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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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stephanie elam, thank you so much, and thank you all for watching. i'm deborah feyerick, and that s is it for me. is it for me. wolf starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, i'llff . hello, i'm wolf blitzer, and it is 6:00 p.m. in london and # 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and wherever you are watching us from, thank you for joining us. we begin with the presidential politics. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are running neck and neck in iowa here three weeks before the caucuses. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in iowa, and we are are keeping an eye on both of the events. hillary clinton in waterloo where she is picking up an endorsement from the
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transportation secretary anthony fox. and bernie sanders is picking up at a town hall meeting in perry. we are monitoring both of the candidates, and we will let you know any news that is is make, and it is getting increasingly more bitter between the two candidate, and maybe that is because of the latest poll numbers. an nbc news/"wall street journal"/marrist poll is showing that hillary clinton is at 48%, and berna saie sanders at a 45%. and those are both very, very close numbers there in iowa, and certainly within the poll's margins of error. the clinton campaign, meanwhile, is stepping up the attacks against bernie sanders and especially on the issues of gun coll troeshlgs and electability. a bernie sanders' spokesman says that hillary clinton and her team are getting increasingly nervous, and nasty.
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this is an important development right now, only three weeks, only three weeks before the iowa caucus, and four weeks before the new hampshire primary. and let's bring in the panel. bakari sellers is is going to join us, a cnn contributor, and former north carolina representative. and jeff zeleny is joining us, our cnn national washington correspondent and also our democratic strategist. so there is a lot of heat coming. >> yes. and they thought that there was a message that she is the most electable, but an argument like
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that is being reacted to in strange ways. when i was with her out in iowa a few days ago, it was the like the same argument she was making in 2007/2008, and i'm more electable than barack obama. and some voters are saying not so much, because they like bernie sanders' wall street reform, and the populist reform, and so the candidate has the ability to go the long distance, for the clinton foundation, and if they were to lose both states, which is going on in their brooklyn headquarters in strategy, and new hampshire is not totally gone, but they believe it is very, very gone to win new hampshire at this point. >> and he from neighboring vermont. and bakari on the new day this morning, karen finney said that the polls don't necessarily show the whole picture. listen to what she said. >> those polls don't tell you about the turnout.
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what tells you about the turnout is the infrastructure on the ground, and the hard work with the people at the grass the roots and whether or not you get your people out on the caucus day or primary day. >> so that is the plan, you this think that you have a better ground game than bernie sanders? >> i believe so. it is something that we have focused on heavily since the beginning of the race, and we have always said that we won't take it for granted. >> and bakari then senator barack obama had a better ground game, and better resources than hillary clinton did, and she came in third. and john ed wars in second. >> and that is why i chuckled a little bit, because what karen finney has said, we have learned our lesson. barack obama won that race and primary in iowa, because hillary clinton did not guess the nu numbers correctly. the model was built on outnumbered models and numbers. and the turnout of the race is that hillary clinton has a tough road to hoe when she getto the y
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primaries, but then she will goat the states where it is more like the democratic party, and then to super tuesday, and she has built a firewall. and i am glad that bernie sanders is running a better race, and that is because he is sharpening her for the general election race which we know is going to be nasty. >> and katy, we know that hillary clinton is going after bernie sanders increasingly when it comes to his record on the gun control, and he comes from the rural state vermont. but weaver is now going after hillary clinton saying that her record is not necessarily consistent. listen to this. >> people remember the attacks she leveled against then senator barack obama and now president barack obama in 2008 on the guns attacking to the right on this, and the argument is much more compelling if she had a consistent record on this issue,
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but you are seeing the pollsk and the clinton campaign is getting very, very nervous. >> where does this gun issue play between the bernie sanders and hillary clinton? >> well, it is a huge problem for hillary clinton and for any clinton supporter to say that they are happy that bernie sanders is doing what he is doing is silly frankly. they don't ooh like it. it is driving hillary to left on an issue that she doesn't want to be driven to the left on, a nd she doesn't want to be going to left on any issue. >> and that is because of the -- >> and yes, she is presumptive nominee of the democratic party, and bernie sanders is going to give her a run for the money, and it is a real blemish on her if she wins in both of these states. >> and we are seeing the candidates in iowa ready to address the supporters in the various events. and this new nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll.
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in these early states, actually, sanders stands up better than donald trump and hillary clinton. >> yes, no question about it, and the electability that hillary clinton is making, you know, it may not be as resonating as much with the voters here, because senator sanders can point to the polls, and say, look, he is doing much better. now, i think that senator sanders is like a generic democrat in that he has not been defined yet in the views of the electorate, and hillary clinton is defined in every shape and form, and if you are with her, you like her, but he is not -- and so there is some upside to that, and we like to look at these of course, but what is it a reminder of is that if she is the democratic nominee, regardless, this is a tight general election, no question about it. >> and we all knew that hillary would be a formidable democratic presidential candidate, and bernie sanders has been doing remark bli well, and martin o'malley, the former governor of
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maryland is not doing well? >> well, if anyone would have told you that they bet that bernie sanders would do this well outside of bernie sanders' immediate family, they would be lying. i thought that the antithesis would be martin o'malley, but bernie sander hass a message and tone which is conducive to the mainstream democratic voters, and he is exciting people, and you can see it by the amount of money is raising. in the polls, they show that not only a strong candidate, and democrats have too strong candidates, but it goes to weakness of the frontrunners on the republican side, and when you have trump and cruz against clinton and sanders, the american public is shaking their head, well, i will vote democratic this this go around. >> and bakari sellers, thank you, and katie and jeff to you as well. there is breaking news for the presidential race in the republican side showing that
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donald trump and ted cruz way out in front in iowa in the quinnipiac university poll. trump at 31% just ahead of cruz at 29%, and followed by marco rubio at 15%, and dr. ben carson has 7%, and chris christie at only 4%. and look at this new monmouth university poll, trump at 32%, and upwards 36% in november, and this is in new hampshire, putting him far ahead of senator ted cruz, and governor john kasich at 12% and 8% apiece. and everybody else is trending at 5% and under. and now, dana bash is out there in new hampshire, and do you think that he is widening the
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distance? >> well, between donald trump and ted cruz, it is between the two of them, and everybody else is far behind. it is within a couple of percentage points here in aiowa and new hampshire, and the ted cruz is the biggest challenger, but donald trump is pretty far out ahead. and donald trump is taking nothing for granted, and he is talking again, and as he has for several days that because he is born in canada, he is concerned that if cruz ended up the nominee, there could be court cases, and he brought up the idea of john mccain, and the fact that he was not born in the united states, but when he was born in panama, he was born on a u.s. military base, and he says that is different. listen to what he said. >> he was born outside of the united states, but he was born to two people in the military. that is different. i would never question.
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but in the case of ted. he has to figure it out. now, i think that he can go in for some kind of a judiciary proceed i proceeding, and yes -- look, it does not matter what he does. you can't have a nominee who is going to be subject to being thrown out as a nominee. you can't do it. >> so, as much as ted cruz want s this to go away, and as much as he tried to make a joke about it, and several times, and several different ways, including an interview with me last week on the bus in iowa said that as a legal matter, it is a nonissue, and donald trump has a a way of making things an issue repeating them over and over and in venues like this, and with the media coverage and the twitter feed. but the question is whether or not the voters in the republican electorate are going to care as such. unscientific discussion that i had here with the voters who did fill up this ballroom a while ago, they didn't seem to care,
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even though who are staunch, staunch trump supporters. >> we will see if the issues stays or goes away. is donald trump mentioning the harvard legal scholar's comments saying that there is a potential legal issue that ted cruz would have to face if he is according to constitution a natural-born citizen? >> he is. he brought it up today. he brought up the fact that this scholar who is not only somebody who is a well respected person when it comes to constitutional law, he is from harvard law school where ted cruz went to, and maybe an inside jab at ted cruz when cruz said to trump or actually said to those of us asking cruz questions last week about it. >> i think that we just had a te technical glitch with dana, but you got the gist. and rand paul said that, half
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joking, cruz is a half born canadian and naturally born, there and can you be a natural born canadian an american at the same time, and senator rand paul having fun with that as well. but it could be potentially a serious issue, and for all of the politics and latest head over to coming up, new video surfaced of the deadly raid that led to the capture of the mexican drug lord known as el chapo. we will show it to you. plus this, the fbi exploring an unsettling new theory of the isis sympathizer accused of trying to kill a philadelphia police officer tied to a more radical group, and we will have a report from philadelphia just ahead. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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we are break news on the el chapo story, and there is stunning new video of the raid that led to are recapture of the
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mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman. it shows where he was staying at the ap pooarpartment, and the ft with his men and the marines. [ speaking foreign language ] the operation code name "black swan" took place in the middle of the night on friday in guzman's home state of sinaloa, and in the firefight that broke out in the raid, five people were killed in the operation, and one mexican marine was injure and the aftermath shows how vicious the firefight was
10:19 am
with the debris-filled rooms after el chapo's men had fled or been killed. [ speaking foreign language ] >> el chapo was not captured in the raid, itself, because he apparently escaped in the sewer system, and caught a short time later on a highway by mexican federal police. and now, let's talk more about this capture, and talk to nick valencia, our correspondent who is outside of the prison where he is being held, and our cnn military analyst cedric leighton who is a former member of that military there. and so, let's begin with you, nick. what is it that you can tell us
10:20 am
about this video? >> well, it is a 14-minute clip that first aired in mexico, and the operation called the "operation "black swan" and it is very much the latest of what we are learning about this raid. and a little context of the raid here, and this is about an hour and a half outside of mexico city, and rural area, wolf. it is an area where a lot of the favoritism of el chapo, and over the weekend, i was talking to locals, and i talked to a young man and i asked him what he thought about the capture of el chapo, a thnd this area is so disconnected from the rest of the world, and mexico, that actually broke the news to this young boy a day and a half after the capture of el chapo, and so this information is slowly trickling through the area. and in these more rural areas,
10:21 am
the capture of el chapo is just getting to them. this video is all coming to us on a day when we are learning about the extradition of el chapo, and i spokeb to a senior mexican law enforcement source who said that we could see him in a u.s. courtroom as early as the summer, but he says that it is more like ly the source says that we will see him a year from now in the united states, and all of it depending on the legal proceedings, and how many injunctions the defense attorney for el chapo files. they say they expect his attorney the fight this to the last minute, and so it could be at least a year to get him to the united states. >> we will see if they can hold that guy for a year from the so-called maximum security prison. we saw him go down into that drain and disappear. and now, looking at the raid, and what does it take to put together an operation like that? >> well, yards and yards of intelligence. it is one of the most intelligence-intensive operations that any law
10:22 am
enforcement or military force could put together, wolf. what you saw the mexicans do is similar to what the colombians did to capture pablo escobar, but they had a shorter time to prepare, and mounted an analysis that is where they could have been prepared for any contingency, and the fact that el chapo was captured not at the actual location of the raid, but shortly outside of that, indicate has the mexicans were prepared for that and they did a pretty good job from the operational perspective. >> what does it say to you, cedric, he was confident enough to give an interview to sean penn for "rolling stone" magazine in the midst of all of this a few months ago? >> well, it is similar to the behaviors that he exhibited in colombia in the late '80s and early '90s and this is an arrogance of power. these people believe they can control so much, because they are so wealthy.
10:23 am
and pablo escobar was one of the top 20 richest people in the world, and probably number 7 at the time of the death. and el chapo guzman probably approached at least a lower tier of the billionaires' list on forbes. so when you look at the wealth they have, they are very confident that they cannot only give interviews like he did to sean penn, but also they can evade the law for a long long time, and el chapo did evade the law for a long time. >> and you heard nick valencia say that it could be up to a year before he is extradited, and can they keep him there? >> well, if i were advising the mexican government, i would say, move him to a very much more secure prison, and they are in an area that is very pro el chapo. and if it is going to be taking a year, they should ask the mexican government to move him before anything is contemplated. >> they call it maximum, and it
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a possible new threat against the philadelphia police officers has just emerged coming days after the attempted assassination of a police officer by a man who allegedly pledged his allegiance to eisis. our correspondent jason carroll has more on what is going on. and also join g ing us is micha matsa who is a write fore"philadelphia inquirer." and so stand by for a moment, michael, but jason, the philadelphia police said that they received a tip related to the ambush shooting of philadelphia policeman jesse
10:29 am
hartnett and what were they told? >> well, that tip, i will tell you first of all came from a woman out on the street who said that edward archer had an affiliation with a group who had radical beliefs and well known among some people there in the neighborhood, and what the police have to determine, wolf, street talk or rumor or credible. police did release a statement about this saying that the philadelphia police department, and the federal partners will take this type of information very seriously, and particularly after the recent attack on officer hartnett, and therefore they and the department of federal bureau of investigation is working to verify the accuracy of the information given. and also, the philadelphia police union weighing in on the urgency of trying to determine whether or not this tip is credible.
10:30 am
>> whether it is isis or this group, whatever the hell it is, these other three need to be looking at the it is credible and taken off of the street. >> and wolf, we can tell you that the fbi has confirmed that edward archer did travel to saudi arabia and egypt and traveling to saudi arabia in 2001 and in egypt in 2012. so, definitely some points of concern, but once again, at this point, the investigators are tasked with determining whether or not that tip is credible. >> what years did he travel, did you say? >> 2011 to saudi arabia, and egypt in 2012, and so it was not that long ago, but again, this is part of the investigation, and the police will also be interviewing those who know him well, and visiting the mosque where he worshipped as a hope of getting more information with the tip that he was tied to others with more radical beliefs
10:31 am
and whether that tip is credible. >> michael, you have been spending some time reporting on this, and you went to the mosque where he belong, and spoke to the iman, is that correct some. >> yes, i spoke to him top phone, wolf. >> okay. what did he say? >> well, wolf, he said that initially when the name edward archer was put out and he did not recognize the photo or that name, but these are for the most part most of the people here are african-americans who have converted to islam, and they have taken islamic name, and when others in the mosque told the imam the islamic name of the particular person, he said, yes, i deed, i did know him, and he did not have a big high profile at the mosque. involved in organizing some touch football games, and not a companion of the imam, and that he worshipped there, but that
10:32 am
nobody knew that he harbored beliefs to do what he did, nobody knew that. >> and i take it that you say that he was a convert to islam, and made two trips to saudi arabia and egypt as jason reported in recent years, but do we know where he got the money to pay for the trips or in contact with others who may be involved in the operation or the attempted assassination attempt against the police officer? >> i think that is exactly the kind of leads that the police are running down. we don't know yet the trip to saudi arabia was report cli a hajj trip that devout muslims make to go to mek car, and the time he spent in egypt was six months to a year, which does seem like a substantial amount of time, and si not clear how he was supported there. but he was allegedly there with a woman who is his wife, and that they came back together at the end of that period in egypt, but we don't know at this point how he was sustain iing himself
10:33 am
there and exactly what he was doing. some have been suggesting that he may have been studying arabic, the language of arabic which many times the muslims do go go to the middle east to try to pick up the language. >> and did he have the money? where did he get the money for these kinds of trips? >> i do not know, he was a security guard and deskribcribe a security guard. i do not know where the funding would have come from for that trip. >> i am sure that the police are looking into all of that as is the fbi. go ahead, michael. >> yeah, no, that is exactly right. both the local police and the fbi are looking into this. the local police are taking this seriously and assigning two officers to a squad car instead of one until further notice per the police commissioner. two officers were per car.
10:34 am
>> and how is the officer jesse hartnett doing, jason carroll? >> well, he was shot three times, and a picture there, and he is in the hospital, but he is going to require multiple surgeries to repair the nerve damage to the arm. i was listening to one of the interviews with the father who described him as a tough guy, but looking at the video out there that night, he is also a lucky man as well. >> and thank god he survived what could have been a real assassination of him. our guys thank you very much, jason carroll, and michael matza. and we will have a exclusive interview with a detainee in north korea. will ripley is there. the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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tensions on the korean peninsula continues to rise, and tensions are flaming. and there is now reports that
10:39 am
north korean government has arrested a u.s. man accused of spy i spying. will ripley has the report. >> and days after the nuclear test in north krorea, there is news that a spy is accused of stealing nuclear and military secrets. pyongyang ordered kim to speak to us in korean. he seems aware that our conversation is likely being listened to. i committed an act of espionage against north korea, and collected information about the nuclear facility. and he said that agents arrested him three months ago, and seizing a camera and documents with the nuclear program. and cnn cannot determine if he is making the statements under dur res, but he says he was not
10:40 am
spying for the u.s., but for the south korean government. the south korean government calls the claims groundless. >> how did it work? how did you pass on the information that you collected? i bribed a local soldier with military access, and he handed over information and i hid it in my car and i brought it to china. kim says that he drove back and forth to china everyday as president of a company that operates in a foreign zone where they can operate just inside of north korea. the businesses help the cash-strapped regime to make money to pay for things like the nuclear program. it is time for the u.s. government to withdraw the hostile policy against north korea, kim says, using the same language that is often found in the propaganda. we are allowed to photograph his american passport, and he says that he was born in south korea, but he became a u.s. citizen 30
10:41 am
years ago, and so far the state department has refused to comment or confirm his u.s. citizenship, and telling cnn that speak iing publicly about specific purported cases against detained americans can complicate our tireless efforts to secure their freedom. i am asking south korea to rescue me, but neither country has diplomatic relations with north korea. and he has no trial date and no idea if he will see his family or country again. will rip lley, pyongyang. >> and thank you for the exclusive reporting from pyongyang north korea, and the only western journalist reporting from there at this time. thank you, will, very, very much. >> another story, a reminder of the syria suffering civilians of madaya are starving and dying. but some relief has arrived near damascus, and the city has been
10:42 am
besieged since early july by government forces and the lebanese allies hezbollah. the first shipment of food and medicine reached madaya today. the united nations said that it had credible reports of people dying of starvation, and so the syrian government agreed to let the convoys in. and coming up, veterans of pitch political ballots are challenging presidential candidates to get on board with no labels. there they are standing by live. we will go to them live next. your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol® type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪i am everyday people.
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six of the current presidential candidates have now signed a a new pledge a pledge to remove labels and work on bipartisan issues. the so-called no labels movement is led by former democratic presidential candidate joe
10:47 am
lieberman and former republican presidential candidate jon huntsman. they are joining us now from manchester, new hampshire. thanks to both of you for joining us. i know that the two of you are the co-chairmen of the no labels movement which calls on candidates to embrace a bipartisan agenda including 25 million new jobs in the next decade, securing social security and medicare for the next 75 years, and balancing the budget by 2030, and making the u.s. energy secure in eight years. six of the current presidential candidates, they have signed on. donald trump, ben carson, chris christie, rand paul, john kasich, and martin o'malley, and they have all pledged to tackle one of the planks of of the no labels platform in the first 30 days in office, and as i said, all of these six are on board. senator lieberman, they sound reasonable these request, and what did the other presidential candidates say to you why they would not jump on board this no
10:48 am
labels movement? >> wolf, thanks for having us on. you are absolutely right. i can tell you that i, myself, i am puzzled why all of the candidates didn't sign on and make this promise, not just the no labels but to the american people that regardless of whether they are democrat or republican or left or right or center, they are going to be working with the other party to get elected if they are elected to get something done which is what the american people most want to have happen. so put me down as puzzled. i am grateful that six of the ka candidates and very diverse as the names you read show now made the promise. why the other nine active candidates did not puzzles me, but we are not done. our members up here in new hampshire and around the country are going to be press iing thos other candidates to be making the promise to be a bipartisan pr problem solver, and if not, ask them why not, because we have not received an adequate
10:49 am
explanation of why not. >> and governor huntsman, you are a republican, and donald trump is on board, and does it mean that he gets the republican nomination that you are on board with him? >> well, i'm a republican, and i'm always a republican and i will respect the wishes of the delegates who gather at the convention in cleveland and the will of the people. i think that he is bringing a new force to politics that has not been seen maybe ever. some of what he says is disagreeable, and no doubt the about it, and other things that he says about cleaning up the ways of washington, and about reforming the big money in politic, and about bringing a new generation of people into politic, and these are awfully appealing themes, and so we will see what happens. one thing for sure, wolf, we are sitting here in new hampshire, and it is wide open, and people don't begin to really coalesce around the candidates until the very end, and notwithstanding polls telling us a certain story today, no doubt, we will see something maybe very different in the last couple of days running up to the primary. it is a very exciting time to be
10:50 am
here. >> senator lieberman, did you speak personally to hillary clinton and bernie sanders? we know that martin o'malley, the presidential candidate, he is on woord, -- he is on board, and did you speak >>. i did not, wolf, but i know that many people within the organization who are close to both of those candidates, secretary clinton and senator sanders, did talk to them. i'm disappointed they haven't signed yet, but i put the emphasis on the yet. we have two big trucks that are going around new hampshire from now until primary day. they have a simple message that's painted on them. ask your presidential candidate whether they have signed the problem solver promise and if they haven't, ask them why not. we're not giving up. >> while i have you, you're a a former u.s. ambassador to china. you know a lot about what c
10:51 am
china's influence in north korea could be. north korea had had this nuclear test last week. now they say they have arrested an american citizen on espionage charges. how much influence does china. have over the kim jong-un regime? >> well, they have less than we might think here. there's a a generational realignment that has occurred on both sides. you have the fifth generation in china leading under the party secretary. you have kim jong-un who is now generation number three of the kim family. you have to imagine this, wolf, which is absolutely unbelievable. they have spent a whole lot more time with the president of south korea and kim jong-un has. spent a a whol lot more time with an american basketball player with whom they are aligned. so you have generations that don't connect. and the communication isn't what
10:52 am
it used to be back during the glory days of the cold war. ping is waking up thinking it's a lose-lose prospect for him. if north korea fails as a nation state, they have the unthinkable of a unified peninsula under the control of an ally of the united states. if north korea continues as they are unpreductable and whily, then you have the procespects o economic problems which is a prosperous economic region blow. ing up bombs from time to time is not a good investment and trade. that has to be a huge irritant, who has tried to push economic reform. >> gentlemen, thanks very much for joining us. enjoy new hampshire. we'll see you back here in washington down the road. appreciate it very much. remember, we're only a day away from president obama's swan song to the country, his final state
10:53 am
of the union address. today the white house released this this new black and white video of the president in the oval office putting the final touches on his speech. we'll have special live coverage of the president's address to the nation and to a joint session of congress right here on cnn tomorrow night. our coverage, our special coverage will begin at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be right back. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup
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10:58 am
to me and a true gentleman. we have more now on david bowie's life and legacy. >> david bowie, who influenced generations with his ground breaking sound. dead at age 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer. . his publicist dying he died peacefully surrounded by his family after a battle with kans er while many of you share in this loss, we ask that you respect the family's privacy. his son tweeting, very sorry and sad to say it's trou. i'll be offline for awhile. love to all. a career spanning over 40 years, bowie was born in south london as david jones.
10:59 am
bursting on to the san in 1969 with the smash hit "space odyssey." and later as his space alien all the rer ego. his fashion forward style become ing a signature hallmark of the genera to find pop fixture. his music a rally cry for misfits everywhere. in 1996, he was inducted sbo the rock and roll hall of fame and awarded a lifetime achievement award ten years later. his wife a steady fixture by his side. a a master of reinvention continuedworking dipping in and
11:00 am
out of the public eye releasing his latest album black star just days ago on his 69th birthday. . much to critical acclaim. the album topping charts in the uk and the u.s. highlighting his unparalleled ability to push the envelope even after four decades in the industry. >> certainly an amazing performer. that's it for me. thanks for watching. the news continues next on cnn. hello, i'm pamela brown in for brooke baldwin. great to have you with us on this monday. we begin. with politics. new polls show just how tight the republican race for the white house is getting in iowa and how clear cut the leader bord is in new hampshire. those are the two states with the primary contests in the nation and less than a month away.