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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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group that monitors them constantly says they could have it by 2020. >> thanks very much for that report. thanks very much to our viewers for watching. "outfront" starts right now. next, breaking news. donald trump telling "outfront" nikki haley is right, my interview with the republican frontrunner this hour. plus bernie sanders has the momentum leading clinton in iowa and new hampshire. what is his behind surge. a special report from the ground. and ten american sailors released by iran after they apologize. tonight new details about the moment iranians boarded the american ships. let's go "outfront." fwrs. good evening i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, breaking news. donald trump saying nikki haley is right, he is angry. the republican frontrunner speaking to "outfront" just a short time ago telling me he and
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many americans are angry about the direction of the country. >> i'm extremely angry and upset about it. >> haley said she was referring to trump and others last night in her state of the union rebuttal when she warned against following, quote, the angryist voices. her speech bringing a brewing battle within the republican party out into the open. some praising haley for the message, others like rush limbaugh saying it is the first time in his life he can remember a response to the state of the union not the going after the president but after one's own party. in just a few minutes, my interview with donald trump. but we begin with jim sciutto. prime time address to the nation
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[ inaudible ] >> reporter: -- republican voters to begin to back away from trump. so we have a couple different fights going on. one the establishment and then his own rivals with ted cruz. donald trump is at the middle getting more arrows than any of his other republican rivals. ♪ at day, another sparring partner for donald trump. >> what i would say to mr. trump is don't take it personally. >> reporter: nikki haley had those words today for trump the day after she challenged the frontrunner's rhetoric. >> during anxious times, it can be attempting to follow the siren call of the angriest
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voices. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: haley heard some of those angry voices firsthand from conservatives, furious she used such a high profile platform to address honestish trump. ann coulter tweeted trump should deport nikki haley. trump said haley, arising republican star, was off his short list for vice president. . >> i feel strongly about illegal immigration. she doesn't. >> reporter: it's the latest sign one of the biggest fights of the campaign is happening inside the republican party. donald trump tore into ted cruz again today raising more doubts over his citizenship. on twitter, trump wrote sadly there is no way that ted cruz can continue running in the republican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. dems will sue. cruz said it's clear his
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campaign surge has rattled trump. he told voters to consider the billionaire's businessman's values, suggesting trumps little in common with voters. >> i think he will shift to play new york new york. because donald embodies new york values. >> reporter: yet trump has narrowed the gap with cruz in the latest iowa poll. from ten points a honesmonth ag three now. in florida, supporters lined up hours early to see the show. >> he's scaring the heck out of a lot of these politicians. >> reporter: elizabeth is an indiana native who retired to florida. she says she stands with trump. >> why do you think the republican establishment is so worried about him? >> because he won't buckle into big business. >> reporter: trump's true believers say they love how he's rattling the republican hierarchy. >> so as you stand here now, you'll definitely vote for him or still looking at someone else? >> i'm definitely voting for
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him. >> reporter: and that is why donald trump will come here tonight to pensacola with another smile on his face. it is rally after rally in city after city. he knows his supporters are right behind him. the question is, in less than three weeks time when the iowa caucuses begin, if he doesn't win there, will his support start eroding then. but if now, i can tell you, these supporters at least here are directly behind pim him no matter what the establishment says. >> jeffzeleny, thank you very much. "outfront" tonight, donald trump. mr. trump, thanks so much for being with me. you heard what governor haley had to say. she said you were one of the, quote, angryist voices. when you hear that, that she's saying you're angry, what is your reaction? >> well, i think she's right. i am angry. a lot of other people are angry, too, at how incompetently our country is being run. i'm streextremely angry and ups.
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and it's make america great again, mine is a campaign of hope and future. but when you look at this where we're give 1g $50 billion, we get nothing, we don't even get our prisoners back and then you see the way they treat us with guns pointed at these young sailors' heads, and they only let them go to get the $100 billion that is could ydue over week. otherwise you would never have gotten them back. unless i'm president by the way. yes, i'm angry at the way the country is being run and by the way -- by the results that we have. we don't have victories anymore. >> so are you comfortable with what she said? you heard her, she said resist the temptation of listening to the angry voices. she said talking about immigration, no one who has worked hard should feel unwelcome in this country. and she said she is referring specifically to you. she has denounced your temporary ban on muslim wills that you proposed. >> reporter: well, she's referring to me and other people she said. but i don't care.
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let her refer to me, that's fine. as far as i'm concerned, anger is okay. anger and energy is what this country needs. and i one of the be angry for long. if i become president, we'll start having great victories and we'll beat china in trade. and we'll beat other countries in trade and we'll have borders and we're going to have good health care. not obamacare which is going up 25%, 35%, 45%. and people can't afford it. we're going to do some great things. and the anger will totally sub cyst and it will be gone very quickly. as far as nikki haley is concerned, i like her. she comes to my office asking me for campaign contributions before i was a candidate. but i like her, but she's weak on the subject of illegal immigration. and that's not something that i care for in terms of somebody's attitude. she's very, very weak on illegal immigration. and that is no good with me.
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>> will so you talked about her coming to you and asking for substantial amounts of money. she's responded to that and here is what she said. >> when i say it about my other friends running for president, they don't throw stones. so what i would say to mr. trump is don't take it personally, this is just something that we learned in south carolina that i'm passing along. take it if you want and don't take it if you don't. but i think our country will be better if we take it. >> and you say, mr. trump? >> well, i don't know what she means by take it. does she mean by taking the campaign contribution? >> she means taking her criticism of you. >> oh, no, i can take criticism better than anybody. but she said it was address at me and my response is i think she's a very nice woman, but she's weak on the subject of illegal immigration. and it's a big problem. you have people coming in from syria, we have no idea where they're from, who they are. could a be a trojan horse. take a look at what is happening
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in brussels and germany. i mean, you know, are we going -- take a look at paris. there is a good one for you to take a look at. and i'm not the just talking about the attack. i'm talking about the parisian way of life. it's a local different plawlo w. there is tremendous hatred of us. and we have to find out what is at the bottom of it or we'll never be able to solve the problem, erin. so i have nothing against nikki haley. i will say that she has been to my office on a number of occasions and, you know, campaign contributions and i have no problem with that. but i do think that it's something that can be told, but i don't like her stance on illegal immigration. >> so are you all right with her speech then? she's considered a rising star in your party. she was hand picked by the leadership to deliver that prime time response to the president. and nikki haley adviser tells our dana bash that they took a look at the speech before she delivered it, they read the whole thing, they didn't make any changes. are you okay with that?
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>> well, they have to do what they have to do. erin, they have to do what they have to do. i'm leading by a tremendous amount nationally. i'm leading in every state including actually iowa, if you look at the recent polls. but i'm leading in every state. i'm leading nationally by very, very large numbers. i'm leading in south carolina incredible people in south carolina. and i'm leading by a tremendous amount. and i have a great relationship with the people in south carolina. and i think that they would agree with me more than they would with nikki. >> so nikki haley is she still on a list when you look at possibly vice presidential candidates, pots libottom line, you trust her? >> well, she not doing real well right now, i'm sure tell be somewhere considered, but right now the she's not exactly doing real well. very important thing for me is borders and security. and she's not very strong on those subjects.
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>> what about ted running neck this bus tour, 28 events last week alone. the candidate who usually does that on the ground lives there basically ends up winning that state. you've had a different strategy. are you worried about ted cruz? >> well, first of all, ted is very nervous and he shouldn't be nervous. i don't know why. he's so worried about it. i even watch him talking about it and you can see it. it's ridiculous. he has to take care of the problem. he has a problem that the democrats will be bringing suit saying that he wasn't born in this condition and therefore he's not eligible essentially to run for president. there will be a suit brought. right now there are people that are mixed. you have a brilliant lawyer from harvard said that this is an unsettled matter. >> a profession or or of ted cr.
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>> and numerous other lawyers have said it. i've read stories in various newspapers where others are saying the exact same thing. the republicans can't nominate somebody -- i think i'm going to win on my own merits. but if he ever got it, the democrats are going to bring suit the first day. and how do you run when you have a suit like that hanging over your head and almost as important, you're running for office and you have a suit saying you can't run for office. so until the judges make that determination -- now, perhaps he can go and get a declaratory judgment meaning go to court early. but he has to solve that problem. he was born in canada. and in fact and he was canadian citizen. i guess he was a citizen of the u.s. and canada euntil 15 month ago. so he has a problem. and the democrats will bring suit. so how do we have our candidate, we say good luck ted, go out there and get it, by the way the
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democrats are saying in court and they have brilliant lawyers saying that they're right that you don't have the right to run. that's a problem. i don't know how he solving it. he has to go to court and get it solved. he was born in canada. >> he was born in canada. i mean, 100% true, right, but a lot of people even republicans say this whole conversation is absurd. i talked to governor kasich about it -- >> john mccain didn't say that. >> john mccain didn't, but -- >> by the way, the very highly respected governor of iowa didn't say that. and many of the people didn't say that. and frankly, a lot of lawyers don't say that. maybe most importantly. a lot of legal scholars don't say that. and i'm not saying anything one way or the other. this was a question asked to me in the "washington post." i didn't start this. the "washington post" asked me a question, what do you think, do you think he has the right to run for president. now, there is a group, a large group, who thinks that you have to be born on the land.
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mccain was born on a military base to two people who were citizens of the united states. i understand that very well. and he was able to skirt that issue and that's fine. and i fully understand that. this is different. he was born thin canada. >> it is different than the john mccain situation, but let me play for you what governor kasich -- >> before you play it, there is a group of people that say you have to be born on the land. >> yes, there are. and that's what constitutional scholars are saying. >> we're not going to know until it's tested, but how can you have it tested if you're running for office. >> let me lay for you what governor cakasich had to say. here he for you what governor kasich had to say. here he is. >> i don't have time for whether ted cruz is an american or whatever. i'm not interested to tell you the truth. we have too many problems to be picking at that. that lowers the debate and lowers the discussion and i'm not for doing that. >> what do you say to that, mr. trump?
4:15 pm
i know you're saying you were asked the question, you didn't bring it up, but you just brought it up again to me. >> i agree with it 100%. but the democrats don't. they will bring a lawsuit. they have already said they will bring a lawsuit. so we have somebody potentially running for president who people don't even know if he's allowed to run for president? i don't like it as an issue. again, this was brought to me as a question from the "washington post." and in an article in the "washington post," a number of top legal scholars have stated that he doesn't have the right to run. so how can the republicans put up a candidate that may not have the right to run? in other words, there is a question as to whether or not he has the right to run. it's a big question. >> you do like bringing it up, though. i'll give you that other people are saying it's a serious issue, but you are shall i say stirring the pot. >> excuse me, i don't bring it up. who asked me the question? i didn't bring this up to you. you brought it up to me, erin. i'm doing an interview with you
4:16 pm
by phone. and your question was this. i didn't bring this up. i wouldn't have brought it up. you brought it up to me just now. >> well, i brought up was ted cruz nervous about iowa and then you brought this up. >> ted cruz is very nervous. i watch him, he's very nervous. he can't answer the question because there is no answer to the yquestion because nobody knows. it's an unsettled matter. and many people would say that. some people go further than that, they say he doesn't have the right to run. "outfront" next, donald trump on hillary clinton and the charges of sexism. our conversation continues. you'll hear it. plus bernie sanders now leading hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire. what is behind the sudden momentum, who and why? because it is sudden. we went to the ground and talked to people and you will hear the answers. and in just four hours, the answer to the question everyone is asking. did i win powerball? our report on the wild side of betting on the big one.
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gud on hdonald trump on his with the clintons. donald trump has said she's an enabler on her husband's sexual improprieties. >> i have no response. i'm going to let him say
4:21 pm
whatever he wants to say. he can run his campaign however he wishes. >> in my interview with donald trump, i asked him what he thought about the fact that hillary clinton refused to respond to him. >> well, this all began when she said that i had a pension for sexism. and that was a statement -- first of all, i have tremendous respect for women. i mean, i will do more for women than hillary will ever do. so when she said that, i was very offended by it and i said what i said and i guess got picked up a little bit more than they would have anticipated. but in the last debate with the democrats, my name was mentioned nine times, not one other candidate was mentioned on the republican side. and mine was mentioned nine times. so if she's not going to comment, i think that's a wise thing because it's hard for her to comment on the subject. this is not a good 1usubject fo her. >> do you think this will continue to be a fair issue for
4:22 pm
her? >> i hope not, but she's the one that started it. i hope it's not going to be. i'm not looking to make it that way. a little like ted. people bring it up to me. i'm not bringing it up. but, you know, i hope it's not going to be an issue, but it may be. it depends. >> you know, i want to ask you about powerball. you have said that if you won, you'd give the winnings to vets. hillary clinton was asked about powerball this morning and i wanted to play for you the exchange. >> did you buy a powerball ticket? >> i did. >> and if you win? >> i'll fund my campaign. >> all right. so the $1.5 billion jackpot, so what does that get her, $900 million? she has to pay taxes, right. does that change the game for clinton? what do you say? >> i don't know what will happen, but i would give my money to the vets and she would give hers to herself and i think that maybe shows the difference between the two people. >> and one question before we go. there is a white national super pac, they say they have started
4:23 pm
a robo call campaign in iowa urging voters to vote for you because of your proposed temporary ban on muslims. and i wanted to play for you a brief clip from the robo call. here it is. >> we don't need muslims. we need smart well educated white people who will assimilate to our culture. vote trump. >> mr. trump, when you hear that does that shock you, do you denounce that? >> nothing in this country shocks me. he would disavow it, but nothing shocks me. people are angry at the border. they're angry at the crime. they're angry at people coming in and shooting kate in the back in california in san francisco. they're angry when jameel is shot in the face by an i will grel immigrant. they're angry with when the woman is raped, sodomized and killed by an illegal immigrant. and by the way, thousands of other cases like that. they're very angry about it.
4:24 pm
so i would disavow that, but i will tell you people are extremely angry. >> people are. but to be clear, when he says we need smart well educated white people, you're saying you disavow that, you denounce that? >> you just heard me, i said it. how many times do you want me to say it? >> a third would be good. >> i said i disavow. >> will trummr. trump, thank yo. i appreciate your time. jeff zeleny is back with me. he's been covering trump and you're with him in pensacola tonight. so you hear that interview. you know, earlier in the day, it seemed maybe donald trump and nikki haley would get in a fight, but in thising nikki hal right. i am angry. is the establish the running out of ways to stop him? he's turned this into a positive. >> reporter: it certainly seems like that. we are just about three weeks from those iowa caucuses.
4:25 pm
and every attempt that the republican establishment has made, some of his rivals, through advertising, through the response to the state of the union address, nothing seems to work because the supporters of donald trump, the anti-establishment, if you will, they're fed up. so they do not take credibly an attack from a republican thought leader. we've seen, you know, former senator bob dole, john mccain, esteemed members of this republican party trying to argue against donald trump. that is not what the voters want to hear. they are fed up, they are angry. so donald trump i think is right when he says voters are angry. they will simply embrace that. you can see behind me there are hundreds, soon maybe thousands of people gathered here in pensacola, florida and the voters we talked to are squarely behind donald trump. now, the question is, if he will be able to expand his assumption, if he can grow that into other areas, people who are not here at this rally. and that is really what we don't
4:26 pm
know. but so far in this large of a republican field, boy, he can certainly win this at some 30% sore. and that is sort of the floor of what he has right now. >> all right. thank you very much. next, clinton attacking sanders on gun and health care. she's feeling the burn. and rand paul fighting for a place in tomorrow's gop debate. he is my guest here onset "outfront" tonight. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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tonight bill clinton saying his wife's campaign has always expected bernie sanders to surge in the polls. you heard that, always. right now the former president about to hold a rally for his wife in new hampshire, a state nk is now trailing bernie sanders in by double digits. so what is fueling sanders xi surge in brianna keilar went on the ground. she's "outfront." >> reporter: bernie sanders with the all-important momentum as the iowa caucuses are now less than three weeks away.
4:31 pm
his message resonating in iowa as well as new hampshire where new polls show him leading clinton by double digits. >> in terms of elect ability, i think they look at bernie sanders. >> reporter: so where is he getting report? it's from people expected to vote or caucus for the first time. they tend to be younger. a recent "new york times" cbs poll shows him doubling clinton support among voters under 45. but he's also carrying progressives, self identified liberals favor him 55% to 40%. >> if a bank is too big to fail, it's too big to exist. >> reporter: these key blocs of democratic voters like what they're hearing. >> a lot of issues that a lot of iowans have. >> what he says is more of what i'm looking for. >> reporter: clinton's campaign is going on offense. hitting sanders for his moderate
4:32 pm
record on gun control. >> either we stand where tith t lobby or we join the president. >> reporter: clinton is also pushing sanders to explain how he will pay for his plan to expand medicare, trying to get sanders to admit he may have to raise taxes on the middle class to about pull it off. >> a lot of what he's tacked about would be very expensive. >> reporter: even chelsea clinton mang her 2016 campaign trail debut this week took a shot at sanders. >> he wants to dismantle obamacare. >> reporter: he says clinton is distorting his position. >> as much as i admire chelsea, she didn't read the plan. >> reporter: the biggest brawl so far as clinton tries to make sure history does not repeat itself. 66% of iowians who say this will be the first time participating in what is the rather involved process of caucusing say they also support bernie sanders. the clinton campaign isanking on those folks being unreliable
4:33 pm
caucusgoers. but remember it was back in 20008 when first time caucusgoers came out in droves and they helped deliver a big victory for barack obama and a stinging third place defeat for hillary clinton. >> thank you very much. "outfront" now, the executive director of which just endorsed bernie sanders. and former michigan governor. thanks very much to both of you. governor you just heard bernie sanders carrying progressives, new voters, the polls are tightening. clinton says she's not worried about the surge, she expected to be tight. but what else is she going to say here. how can she not be worried? >> well, everybody who is running a campaign wants to make sure they are running the most robust and aggressive campaign and everybody knows in every campaign that has ever been waged that things get closer and tighter when you get closer to election days. three weeks out, she will be
4:34 pm
running like she's ten points behind in every state in the country. and if you're not doing that, you're not a good candidate. so she will be working hard, but i can tell you that the ground game as they call it, the number of people on the ground, the enthusiasm on the ground in iowa, is what all the reports back that we are hearing, it is palpable, very much -- great excitement for her. and you cited one thing in the lead up to this question which is that progressives were more strongly supporting bernie sanders. but if you look nationally, she rocks all of these demographic groups including nonwhites, including latinos, and including those who self-identify as liberals. she gets better favorability ratings. >> so let me talk about one group of progressives, anna, that you deal with. your group. endorsing bernie sanders. endorsed senator
4:35 pm
obama back in 2008. and your members have now chosen to endorse bernie sanders. why have they passed on hillary clinton twice now? >> well, i can tell tu that we had a pretty remarkable thing happen this year. we have millions of members around the couny. 8 million in total. and we had hundreds of thousands of votes cast this time, over 340,000 people voted which is more than we saw in 2008. and a record percentage of that record vote total went to bernie sanders. and i read many of the comments that people made, hundreds of comments literally that people made after voting and what they said was we need a champion at this moment in history in american history, we need a champion on economic inequality to fight it, we need a champion on corporate special interests, we need to fight back and they think bernie sanders is that champion. >> so governor, does this worry you is this because when you look at the numbers on the move-on votes, bernie sanders got more votes than then senator barack obama the numbers votes, bernie sanders got more
4:36 pm
votes than then senator barack obama did. which made me jaw drop. that was hope and change and so many people were inspired. so bernie sanders doing better than barack obama. does that make you worried? >> well, it tells me that i think a lot of the younger voters and i think you've probably skews a little bit younger, more millennials, et cetera. i think that they have not really had a great chance to review hillary clinton's policies. because the things that were cited by anna are the things which she has been championing, as well. and when you get to the general election, you know, i think that when voters look at who is going to be the best to fight it out for them in the general election and beyond, hillary clinton is more likely to sustain. she has been vetted. senator sanders hasn't gone through a general election nationally yet. and those -- we know the republicans will be tough. and we know what they will haul out against hillary clinton. she will be the one who is left standing and fighting for them and ultimately winning.
4:37 pm
we do not want to put ted cruz in the white house. that is a big gamble to make. >> and obviously when you look at the numbers, democrats do still expect hillary clinton to win the nomination. but when it comes to support, we now see in polls women, more women are supporting bernie sanders than hillary clinton. are you seeing that among many of the younger women's move, that women are moving away from clinton? >> what we saw in our vote was that the support for bernie sanders' message was overwhelmingly, 79% of our members supported bernie sanders in this poll. and what that tells me is people are fired up about his policies and track record and champion of breaking up the big pangs, a $15 minimum wage. so i think this is an across the board phenomenon of ing a gra ps and other people who just want the country to work well for everyone and bernie sanders is giving voice to that movement better than anyone else is.
4:38 pm
>> thank you both very much. next, rising in the polls, locked out of the gop debate, senator rand paul, he will be my guest "outfront." and american sailors freed from iran, but only after an apology. >> it was a mistake, that was our fault and we apologize if our mistake. they speak louder. we like that. not just because we're doers. because we're changing. big things. small things. spur of the moment things. changes you'll notice. wherever you are in the world. sheraton. i have a massive heart attack oright in my driveway.d the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor
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tonight donald trump saying nikki haley. the gop frontrunner telling me she was 100% correct for saying he is one of the angriest voices in the united states. >> i think she's right. i'm angry and a lot of other people are angry, too, at how incompetently our country is being run. i'm extremely angry and upset about it. i think it's ridiculous. and believe it or not, it's make america wigreat again. mine is a campaign of hope and future. >> with me now, rand paul. senator, thank you very much for coming on the show. look, there has been a lot of mixed reaction to what nikki
4:43 pm
haley had to say from within the republican party. ann coulter said donald trump should deport nikki haley who of course is the child of immigrants. marco rubio said she did a great job. jeb bush said she was positive and uplifting. do you agree with what governor haley had to say? what she said about angry voices was only part of the criticism for the republican party. >> i've been arguing for a couple years now we need a bigger party, that the republican party needs to be more diverse, more ethnically diverse, young, old, rich, poor, with earrings, without earrings, with tattoos, without tattoos. i want more people in the party. but i think calling immigrants drug dealers and rapists and all this over the top bomb blast of trump will destroy the republican party. and if i could change the channel, i'd change the channel. i'm tired of hearing about him. the thing is that he isn't a person for whom we should be showing respect. he's a person for whom we should be showing disdain. he said during the debate the last debate, he had no idea what
4:44 pm
the nuclear triad is. would we want someone to be in charge of our country that doesn't know what the nuclear tri triad is? >> do you respect that voters don't agree? >> 240 ono one has voted yet. >> but in every poll, they have said they like donald trump. >> a week after the last debate when he didn't realize what the nuclear triad is, his spokesman said that our problem has been that we have not been willing enough to use the nuclear arsenal. this is who we're talking about. we're talking about buffoonery and no one has voted for him. he's never won any office. and i don't believe he's going to be our nominee, but he's destroying our party by making it -- it begins -- people are look and saying how are you going to grow the party if we're describing immigrants as drug geele e dealers and rapists. >> his op-ed says he'll be
4:45 pm
bringing in new voters. and a lot of interest in him spaer appears to be people who vo not voted before. several people are preparing for a contested convention because there are people who feel like you do about donald trump, that if he's the nominee it could be contested. would you support it? is it better for the party to have a contested party? >> we won't know any of that until we've had votes. we're three weeks away from the first votes. so i think we get premature and we're already talking about trump this, trump that. he has not won any election yet in his life. i think we're far from over. i think that there will be a spirited contest. he hey lamay last all the way t convention, but it's not right to decide in advance. >> so in terms of the election, obviously you want to be right there in the top tier. right now you are not in the main debate tomorrow night. >> depends on who you ask whether i should or shouldn't
4:46 pm
be. >> so tomorrow night fox news says you're not on that main stage and you said you will not be a part of the undercard debate. >> but if you read politico, politico added up all the polls and said they made a mistake, i should be in the poll. i meet their criteria. so my complaint is the criteria is arbitrary, but even meeting that standard, we met it and yet we're still not in it. and so my question to the republican party is do you want a bigger party or a smaller party when you exclude candidates who meet the criteria, i think that's a big mistake for the republican party. we have a lot of close races. a lot of close senate races that need the liberty movement in the party. the liberty movement can go a lot of different places. they don't always stay in the republican party. it's a big deal and i've tried to keep the liberty movement engaged by giving them a candidate who agrees with them that carpet bombing the middle east isn't a great idea. collecting all the phone records isn't a great idea, that we have to have a more reasonable
4:47 pm
foreign policy. putting all the kids in jail for marijuana is not a good idea. these are different ideas. i think they should have a place in the republican party and i'm disappointed frankly that the republican party is choosing to keep a candidate out who actually did meet the criteria. >> well, senator, thank you very much. we will see if that changes and we see you there tomorrow night. thank you. outfront oig next, new video of the american sailors in custody. you will see them admitting that they made a mistake. apologizing to iran on camera. and with the drawing just a few hours away, jeanne moos on the freakout over the billion dollar plus jackpot. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help
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huh? na na na. [announcer] file state online for $9.99. federal is free. new details about the moment iranian arauthorities bored sailors and said patrol boats approached them with weapons drawn, the american sailor apologizing on camera for what the americans did. it's not clear whether the statements were made under duress or not but you'll see barbara starr is "outfront." >> reporter: an apology from a u.s. navy sailor. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize. >> reporter: it is not clear from the video that the sailor was speaking voluntarily. the u.s. government has not yet said under what circumstance the statement was made or if it was made under duress. but no formal apology from
4:52 pm
secretary of state john kerry during his multiple phone calls with iran's foreign minister. kerry offering a diplomatic view of iran's release of the ten sailors. >> i also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are always situations which as everybody here knows have an ability if not properly guided to get out of control. >> reporter: iran's foreign minister tweeting in part happy to see dialogue and respect, not threats and impetuousness. if the u.s. navy investigation shows the boats did drift into iranian waters, the obama administration knows it has little to complain about. >> from a military perspective, what the iranians did was completely appropriate. had the situation been reversed, we would have done the same. >> reporter: there are these images of u.s. navy sailors on
4:53 pm
their knees surrendering to a boarding party of armed iranian revolution guard core troops, headliners in the region broadcast on iranian television for the whole world to see. the u.s. sailors seen tripped of their weapons clearly uncertain what will happen next. after spending the night ashore at 12:13 local time, iranian  forces released the american sailors from farsi island and departed on the same two boats they had been captured on and headed to the u srks srss in thn gulf. the sailors were transferred and flown to shore. the pressure on the u.s. navy to explain how all of this could have happened. >> the fault here is not that iranians took the americans into custody. the u.s. navy somehow got too small, lightly defended, lightly
4:54 pm
manned ten navy sailors on the boats together. how did the boats wind up inside iranian territory waters? this is a question the u.s. navy has to answer. >> but is the administration take i can too light a tone about this? under international maritime o procedures, mariners are supposed to have been given aid and sent on their way, not detained, erin. >> barbara, thank you very much and next, jeanne moos on how powerball is driving so many people crazy. hi i'm heather cox
4:55 pm
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the record powerball drawing is a few hours away, and it's making people crazy. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: we hav been over powered by. >> powerball! >> reporter: from a guy waiting in line. >> $1.5 billion, come on. get real. you got to have a ticket. >> reporter: to a woman hoping she's in line to be president. >> you buy a powerball ticket. >> i did. >> late shows, powerball tip number one, pick only winning numbers. okay? >> reporter: that's what employees at this restaurant thought they did saturday night as the bartender read off the winning numbers. >> 63! yes. powerball 17! >> reporter: turns out they were reading the wrong day's numbers but for a blister of 20 minutes
4:59 pm
they thought they hit the jack poet. >> the 20 minutes most important of my life. >> reporter: a valet and dishwasher quit >> he said i'll never wash another dish in my life. valet guy, one of the customers asked for his car and he said go get it yourself. >> both men got their jobs back. buying the lotto tickets may leave you in a financial hole but a texas man in a hole. his family reported him missing after he didn't return. he was found uninjured at the bottom of a seven-foot construction hole. reporters have been asking the same question. >> what would you do with it? >> hookers and cocaine. >> reporter: that's not good. we were hoping for a different answer. >> only joking, he later told "inside edition". >> i'm a smart [ bleep ]. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel. >> roughly 25 times more likely to become president or be killed by a vending machine. >> replace your gps with a a
5:00 pm
monkey your chances of reaching your destination are better with the monkey than winning the powerball jackpot. >> to be struck by lightning and a bus at the exact -- >> reporter: guess he won't be >> thank you so much for joining us. go see if you win. "ac 360" starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us. a very busy night ahead. reports of an arrest from the mudder of an american woman in italy. the arrest of "el chapo" after his interview with sean penn. and late word, what could be a blockbuster in the new york times, the times reporting that the leading republican, the iowa caucuses senator ted cruz who told a story of liquidating his families net worth to finance his senate campaign got more than $1 million from goldman sachs. money the paper reports he did not disclose. we're getting reaction from the campgn


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