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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 13, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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forget to tune in for "sunshine superman" a cnn film this sunday night 9:00 eastern. thank you. and thank all of you for watching on this wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke. it turns out drumds after all is the great uniter. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump trash talked by president obama. and then even more shockingly by his own party as senator ted cruz goes full johnny rev accusing trump of having new york values. adding insult to insult, iran frees ten u.s. sailors, but not before getting plenty of footage of them being arrested and apologizing. was this a more hostile act than the white house would like us to know? plus, shaw shank had rita heyworth and now "el chapo" fascination with a different
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actress. one that may have led to the drug lord's unraveling. this is cnn breaking news. good afternoon everyone. i'm jake tapper. we're going to begin with some breaking news in our money lead. another rough day on wall street. u.s. stocks down continuing the same pattern from last week. the dow plunging more than 350 points before the closing bell you're hearing right now. let's get right to cnn business correspondent alison kosik in new york. alison, what drove today's loss? >> yjake, it's not just the dow it's the s&p 500 entering correction territory for the first time since september, crossing below that key 1,900 level. that's a psychological level. a correction is when you see these indexs drop 10% from a recent high. now, all three indexes are in a correction. add on the fact that companies right now are in the process of reporting their profits, they're handing in their report cards to wall street. and the worry is is that the news is not going to be good. also you're seeing companies
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brace for the fact and investors brace for the fact that this could be the first recession in earnings, the first back-to-back decline in earnings, in profits for companies since 2009. pile on oil prices, falling below $30 a barrel during the session today, and you've got a ripe recipe for stocks to fall as well. look, the mood is really sour on wall street. they're calling conditions over seoul, jake, but the problem is even when they rally, even when you see the green arrows you don't see that follow through. jake. >> alison kosik with sobering news from wall street. politics lead, president obama's final state of the union and it was quite a night. first time in recent memory that both the president in his speech and the opposition party representative in this case south carolina governor nikki haley, in her speech both went after a different politician, a major presidential candidate, in this case one mr. donald j. trump. she was hand picked by republicans in washington warned americans to tune out the, quote, siren call of our
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angriest voices. haley has since made it clear, yes, she was talking about her party's front-runner. cnn chief political correspondent dana bash is with senator cruz in dorchester, south carolina. dana, this is the first time in history that i know of that both the state of the union and a state of the union response united to attack a presidential candidate. >> jake, just add this to the list of firsts in politics in 2016. but, you know, i talked to an adviser just a short while ago to the south carolina governor, nikki haley, who said that when she was offered this job by republican leaders in washington, she said she had one condition, it would be her own and that the house speaker responded, yes, your words, your ideas. the republican response is supposed to rally the party. this time this part made many in the gop livid. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices.
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we must resist that temptation. no one who is willing to work hard, abide by our laws and love our traditions should ever feel unwelcome in this country. >> reporter: conservative talk radio show host laura ingram called it insane for south carolina governor nikki haley to use her platform to chide her own party. >> this is about intimidating, demonizing and a rather lame attempt to dismantle the growing populous movement in the country. >> reporter: conservative provocateur ann coulter tweeted, trump should deport nikki haley. stand up against overheated rhetoric on the gop campaign trail. >> i can appreciate that they're angry. i said what i believe. i standby what i believe. i think that this country is better when we work together and acknowledge the fact that the fabric of america is based on legal immigrants.
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of all professions. of all races. of all religions. >> reporter: haley was chosen to rebut the president's state of the union by republican leaders in washington. house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, both of whom have expressed concern about the direction and future of their party in the wake of donald trump's call to temporarily ban all muslims from the u.s. the fact that haley is the governor of the critical primary state of south carolina means republican candidates are forced to decide whether to side with her. further illustrating the gop divide. marco rubio threw subtle support behind haley saying he was proud of her. >> she did a good job. here's what i was personally most impressed about, she did it without a single sip of water. >> reporter: meanwhile, the bromance between donald trump and ted cruz is officially over. cruz's lead is shrinking in iowa. and trump continues to question if the canadian born cruz is
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eligible to be president, tweeting today sadly there is no way that ted cruz can continue running in the republican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. dems will sue. ♪ born in the usa >> reporter: trump is even playing "born in the usa" at rallies, and cruz is no longer trying to kill trump with kindness. >> i think he may shift in his new rallies to play "new york, new york." because donald comes from new york and he embodies new york values. and, listen, the donald seems to be a little bit rattled. >> reporter: now, cruz is set to speak where i am here in south carolina in a short while. jake, he is coming with a fresh endorsement. phil robertson of "duck dynasty," i have to read to you a small part of what he said his criteria was, one he said, will they kill a duck and put him in a pot and make him a good duck gumbo ♪ . i didn't make that up. >> of course not. it's 2016.
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that makes perfect sense. dana bash, thanks so much. let's talk about the rift in the republican party with former advisers to mitt romney's campaign who you have not endorsed anybody in this campaign. >> that's right. >> and national spokeswoman for the donald trump campaign. thanks to both of you for joining me. katrina, let me start with you. you heard senator cruz say donald trump comes from new york and he embodies new york values. what do you think senator cruz is trying to say there? >> well, i'm not quite sure what he's trying to say, jake, but i can tell you what i heard. and i heard that those new york values are people that are tough, strong, they say what they mean and they're a little bit brash. that's exactly what we've seen with donald trump. and apparently most of the republican voters seem to agree that that's what's needed today. >> that's not of course -- i appreciate katrina's standing by new york values, but what do you think ted cruz is trying to suggest when he says that? >> well, i think we're a month out, right? >> not even. >> exactly. not even. there's a lot at stake here.
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and so this is not a big surprise. i think everyone needs to probably ratchet down the hyperbole a little bit. candidates are going to use rhetorical flare to draw contrast with each other. this is exactly what cruz is doing with trump. both have run really impressive presidential primary campaigns. we're going to see a lot more of this sharpness and this back and forth in the next couple weeks, jake. and i don't think we need to read too much into the daily tick tock on it. >> phil, let me stay with you for one second. i want to dive deeper on this new poll which shows senator cruz falling back in iowa. the des moines register asked votersf it bothers them, iowa republicans, if senator cruz was born outside the u.s. even though he was born to an american citizen, 15% said, yes, 83%, no. but 15% in a very close iowa caucus, that's a lot of people. >> so if 124,000 people turn out again like they did before, it is a big deal. if the pie continues to grow, and one of the big questions is is whether katrina's boss, donald trump, is going to
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enlarge the base of people who will turn out in the caucus or whether senator cruz will do that. it's not an insignificant statistic, but remember the thing people haven't focused on yet about the turnout is a lot of the late breaking vote is more of a moderate establishment reliable caucus vote, that's probably 30% of what's going to turn out. i doubt that vote puts a premium on this issue. >> katrina, what's the response of the trump campaign to the fact that republican leaders picked nikki haley and nikki haley in the response went after donald trump? >> well, i think your lead into this was perfect, jake, simply because she was picked by the leadership in washington, d.c. so i think she just continued to tow the line. and that's what we've been hearing. we've been hearing that donald trump is just angry, but nikki haley needs to understand that donald trump is winning in her state so apparently there are a lot of people in her state that are angry right now at the state of the nation and the situation around the world. donald trump has already said and nikki haley said in july
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that donald trump was a supporter. so i think she's towing the party line because rumor is she's about to endorse marco rubio. >> katrina, let me just ask you one other question, ted cruz says trump the fact that he's continually referencing lawrence tribe, a liberal harvard law professor who supports hillary clinton, that there's something fishy about that. he's even suggested that that's a sign that the clinton people are behind ted cruz -- i'm sorry, the clinton people are behind donald trump and want to get rid of ted cruz. >> well, you know, this is a person that mr. cruz himself even cited when he was running earlier. but i will say that this is not a brand new issue, that just sort of came up. he ran into this issue back in 2012 back when no one knew he was a canadian citizen at the time. so i think that's putting more pressure on this issue. it's not orchestrated by mr. trump or even the clintons. this is an issue that's coming up because there is a base out there in the republican party that is concerned that since this matter has not been settled by the courts that the democrats
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can and probably most likely will bring a suit. >> phil, last question. nikki haley assuming that donald trump is not the nominee, nikki haley did herself a lot of good you think as a possible v.p. pick? >> i think she's a terrific leader and great example of good policy leading to good politicp. remember she came from the tea party. she's a conservative. she's governed well. her state has the right direction, wrong track numbers going in the right place. i looked at private polling a couple weeks ago had her approval with african-american voters at 55-29. repeat, 55-29 with african-americans. she's wildly popular in her state because she's been a really good governor. she'd be on anyone's short list and i would even e think even mr. trump's. >> i don't know about that, but i hear what you're saying. thanks so much. appreciate it. how will donald trump respond to the president, to governor haley, to senator cruz? find out here on cnn as our erin burnett goes out front with our republican front-runner tonight
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ask your doctor if farxiga is right for you and visit to learn how you can get it for free. welcome back to "the lead." as of this week hillary clinton's front-runner status for the democratic presidential nomination is questionable at best she trails bernie sanders in iowa and in new hampshire. and her national lead is just outside the margin of error. clinton and her team are now going on the attack, going after sanders on a number of issues suggesting in addition that he cannot win in november. today, clinton's campaign is putting its focus on new hampshire. cnn's sunlen serfaty is traveling with the clinton campaign. she joins me from new hampshire where president clinton wrapped up a rally. sunlen, what's the tone with that state's primary less than a week away? >> well, jake, i think the tone
1:17 pm
on the ground here really reflects it is nearing decision time for voters. hillary clinton is insisting that she is not nervous about where she stands and about the threat of bernie sanders right now. but the focus of her campaign focuses so squarely in on bernie sanders is sending a different message. hillary clinton launching an all-out blitz on bernie sanders. >> senator sanders has some very big ideas, but he hasn't yet told anybody how he would pay for them. >> reporter: challenging her rival to get specific. >> i've been laying out, you know, very specific policies for months now. and telling people how i would pay for them. i'm asking that senator sanders does the same thing. we meet -- we need to move now from generalization to specifics so people can see what the differences are. >> reporter: the clinton campaign ratcheting up the pressure calling it alarming, alleging sanders' is strategically withholding information from voters on issue after issue to make it through
1:18 pm
the early state contests. >> we have differences on guns, on taxes, on health care. and i think people should have that information before they could go to the caucus or the primary. >> reporter: clinton also pressing sanders in a new tv ad to clarify his position on gun control. >> it's time to pick a side. either we stand with the gun lobby, or we join the president and stand up to them. i'm with him. >> reporter: sanders telling cnn's dana bash his stance is clear. >> i stand with the president on gun issues. the idea of expanding instant background checks, the idea of making sure people who have criminal backgrounds or are mentally unstable should not have guns something i believed my whole life. >> reporter: clinton's strategy prompting the sanders campaign how to pay for proposals. the escalation of their combat comes as a new poll shows sanders is closing the gap nationally on the heels of sanders taking the lead in
1:19 pm
recent iowa and new hampshire polls. a possible reason why the clinton full-court press against sanders is becoming a family affair. >> i don't want to empower republican governors to take away medicaid, to take away health insurance for low income and middle income working americans. and i think very much that's what senator sanders plan would do. >> reporter: a charge from another clinton that sanders is brushing aside. >> as much as i admire chelsea, she didn't read the plan. >> reporter: and cnn's just spoke with former president bill clinton following this event here and talked to him about the shifting tone and this focus on really drawing policy distinctions with bernie sanders, asked if he was getting nervous as if this is a sign his wife's campaign is getting nervous. bill clinton said no, that this is what this phase of the campaign should be about. drawing these contrasts. so, jake, again really mirroring his wife's new argument for bernie sanders that it's time to get specific, jake.
1:20 pm
>> all right. sunlen serfaty, thank you so much. joining me now, brian fallon. >> hi, jake. >> how are you doing? this week chelsea clinton went after bernie sanders and his health care plan during a campaign event. what do you say to democrats who say you guys must be pretty worried if you're deploying the candidate's daughter to go on the offense. >> well, she was giving a spontaneous questi spontaneous answer to a question she was asked. there's a lot of scrutiny coming as the race gets into the closing weeks. there's a lot of scrutiny being applied to senator sanders' record and policies, so it's perfectly appropriate for there to be a conversation about the policy differences between him and hillary clinton. and on two issues in the last few days he has refused to say that he regrets his vote in 2005 to immunize gun manufacturers. and last night he told cnn's own dana bash that he would be releasing before iowa the details of his health plan that includes how he would raise the money to pay for it.
1:21 pm
and then today on a dime his campaign backtracked on that statement. so i think that that's encouraging scrutiny of why he's withholding details on his health plan. so as the race gets into these closing weeks, i think those are questions he's going to have to answer. >> let's talk about health care and debates over health care, because i'm old enough to remember those contentious 2008 democratic primaries when then-senator obama went after then-senator hillary clinton for proposing an indiviual mandate for health insurance. i want you to take a listen to hillary clinton's response back then. >> it is not only wrong, but it is undermining core democratic principles. since when do democrats attack one another on universal health care? i thought we were trying to realize harry truman's dream. i thought this campaign finally gave us an opportunity to put together a coalition to achieve universal health care. >> so, brian, in hillary clinton's words it is not only wrong but it is undermining core democratic principles.
1:22 pm
since when do democrats attack one another on universal health care? isn't she doing just that now against senator sanders? >> not at all. there's no difference or distinction in terms of the fact that both hillary clinton and bernie sanders support the goal of universal health care. what happened in that 2008 campaign is that senator obama put out a plan then senator hillary clinton put out a plan. and they had a debate about whose plan was better. what's happening right now is that senator sanders won't put forward any details about how he intends to make good on his plan to achieve universal health care. and the reason for that is clear because the bill he introduced for 12 congresses in a row pays for his proposal by levying a 9% tax on middle class households including working class middle class people. and that's an honest distinction between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. while they both support universal health care and she wants to build on the affordable care act, she thinks that we
1:23 pm
should look to multimillionaires to pay for her proposals. bernie sanders apparently disagrees but he won't own up to it and flip-flopped on his commitment to dana bash last night that he would release the details. >> okay. but in that 2008 speech that we saw then-senator hillary clinton just give she faulted barack obama for not introducing specifics. and her point was that there was something wrong and undemocratic, capital d democratic, to attack a democratic rival in the primaries on the issue of universal health care and that is exactly what hillary clinton is doing by going after bernie sanders on this issue of single payer health care, but chelsea clinton talking about how it's going to be left up to the governors and republican governors and she doesn't trust them, hillary clinton saying he's going to undermine chip, going to undermine obamacare. this is a full frontal assault on sanders' universal health care proposal. >> well, it is true, jake. we don't back off of this.
1:24 pm
hillary clinton is pretty proud after her lifetime spent fighting for universal health care including as you recall in 1993 helping lead the effort under president clinton for universal health care. she's pretty proud of the fact under president obama we've been able to achieve the affordable care act. and when republicans are voting 50 plus times to try to repeal it and undermine it, i think she's rightly putting the priority on trying to protect and defend the affordable care act. she wants to go beyond it and address the issue of premiums and copays that people still pay. >> uh-huh. >> but the idea that we would uproot the affordable care act is a legitimate policy difference as well. but it's not a critique of single payer at all, jake. the point is that across a vast array of proposals senator sanders has been willing to pay for them by taxing middle class households. hillary clinton's point is if you care about raising incomes for middle class families, the last thing you should be doing is socking them with a tax
1:25 pm
increase right off the bat. >> all right, brian, one last question quickly if you could, what do you say to supporters, potential donors, others who say, hey, your campaign looks like you're about to lose iowa and new hampshire to a 74-year-old socialist who as donald trump points out wasn't even a democrat at the start of this race. how is that going to happen? >> i think this is the tightening that you're seeing in the race in iowa and new hampshire is completely natural. democrats rightly want a competitive primary contest. that's good for the party, good for both candidates. i think there's two factors here that will help us. number one is when voters consider who's the best candidate to take the fight to the republicans and make progress as president and actually get things done as opposed to just talking and platitudes, they'll conclude that hillary clinton is the best candidate. also in terms of the ground game we've built we're proud of the organization we have in both iowa and new hampshire. >> all right. we'll see. brian fallon joining us. appreciate it. >> okay, thank you. conversations between "el chapo" and the mexican actress
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welcome back to "the lead." we have some breaking news now in our national lead. it was a brazen attempt to assassinate a police officer sitting in his patrol car, and it's now being investigated as a terrorist attack. last week edward archer allegedly told investigators he had pledged his allegiance to isis. and that's why he fired 13 bullets at officer jesse hartnett. yet philadelphia's mayor at the time hesitated to call this an act of terrorism. today fbi director james comey said his agency is now investigating this as a terrorist attack. comey reportedly made the remarks and comments to pittsburgh media. the money lead now, what would you do with $1.5 billion? would you buy your favorite sports team, run your own self-funded campaign against donald trump? would you give it all to charity anonymously? just kidding about that last one. but whatever your dreams may be, you better run out and get a powerball ticket right now if you want to have your shot at the richest jackpot in world history tonight.
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just let me go down the news cliche checklist here before we finish. don't go holding your breath, you have a better chance of, insert super highly unlikely thing here, turn to wacky weather man who says if i'm not on the air tomorrow you'll know why. in our world lead, ten u.s. sailors released after being held by iran. now new video has surfaced of one of the sailors apologizing, but did he have to do that? that video next. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. topping our world lead today. some good news followed by what many found to be demoralizing and disturbing images. now, most importantly those ten u.s. sailors who were detained
1:36 pm
tuesday after stirring into iranian waters, they are free. and they are now, we are told, out of harm's way. iran claims the nine men and one woman were released after the u.s. apologized for the transgression, the state department responded, secretary of state john kerry who negotiated for their release with the iranian foreign secretary that he made no apology at all. now iran has released video of one of those sailors saying that it was a readable mistake to go into iranian waters and the americans fault. now, we do not know the circumstances under which the sailor made that statement. let's get right to cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. jim, how did this all go down? >> there's still a lot of questions here that are unanswered. one, were they actually in iranian territory waters? we don't know that for sure. two, how did they end up there? was it mechanical failure as we first heard or a navigational error? three, how did they end up on their knees with their hands behind their neck? the sailor said in this video they were approached by iranian
1:37 pm
revolutionary guards with guns drawn. that would certainly contrast with this message we're hearing from u.s. officials that this was a victory of diplomacy. u.s. sailors on their knees, their hands up and behind their heads. this is the moment ten americans were detained by iranian revolutionary guards after mistakenly entering iranian waters. >> we did not mean to go into iranian territory water. >> reporter: the sailors spent the night in iranian custody, fed and given blankets, say ie ron y ran yan officials before being freed this morning. officials made clear that secretary kerry did not apologize for the incident. but iranian state tv aired video by what appeared to be an apology by one of the crew. >> it was a mistake and that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> reporter: tonight it remains unclear whether it was made under duress. iranian forces released the american sailors from farsi island, the sailors departed on
1:38 pm
the same two command boats they'd been captured on and headed to a naval missile cruiser positioned in the persian gulf. from there transferred to the uss truman aircraft carrier and flown to shore. secretary kerry who called his iranian counterpart five times on tuesday credited the new diplomatic ties between the two countries for the resolution of a potentially tense standoff. >> i think we can all imagine how a similar situation might have played out three or four years ago. in fact, this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and officially resolved. and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe. >> reporter: but tonight some are questioning just why u.s. sailors found themselves in this situation in the first place. >> my concern is that the u.s. navy professional incompetence put these sailors in harm's way without giving them clear rules of engagement or clear exit plan
1:39 pm
from iranian territorial waters. >> john kerry and his iranian counterpart almost on point in terms of their talking points in the wake of this, zarif tweeting, the following saying i'm happy to see dialogue and not threats and impetuousness, swiftly resolved. it is true there's a diplomatic channel here that didn't exist more than a couple years ago. you couldn't have john kerry calling javad zarif, but as good as that relationship may be or better that may be hasn't gotten those five other released. >> and those ten americans photographed aired on iranian tv do not look like their being treated with cuourtesy and respect at that moment at least. a new republican backed bill in the house of representatives aims to increase congressional oversight on the president's iran deal and the measure is earning democratic support as well. joining me now is oklahoma
1:40 pm
congressman steve russell, a republican and army veteran who served in iraq and someone who currently sits on the armed services committee in the house. congressman russell, thank you so much for joining us. your legislation would halt the lifting of sanctions against iran. it received bipartisan support in a preliminary house vote today. democrats say that your bill's unens for unenforceable and truly an effort just to kill the iran deal. your response? >> well, the president has said repeatedly when he was doing the joint agreement that it would not effect those that were on the terror sanctions list or the human rights sanctions list. we went through the hundreds of names that are in annex 2 of the joint agreement and we found about three score that we targeted specifically that are on those lists. so the president has said that he will not lift sanctions on those individuals. we are asking for certification now that if they're going to be included in the joint agreement we want to know why. and that is the essence of this bill. >> let's talk about diplomacy
1:41 pm
with iran at large given the recent events involving the ten sailors who thankfully have been returned from iran. secretary of state john kerry says that it's his relationship with iran's foreign secretary that helped secure the sailors' quick release. the foreign secretary of iran says that as well. obviously these images of americans being detained make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable, but now those sailors are free. isn't this in a way a victory for diplomacy? >> i think we have to look at the history of our operations in the persian gulf since 1979. we've seen incidents of this type before. we've had occasions where iranian craft maybe they got swamped and their sailors were at risk, we picked them up. we don't know the details of why these sailors were picked up yet. and we also don't know it was all their equipment and the boats where they were stored. so there's still a lot of unanswered questions out there.
1:42 pm
>> president obama said last night that he did political rhetoric from the united states, from american politicians is actually helping isis. take a listen. >> but as we focus on destroying isil, over the top claims that this is world war 3, just play into their hands. that is the story isil wants to tell. that's the kind of propaganda they use to recruit. >> you've actually fought jihadists in iraq and perhaps elsewhere. does president obama not have a point? doesn't that kind of clash of civilizations language elevate these terrorists and help them in recruiting? >> well, i think the president really needs to talk to some of our allies in the region. king abdullah for example has used this similar language. so, you know, the president is maybe castigating those in the presidential race, and i can understand why. but at the same time there are a great many that see incredible
1:43 pm
danger. they see coalitions and countries that are at great risk. they see economic risk. they see refugee risk. they see a lot of risk. so i would just say it's not inconsistent with what leaders in the middle eastern region have been saying themselves. >> congressman, before you go, in the republican response to the state of the union last night, south carolina governor nikki haley, a republican like you, she urged americans to, quote, resist the siren call of the angriest voices. she was specifically talking about donald trump as she later acknowledged. do you agree with her? >> well, you know, you and i have talked some of these out of the yard type comments before. i think that we have to tone down rhetoric. when it comes to foreign policy, that's something that we all feel about bipartisan. i do think we have to be very, very careful about being flam to
1:44 pm
inflammatory. it shouldn't come as a surprise to the president or other leaders that people in political campaigns can often say some very volatile things. but we need to have a measured response when we're actually setting policy and we're trying to secure the people here in the united states of america from acts of terror. >> congressman steve russell, thank you so much, sir. >> thank you, jake. it turns out "el chapo" had no idea who sean penn was. he never saw "fast times at ridgemont high." anyway, now newly released text messages are revealing who was really on his mind when he agreed to that meeting.
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in world news today, it stands to reason that every drug kingpin needs a queen pin. and today a series of flirtatious text messages are surfacing from the weeks after "el chapo" escape from prison. the conversation is between the drug lord and the latina actress who linked him up with sean penn. one of mexico's largest publications uncovered the conversations "el chapo" had his lawyer relay the responses. he was referred to as papa. and apparently he had never heard of actor sean penn as he
1:49 pm
tried to arrange production on a film about himself. "el chapo" is now under surveillance 24 hours a day in prison. authorities telling cnn they're constantly moving the drug lord cell to cell to make sure he doesn't get away again. they've also covered the tunnel he built to escape prison back in july. and we have some breaking new details on exactly what u.s. officials knew about the meeting between sean penn, castillo and "el chapo." let's get to pamela brown. you just wrapped up an interview with the attorney general loretta lynch. what are you learning? >> reporter: well, we have learned from law enforcement sources, jake, that u.s. law enforcement was aware of the communications between sean penn and the actress kate del castillo. in fact we learned that the mexican government know sean penn arrived in the country but after that sources say they lost track of penn and that caused
1:50 pm
fear he was going to meet with the drug kingpin, the very location where an operation was about to be launched. and we have learned from our sources that because of that that particular operation was delayed. here's what the attorney general had to say about that in this exclusive interview. >> the operation that did capture "el chapo" as well as the efforts to bring him to justice after his escape were operations of the mexican government. we're tremendously gratified that the capture was successful. we look forward to having "el chapo" face justice in an american court. certainly if you look at the number of cases he's involved in, the depth and breadth of his criminal organization, the amount of money he has siphoned off of americans who are addicted to the poison that he peddles, obviously he's very, very important target for us. >> and, pamela, the attorney general today visited a prison or a correctional facility in boston today to highlight the administration's focus on criminal justice reform as you know better than i do 2015 was a record year for isis inspired
1:51 pm
terror arrests. what did the attorney general have to say about the steps being taken to ensure that these individuals are not more dangerous and radical when they get out? >> that's right. she acknowledged that prison radicalization is a huge concern. it's one thing to rehabilitate a criminal, another to rehabilitate someone who has been radicalized. the sentences so far for terrorism suspects just this past year range from 3 to 15 years. meaning these convicted terrorists will be back on the streets in a matter of years. she says the key in dealing with this issue is connecting these people back with their loved ones in the community. here's what she said. >> the problem of prison radicalization is certainly a serious one. i think the problem for every individual who's incarcerated for whatever crime is finding a pathway to a successful reintegration into soed. what we're trying to do is increase the number of ways in which they can find an offramp from that life.
1:52 pm
some people don't go to prison for a terrorism offense but for a variety of reasons may join a gang. we try and make programs available to those individuals that provide them a way to reconnect with their families, reconnect with their children. and more importantly, give them the skills to become productive members of society. >> pamela brown, thank you so much for that report. those excerpts of the interview, looking forward to seeing the whole thing. dangerous lead in the water, but it took flint, michigan, city officials over a year to admit it. now the governor is finally calling in the national guard. is it too late? in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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in our narnl lead today the city of flint, michigan, is at the center of one of the most outrageous, most offensive environmental disasters in this country. for nearly 18 months residents there did not understand why they were losing their hair, getting unexplainable rashes, even suffering from vision and memory loss. many were suspicious of their
1:57 pm
water supply, but they were told by authorities that the water they were drinking and showering in and wash their clothes and dishes with, it was perfectly safe. that was not true. let's bring in cnn correspondent s sarah ganim. >> jake, right here this epa memo written in june said that lead levels were especially alarming in flint and that government water testing was flawed. but still state officials allowed families to drink this water, allowed children to drink this water for months. the national guard arrives in flint, michigan, in urgent response to a problem that's been plaguing the city for nearly two years. >> do you have any fresh water? >> no. >> reporter: residents complained immediately after the city switched its water source. brown water came out of the tap and children developed rashes. the water is tainted with lead because it wasn't properly treated. and now allegations government
1:58 pm
officials were not only slow to react but that they may have intentionally hidden the truth. >> i think that is the biggest trauma that our community feels right now. they were told for 18 months to relax. you know, they've been lied to for 18 months. >> reporter: a flint pediatrician took it upon herself to start testing the blood lead levels in children in her community. she found the lead levels had doubled, even tripled in some cases. even though the state insisted their tests showed the water was safe. why do you think their information was flawed? >> their information wasn't flawed. they had the data. they had even looked at it back in july and they had seen these abnormal spikes. >> reporter: what's more, one researcher claims the state altered data to make the water seem safer. mark edwards from virginia tech was the first to publicly identify high levels of lead in the water. he says the state not only tested the wrong homes but also
1:59 pm
altered a report eliminating tests from two homes that would have shown toxic levels of lead. >> in essence, the state took an f grade for flint water's report on lead and made it into an a grade. >> reporter: the state says the alterations were legitimate, but e-mails show state officials were aware of the lead testing data but wanted to stick by their claim that the water wasn't dangerous. in prepping for a press conference one said, i would like to make a strong statement the lead blood levels seen are not out of the ordinary. congressman dan kildi says he wants to see people fired. >> i'm really focusing on holding the people who made this decision accountable, not just to apologize -- >> reporter: governor rick snyder's off says they are waiting on a final report from a state appointed task force before they assign anymore blame. last month the state department environmental quality director stepped down over this issue, but evidence, jake, continues to
2:00 pm
pile up as more documents are made public. >> just horrific. sara, thank you so much. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you can follow me on twitter. i turn you over now to one mr. wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, forced apology. u.s. sailors held overnight by iran are freed but not before one of them is shown apologizing. as iran enjoys a propaganda victory, new details emerging on the high stakes negotiations that led to the release. king abdullah, my exclusive interview with the jordanian monarch. i'll ask one of america's best friends in the muslim world about donald trump's call for a temporary ban on muslims coming into the united states. and he also speaks frankly about what he calls a global war against the outlaws of islam. obama's big night. the president lays out a lofty agenda for his last year in office including launching a moon shot to cure cancer. but can he reach any of his