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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 14, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> reporter: jimmy kimmel mocked the media. >> roughly 25 times more likely to be president -- >> to be killed by a vending machine. >> replace your gps with ha monkey. your chances of reaching your destination are better with a monkey than winning the powerball jackpot. >> to be struck by lightning and a bus at the exact -- >> reporter: guess he won't be winning. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan begins now. we're beginning with breaking news. exclusive new details about those ten navy soldiers whose vessel strayed into iranian waters leading to their capture. this is the video we've been talking about the moment it happened when they were taken into custody by the iranian revolutionary guard. >> the sailors, nine men and one woman, they were held for several hours before being released unharmed.
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our pentagon correspondent barbara starr has the exclusive new details on their condition as well as what officials are now learning, barbara, about how and why they were captured. >> good morning. and you can only imagine how exhausted and upset these young sailors may be ach going through this ordeal. a defense official has now told me that they have a much better idea, there may be more details, but they have a much better idea of what happened. as these two small navy boats were moving up the persian gulf, one of the boats began to experience engine trouble. basically it wasn't performing correctly. and it was to some extent slowing down their movement. at the same time they didn't realize perhaps they were drifting. and they drifted into iranian territorial waters. in fact, they came within three miles of iran's farsi island. that is a very sensitive military site for iran's
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revolutionary guard corps. that's when the iranians came out on their boats. here's what is so interesting. the sailors may not have even realized at that point how far they had drifted off course into iranian territorial waters. but when they did, they really had no ability to get away to basically gun the boat and the engine and move away very quickly because they were having this engine trouble. and in fact one of the sailors who spoke on iranian television, we believe to be the commander of the unit, he hinted at this problem. have a listen. >> the iranian patrol boat came out when we were having engine issues and had weapons drawn so we tried to talk to them until more boats came out and took us in. >> what we now know is that the u.s. sailors were badly outnumbered by the iranians. they really had no choice. they had no ability to defend themselves. now, look, the navy
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investigations going to try to determine exactly what happened. how much was mechanical, why did it go off course, all of that. but how seriously did the navy take all of this as it was unfolding? we also now know that the u.s. navy search and rescue party before they realized they were inside iran and in iranian hands, went to look for them and entered a u.s. navy ship then did enter iranian waters once again to look for the sailors. they were worried that basically some catastrophe had happened and they were overboard in the water. the u.s. navy told the iranians they were coming in to look for them. there was no trouble there, but in fact what happened is very quickly it came to be understood that the iranians had them. i just want to add one thing. inside the highest circles of the u.s. navy there is a good deal of dismay about this video you are seeing. no one is happy at seeing u.s. navy sailors on their knees at the hands of another country. >> indeed. it's propaganda pure and simple
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no matter what success they might have had diplomatically getting those sailors. >> and the apology they're running on iranian state tv as well. >>indeed. barbara star for us, interesting new details for us. many questions still remain. >> sure. it is game day once again, folks. republican presidential candidates taking to the debate stage for the first debate of 2016 facing off after weeks of attacks. counterattacks, punches, counterpunches, twitter feuds, the ad war heating up, the air waves -- i wish i could do that for a while longer. this time that trump-cruz bromance may be a thing of the past already. >> on the main stage tonight donald trump in the center flanked by ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john cay si -- kasich. rand paul essentially said take your under card and shove it. he is boycotting and still pushing for a spot in primetime.
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cnn's sara murray who is primetime is live for us in north charleston, south carolina, where this debate kicks off in a few hours. and we have less than three weeks to go until the iowa caucuses, sara, this is serious. >> it is serious. that's why you are seeing the claws come out. we have seen donald trump needling ted cruz over the fact that maybe he's not even eligible to be president because he was born in canada. and ted cruz basically in the span of 24 hours went from i will not reciprocate to throwing every attack in the book, it seems like, against trump saying he's too cozy with democrats, saying that cruz would be a better general election candidate and saying that donald trump embodies new york values. now, the big question is whether that fight is going to spill over into the debate stage tonight. in past debates donald trump has kind of hung back and let other people go up against each other, tangle on their own. we'll see if he sticks to that same strategy. the other fight you want to look for is the fight for the establishment lane. marco rubio, jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich, all of
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those guys are fighting tooth and nail to win new hampshire. and we have seen them going after each other on this stump and on the air waves. so you're going to want to watch there to see bho takes on each other within that establishment ring. all of them are angling to get on top once the race moves out of iowa and into new hampshire, john. >> sara, you've been following many of these campaigns. you've been following the trump campaign closely. do you think the bromance is over between those two? trump has made kind of routine he'll attack at a rally, and then it seems in debates trump kind of sits back and waits to see what's coming at him before he goes out there. >> i think the bromance is absolutely over. even if you don't see it boil over on the debate stage tonight, i think you'll see ted cruz and donald trump go right back to the campaign trail and keep hitting each other. the funny thing is donald trump will say, you know, i'm just raising this issue because other people are raising it. and the cruz campaign will say these are attacks, we're just stating the facts. donald trump used to be a democrat. and donald trump is not as strong against hillary clinton. but make no mistake about it,
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these two campaigns are going head-to-head, they are deadlocked in iowa. and this is a battle. >> just trying to help you, that's all they're saying. >> that's right. donald trump, he will be asked i'm sure about the canadian birth and donald trump will answer the question. he may not bring it up without being asked, but there you have it. sara murray in north charleston, thank you so much. some other news about ted cruz i bet gets asked tonight. ahead of tonight's debate he's facing new questions, not about his canadian birth but about his personal finances. the "new york times" reports cruz failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans in 2012 when he was running for the senate. this is how he responded to dana bash last night. >> those loans have been disclosed over and over and over again on multiple filings. if it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the fec requires, then we'll amend the filings, but all information has been public and transparent for many years. and that's the end of that. >> that's what he says right now. let's talk about this and much
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more with cnn political commentator and former communications director for senator ted cruz, amanda carpenter, and former communications director for the democratic national committee brad woodhouse. hey, guys. so a big day ahead. so put scitizenship aside for a second, amanda, now we're focusing on ted cruz's personal finances. he says this is settle and much ado about nothing. can he really make that decision on his own? >> i happen to agree with him. working in the senate i know the process that goes into filing these senate financial disclosure forms. you have to do it every year. he disclosed this loan multiple time, mull pl years in compliance of senate ethics. he happened to not put it on the campaign forms. this is routine. a lot of people amend their campaign forms, have to pay a fine potentially and take care of it. so to suggest he didn't disclose this as many media organizations are saying is patently false. >> well, but he didn't do the fec filing, the "new york times" says, add he was supposed to. that appears to be a fact. >> yes, but to say --
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>> to whether or not that's a big deal that's a different story. it may not be a major deal as you said. other campaigns have done it before. but he did not file that as he was supposed to. brad though, there is this other issue about appearances. >> right. >> this was part of his campaign narrative. that he used all of his liquid assets to pay for his campaign. now it turns out we're only learning now this didn't come out during the campaign that he took this loan from goldman and sfr citi bank. does this change the image of ted cruz he was portraying during that campaign? >> well, look, i think it does. it gives his opponents a big club to hit him with. i mean, he's going after donald trump for having whatever new york values are. but then, you know, he's taking this huge loan from goldman sachs to fund what he would have you believe was a tea party infused campaign, that he went, you know, way down into his pockets to fund himself. i mean, goldman's a big new york bank obviously. so it really does undermine part of his narrative. the question is whether or not,
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you know, someone's going to really use that as a club against him in the primary. >> and -- go ahead. >> i would be very curious to see how donald trump or hillary clinton or marco rubio would come after ted cruz on the subject of shady personal loans. this wasn't shady at all. he borrowed against his own personal assets. this is like borrowing against your 401(k). >> amanda, it's not about -- >> taking that loan and paid it back in full. i think it also speaks well for cruz's finances that he would qualify for a million dollar loan. >> i think we are steering the counterattack a little bit when these attacks come at him. but brad mentioned new york values, amanda. >> yeah. >> so ted cruz, he said that donald trump he has new york values, he should be using "new york, new york" as his music at his rallies. donald trump has now responded to that charge. listen to this. >> if you would have been there and if you would have lived through that like i did with new
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york people, the way they handle that attack was one of the most incredible things that anybody has ever seen. and you want to knock new york, you got to go through me. new york is an amazing place with amazing people. >> he's not shying away from having new york values. he says you got to go through me if you're going to take on new york. what are new york values and why is ted cruz saying this? >> this is what i think is so interesting about this line of attack because it allows people to read into it kind of whatever they want. when i hear new york values, you know, i think maybe money above all, someone else maybe think they're not good on marriage issues. really people can read into it what they want. i think it was somewhat masterful of donald trump to come back and say, you know, it means being tough and brash. that's a selling point for some people. it's not a selling point for other people. i think this is kind of a brilliant line of attack. >> well, i thought it was a pretty smart response. brad, when i saw donald trump's response, i said here's a guy who actually is learning how to be a politician. >> right. >> he's turned a negative attack into a positive there. >> well, first of all, to
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amanda's point, i kind of take the other side. i think it's a horrible attack because no one really knows what it means. it can mean different things to different people. but here's what ted cruz is in for. you know, he went a long time trying to have a bromance with donald trump. now he's aiming fire at him and the fire is going to come back. and every single person that has done this so far with donald trump has not fared well. we've seen cruz's numbers fall in iowa, for example, after trump raised the birther issue. but let me say this. as a democrat and to coin a phrase, if it's cruz and trump on the stump, for us it's christmas all yearlong. i mean, the fact that these are the people that we're talking about being the nominees of the republican party is a gift to democrats. it's a horrible situation for republicans in the general election. these are the two most bombastic, angry and extreme candidates that the republicans could possibly nominate. and one of them will be the nominee of the republican party. >> amanda, to the point about
8:13 am
the bromance if it exists and even if it matters at this point. i mean, can ted cruz continue to say that he's -- he doesn't want to get into the mud. he's going to stay above it and he's going to talk about the issues. he's not going to attack donald trump, because he is. >> without question there's going to be -- he's going to have to draez it in some matter on the stage tonight. what i'm interested in seeing what happens is donald trump going to man up and own the attacks that he's leveraged against ted cruz and say it to his face? or is donald trump going to do what least done in every previous debate where he shrinks into the shadows and goes back to twitter in the dead of night to say what he's really thinking. >> we'll see. i mean, i think if donald trump gets asked about the fact ted cruz is born in canada, he'll probably answer the question as he has. i'm curious, brad, how the other candidates on stage will answer that question. i know jeb bush for one has come out and said he doesn't think there's any issue here at all. but i don't know -- i just don't know if marco rubio's been asked. i'm curious if he'll take up the bait there, brad. do you think it's smart if he does? >> well, look, if i were them, i
8:14 am
would let trump be the one to make this attack. first of all, trump is the most -- is the best at doing negative attacks in this field. everyone he's attacked from calling bush low energy, from going after rubio, going after cruz, everyone that's come in to trump or to fight trump has suffered as a result. so i'd let trump make that argument. i think the big problem for all of those others is how do they shine in this debate and become the third person in what right now seems to be a two-person race. >> and the trump thing, i think trump is going to be the only birther on stage. marco rubio said it's a nonissue, so does jeb bush. i doubt anyone else is going to want to join donald trump and birther conspiracy theories on national debate stage. >> that will create an interesting dynamic on the stage tonight to be sure. >> exactly. maybe they should do a show of hands. that went over well. >> show of hands always goes over well. anna carpenter, brad woodhouse, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. on the other side of the aisle, new headache for hillary
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clinton. the gold standard iowa polling shows her slipping in that key early voting state. and support for bernie sanders, it looks a little bit like a candidate from the past named barack obama. >> hello, iowa. did you buy a powerball ticket in tennessee, california or florida? here's hoping you did. the world record breaking jackpot has three winning tickets. we'll be right back. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, taking warfarin, i had to deal with that blood testing routine. i couldn't have a healthy salad whenever i wanted. i found another way. yeah, treatment with xarelto®.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. breaking news this morning, it is the gold standard in iowa polling, but there is little golden about it for hillary clinton. a brand new poll from the des moines register and bloomberg politics shows her with the tiniest of leads over bernie sanders. just two points. clinton is at 42% compared to 40% for sanders. >> and clinton led sanders by nine points in the same poll just last month 48 to 39.
8:20 am
important here, the numbers show this isn't sanders gaining. this is clinton losing support. let's bring in our political columnist at "the des moines register." it is great to see you. important numbers to be talking about today you guys put out. talk to us about that important context here. is that what you are seeing in this poll is not bernie sanders gaining support necessarily. it's hillary clinton slipping. >> it is hillary clinton slipping. and there are two important things here. one, hillary clinton not losing support necessarily to bernie sanders or martin o'malley. some of her support is going to the underdecicided camp. there are more undecided voters in this poll, 14% undecided, and it was closer to 8% in december. so it's not necessarily that hillary clinton's people are peeling off to another candidate. they're going -- they're sort of going to a little time-out and saying, okay, i was for hillary clinton, am i really?
8:21 am
and she could get those people back on caucus night or they could go to bernie sanders or somebody else. >> time-out is not what you need right now. >> i don't think hillary clinton wants to give those voters a time-out. one of the interesting dynamics inside that poll is the shape in just who the voters are now supporting bernie sanders. because it's beginning to look a little bit like the coalition that barack obama built in 2008. >> john, it looks a lot like the %-p. bernie sanders beats hillary clinton in this poll with first-time caucus goers. barack obama killed with first-time ka kus goers in 208. he's also winning with political independence. and this was a slippery thing that really tripped up a lot of pollsters including hillary clinton's pollsters in 2008. people thought independents wouldn't necessarily go caucus for the democrats. well, in fact they do. and they can change their party registration at the caucuses. so independents is important block of voters. also with young voters and of course we know the story of
8:22 am
barack obama and how well he did with young voters. bernie sanders is also leading with that group over hillary clinton. it looks a lot like 2008. >> kathie, i want your take on this. i found this fascinating. in these new numbers bernie sanders is doing really well with voters who say this election is about the issues. hillary clinton is doing well with voters who say this election is about leadership. >> ye. so in part it is an establishment issue. bernie sanders all along has been attracting people. and that is what he's been talking about is the issues, the wall street regulation, income inequality. he's not focused necessarily on his own qualities. hillary clinton has been talking about her experience, her ability to get things done. >> you're there, we're here. we keep hearing that hillary clinton's organization this time is better than it was in 2008, that she has the organization to pull people to caucus night
8:23 am
february 1st. can that make a difference for her? >> having a great organization does make a difference. and with bernie sanders, the kind of people who are polling for him are harder to get to caucus. youngers voters, people who've never done it before, they're harder to get to caucus. i think he has a good organization. i think the question is he's probably not going to have as big an organization as hillary clinton, but can he outhustle her? will he have more enthusiasm with his people? the other thing you have to watch is it's dangerous to concentrate all your support in various geographic areas in the state. you need to have statewide support. and a better organization can help with that. >> cathie, great discussion, thanks for being with us. look forward to seeing you in iowa. >> want to bring in cnn political director david chalion. i'm going to start with the martin o'malley factor. >> boom. >> this might be the most important moment for martin o'malley and his voters -- >> he's not going to like what
8:24 am
you're saying. >> if you look at the polling right now he's at 4%. you know well on caucus night in iowa if you have less than 15% support in any one of these caucuses, that support goes away and those voters get to go vote for somebody else. well, if there's only a two-point difference in the p l polling right now, that 4% matters. >> well, right. but as you just pointed out, john, remember that's caucus site by caucus site that he has to meet that threshold, or his voters have to realign into another group. we're looking at a two-point race across the entire state. so i'd be careful about overinterpreting that martin o'malley support can throw this one way or the other to sanders or clinton. but you raise a good point, which is that if 4% of the electorate is parked somewhere else right now, that is not likely going to stay there and go to one of these two front-runners, you do kind of want to know about those o'malley voters and who they might be more inclined to support. >> i'm going to overinterpret it. i'm going to tell you that right now, david chalian.
8:25 am
absolutely. one of the things she was talking about is where the hillary clinton support has gone, it is fascinating. she says in this new poll, david, the support didn't necessarily peel off to another candidate. they peeled off and went back into the undecided category. it was 8% undecided last month. now it's at 14%. it just seems on its face surprising that more people are getting more undecided the closer they're getting to the caucuses. >> and i think that that factor, kate, is exactly playing out on the campaign trail with this new mode that hillary clinton was in that she's all in this contrast mode now. yes, because she's trying to knock bernie sanders down a peg or two because she senses the competition, but also because the electorate is still clearly persuadable to these arguments. i think what you're seeing right now from the clinton campaign is that they see an electorate in iowa that is still open to an argument. she's making that argument in strong contrast to bernie sanders. and i think that's why they're in that, what did she call it
8:26 am
now? past generalizations, time for specifics. that's exactly because there's a o'malley electorate there. >> it's interesting, david, inside this poll you see high favorables for both candidates, like 86% for hillary, 89% for bernie sanders. so there are risks doing these contrasts too much. >> if you go too far. >> contrast too negative that could be a risk here. >> no doubt. and the sanders campaign is pointing to how much money they've raised since she started drawing these contrasts on the campaign trail. it makes his group all that more enthusiastic, donates money. there's no doubt that there's a risk. and you're right, they are both really well liked. hillary clinton has to be really careful about sort of calibrating these contrasts because if she goes too far she may start offending some people she really needs in the long run. >> yeah. and in the long run you mean super, super short run right now in iowa. how do you dial it back really quickly? great to see you, david. >> all right. not one, not two, but three people are three holders of these winning tickets will split
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breaking news. you are not a new multimillionaire, or, you are and you haven't yet checked your ticket. it's a very new day for someone. some peoples out there. they're following last night's
8:32 am
record -- world record $1.5 billion powerball -- go. >> you're so sad you didn't win -- >> so sad i can't even talk. >> we're still waiting to see who nailed the winning number. cnn has employed its vast resources. sara sidner in chino hills, california, alina machado in florida. sara sidner, you've been up all night at that location. >> you actually have. >> congratulations to you. >> yes, that's what i won, no sleep. it's great. but i can tell you this place was rocking for about three or four hours, from midnight to about 3:00 in the morning. people were here, they were coming from all over the place. dozens and dozens of people showed up. and we thought, oh, certainly it must be one of the winners. no, they were just here cheering their town and cheering the fact that one of the stores here sold one of those big winning tickets. and they were also cheering for the owner of this place because he is able to get a million
8:33 am
dollars from the lottery system just for selling that ticket. listen, the customers here totally excited about the fact that chino hills sold a winning ticket. >> absolutely. thank you so much, sara. let's head over to tennessee where paolo is. what's the party like there? >> i can tell you if you take a drive down the winding roads of western tennessee, you'll find a very nervous shop owner right now. the owner of the mumford shortstop, a place where reports are circulating that likely sold one of those three tickets here in tennessee. what's going through your mind now as you wait for that phone call? >> i'm just excited to be waiting for the phone call. hopefully -- hope for the best. maybe my store, somebody win from our store. >> everybody knows that the lucky people are not just the ticket owners but also the store owners. you're told that you could actually end up with a big payout as well. >> yeah, little bit i get some money too. there's nothing wrong with that. >> all right, ali, we'll let you
8:34 am
go as he's waiting for a very important phone call, guys. from the tennessee lottery commission confirming these reports, it's a very small community but people are definitely excited right now waiting for that confirmation that the third ticket was sold here in tennessee. >> all right, polo, thanks so much. last but not least because $500 million can never be least, melbourne beach, florida, alina machado is there. >> there's two things i can tell you with absolute certainty, number one, i don't have the winning ticket that was sold in florida. and number two, one of those three tickets that were sold was sold here at this publix behind me. now, the big question is, who bought the winning ticket here? we don't know. we don't know if it was somebody who lives in melbourne beach, we don't know if it was a tourist. this is a popular tourist destination. this is a beach area. it could really be anyone. it could be someone who lives in florida or somebody just passing by and happened to decide i want to give a shot at this powerball jackpot. i want to try to go for it. and they nabbed it. so hopefully we'll learn some of
8:35 am
those details soon. here's what we also know. this ticket, if the winner decides to go for the lump sum after taxes, the ticket that was sold here will be worth about $187 million. also worth noting, 11 tickets worth $1 million were also sold in the state of florida. and one ticket worth $2 million also sold. so there's a lot of people in florida potentially with some winning tickets here. >> i take the $187 if i had a choice between the $187 orred two or the one, i would take the $187. >> you're very bold. >> alina machado, sara sidner, polo, thanks so much. a lot of other news we're looking atd right now. 35 minutes after the hour. isis is now taking responsibility for the paris style attack that left two people dead and more than a dozen others injured in jakarta. now officials are on the hunt for anyone who might have helped the attackers. also ahead for us, rand paul still fighting to make the main stage for tonight's gop debate.
8:36 am
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just hours to go before tonight's republican presidential debate. and rand paul using every last minute to fight for his place on the main stage. paul was slotted to join carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum in the earlier debate, some refer to it as the undercard. but he's flat out refusing to go. he tells cnn this morning that he has earned his place in the top tier. listen. >> we have raised $25 million. we have announced more precinct chairs in iowa than any other candidate has so far. we have a first tier campaign and we can't accept an artificial designation by the media and by the party. and it's really showing that
8:41 am
does the party want to be bigger, does the party want the liberty movement in the republican party? >> joining us now to discuss sean spice, chief strategist and communications director for the republican national committee. sean, it is great to see you. an artificial distinction by the media and the party. does rand paul have a point? not a single vote's been cast. >> well, i think as you guys know the networks have each set the criteria for each of these debates. and we've taken the historic measures to make sure that there's two debates to allow all these unbelievable candidates the opportunity to have a platform to present your vision. the criteria for this debate was announced about a month ago. obviously we'd love senator paul to be here. there's a spot for him should he show up at the first debate. as governor christie showed the last time, i think when you go out, you make a forceful presentation, you can bounce up and down. carly fiorina did it early. and i think governor perry as well. and, look, that's what these are about. but there's a place for him here. we'd love to have him. he's a great part of the party.
8:42 am
his supporters have tremendous intensity and enthusiasm. we'd love to have him. it's his decision obviously whether or not to ultimately be here. >> he has been making the case that he deserves to be on the main stage. you're saying right now there's just no chance, it's not going to happen. you've listened to his arguments, the answer is no, no way. >> well, look, as you've seen, some of these candidates go up and down. the criteria is announced you either make it or you don't. there's always been a place in the debates for all of these amazing candidates and there is a place for senator paul today. that decision what the criteria was was fox's. they announced what it was and they announced who would be on the debate stage and that's what we're moving forward with tonight. >> so among the big questions that no doubt will be asked tonight on the main stage and the undercard debate, the question of ted cruz. the fact that his citizenship, his eligibility to be president that that has been brought in to question. can't the gop weigh in on this? reince priebus has said he's not
8:43 am
weighing in on this candidate issue. why not? >> well, no, he actually said on hugh he witt other night, we believe every one of those ten people that will take the stage tonight is eligible and qualified. we should be e should move forward. >> oh, good, a message to donald trump essentially saying stop suggesting that he's not qualified or eligible to run for president, yes? >> well, i'd leave that up to mr. trump. what i think he has said is this needs to get settled. but right now every one of those candidates is eligible, yes. >> it's a settled issue as far as the republican national committee is concerned. >> yeah. look, it's not just the republican national committee. i think what this is is candidates petition to get on ballots. states certify them whether or not they're qualified to get on. they are all certified and qualified in most of these statds so far i don't believe any of the folks on tonight have
8:44 am
missed a ballot. there are 50 states and four territory who is will determine who the next president of the united states is or frankly who the nominee of our party. if they can get and qualify for those ballots, they get on. and they're eligible candidates. we don't make that decision. >> so, sean, from your position can you guarantee -- or are you 100% confident that your eventual nominee will not be deemed ineligible if it is challenged? >> you're asking a guy who went to a liberal arts college. >> but i believe in you. >> my legal experience is watching like "law & order" and "law & order svu." i don't feel confident answering that but i feel confident that the next occupant of the white house will be a republican. >> so, sean, i understand there are meetings today, big rnc meetings today, where you plan to discuss the issue of the imminent brokered convention. can you confirm that this is -- no, no. there are reports, politico's supporting -- >> he's trying to answer this.
8:45 am
>> he's so excited to answer this. will it be discussed for a brokered convention? >> let me explain what's going on here. i read these stories this morning about a private secret meeting. just to be clear, this so-called private secret meeting is open to the press and public. and it is an explanation of the delegate selection process. so cnn's got a camera here. it's more than welcome to come. the a.p., but this is a bit overblown and a bit ridiculous. it is an explanation of what the delegate selection process is. it is open to the press. it's open to the public. there is nothing to hide here. but it is sort of a media sensation more than anything else. >> we'll see if you're laughing in july, sean spicer. >> you are a media sensation. through our debate interviews we've learned sean spicer likes food but also a fan of -- >> huge fan. but i will tell you, kate and john, i look forward to when you host your next debate because here we're standing in this
8:46 am
filing center that you guys have been seeing in all these debates. this is the first time we've partnered with google here. it is unbelievable. we've got a ton of food. i know we've talked about that in the past. it's an unbelievable experience for the media, but more importantly for the voters. this is going to give reporters here an opportunity to see things and do things that they might not have if they're not able to attend a debate. there's a lot of data. there's ways reporters can talk about what's happening here behind the scenes. it's never been done before. and we look forward to the next cnn opportunity to have one like this. >> looking forward to it ourselves. sean spicer, thanks so much. >> thanks, sean. still ahead for us, isis claiming responsibility for yet another deadly terror attack in a major city. now the search is onto find anyone who may have helped the attackers. we'll be right back.
8:47 am
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isis is now claiming responsibility for another deadly attack in another major city, jakarta, indonesia, the capital of the fourth most populated nation in the world. terrorists launched a series of assaults much like the horrific ones just weeks ago in paris. >> at least five attackers in guns and bombs targeted a busy commercial hub at the heart of the city. it left at least two people dead, nearly 20 hurt. authorities say the attackers were killed. but now they're looking for anyone who might have helped them. cnn's cathy joins us live from jakarta. >> reporter: we know police officials here are undergoing an investigation, they are investigating who might be behind these attacks. they're looking at who may have planned this, who may have funded this, because from information we're getting from them today, it's very clear this was very well executed, it was well funded, there were
8:51 am
resources here that authorities here for a long time thought was not available to existing terror networks here. they did say many times in the past that the terror threat was low, but now that has changed. there were guns, explosives, at least ten bombs. five of them exploded. five unexploded devices were later found on the site as well. there were pistols. and the nature of the attack as well and the targets. it has been a fact here for a long time that attacks which were quite minor over the past -- over the recent years targeted police authorities and government authorities. and this time, they were targeting foreigners, according to police officials. and certainly that's part of the investigation here. >> still a lot of questions. they are on the hunt for possible accomplices. kathy quiano.
8:52 am
again, now isis claiming responsibility for this attack that hit jakarta overnight. coming up for us, leaping off very tall buildings, bridges, with just a parachute and perhaps, you know, maybe a drink beforehand. this crazy sport is known as base jumping and there's a fantastic new cnn film about it. we're going to talk to a former base jumper about why on earth he did it and why on earth he quit. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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8:56 am
california engineer decided to do something the rest of us honestly probably think is a bit insane, jump off a building with nothing more than a camera and a parachute. this sunday, cnn films presents "sunshine superman." it's a breathtaking look at the life of carl, the founding father of the extreme sport now known as base jumping. here's a look. >> we were entirely successful in all our cliff jumps because i feel we were constantly led by the idea that we were glorifying mankind's beautiful spirits of seeking adventure and that we were within our rights of freedom and dominion over all the earth. there are many manmade laws that aren't laws at all that need to be broken. one is a belief that it's impossible to jump often a cliff. >> all right, the film, which airs sunday night, shows a lot of amazing footage which is reason enough to see but it also
8:57 am
describes this sport which is really worth learning about. joining us now, a current mountain climber and former base jumper. he's the father of base jumping. you did this for years. even after watching the film, i think a question a lot of people are left with is why. >> i mean, it's flying. who hasn't dreamt of flying? i can say this is the closest thing to being in a dream and pretty much the greatest feeling i've ever known. >> can you describe the feeling? i venture to guess i will never base jump so can you describe it, chris? >> well, when you're at the edge, it's completely terrifying. you step off. your stomach falls away. that's not fun. but within a few seconds, it actually feels like you're flying. you're in kind of this dream world. and there's a big reason why there's so many of us that had to do it and had to do it despite the consequences.
8:58 am
>> it's flying. it's magical, it's wonderful. yet, you quit. so explain that. >> yeah. i mean, two things. one is, it just gets really hard to see a lot of your friends die and that's kind of just the reality of the sport. and also, after a while, it's just not quite as exciting as it once was. and i just thought about what does 60 plus years of adventure look like versus doing this sport, that as cool as it is, probably isn't giving up 60 years. >> do we have time to run one more clip? i'd love for us to just see one more clip. we don't have the time to run it. don't have time to run it because it's a bit of a long clip. so this is considered the deadliest spot in the world, chris. is it? >> yes. i would say so. i've been around mountaineering
8:59 am
that i used to think, you know, that was the most deadly. in this sport, just so many of the people i've gotten to know sadly are no longer with us. i don't think you can say that about most modern day sports. there may be some in the past but none today where you meet ten people in a room, there might be a chance that two of them are going to be gone, maybe four of them the year after. >> what makes it more dangerous than sky daiving, jumping out o a plane? >> in base jumping, often you're starting at 3,000 feet. especially with the wing suits, you're often flying ten feet off the ground. so you think about that margin, you know, the difference between 3,000 feet and 10,000 feet. and it's not surprising that it's just there's so many little things that if they go wrong, it's just -- it's just over. >> that's amazing. great to meet you, chris. thank you so much. >> reminder, you can watch "sunshine superman" this
9:00 am
weekend, sunday, 9:00 eastern time, only on cnn. >> really amazing stuff. thank you all so much for joining us "at this hour." >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it is debate night in america. cnn is live in south carolina along with the remaining republican candidates. most of them are going to be hashing it out this evening live on a stage in north charleston, south carolina. and i say most of them because not every gop hopeful is going to be there. one candidate is boycotting altogether although technically he is still in the race. he's just not happy with the podium he's been assigned. going to give you more on that whole saga in just a second. this is a major event for those 11 republicans because of the current


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