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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 11, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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out of the public eye releasing his latest album black star just days ago on his 69th birthday. . much to critical acclaim. the album topping charts in the uk and the u.s. highlighting his unparalleled ability to push the envelope even after four decades in the industry. >> certainly an amazing performer. that's it for me. thanks for watching. the news continues next on cnn. hello, i'm pamela brown in for brooke baldwin. great to have you with us on this monday. we begin. with politics. new polls show just how tight the republican race for the white house is getting in iowa and how clear cut the leader bord is in new hampshire. those are the two states with the primary contests in the nation and less than a month away. moments ago a poll released of
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likely iowa caucus goers and donald trump leads 31% to ted cruz at 29%. the rest of the field is far behind. also today a result for new hampshire and it's now the third poll that shows donald trump with at least a third of the gop vote in new hampshire. the rail vase for a distant second place among ted cruz, john kasich and marco rubio. let me go now to david for more on this. it's interesting for iowa. they found while trump is slightly ahead his negative rating is 26% saying they would not support trump, but for cruz that number was just 7% of what do you make of that? >> i think donald trump has always had a a ceiling, but it hasn't mattered because his support has been large enough to be able to compensate for the fact that perhaps a quarter of the part may never go.
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with him. he doesn't need that quarter of the party. let's look at at the reality of what you've got here between these two polls you showed there. . you have donald trump, the dominant national front runner, who is completely dominating in new hampshire and it was locked in a bat. l with ted cruz for iowa. that dynamic seeing trump that strong in the lead off state, in the first primary u state in new hampshire and nationally explains everything you need to know about what we're hearing on the campaign trail. this is why had over the weekend and continuing again today donald trump is going after ted cruz deliberately and hard on a whole host of issues. if he can get a clean kill in iowa and then new hampshire, donald trump is on the way to becoming the republican normal e knee for president. >> you have seen him ramping up his rhetoric. how accurate are polls like this
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heading into the iowa caucuses. especially in which half haven't made up their minds. >> polls are not supposed to be predict ed. so when we say how accurate is a poll, against what? it is a snab shot in time. we're looking at where the support is now three weeks out from the caucuses. i tend to like to look at the totality of the polling that's coming out. yesterday there was a poll showing cruz 4 points ahead. today donald trump is 2 points ahead. put all of that together in the stew if you will and you'll see you have a tight race between donald trump and ted cruz in iowa. but that's where we are for the home stretch. >> more debates to go. a lot can happen between now and then. trump, as we know, is stumping in new hampshire. today e he held a rally and addressed support rs along with some detractors. he took time to slam the state's leading newspaper. there were also cracked at ted
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cruz's birthplace and then in classic trump form he tossed out a protester. >> i felt guilty so i'm spending money out of guilt. $69 million for bush, trump, nothing. he spent so much advertising. at least he uses good pictures of me. i was really handsome. look at those pictures. . i had a hamburger. it was excellent. i'm supposed to use hair spray because it affects the ozone. crust crist did not make the main stage and he didn't mauk it because he didn't make it. hillary clinton, please, fbi, go after hillary clinton. i want to run against bernie. . ted cruz has a problem because the question is a natural born citizen.
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gt him out of here. go ahead. he says he loves me. that cover for only $3,000. does anybody want the back cover of a newspaper that lost all credibility? "time" magazine did a cover story that's one of the best stories i have ever read about myself. cnn's dana bash is in new hampshire more. >> no question people like rand paul are trying to jump on the bandwagon for the same reason donald trump is bringing up this question about whether ted cruz is eligible to be president in the first place. it's because ted cruz is doing
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well. he said i was out with him in iowa last week. he said, you know, this is what happens when you do well. people hit you. he's right. however, when you have somebody like donald trump who has the mega. phone, who has the twitter followers he has, 5.5 million, you have to take pause. and ted cruz is continuing to insist. he's convinced that because his mother was born in the u.s. it is a nonissue. that is not stopping donald trump from trying to sew seeds of doubt inside the republican elect rat both here in new hampshire. as you said, that is a place where donald trump really needs beat ted cruz it. ted cruz has been doing well there. wrp with him last week. he seems to have a pretty stellar ground operation. if donald trump ends upbeating ted cruz there and doing so well here in new hampshire, it's going to be hard to stop him and that's why he's stepping up
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attacks on ted cruz. even though he doesn't call them attacks. he's trying to help out a friend and get these legal issues out of the way. >> it's interesting the way he couches it. but what do you make of the fact that rand paul is jumping into this. if you look at the latest poll, he's at 2%. is he trying to stay relevant? what do you think? >> rand paul and ted cruz have joined in a lot of fights together. i watched them do it on the senate floor. it was a whole host of issues. they each had. epic filibusters and each helped each other out over the past couple years. this is presidential politics. and rand paul isn't doing as well. his libertarian stay out of it, particularly on national security, it didn't end up being the right time for him with isis on the rise and so forth. so yes, he is trying to stay in
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the mix here and keep on ted cruz, although it's really donald trump that's going to make a difference on this issue. >> thank you so much. the race isn't just tightening for the republicans. the latest poll finds hillary clinton's lead against bernie sanders is within the margin of error. and in new hampshire, sanders is beating clinton. that's within the margin of error. donald trump told supporters he's taking note of bernie sanders' move on clinton. >> i would love, please, fbi, go after hillary. i want to run against bernie. that's a dream come true. >> and with me now to discuss, correspondent brianna keilar, who is in iowa. these polls show that hillary could face losses in both iowa and new hampshire. is her camp worried about that?
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are are they ready for this? >> i think this is a little close for comfort. i do also think they are ready and doing everything they can at this point. the clinton campaign having confidence in their ground game. and really this isn't a repeat of 2008 where she was caught flat footed and her campaign didn't do what they should be doing to work towards iowa. they feel they are doing that at this point. when you look at the polls out of new hampshire, coming out of iowa, it appears that you're seeing the edges that both hillary clinton, what she had in iowa and what bernie sanders had in new hampshire, that that may be tightening a bit. to talk to bernie sanders, i interviewed him a short time ago. he gleefully said they began believing that her victory was inevitable. i don't think they believe that now, do they? he's happy where things are in iowa. and hillary clinton here fighting tooth and nail for all the support certainly that she
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can get. i think what's interesting is you'll hear from the clinton campaign that will say, look, we said this primary was going to be competitive. they certainly said that, but i also think it has become more competitive the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary than they expect ed that it woud be. it makes for an interesting final few week here's before the early contests. >> perhaps a little too close for comfort. the nbc poll did hypothetical matchups that showed how hillary clinton would fair against republicans. she only beats trump, but losing to cruz and rubio in iowa. . but sanders beats cruz and trump and ties rubio in iowa. does that surprise you? >> here's what's instructive about these numbers. it's not that that's rare, the race will be in the two general election battleground states. they are not just the first states in the nomination process. they are general election battleground states. but looking this far out to the
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general election, probably not very instructive. but where it does matter is in hillary clinton's closing argument right now. . one of the things that she's telling democratic voters is that this eligibility matter, this ability to choose the democrat that's going o to defeat the republican is so important in their vote. well, if if that's the case, these numbers kind of cut against one of her closing arguments. that's a tricky situation for her as she's trying to make this case that she's the one and her advertising, her message on the stump, she's the one to take it to republicans. these numbers give bernie sanders a shot in the arm. >> interesting perspective. thank you both so much for that. up next, stunning video of the way one of the world's most wanted men was captured and what he saw moments before his captu capture. plus does sean penn face legal trouble for his secret meeting with el chapo? i'll speak live with someone who calls it naive and dangerous. plus a a manhunt underway
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a battering ram breaks the silence, when the smoke clears, the world's most wanted drug lord is captured alive. you're looking at video right here that can only be described as extraordinary. the final daring moments of a raid between the mexican marines and the kingpin's loyal henchmen.
11:17 am
>> just incredible to see that. this video first aired on mexican television. . at the end of this raid, five of his men are dead. how did authorities find him months after he tunnelled out of a prison without a trace? some say this this man on the left may have been his undoing. it turns out sean penn intervowed the fugitive in october. joining me now to discuss all of this is nick valencia outside the prison where el chapo is being held. so talk us through how this raid went down. >> reporter: pamela, according to the mexico attorney general's office it was a multiagency effort with an extension of the navy taking the lead on this.
11:18 am
that video obtained by a mexican network is stunning and drama c dramatic. a 14-minute clip that shows the event that led to the downfall of the drug trafficker joaquin "el chapo" guzman. it it doesn't take long for the vud owe to get dramatic. a minute in you see one of the soldiers say he's injured, he's hurt. you see heavy gunfire. at the end of it, five assassins working for el chapo would die. el chapo would be taken into custody. also generating much conversation here is that interview you were talking about between sean penn and el chapo. a rare and exclusive interview, perhaps the first that he's ever given reportedly coordinated by a famous mexican actress named kate del castillo. she established a relationship with el chapo after issue iing series of tweets critical of the mexican government. as well as praising el chapo's leadership in the country saying she trusted him more than her
11:19 am
own president. that two-minute clip from the interview in this part of mexico, we learned more about el chapo, his role in the world of drug trafficking, and also get a sense of his bravado. >> it's believed to be one of the first times we have heard el chapo in his own words. let's talk about the extradition. a a senior mexican law enforcement official tells me that they believe el chapo could be in a u.s. court as early as this summer. that all depends on just how
11:20 am
much injunctions are filed by the defense attorney of chp chap. it could take up to a year. >> doj is working on the extradition request. thank you. so much, we appreciate that. joining me to talk about all of this is an immigration analyst. thank you both for coming on. a lot to talk about here. a lot of people, brian, swiez surprised by this article released saturday night in "rolling stone" magazine where sean penn interviewed el chapo in october. what was said? you actually interviewed the founder of the magazine. >> i was able to get off the phone with the founder op. he got this call from sean penn saying i think i have u a meeting arranged with el chapo. i think i can go down to mexico. for this meeting.
11:21 am
they published this story over the weekend. what's amazing is we now know ta el chapo is back behind bars. . this story was going to come out on friday when he hasn't been captured yet. this story was going to come out while this man was still a fugitive. you can imagine the uproar about using the article to try to find el chapo's whereabouts. he's back behind bars, but the story is valuable because you know hear from this drug lord in his own words. he has no e regrets about the story. he believes any other publisher would have done what he did. >> on the other hand, you say this interview was naive and dangerous. explain why you think that. >> i think it was nigh yaef r for the magazine to send him on this type of assignment. you have to remember this is a r cartel that functions in 50 countries. one of the hallmarks of this cartel is it does not just target people with whom it has a beef or feels disrespect ared
11:22 am
by. it also targets their families. sean penn put himself at extraordinary risk. in mexico over the last seven years, we have maybe 165,000 homicides. the majority of which are linked to the drug cartels. and from a legal standpoint, although there's nothing in the interview that seems to suggest that sean penn broke any laws, at one point he does mention that el chapo told him that a list of u.s. corporations that accept illegal funds from his cartel. but sean penn declined to name the corporations. any federal prosecutor who wanted to make a name for himself could laurvench a challe to tell him, who are these major foreign corporations. . in this instance, alts he's function iing as a journalist, e first amendment protections do not apply. because generally it's a test whether someone is a journal cyst whether it is their
11:23 am
full-time occupation and make their living as a journalist, in which case he's written before before the nation and many other respected publications, i don't think he would be able to establish a case that he is a working journalist. >> you raise an interesting point. so brian, he says, look, sean penn is an activist. he's an actor. is this journalism? >> in some ways it's an act of journalism because it's providing new valuable information, new quotes, new context. in some ways they have performed a public service by getting him on the record. the flip side is it happened in an unusual way and something called story approval happened. this were allowed to read it and request changes. "rolling stone" says no changes were requested. but i got to tell you. i would say most newsrooms that would have not been allowed. that was a very unusual situation. but for what it's worth, the magazine says they are not
11:24 am
expecting any legal challenges. it will be interesting to see if sean penn faces legal challenges. >> it's also interest whg you consider the reaction in mexico. because i think in had this story we look at it as the latest grand standing or show boating by sean penn. sort of a curiosity tied into the notoriety of el chapo. . in mexico where so many have experienced loss to the violence that racks their country as a result of this cartel, there's been much more negative reaction. the mexican government has said they would pursue an investigation. kate del castillo, a popular actress in mexico, has faced puchba pushback from one of the newspape newspape newspape newspapers. so people there are very unhappy about it. one important thing to consider is the mexican government has been humiliated by the escape of el chapo and now for this to
11:25 am
happen, i would not be be at all surprised if the mexican legal system and attorney general moved awe head with some type of charges against kate del castillo, which could jeopardize her upcoming netflix series as well as sean penn. the mexican justice system is different. most charges result in a conviction. >> what could the charges be against them? >> the charges against them -- this is under the mexican legal system. >> in the u.s. people said it would be unlikely sean penn could face charges. >> it would be unlikely in this country. but under the mexican justice system, i want to preface this by saying i am of mexican heritage. judges have great discretion. the ego and the self-interest of prosecutors, they have a great amount of personal involvement of cases. cases in mexico, for instance, whether you're talking high level cases such as this one which could bring charges of
11:26 am
harboring a fugitive, they place behind closed doors. you don't know anything about the trial until it has concluded when you receive the verdict. so they have wide discretion under their system to move ahead with charges against sean penn. >> thank you both so much. i could go on and on. >> thank you. up next, new details and fresh questions after an 18-year-old girl was raped by five men in a brooklyn park. police releasing video of the attackers taken shortly before the incident. a city kocouncilwoman says mora in the city has hit an all-time low. and brack news. an unusual airstrike in the fight against isis. the u.s. dropping bomb. s aiming for huge amounts of isis controlled cash. we'll take you live, up next.
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breaking news first on cnn, an unusual move, the u.s. targeting the cash of isis terrorists bombing millions of dollars. let's bring many in live at the pentagon breaking this news. what can you tell us? >> good afternoon, pamela. this happened in mosul, iraq's second largest city controlled by isis. for months now what is so unusual here, this building containing millions in isis cash was in the middle of this city in a civilian area and the u.s. still bombed it. we are hearing so much about trying to avoid civilian casualties. what happened here is they got intelligence that isis was using this building to store cash to pay its troops to conduct operations, but they knew there were civilians in the area so u.s. planes and drones kept watch for several days trying to calculate the best day to hit
11:32 am
the building. we are now told that two 2,000-pound bombs were fired against this it building in mosul at dawn yesterday. they do believe they destroyed the cash pile there. why that's so important, of course, is it takes away significant resource from isis for its operations. its ability to function as a state with all of those financial resources. how important was it? one official telling cnn the u.s. was willing to risk up o to 50 civilian casualties in this area to get the build iing, to destroy the building. at the end of the day after they dropped the bombs at dawn, they believe perhaps five to seven casualties. they tried to pick a time when there were the fewest number of people around, but a real signal that the u.s. is going after is isis's economic and financial targets to really try to cut its heart out. >> barbara starr, thank you for
11:33 am
that reporting first on cnn. up next on this monday, mystery in utley. why police are calling the death of an american artist a homicide. already drawing comparisons to another high profile case. and remembering david bowie. . kiss lead singer joins me next to discuss his legacy and influence. stay with us. janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for2 hours. let's end this. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city country we're just everyday people fighting high blood sugar. ♪i am everyday people. farxiga may help in that fight every day. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes.
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new information today and to the alleged gang rape of an 18-year-old woman at a brooklyn playground. law enforcement forces say the victim's father ran screaming for help but was told to leave the store because he appeared drunk or incoherent.
11:38 am
he and his daughter had been at the playground drinking beer when the attackers forced him to leave and raped his daughter. police released this surveillance video right here of the suspects. four of them are now in custody while police are still hunting for one more suspect. according to law enforcement sources. . at least one of the teens told investigators the sex was consensual. they say that's defily not the case. >> all of them had their way with her. >> do you hope this video gets these guys? >> absolutely. >> when your dad left you, what were you thinking? >> i was real scared. i didn't know what to do. i was in a panic mode. >> she fell to the floor and collapsed. >> joining me now is new york city councilwoman lori. what a disturbing story here.
11:39 am
when you first heard about this case, what went through your mind? >> i was really devastated. this is a case that's certainly going to rock how safe every woman in the city of new york feels currently. because if a young woman walking in the presence of her father can be attacked so brutally by five individuals, then every woman in the city knows they are vulnerable to whatever happened to them in the city of new york. that's why this particular situation is so disturbing because there has been an escalation of violent crimes against women despite the fact that it crime is going down in the city of new york. it has escalated when it comes to the safety of women. >> why do you think that is? >> it could be many different reasons for why this particular situation is happening. i feel that our police commissioner has been doing a lot of work on this, but i feel that the administration as a whole could come out more aggressively to let individuals know that we have a zero tolerance for rape in the city
11:40 am
of new york. we have zero tolerance for sexual assault. we came together in a press conference in front of city hall to address comments that police commissioner made that for weeks ago talking about how can we address the escalation of crime against women he suggested that women utilize a buddy system. so there's a way that people respond to violence against women and it's not appropriate. we feel that it needs to be stronger. it needs to be more effective and needs to be legislation and strategy. there needs to be implementation as well as enforcement. every woman in the city of new york should feel safe whether they are coming home late at night, early in the morning, coming from a party or going to work extremely late. >> but i have to ask you this. law enforcement sources told cnn that the victim in this case was drunk, combative and she initially refused treatment. what can you tell us about that?
11:41 am
>> i would say that's typical of just what i spoke about. that individuals often talk about the woman. they rarely talk about the individuals who actually committed the rape. those are the individuals that need to be focused on right now. it does not matter -- >> no doubt about that. we should focus on the perpetrators. >> that's what we should focus on. we shouldn't talk about whether she was drunk, whether she was properly dressed or the time of the evening that it happened. that's too typical of the situation of how we discuss rape in the city, the nation and really the world. we need to focus in this situation on those five individuals that committed this heinous crime and the bad decisions they made throughout the day. had they been drink iing or smoking, what are their situations in what would be put in someone's mind to think something like that was okay. a lot of it is in neglect. they are in the brownsville section of new york. they are thinking because they are black, she's black, her
11:42 am
father is black, they are thinking that no one really cares about what we do in this community. there will be no repercussions. we're discussing this matter because we want to let individuals know whether you're on the upper east side or brownsville, all women matter and we're here to make sure that message is sent loud and clear. >> thank you so much. you certainly did that on this show. we appreciate it. >> thank you. any moment now the mother of the affluenza teen about to face a texas judge as we learn new details about a large bank withdrawal and her final good-bye before fleeing to mexico. we'll take you live to the courthouse. plus an american woman found strangled to death in italy. why this death is already being compared to the amanda knox case. we'll be right back. and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein
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any moment now the mother of affluenza teen ethan couch is suspe set to appear. before a judge for a a bond hearing. it's set at $1 million but that could get reduced. she's accused of running away with her son while he was on probation. joining me now to discuss all this is ed lavandera live at the courthouse in fort worth. what can we expect? >> reporter: the drama continues here in fort worth. tonya couch expected to enter the courtroom at any moment. the hearing was supposed to have start ed at 2:30 eastern time. it's been pushed back a little bit. right now she faces a $1 million bond, which she hasn't posted since she arrived back here in texas several days ago, the muld of last week. it's unclear whether or not the judge is willing to reduce that bond in any way. if he does and she's a able to
11:48 am
make the bond at some point, the judge told her on friday that he would require her to wear an ankle monitor. we'll see how all of this plays out. but all of this comes amid-new details we have learned in the disappearance of tonya couch and her son ethan, who is still in mexico. when they disappeared around december 11th, we're told. investigators in an arrest warrant affidavit say the day after the video surfaced on twitter showing ethan couch at a party where beer was being served and alcohol was part of the festivities there that the pair had concocted this plan to take off on the run. the day after she withdrew $30,000 from her personal bank account and concocted the plan to take off with her son. in that same document, investigators say that fred couch, tonya's husband, told investigators that she had called him at some point and also said that they were leaving
11:49 am
and that he would never see her son again as well. so all of that drama playing against this this backdrop here as tonya couch expected to enter enter the courtroom at any minute. >> it will be interesting to see how it plays out today. inially authorities say they are investigating the death of an american woman as a homicide after had her body was found inside her apartment. the 35-year-old artist was reportedly found strangled. she moved to italy to be. with her father. her friends say they are horrified. >> i can't imagine what she went through. no one deserves to go through that. so whoever did this to her, i hope they get what's coming to them. it's really hard. she was just the best person and i'm shocked that this has happened to someone that i know.
11:50 am
it's just horrific. >> we have more on the investigation from rome. >> the investigation into the mysterious murder of the american ashley olsen is now hinged on the results of an aupt being conducted in florence. the results of the autopsy really do provide a road map for investigators. they are not looking at just how she died, but when she died, which will give them the window for surveillance tapes. footage in terms of who may have been around her apartment during the window, the ark of time in which her murder took place. it also looked at things like toxicology, whether she had been drinking, whether there were drugs in her system, eaten anything prior to her death. they are looking at other things like whether or not she has bruises on her body that may not have been apparent, that those could indicate that the body was move d. a look at what's underneath her
11:51 am
fing l nails to see if there was some kind of a struggle. they will look at crucial dna from an investigation like that. and they will look at whether or not she had had sex any time in the 24 hours before she was murder murdered. all of those things will paint the picture of what led to the murder of ashley. >> thank you very much. just ahead, a tipster tells police that the threat against cops isn't over yet and the man who reportedly confessed to shooting an officer for isis is tied to a larger group. plus stunning new video just in of the raid that took down one of the world east most wanted men. inside el chapo's secret hideout and what happened just before his capture. we'll be right back. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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welcome back. do you know where your food comes from or what's in it? decided to find out and today christina looking at the produce we eat. the fresh fruits and veggies that are supposed to be healthy sometimes it's making us sick.
11:56 am
>> salad, americans are eating up to five times more leafy greens than they did 20 years ago. we're consuming 3 billion pounds a year. but our intensifying love affair with fresh produce is creating problems for farmers, for the environment and even for our own health. 1 in 6 americans, that's 48 million people, get sick from contaminated food. each year. 3,000 die. you think it's coming from undercooked meat and fish. produce is actually responsible for about half of the illnesses. >> any industry that wants to produce safe foods they can do it. . >> one of the nation's largest food safety consulting labs, chipotle hired his company to assess safety standards after the government traced e. coli
11:57 am
back to some of its stores. list ter ya is stopped in his office. >> how could you get so close to it? >> because they jump. the current assumption is food is safe until proven otherwise. we have made a lot of people sick over the years. >> hailey bernstein survived an e. coli infection when he was 3 years old. she got it from contaminated lettuce. 19 years later, she's still struggling with the consequences. >> i have diabetes. i have a vision impairment. i had surgery for my bleed in my head. . my voice cannot go louder than what it is. . and i love singing. and i can't get rid of the breathing if i wanted to sing. it's from everything. it's the scarring. it's just one on top of the
11:58 am
other. >> what about people who say getting that sick over ecoly doesn't happen that often. >> if it's you, it's one too many. if it's somebody else, it's not a lot of people. >> you may be asking how does a bacteria end up in your leafy greens? it could be a variety of ways, but the most common answer is waste. that's right, feces. manure is used to fertilize crops. animals like rodents pick up the bacteria and carry it into produce fields. it could even be from humans. how? labor in the field is hard. and there's not always a bathroom around. that exact ae ze nar owe is what led to outbreaks from cilantro traced become to mexico over the last few years. >> people need to understand what they are eating. you're planning to travel to a
11:59 am
country and they say when you go. there, don't eat salads and don't drink water. then you find out that your salad is coming from that waste. >> wow, needless to say just lost my appetite a little bit there. really interesting report there because a lot of people think this is raw. this should be good for me. . is the fda doing anything to fix this problem? >> it took the agency nearly six years to come up with new rules for produce producers and processors, but finally they did. just in november, they issued those rules. that's supposed to hold foreign producers more accountable. the problem in these situations is always funding. does the agency have enough money. the agency itself says it has a funding gap of $170 million, but i can tell you, the people that e we spoke to around this issue say the agency needs way more
12:00 pm
than that to do its job properly. >> so often it comes down to money. thank you so much for that. top of the hur on this monday, i'm pam lo brown. the world's most wanted drug lord now awaiting extradition to the u.s. after he was captured in a hail of gunfire. a battering ram breaking the silence, grenades and scrams from a commander who had been hit. the final daring moments of a raid between the mexican marines and the kingpin's loyal henchmen caught on tape.
12:01 pm
a lot going on there. this video aired on a mexican television network. by the end o of this raid in el chapo's home state, five of el chapo's men. are dead. incredibly he's been returned to the very same prison he tunnelled out of. joining me to discuss is former navy seal and founder of new site soft rep. he's also the author of the best selling book "among heroes." thank you for being o on with us. a lot of us are wondering what's going on here? it's seemingly chaotic. does it surprise you he was taken alive and only one marine was hurt. >> actually we broke a story u this morning of how delta force and the u.s. marshals were advising on this operation. the operation of the mexican government. called the black swans was
12:02 pm
actually targeting his head assassin. so el chapo just seems like a stroke of luck that they actually found him. . when they raided the compound, he was actually try iing to fle in a stolen vehicle and the federal agents apprehended him. it is a little bit surprising that he was taken alive, but i think just watching ta video you can get an idea of how dynamic that operations like these can be. >> there's a lot of yelling. people seemingly giving up their positions. is it unusual that it wasn't more stealthy? >> i think just from watching the video that these guys were going slowly and methodically through the house. it's hard to tell if they are using stun grenades or actually grenades themselves, but it's just these types of operations are dynamic and doesn't always happen as you see it in the
12:03 pm
movies. >> you can do so much preparing, but sometimes things change. hang on for a second. we want to go to fort worth, texas. the aflunz is a mom just stepped into court. let's take a listen. >> we're here on an application for bond reduction. is the state ready? >> state is ready. >> and the defense? >> yes, your honor, we're ready. >> for the record, let me have the names of the lawyers for the state. >> who is going to open for the state?
12:04 pm
>> the application we raise two issues on the application for this one is the issue of there was probable cause to support the arrest warrant and whether there were false statements made in the arrest warrant affidavit that was the basis for the arrest warrant issued in this case. we have conferred that the state that we are not waiving that issue, however, we will be addressing the second issue in the application and that is the amount of the bond that is set in this case. >> very well. . >> at this time, we would ask that our witnesses that we have subpoenaed.
12:05 pm
>> come on up. >> is this it? >> swear that the testimony you give today will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> i do. >> state your full name.
12:06 pm
>> who is your first witness? >> at this time -- >> the rule so you can remain outside until you're called in to testify. sheriff? >> wait, i don't want you to leave yet either. all right, both the rules, i want both you guys to stay outside and don't discuss the case with anybody other than the lawyers or the investigators until you're called. >> i'm going to -- there's a a lot of activity going on in that courtroom in fort worth whe tonya couch, the mother of the
12:07 pm
so-called affluenza teen is there on a hearing about bond. so paul, break down what's going. on for us. >>. at a bond hearing, the primary focus of the court is whether the defendant is likely to flee. so i'm sure that all of these witnesses are going to have a bearing on that as she expressed the idea to flee the jurisdiction. that's number one. number two is how strong is the case against her. defense attorneys have said it looks bad for her when you read about it in the press, but she didn't commit a crime under texas law. they are saying she didn't realize he wasn't allowed to leave the jurisdiction. he was going on slay indication and she was going to come back with him. so the prosecution on the other hand, says that she took $30,000 out of the bank. so that would contradict that thought process. it's about whether she can be trusted to return to the court. . the second thing, of course, is the judge has mentioned in previous statements to the
12:08 pm
defense that maybe she'd have to wear some kind of a bracelet if he does lower the bail. i'm sure that's going to be discussed as well. >> the bond is $1 million. is it likely the judge will reduce that bond? >> when i hear a judge talking about you might have to wear a bracelet if the bond is reduced, it sounds like he would. he's inclined to reduce it. you usually see bail in murder cases. this is not a murder case for her. this is just a case of helping her son flee the jurisdiction. so i would expect -- it wouldn't surprise me if the bail was lowered and maybe she's put on some kind of a house arrest situation. we'll have to see what the judge does. >> let's listen in. thanks, paul. >> how old are you? >> 29. >> what county do you live in? >> tarrant county. >> is that in burleson.
12:09 pm
>> my wife and two kids. >> and your wife is how old? >> 28. >> we're here today asking for one of the thimpks we're asking for your mom's bond to be reduced. >> yeah. >> do you understand that? >> yes, ma'am. >> are you aware ofhat her bond is currently set at? >> yes. >> what is that? >> $1 million. >> is there any way that your mom is able to post a $1 million bond? >> no. >> are you aware of any prior convictions that your mother has? >> no. >> is it your plan if her bond was lowered and she was able to post the bond that she would go and live with you? >> yes. >> that would be in tarrant county? >> yes, ma'am. >> the people that live in your home, are there anyone who lives
12:10 pm
in your home with criminal convictions? >> no. >> are you aware of your mom's financial situation? >> yes, i am. >> is it your understanding -- is your mom married? >> married, but they are separated. >> she's married but separated from whom? >> fred couch. >> who is not your father? >> no, he's my stepfather. >> and they have been married and divorced in the past, is that correct? >> yes. >> does your mom own any real property? >> no. >> does she have any personal property that you're aware of? >> no. >> let's talk about bank accounts. your mom did have a bank account. is that correct? >> yes, ma'am. >> and you were given a power of attorney to be in charge of that account? >> yes. >> that was before, let's say, december 2015? >> yes. >> have you recently tried to access your bank account? >> yes.
12:11 pm
>> are you able to make any withdrawals from that bank account? >> no, i'm not. >> what's your understanding of the status of her bank account? >> there was a court order put on it and a large hold on the account. >> so when you try to access the account, you're not allowed to access it. >> no. >> what are you told? >> nobody knows. they said it's locked up and don't no i who did it or when or why. >> but it did say there was a court order. >> yes. >> and so neither you or tonya or anyone else is able to access her account. >> no. >> are you au ware of any caps she would have if she's not able to issue her bank account? >> no. >> is it your understanding that any property that she had in her possession when she went to california is no longer in her possession. >> they can't find it. >> so are you aware of any cash
12:12 pm
she can access to post bond? >> there's no cash. >> no property to sell to post bond. >> no property. >> so i guess you're not going. to be charge iing her rent if s moves in with you. are you? >> no. >> at the time that -- back in december of 2015, are you aware of any court order ordering her to be in any court at that time? >> not that i'm aware of. >> are you aware of her ever violating any promise to appear in court? >> no. >> are you aware of her violating any bond condition? >> no.
12:13 pm
>> it's alleged she owned a truck. have you heard that obligation? >> yes. >> that truck, did it belong to her or someone else? >> it belongs to somebody else. . >> it did not belong to her? >> no. >> does she own any vehicles? >> no. >> titles to any vehicles? >> no. >> is it your understanding that the freeze that's been put on her account is by -- >> the hearing for tonya couch, we'll be right back after this quick break. stay with us. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to.
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. let's go back to the bond hearing for tonya couch. this is her other son testifying, the half brother of ethan couch. let's take a listen.
12:18 pm
>> probation as a part of it. a lot of conditions that the judge ordered. do you understand that? >> yes. >> in that way, it's a lot like a bond. bond conditions are a whole lot like probation conditions. do you understand that? >> okay. >> things like don't drink. did your mother keep alcohol in her house? >> no. >> never? >> not since he came out on probation, no. >> you don't know anything about lots of drinking that went on in your mother's house? >> i'm going to object, your honor. i thought that the purpose of this hearing was to determine whether the bond is too high. if we want to go into probable cause of her arrest warrant affidavit, then we can do that. but i thought we were just limited to the amount. >> i'm not offering anything of the merits.
12:19 pm
this has to do with her to comply with bond conditions. it's the state's position that she not only was aware of the probation conditions, but she disregarded them and that goes to her willingness to comply with the conditions you may set. >> your honor, i would object that's also irrelevant because they are conditions that she wasn't under. >> i think he's talking in the future. >> you're aware that your younger brother ethan drank while on probation, correct? >> i wasn't air aware. i saw the video. that's all i'm aware of. >> your mother, does she work?
12:20 pm
>> no. >> does she have any particular license that sbientitles her to any type of work? >> she used to. it was a nursing. >>. lbn, correct? >> i just know it was in nursing. >>. she's going to live with you, correct? >> yes. >> who else lives in your house? >> my wife and two kids. 11 and 4. >> do you have any contact with your mother prior to her arriving in tarrant county? >> i talked to her in the l.a. county jail. >> i want to bring in paul
12:21 pm
callen to give some legal analysis from this bond hearing of tonya couch. and right there was her other son being question ed about whether or not she should be able to go out on bond. how could she be trusted after she allegedly fled to mexico with her mexico who was out on probation? >> that's going to be a very tough question for this judge to answer. you know, this witness -- they are trying to establish only that she doesn't have any money. but obviously, from the cross-examination by the district attorney's office, he established that the father has a lot of money. so maybe the money could come from him to raise the bail if it's e lowered. that's obviously the implication they want to leave with the judge. and on the issue of fleeing, i will tell you that there's an affidavit that's been filed with the court papers indicating that
12:22 pm
it she withdrew $30,000 from a bank account and said to the father of the kid who is in mexico, you're not going to see us anymore just before they fled to mexico. i'm sure you're going to hear that later in the hearing from the prosecution. that she remains a flight risk and substantial bail is still going to be required. so i think you're going to see a lot of back and forth in this hearing between the prosecutors who say she cannot be trusted. and the final thing is we may hear something about her mental condition. they had an affidavit submit te she suffers from mental illness. usually when somebody suffers they are not reliable in terms of coming back to court. >> she's supposed to go under a mental health examination. . thank you, appreciate it. coming up, two parties, two horse races. bernie sanders and hillary clinton dead lock ed in iowa an
12:23 pm
new hampshire. donald trump and ted cruz dead locked in iowa. hear who is joining the birther group against cruz. plus a tipster tells police the threat is not over yet and the man confessed to the shooting of an officer in philly for isis is tied to a larger group. and the death of alleged david bowie after a secret battle with cancer. the lead singer from kiss joins us on what bowie did for him. be? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
12:24 pm
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> a new poll shows there's a serious possibility hillary clinton could lose the first two primary contests in the nation in iowa and new hampshire. both now less than a month away. the nbc poll finds hillary clinton's lead against bernie
12:28 pm
sanders is within the margin of error. in new hampshire bernie sanders is beating clinton. that's within the margin of error. let me turn to cnn political correspondent brianna keilar, who is in pleasantville, iowa. you just spoke with bernie sanders about the poll results. what did he have to say? >> you can say encouraged. he was almost fleeful about this when we asked this about tightening numbers in iowa. he believes this is really where the race is. he's only a few points behind hillary clinton. that's something he would want his supporters to believe and he is within the margin of error, so this is considered statistically a neck and neck race. it was interesting, though, here is what he said when i asked him about hillary clinton and her latest attacks on him when it comes to guns. he said he feels in a way that she feels vulnerable. this is what he said. >> you told the des moines register you think she's
12:29 pm
panicky. >> i think clearly they began this race believing it was unevidentable. i don't think they believe that today. secretary clinton is running ads talking about electability. if you look at the polls, at least the ones in new hampshire and iowa, face to face with donald trump and the other republican candidates, we are doing better than hillary clinton does. in tropical stor democrats might want to look at bernie sanders as their candidate. >> something that bernie sanders was not as excited about, i will say, are the numbers coming out of new hampshire. nbc news "wall street journal" has him up 4 points, but that's very close. obviously, he was hope iing beia neighbor of new hampshire from the state of vermont, he's hoping to pull out a win there in new hampshire that would be an upset, but right now the race is tightening there. pamela, if you talk to the
12:30 pm
clinton campaign, they will stress, look, we said this was going to be a competitive pry temarry season. there may be something to what bernie sanders said. i don't think they thought it would be this close a at this point. >> perhaps a little too close for comfort. brianna keilar, thank you so much. the new polls show the republican race is getting tighter in iowa, but getting wider in new hampshire. moments ago quinnipiac released a poll and donald trump leads 31% to 29% to ted cruz well within the margin of error with the rest of the field far behind. the third poll in if a row that shows donald trump with at least a third of the gop vote in new hampshire. the real race is for a disabout it second place. with me now is democratic strategist harlin hill and consultant mindi fen. i'm going to start with mindi.
12:31 pm
quinnipiac found while trump is slightly ahead, his negative rating is stronger with 26% saying they would definitely support trump. for cruz that number was just 7%. is that a sign that cruz will e prevail? >> there are some troubling signs for donald trump in iowa. that poll is tied right now, but more than a quarter of iowa caucus goers say they would never vote for donald trump. in trerms of the matchup agains hillary clinton, he does not do as well. the rate starts to take shape and there can be shifts. i think when voters make that final decision, it's important for them to consider who has the longevity here in the race. >> a lot can happen within a few weeks. half the voters have not. made up their minds according to this poll. i want to ask you about this
12:32 pm
birther debate that's ramping up against ted cruz. we have rand paul now jumping into this voicing his concerns about cruz's eligibility. would democrats challenge this if cruz does advance? >> well, if cruz does advance, there's no question this is going to be on the table. if i'm a republican candidate, i want to get this out of the way now. if your primary concern is winning back the white house in 2016, we need to establish that cruz is eligible to be the nx president of the united states. so i think it's fair game for donald trump and for everyone else in the field to take a shot at him on this because frankly cruz needs to answer it. >> and cruz has answered it and said he believes he's a u.s. citizen. but what do you believe -- what is your take about rand paul jumping into this debate? 2% in the latest polls. why do you think he's jumping into this? >> it's hard to see how this helps rand paul. i think other than getting his name in the headslines, we're talking about him today.
12:33 pm
it's been hard for him to get traction, but it could hurt ted cruz the more people pile on and cast doubt on his candidate su. >> and turning to bernie sanders closing in on hillary clinton as we just talked about with brianna keilar. should we win in iowa and new hampshire, should that mean that the party should see him as the candidate as he suggests or a small setback for clinton? >> i'm losing her. >> that's okay. mindi, i'll go to you on that question. if bernie sanders wins in iowa and new hampshire, how much of a setback would that be for the hillary u camp? >> i think that would be a major setback. going. back to 2008 when she entered that race as the presumptive nominee and didn't take barack obama seriously and look where we are today. that's with her doing better in new hampshire. if sanders were to win iowa and new hampshire, i think that casts her candidacy into doubt
12:34 pm
and really puts him in a position of a front runner. there's no way to look at that different i olympic. >> that's harlan. thank you to both of you for coming on. great discussion there. >> thank you. up next in the newsroom, a warning for cops after an ambush of an officer on duty. the suspect had ties to a radical group. plus saying good-bye to music legend david bowie, an artist who had the rare opportunity to draw the singer's portrait shares his perspective on his legacy u. er? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
12:35 pm
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my main goal was to feed him a quality diet., i decided to give freshpet a try. dexter: there's real chunks of vegetables and chicken in it. raul: and, if the food is in the fridge, you know it has to be fresh. patrick: he's a happy guy when he has his freshpet. a warning to philadelphia police officers. the threat may not be over. it comes after an officer was ambushed while sitting in his car shot three times and now a woman has approached another officer and told him his colleagues may still be in danger. edward archer shot at the officer 13 times. the officer got out of his car,
12:39 pm
chased the suspect and shot hum. police say they are also look ing into. the suspect's ties to a radical group. jason carroll is following this story for us. what do we know about this tip and. how credible it is? >> that's the key question. first, let's talk about when that tip came in. it came in on saturday as that woman approached that officer there in philadelphia saying that edward archer wasn't alone. basically saying he had some sort of aaffiliation to a radicalized group of people. this is what investigators are trying to check out. they released a statement. it says the philadelphia police department and federal partners take this type of information very seriously, particularly after the recent attack on the officer. therefore, the department along with the federal bureau of investigation is actively investigating these allegations in an effort to verify the credibility of the information giv given. a representative from the
12:40 pm
policedownon weighed in. he basically said that archer was part of this group, according to what he knew, and saying there may be as many as three other men that police should be looking for. listen to what he had to say. >> isis whether it was just he's in this group, whatever it is, this guy needs to be looked at if it is credible taken off the street. >> so pamela, clearly several points of concern here. some red flags for investigators, but once again what they are beginning to be doing is look iing at this tip, looking at this woman who gave them the tip to see if she's credible, to see if this information is credible as they move forward with this investigation. >> in the meantime, i imagine police are taking extra precautions. up next right here, the last days of a legend. my next guest says david bowie's music has been a major influence on his career. the lead singer of the band kiss
12:41 pm
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12:45 pm
he was the master of reinvention. a musical genius who defied j generas and generations. david bowie died at the anyone of 69. he succumb to an 18-month battle with cancer. equally tragic, the rock and roll hall of famer just released a new album last friday on his 69th birthday. just the latest in his iconic body of work. ♪
12:46 pm
♪ put on your shoes and dance >> no surprise here, celebrity tributes are pouring in on social media about bowie including one from my next guest. a long-time friend of bowie's and former band leader for kiss. david bowie, you will be sorely missed. the sdigy story songs were a major influence for me. also joining me is a celebrity portrait artist who drew this image as a tribute to bowie for the new yorker. gentlemen, welcome to you both. really appreciate you coming on today.
12:47 pm
i want to start with gene. i'm sorry about the loss of your friend. tell us how did he influence u you. >>. well, it happened early on. i mentioned this before, but in 1975 kiss was recording at the same recording studio david was. and we didn't know each other or anything. we were certain ly in awe of hi talent and were aware of ziggy and all the great songs. for some reason he was kind enough to invite u us into the studio to listen to tracks o of his new record. and we were scared to death, so i walk in and i'll never forget this. as i walked into the studio looking straight in the eye, straight in the face and smiled. i was taken aback because we had never met. he stuck his hand out and said, hello. wonderful to meet you. unassuming, no ego, you can say lots of things about david bowie, he was a a game changer, marched to the beat of his own drum, never looked to see what
12:48 pm
anybody else was doing. you can't put your finger on who he is, what he's done. he completely was a unique artist. he was a visionary. there are a lot of famous people who make records and movies and stuff like that. that ain't the same thing. the air up there is rarefied and. reserved for a a few. icon is reserved for a a few. david bowie was a giant. >> robert, you create celebrity portraits. what kind of inspiration was bowie for you as an artist? he's someone who is a bit of a chameleon, but he's had had an impact on so many people not just who listen to his muse. icic. >> i've been a bowie since i was in high school. a friend in pittsburgh turned me on to him. i immediately was attract ed to his image at the time. and i followed bowie personally and professionally. i am a fan of his. he's a chameleon.
12:49 pm
he inspired my own kind of wearing personalities and the work i do because i have to draw people for a a living. and i always saw him as the artist's artist. i always thought that he was the muse for so many creative people. there wouldn't be a madonna, there wouldn't be marilynman son, so many people off the top of my head. but what he did, though, was he didn't copy people. he took things from the culture and he recomposed it in a collage kind of way that was his style. no one else could duplicate t t that. it was from the heart and it is in our dream state of consciousness, which is where all art lives. >> gene, i have to ask you, he just released his album this past friday. have you listened to it? what do you think? >> yeah, again, he continues to break the rules, especially his own rules. everybody else is. trapped. we're very aware of what the fans want. you don't want to make a
12:50 pm
left-hand turn or right-hand turn. you want to go right down the middle. he never cared thabt. he said this is what's inside of me. this is what i'm going to do because i believe in it. i mentioned mentioned it before. the very first lyric shows you the dignity and the, you know, the greatness of the man. the very first lyric in black star, his new album, is, look up there, i'm in heaven. you know, he knew he was dying. he's been battling cancer for a year. and he did it with dignity and grace. and didn't use media, you know, for the cheapness of what some of us do. you know, it's a very, very sad state of affairs. the world is much worse off without david bowie. >> and, quickly to you both, gene, first to you. what do you think his legacy will be going forward and his influence will be on future musicians? >> i'll tell you what the legacy is. and i'm clear about this because it's happened to me.
12:51 pm
somewhere out there is a 15-year-old kid who's in nebraska or wyoming or some place. and while he's listening to all the pop stars and rap stars and all that stuff, he may hear all the young dudes which david wrote and produced and gave to the band. he may hear "changes." and his life will never be the same. and he'll be inspired. the thing about bowie, the iconic nature of him, it all -- it's generational and did you want stop with, you know, fashion and stuff like that. he continues on. his music is his legacy and his dna is in me. and it's going to be in the next 15-year-old kid who's going to start his own band and become great because of david bowie. >> that's a good way to sum it up. robert, to you. >> and i will agree with gene and add to that that again i will say he was the artist's artist. and other creative people look to him for direction, i think. and i think that follow your heart was probably something he
12:52 pm
always thought although we don't know. but just in creativity he went in to the unknown. there was nothing ever predictable. and i would say he would be the most unpredictable entertainer there ever was. >> touching tribute from you both. gene simmons, robert risco, thank you very much. >> thank you. and up next right here in "newsroom," the playboy mansion up for sale for a cool $200 million. but there is a catch, it comes with a tenant who can't be evicted. wond who are that is. so who gets to stay and is the asking price realistic? we'll be right back. i drive a golf ball.
12:53 pm
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12:56 pm
so one of the most iconic houses in the country is up for sale. the famed playboy mansion has hit the market for a cool $200
12:57 pm
million. the five-acre property in los angeles can be all yours. and if that's not enough, they'll even throw in hugh heff n hefner. joining me now to discuss is luxury real estate agent josh altman from the show "million dollar listing." josh, thanks for coming on. first of all, have you ever heard of this before where someone's selling the house and they say, hey, but with this deal i'm going to continue to live in it? >> believe it or not, i've done about a dozen of those deals before. >> wow. >> where you're dealing with the family or trust or an estate where the elderly person stays in the house until they do die. >> that's incredible. i have to admit i've never heard of that before. so we have not only the playboy mansion but we have hugh hefner as part of this package deal. is it really worth $200 million though? >> let's take a step back. we're talking about the size of the white house, the most famous house on the planet, the playboy mansion. every young billionaire little boy dreams of buying this place, and now they can. who cares what it's worth, it's
12:58 pm
the playboy mansion. look, i look at it as this. i look at it about $12.5 million for each acre of dirt, somewhere between five and six acres, plus it's the playboy mansion so add another $20 million, $25 million onto it, i think it's worth about $100 million. >> okay, so the next question is who would buy this kind of property? what would they do with it? >> well, i'll tell you one thing, they'll be very strict allowing people into this property. you're going to have to be prequalified at least a couple times i'm sure. this to me is an international buyer all day long who wants to make a major footprint in real estate in los angeles. and obviously has a pretty big e ego. but at the end of the day the property is incredible. the privacy is incredible. and the location is -- it's the best location. it hits all the boxes. >> no doubt about it. if you just have $100 million to pay for it. but i still can't get over the fact hugh hefner gets to live in the home until he dies. >> in other experiences you've
12:59 pm
had what are the terms normally for this kind of thing? someone else is living there and then he's there, how does that work? >> well, ever since i've known hugh hefner looks like he's getting younger ever single year. i don't know if that's one of the type of deals i want to be involved in. you got to cap it off. not that i'm saying we want him to die or this or that, but there's got to be a cap. at some point if he's still alive at a certain amount of time, let's move him out to another place. this is a lot of money, but at the end of the day it's a trophy property. you're parking your cash into it so if it's 10, 15, 20 years, it doesn't matter, it's going to be worth so much money even if it is a job that you're going to have to gut the entire house. >> okay. in a word you've been in the mansion, what kind of condition is it in? >> well, for today's standards you're going to have to gut the entire property. i'm assuming it's going to cost about $20 million to bring this to where it needs to be to today's standards and then you can resell it for $200 million. >> wow, unbelievable. josh altman, thank you so much.
1:00 pm
great talking with you. and that does it for me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks so much for watching. thanks, pam. three weeks to go until actual votes are cast in 2016. "the lead" starts right now. deadlocked in iowa. new polls showing donald trump cannot shake senator ted cruz no matter how many maple leaves he tries to pin upon him. [ gunfire ] finding "el chapo." brand new video of the deadly bloody shootout that led to the capture of the billionaire drug kingpin. details how he almost wormed his way out of this again. plus -- ♪ rebel, rebel, your face is a mess ♪ ♪