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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  January 11, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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made the grade. ♪ >> what a loss. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over now to wolf blitzer. he's in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, dramatic raid, stunning new video of the deadly assault in the takedown of the fugitive drug lord. did a secret interview with the actor sean penn help put "el chapo" back in prison? and will he now face justice in the united states? american spy caught. north korea says it's holding an american accused of spying for a u.s. ally, exclusive access to the prisoner. why is the u.s. government keeping quiet? isis backed obliterated. the u.s. strikes an isis cash hold and payroll center destroying millions. why was the pentagon willing to risk civilian casualties by bombing right in the heart of a
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captured city. and trump bump, the gop front-runner surges in iowa the constant questioning of ted cruz's citizenship starting to pay off? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room". gunshots and explosions as dramatic new video shows the bloody raid on the hideout of the notorious drug kingpin known as "el chapo." left five of his bodyguards dead and ultimately put "el chapo" back in the same prison he had escaped six months earlier. while on the run he did a secret interview with the actor sean penn for rolling stone magazine which may have provided clues leading to his re-capture. but there's growing backlash over that meeting as the united states pushes mexico to extradite the drug lord to face charges here in this country. and a cnn exclusive from inside north korea where the kim jong-un regime says it's holding a u.s. citizen accused of espionage.
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cnn's will ripley was given access to the man who says he was caught red handed for spying for elements in south korea. he's appealing to the u.s. government to rescue him. i'll speak with congressman will hurd of the homeland security committee. he's a former cia operative.ana have full coverage of the day's stories. let's begin with "el chapo" with the bloody raid that helped put the fugitive drug lord back in prison. cnn's brian todd has been looking into all of this for us. >> wolf, tonight we've got new details about the raid which led to "el chapo" capture about how the drug lord is being guarded tonight and about how an interview he gave to "rolling stone" magazine played a significant role in his apprehension. the mexican attorney general just telling cnn it was essential. now, the newly released video of the raid shows how chaotic and violent that gun battle was and how determined "el chapo" bodyguards were to protect him.
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[ gunfire ] a con cussive blast then a marine fires through a door. riveting footage from the mexican navy of the raid on a safehouse which led to the capture of the world's most wanted drug lord, joaquin "el chapo" guzman. from the helmet cam of a mexican officer, marines are seen firing up a staircase. [ gunfire ] our analyst art roderick the most dangerous moment in the raid. >> you're in a fatal funnel basically what you're in. so anybody can pop around that corner. you got three, four people stacked up. you can easily take out three or four people with one person. [ gunfire ] >> marines throw grenades into the house. engage in suppressive fire. a commander yells to move faster. it's utter confusion, smoke, gunfire everywhere. how chaotic is this? how hard is it to tell friend from foe? >> well, they're doing the right
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thing here because they're kind of moving together on line. so obviously anybody that's in front of them is a bad guy. >> a marine is seen on the floor seemingly wounded. during this raid on friday in los mochis, mexico, authorities say "el chapo" escaped through a sewer drain and to a car. he was later tracked down and captured. tonight, was sean penn's interview a key in locating the drug lord. a senior mexican law enforcement official tells cnn authorities there want to question penn and mexican actress kate de del castillo who kargt rolling stone helped arrange the interview. in the interview "el chapo" brags about his empire. i have a fleet of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats. why would "el chapo" take the risk of a high profile interview with a celebrity? >> chapo guzman is a narsistic
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individual and he wants to leave a legacy behind. he wants to have something, a movie done of him and his escapades as a major drug lord. >> these pictures printed by a mexican newspaper are claim to be photos of sean penn and kate del castillooing to their meeting with "el chapo" in early october. and multiple mexican officials now telling cnn authorities there knew of the interview before it was printed on "rolling stone -- in "rolling stone" magazine and one of the leads they had in locating "el chapo." the mexican attorney general saying it was an essential lead. now, as for possibly being questioned by mexican authorities, sean penn told the associated press, he's got nothing to hide. wolf. >> brian, what do we know about the extradition? will "el chapo" be extradited to the united states any time soon? >> a source in the mexican attorney general's office, wolf, tells cnn the extradition process could take months, maybe
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even more than a year. and "el chapo" is being held at the same prison where he escaped from in july. one analyst says that's going to give "el chapo" plenty of time to bribe and intimidate his way out of that prison. but a mexican official just told me that's not going to happen. this official says chapo is being guarded by the mexican army and navy, that's the first time in their history that that's happened and that among the units guarding him is the one which captured him on friday. >> brian todd reporting, thank you. as tensions rise following north korea's claim of a h-bomb test, kim jong-un's regime now claims that it has arrested a u.s. citizen for spying and has given cnn's will ripley exclusive access to the man who's asking the u.s. government now for help. will is joining us now live from the north korean capital of pyongyang. so what's this all about, will? >> reporter: wolf, we first got wind of this american prisoner shortly after we arrived in pyongyang last week. keep in mind this was just after this nuclear test.
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it was a chaotic time but we were told we would learn more details. and we did shortly before the interview when a man walked through the doors of a hotel conference room with a very complex and uncorroborated story of espionage. days after north korea's nuclear test shocked the world, a new diplomatic bombshell. kim dong chul says he's an american citizen who used to live in fairfax, virginia. north korea calls him a spy accused of stealing nuclear and military secrets. pyongyang authorities order kim to speak to us in korean. he seems aware our conversation is likely being listened to. i committed an act of espionage against north korea, he says. i gathered information about its nuclear program and military facilities. kim says north korean agents arrested him three months ago seizing a usb drive, camera and documents with details of north korea's nuclear program. cnn cannot determine whether kim is making his statements under duress. he says he was not spying for
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the united states but for south korean conservative elements with the goal of undermining north korean leader kim jong-un's regime. the south korean government calls the claims groundless. how did it work? how did you pass on the information you collected? i bribed a local resident, an ex-soldier with military access, he says. he handed over information. i hid it in my car and secretly brought it to china. kim says he drove back and forth from china every day as president of a company that operates in rason, a special economic zone where foreign-owned businesses operate just inside north korea. the businesses help the cash-strapped regime make money to pay for things like its nuclear program. it's time for the u.s. government to withdraw its hostile policy against north korea, kim says, using the same language often found in pyongyang propaganda. we're allowed to photograph kim's american passport. he says he was born in south korea but became a u.s. citizen
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almost 30 years ago. so far the state department has refused to comment or even confirm his u.s. citizenship telling cnn, quote, speaking publicly about specific purported cases of detained americans can complicate our tireless efforts to secure their freedom. i'm asking the u.s. or south korean government to rescue me, kim says. neither country has diplomatic relations with north korea. for now this professed u.s. citizen is detained, no trial date, no idea if he'll ever see his family or country again. so why would north korea put this man in front of our cameras now? the answer judging by past experience seems to be political leverage. the nuclear test and now an american detainee accused of stealing nuclear secrets, it all seems to be an effort to get united states officials to sit down and talk to the north korean regime because their goal is to lifting sanctions and normalizing of relations. but so far the state department seems to be keeping their distance although the spokesman
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john kirby did say they are looking into this matter, wolf. >> thanks very much, will ripley reporting for us exclusively from pyongyang, north korea. north korea's claim that it's holding a u.s. citizen comes amid all the escalating tensions following its nuclear test the other day. the united states this weekend sent a nuclear capable bomber on a flight near the korean demilitarized zone, the dmz. let's go to our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. so, jim, is the u.s. raising the stakes now? >> they are raising the stakes. we were told by the state department today they're still working with the u.n. on what was called a robust set of measures to respond to, to penalize north korea in effect for this test. what you're seeing though as you referenced, wolf, is a visible demonstration. and that was this nuclear capable b-52 accompanied by a u.s. f-16 and south korean f-15 flying very low over the osan air base just south of the north/south korean border. that message of course not
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intended for south korea, very much north korea, reminder of u.s. capabilities in the region after north korea conducted its fourth nuclear test. to be clear the state department says the information from the u.s. is that this was not a hydrogen bomb test, not a successful hydrogen bomb test. still in the atomic bomb category, that would be a step behind. but they're still analyzing. i'll tell you one thing though, this invisible message no question, it's part of redemonstrating to the world that south korea falls under america's nuclear umbrella in effect, it's defense umbrella, but many people in south korea they want something different. they want antimissile defense. it's a system called the f.a.d., a terminal high altitude area of defense. to this point it's deployed in hawaii and guam, not in south korea. there are many in south korea who want this today particularly as north korea makes advances with its own ballistic missile technology. that's a decision the u.s. has yet to make though. >> yeah, the million north korean troops north of the dmz, almost a million south korean troops south of the dmz, nearly 30,000 american troops right
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along the dmz. this is arguably the most dangerous spot on earth right now. so clearly what the u.s. was doing in sending this b-52 bomber was trying to send a message to pyongyang, right? >> no question. and keep in mind this, that even without its nuclear capability, north korea has tremendous ability to cause casualties in seoul, the south korean capital very close to the north korean border where as you mention there are tens of thousands of u.s. troops based. short of that they have a lot of missiles, rockets, chemical weapons you name it pointed there by all accounts either side would pay a heavy cost for war. >> yeah. millions of people in seoul, only about 30 miles south of the dmz with a lot of artillery just north of the dmz that could hit seoul. this is a very volatile area, jim sciutto, thank you very much. joining us now is a key member of the house homeland security committee, republican congressman will hurd of texas. he's a former clandestine cia officer, spent nine years in the cia. let's talk about this american citizen now arrested in prison
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in north korea accused of spying, not necessarily for the united states but on behalf of elements in south korea. what can the u.s. do to get this american citizen out of there? >> one, you've got to confirm this story number one. making sure this guy is who he says he is. i haven't heard of anything about his family trying to help free him. if he's an american citizen, we should do everything we can to get him back. but it's a little suspicious the timing of all this, of allowing, you know, someone to be interviewed and say come and rescue me. that sounds really strange, especially at a time with this heightened tensions with us as you just showed the bombers being flown over there, naval assets being redeployed to the region. this is a delicate situation and the timing is suspicious. >> not the first time north koreans have allowed will ripley come into north korea and interview americans being held by t north koreans. they obviously think they have an agenda that they can accomplish by allowing an american reporter to basically go in there and talk. but this follows as you point
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out this test, this nuclear test the other day. they say was a hydrogen bomb, the u.s. says no evidence was a hydrogen -- whatever it was this is a really dangerous development. >> absolutely. you know, the difference between atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb is basically yield, they're both disastrous, they both can kill a lot of people and it's a sign kim jong-un, the dictator of the dprk is willing to do something crazy like use these. and we need to be doing everything we can -- in congress today, tonight likely is going to pick up legislation that continues to expand some of the sanctions that are ongoing. make sure the president is reviewing any kind of cooperation between iran and north korea. and also making sure the state department has a plan on beaming information into north korea. the folks in north korea don't have access to the internet. they're basically blind from the rest of the world. and if we're able to help show them what's really going on, we can maybe see some change. >> we know that the iranians provided nuclear technology to syria. the israelis blew up a nuclear
2:15 pm
reactor in syria that the north koreans helped build, the north koreans helped the syrians with that. north koreans helped pakistan build their nuclear arsenal. but what evidence is there that north korea's helping iran with any kind of nuclear ambition? >> well, that's one of the things we're asking is making sure the president and the executive agencies are reviewing all the information they have to see if there's any connections. and there's any violations of u.n. treaties by the iranians, they've already done it with their long-range missile program recently. this is something they probably do. and the north koreans are looking to iran as an example of how they can possibly position themselves. if they have nuclear capability, they think the united states will treat them a little bit differently, almost the way we're changing our tune when it comes to iran. >> you'll vote in favor of this legislation to tighten sanctions against north korea? >> absolutely. >> congressman, standby. we have more to discuss including latest u.s. air strikes against an isis target inside iraq, an isis target where there are millions and millions of dollars that have
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been, quote, vaporized. we'll be right back.
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we're talking with congressman will hurd of texas, but first i want to bring to you another story that we're following right now. risking civilian casualties, the u.s. military has attacked a major building right in the heart of mosul, the iraqi city held by isis terrorists. the target was a hoard of cash used by isis to fund its oerpgs. let's go to our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, she broke this story. what are you hearing about this air strike? >> this was two 2,000-pound bombs dropped on this building in mosul. this could have been very risky.
2:21 pm
this is a building in which there are civilians nearby. so when the u.s. got the intelligence that this was a major cash facility where isis was collecting and storing cash and then disbursing it to fund their operations, they began watching from overhead, airplanes and drones, to see when the civilians were most likely in the neighborhood. what they learned, we are told, is that isis was there at night, civilians in the neighborhood in the daytime, so they made the decision to go ahead and strike it at dawn on sunday. they were willing, we are told, to risk up to 50 civilian casualties. why would the u.s. take the risk? because this was a site that was storing, we are told, millions in isis controlled cash. this is the cash that isis uses to pay its troops, to fund its operations. this is now a shift that we should expect to see that they will go after targets like financial targets like this. and that they will potentially risk more civilian casualties in order to really strike at the heart of isis.
2:22 pm
in this case the initial assessment is that there were a small handful of casualties. not clear isis or civilians, but it was not as bad as they thought, they believe. but this time they were definitely willing to take the risk to get to the heart of what they believe is part of isis' cash flow, wolf. >> sounds like a more aggressive, assertive u.s. air strike strategy. barbara, thanks very much. we're back with republican congressman will hurd of texas. he's a member of the house homeland security committee. he's a former clandestine cia officer. this kind of operation going after the money, the cash that isis has. we know they're the richest terrorist group in the world. is it going to make a difference? >> it's going to have an impact not only in, you know, their ability to purchase weapons, vehicles, things that they need to prosecute terror in the region, but it also has a demoralizing effect on the troops. everybody in isis knows, you know, what had happened, they know they may not get paid. they know that they may not be able to take care of their
2:23 pm
families. and that this may signal a change in how what the u.s. military is targeting them. so this is a good thing for the war. >> even if there are innocent civilians, collateral damage as it's called that are killed in the process, are you okay with that? >> look, this is one of the difficulties of being at war. and this is one of the issues that it's isis putting these individuals in harm's way. it's because of their activity that these innocent folks could possibly be injured. and these are the risks that our military planners have to weigh. it's a difficult risk, but in this case it seems it paid off. >> king abdullah of jordan, one of america's best friends in the middle east, jordan has been a source of great support for the united states taking in recently maybe a million syrian refugees. king abdullah is here in washington this week. he's meeting with the secretary of state, the defense secretary, the vice president. but the president of the united states is not meeting with him this week. the white house is saying due to scheduling conflicts because of the president's state of the union address he's not going to have time to meet with the king of jordan.
2:24 pm
are you surprised by that? >> i'm very surprised by that. there is as you said there's no more important partner in the region in our fight against terrorism. you know, this is something that president obama should change his schedule in order to meet with. you know, this is an ally that has been with us since 9/11, before 9/11, does everything he can to help us. he has a tenuous grasp in that region. this is another sign that, you know, our sunni -- or moderate sunni arab partners are looking at is this even more example of the president pivoting towards iran. you know, you have this with the tensions between saudi arabia and iran right now. this fuels that. i think this is a terrible move by the president. and it's a slap in the face to one of our most important allies. >> yeah, i'm surprised. the king of jordan a great friend of the united states comes to washington for a few days the president doesn't have time to meet with him. that's a surprise to me given this extraordinary relationship they did meet early last year
2:25 pm
february 2015, a year ago. but given what's going on in the region right now, presumably they would have a lot to discuss. >> there's so much to discuss. and this is a mistake by this president. we have a couple more days while he's here. i hope he changes his mind and takes in and listens to one of our most important allies in that region. >> will hurd, the congressman from texas. thanks very much for coming in. >> thank you, wolf. coming up, he's back in prison, but the mexican drug lord "el chapo" almost got away again. will he ever face justice here in the united states? and donald trump may be surging in iowa, does that mean his constant questioning of senator ted cruz's citizenship is starting to pay off? >> ted cruz has a problem because the question is is he a natural born citizen. and the question was asked on "meet the press." it was asked to me by chris wallace this weekend. and i said, i don't know. i mean, nobody knows. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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our top story dramatic new video shows the bloody raid on the hideout of the mexican drug lord known as "el chapo." a raid which eventually led to his recapture and return to prison. joining us now cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes, he's a former fbi assistant director and cnn law enforcement analyst art roderick, former u.s. marshals office assistant director. all right. soldiers chased "el apo" through the sewer tunnels but he made it to the surface where he stole a car, almost got away. do you have confidence that the mexican authorities now can retain this guy maybe for a year until he's extradited? >> well, i mean, i've heard up to a year, possibly.
2:31 pm
i've heard some doj officials come out and say actually it could be by this summer. either way in this particular case although they've put him back in the same jail, he's being guarded 24 hours a day by the mexican marines who actually arrested him. and also the mexican army. so i think there's going to be no chance at all of the individual getting out at this particular point. of course there's always that possibility. >> because he's got maybe a billion dollars or whatever under his control. and they threaten people like crazy. if they find out individuals, as you know, art, they threatened to kill family members. that's a real big problem. >> it is a huge problem. but i think because of the embarrassment that occurred the last time to the government of mexico, they're not taking any chances. and i think although you've heard guzman's current attorney say he's going to file every injunction possible because he doesn't believe he should be extradited, i think the government of mexico might step in with the help of the u.s. government and maybe move this extradition along a lot quicker. >> tom, sean penn told the associated press he has nothing to hide. he met with "el chapo" last
2:32 pm
year, late last year while he was in hiding. do you believe his meeting did in fact lead authorities to the recapture of "el chapo"? >> you know, i'm not sure about that, wolf. i mean, we'll hear more about that in the future. but certainly i also don't believe he's facing any exposure to a crime on his own for having had that meeting. but how much he helped or whether he was already secretly notifying the authorities that he was going to have that meeting we don't know. in fact, we may never know if they want to keep that a secret from us. >> should he face, art, any consequences for conducting this interview? >> well, i don't think so. generally if you're a regular journalist and go overseas and meet a fugitive and do an interview, there's really no repercussions. there is a circumstance with this particular individual that he's especially designated national. and legally that's going to have to be looked at, but i think overall he's probably not. the interesting thing here is the coincidence from the arrest
2:33 pm
to the time the article was released, which was only a couple days. i mean, doesn't take a genius to put one and one together to equal two to say, wow, did this have anything to do with his arrest. >> apparently did, at least that's what mexican authorities -- >> could i add something, wolf? >> go ahead, tom. >> what i'd like to add is given the fact that he had done this interview and wants to have a movie made, it could be that one of his underlings gave him up, that they didn't want the p publici publicity. they want to inherit this cartel in tact makes billions of dollars from it and they may have done that. this goes back to the 1930s and '40s when lucky luciano, the head of the american decided after being deported to italy he wanted to make a movie. the italian mafia killed him within days of that announcement. >> the extradition if it does take place he would come here to the united states presumably face his charges in several states. art, he would go to a maximum security prison. what would the role of the u.s. marshals office be in a bringing him out of mexico to the united states?
2:34 pm
>> well, the marshals handle all extraditions that occur, regardless of which country they're from. so they would be -- probably be at least four or five, maybe six marshals. obviously this is a very high profile individual. they'll fly him on a private plane back to the u.s., not quite sure where he's going to land. immediately once he lands he'll face a u.s. federal magistrate. and he'll be remanded to the custody of the attorney general, which means he'll come back to the u.s. marshals and be housed in a maximum security facility. >> he certainly would be. all right, art roderick, tom fuentes, thank you very much. coming up, just three weeks from the iowa caucuses, some new polls are getting our attention as well as donald trump's attention. >> i watch some of the programs they came out with new polls this morning. i love polls when i'm winning. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. in political news, new polls show donald trump extending his lead in new hampshire and catching up with ted cruz in iowa. the caucuses are just three weeks from tonight. and trump is sharpening his attacks on senator cruz. our political reporter sara murray is here in "the situation room." sara, tell us about the latest polls. >> that's right, wolf. right now donald trump has a wide lead in new hampshire, but in iowa it is a much tighter race. that's why you're seeing him hammering his closest rival ted cruz. >> iowa, you know, you haven't been good at picking the winners, folks. we got to pick a winner this time. >> reporter: tonight, ted cruz and donald trump locked in a
2:40 pm
dead heat in iowa. a new quinnipiac university poll shows trump with 31% support, while cruz polls 29% within the margin of error. but in new hampshire trump dominates in a new monomoth university poll with 32%. that's more than double cruz and john kasich, who are tied in second with 14% support. >> i love polls when i'm winning. >> reporter: today, trump reveling in the states where he's on top and urging his gop opponents to clear the field. >> if i was in second place even, let alone some of these guys that are in ninth place, i wouldn't even know -- i don't know if i'd even come. if you're in ninth place, don't you sort of say let's cut down on the trips. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: but with cruz sticking close in iowa, trump is trying to go in for the kill questioning whether cruz is a true evangelical. knocking his big donors, and today pumping up his latest line claiming cruz's canadian
2:41 pm
birthplace could disqualify him for president. >> but ted cruz has a problem because the question is, is he a natural born citizen? and the question was asked to me on "meet the press." it was asked to me by chris wallace this weekend. and i said, i don't know. i mean, nobody knows. >> reporter: insisting a cruz nomination would only lead to lawsuits and a mess for the republican party. >> you can't have a nominee who's going to be subject to being thrown out as a nominee. you just can't do it. so you're going to make that decision, folks. i mean, it's one of those little decisions. i'm sure ted is thrilled that i'm helping him out, but i am. i mean, i am. i mean, he's got to go. and he's got to fix it. >> reporter: cruz shrugged off trump's jabs telling cnn's jake tapper, the citizenship question is settled. >> but the substance of the issue is clear and straightforward. as a legal matter the constitution and federal law are clear that the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural
2:42 pm
born citizen. >> reporter: and hinting that the latest shots from his gop rivals are a side effect of his strong poll numbers. >> three weeks ago almost every republican candidate was attacking donald trump. today almost every republican candidate is attacking me. >> reporter: now, it's clear donald trump thinks the citizenship question is a winning issue, but cnn's dana bash was there in new hampshire earlier today. and when she talked to voters, people who even were supporting trump not a single one of them said that they thought this could be a big problem for ted cruz. so trump might have to keep hammering that drum if he hopes to make voters change their minds. >> sara murray, thanks very much. joining us now here in "the situation room," ni nia malika-henderson, also joining us political commentator new yorker magazine washington correspondent ryan lizza and ron bronstein, editorial director. donald trump appears to be catching up with cruz in iowa,
2:43 pm
is that because he's successfully exploiting the so-called birther issue? >> maybe. you know, i was with cruz in iowa this week and i didn't find a lot of people, a lot of voters that really seized on this issue. i think you got to look at -- you got to look at a run of polls here. there's a very important poll coming out on wednesday by the des moines register. that's historically been a very accurate poll. trump has performed poorly in that poll the last few times it's out. if you look at the polling average, the average of the last five or six polls, cruz still has a significant lead there. they're doing iowa in two totally different ways. ted cruz is on there. last week he did three, four events a day for an entire week. he's got a very traditional ground game. he's got traditional leadership supporting him, conservative evangelical leaders activating their networks. trump pops in, does a good rally, goes back to trump tower and sleeps for the night. a tale of two kinds of organizations. if trump is going to do this, if he's going to win iowa, a lot of new iowa voters not shown up to
2:44 pm
the caucuses are going to have to flood things on february 1st. >> it's not just trump discussing the birther issue. senator rand paul is talking about it. you heard john mccain talking about it. now harvard law school professor lawrence tribe, one of the most distinguished legal scholars out there, he's saying, yes, this is a legitimate question that's never been reviewed by the u.s. supreme court. here's the question, is cruz handling this well? >> you know, i think he's tried a number of tactics, one of which is to sort of sound lawyerly like the lawyer he is in talking about the constitution. he's tried humor on twitter essentially saying trump has jumped the shark on this. today he was in baton rouge, louisiana, and he was talking about his roots. he was talking about his mother and her background in wilmington, delaware, and how she grew up as an irish catholic and went to school in louisiana. so i think that's kind of an indirect way to fill in some of the blanks here and say, listen, i may have been born in canada, but my mom was born in wilmington, delaware, working class roots. so that's the way he's doing it.
2:45 pm
but i think trump has had some success here. because he's been able to make ted cruz talk about something else -- >> make him release his mother's birth certificate from delaware as well. let's take a closer look at the university of quinnipiac poll. among caucus goers they were asked who would you likely not support, 26% said trump, 7% said cruz. if you have to show up at a caucus, spend an hour or two or three, it's a major effort. >> lez ss of a problem on the republican side than the democratic side. the democratic caucus if you don't reach a threshold, voters have to reassign and clearly in that case trump might have problems. i think the key issue is the one ryan mentioned in iowa. if you look at the poll that came out yesterday, among people who previously participated in caucus ted cruz was over donald trump by 10 points. among people never participated
2:46 pm
donald trump was up over ted cruz by 10 points. donald trump is in the same situation where barack obama was somewhat in 2008 where to win the caucus he has to change the electorate. we'll see whether this enormous engine of celebrity without the traditional organizing he can truly change it. that's the difference in the polls by the way. how many new voters they anticipate and that will be the one thing not answered until election night. >> a lot of people wait for hours to go to a donald trump rally. if they're willing to wait hours out in a line to go to a rally, why not go to a caucus and do a two or three hour little bit there. >> absolutely. i was in biloxi, mississippi at a trump rally last week and waited two and a half hours with the crowd to get in. and nobody left that mine. people might do it. in iowa you have same night registration. so right now if you look at the numbers that the iowa republican party has put out in terms of registration, you don't see a big jump in republican registration. we haven't detected in the registration numbers any big trump boom, but you can do same night registration. so you might see something like 2008 and obama.
2:47 pm
>> i was struck i was in south carolina at a trump rally last friday night. and i was struck how many people had voted last time. i mean, these are not people who are just completely disconnected from the process. >> guys, hold your thoughts for a moment. there's a lot more politics coming up including the democratic side. what's going on between hillary clinton and bernie sanders? we'll be right back. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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of dying from another one. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to doctor. since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers. a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery and all medicines you take. i will take brilinta today. tomorrow. and every day for as long as my doctor tells me. don't miss a day of brilinta. we're seeing interesting poll numbers. bernie sanders getting more pointed and personal. listen to the senator's response to a question today from our
2:52 pm
senior political correspondent brianna keilar. >> you told "the morning register" you think she's panicking. >> it was inevitable. i don't think they believe that today. secretary clinton is running ads on television talking about electabili electability. the recent polls in new hampshire and iowa face-to-face with donald trump and other republican candidates doing better than hillary clinton does. in terms of electability. democrats may want to look at bernie sanders. >> he makes the point in the resent poll in new hampshire, only in new hampshire, hillary clinton would get 45% to donald trump's 44% pretty close. look at bernie sanders. he would smash donald trump 56% to 37%. that's a significant advantage for bernie sanders. >> it is. and it's what we've seen all along which is that bernie sanders does very well in states
2:53 pm
that look demographically like vermont. more openly white. >> like bernie sanders. >> that's why he's doing well in iowa. can he grow that? can he win in a state like south carolina. can he win the traditional democratic coalitions, african american voters and latinos and yet to i think really prove that even though he's closing the gap in iowa. >> look at new hampshire, potential matchup between hillary clinton and ted cruz. cruz 48 and clinton 44. if it was sanders 46 and cruz 55 for sanders. also in new hampshire, potential matchup for rubio. rubio 52 to clinton's 40% but if sanders were the nominee, 50% for sanders, 41 for rubio. these numbers are favorable in new hampshire. >> i would say if you look at general election polling, it tells you some things but not others. there is a limit because the contrast and the choice really hasn't been defined for people.
2:54 pm
bernie sanders is the nominee. after the committee finishes with ads about the cost of his agenda, he would look different to swing voters in new hampsh e hampshire. it tells you democrats are looking at a situation where hillary clinton has work to do if she's the nominee. there is a lot of questions about her. she faces resistance among different groups of voters. on the other hand, the republicans are looking at a race where their top two candidates ted cruz and donald trump are in a position to have growing segments that cost them the last couple elections. >> ryan, we've now learned that michael bloomberg the former mayor of new york commissioned a poll to see how he would do as he ran a third party candidate. that potentially could be significant. >> i think there is space for someone like michael bloomberg if you have a trump or cruz nominee on the republican side and someone like bernie sanders on the democratic side and you really do have space in the center for someone like that. absent that scenario, i don't really see what the issues are
2:55 pm
for michael bloomberg. third parties succeed with issues the two main parties are not addressing and i don't see how he's that different. i don't see bloom -- >> very intriguing he commissioned a poll -- >> yeah, he wants to run. >> like donald trump i suspect more billions than donald trump. >> he's got more willingness to spend it. >> he would be willing to spend it. thanks very much. dramatic new video, the bloody assault that led to the take down of a fugitive drug king pen. did the interview help put "el chapo" back in prison and is the suspect in the philadelphia police officer tied to a radical group. what was he doing during trips in recent years to saudi arabia and egypt? what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
2:56 pm
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happening now, dramatic video of the raid that resulted in the capture of the mexican drug lord known as "el chapo" and information about the controversial interview sean penn did with eloquent chop powe on the run. releasing a new recording, the man behind the underwear and printer card trij bomb will not give up. is he working a new bomb that would slip past airport security on to an american passenger plane. senator rand paul at risk of being relegated to the under card in the next republican showdown. will he drop out of the debate if he doesn't make the main stage? we're standing by for his
3:01 pm
decision. land paul joins us live this hour. campaigning solo, chelsea clinton poised at the campaign trail before her mother headlining a number of fundraisers including one of the seat of a bike. will the escalated war of words between hillary clinton and donald trump affect chelsea's friendship with trump's daughter ivonka. i'm wolf blitzer. you're "the situation room." a deadly operation that nabbed one of the world's most wanted criminals and tonight, there is dramatic new video of the raid that put the notorious mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman back behind bars. the controversial interview the actor sean penn conducted with the fugitive criminal was in his words essential to his capture.
3:02 pm
also, a new threat from al qaeda's explosives mastermind. the bomb maker whose previous devices have been smuggled on to commercial planes is now vowing the terror group will never stop trying to attack the united states. there are also new developments in the ambush of the philadelphia police officer allegedly by a man who says he pledged allegiance to isis. tonight investigatiors are looking into a tip he had ties to the radical group and the fbi says he traveled to the middle east. we're covering that and much more this hour with our guests, peter king. our correspondents and expert analysts are all standing by. let's begin with the dramatic new video of the raid that captured the notorious drug lord "el chapo." martin savidge is working the story. you're outside the mexican prison where "el chapo" is being held. what's the latest?
3:03 pm
>> reporter: mexican authorities haven't gotten to the point where they are thanking actor sean penn but just about said that, his role, that interview was crucial to rearresting "el chapo", but when you look at the dramatic take down, you realize that the mexican authorities played a critical role, as well. wolf? tonight dramatic new video of the deadly raid that led to the capture of the one of the world's most wanted fugitives. five people killed in a shootout of joaquin guzman. >> this may have been the next stop in this incredible drama. look down here. that appears to be some kind of storm drain, sewer, but as you can see, large enough for a person to get through, and according to the authorities, "el chapo" and an associate managed to escape from the home through a sewer.
3:04 pm
they didn't get far and "el chapo" was captured soon after. this as details emerging about a rolling stone interview published revealing the notorious mexican drug lord met with a hollywood a-lister sean penn. the meeting with a short on camera interview was conducted in the mexican jungle back in october. in it, the drug kingpin talks candidly about his business. >> translator: well, it's a reality that drugs destroy. unfortunately, as i said, where i grew up, there is no other way and there still isn't a way to survive, another way to work. >> reporter: penn's written article describes his seven-hour meeting that began with a hug and notes the drug lord is remarkably well groomed unquote as he sips to quill la and bragged about his fleet of airports, trucks and boats. penn says the interview was set
3:05 pm
up by castillo, el ch"el chapo" wanted her help. the american actor was asked about images published in the mexican news media today that appear to show officials watching he and castillo before the meeting with "el chapo." penn's response, quote, i got nothing to hide unquote. authorities want to question penn but it's not clear if he broke laws. "el chapo" is back in the same prison he escaped from. officials started the process of extraditing "el chapo" to the u.s. where he faces several drug trafficking charges. >> this bragging action about how much heroin he sends around the world including the united states is maddening. we see a heroin epidemic. we're going to stay on top of this with mexican counter parts. >> reporter: wolf, you can
3:06 pm
debate whether it was sean penn, whether it was the mexican actress or whether it was a combination of other intel that led authorities to joaquin guzman, "el chapo." the reality is it was really guzman himself. he's the one that wanted the article. he invited them to come to him in the end, it's his own fault. wolf? >> certainly is. thanks very much. martin savidge in mexico. we're following a terror threat and a terror leader considered one of the most dangerous bomb makers in the world. tonight a chilling new warning from the united states. jim sciutto is working the story for us. this is the man behind very frightening earlier plots. >> no question. terrorism is a competition and in recent headlines, it's isis grabbing not just the headlines but the attention with successful operations in san bernardino, in paris, bringing down a russian passenger jet, typically the strength of al
3:07 pm
qaeda in the arabia peninsula and you have a reminder they are still targeting the u.s. with isis dominating the headlines today al qaeda's master bomb maker made it clear his terror group is still targeting the u.s. speaking directly to americans vowed, we will not leave you alone as long as we have a pulsing vein in us. the senior leader of al qaeda in the peninsula and created the most creative and most dangerous bomb maker in the world designed the notorious underwear bomb intended to a bring down a u.s. passenger jet on christmas day in 2009. his ability to make bombs that can slip past airport security is a primary concern of u.s. counter terror officials and one reason that u.s. intelligence views aqap along with isis as the two most severe terror threats to the u.s. homeland. >> because there is a capability
3:08 pm
that very few other members in al qaeda possession, we have to be very close attention to what he says because he may very well be able to carry out what he threatens. >> today he directed anger at saudi arabia after the kingdom executed several al qaeda militants as part of a mass execution this month. a series setting many of them personally and vowed revenge. the reference to the executions that ignited large protests across the middle east a clear indication he is still alive and still a threat. as is isis in iraq two weeks after losing the western city of ramadi, it launched two bold attacks today, simultaneous coordinated assaults on a cafe and a shopping mall killing more than 3 dozen people. >> any time they attack the capital, isis attacks the capital of baghdad or anything on the sierran side is a big win for them because it shows the
3:09 pm
weakness of those particular governments. >> when i speak to u.s. counter terror officials, they point to isis and al qaeda as the gravest threats to the u.s. homeland and typically what they will say is isis the most capable of carrying out some sort of attack, even low level because of lone wolf threats and appeal to lone wolves but al qaeda and peninsula, the most capable of a larger attack principally because of this bomb maker and their ability to put bombs on planes. >> as much as the u.s. focuses, don't lose sight of al qaeda. >> sure. >> thanks very much. new develop tments in the shooting of a philadelphia police officer by a man that told investigators he pledged allegiance to isis. you're learning new information about the suspect and information. update us. >> law enforcement sources say they are looking into an
3:10 pm
anonymous tip. investigators are trying to determine how credible this tip is. philadelphia police say a woman stopped an officer on the street over the weekend and reported archer had an affiliation to a group with radical belves and that everyone knows it. police are not saying what group that might be or where the group is but they are still trying to look into this tip to see if there's any veracity to it. in the meantime, surveillance cameras captured the horrifying moment last thursday when a gunman walked up to that officer jessie hartnett's police car. he jumped out of his car, pursued the suspect and shot him. officers arrest ed archer and police say his claims he shot the officer in the name of isis telling investigators i pledge allegiance to the islamic state and that's why i did what i did.
3:11 pm
>> according to him, he believed that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the koran. >> the fbi confirmed archer traveled to saudi arabia in 2011 and 2012 but trying to determine if he had contact with terrorists. he was not under investigation by the fbi and the fbi will look into communications and social media foot print but at this point, law enforcement sources are saying they don't have evidence that indicates he was affiliated with any radicalized group. >> pamela brown, thanks for that report. let's dig deeper into this republican congressman peter king of new york is joining us, a member of the house homeland security and intelligence committees. congressman, thanks for joining us. we know the white house confirmed they are in touch with officials, law enforcements and others in philadelphia. do you have any indication edward archer, this 30-year-old
3:12 pm
suspect, the shooter in this case was in fact plotting with others or had any contact with terrorists? >> i haven't beyond what pamela brown reported. i'm hearing the same thing. they haven't been able to track down whether he did this at the direction of isis or inspired by isis. that is part of the on going investigation, whether or not he was overseas he was in contact with anyone from i sisis or ter organization. what he said the other night indicates, demonstrates that he was inspired by isis. whether or not there was direct contact instructing him to do this, that so far as far as i know, there is no evidence of that. >> police say he did take trips, archer to both egypt and saudi arabia. do we know who paid for those trips, what he was doing while in egypt? he was there for several months and also saudi arabia. >> again, my understanding is that is certainly a key part of the investigation is to find out did he hav the money on his
3:13 pm
own? it supplied to him? it's not that cheap to fly back and forth. part of an on going investigation. i can assure you this is a full-court press going on. i want to find out why he did it and find out whether or not there could be others involved with him and whether or not this is part of a pattern of attacks. >> this is at least the fourth attack here in the united states believed to have been at least inspired if not directed by isis. i assume you believe these attacks will continue on u.s. soil, so here is the question. what can you u.s. do about it? >> we need extensive surveillance and monitor what is going on in the muslim community and again, get as many sources as we can and as many undercovers as we can and also we have to again maintain close cooperation with our allies overseas. there is no easy answer to this. isis has more than any other al qaeda groups or affiliates managed to really master the art
3:14 pm
of appealing to those on society and fringes. there is a series of attacks carried out by people inspired by isis and they are much more effective with that than al qaeda was for instance. >> the police officer 33 years old, heroic unfortunately will in fact survive. we wish him and his family, of course, only the best. congressman, stand by. we have a lot more to discuss. new developments unfolding. much more with peter king when we come back. performance... ...reimagined. style... ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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3:19 pm
i'm quoting, we will not leave you alone as long as we have a pulsing vein in us. we're back with peter king of new york, a home of the homeland security and intelligence committees. congressman, you heard jim sciutto report aqap's chief bomb maker is out with this new threat against the united states. you have previously said that isis is now more powerful than al qaeda was on 9/11, but does aqap still pose a major direct threat to the united states? >> aqap's main threat is not so much carrying out war on the middle east, they want to launch an attack on the united states, more than any al qaeda affiliates, aqap is the one who wanted to attack the united states. you mentioned the underwear bombing in 2009. they also had the cartridge bomb they put on the flights coming to the united states in 2010. fortunately, that was stopped, but it's the master terrorist
3:20 pm
bomb maker in the world extremely lethal and even though we're focused on isis, the intelligence community is constantly monitoring what he might be doing and finding ways to counter any type of device he may come up with. >> congressman, let's talk about what is being called an c extremely unusual u.s. air strike. what bombs destroyed a building and contained cash isis is using to pay troops and willing to consider up to 50 civilian casualties to the air strike due to the importance of the target destroying this cash that isis uses. does this signal an increased willingness by the u.s. to potentially kill innocent civilians if necessary to fight isis in this war? >> well, wolf, obviously, i can't comment on the details other than to say i have advocated for a long time that the united states cannot have this strict policy against
3:21 pm
having damage. if you take out all the cash, that will save hundreds or thousands of lives. you have to balance. certainly in world war ii many civilians killed and that was a just war. nobody wants to kill civilians but the fact is our main job is to protect americans and the world from isis and i think it's about time that the administration does ease the restrictions they put on a pilot when they try to carry out these missions. >> as you know, jordan's king is here in washington now arrived over the weekend and here today, tomorrow and wednesday. but even though he's meeting with the vice president, the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, he won't be meeting with the president, the white house, senior administration official telling us that due to scheduling conflicts including the president's state of the union address, he's not going to be able to meet with his majesty on this visit.
3:22 pm
what's your reaction to that? >> well, again, i don't know all the details. i would say there is no stronger ally. greatest regard for him. a number of us want to meet with him whenever he's here and at jordan. we can't say enough. what an outstanding job and loyal and trusted ally he is and the extend of cooperation we get from him, we should make sure that either the president or anyone else, anything at all to interfere with the relationship, he is literally on the front lines more than any of us. there is no one i regard more. >> the senior administration official sails president obama king abdula did meet in february of last year. the president looks forward to meeting him down the road. would you see this as some sort of snub, if you will, because you're correct, king abdula is a friend of the united states all of these years. >> you know, only the president can answer that. i would say that to me, president of the united states
3:23 pm
whenever possible should meet with someone like king abdula first of all to send him a message how much we value his aid, his cooperation and also to send a signal to other countries in the immediamiddle east. we've been hurt by benjamin netanyahu and jordan, i don't want to read into what the president is doing or not doing. the president should grasp to show support for king abdula and thanks for all he's done for us. >> maybe you should invite the king that's going to be here tomorrow night to a state of the union address. sit up in the gallery. that would be a nice gesture on the part of the president of the united states given the long standing friendship between the united states and jordan specifically king abdula and late father king hussain. just a thought on my part. >> ink it's a great thought. i think it's a great thought, wolf. >> we'll see what the president decides to do. i'll be sitting down with king abdula of jordan wednesday. we'll have a special exclusive interview right here "the situation room."
3:24 pm
>> if i can say, i remember on 9/11 when president bush had tony blair and how much that meant. i agree, having close allies in situations such as that drives home the importance of those very strategic relationships. >> good point. thanks for that congressman peter king. just ahead, donald trump on the attack as rival ted cruz closes in and the critical early voting states and rand paul, he's here "the situation room" with tonight. will he drop out of the next presidential debate if he doesn't make the main stage? i'll ask him.
3:25 pm
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we're three weeks out prom t -- from the iowa caucuses. cruz taking the lead over trump on one poll and has him on the attack. dana bash has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: who does donald trump see as the stiffest competition? is a hint. >> ted cruz is a problem. he's got a problem. >> reporter: trump used this rally to once again hammer at questions about ted cruz' eligibility to be president since he was born in canada. >> you can't have a nominee whose going to be subject to being thrown out as a nominee. you just can't do it. >> reporter: today there is fresh evidence that trump is
3:30 pm
right to hone in on cruz. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> reporter: in iowa several polls show the two men neck and neck. one shows cruz with the four-point lead, another gives trump a two-point advantage both within the margin of error and though trump is way ahead here in new hampshire with 32% in a new poll, cruz is climbing now tied for second with john kasich. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice any time soon from donald trump. >> reporter: despite the drugging, cruz a harvard educated lawyer and former supreme court clerk insists he is eligible since his mother was born in america. >> the constitution and laws of the united states are straightforward. the very first congress defined the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad as a natural born citizen. >> reporter: now another influential republican has doubts about that. popular gop governor terry
3:31 pm
branstad. >> when you run for president of the united states, any question is fair game, you know, so let the people decide. >> reporter: branstad hasn't endorsed but his son runs an iowa group slamming cruz for supporting ethanol subsidies. >> we're going to win. we're going to start winning. we're going to win so much. >> reporter: here in new hampshire, trump may have a huge lead but there is a warning sign. more than 40% of granite state voters say they are not entirely settled on the first choice. >> we will build a wall. [ cheers ] >> build that wall! >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> reporter: he may be a first-time politician but trump knows enough not to take new hampshire for granted. dana bash, cnn, new hampshire. >> let's get more with our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny and cnn political
3:32 pm
commentator donna brazil. jeff, look at the university polls. in new hampshire trump is ahead at 32% and cruz and kasich both tied at 14. rubio as a 12. in the poll likely iowa republicans trump and cruz, they are neck and neck, 31 for trump, 29 for cruz, rubio is down at 15. everybody else in single digits. the ground game in iowa as they call the political activist is kr critical. >> let's start with iowa three weeks from now. the caucuses are different than a primary vote. we can't say that enough times. the reason that is. you can't vote all day. you show up at 7:00 p.m. on the night of february 1st, come snow, come rain, come whatever. the ground game is important. each campaign knows how many people will be coming. the question is is donald trump going to kpn g ting to expand t?
3:33 pm
rick santorum won with 29,000 people supporting him. donald trump has spoken to so many more at big rallies in iowa. will they show up? will they come or been window shopping we have reason to believe on reporting on the ground, ted cruz has a good ground game and built a 99 county network with evangelical leaders, home school leaders, pastors and networks and been at it spending time there. his ground game seems solid. we don't know about donald trump's because it's more of an air game. he's been talking a lot. so we'll have to see. the ground game is so, so critical. >> people are willing to wait two or three hours to see a trump rally and maybe spend two or three hours at a caucus. you got to invest some time. is this shaping up, donna, as a two-man race right now at least in iowa? cruz and trump? >> i think so, wolf. you know, as you know, you can come in third place and have a lot of momentum to go to new hampshire and restart your
3:34 pm
campaign. jeff is absolutely right in terms of the amount of time it takes to not just get the pledge cards, you have people that pledge to support you and show up at various precincts and have to stand up, listen to speeches from 11 candidates on the republican side and pledge support. this is a very, very tough test. ted cruz has run a textbook campaign with not just the number of volunteers in the state and staffers but he's been paying attention to gathering the names of people and i'm sure he has an operation to turn him out. >> anna, we're three weeks from tonight the iowa caucuses very close between cruz and trump right now in all these polls in iowa so what do you expect donald trump to do over the next three weeks? >> well, i think we know what donald trump is going to do. he's going to attack, attack, attack. you know, i think donald trump is a first-time politician but he's clearly gotten a taste for this and at this point, he's in it to win it. i think he's going to go all out.
3:35 pm
we saw him try the attack on ted cruz a few weeks ago saying he was a little maniac. that didn't work well. ted cruz said cubans or evangelicals didn't work too well. this attack on the citizsicitiz the legal aspect and political aspect. from the legal aspect. most scholars agree that it is not a legal issue. but that doesn't mean that it is not a political issue. and donald trump is gaining some traction in turning the citizen ship question into a political issue. clearly, it is a two-man race in iowa. if anybody else wins, it's going to be frankly amazing and shock all of us and new hampshire is a completely different ball game. really, the race there is for second place and who wins the establishment lane? >> intriguing, anna, the harvard law school scholar says there is a legal issue at stake here and let's see if it's pursued. on the democratic side, let's
3:36 pm
talk about the democratic side, jeff. bernie sanders doing remarkably well against hillary clinton in both iowa and new hampshire and just a little while ago he had this to say to reporters. >> the most important paint to be made is that secretary clinton and her campaign now know she's in serious trouble. i think a candidate who was originally thought to be the anointed candidate to be the inevitable candidate is now locked in a very difficult race here in iowa and in new hampshire. >> you just wrote an article, co-wrote an article in which you said that there is a sense of anxiety inside the clinton camp right now. so does senator sanders has a good point. >> of course he has a point. why wouldn't there be anxiety because the loss from it years ago still weighs so heavy on her and there is no question that
3:37 pm
bernie sanders has a popular appeal so many people are drawn to. i have an equal question on the ground game for bernie sanders. he is attracting new people. the party regulars, a lot of them are going to support her although the iowa caucuses scke liberal. i think the electability argument is a big question. will hillary clinton entice people saying i'm the only democrat to win or turn them off by saying that and say wait just a minute and voters have an interesting way of sometimes slowing down the process here of saying hold on just a second, they want to test her a little bit. so that could be happening. boy, the clinton supporters from brooklyn to iowa to new hampshire are nervous and worried. >> a lot of bernie sanders supporters think the senator will win iowa and win in new hampshire which is next door to vermont. what happens if he does? >> if you're a clinton supporter, you would say thank
3:38 pm
you because finally you can lower expectations. two months ago everyone said she was blowing it out with 60%. now it's a competitive race. bernie sanders has momentum. no question. secretary clinton has a tremendous organization. i visited both campaigns when i was in iowa recently. they both have strong teams on the ground. good people. at the end of the day, it's going to be a turnout game. i don't think we'll match the number we saw in 2008 with 240,000 people caucuses but if bernie sanders can bring new people like barack obama did back in 2008, then it's a different ball game but clinton has a strong very experienced people there that know what they are doing. anna, can senator sanders beat hillary clinton for the democratic presidential nomination? >> i think he can. i think he can. i think we all under estimated him way at the beginning in someways i think he's already one. look, he is the new mantle holder. he's the new voice for the progressive move the. when was the last time you heard
3:39 pm
us mention elizabeth warren. he superseded any expectation anybody had raising money. his poll numbers, the crowds he is attracting to events. so most definitely, somebody that nobody thought was going to give her a run for her money is making her sweat under the collar. >> guys, thanks very much. just ahead, my interview with a republican presidential candidate. senator rand paul. will he drop out of the next presidential debate if he doesn't make the main stage and chelsea clinton poised for her mother. we have details of the flurry of high profile and unusual fundraisers on chelsea clinton's agenda. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪
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the next republican presidential debate is set for thursday night. we're waiting to hear the lineup. the top six candidates of the five most recent national polls in iowa or new hampshire will be on the main stage, the rest will face-off in an under card debate. sand paul of kentucky is with us right now. senator, thanks very much for joining us. you've already said earlier if you're not on the main stage and relegated to the under card you're not going to the under card. >> it's a significant thing to tell voters you're in the first tier or a second tier, and i think the polls have been wildly inaccurate, but even just last week, cbs had a poll i was one point out of fourth place. the last five or six polls i've
3:45 pm
been in the top five or six in all of them. so it would be very, very arbitrary to exclude me from it and we just won't take the bait. we're not going to be designated by any media outlet as not being able to compete in any election. >> they are supposed to announce momentarily fox who is on the main stage. i assume somebody already informed you whether or not you'll be on the main stage or relegated to the under card as we were told. >> we were told they have a math problem over there and adding the numbers and we think they are confused because they are not including us on the main stage and we think they are wrong. if you look at the poll numbers, the last half a dozen we have been in fifth or sixth or one point away from four. we think it's a big mistake to do it and we do not think anyone should be able to characterize our campaign as anything less than first tier. we raised $25 million. we'll be on the ballot in every state and we just announced the other day we have 1,000 precinct
3:46 pm
chairs in iowa. we i think it's a rotten thing to do to designate which candidate haves a chance and don't. so we will not participate in anything that's not first tier. >> they have officially told you now you're not going to be on the main stage and you have told them in response you're not going to go to the earlier debate. >> we told them they made a mistake and really looking at the recent polls they made a mistake. we've been rising in the polls. we've been fifth or sixth in the polls for the last couple weeks and really a mistake because the thing is is that the republican party needs a voice like mine. i'm the one anti war voice on the stage. i'm the one voice that says we shouldn't be collecting the phone records. i'm the one voice advocating for criminal justice reform. it's a mistake to say okay, we're going to predecide and exclude certain people from the stage. i object and will protest and spend the next couple days protesting and letting people know that we do have a voice that does need to be heard.
3:47 pm
>> what was the explanation the fox representative calling you and giving you the courtesy of the notification you won't be on the main stage, what was their explanation? >> i didn't discuss it with them but i think the definition is very arbitrary. we were in a debate with cnn and nine people on the stage. i thought we got a lot of useful information. the last debate was probably the best debate we've had with bringing out foreign policy. is regime change a good idea or bad idea and actually, i think i was an i'm pomportant part of m it up and saying when we toppled gaddafify, we're less safe because libya is a failed state. so we think we bring an important part to the debate and will continue to make sure i take my campaign to new hampshire and iowa. i'm not going to be in south carolina but iowa, our campaign rolls on and we've seen nothing but bigger crowds and more enthusiastic crowds.
3:48 pm
i have more precinct chairmen in iowa. >> how well do you have to do in iowa three weeks from tonight for you to stay in the race? >> i think nothing is known until the election happens. in fact, i think the polls are somewhat irrelevant in the sense they are not very accurate. the real poll is that night in the election that obviously we do, we want to do very well but i grew up in athletics. i grew up, you know, swimming meets, track meets, football. we always played to win. we didn't play to show or anything like that so we'll be in it to win it and we think we have a -- maybe the best ground game in iowa at this point. >> ted cruz is doing well in iowa according to the polls, donald trump is, as well. you side actually with donald trump in raising questions about whether or not senator cruz is what the constitution defines as a natural born citizen. why? >> well, i said without question he's a natural born canadian and the question is can you be naturally born in canada and also be a natural born american at the same time and the courts haven't decided this. i'm not bringing this up, but
3:49 pm
the democrats brought this up and i think the democrats will sue in court and it will be extraordinary. the first time we had a president or nominee if he were the nominee that is born in a foreign country. it will be an extraordinary thing. i'm not saying that he can't or he's ineligible. i'm just saying i think the democrats will bring this up. >> john mccain who ran for president got the republican nominati nomination was born in the panama canal zone and was seen as eligible to run for president. >> i think the courts decided that. u.s. terrors you were eligible and i think panama was a u.s. territory when mccain was born there. i think his was decided, but nobody is really alleging that canada is a u.s. territory. being a foreign country, there will have to be a decision. i'm not saying it will go against him but something voters have to consider. >> you're also running for reelection in your home state of
3:50 pm
kentucky. at some point you have to focus on that, as well. >> we don't have an opponent. no one says run against me at this point. we think we're in good shape. i show . tomorrow i have audit the fed, a big big i've been working on for five years. we've been working that up and i'll be on the floor debating and hopefully getting bipartisan support for this bill. >> the fox business channel has told you you will not be on the main stage of the thursday night debate and your response to them was -- >> it's a mistake because the thing is, we actually have been in the top five or six in most of the recent polls. in fact, last week in the recent poll, we were one out of four. it's a mistake to try to exclude me from the national debate and we're going to make sure the voters take our message directly to iowa and new hampshire. we're going to let voters decide this. >> that means you will not be in the so-called undercard?
3:51 pm
g >> i think an artificial contender for victory and can't accept sort of an artificial designation by anybody. >> so you won't attend this debate. i just want to be precise. >> absolutely. i won't participate in anything that is a first tier because we have a first tier campaign. >> and you notified fox of that? >> we did. just ahead, it's getting nastier out there as chelsea clinton hits the campaign trail with donald trump's daughter ivanka. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous,
3:52 pm
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chelsea clinton is hitting the campaign trail with her mother but with the political rhetoric getting nastier by the day, can the former first daughter remain her close friendship with donald trump's daughter? sunlen serfaty is looking into that. >> chelsea clinton has largely had a private role in her mother's campaign, mainly giving advice to her mother but another clinton is about to be deployed. the clinton campaign is now a family affair as chelsly clinton
3:57 pm
steps out solo. appearing tomorrow for her mother's campaign just days after her father on the trail. herself a mother, she has remained in the background until now. this month alone, she'll hold at least ten fund-raisers all without her parents. writing a bicycle for a $500 event at a soul cycle event and after tea and joins forces in iowa with her famous father. but like her dad, challenges see will face challenges, including accusations from the '90s. and a new war of words between her mom and donald trump. >> he was impeached. he lost his law license, couldn't practice law. he had to pay a massive fine or a massive amount of money to
3:58 pm
whether it was paula jones or whoever and this was all done in the white house. >> this is all fair game going back to the republicans for some years. it didn't work before. won't work again. >> reporter: sources don't expect chelsea to engage. one of her friends just happens to be trump's daughter. >> she's been a great friend to me and i've been a great friend to her. so the politics of our parents is not relevant to our friendship. >> reporter: while both women are fiercely loyal, now both say they are trying to stay above the fray. >> i love ivanka. >> me, too. >> and our friendship is so much more important than anything that happens in politics and i think probably anyone and everyone could understand that. >> reporter: in the meantime, clinton's campaign hopes chelsea's new role will bring excitement to the trail and that the once shy first daughter will make a good impression not only as a mom but as a fund-raiser. and this could be one of her biggest assets of the campaign.
3:59 pm
as a new mom herself, hoping to soften her mom's image, being a grandmother is something that hillary clinton likes to bring up a lot on the campaign trail and we'll be able to talk more about it this summer when her second baby is due. >> what is the soul cycle thing she'll be doing? >> reporter: it's a fitness class, very popular in places like new york. you can cycle on a stationary bike with chelsea clinton. tickets start at $500 and go up to $2700. >> have you been? >> i have not. i'll have to try it out. >> thanks very much. good report. we'll see you on the campaign trail with chelsea clinton tomorrow. and this is an important note to our viewers. please be sure to join us as we set the stage for president obama's state of the union address, his last state of the union as president of the united states. and on wednesday, jordan's king abdullah will be our exclusive guest right here in the situation room. remember, follow us on twitter. tweet me @wolfblitzer.
4:00 pm
be sure to join us again right here tomorrow in "the situation room." i'm wolf blitzer in washington. thanks very much for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next, breaking news. new undercover photos of sean penn on his way to meet el chapo. what the actor is saying about that controversial meeting. and a woman strangled in her apartment in italy. is this a repeat of the amanda knocks saga? and smelling blood in the water. donald trump hammering ted cruz. could this put him over the top in iowa? let's go "outfront." ♪ good evening. "outfront" tonight, going for the kill. donald trump hammering ted cruz on his, quote, canada problem. cruz, of course, was born in canada and renounced his citizenship only


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