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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 13, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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penn and del castillo. >> that was does it for us. thanks for watching. another edition of "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. the power ball of candidates firing up the crowd in florida as only he can. >> nikki haley a very nice woman she said i'm an angry person. they said you to are an angry person? i thought i am i hate what's happening to our country. i'm very angry. >> this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. trump sounding confident as always but there is a battle raging for the heart and soul of the gop tonight. and nikki haley just might be the voice of the opposition. >> when you get loud, when you get angry, the work stops. things stop moving.
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>> so here's a question. is the gop a house divided and could it cost their best shot at the white house in years? well there's lots to get to tonight and i'll start with donald trump and nikki haley. it started with this with her republican response the state of the union. >> in many parts of society today whether in popular culture, academia, the media or politics there is a tendency to equate noise with results. people think you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference, that's not true. >> and just in case there is anyone who didn't know who she was talking about. this is what she told me this morning. you said the loudest voices in the room. was that comment directed at donald trump? >> partially him but a lot of peop. a lot of what i was talking about is we've seen across our country if you look at places
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like ferguson and baltimore, people are feeling like they have to be loud and angry to get their voices heard. >> you didn't think that trump would take that lying down, did you? listen to what he told cnn's errol barne aaron barnett tonight. >> anger and energy is what this country needs. if i become president we will start having great victories. we are going the beat china in trade and have borders and we're going to have good health care, not obamacare which is going up 25, 35, and 40% and people can't afford it. we're going to do some great things and the anger will total totally subsist. she came to my office and asked for contributions. she was very aggressive. i will tell you that. she is a very nice woman but she
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is very weak on the subject of illegal immigration. and you know, that's not something that i care for in terms of somebody's attitude. she is very, very weak on illegal immigration. that's no good with me. >> so why don't we discuss now. dana bash and hugh hewitt is here. it is on, guys. hugh you think that governor haley didn't mean to pick a fight with donald trump. she said donald trump was part of the intention. >> i know what she told you this morning and said the same on the "today" show. i was in the virtual booth and heard an amazing speech by an amazing governor and the thing i focused on was the passage on mother emanuel shurge and in june the people in south carolina decided not to react
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with rage. i was surprised to find out that the aftereffects of that speech was somehow hailey not online with trump and i'll be interested whether you and dana had the same reaction that i did. i focused on -- >> you don't think -- if it's coming out of her mouth and she says the intention was donald trump partly, yes, i mean, why wouldn't you? i don't understand the logic there. >> the logic is a question of the priority of the speech. the priority of the speech was to draw attention to her. and in the course of that she said there were irresponsible conversations out there and surely she meant donald trump and the other candidates. >> dana, what do you want to say? >> i do think, hugh, that you're right. they weren't prepared for the fallout from this, no question. that's obvious that they didn't anticipate that that would be the main take away and something
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that would contribute to the already real divide within the republican party. however, they probably should have known about that. >> they didn't anticipate it? how could they not have anticipated that? the speaker read her speech and the leaders read her speech, mitch mcconnell read the speech before she differed it. that's pretty important, don't you think? >> it is. and that is exactly my point. they should have anticipated it. you're right. the leadership in washington looked at her speech beforehand. i did some reporting on this today throughout the day and my understanding according to a couple of sources on both sides of this is that she made it very clear when she accepted the job do this rebuttal. it's not always something you want to the. there is a long history of people who have done this speech for them.been a career killer
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but for her she said i'm going to do this and it's on my terms and my ideas and my words and i'm told that paul ryan said okay, fine, it's your words, your speech and that's what she did. it shouldn't have been a surprise to anybody and i guarantee you it wasn't a surprise to the leaders in washington that she included this kind of call to calm down. she made so much news a couple weeks ago when she was very out front saying that donald trump is just wrong to call for a temporary ban on muslims coming into the u.s. >> hugh, listen, and donald trump is not the only person who is attacking her. ann coulter was on the radio program today. ann coulter tweeted that donald trump should deport her. can the republican party unite at this point over this? >> of course, ann is a wonderful guest and like donald trump is a
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terrific interview. and laura ingram is a smart and accomplished host but it's they are in the middle of a primary campaign and laura and ann support donald trump. i would not be surprised if donald extended an olive branch to nikki haley now. he is leading in new hampshire and south carolina, statistical dead heat in iowa. the smart politics is to put this behind you and get rid of the issue of ted cruz's eligibility. if you get mark eleven, andy mccarthy and every over conservative collar out there that ted cruz is an eligible candidate. they ought to be fighting about which direction is country is going on. >> but on that point, i think
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what's important to remember is that, you know, maybe the voices that we're hearing about, laura inning gram and ann coulter. they're the ones that nikki haley was talking about. it's that kind of rancor that we have to calm down. and i want to underscore that paul ryan, the house speaker, mitchell mcconnell, they knew what they were getting when they got nikki haley. and in a press conference saying i stand by this. this is what i want to say. they knew that. >> do you think that is participant of their strategy. you have the house speaker -- >> yes, i do. >> degrading the presidency because of the veiled references to donald trump and the primary race to. have him criticize and have nikki haley take on trump that there is a strategy in this that
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we may not be seeing? >> i don't think it's necessarily a clear line through all of that. i do think that there's one fight for theeart and soul of the republican party and the leadership in washington, paul ryan at the top of that, are worried about the rhetoric and they knew that nikki haley had a strong possibility of speaking her mind on that and are with her on that. on the issue of the president, paul ryan said beforehand, i was at a breakfast with him saying that he was ready for the president to get into presidential politics 2016 politics because he wants to make sure his successor who he thinks is hillary clinton is prepared for. that he was playing politics as much as he says that barack obama was. >> they should not be surprised. governor haley is a force and she's going to the what she wants to do. she doesn't necessarily always follow the partisan line. go ahead hugh.
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>> nikki haley gave a great, great speech and underscored four of the top eight contenders for the presidency are minorities and women. and hugh jackson is now the head coach of the cleveland browns. but she gave a great speech and will be on the short list for the vice presidentsy. i think it will blow over in two days. but there was no grand plan and that was backed up by the washington post that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell had no editorial control. that was nikki haley channelling nikki haley. >> and no one should be surprised by that. and not to be overlooked. she is the daughter of indian immigrants and giving the rebuttal to the state of the union from the president of the united states. dana, you have been with ted cruz in south carolina all day and you were just able to ask him about this new story out about his finances.
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tell us about that. >> that's right. it's a story that the "new york times" broke that he, during his run for senate. he is a first-term senator but when he ran, during that campaign, he got a loan from goldman sachs, the wall street bank that his wife worked for. she's on a leave of absence now. and perhaps it wasn't properly disclosed to the senate ethics committee or the federal election commission. i asked him about that. take a listen. >> senator, how do you explain to your supporters that you got a very large loan from your wife's wall street bank in order to fund your upstart insurgent senate campaign. >> the premise of your campaign is not right. when we ran for senate we made the decision to put our liquid net worth into the campaign. we did so through a combination
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of liquidating our savings accounts and selling assets and a brokerage account and we borrowed against the stocks and assets that we had under ordinary terms. so those loans have been disclosed over and over again on multiple filings. if they were not filed as the fec requires then we will amend the filings. but it has been public and transparent for many years. that's the end of that. >> is that really the end of that? >> has he met donald trump? who knows. i spoke to a senior source in an opposing campaign who really does not like ted cruz and his campaign who says he thinks this is a non-issue. but one important point to button this, why this could matter is because of his brand. he is railing against the institutions of washington and people sort of think of new york
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and new york banks as that, as something that the populous ferver would not be happy with. to have ted cruz and goldman sachs and loans. it's not what they want to be talking about less than three weeks before the iowa caucuses that he is hoping to win. >> the person who is closest to him in the polls, donald trump, is he going to seize on this? >> i might be wrong about this, but i believe that absentee ballots are underway in the new hampshire primary. so voting is on the way. so we will see opposition research dumped on all the candidates and they are all trying to play for a vote here. it is so close. trump is ahead in new hampshire and south carolina. and ted cruz has a little lead in iowa. the kitchen sink, duck, everything is coming at you.
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>> hugh hewitt warned you. >> and of course he is right, new hampshire is voting absentee. i met someone at a trump rally on monday who had already voted for him. >> wow. >> the voting has begun for 2016. >> don't doubt yourself, hugh, you're always on it. >> i'm glad for the confirmation. >> don't blow his head up, don't gas him up any more than he is. >> thank you, guys. >> when we come back, president obama's biggest regret of the past eight years. plus the plot thickens. was el chapo captured because he was flirting with a mexican actress? plaque priasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through?
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president obama's final state of the union getting a mixed reaction, praised from his supporters and harsh criticism from his opponents. good evening and thanks for coming on. james, i want to talk to you about the state of the union address but first i want you to listen to this exchange between donald trump and erin burnett. she asks about a robocall from a white supremacist superpac. >> i want to play you a clip from the robocall.
7:19 pm
>> we don't need muslims. we need smart well educated white people who will simulate to our culture. vote trump. >> when you hear that, does that shock you? do you denounce that? >> nothing in this country shocks me. i would disavow it but nothing in this country shocks me. people are angry at what's going on and angry at the border. they're angry at the crime. they're angry at people coming in and shooting kate in the back in california in san francisco. they're angry when jamil shaw is shot in the face. they're angry when the 65-year-old is raped, sodomized and killed by an illegal immigrant. they are angry about it. and thousands of other cases like that. they are very angry about that. but i will tell you that people are extremely angry. >> people are extremely angry. but when he says we need smart well educated white salespeople
7:20 pm
to vote trump you do denounce that. >> i just said it. >> a third would be good. >> i disavow. >> did it sound like he disavows everything? >> he said the proper thing and i agree with donald trump i'm surprised to say this that there are a lot of things in politics, every campaign has things like that from all sides. but it's fascinating too, the more other word he said was angry, he said a dozen times there. when people look at this stage in history they will compare to tone from the trump campaign and to a degree with the rest of the gop field with what president obama is trying to convey. >> i want you to listen to the moment from the speech and the response from senator marco rubio today here it is. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency that the rancor
7:21 pm
and suspicion between the parties has gotten better. i have no doubt a president with the gifts of lincoln or roosevelt might have better bridged the divide and i guarantee i'll keep trying to be better so long as i hold this office. >> he divided this country deliberately for political gain for seven years and he says why is everyone so mad at each other? because of you. >> so is this how you see it? >> there's a fascinating speech writer touch there. i was a speech writer for president carter. the fact he compared himself to fdr and lincoln, it's like i'm not a good tennis player as roger federer. lincoln and fdr were not con sill ors in their time. but president obama was making the the case he made when he
7:22 pm
came to national attention in 2004 with the democratic convention speech trying to say let's come together not blue or red. and this i think is what he would like the last few years to have been and senator rubio is saying the way it seems from the other side. >> let's listen to the 2004 speech. >> there is not a liberal america and a conservative america there, is the united states of america. there is not a black america, and a white america an latino america and asian america, there's the united states of america. >> wow. >> one thing he looks so young. i remember watching at a union hall in the south side of chicago and everyone in chicago was so proud back then. can you remember a moment that you can point to over the last few decades where we have crossed this line into total stone walling by each side. what happened? >> i think there is a long
7:23 pm
discourse we could have another time but i think the history of the republican party from the time of richard nixon where they decided their base was no longer the northeast but the south but i think what i'd like to identify is a shift in the optimism versus pessimism quotient. i worked for jimmy carter and he lost to ronald reagan. what the president was trying to do last night is saying that our economy is better than any other country's despite the things that are wrong. we are a stronger nation than any other by far. he was trying to say let's be calm about the ways we are progressing. and trump and rubio are saying things are bad and getting worse. the position of the republicans has made them say that it's really dire times and we have to change the course. >> do the facts bear that out,
7:24 pm
though? i heard the president said that and it made me proud to be an american. and the facts bear out that this is the worst time and our country is not great. but the economy is good, gas is really low, jobs are being created. >> everybody knows the problem the u.s. has of stagnant wages and declining infrastructure but i challenge anyone watching the show to name another country on earth whose circumstances you would prefer to those of the u.s. main andora but a real country and same with national strength. i lived in china for a long time. and china's problems are a hundred times greater than america's problems. the united states has a lot of problems but a lot of resources to deal with them. and the argument the president was trying to make and i hope the next president will make too is that we have real problems but we are uniquely equipped to deal with them if we can concentrate our minds. >> let's talk about the democratic side of the race.
7:25 pm
the polls are not good news for hillary clinton. she could lose in iowa and new hampshire to bernie sanders. and now he is closing in on her nationally. do you think this is 2008 all over again for hillary clinton? >> anything is possible. and this is prognostication in politicians are risky for anyone. the difference is if we compare hillary clinton in 2008 and now she was running then against barack obama who had a unique historical role and a very wide ground game across the country and demographic appeal especially in the south the south carolina primary. and senator sanders who appeals to the democratic base, i think he's a different kind of candidate from the then senator obama was. so it's also hillary clinton has been through the 2008 defeat once. so presumably she learned something from that. let wait and see when the democratic voters start voting in iowa and new hampshire. >> thank you, sir, have a good
7:26 pm
evening. as the clock ticks down to the iowa caucuses the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is heating up. king around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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less than three weeks to go before the iowa caucuses and the battle between donald trump and ted cruz is heating up. let's discuss. good to have all of you here. bill, you first. the latest polling out in iowa shows ted cruz out on top followed by trump, 22% and marco rubio at 12%. in the des moines register poll, cruz had a ten-point lead over donald trump. trump's birther attacks working? not working in. >> this is one of the most volatile electorates. often whand there is a large chk of caucus goers who don't decide
7:31 pm
until the week or days before they go to caucus. and that is the more moderate element that shows up. the things that we're watching for is are more caucus goers, is that pool getting bigger? who is growing the pool? if it is trump, he will do well. it's a fluid electorate with 19 days to go. it's a jump ball out there. >> bob, this is what trump told erin burnett about that. >> first of all, ted is nervous. he shouldn't be nervous. he is so worried about it. you can see it. it is ridiculous. he has to take care of a problem. he has got a problem that the democrats will be bringing suit saying he was not born in this country and he is not eligible to run for president.
7:32 pm
there's going to be a suit brought. there are people who are mixed. you is a brilliant lawyer from harvard who says -- >> he was a professor of ted cruz's. >> who was a professor of his, a very great lawyer. you have numerous lawyers that have said the same thing. there is a large group of legal talent that thinks to run for president you have to be born the on the land. mccain was born to two people who were citizens of the united states and on a military base. i understand that very well. and he was able to skirt that issue and that's fine. i fully understand that. this is different he was born in canada. >> was this an issue before or has he suck seemed in making it an issue. >> earlier he said he was fine with ted cruz and he has brought it up again and partially because he was asked about it but he is right, a suit will be
7:33 pm
brought. alan grayson who is running for senate said he will sue, a democrat from florida. so this is working for donald trump because he is planting some doubt you could vote for this guy but maybe your vote won't count because of the invalidated if he wins the nomination and the polls show it. don, he's picked up points over the last week on ted cruz. >> he said something about bill clinton's infidelity and whether hillary clinton enabled it. something he has spoken about and released ads about. >> this started when she said i had a penchant for sexism. first of all i have tremendous respect for women. i will do more for women than hillary will ever do. i was offended by it and i said what i said and it was picked up more than they anticipated. so if she's not going to comment i think that's a wise thing. it's hard for her to comment on
7:34 pm
this subject. this is not a good subject for her. >> you think this is going to continue to be an issue and fair issue for her? >> i hope not. i hope it's not going to be. she's the one that started it. i hope it's not going to be. >> does that defy belief that it's not going to be an issue and she's the one that started it? >> he's trying to take the war on women attack that the democrats have used in the last couple presidential cycles. since he said that, bill clinton gave a speech, was stumping for hillary clinton and basically dodged questions about donald trump. so at least for the moment, the clintons have gone quiet. i don't think they want to exchange in this type of back and forth with trump. as he said, this is something that trump always says, they started it, i'm counter punching. i don't want to talk about it but they raised it first. it's an effective type of argument he is using. >> is it so and is it working,
7:35 pm
christian? >> what donald trump's core message is i'm a winner. i know how to win. if you look at all his attacks on all his opponents whether it's hillary clinton or on the republican side everything links back to that theme. the core of the argument against jeb bush he's not a fighter, i'm a fighter. the core of the argument against ben carson we don't know about this guy but i'm a fighter. it's what he's doing with ted cruz. he's not putting ideological distance between them. they share in some ways a little bit of the same pool of voters. he doesn't want to be cast out by the conservative talk radio crowd but it's what he wants to do is plant a seed of doubt about whether ted cruz can win and is a winner. in that clip he described ted cruz as being uneasy and seems worried. it's not about right and left or policy. donald trump's message is i'm a winner and i know how to win.
7:36 pm
>> speaking of being worried, i'm wondering if donald trump is worried. the truce between these two guys is over. here's what cruz had to say about trump in a radio interview. listen. >> i think he may shift in his new rallies to playing new york, new york because you know, donald comes from new york and he embodies new york values and listen, the donald seems to be a bit rattled. >> is trump rattled? >> rattled and trump don't typically seem to go together. he manages to turn the corner on it. and to pick up where we started a second ago he just projected strength. you asked why he rose in the polls in iowa i would point to the projection of strength and the tussle with hillary and bill clinton and coming out on top. there is 19 days to go, all of the candidates need to sharpen their angle of attack.
7:37 pm
i think we'll hear more of this kind of rhetoric coming in the next couple of weeks. the truth is that at this point in time cruz needs to win the iowa caucuses to take the momentum and the story line into new hampshire and drive forward through the nominating process. if trump were to beat him in iowa it would be a huge victory. stay with me. paul ryan's poker face. was it just politics as usual? i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to.
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back with me now, christen this is for you. you tweeted this after the republican response to the state of the union. it is one of my deepest hopes that the future of my party and my country is leaders like nikki haley, not donald trump. i'm sure you're not the only one who feels that way. why are we not seeing a nikki haley or paul ryan ticket? >> they have other jobs they are doing quite well. they are smartly sitting out this crazy presidential race. but i think both of them represent the future of where the party's headed.
7:42 pm
we've gotten in a tough situation in the gop where we confused conservative principles with an angry tone. voters have a right to be frustrated and angry and nikki haley acknowledges that people have a right to be frustrated and angry. but there is a way to get things done, be pragmatic and take a tone that is optimistic and hopeful and there is counting anger as valuable. and nikki haley's speech put that in contrast. >> funny you should bring that up. donald trump told erin burnett that anger is what this country needs. is that the root of this split? >> there is anger at washington and donald trump is running in a perfect cycle for his message and he has a strong message and had a slogan from the beginning, let's make america great again.
7:43 pm
the establishment is getting nervous with each passing day. that's why we saw nikki haley and that response. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell both on the same day, a cooperated attack on trump's muslim policy. trump has zero congressional endorsements and jeb bush has 30. running against washington, especially this year, is working. >> let's talk about paul ryan's poker face or whether he would be a good poker player or not. he says -- >> what do you think, don? what was your call? >> i think it was obvious. i was watching him is he going to applaud for this? everyone noticed his lack of applause. you cannot clap for curing cancer? you are that much of a whiner? and #sotu. what do you guys think? >> maybe he forgot to buy his
7:44 pm
power ball ticket and was bummed about it. boehner cried. you know, he was -- he was weeping all the time. maybe paul ryan is a little bit stonier and trying to send a signal about gravitas but beyond that i'm not sure i know. >> i had no problem with paul ryan's face during the state of the union. his job was to be the respectful opposition, not to make unpleasant faces, not to boo or do anything bad like that but he's the leader of the opposition party. if you don't agree with the things the president is saying he has a diverse caucus in the house. do you represent me and the conservative wing of the party? by staying as neutral as possible he is doing what he needs to do lead his diverse caucus -- >> i don't know if that is neutral. >> that is a smart answer. >> but that was not neutral.
7:45 pm
he was neutral -- it wasn't so i'm not listening, i'm not going to laugh at your joke. you could read his face. >> the first time paul ryan has been in that chair. it's an awkward spot for him. you have to decide whether you are going to clap or get up. i think he tried to play it safe and be grim the whole time. and barack obama said nice things about paul ryan and you have to wonder if he was thinking don't do that. >> this is like the chris christie hug, don't do it. are there two sides of paul ryan, you see this back slapping friendly speaker who is joking with the vice president. and the other, really, you have an attack dog on obama's policies, especially when you look at obamacare, bill. >> you have a conservative leader who is one of the smartest policymakers in the
7:46 pm
congress in the last century. he has unbelievable mental faculty and unbelievable respect in his caucus and he is a principle conservative leader. that said all those niceties with respect to barack obama if president obama works with paul ryan he could find a partner to make the machinery of the legislative process work. >> don't you think it was an olive branch where he said i'm willing to talk about these things and paul ryan leans over and it's like let's get this on the calendar or something? >> this is a lot of theater. the state of the union is really a lot of theater. at the end of the day behind closed doors, relationships between the leaders are different. and i hope for the sake of the country that paul ryan and president obama have a good relationship. >> that was a pretty good answer. >> a very good answer. >> i'll have you guys back.
7:47 pm
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we are learning more about the capture of the notorious drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman and it looks like his flirty texts with mexican actress kate del castillo might have been his downhall. for downfall. it seems like a soap opera and reading it smiling here but it does seem like a soap opera. a mexican newspaper published text messages between the actress and el chapo and his associated. i want to read some of them for you and we'll discuss. if you want to bring wine i'll try it. i like tequila but i'll try the tequila that you bring.
7:52 pm
i'm not a drinker but i will because you being here will be so beautiful. i am very excited to meet you and come to be great friends. and el chapo says how is the best and most intelligent woman in the world that i love so much. and del castillo writes, hello my wonderful friend i'm going to call you it will be an american number. i will call you today, and look at yourself and thank you, and he says thank you my friend for your good wishes your friend loves you, bye. >> and del castillo says i love my friend, bye. >> you hang up, no you hang up. >> does this sound like the words of a man responsible for hundreds of brutal murders and drug buying. >> el chapo, it's always a
7:53 pm
tragedy but somehow he always ends up like a farce. but this -- the poetic justice behind all this, the mexican and u.s. team chasing him was led them to his hideout in the mountains and ultimately led to his capture two months later. probably, it is important in the sense that it demystifies the character. >> right. >> he -- el chapo is something of an icon in mexico. he has this perception of being all powerful, all knowing, and seeing him in this vulnerable phase is i think somehow important in bringing down the myth. >> let's read more on this,
7:54 pm
talking to kate del castillo, her visit. the attorney says she wants to bring the actor sean penn. and el chapo says bring the actor and if she sees that you need to bring more people bring them as her guest. and el chapo says what is the name of the actor, sean penn. he was in the movie "21 grams." and the attorney says i'm looking it up. it was made in 2003. he is a political activist and critical of the bush administration. el chapo is that his latest film? he has barely acted recently and now he produces films. clearly he wanted to meet the actress and he did not really know sean penn that well, right, jim clemente? >> it's apparent from the verbiage he didn't know who sean penn was. but she became his achilles
7:55 pm
heel. it is euphoria on his part because he was getting to talk to and potentially meeting this actress that he really, really aspired to meet and he lowered his defenses. he -- he ruined every bit of planning and all his security measures because of this sexual attraction. >> isn't it always a woman? this is key evidence. >> it is key evidence. are you kidding me? sean penn should win an ignorance award for setting this up if he didn't intend this to happen. he thought he was playing spy games using unsent e-mail drafts and blackberry messages and throw saw waway phones. but he's not a professional. and my former colleagues, i'm sure that they had him under 24 hour surveillance and knew where he was and that's why el chapo was arrested.
7:56 pm
>> alejandro, i have a short amount of time here, the u.s. law enforcement officials knew that sean penn -- knew of his interactions with kate del castillo and the connection to el chapo before they travelled to see him in october. what do they know? >> well, we don't know for sure. but certainly, this was no secret for intelligence agencies in both countries. there have been -- i mean, in the mexican press has published pictures of sean penn and kate del castillo in airports traveling to see el chapo. they were under surveillance far before the actually encounter. this is quite surprising for a man known for his paranoia for that has been on the run for so long that should be an expert at really taking precautions to lower his guard this way. i think that's quite remarkable.
7:57 pm
>> i have to run, gentlemen. thank you very much. that is it for us tonight. i'll see you tomorrow. "ac360" starts in just a moment. caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while.
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