what his profession is. the others sometimes are worse criminals, and have numbed us, and hide everything from us. >> reporter: after el chapo escaped last july, she told cnn she was dumbfounded.
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>> translator: i feel very sorry about that because i always defend mexico. first of all, i'm mexican and i get angry when in the united states people say bad things about mexico and i defend mexico. but the moment comes when you can't defend that which is indefensible. >> reporter: in her roles in film or tv, she's been at odds with the law multiple times. now, after helping sean penn get an interview with el chapo, she may be in trouble for real. mexican authorities told cnn they want to question her. >> and kate del castillo published a controversial letter to el chapo where she asked him some provocative questions. listen to this, she says, mr. chap poe, wouldn't it be cool if you started trafficking in goodness, she says in the letter. listen to this, later she writes, let's traffic with love, you know how. >> and that's loose interpretation, right? because i guess at first, even when i first heard it, i thought, that sounds flirtatious.
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but knowing she's an activist also, perhaps this was just another way of her saying, you tell me if this is right or wrong here, instead of something so violent such as drug trafficking why can't you find some other line of work? it's not really it was meant she's flirting with him. >> exactly right. what she explained in that cnn espagnole interview her real message was more a criticism of mexican political class and the message to el chapo himself was, you are very smart man. you're a businessman. why don't you, instead of trafficking with cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, start trafficking with something that will create some good for society. so, her point is, i'm not glorifying el chapo, i'm just saying, let's do things in a different way and, oh, by the way, let's change the entire political system in mexico. >> fascinating stuff. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it.
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anonymous mexican federal law enforcement official told the associated press the meeting between sean penn and el chapo guzman took place in a community in durango state that neighbors the home of guzman's drug cartel. penn, del castillo, two handlers self-financed a chartered flight from los angeles to this undisclosed location. a convoy of improvised armored suvs picks them up. penn's driver accelerating to speeds over 100 miles per hour, taken to a dirt airfield an hour and a half away. two single engine prop planes fly them to a mountainous region two hours away. two suvs drive seven hours through dense young toll el chapo's compound. and if true, this location is about 11 miles from los mochi.
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and. what kind of local trouble is sean penn possibly facing after this meeting and how investigators tracked el chapo down. understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. sean penn possibly facing after
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nemexican authorities want question sean penn and actress kate del castillo after the two met with drug king, el chapo
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guzman. revealing the secret meeting and interview in october took place at an undisclosed location in mexico. believed to be guzman's first interview here in decades. anonymous mexican law enforcement official saying this meeting, and other leads helped authorities capture him on friday. let's discuss this now. joining me now, former atf executive matthew horris, joey jackson, brian seltzer. it's not illegal for anybody to go to mexico, but in what way might officials now examine the circumstances that surrounded sean penn and how could that potentially lead to charges? >> good afternoon, fredricka. i think, taking a step back, though, looking at it, you're looking at essentially a meeting that sean penn had with an international drug lord, if you will, a person who certainly a
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fugitive and who's wanted. legal questions turn on whether or not he harbored a fugitive in any way, obstruct justice in any way, hinder prosecution or apprehension. without more and simply meeting the legal response becomes, no, from what i know now, he had a meeting with a fugitive and while that may seem to be, you know, extraordinarily distasteful to many and potentially morally, i don't know, irresponsible for those people, you know, who believe that, the fact is, to what extent did he provide any material support or material assistance. and the further question for the authorities, when they do speak with him is, will he speak to them? certainly is a crime if you misrepresent something to a federal authority. but he certainly could exercise his right not to speak at all. you can look for sean penn, authorities can find sean penn, but does he have to cooperate? he has a right against self-incrimination and all of 0 the constitutional rights certainly that, you know, an american would have. so, in light of that without knowing more, fredricka, i don't
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see the criminality involved. >> matthew, you've heard on cnn here there are conflicting reports about whether mexican authorities knew about where el chapo was. before this "rolling stone" magazine went to print, so do you see conceivably that authorities would be able to track el chapo and sit on it for months before going in to capture him. to what advantage? >> if there were a tactical advantage that placed people's likes at risks, perhaps. he's known as one of the most violent and dangerous criminals in the worlden being wanted adds to that pie. there's a slew of people by their behavior sort of implicit in some sort of criminality because, let's face it, that plan, as you described, required careful planning, execution, and at the end of the day, there were any number of people from sean penn's camp communicating
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with known dangerous and violent criminals. >> you see a lot of potential you know, involvement but do you think mexico would pursue those people? they've got the big fish now. >> go back now, u.s. and mexico should go back with authorities we have and look at those communications between sean penn's camp and el chapo's people. >> brian, talk about how this, a, very unusual meeting then leads to a very unusual publication in "rolling one" and so many questions about how involved "rolling stone" may have been to help facilitate this meeting, help provide financing, we know that sean penn, you know, reportedly financed the journey himself. but to what degree might "rolling stone" be at question about its involvement and the allowance of this to go to print? >> people like me are asking those questions, and "rolling stone" flatly refusing to comment on the ethical and legal
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questions here. i've asked have you been contacted by investigators, they're not saying. imagine the phone call, that the famous publisher of "rolling stone" got. those guy's been in the business decades, music publicing legend, sean penn says i've got el chapo. he's willing to meet me, will be to be interviewed. it's like a breathtaking conversation. in fact, "rolling stone" said, bring back a picture. we want to see you photograph with him in order to make this is legit. once he did the meeting, there's a whole other set of questions. they gave el chapo the right to read the story ahead of time and approve it. "rolling stone" says there were no changes requested but that's an exceedingly unusual choice by a news outlet, usually would not happen at cnn or "the washington post" or "wall street journal" but "rolling stone" is music magazine, a different kind of pub indication, and they decided it was worth it in this case. >> what are the legal ramifications for this public indication "rolling stone," meaning what stage did they know, did they help encourage
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this meeting? they, too, keeping silent, does that put them in a bind legally, potentially? >> again, fredricka, without more, i don't see it. i know it's an extraordinary event to have sean penn and his people go and it's an international fugitive, but ultimately, it's not a crime to speak to a fugitive. it's not a krcrime to take a picture with a fugitive. talking about rendering material aid, support, something of that nature, it rises to a level that we could start talking about criminality. but we know there's journalistic sort of artistry that sean penn engaged in. he goes, meets with him, as a result of that meeting, he gets certainly a lot of information out of el chapo, which is good, as a result of this meet, the authorities are able to capture el chapo, which is good. so his people, sean penn's attorneys are going to say, what's the issue here? and you know, and that's ultimately what it's going to come to. >> we don't know if this helped authorities or not, right?
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>> right. >> they must have egg on their face today thinking this actor was able to find this guy months before they were. i do think that's a question mark there. >> all right. and quickly, there's a what's next, you might have the head of the big cartel but the business continues. what does law enforcement do now? >> hopefully they'll be some mechanism where he can be extradited back to the united states and taken to a super max facility like florence, colorado or somewhere like that, where suspects get an hour a day out of the cell blocks. i think that will be the answer. if they stays in mexico we risk the same result as before. >> i think he gave this interview he knows he's not going to be free again and wanted to be on the record about his life. >> i wonder, too. >> he may or may not be extradited. that's a discussion we can have a long time. political implications behind that, legal, procedural. >> good to see all of you. we'll be right back. dad, you can just drop me off right here.
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tightrati races in both political parties we get closer to the caucuses. hillary clinton is at this event in new hampshire to pick up endorsement from planned parenthood. donald trump is holding a rally in reno, nevada, and he's at the
1:26 pm
podium. all of the while a new nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll showing bernie sanders nearly tied hillary clinton in iowa, 48%, 45%. in new hampshire, sanders ahead of clinton, 50% to 46% among voters. republican race in iowa, jut as tight between texas senator ted cruz and donald trump. 28% to donald trump's 24%. let's bring in our national political reporter. so, mave what is he talking about? >> reporter: well, he just started, again, these attacks on ted cruz, that we have been hearing in recent days questioning whether or not ted cruz is a natural born citizen, though he was born to an american mother in canada. the crowd, some people shouting, in conspiracy of donald trump as you said. others, you know, saying that this is not a huge issue but a
1:27 pm
big enthusiastic crowd here. you hear donald trump right now talking about this citizenship issue that he's trying to raise as an issue particularly iowa where ted cruz is surging in polls. >> and so, is his style or is it content of what he's saying? is it changing at all? you've been covering him a long time on the campaign trail, seldom uses a script. he kind of talks and talks and talks. i thought that he was going to be taking questions as we get closer to the caucus. is he planning to do that today? >> he's not. as far as we know, thus far, he's really just talking to the crowd about his poll numbers, about some of his policies, drawing out contrasts with hillary clinton, ted cruz. but right now, he's really trying to rally voters.
1:28 pm
he's told them many times to register as they leave blaecaus here in nevada you have to be registered to caucus. that's really important. he's working on his ground game, getting people excited today. maeve reston, appreciate it. a journalist following el chapo story for years explains why his meeting with sean penn is so bizarre. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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1:32 pm
mexican law officials say the meeting and other leads helped authorities capture him friday. but another mexican official tells cnn the government did not know about the penn's interview. penn's meeting was made possibly by mutual connection, mexican actress kate del castillo. the two chartered a plane to undisclosed location and the site was near the durango state of mexico, tamazula. he details the circumstances. penn says el chapo hugged him upon arrival, they ate catered mexican food, drank tequila, talked for several hours. it unclear if there will be any legal fallout for penn's meeting with the noej fugitive. let's talk more about this with annabel hernandez, she's been investigating el chapo for 15 years, and is the author of the book on the mexican drug wars, "narco land, the mexican drug
1:33 pm
lords and their godfathers." good to see you. so, help us understand, you know, he was notorious, el chapo was well-known and feared. why would he want more publicity? >> well, really, what i understand after all of this is that, for the first time, i think that the world can see who is really el chapo guzman. when i started to make this investigation in 2005, i really believed in this need created by the mexican government and by the u.s. government about these very smart, intelligent, and complicated man. but when i started to really be deep inside the cartel, i realized el chapo guzman is just almost no one. he's a very simple man.
1:34 pm
he's almost illiterate. he -- he, he's not as smarter as the government wished to show. he's really a primitive man. he used to take a lot of drugs. he's very violent. and the only thing that explains how these men that have this meeting with kate del castillo, the only thing that explains how this man can really run this huge business is just the corruption, the corruption not just in mexico. the corruption in united states and ever where where he's able to -- >> you're explaining he would want to rewrite his reputation? he was illiterate, he was a simple man, and then in that video, he describes himself as
1:35 pm
really having no other options but to traffic drugs and that there are no other jobs. he even says, look at the economy of mexico. you don't have too many options. so, he's also trying to win pity or some empathy from people? >> well, at first, it's important to really understand that he's a criminal. this man is involved in thousands of deaths in mexico. this man is not an angel. this man is a very terrible criminal. so let's pit in context that. of course in mexico, as you know, as everyone knows, exists many people that really, really, really poor. more than 50 millions of people is really poor.
1:36 pm
is all of the 50 millions involved in organized crime? no. of course, always different options. this guy took their options. and it's not way to justify all of the crime, all of this corruption, all of this innocent people dead. >> so, annabel, what is the feeling about he is captured, you know, forget the whole meeting with sean penn, but he is captured, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the drug trafficking is going to stop. so is the feeling from people that he will still, his cartel, will still continue even without his presence or direction? >> it important to understand that the cartel is much more than el chapo guzman. it has two leaders. one, el chapo guzman. the other one is a man who never
1:37 pm
have been in jail, never. even trafficking drugs by the case. he never was in jail. so, the cartel has a very, very strong structure, so nothing will change. remember, el chapo guzman was arrested february of 2014. >> right. >> the mexican government tried to show to the world that, okay, we got him, he's under control, he will pay for all of his crimes. nothing of this happened. >> right. >> since arrested, i start investigate how was his life inside this jail. when i discovered he -- by the first day he was just housed in this jail. he has a lot of privilege. that's why he's able to escape. so nothing -- >> all right.
1:38 pm
annabel, hernandez, very fascinating. thank you for your insight. appreciate it. all right. an american woman has been killed in italy, and italian police are treating it as a homicide. live to italy and find out more on who this woman is. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at ♪ ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice
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welcome back. following a developing story out of italy, an american woman found murdered. police there say they've officially opened a homicide investigation after ashley olson, an artist from florida, found dead in her apartment in florence and vowed maximum attention to finding her killer. u.s. state department confirmed her death. police discovered olson with bruises and scratches around her neck. police questioned her boyfriend, also an artist but have no suspects so far. friends described her as gentle and say she was well-known around florence for walking her
1:42 pm
beagle. joining me now, the rome bureau chief for "the daily beast." what more do we foe about this investigation, barbie? >> reporter: well, it is really a tragic story. a woman who moved to italy two years ago to start her life over, as she said, on her facebook page, after her marriage in florida fell apart. she came to italy, where her father was living and teaching at a university, an art university there. to start her life over. she, for all we can tell from her social networking sites and friends we've talked to had a very happy life there. a good group of supportive friends, well-known in the art community, you know, well-known in her neighborhood of florence, quite an affluent neighborhoods where artists and creative people live and gather. and this homicide is very much a mystery. police are very, veried aay ada while they've talked to the boyfriend, several friends they do not have a suspect.
1:43 pm
the boyfriend was one who notified police he hadn't been able to get a hold of her. they had a fight three days prior to saturday where her body was found. he tried to call her. she didn't answer. her phone was turned off. see was able to get the key to the apartment where she was renting by herself from the landlord who let him in and found the body. the police said they didn't see any sign of sexual violence. she had scratches and bruises around her neck. it's really a -- looking at all of the information, talking to anyone who might know anything, re-create, last 24, 48 hours of her life. >> sad situation. thanks so much. coming up -- 21 days and counting until the iowa caucus and the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is neck and neck. next, our political panel weighs on what both sides need to do to pull ahead. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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1:47 pm
narrative of ted cruz. listen to what he just said. >> here's the problem. it's called uncertainty. it's called -- you just don't know. now, already a congress spin, it's going to happen. does anybody know more about litigation than trump? okay. i know a lot. i'm like a ph.d. in litigation, okay. what's going to happen is the other side will bring a suit. now, is he a natural born citizen? i don't know. honestly, we don't know. who the hell knows. >> okay. let's talk about this because new polls showing cruz edging past trump in iowa. let's bring in cnn's chris frates, column ellis henie again and brian morgenstern, republican strategist. goodness, chris, donald trump is not letting this go.
1:48 pm
but that is his strategy, that's what he does, regardless of what the polling is saying. he knows that ted cruz is eking him out in iowa but for donald trump, it's about repetition. does it seem as though he's going to maintain this kind of strategy and hoping that at somehow it will influence, if not the iowa caucus, some of the polling? >> absolutely. i mean, he's a salesman, right? what he's doing is hitting cruz where it hurts. he's trying to say that, maybe cruz isn't eligible to run for president be maybe there are questions about him. he's trying to raise those questions because cruz, as we saw in the numbers you showed, cruz is ahead of trump in iowa. cruz needs to win iowa. he doesn't win iowa, he's down in new hampshire, he needs iowa, a win under his belt, and trump's trying to prevent that. what we're seeing is trump continuing to attack cruz. cruz taking a different tact. he's saying i'm not attacking
1:49 pm
anybody, i'm trying to play my game and my game is strong among evangelicals, among church goes and conservatives and that group of people is really flocking towards ted cruz. where donald trump, he's getting conservatives but getting more independent conservatives and he's getting conservatives who aren't necessarily churchgoers. i think this battle for supremacy in iowa between cruz and trump is only going to continue here. i wouldn't doubt if it gets nastier, particularly from donald trump's standpoint. as you say, he's a salesman, he wants to close the deal. >> brian, talk about this tactic, because donald trump is not letting it go, the whole birther issue. we've seen it before. he did it with barack obama. and you know, it hasn't been resolved. he's not resolving. he's saying, i don't know. he's asking the question and throwing it out, i don't know, but it comes across like a statement. is it effective? >> effective, maybe, and
1:50 pm
frankly, that is disgusting, silly, and stupid, because this is a nonissue. ted cruz is a natural born citizen. it's not a real issue, but he's so good at raising these questions and acting like they're unanswered so he can plant that uncertainty in voters' minds but it's garbage. it's weird to see this working out this way. i just wonder if, you know, voters are going to wake up in the next couple of weeks and realize that you know he's full of it. he's arguing against himself. he says, when it comes to children of illegal immigrants and only matters geographic location of their birth, not who their parents are. now he says ted cruz, only matters where he was born, not that his mother was a citizen. he's arguing against himself. i don't know if that hypocrisy will hurt him or not. >> ellis, seems like we're saying the same things when he said, i don't know what it is, i don't know, how many cubans are
1:51 pm
evangelical, i don't know. but he says it, and there's repetition. and as we look at the polling, he's not taking a big hit every time. i mean, it seems, right now, we're seeing an incremental drop in his lead as it pertains to iowa and ted cruz. but some where he finds and is seeing it's somewhat effective because this is his style and he's maintaining that. >> the more same people like brian call it garbage, the more the conspiracy people think well, gee, it's proof it musting true. all of the same people disavowing. here's the great irony, right? we always think of iowa as a place that's an evangelical state on the republican side, you have to be -- you've got to be right with god in order to do well there. trump employs this truly diabolical strategy. you know what? it may well get him enough
1:52 pm
points and may tip the balance in iowa. who expected that? >> let's talk to democrats because i mean, it's all a guessing game there, too, apparently now, right? you look at this recent polling out of iowa and new hampshire, and so much for a big lead now. the competition is tightening, particularly between clinton and sanders. right there. so, you know, chris, the hillary clinton campaign, they must be sweating it, or at least feeling nervous, because you know, things don't look so certain. talk about the word uncertainty now, huh? >> well, that's right. but the clinton campaign, for the last week or so, has been trying to manage expectations, too, campaign manager saying, we always expect the race to tighten. now we're seeing it tighten. they'll point out while their lead has tightened in iowa, it's clinton, 48, to sanders' 45, we see sanders ahead in new
1:53 pm
hampshire 50-46. the clinton people are quick to point out that that margin has shrunk for sanders as well. their point, it's tightening all across the landscape right now, as more and more voters tune in and start to lock down who they are going to support. clinton, however, is nervous and you're seeing them talk more about guns, feel like that is an area where bernie sanders is vulnerable. senator from vermont, a rural state. he's been friendlier to the gun industry than senator clinton has been. and so they're hitting him hard on some of his stances saying that he's not the kind of democrat that the democratic base wants and hoping that that will build a bit of a fire wall for him. >> even the dems are barring from donald trump. hillary clinton calling in, in an interview, even bernie sanders saying yeah, we can agree, you know, bill clinton's
1:54 pm
beha behavior not great. but it's kind of that low blow. so to speak, like we've seen from donald trump. >> good point. hillary can interrupt this conversation any moment with a phone call, i suppose. clearly, clearly -- she wasn't expecting to be this tight this late in the game. don't hang too much here, she does have huge advantages across the country. and even early stumble, frankly, she has so much money and support out there. it's hard to see what this translates into. >> brian? >> i would be careful about ellis because it's all about momentum. she goes through two losses right in the beginning, that could hurt. her husband lost iowa and new hampshire but exceeded expectations and came in second in new hampshire and led to the comeback kid speech and positive momentum. this is a different situation. so, i think they're rightfully a little worried.
1:55 pm
>> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> watch president obama's final state of the union address tuesday here on cnn. coverage begins 7:00 p.m. eastern. address starts at 9:00. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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checking top stories, reinforcements moving in to join the ranchers protesting in oregon, yes, that's still going on. for ten days protesters holed up in a building on an oregon wildlife refuj, speaking out about the federal government's land use poll sipz now a group calls themselves the idaho 3 percenters arrived bringing long guns. they plan to establish a buffer zone between law enforcement officers and protesters. and as the mississippi river swells from record rainfall, hunters are clearing camps in new orleans preparing for intentional flooding. the city's about to open spillway gates to bring the river's water level down and avoid major flooding. they've opened the gates only 11
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times in 85 years. people hoping $2 powerball tickets would turn into millions, sadly, didn't happen. since there was not a winner, again, the jackpot rolled over to $1.3 billion. take a look at the mixed emotions some ticket buyers are expressing on social media. >> winning, powerball number -- >> lucky 13 tonight. >> so nobody won the powerball. >> it's really hard to win the powerball, honey. >> i won $4. it's not that much. >> new jackpot $1.3 billion. >> i guarantee you, this is it
2:00 pm
kindest three days in u.s. human history. boyfriends on best behavior, girlfriends. >> a star is born. next powerball drawing is wednesday. maybe then. that's going to do it for me. i'm fredricka whitfield. much more straight ahead with poppy harlow in "newsroom." 5:00 eastern. poppy harlow. shocking twist in the dramatic capture of drug king pen el chapo. secret meeting between the cartel leader and actor sean penn may have led to his capture. details from inside the meeting and how the famous mexican actress you're looking at now, how she helped set all of this up. first, politics this hour in the race for the white house. donald trump rallying a large crowd in nevada right now. he's spent the entire weekend on the campaign trail.


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