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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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8$868 million million. in the meantime, powerball fever has turned into a community event. more than 1,000 long islanders lining up to pool their money, $10 each. so far they've collected $10,000 to buy tickets. good luck. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we begin with breaking news right now. we've got a race, folks. brand-new poll numbers just out from monmouth university show that bernie sanders, with his biggest lead yet, over hillary clinton. this is in new hampshire. a 14-point lead. take a look. sanders is now at 53%, clinton 39%. back in november, the same poll had clinton leading by three points. >> leads just about every group you can imagine, registered
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democrats, 50 to 42. two months ago clinton was in front. independents it's 58 to 34. seniors, 50 to 44. take a look at this, women, bernie sanders leads hillary clinton with women 50% to 44%. how will hillary clinton respond today? we're about to find out? she's set to speak to iowa state university. you're looking at live pictures right now. this event scheduled to begin any minute. cnn political correspondent brianna keilar is there. you know, trailing in new hampshire now by a lot, hillary clinton is, barely out in front in iowa. this campaign is getting very tough for hillary clinton. >> reporter: it certainly is. and i think you can see by just how much she's stepping up the attacks on bernie sanders in recent days. something she really hasn't done for her entire campaign. you can see how much concern there is in her campaign. at the same time, john, talking to sources in the campaign feel
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they have a pretty good ground game in iowa, they are organized, they have volunteers, they have more engaged supporters. they're looking at the polls when it comes to likely caucus-goers and they think they can count on a bigger lead there, that their supporters are more likely to show up on the day of the caucus and make the case for hillary clinton to be the winner here in iowa. certainly, it's too close for comfort up. notice talking to bernie sanders, i talked to him yesterday, he's almost gleeful with how the race is tightening in iowa. for hillary clinton's campaign, part of the strategy for dealing with bernie sanders having the lead in new hampshire has been to try to pull out the win in what washgs try to create momentum, make her seem like the candidate who can win the nomination so going into new hampshire she can build on that and maybe change the mind of some voters who are uncommitted. she's putting an emphasis here in iowa.
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it's pretty interesting, on electability, making the case she has a better shot in a general election than bernie sanders. the campaign points to poll numbers. voters asked, who's more electable? they feel hillary clinton is. what's really getting in the way of this argument of hillary clinton here in iowa is that in these hypothetical match-ups, at least in polls in iowa and new hampshire, between the democratic candidates and donald trump and ted cruz, bernie sanders is actually performing better and so because of that he's really undercutting her argument, or certainly trying to, as he makes his case here to potential caucus-goers in iowa, john and kate. >> brianna keilar in iowa. we'll keep our eye on that stage. when hillary clinton takes the stage, we want to see how she'll respond to this new shape of a race. joining us gloria borger and former obama adviser dan pfeiffer and doug heye, former
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communications director at the rnc. four years ago you were working in a heated iowa and new hampshire race. hillary clinton just a month ago in new hampshire was leading bernie sanders in the monmouth poll. now she risks fouling behind in iowa as well. what's going on here? >> this was always going to be a close race in the first two states. the best thing hillary can do to do well in new hampshire is win iowa. i think their focus is in the right spot. historically the results in iowa affect the new hampshire polls. the challenge for sanders comes after new hampshire. can he demonstrate any ability to expand coalition and compete in states like south carolina, nevada and the rest of the country. until he can do that, he's very limited to those two first -- those two first states. >> doug, let's say, so they're neck and neck right now in iowa. he's ahead. he has these big new numbers come out in new hampshire. let's say bernie sanders eqes out a win in iowa and then wins in new hampshire. if he has that momentum coming out of new hampshire, those two
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first big wins, can hillary clinton pull it out after that? >> i think she can. she should be strong in south carolina, should be strong in the southern states. that's why i was curious to see if the clinton campaign rolled out endorsement of former charlotte mayor, anthony fox in iowa, as opposed to doing it in south carolina to get the south carolina media market, as you know working in north carolina, that covers a whole lot of south carolina. hillary has a strong campaign but there's uneasiness, not just with independent and republican voters but with democratic voters. she's struggled to form a strong message. we'll have to see if she steps up her attacks on bernie sanders but if she does so on the air waves and digital. >> it will be uncomfortable, right? maybe hillary clinton can do it but it will be uncomfortable. the only candidate to do it? >> i don't know. you taught me this trivia. >> bill clinton. lost iowa and new hampshire and went on to win the nomination. gloria, how do you think we got
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here over the last few weeks. it feels like something changed for hillary clinton because she did seem to have solid leads in iowa. she seemed to be performing better in new hampshire. what changed over the last two weeks to change this? >> i think people started fo focusing a little more on their candidates, as happens after christmas. hillary clinton has been behind in new hampshire by varying degrees and we have -- one poll recently showed them neck and neck. now she's really behind. new hampshire has always been a bit problematic for her. the focus on iowa, as dan was saying, is really important. and i think that people like bernie sanders. i spoke with the vice president yesterday about this. and his point was that bernie sanders has a lot of credibility on the income inequality issue because he's been talking about it his entire career. so if you're worried about, that
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you look at bernie sanders. if you're a liberal democrat and you say, well, you know, he's talking my language. >> gloria, that was one of the many fascinating parts of your interview with joe biden. we can't -- he want to emphasize that moment because what the vice president said, how he effusively praised bernie sanders and then as you pressed him about hillary clinton, it was remarkable. listen to this. >> bernie is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real. and he has credibility on it. and that is the absolute enormous concentration of wealth in a small group of people with the little class now being able to be shown being left out. there used to be a basic bargain. if you contributed to the profitability of enterprise, you got to share in the profit. that's been prone.
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productivity is up. >> reporter: hillary is talking about that as well. >> well, but it's relatively new for hillary to talk about that. hillary's focus has been other things up to now. that's been bernie's -- no one questions bernie's authenticity on those issues. >> gloria, you -- you know joe biden very well. you've covered him for a very long time. he's also -- he's been in this game a very long time. what is he doing? what is he saying there? >> well, i think a lot of people were asking that question. and this morning he tried to walk it back. he was asked about our interview on nbc and he tried to walk it back and said, i was saying she's been spending a lot of time on foreign policy. that's his story now and he's sticking to it. i think that what he was saying is that bernie sanders has an awful lot of appeal on this issue because he has made it his life's work. and i think sanders' populism
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appeals to joe biden. maybe dan can talk about this a little bit. really appeals to joe biden. it's no secret joe biden was thinking about running against hillary clinton, so there's still that in the back of his mind. however, would he go out and effusively campaign for hillary clinton if she were the democratic nominee? absolutely. i don't think there's any question about that. >> if she becomes the democratic nominee, but there's a long way to go before that and a long time for joe biden to say other things and he did sort of try to take it back today, dan. but there are no backsees in politics. >> darn it. >> there are tons of backsees. >> joe biden said what he said, dan. this is going to irk brooklyn. i have to imagine the clinton campaign is, we don't need this. we have enough problems with bernie sanders. we don't need joe biden saying stuff like this. >> i don't know how my friends in brooklyn reacted to it. i think gloria is right on two
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points. one the vice president was making, a very accurate point of political analysis, which is, if you were a voter who -- in the democratic party who cares a lot about income inequality, bernie sanders has been your champion for a very long time. hillary clinton has been secretary of state for four of the last six years and not been talking about it nor should she be. she's worked on those issues for a very long time, going back to the beginning of her career. gloria is also right that the vice president, i think, identifies with -- maybe not all the solutions that bernie sanders has, but with this idea because it's been core to the vice president's identity as someone who has always made his political career as fighting for the working class families he work up in my home state of delaware. so, i think that does appeal to him. had he run, he would have run a very populous campaign championing working folks in the middle class. so, i think he was -- i don't said this morning, make a he negative point about hillary clinton. obviously, the press jumped on that. and that's the danger of a
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politician playing the role of political analyst. >> that's what happened when joe biden talks sometimes. sometimes he says what he means -- he says what he means maybe and not exactly what he's supposed to say. i'm kidding. doug, final question to you because i know you love giving advice to the democratic candidates. what would you say to hillary clinton right now? she's going to be taking the stage -- she's taking the stage in ames, iowa. how does she address this? >> i think she started stalking about guns. that's an issue that plays pretty well to the democratic base. i think you'll see her emphasize that more. at the same time, she's got to make sure she has all cylinders firing in the right direction. we know joe biden is not going to go into that good night. this is grade "a" trolling from joe biden. she needs to get him on the phone and find out if he's going to be a surrogate for her campaign. >> no one put joe biden on point. bringing up nobody puts baby in the corner. according to the republican
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front-runner, donald trump's treem dated for the general election, you ask, who is that? oh, bernie sanders. not necessarily hillary clinton, that you're looking at right there. in light of the new poll numbers, could his dream come true? we'll speak live with ben carson's former campaign manager who told us donald trump could be the inevitable nominee. plus, counterattack on one of the great tourist hubs. the suspect, isis. sean penn giving his very first reaction to the backlash about his secret meeting with el chapo and new pictures as if he was watched during his trip. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. let's talk republicans, shall we, because there has been a shakeup on the republican debate stage. some shrinkage, if you will. only seven candidates will make it. that means two who have been there will not. carly fiorina and rand paul, ladies and gentlemen.
8:17 am
rand paul relegated to the undercard, but, but -- >> but, he says he's not going to show up. he says he is a first-tier candidate. he's not going to be in a second-tier debate. here to weigh in on this and much more is former ben carson campaign manager, barry bennett. it's great to see you. >> great to see you. thanks for having me. >> rand paul, relegated to the undercard. says he's going to skip it. what do you think? >> well, i mean, i think it might be stubborn pride. i think a lot of people will be watching the undercard. i think you're giving up those viewers. the not the wisest thing to do. i understand it's tough, it's frustrating but it's out of your control, so you should talk to the viewers that will watch you. >> suck it up and go? >> yeah. >> what if he it is i'm going to show up now, even though he says, i'm not going to? >> it's a politician, of course, they can flip-flop. >> on that line, donald trump, when you spoke to us last week, you said, unless something cataclysmic happens, donald
8:18 am
trump will be our nominee. >> right. >> has anything cataclysmic happened? do you still believe that to be the case? >>, no the latest polls show him gaining strength in iowa and new hampshire. i don't see anything yet. there are going to be a lot of people at the debate taking their last swing. if they don't connect, this is rapidly becoming over. the fat lady hasn't swung but she's warming up >> that's very interesting, especially when we talk in relation to your former campaign, ben carson. there was some more not great news for ben carson coming out of new hampshire. super pac employees leaving the super pac in new hampshire, joining as volunteers with the ted cruz campaign -- or joining as volunteers for cruz. he's slipping further, ben carson, further in the polls. who benefits from that now? >> probably ted cruz and donald trump both. if you look, second-choice voters for ben are evenly divided between those two. i don't think it makes a huge
8:19 am
impact. they probably divide up between the two evenly. unlike the other side, it is establishment lane where they're fighting each other very nasty but just because i attack candidate "x "doesn't mean i get his votes. they're going to go to "y" and "z." i don't think anybody's going to make any major movement. >> who do you think the next to go is? who do you think the next two or three is? what's the order right now? >> obviously, carly and paul are probably, you know, the ones that are in critical condition. after iowa and new hampshire, you'll probably see two, three more people get out by the time we get to south carolina, it could be a much narrower race? >> is ben carson one? >> i wouldn't be surprised. i don't have any inside information, but i wouldn't be surprised. >> on ben carson, he spoke to -- dr. carson spoke to cnn this morning. some of the biggest mistakes that happen in the campaign was
8:20 am
every interview with "new day". >> "new day". >> and here's what he said about debate prep. >> you'll see a lot more energy behind the responses because, again, i don't have that weight on my shoulders now. i have a very vibrant organization that truly provides the kind of information and the help that is needed. >> let me paraphrase that for you. he said that he's got a lot more energy. he's going to have a lot more energy behind his responses. because he doesn't have that weight on my shoulders now he said that this morning and it stuck out to a lot of us as ouch. basically he said he was being held back before. i want you to respond. >> you know, when they announced this shakeup on the 23rd, which got this whole thing going. thy said it was because i was being too aggressive and that he didn't want to be that guy. and this morning it's -- >> this seems the opposite of
8:21 am
that. >> qula. >> what do you make of that? >> i love ben and i'm going to be rooting for him this week. but i don't know that it's a coherent message. >> which some people suggested is the message you received on the debate stage at some point. which has led many to wonder, what is debate prep like for ben carson? i'm wondering if you can give us a window into that. >> a lot of experts in the room talking about issues. he's asking them questions. he's a very, very smart man. the narrative that ben carson doesn't understand foreign policy or that kind of stuff is completely wrong. we wanted him to be more aggressive than he was comfortable being. you can't blame him for staying inside his skin. we'll see what he is this week. my guess is he's not going to be a john kasich or a donald trump. he's going to be -- >> that's what i was going to ask you. what does an aggressive ben carson look like? i'm not trying to be cute here. we haven't seen it. i mean, that's not who he is, as you've told us.
8:22 am
>> some candidates fall into this trap that winning the debate means you give the best answer and they don't quite get that's really political theater, not a real debate. i don't know that ben is going to be an expert at political theater. he can be an expert on any policy you throw in front of him. he's very, very smart. >> you said a bunch of people on the stage, last two debates heading into iowa and new hampshire, a lot of these candidates will throw their last best swing at donald trump. >> yeah. they better. >> how do you land one? >> i don't know. nobody has been able to for the last 11 months. >> how would you? >> i dote know. i think you have to get to something donald trump thinks is an asset that you can turn into a liability and no one's been able to do it. >> that's the genius of donald trump. >> yeah. >> every misstep he's made, he has turned into a plus for him. >> well, i think that it's kind of a -- we need to look at politics afresh, anew, that all
8:23 am
these things we think are missteps really aren't. you know, that's just -- we train ourselves to believe them -- >> how much has donald trump surprised you? you were inside a campaign, looking at strategy and how to boost your candidate and beat donald trump. >> he's better than everybody told me he was. he's a faster learner. he's very smart. he's very smart guy. i mean, he's got the sunday shows eating out of the palm of his hands. he phones in from home and they take a feed because he's delivering ratings and delivering talking points. it's wonderful. >> inevitable, in your mind, unless something cataclysmic happens. >> someone better lay a big punch on him. >> you say wonderful, you say he's inevitable. do you say that with sadness, though? what do you think of donald trump? >> i mean, i admire him. you know, he's been very, very successful. and he's a lot better at politics than anyone thought he was. and he understands what the people are thinking. >> is he good for the republican party? >> well, you know, it seems to be.
8:24 am
they're turning out 12,000 a night at rallies. you know, he's -- i think when they start raising money for people, they're going to raise a ton of money. i think he excites -- we used to call them reagan democrats. i would call them trump voters. he's exciting a lot of people out there. >> quick prediction in iowa. who's first, second, by how much? >> i think it's right now trump and cruz neck and neck. i would say it's a push. >> all the way to the end. great to be with us. >> thank you so much. it's being called a devastated crisis. families in one american city still without clean water after officials tried cutting costs. right now response teams are going door to door. also just in, some breaking news. your odds to win the biggest jackpot in history just got even a little more depressing. because none of you are going to buy tickets anymore because i'm buying them all. here's what the powerball grand prize is now. we'll tell you after the break. is your head so congested it's ready to explode?
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a deadly terror attack this morning, one of the great tourist hubs. a suicide bomber killed at least ten people in a popular and heavily guarded square in istanbul. turkish officials say the attacker was with isis and came into the country from syria. >> many of the victims, they were german tourists. germany is urging its citizens to avoid tourist attractions and large gatherings in turkey. cnn's arwa damon is there. she's at the site of the blast. arwa, what more are you learning? >> reporter: we're just outside the police cordoned here. the attack happened around 10:00 this the morning. that bent off in the heart, the center of turkey's historic -- istanbul's historic tourist districts. one of the main places you would visit if you were coming here as
8:30 am
a tourist. according to authorities, this individual was of syrian other begi origin, was a member of isis. not someone turkish officials were tracking. someone recently crossed from syria into turkey. according to the prime minister, he said in a press conference that he had spoken with german chancellor angela merkel for condolences for those german citizens that lost their lives. we understand from turkish officials that all ten who were killed in this deadly attack were, in fact, foreign nationals. a source telling us that nine of them, though, were german. you can hear the call to prayer going off around us right now. now, turkey has for quite some time been very vulnerable when it comes to security. certainly not an isolated
8:31 am
incident. there were two very significant attacks that happened last year. both of them blame on isis by turkish authorities as is this one. and turkey has been trying to clamp down. both along that very porous border it has with syria, also conducting numerous sweeps, rounding up hundreds of turkish that have ties to various terrorist organizations. a very tragic example of just how vulnerable this country continues to be in face of the numerous threats it is facing. >> arwa damon is there for us. thank you so much. we're also learning new details right now in the arrest and capture of el chapo. officials say his meeting with actor sean penn and actress kate del castillo, in their view, was
8:32 am
essential in capturing the drug lord. >> new video from intelligence of the actor and actress arriving in gad uadalajara meet up with his associate. nick valencia joins us from the prison where el chapo is held. we keep learning new threats and how this all went down at the end. >> reporter: and the latest threat are these new images that appear to have helped authorities capture el chapo. sean penn talking this morning in a brief e-mail exchange with the associated press simply saying, i have nothing to hide. of course, mexican investigators have said all along they want to question penn as well as mexican actress kate del castillo. she helped broker this meeting, evidently, between penn and the drug kingpin. mexico attorney general saying that meeting between penn helped them establish more intelligence, helped them gather more information.
8:33 am
they were already keeping track of el chapo's defense attorney. this meeting just helped move the process along. we're also getting new video this morning. a 17-minute clip posted to "rolling stone's" web sig"''s" where we hear more information in el chapo's words about his life and his role as a drug trafficker. >> reporter: of course, there is loom, extradition for the cartel leader. at least seven states across the united states have leveled drug
8:34 am
charges against him from new hampshire to as far as west texas. it is more likely that he'll end up in at least one of three major cities between san diego, new york or chicago, where recently he was named public enemy number one there for his role in supplying drugs to the city. kate, john. >> and the extradition, we'll see how long that actually takes. nick valencia, thank you very much. coming up for us, the new fight to fix a man-made health disaster. children being tested. emergency crews handing out bottled water as protesters call for the governor's resignation. the mayor of flint, michigan, joins us live. plus hillary clinton speaking live right now in ames, iowa, as we see new poll numbers that show this race ever closer in that state. and with hillary clinton behind in new hampshire. how is she responding on this stage today? stay with us.
8:35 am
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new this morning, a lead poisoning alert near a major american city. residents in flint, michigan, under a state of emergency, being told, don't drink the water. don't even touch the water. right now response teams are going door to door to help. >> state workers are delivering bottled water and testing kits so people can drink, cook, even brush their teeth. it's a crisis residents say has been unfolding for more than a year now. state officials changing the water supply in order to cut costs. after folks noticed changes in color and taste, testing showed elevated levels of toxic lead. >> i'm paying for poison. paying for water that's a toxic waste. >> medical officials say every child younger than 6 should be tested because exposure can cause irreversible harm,
8:40 am
physically and mentally in their development. a big question, why did this take so long to figure out? why is this still going on right now? let's talk about this with flint's newly elected mayor, karen weaver. thank you for joining us. as we pointed out, and you know this very well, this all started back in april of 2014. you can't hand out bottled water forever. that is nowhere close to a solution. what is the latest? >> and that is correct. it did start -- it's been almost two years. that's a band-aid solution but something we need to have in place right now, is to get this bottled water out. you talk about how long ago it happened. one of the concerns was, our voice is not being healed about this waerd. this water. it took a group of pastors, but it wasn't until virginia tech and the medical community spoke out that our voices really began being heard. one of the things that i had talked about even when i was
8:41 am
campaigning was that i believed flint should be declared a disaster area. that was one of the first things i wanted to have happen when i got in office. >> you know, is this enough right now? i mean, this happened because of choices that were made -- >> exactly. >> and now kids could be at risk, you know, kids could be damaged, you know, have health issues for life. does someone need to something to jail over this? >> for life. you know what, there's an investigation going on right now because one of the other things we have been asking for is for people to be held accountable. that's what we wanted, our voices to be heard, we wanted people to be held accountable. we're waiting to see the results of that because i'm sure it's not going to be just one person that comes up on that list. >> mayor, you say you're waiting to see the results of the investigation. but honestly, where is the outrage here? this could cause irreparable harm to these children. >> exactly. >> you grew up in that city. do you expect -- >> i group up in this city.
8:42 am
>> do you expect anyone to move to flipt right now? >> no, that's the problem. that's why this needs to be addressed because we're asking for help. we didn't ask to be in this situation. we didn't have a choice when that situation was made to the flint river. >> who's going to -- >> as a result of that -- who's going to address the needs? >> the problem. >> of the community? well, that's -- i know i've put a plan forward and we moved it up from the city to the county and at this point, the governor needs to do something. >> and that's what we were talking about. we need some help. we need help right now. flint doesn't have the finances to handle this or the resources. i don't believe the state has the finances or the resources. there are some things they should have in place right now but it needs to go up to the federal level. that's why the declaration was put there. we need federal assistance as well. we don't have resources. >> poverty level is -- >> 40% of flint is living under the poverty level.
8:43 am
>> mayor, my question to you, do you think this would have happened in grosse pointe or some affluent suburb? do you think this happened in flint because people -- they forget about places like flint. >> right. that's how we have felt. we have felt forgotten until we started getting this national attention. that's why i'm so happy about that because it has let us know our voices are heard, that we have not been forgotten but we need more help. >> mayor, are you happy with how the governor has handled this so far? >> you know what, that is why we had that meeting yesterday because i had some concerns. one of the things -- and i thought the citizens deserved to hear from him because what we've been asking is, when was is it going to get moved up to washington, d.c.? what are the steps? you know, what is the process? what's taking so long? and so he was here yesterday and that's what the media got to ask him. what are the steps that need to be taken and when is this going to happen?
8:44 am
because right now waters and filters aren't enough. >> are you happy with the governor's answers? >> am i happy with the governor's answers? i want this to get moved up. i think this neetsdz to get moved up quickly because flint needs help. we have kids and families that need more than what we're getting right now and we have to put some services in mace. you said it. we have kids that have going to have -- that have irreversible brain damage. we have to get that addressed. they didn't deserve what has happened but there are support and services that those kids and families deserve. we haven't talked about the seniors that have been impacted and all the residents of the flint deserve. that's what needs to happen. that's what i'm looking for. >> it's because of a choice. >> because of a choice. i'm not sure i've heard anything that should make residents of flint feel any more comfortable they'll be able to drink out of their tap, one of the most basic services that as a government --
8:45 am
as taxpayers you pay for clean water. mayor, i appreciate it. please, we're going to stay on this. i really want to have you on again. i appreciate your time today. >> okay. i appreciate it, too. thank you so much. we're going to stay on this. it's an outrage. coming up next for us, breaking news in the manhunt for the fifth suspect in the alleged gang rape on a playground in brooklyn. her hear what the police just found. new insight into the president's state of the union address. his very last one. he says it will be a nontraditional speech. what exactly does that mean? how do you give a nontraditional speech in front of the house and the senate in the capitol building in front of the entire country? >> music? hand puppets? stay with us. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard.
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all right. on stage at ames, iowa, hillary
8:50 am
clinton is facing a whole new campaign, folks. the new poll out the beginning of the hour in new hampshire showing her down 14 points there, and iowa is close, too. >> and in iowa, neck and neck with bernie sanders, and hee is the close in the latest polling in aye yay, but she is feeling the heat. she is taking on the key issues that bernie sanders is taking on, women's issues and inequality. >> and we need to open the doors to more education if we focus on making it affordable. i do not believe that the federal government should be making a profit off of lending money to students in order to get their education. [ applause ] and let me also say when it comes to foreign policy and national security, i ha hear the republicans and they have one of
8:51 am
two approaches. one, bomb, carpet bomb, and bomb some more, send american ground troops, call it a day. that is their national security policy, best i can understand it. there are a few who say, no, we should not be involved anywhere and nothing is important enough to do anything to help anybody. equally unrealistic. so let me tell you are where i stand and what i tried to do as secretary of state in president obama's first term. the united states must lead. if we do not lead, it is not that we have someone else step up and lead consistent with our values, consistent with increasing peace and prosperity, and we have a vacuum, and it is filled by aggressive states, and it is filled by networks of criminals, terrorists and other s. so we are to lead. it is a question of where are we leading and where what are we trying to accomplish. and now when i hear the
8:52 am
republicans, and they string our names together, and they will say, the failed obama/clinton forei foreign policy. i listened for a while. i have been waiting for them to blame me for the fall of the roman empire, and they have not gotten quite that far yet. they are on the way. and then i thought to myself, okay, maybe they don't know what i did. so i sent them the all a copy of my book "hard choices" about the hard choices i made and i was part of and my time as secretary of state. i figured d -- >> that is hillary clinton giving her imitations of the republican candidates in their voices. that is the sound of the collective republican field criticizing her, and she is still waiting for them to blame her for the fall of the roman empire. >> and still no reference to bernie sanders, and perhaps she will talk about him soon. and we have break news on the power ball front.
8:53 am
>> and the also known as the kate and john berman are retirement plan. >> and it is big. >> and record big $1.5 billion, people. >> with a "b", and ever been that high on any lottery anywhere on earth, never. we still have a day to go. >> you have not bought the ticket? >> no. >> it is not that hard and you can't win if you are not in the game. i will say it again. >> and the president is making a rare mission ahead of the final state of the union address, and what the president says he gets the most about his two terms in office. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto.
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it was
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8:57 am
we wanted to unite people, and they are not united. is it a failure? >> it is a regret, but there is no doubt that politics in washington are so much more
8:58 am
divided than the american people are. and part of what i want to do in this last address is to remind people, you know what, we have a lot of good things going for us, and if we can get the politics right, it turns out that we are not as divided on the ideological spectrum as people make us out to be >> that is president obama reflecting to nbc on the regrets while in office. the white house is promising that tonight's state of the union address is going to be like no other. no to-do list for congress, but instead, issues that will be debated for generation s s to c. >> and now, michael walton who worked for bill clinton and you are the constitutional school
8:59 am
president. what do you expect, fon tradition aal? >> well, i hope that it is not only on the policy, but that in the theme of bipartisanship, there are still some proposal s that have a chance. one is criminal justice are reform, and it used to be a bitterly h divided wedge issue, and if you remember back in other election times, but it is now where the republicans and the democrats support reducing mass incars nation >> and what is the goal of the speechwriter going in? do you look to change the scope of the speech? >> well, the speeches can sometimes help to set a national tone or at least focus a national debate. as president obama said in that interview clip, there is a great disquiet in the country, an unrest, an unhappiness, but in a lot of ways, he is going to want to argue, things are much bet ethan they have been, and unemployment at 5%, and one of
9:00 am
the strongest economies in the world, and he will try to calm people's nerves and try to get them focused on what is going well. that is not going to happen in one speech. >> and michael waldman, i'm embarrassed that the president does not have a time limit tonight, but we do. thank you, michael waldman. >> you can catch the president's final state of the union address tonight on cnn starting at 7:00. thank you for joining us this hour. >> "legal view" with ashleigh >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm ashleigh banfield, and what was once a sure thing, that is one time ago, because the race to the democratic presidential nomination is anything but a sure thing n. new hampshire, brand-new evidence that hillary clinton is in trouble. in big trouble in the granite state. a new poll released just last hour from monmouth university showing that bernie sanders has a commanding lead


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