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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 13, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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sailors. nine men, one woman, on farsi island in the persian gulf . the latest, they are to be released soon nic robertson is monitoring the situation from london. any time, nic, a handover is imminent? >> we are not getting any details of when it can happen. it's been a roller coaster t. rhetoric has changed. late yesterday, it was going to be a release. it was going to happen daylight. we are hours late for that. then the rhetoric with the daylight came the rhetoric that has been acting unprofessionally. these sailors have been provocative in their actions. they were being interrogated to see if they were on an intelligence gathering mission. now that message from there revolutionary guard, who controlled the sailors. they controlled that farsi island. they're the hard liners in iraq. now the message is that perhaps they will be released stoovenlt
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protesters going ahead. perhaps more importantly the revolutionary guard saying now they believe these sailors ended up in iranian waters, as they say, because of broken navigational equipment on their two boats. it remains clear the precise reason. but when you hear that kind of language, that does seem to indicate that they're happy they weren't their intelligence gatherings, after that, in the last hour or so we heard from the army commander in eastern saying this should be a lesson to the trouble makers in u.s. congress and this will be the last time the united states makes mistakes in the persian gulf. so you got conflicting rhetoric. though i think until we get a positive knowledge these sailors have cully been released, it could palestinian flop. >> we heard, the president did not mention this at all during
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his state of the union. one comment about the iran nuclear deal and moving forward on that, the backup of all this is the iran nuclear deal, the country is on the verge of having a winfall, they can sell into the global mark. i'm holding ten americans clearly would not, wouldn't be terrible timing for that. >> it couldn't potentially be huge counterproductive. senator kerry fund moderates in iran. somebody willing to sort of change the relationship between the united states and iran, agree this deal, iran does want that money avd the question has always been, how much are the hard liners controlling the moderates, like the formering is kerry told you the hard liners that have these sailors. how much do they really control things is what we are hearing from them this morning. than trying to make it clear they're in control. they got the sailors. they'll decide when they're
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released. we can judge it better in a few days. when you have all these. >> we are getting information right now. you are right. it has been such a roller coaster. so now they iran, revolutionary guard have released the u.s. detained soldiers, according to state tv. we are getting the alert those sailors have been freed, nic. >> this is good news. obviously, we're going to want to get some more confirmation from commanders in the gulf. they have custody of them. they haven't been harmed or mistreated. this has happened in a period of 24 hours. we can hear iran does not want to put this nuclear deal at rick. they want these billions to come. they don't want to jeopardize it be having what they've done in the gulf by having a bunch of hard liners misinterpret it. >> we will await for more details from the pentagon and u.s. sources to confirm that, of course, to find out where, when
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and xa exactly happened there. thank you so much for that, nic. thanks. all right. we await more news out of iran, we are getting word that ten u.s. sailors have been released. we want to turn over to the state of the union address. he urged americans to turn away from the fear and tribalism that have dominated the campaign and the more welcoming optimistic vision for the country. we want to bring out cnn correspondent john acosta for the latest. >> reporter: in his final state of the union address, president obama called on the nation to reject the politics of division. the president urged congress to pass gun control law, tackle climate change and close the detention facility at guantonomo. he also defended the obama doctrine of seeking diplomacy first before unilateraling a, pointing to relations with cuba and the iran nuclear deem. there was no mention through tuesday to detain ten american
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sailors. the president took aim at the race for the white house with failed jabs at donald trump. he asked americans to respect the differences of their fellow citizens, including muslims. here's what he had to say. >> as frustration grows, there will be voices urging us to fall back into our respective tribes. the scapegoat, fellow citizens, who don't look like us or pray like us or vote like we do or share the shame background. we can't afoford to go down tha path. it will not deliver the economy we want. it will not produce the security we. . but most of all, it contradicts everything that makes us the enemy of the world. >> and in one of the most emotional moments of the speech, the president called for a moon is shot mission to cure cancer. it was a tribute to vice president beau biden whose son died from cancer last year. john, christine.
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>> thank you so much for that. the reaction pab pouring in. cnn politics reporter is on the phone with us this morning. he is in iowa, chili cold, early iowa, nice to hear. thanks for check income with us. can we talk first here about nikki haley's response. i think that was just so interesting how she is there to give the republican response, you know, often that response is full of contradictions for the president's version. but she took a moment to hit actually twice almost, hit back donald trump, her own party's front runner. listen to what she said. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. no one willing to work hard, abid by our laws and love our traditionles should ever feel
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unwelcome in this country. >> the far right wing of her party went bananas online overnight about that. it really caught a lot of, got a lot of attention, that she apparently calling out her on party's front runner. >> yeah. throwing a bucket of cold water on the sort of populous stuff that donald trump has sort of brought forward in the election cycle. it was a fascinating moment to hear her echoing president obama in criticizing trump. to make these awkward here on thursday night when trump comes as the republican front run tore haley's state, south carolina, for another republican presidential dewitt. this is not the kind of a message you hear afternoon in these republican responses to obama. but it does give an indication that the establishment of the
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party t. leaders in the house and senate that invited nikki haley were looking for that message. >> eric, again, i want to tell people we're getting word ten american sailors held by iran have been released. >> that information just into cnn. that statement out of iran. we are awaiting more details on. that as we wait more details on that, back to the politic, it was interesting to hear both president obama and nikki haley making these references to donald trump. to a lesser extent. ted cruz. president obama used the phrase carpet bombing. i get the sense, though, the white house knows and has always known, every time they go after donald trump, it may actually help donald trump. >> yeah. you know, as with donald trump, he is most interested in the politics these past two years has largely been about lastly everything president obama is for. everything he represents.
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so it doesn't hurt donald trump. look, honestly, democrats love the idea of getting against donald trump in a general election him hillary clinton was downright gleeful yesterday in iowa when the topic came up. so i don't think democrats mind that, but it's definitely true. president obama certainly took some shots at chris christie, ted cruz, in his state of the union, but by far, the biggest criticism was aimed at trump. >> he learned criticism for himself, which i found sort of surprising when he talks about what one of his big regrets about bipartisanship. listen. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. i have no doubt the president with the gifts of lincoln or roosevelt might have better bridged the divide and i
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guarantee, i'll keep trying to be better so long as i hold this office. >> acknowledging he does not have the gift of lincoln or radios investment. you know, a rare moment of i guess humility, candor and regret there for him. >> what an intraspecs there. you don't see that often. obama hasn't quite gone that far before. it's interesting to see transformational change turn into this advocate for incrementalism as he's leaving office. small steps made over the course of several presidencys what what he is talking about now. he is making a pitch to voters, people who elected him to continue his work. he calls for say tack it can't just be about picking different candidates. it has to be about reforming a political system to reduce money and change redistricting.
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so it's kind of a long slog as he's talking about it now. not something that one person can change through force of personally. it's very intraspeccive to hear him talk like that. >> eric, thanks so much for being with us. >> we havic practiceing news this morning. american sailors detained by iran. >> that i have now been released. we are just getting word. iran state media is saying these ten americans have been released. we are getting confirmation. we have new details for you right after the break. es printit to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? .
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>> we have breaking news in the last few minutes. we have learned iranian state television reporting in an on screen graphic the ten american sailors detained by the iranians have been released. those sailors, nine men, one woman him they were captured by iran's national guard, taken to farsi island after they strayed into iranian territorial waters.
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joining us live with the latest from london, diplomatic editor nic robertson. a banner on iranian state tv saying those ten have been released? >> yeah. which now we've seen the first photograph of them. what appears to be a first photograph of them. the state press tv put up on its website a still picture of a group of what could be the american sailors in a room. it's a room with a carpet, bare walls no chairs, sitting on the floor around the walls. it's not clear to us at the moment, without more details checking in this actually is a photograph of the sailors took prisoner. if it is, they appear to be in good condition. they appear all to be in uniform. they appear all to be together in a fairly relaxed environment. but again, this has just been released, the latest information from iranian state media. of course, a key question now is the iranians say they have been
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released. what condition are they in? how have they been released. have they been handed over to the navy at the moment, so these are the questions. it's been a roller coaster to get here. it's been up and down. there have been allegations of spying that the iranians have said these sailors were in iranian territorial water, because their navigational systems have been broen broken down. there is calls for u.s. apology before they would have been released. the expectation is they would be released several hours ago. even by iranian standards, this seems to have happened square i fairly quickly. obviously the pentagon will have the last word to say if they have been released safely back in american custody. >> the news again, iranian state tv is saying the ten u.s. sailors held in iran on farsi island, iranian territory, have been released. we are trying to get confirmation from the pentagon. a number of questions, nic, what
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about the two naval vessels? the patrol boats the riverines, have they been released as well? what conditions was the release made under? did the u.s. have to agree to anything, any concessions? any apologies which some if iran were asking for? any of these details at this point coming in? >>. the best we can read at the moment and this goes to what the iranians have said earlier, the sailors were in good condition t. photograph they released reports these sailors. they do appear to be unharmed in this single photograph of the group of them in a room with the carpet and bare walls. the iranians said earlier there's vessels were unharmed. it appears there were no gunshots exchanged. as would the expectation would
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be that the vot would be released at the same time. again, none of this is clear at the moment. we really need to wait for it, if you will, objective details and information that comes to the sailors, themselves, and obviously from the navy. >> we know there were nine men, one woman, two crafts there, in the shallow waters of the persian gulf. they were going from kuwait i believe to bahrain and there is an early reporting that maybe it was a navigational issue. maybe a gas issue, nic. a fuel issue. for some reason, they were where they were not supposed to be. >> or a mechanical issue. you know, they have been out there drifting in the sea. through a mechanic am issue or fuel that runs out. it is a long journey for a relatively small size vessel between kuwait and bahrain. if they have been drifting, perhaps, they could try to make it to this tiny piece of land. there are a few islands in that
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area. they were baking tear way too iranian control. there are multiple ways that we could read it. multiple errors, mechanic am, oth al -- mechanic am, other issues here. what we can see, i give the example, two years ago, 15 sailors were captured by iranians in a similar situation. they held them 13 days. here they have released the sailors in over a 24 hour hour period. this in those terms is relatively speedily done. however, i think we have a huge amount to learn what the iranian versus done. >> again, breaking news, iranian state tv reporting ten u.s. sailors have been released. nic robertson reporting, many questions remain. we need to find out under what terms they have been released and what about the two naval vessels. very good news, nic points out
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it did happen relatively quickly. nic robertson in london, thank you very much. it took two decades, team owners giving the rams the green light to move from st. louis back to l.a. andy scholes has the edetails. there he is. .
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country's second biggest city is getting a football team. maybe two. the league owners approve the st. louis rams move to los angeles. andy scholes has more in the "bleacher report." >> the rams will be playing in l.a. next season.
2:24 am
they might not alone. the nfl giving the chargers the option to join the rams. they voted 30-2 to approve the relocation to l.a. ending the city's 21 year nfl drought. they will play in the coliseum until their brand-new stadium in englewood is ready in 2019 t. rams owner is spending $2 billion of his own money on the project. if the chargers can work out a deal with chron ki, they have a year to decide if they also want to move to l.a. if they don't the raiders will then have the option to join the rams. yesterday in hurng roger goodell spoke about the leak's return to los angeles. >> we have been at this for over 20 years. we felt that we needed to have the kind of stadium and kind of project that has the vision that has the facilities that would really bring a new kind of fan experience to the nfl an to los angeles. >> it is bittersweet.
2:25 am
we understand the motions involved with our fans. >> it's very sad news to report this morning, andrew smith, who played for butler during their final four round in 2010 and 2011 passed away tuesday after a lengthy battle with cancer. the former coach and celtics coach brad stevens, he skipped a game last woke to visit smith in indiana. he reacted to the sad news before last night's game. >> when you coach somebody, i mean, you get a lot more out of coaching them then they do from you. so, that's that. i mean, i don't know if i can go on and on and it wouldn't do them justice. so, he's special. he's tough. he set a great example. >> andrew smith was 25 years old all right. the cavs playing with the mavs last night. closing seconds, cleveland down two. lebron james throws down a monster over devin harris.
2:26 am
send it into overtime. it's too much for dallas. cavs win this by a final 110107ch mavs other than mark cuban, he has had vice, he says first thing you do, you hire a tax attorney. then don't take the lump sum and you know what, tell family and friends no when they ask for money. >> i think that's pretty good advice. people give that had vice, if are you not good with money, you take the lump sum. you will end the heart brake in missouri. you have a big pile of money people ask you for. >> he said, don't invest any of it. put it in the bank. >> put it in the bank. people like mark cuban. i always say about the lottery. there there are two kind of people. the people that say, how am i going to spend that money. how him agoing to grow that money? he said hire a tax attorney, because you will grow that money. >> andy scholes, i don't know what town you are. >> i know how to spend it. >> take care, man. breaking news, the american
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sailors detained by iran, they have been released. that's according to iranian state media. we bought the these new developments come income by the minute. we will bring you the very latest next. .
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flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. all right. big breaking news this morning, just in, the ten marine sailors who have been detained by iran, they have been released. >> that is according to iranian state media. this just in, we are live with new developments. >> president obama delivering his final state of the union address. what he believes his administration has accomplished. what he regrets and what still needs to be done. welcome back to "early start." >> i'm john berman, again, breaking news, word just in from iranian state run television and the ten american sailors that iran had been holding. they have now been released. we are waiting for confirmation from the president gore. we have reached out, but as of
2:31 am
now, we have no confirmation from u.s. officials. still, the iranians say they are free, they were captured by iran's revolutionary guard taken to farsi island when they wound up. we don't know how the iranians say in iranian territorial waters. joining us now with the latest. with the word of this release. international director, nic robertson, what do we know? >> reporter: well, the photograph released by the iranian state media press tv seems to show what they say are these american sailors in good condition. it's not clear if this is what the iranians say there is a photograph of them. if it is, what we see in that photograph is a number of those ten sailors. programs you can see seven or eight clearly, sitting in uniform, around on the floor, around two sides of a room. it's a fairly bare room.
2:32 am
there are no tables, no chairs in there. all together, there appears to be if good condition. we don't know at this stage if that is the sailors who were captured and what the photograph really is. the iranian, right after saying they have been released the state media then released this photograph. what the iranians have said was that these sailors would be released early in the morning with daylight. well, that didn't happen t. rhetoric changed. a few hours ago, saying that they were being questioned, interrogated to see if they were on a spying mission. they have been provocative, unprofessional, to then the language changed saying that the process releasing them was under way, it was discovered that the reason that they had ended up in iranian territorial waters was because of a failure of their navigation equipment on the two small vessels. the truth behind all this is a details that may amplify and explain what the iranians are saying. we just don't know yet. clearly, there is one side to this that we have yet to learn, why et to get details on the
2:33 am
iranian versus moved in the past couple hours to say that they did seem to trust. there was a decent and explanation to why the sailors were there. but that said, the army commanding officer came out on the iranian state media in the past hour saying that this was a lesson to the trouble makers the tone thrower, he called them, in u.s. congress. this wouldn't be the last of the u.s. mistakes in the region. but at the moment, the iranians are saying that they've released these ten sailors, one woman, nine men, we really need to learn a lot more when they're in safe hands again, john. >> it is interesting. again, we are awaiting confirmation from the pentagon on the status of these ten sailors. iranian state media say they have been released. we are awaiting confirmation, on what happened to the two naval vessels. if, in fact, they are released. it dislook lioes look like they
2:34 am
been. tell me ab the timing, how long they were in custody, what that tells us about the u.s.-iranian relationship. >> reporter: the stakes are huge for iran right now. the nuclear deal with get more signatures on it in the coming days. what the iranians say they have done if terms of keeping tear part of the iranian nuclear deem. >> that is getting a lot of their partially richd rich uranium out of the country, deconstructing the nuclear facility, all things that would allow them to make a weapon fairly quickly him what is at stake for them is getting sanction listed on billions of dollars of frozen assets. the foreign minister has been involved to get these ten sailors released. there was talk he demanded an apology from the united states t. concern was the hard liners the revolutionary guard were in control behind the scene. i think when we look at how quickly they have been released. i say quickly, in relative terms, 2007, 15 british sailors taken in a similar period,
2:35 am
released after 13 days. it does appear the iranians, pod rats and hard liners want to get their hands on the money. >> nic, we are showing the pictures that were rea leased by iranian state tv. i have to say the pentagon has not confirmed yet that those are the sailors. this is what iranian tv have put out. those sailors, as you said, in a room on a carpet on the walls. nine men, one woman, and now the iranians have said they have released all ten of those other sailors. thanks for that. we will turn to understand this latest development. frederick layton, a former deputy director for training at nsa. good morning. we are seeing the photos. we have not heard yet from the pentagon and the big question is the condition of those sailors.
2:36 am
and they're the two cavities. they're naval vessels. >> yeah, exactly, christine, good morning. there are a lot of different aspects to this. we can all breathe a sigh of relief this happened so quickly. when you look at this, when they interrogate somebody like this, i don't think they had very much time to really spend a great deal with each individual sailor and that really means that they didn't spend the time to interrogate them from an intelligence perspective. they were interested in other things. it sound more like this is getting to be a bit of an accident or some kind of incident like this instead of a deliberate act on either the u.s. or the iranians. >> let me read you a release we just got from u.s. central command. so this is u.s. military confirmation. ten u.s. navy sailors, safety return to u.s. cuss ted today after departing eastern. there are no indication that the
2:37 am
sailors were harmed during their brief detention. the sailors depart farsi aboard the two river 18 command boats they had been operating when they lost contact with the u.s. navy t. sailors were later transferred ashore by u.s. navy aircraft or others took charge, they continued transited towards bahrain, the boat's original destination. they will investigate the second quarters that led to the sailors presence in iran. so the u.s. military conterms those ten sailors have been released and confirms the u.s. got its two boats back as well and confirms it is investigating the circumstances by which those vessels strayed into iranian waters. >> u.s. officials zell telling cnn. all are on board the usf getting additional medical checks. we will be learning a lot more in the minutes to come here. >> absolutely, john and christine. when you look at this, it really
2:38 am
seems as if the iranians did not want to hold them for very long and president obama and the administration are going to look at this as an indication now of their efforts and in essence a start to a new military relationship with the united states. so i, in this sense, it's very positive you know from a relationship standpoint, it's also positive from that military standpoint and that could pay dividends for us when we are dealing with izeiss sis. iranian as well as an american fight t. iranians made a calculated decision here to really do things concretely that would help improve their stature in the eyes of the u.s. i think that's what we're seeing here at the moment. >> there are two conflicting actions the u.s. and americans need to analyze right now. number one the fact that iran did seize and arrest these ten u.s. sailors. held them in custody. secondly, they released them the next day.
2:39 am
there are people saying the fact that they were seized, that's an act of war. the flipside of that is that they were released very, very quickly. so which is it? >> well, that's very interesting. when it comes to these types of actions, if somebody strays into your territorial waters for whatever reason or lands on your shores for whatever reason, you generally take them into custody. you try to find out what's going on. so you could potentially say that the iranians did that just from that standpoint. they were trying to find out what was going on, it was something unanticipated. they basically looked at it, see what we're doing here. then let's try to make sure everything ha haps /* whaps what happens. if there is some other reason for a maritime rescue, then iran would have been obligated under international law to protect the sailors.
2:40 am
so, and also to harbor them. if they deliberately went after them or an element of the iranian military went after them to take them hostage or take them prisoner, that, of course, would be a very different scenario and would mean one party in iran wanted to do something hostile against them and they were overruled by tehran. >> this is certainly, certainly a good outcome for these sailors and for the diplomacy between these two countries. in part, because early on in the early hours of this, there was some rhetoric from the iranians that was concerning. they were complaining about provocative behavior by the americans. some 40 minutes of unprofessional provocative behavior, they demanded an apology. it seems as though it could have been a very tense six. >> oh, absolutely. you know, when i was looking at those official reports, i had visions of two things.
2:41 am
the iranian hostage crisis and the pueblo incident back in the 1960s with north korea. luckily, it's pretty clear we didn't go far given the brevity of this detention. but it was very concerning. it also showed, i believe, because there were reports conflicting with other reports that use slightly different language and considerable language. you had, you know, a deal, there were different views of what had transperiod within the iranian hierarchy. when you can dealing with a country that has action on either side of the issue, you never sure are exactly where you will ended up. not only can we breathe a sigh of he leaf, the government as a country, definitely not what happened back in 1979, 1980.
2:42 am
with the iranians and it clearly shows there has been a bit of a significant improvement in our relationship with them. >> a very quick resolution to this and ten u.s. sailors released. confirmed by the fifth fleet right now. those sailors on the usf getting medical treatment. those two u.s. naval vessels back in u.s. custody as well. importantly the navy says it will investigate the circumstances that led to the sailor's presence in iran. that's neither an ad mission of guilt or innocence, they say they will investigate hoy they ended up in iranian territory. thank you so much for being with us. >> all right. president obama delivering his final state of the union address. what he says he regrets who he went after from the podium next.
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>> all right. the breaking news 10 u.s. sailors have been released. the other big news the state of the union address, president obama urging americans to turn away from what he called the fear and tribalism that have a more welcoming opt mick vision for the country. 23 want to break down the speech and the response. we are joined by jeremy diamond via skype from iowa. jeremy, you know, i think one of the really interesting things we heard from the president was
2:47 am
essentially, i'm sorry, he issued what he says was one of his biggest regrets in what you don't often hear from a president. listen to this. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency that, the rancor and suspicion between the parties have gotten worse instead of better. i have no doubt a president with the gifts of lincoln, roosevelt, might have a better bridge to divide. i gain guarantee, i will try to be better as long as i hold office. >> saying he wishes he could have done better there. interesting to hear that. >> i think that was the lines of the speech. obama is often criticized for not taking enough stock in his own role in the divisiveness of the politics, trying to stay above the fray and point fingers at republicanings, in particular, but others especially for kind of not coming along with him on tkum
2:48 am
baya trade. i think president obama taking responsibility there for the division in walk. >> and the republican response came from the south carolina governor nikki haley who talked about how democrats and republicans both share the blame for the lack of bipartisanship in washington and the rancor in walk. she also, very specifically, i think, without saying his name, took on the front runner in her own party. listen to what she said. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. no one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> she got a kind of a vicious hit back online from conservatives overnight on twitter. but that was clearly the establishment striking back. >> yeah, i mean, it's
2:49 am
fascinating. nikki haley is one of these fresh faces of the republican party. it shows the party can be diverse, not some people's vision of the party, which is old white men and so she's certainly presents an alternative vision. she's presenting an alternative vision to trump, in particular. obama also was hitting at trump last night without naming him by names, but talking about these politics that are divisive and single auto people for looking different or being different or you know kind of being strange and inciting those politics of fear. so nikki haley showing that the republican party at least her republican party doesn't endorse those kind of politics that trump has been pedaling. showing there is an alternative vision to president obama's message and one that doesn't necessarily have to deinvolve into the politics of fear. >> all right. jeremy diamond, thanks so much for that. reporting in iwest virginia it's not even 5:00 a.m. yet.
2:50 am
>> we have a very busy morning with all kind of breaking news, let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." >> reporter: it's good to see you. we are down in the rotunda. i have to have a little more dpravty in my voice. we have saying he has done something wrong. i'm not lincoln, i'm not roosevelt. to take us through the level set
2:51 am
as the president laid out last night. he says, sometimes it's good to have a level set. look at things fresh. i think that's our moment right now. because certainly john and christine, there was a lot laid out there last night about the tone a. lot of it was echoed by nikki haley. i think this is an important moment in this election to kind of lock at where we are, how we want to be. >> chris cuomo in the rotunda, your voice echoing through the halls of power as it should. thank you so much, looking forward to "new day." president obama delivered his final state of the union address. we will hear from pundits an analysts. what about the public? a fascinating way to look at the response next.
2:52 am
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2:55 am
american people? let's turn to tom foreman to hear where democrats, republicans and independents agreed and disagreed with the president. >> christine, john, 125,000 people joined us through microsoft poms to let us know what they thought of the president's speech moment by moment. we put the democrats in blue. the independents in purple. the republicans in red. and there were several points where they diverged in their assessment of the president. one of those areas where he brought us his nuclear deal with iran. take a look. >> that's why we built a global coalition with sanctions and principle diplomacy to prevent a nuclear armed iran and as we speak iran has rolled back its nuclear program shipped out its uranium stockpile and the world has avoided another war. >> mr. republicans did not like that deal all along, certainly not with the current circumstance and u.s. service
2:56 am
members. another area in which there was broad agreement when the president talked about cutting red tape. >> i think there are outdated regulations that need to be changed. there is red tape that needs to be cut. [ applause ] >> there you go. yeah. >> you saw them all trying to comb together there. >> that happened several times, but they never quite made it. look at what happened when he talked about education. >> we should recruit and support more great teachers for our kids. [ applause ] and we have to make college affordable for every american. >> you saw the republicans sort of jumping off there as soon as he talked about affordable college. it seemed like he might have been fish biting at that as some are opposed to the government paying for more college. in the end, at no point did this order ever change, approval was
2:57 am
always high among the democrats. always in the middle to have independents and always the lowest from the republicans. christine, john. >> let's get an early start on your money, u.s. stock futures were higher. if that hols, it would be a third higher day in a row. a long way to go, a thousand points lost last week. shanghai posting a loss overnight. the start of a new year, a time many analysts offer their predictions about your money. this year, one dramatic forecast caught our attention. rbf analyst andrew roberts wrote this, quote, sell everything but high quality bonds. he also wrote this, we think investors should be afraid. why? he says the bank's red flags for 2016 all flash in just the first week of trading. what are the red flags? falling oil, volatility in china and rising corporate debt. they compared the market mood today to 2008. remember that? that was the even financial crisis. there are others who are saying
2:58 am
it could have a six to eight percent advancement in the stockmarket this year. but ouch. >> 2008 memory not a happy one. the breaking news this morning the military says ten u.s. sailors detained by iran have been released. new details on "new day" now. >> this is cnn breaking news -- >> good morning, everyone, welcome the your "new day." chris is in walk. mikaela and i are here in new york. we do begin with breaking news for you. iran released ten american navy sailors. they were detained after their patrol boats wandered into iranian waters. iran accusing the u.s. of quote trespassing t. standoff with iran coming days before the landmark nuclear deal was to go through. so now what? let's get to cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr with all the breaking details. what do we know, barbara? >> reporter: good morning, allison the u.s. navy confirming all ten sailors are back ashore
2:59 am
with the u.s. navy after being released by iran a short time ago. how that transfer happened is very interesting. according to u.s. military sources the sailors came out into open waters in the persian gulf on board their two small boats that had been seized by the iranians. one of those boats believed to be zavenltd it's not clear how they were back all under their own power. but those two small navy boats with the ten sailors coming out with an iranian naval escort into international waters in the persian gulf to an arranged transfer 30i7b9. they were picked up by a navy cruiser there. the usf anzio and taken ashompl all are roared to be fine. no harm coming to them according to u.s. navy during their brief detention him now, the work begins. how did this happen? what happened to the boats? what happened to these sailors? it all begins with how did they
3:00 am
wander into iranian waters? was one of the navy boats actually disabled? how were they treated by the iranians? we are seeing a photo distributed by iranian media of those sailors while they were w held. you see some american troops there with very concerned looks on their faces, obviously. during this period of time, not at all sure what was happening to them. but now, back ashore with the u.s. navy and the investigation into all of this begins. alisyn. >> thanks for the breaking details. here to discuss everything is our cnn military analyst and former commanding general for europe and 7th army lieutenant general mark hertling. we just heard the nuts and bolts from barbara of how they were released. give us the back story. what do you think happen here? >> that's a great question, alisyn. good morning to you. when i first saw the news last night before the state of the union, it was curious. i


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