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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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long payout, your lump sum is a whopping $930 million. and it and it is a world record, and i sound like a broken record, because it is a world record and continues to be so. good luck, and i hope that you don't win over me, but then again. and nice to have you. wolf is next. wolf is next. see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac -- i'm jim sciutto, and wolf is on assignment, and it is 12:00 p.m. in des moines, iowa, and 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and 1:00 a.m. in istanbul. wherever you are watching us around the world, thank you for watching us. and we begin with the developments in the presidential race. new poll numbers released within the last hour show bernie sanders is pulling ahead of hillary clinton in iowa. the quinnipiac university poll shows sanders at 49%, and clinton at 44%, and that is just
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outside of the poll's margin of error. this is the first major survey to show sanders with a substantial lead over clinton in that crucial early state of iowa. another poll released earlier today gives sanders the widest lead so far over clinton in new hampshire, the other crucial state, and monmouth shows sa sanders ahead there by some 14 point, and 53% to clinton's 39%. and sanders says that clinton has stepped up the attacks on him, becau shgs bau, because, h campaign is in trouble. >> and obviously n that sna loi scenario, what people do is to at tashgs and suddenly, bernie sanders is not a nice guy and wrong on this or that, and that is not surprising when you have a clinton campaign that is now in trouble, and now understands that they can lose. >> and the clinton campaign has launched an all-out blitz in iowa and new hampshire to tai,
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and it is a family affair. chelsea clinton is making the campaign debut in new hampshire while hillary clinton is on the trail in iowa. clinton kept up the attacks on senator sanders on gun control, and also on health care reform. >> he wants to roll medicare, medicaid, and the children's health insurance program, affordable care act program and private health insurance into a national system, and then turn it over to the states to ed s s administer, and if that is the type of revolution that he is talking about, aim worried, folk fol folks. >> and now, sun lynn is serfa - sunlen serfaty is joining us from new hampshire. and now, is hillary clinton's
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campaign starting to exude worry as we get closer to the dates? >> well, jim, always a sense of anxiety in the campaign before the poll numbers came out, and the new poll numbers in iowa and new hampshire are doing little to alleviate the anxiety and certainly a sense of concern and urgency to close the enthusiasm gap especially as the early states are heading to the polls in a few weeks, and that is one of the biggest reasons that we are seeing hillary clinton honing in on bernie sanders on the campaign trail, and really starting to make the electability arguments against bernie sanders, and today, in ames, iowa, no exception, because she devoted a ma jjorate to speech going point by point after bernie sanders to guns to his stance on wall streeshgts and really reading in between the line, and the closing message to the early state voters, she is giving a clue about what she is most concerned about at this moment, and that is bernie sanders, jim. >> and now, sunlen serfaty,
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thank you. and now, of course, the president's time in office is winding down, and he is going to deliver his state of the union speech for the last time tonight. and now, joining us is representative castro from texas, and thank you for coming on, and you have endorsed hillary clinton, and these are not good numbers coming from new hampshire and iowa, and what is your read? >> well, i have said all along that it is going to be a competitive race. at one point, she was ahead by 30 points over bernie sander, and no race like this has been won by 30 point, so that the difference is going to be in the single digits, but i believe that hillary clinton will pull out the nomination. >> and sanders got some surprising help to today in help from joe biden with our own gloria borger, and he took a little stab and not so veiled stab saying that clinton was late to the game on the income
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dispair into the country, and bucked up in a way sanders. what do you think that he intended? did the vice president intend to take a stab at the democratic frontrunner or who was the democratic front runner? >> i don't think so. you know. i think they have been long time working partners for years. i know that the vice president, and i am sure that he respects hillary clinton's work when she was in the senate and secretary of state, and also somebody who even in the private life before she was in politics, was somebody who stood up for workers, for children, for people who fell to domestic violence, and somebody who was a champion of the people. that is who hillary clinton is. >> and let me ask you as well about the last state of the union by the president, and in an interview with nbc with matt lauer what he would tell his younger self if he was just embarking on the race, and he
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said this, the white house would be isolating and you have to communicate better, and in effect, he is hearing some of the criticism that you can hear in washington and outside of washington that he has been insulated and that he has not communicated well with the american people for instance on the threat of terrorism. i wonder if you agree with that criticism, and do you see the president humbled as it were by the criticism and aware that he has to do a better job as the months wind down. >> well, i am not going to be disagreeing the president's self-analysis after seven years in office. he has faced opponents in the congress who have been much more obstinate and solely determined on his failure in the white house. so he has had a tough road here, and really as a president who brought the country back from the brink of the great depression and disaster, and he has a legacy to really celebrate tonight. >> joaquin castro, thank you. we look forward to hearing the speech this evening. >> thank you.
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so a lot the discuss with the political panel today, a i want to bring in political commentators donna brazile and alex castellanos. and donna, if you look at the numbers for secretary clinton, and beyond the headline figures tlshg is data in here worrisome, and maybe more worrisome for hillary clinton as to how committed voters are as to sanders and clinton. and how many of them say they are committed, and for sanders, the democrats view him favorably 70%, and 73% for hillary clinton, and how wor risome are these polls as we get closer? >> well, as someone who has been in many, many political battles, a campaign should worry about every time a poll comes out, but don't stop focusing on the real goal, and that is to commitment to the people of iowa and new hampshire to the people who go out the vote.
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and these polls give you and indication that there is a weakness in the brand or the operation, and perhaps, they can figure out how to make sure to close the gap, but i have to say this about bernie sanders, he has found a sweet spot in the democratic coalition. there is a hunger for someone with the passion, and the kind of the what i believe is the vision that senator sanders has in terms of dealing with the closing the inequality gap, and making sure that our children can get the education they need, and ensuring that the middle-class is healthy and prosperous, and not just the wealthiest top 10%. it is a vigorous debate happening in the democratic party. it could not come at a very interesting time as we are getting ready to head to the polls in a few weeks. >> alex, hillary clinton was supposed to run away with the race, and from the republican side, are you relishing the sight of some internal battle
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here as we get closer to iowa and new hampshire. >> oh, it is a sad day to see the democratic front rrunner struggle like this, but i will get over it. and no, she could lose iowa and new hampshire and still win. a lot of the bernie sanders' voters are not voting for bernie sanders. the last time a clipton ran for president, it was a new democrat, and said that the era of big government is over, and bill clinton did. the demt kratic party has moved left since then, and this is bernie sanders' party as far as the soul it believes and elizabeth warren's party, and the most powerful thing that a democratic party voter can do, and caucus voter is to not only ratify the hillary clinton nomination, but to pull her to the message. i think that a lot of the bernie sanders' voters the end understand that hillary may be the nominee, but this is going to give their vote right now a real purpose.
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hillary, love us, capture our message and represent our angry populism. >> and donna, i want to ask you, because again speaking to internal battles it was interesting to hear our president in an interview with our own gloria borger call him out f -- for calling her out for being late to the income e inequality, and how much damage was that and an intentional swipe to hillary clinton are from the vice president, and he didn't back off when he spoke with nbc. >> look, i like joe biden. what he said to gloria borger has some resonance. if you want to talk about the time line, maybe joe biden was right about who got to the issue
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first, but in my judgment it is not who got to tissue first, but that we get it right, because too many people in the country are suffering, and we are talking about the tactics and the strategy, but not the anguish and the pain of those who are still looking for work and worried about whether or not they can make ends meet. that is the most important passion that you can find in the democratic party and it is not left or right, but it is right versus wrong, and if you can l help the issues of those who are sick and need help that is what matter s s to the democratic pa. >> donna brazile, and alex castellanos, thank you for joining us today, and i know a that you will be watching the speech tonight. >> i can't wait. >> i will be there. sitting down with c nshgs nshnn interview with allison cam raw toe will be airing tonight on cnn. >> and joe biden praising presidential candidate bernie sanders saying he is doing a heck of a job on the campaign trail, and his comments on hillary clinton is not as following. his interview is next with
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president obama is preparing for his final state of the union a address tonight. these new pictures are just in to cnn of the president walking outside of the white house. right now, final preparations are being made on the hill. it is also going to be a big moment for the man who is going to be seated directly behind president obama, and that is of course, vice president joe biden. in a wide ranging and candid interview with c nshgs nshnn ch political analyst gloria borger, vice president biden talks about his time in the white house and his close relationship with the president. and gloria started by asking him about the race for the democratic nomination, and the
10:17 am
hot button issues such as gun control. >> last week, the president was talking about gun control, and he wrote a piece in which he introduced a litmus test for his political supported democratic candidate, and he said, either, you are with us all of the way on the gun reform, or i won't support you? >> well, i don't believe he said that. up less you have a reasonable position on guns -- >> well, doesn't that mean that either you are with us -- >> no, it doesn't. >> and let me say that bernie sanders, senator bernie sanders has a history of this, and he has voted for protecting gun manufacturers from liability, and this is a shot across the bow of bernie sanders? >> well, he said that he thought that the president's approach is correct approach, and bernie sanders has said that he believes that there should be liability now. and so -- >> well, he said that he might reconsider his position. >> okay. well, look, one of the purposes that the president has and i
10:18 am
have, we want to affect the attitude of the nominees. we have worked too hard to take the party to a place where we don't believe it should be. and the little influence that i have and who he may have on the nominee, and what the nominee says, we won't be a shamed of that. and so now, with you out there supporting him, should he be the nominee or -- >> no, bernie sanders has to say to the second amendment says, which he has of late, the second amendment says that you can limit who can own a gun. criminals should not have guns and people who are schizophrenic and mental illnesses should not have guns, and he has said that. >> so he is okay with you? >> yes, he is okay. look. bernie is doing a heck of a job. i think that we have three great candidates out, there and i really mean this. they are actually debating the issues.
10:19 am
>> donald trump is right now the republican frontrunner, and no doubt about it. let me ask you, is he qualified to be president of the united states and the leader on the world stage? >> anyone that the american public says they want president is qualified to be president. i know that sounds like i am avoiding the question, and it is not my style. >> you are. you are. >> and i want to make that clear on the front end, but i think that he is incredibly divisive figure. the the kcountry has never done well when the leader of the country appeals to people's fears as opposed to their hopes. that is what worries me about donald trump. if donald trump gets a nomination and wins the elect n election, if he is as smart as i think, he is going to reget having said the things that he said and done. the whole idea as we were talking about before about how to pull the country together for god sake, and pull the politics together down here, how does donald trump do it? how does donald trump on the tan
10:20 am
gent that he is on now trying to separate people based on their ethnicity and based on their origin, and based on, and i mean, it is just -- it is just divisive and not healthy, and he, putin has called trump outstanding and wonderful personality. >> well, i would hope that he would have people on the republican administration who were substantively grounded. >> are you saying that he is not substantive? >> no, not so far. that doesn't mean that he can't, but he has no background in foreign policy, and it is one thing to have an assessment of putin's personality, and putin of him, and that is okay, but
10:21 am
tell me what he knows about the strategic doctrine and tell me what he knows about the nuclear equation with the united states and tell me what he knows about china's soviet, china and russian relations. i mean, i don't know. maybe he is keeping it a all a secret, but he has not spoken to any of the substance so far. none of the substance. so i think that he would be most world leaders would hope that he had a couple of the crash graduate courses before he started to try to exercise the role of president. >> as we all know, you were thinking long and hard yourself about running for the presidency. and you decided it was a no-go. and you have said that you regretted it everyday. tell me why. >> well, in response to a question, i did say, that and look, i made the absolute right decision for my family, and i made, and what i regret is, and i'm still going to be able to do it is that i care deeply about
10:22 am
these issues. i have spent my whole adult life since i was 29 years old working on foreign policy and domestic policy, and i care deeply about it. and so, i regret the extent that i regret not having a louder voice on it, but i'm the vice president of the united states for another year in office, and we have an opportunity to get a lot more done. and we are have done a great deal despite the fiction on the other side. and we have taken this country from chaos to recovery, and we are on the verge of resurgence, and positioned better than any other country in the world economically and politically and so there is so much that we can do and the opportunities that we have in the life science, and the unts in the breakthroughs that are going to be occurring in the next four to six years are astounding. >> and let me ask you about the race. >> yeah. >> that you are not in. >> yep. >> and now sh, that we are seei that bernie sanders and hillary clinton are actually running neck and neck in iowa and in new
10:23 am
hampshire. why do you think that hillary clinton is struggling? >> well, first of all, i have been of the view, and i don't know that you and i have talked about it, and i don't want to say that for certain, but we may have, but i thought that for the last six months they were neck and neck in both places. i never bought the idea that there was some how that, remember when he was up by 15 points in new hampshire and then down by 15 points -- that is not the way this process works as you and i both know. i am much older than you, but you have covered a lot of this. and so i am not surprised that it is viewed as neck and neshgs but i am also not going to be surprised that if the pundits turn out to be right, they hardly ever are in iowa and new hampshire. so i am not -- >> why is she struggling, and you say, and we consider that she was an overwhelming favorite, and -- but -- >> well, that is part of the reason. >> and he is a democratic socialist. >> well, yeah, but, if bernie
10:24 am
sanders never said that he was a democratic socialist, and based on what he is saying, people would not be calling him a democratic socialist, and that is how he characterizes himself in some european terms of the democratic parties in europe, but -- >> why is she having trouble? >> well, i think that bernie is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real and he has credibility on it. and that is the absolute enormous concentration of wealth with a small group of people with the middle-class now being a able to be shown being left h out. there used to be a basic bargain, and if you could contributed to the profitability of enterprise, you got the share in the profit. that has been broken, and productivity is up, and the wages are stagnant. >> and hillary is talking about
10:25 am
that. >> well, it is el reltively new talking about, that and hillary's focus has been focused ob the bernie's no one question, and awe then tis on those issues. >> they question hers? >> well, they question anybody's who has not been talking ate all along, but she has come forward with some really thoughtful approaches to deal with the issue, and but i just think, and look, you know, i think that everybody, you nknow, the old thing, no one, and everybody wants to be the favorite and no one wants to be the prohibitive favorite. and so it is an awful high bar for her to meet that she was the prohibitive favorite. i never thought that she was the prohibitive favorite, and i don't believe that she thought that she was the prohibitive favorite, and everything is sort of coming down to earth, and settling in, but it is not over. >> and so, if hillary clinton should lose iowa and new hampshire, is there any way that you would possibly take another look at this race? >> no. look, i first of all --
10:26 am
>> the door is shut? >> first of all, if hillary loses first, and i have not thought this through, but it is a long way the nomination. so it is one thing theoretically to win both of those. and you go into south carolina, and it is going to be a rough sledding down there for bernie and for another guy in it, o'malley who is a qualified guy. this guy is a serious governor. >> but, you are closing the door? >> no, i don't think, i don't think that there is any door oopen. >> always a straight talker, and just ahead, we have more of the candid interview with the vice president, and he is going to talk more about his life and his relationship with president obama including a very personal story about how the president offered to help when the biden family faced a potential personal and financial crisis. y, i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets.
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>> gloria borger sat down with vice president joe biden ahead of the state of the union address by the president, and bide zen is tan is talking abou relationship with the president and his loss of his son beau biden. >> and anybody who has been through this thing, you have to get through the season, and thanksgiving is hard and for the same 40 years we altogether went the same place in nantucket, and did the same thing and we are a traditional family and bound where christmas everybody moves into my house, and people just
10:32 am
move in, and literally leave their homes and move in. and the idea of the empty chair, and you know, and something that nobody looked forward to, and everybody, they are tough, and you know, they are focusing on the inspiration of bo rather than the loss of beau biden, and hunter is my heart and my soul, and my daughter is my comfort, and it is interesting that you have more than one child. you love them all equally, but they have a slightly different relationship, and beau was my soul. bow was my conscious. and beau was like the little boy who when he was 6 years old, he
10:33 am
was 30 years old. and you know what i mean? and hunter is my heart with his passion, and my daughter, and so -- it is that i think about him all of the time, but i try to focus on what we have, and by the way, his, my two grandchildren and his two children are beautiful and smart, and you'd expect a grandpa to say that, but, you know, i see them all of the time, a san diego so everybody's, everybody's life is incredible. halle is like my daughter. i mean, so we are just focusing on, you know, we, but, beau, and anyway, we are -- i am talking too much about beau, and i apologize. >> no, that is all right. >> but it is -- thank god. and you know, and you know, you said that you all mourned with me. the truth of the matter is that a lot of you did. i knew it was sincere, and it mattered. and it really matters.
10:34 am
>> and let me ask you about the next big thing. >> yes. >> and the moon shot. >> yes. >> for cancer you call it. and what did you learn of the parent of a cancer patient about how realistic and achievable this moon shot really is. >> i learned two things. first of all, when you have a son or daughter, husband, wife, someone that you adore, you become as educated as you can, as quickly as you can particularly when you know that it is a very serious form, et cetera. so, i learned a lot about for lack of a better phrase, the mechanics of cancer, and the delivery systems, and there is so many, so many changes that are just on the cusp, but then as i got into it more deeply as beau passed, i realized that a lot of it is siloed and i have now met with over 200 oncologists and cancer research centers, and philanthropists involved, and what everybody
10:35 am
acknowled acknowledges privately and what they hope they can do, i may not be the convener or bring them together. >> and what do you want to do? >> i want to break down the silos and have a meeting of access to all of the information that all of the researchers have, and one another's researchers as well, and a conduit to get out to the places not just the great cancer hospitals in t, you know, the centers of the study, and to get to oncologists out in the field the information that we have that they don't have access to. >> and let me ask you as we head into the state of the union, is there a moment that you will remember with the president? >> well, yeah, there is one. he may be embarrassed. my -- i remember when beau was having trouble with his speech, and my son, beau biden was the
10:36 am
most fastidious and honorable guy, and i knew that if my son thought that he was losing his cognitive ability, he would have resigned. thank goodness, there was no cog any anytive effect, but it was affecting the speech center, and i was having lunch with along with my family of what was going along with beau, so i had a responsibility for that and so he knew where i was, and my thinking, and i said, you know, my concern is that if beau resign resigns, he has no, there's no, nothing to fall back on. his sal -- his salary, and we worked it out. jill and i will be in good shape. and he got up and said, promise me that you won't sale the house. and he is going to be mad at me, and he said, whatever you need, i will will give you the money,
10:37 am
don't, joe. he said, promise me, promise me. and then i will never forget the eulogy that he delivered for beau. and when beau had his stroke, and when they had the stroke, and it turned out that it was the beginning of glee owe blastoma, and he came running down the hall, joe, joe, is he okay? is he okay? and my love of my family and his two children and my granddaughters are best friends and his daughters and my son's kids vacation together, and sleep over all of the time. and it is personal. it is family. >> do you have any idea what you are going to be doing your first day out of public office, say, january 21st, 2017. >> i know that i will be in the
10:38 am
process of trying to work that out right now. i have never -- look. here's the thing. you have known me for a long time, and i have been, since i have been 27 years old, and every morning that i have woke up, i have e focused on the issue, and a public policy, and this is the first time and then i decided, wait, i don't have to stop focusing on that, and the question is what forum do i use. and my dad said, no man or woman should retire unless they know exactly what they will do when they get up, and i'm working on that right now. >> and let's talk about the interview with chief political analyst gloria borger, and like joe biden, so straight forward and personal, and just on the personal side there, and i wonder as you see him reeling from the loss of his son. >> sure. >> and youer with across from him there, and do you think that is the key thing that kept him from running for president? the personal wounds? >> yes. i think that there is a huge personal side of it that he was
10:39 am
not ready and his family was not ready. i also think that he took a cold, calculated look at the race, and it would be an umhill struggle for him and he said in the interview that he never thought that hillary clinton was the prohibitive favorite and clearly she has a lot of support in the south, and i think that he thought that perhaps it would be a very difficult slog for him. and if you put the personal and the political pieces together, he made that decision. >> and you say that he says in the interview, no door. and no backdoor into the race. >> no front door or backdoor, yeah. >> and in the interview, he injects himself into the race, does he not, not as a candidate, but taking a swipe on hillary clinton on what this is the defining issue of the democratic party wealth disparity. >> and he said that he did not intend for it to be a swipe, and he even said to me in the
10:40 am
interview that hillary clinton has done a lot of good things but i think that it is clear that joe biden thinks like a candidate and still thinks like the candidate who might have ran against hillary clinton, and he is is a populist, and so bernie sanders appeals to joe biden at his very core. and joe biden in his entire career as he will tell you has been about representing the middle-class. that is where sort of where he comes from. he said in the follow-up, that he meant to say that she has been involved in foreign policy obviously, and so he said that he going to be out there campaigning for the candidate whoever it is. >> is there going to be an endorsement? >> no, neither he nor the president would want to get involved in that right now. >> thank you, gloria borger. >> and next we go to turkey
10:41 am
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turkey's largest city was rocked today at the heart of an isis suicide bomber, and eight germans were among the ten people killed at the blast at a popular tourist area in e istanbul. the turkish government says that the attacker was from syria. a few moments ago the white house released a statement saying that the heinous attack took place in the heart of turkey, and we stand together with turkey, a nato ally, a strong partner, a valued member of the counter-isil coalition. and so, now, coming across the border from syria into turkey, and what else do we know? >> this is what we know at this
10:46 am
stage accord ing to the senior government officials here, jim, and that is that this individual was, as you were saying there, of syrian origin born in 1988 and according to turkish officials came across the border from syria into tur can ki only recent recently. this is not someone that the turks had been tracking for a while, because they do have quite a number of individuals that they keep under constant surveillance. many are saying that this points to first of all how difficult it is to control that border, and how difficult it is to keep track of everyone who is coming across, bearing in mind, that this is a country home to almost 2 million refugees, and also, the more internal security challenges that the country is facing. we are just outside of the police cordon where the attack took place, and this is a strike that is not only sending a message to turkey, but because the suicide bomber went after a
10:47 am
soft target, because foreign national nationals were killed, it is sending a message that reverberates far beyond this p country's borders, jim. >> thank you, arwa damon from istanbul. and he is 23 years old, and he has cheated death twice, and helped to save a train full of people from a terrorist attack. what could top that? spencer stone is going to tell us, himself, right after this break. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms... you can give them everything you've got. tylenol®
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10:52 am
23 others including our next guest spencer stone and. he's with me here tonight. you made head liens in august with this acts of heroism that stopped a trust attack on this train in france. tonight we know we hear that the president is going to talk about responding to the terror threat. i'm just curious as someone that has literally faced it, what would you like to hear from the president? >> i'd like to e see where he sees our country in the the next couple years and what his plans are for his last year in office. he has a lot of time to do some things. i think he's going to get it done to the best of his ability. >> let me ask you then about the moment as it happened. you're on the train. you see the attack underway. you saw his weapon. you knew what you were risking there. i'm fascinated by people in moments of acts of heroism of what they are thinking where you make that decision. what went through your mind?
10:53 am
>> the decision was made a long tomb ago. i always mentally prepared myself for a moment like that because i knew it's realistic. at least my family is going to know i went down trying. >> you thought you were going to die? >> yes, sir. >> the gun was pointed at you and the bullet didn't go off. >> he tried to shoot at me. it was a bad primer. so that gave me more time to run at him before he could load another round and i was able to get to him. my other friends joined in, helped out and subdued him. >> i cover terrorism, that's my beat here at cnn. i get a a lot of questions from people. you likely am i to face an attack. i get that question all the time. should i go to paris.
10:54 am
there was a bombing here today. the president, we hear, has tried to balance the actual threat of terrorism to say it's a threat, but you're more likely to get struck by lightning. not to minimize it, but go on living your life. >> you can't live your life in a bubble. things like that happen, you have to be ready to respond. mentally prepare myself. i'm in a situation, which is what i'll do and i did it. >> i went it to paris for. the most recent attacks. i talked to witnesses who describe the look on the faces of attackers of being blank. just blank. almost like expressionless. >> i kind of blacked out. i was expecting a gun shot to go
10:55 am
off. in the midst of the fight, it took two minutes to get him unconscious and take everything away from him. but my friend told me when he was hitting him in the face, he was giving us a blank stare back. no emotion. no feeling for anything. >> final question. next steps, do you think about running for office? >> i think i need a lot more experience and knowledge bye-to able to take that job on. >> in the meantime, we going to see who is going to play you in the movie? >> people always ask e me that question. i don't know. who knows. my friend wants will smith to play him. >> you can do worse than that. spencer stone, we thank you for your service. great to get the chance to meet you. our coverage of president
10:56 am
obama's final state of the union address begins tonight at 7:00 eastern right here on cnn. that's it for me today. wolf blitzer will be back tonight and tomorrow wolf sits down with the king of jordan. that interview will air wednesday evening at 5:00 p.m. eastern on "the situation room" here on cnn. . the news will continue, right after this break. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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here we go on this tuesday afternoon. so great to be here live on capitol hill here in washington, d.c. i'm brooke baldwin. you can feel the energy. big news here, the final year this the president of the united states will be delivering his last state of the union address from the hill. much more on what to look for later