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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  January 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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weekend, sunday, 9:00 eastern time, only on cnn. >> really amazing stuff. thank you all so much for joining us "at this hour." >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it is debate night in america. cnn is live in south carolina along with the remaining republican candidates. most of them are going to be hashing it out this evening live on a stage in north charleston, south carolina. and i say most of them because not every gop hopeful is going to be there. one candidate is boycotting altogether although technically he is still in the race. he's just not happy with the podium he's been assigned. going to give you more on that whole saga in just a second. this is a major event for those 11 republicans because of the current calendar. we are less than three weeks
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away, folks, from today, people in iowa are going to start casting their vote. that means the hard numbers, the hard data and not just opinion polls are actually going to start reflecting the real popularity and electability of those men and women who are running for the highest office in the land. so here's the main stage for you. seven men. donald trump in the middle. his closest rivals, senators ted cruz and marco rubio, flanking him. the undercard, just four were invited but kentucky senator rand paul says thanks but no thanks. this is the main stage or this is no stage for me was his argument. senator paul declining to participate at all in the undercard. so they'll only be three. a new political ad from the jeb bush camp went live today showing a fired up and frustrated bush highlighting the times that he called donald trump a jerk not just once but twice and calling out trump for
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the time he allegedly made fun of a physically disabled reporter. >> and when anybody, anybody, disparages people with disabilities, it sets me off. that's why i called him a jerk. what kind of a person would you want to have in the presidency that does that? at what point do we say enough of this? >> not sure if trump is even listening to bush at this point. the newest monmouth university poll out this week shows 32% of republican voters are supporting trump in that early primary state of new hampshire. jeb bush, bit further down that list with just 4% of republican voter support. live right now to tonight's debate venue in north charleston, south carolina. sara, i want to go straight to another battle that just came out of nowhere and that is republican governor nikki haley
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and what she said in the republican response ton the state of the union. a veiled attack on trump. he attacked back. now she's responding once again. i want to play the sound bite and talk about it on the other side. >> you know when i say it about my other friends that are running for president, they don't throw stones. what i would say to mr. trump is don't take it personally, this is just something that we learned in south carolina that i'm passing along. >> so sara, i find this amazing, because last i checked, trump's not running against nikki haley and yet seems to be a lot of the conversation today. is he taking the bait, is he going at this again? >> well, look, anyone who thinks they can hit donald trump and he's not going to hit back just hasn't been paying attention. i think nikki haley was fully aware of that when she gave her rebuttal and took a dig at trump. i don't think nikki haley is particularly worried about what trump thinks about her. when he put out a plan to ban
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muslims temporarily from the united states, she was very critical. i think this is a continuation of that. she knows what she stands up for does not match up with the republican front-runner. it is interesting to see this divide emerging from within the republican party but i don't thing we should be surprised to see that trump has had harsh words for nikki haley. >> behind you, as they get organized, the podiums are sitting. i think it's very sort of metaphoric of what's happening obviously in the campaign. that's why they shift. ben carson's finance manager has resigned. this is sort of really new news. i'm just wondering if there are reverberations where you are, if people are talking about that, or if ben carson is so old news already in this campaign that there's not much talk. >> i mean, this is sort of another nail in the coffin, if you will. his campaign has just been having a series of problems in the last couple weeks. quite frankly, actually, the finances have been at the core
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of that problem because they've raised so much money and how that money has been spent has sort of been the central problem with his team. so now the finance chief is departing the campaign. sort of puts a button on just what those problems were in the campaign. carson is, you know, he still has some level of support in the polls. he still has money in his bank account. it's not that he's not a factor. it's just that he hasn't been able to get his campaign structure and organization to a place where they can actually execute on any kind of plan. >> and then the two of you can weigh in on this, sara, if you would begin, it's the cruz factor. can he really continue his strategy of the bro hug approach to donald trump after trump has been chipping away at cruz's numbers in that key state of iowa, all over his citizenship and eligibility to be president of the united states. >> i think the bromance is over here. i mean, it might not all boil over on the debate stage because trump has a habit of hanging back on the debate but even if
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it doesn't happen on the stage tonight, it's happening on the campaign trail. the cruz people basically went from, you know, saying we're not going to reciprocate trump's attacks to ratcheting it up and throwing everything they could at trump. and next up you're going to hear them talking about how with ted cruz you know what you get. you know how he's going to govern. they're going to say, look, you don't know what you get with donald trump. >> what do you think, david? >> i think that's right. i think painting trump as a risky choice is something a lot of these candidates have tried to project to the republican electorate. it has not been a well received message. i don't know that cruz is going to have more success with that message but i do think sara raises a good point. trump does tend to hang back on these debate stages. we're 18 days away from iowa now. they're doing this on the campaign trail every day. i have a little more faith that we're going to see -- >> it might be go time. >> it might be go time, exactly. >> i don't recall saying that
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the sixth time in on a republican debate but i can't wait. the numbers have been astronomical for every network that aired these debates. i doubt things will be different tonight. you've got your day cut out for you so i'll let you go. the iowa caucuses, so close you can smell them. but you're also going to see democratic voters casting ballots for the first time there as well. smaller field. just two candidates essentially. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. they're the ones who are opting the numbers, folks. clinton was also on top heading into iowa the last time she ran for the democratic nomination. why don't you take a look at some numbers here. december '07 she and another u.s. senator were close in the polls. in fact, she was leading barack obama two weeks before the iowa caucuses. and this is today. new bloomberg poll puts hillary clinton ahead of sanders by the same margin that she led barack obama just eight years ago. we all know how that turned out. brianna keilar is live in
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washington. i want to go even further into that story if i can, brianna. because if you go back to october, when hillary clinton ran the first time around, she had a seven-point spread over -- seven-point lead over barack obama. in two months, that completely flipped. obama, just days out from the very first vote, actually had a seven-point lead over her. it was like a 14-point swing. and that was mass inaive and shocking to a lot of people. it makes me wonder if people aren't as surprised what's happened between her and sanders this time around. >> you know, i don't know if they're as surprised. i think one of the things hillary clinton has taken from 2008 is that she can't take a lead for granted. i do think they're a little surprised that the race has gotten quite as tight as it has. something that really struck me about that first graphic you put up there, she was leading barack obama a little bit. she was leading john edwards. remember, she didn't come in
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second, she came in third. so both of those guys, she was leading them and she actually did -- she was bested by both of them. that's one of the things that tells us when you're looking at polls, it really just tells you part of the picture. the other parts of the picture have to do with enthusiasm and they have to do with organization. bernie sanders really seems to have the enthusiasm in iowa but hillary clinton's campaign is very confident that they have the organization, that they have been getting volunteers mobilized. i do want to say in terms of what the clinton campaign is saying about this tightens race, listening to what bill clinton said, kind of downplaying it. >> all they're doing now, as they should be doing, is talking about the differences in their positions. that's good. that's healthy. >> what about the polls? does that surprise you? >> i'm surprised it didn't happen 60 days ago. >> wow. >> so i think one of the things we also -- yeah, it's pretty -- he said it's surprised it didn't happen sooner. one of the other lessons i think
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that we sort of learn from 2008 is who supported then senator obama. it was independents. it was young voters. it was people who said they would be caucusing for the first time. as you know, ashleigh, it's a pretty involved process. those people did turn up to caucus. those are the voters that sand sers doing well with. hillary clinton is also doing certainly not as well as bernie sanders with those groups, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have enough support there she could edge him out. >> it's like the deja vu factor. it's also the older voters supporting clinton like they did back when she was running against obama. it's just everything is so eerily similar. she has the benefit of history. she knows how this played out before. she's got the ground game, like you said. she's got the organization. what about spending all that money? is she spending a lot of it to advertise in that key state?
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is she doing anything differently than she did last time around? >> i will say bernie sanders is actually spending a lot of money. i think there's a lot of money coming from both of them. he's actually spent more money when you're looking at ads. there is obviously money being spent, a lot, by both campaigns. they've both been able to fund raise quite a bit. i think what it really comes down to for her and, you know, then senator obama had the enthusiasm and organization which really made him lethal in the caucuses. like i said, she's bringing the organization, sanders bringing the enthusiasenthusiasm. she sees bernie sanders getting that enthusiasm in sort of these city centers, these more liberal areas, these college towns. that enthusiasm does get capped by the caucus process actually. you know, you have to win in the most areas. it's not just in terms of, like, the number of votes in the state or the number of people who support you in the caucuses. so she's trying to thin out her
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support in a way so even though bernie sanders has this enthusiasm, the overall picture will play better for her and we'll see if that works. >> my guess is they've got their dvrs set so they can watch the gop debate tonight. brianna, thank you for that. speaking of the gop debate tonight, you just know that one of the topics they're going to be hashing out on the stage is terrorism and there's some fresh material for them because for the second time, terrorists have struck a major city. this time, the capital of indonesia and the claim of responsibility is, you guessed it, coming in from isis. the campaigns are collecting the details as we speak. hi i'm heather cox
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it is not often you hear about a terror attack outside of a starbucks but that's exactly what happened today in the capital of the world's most populous muslim country. i'm going to take you to jakarta, indonesia, right now where a suicide bomber attacked
9:17 am
that starbucks smack dab in the central business area and entertainment and shopping district, of course popular among foreigners. and that set in motion a series of other attacks. look at the people scrambling, running for their lives. at least two people were dead after this. 19 people were wounded. five terrorists were killed. and no surprise here, isis is now claiming responsibility. cnn's senior international correspondent ivan watson is live for us now in that capital city of jakarta. this just follows a couple of days after ten german tourists were killed in istanbul, another suicide blast, another isis claim of responsibility. it looks as though the m.o. is to go after where the foreigners congregate. is that what they're telling you there? >> that could be one interpretation of it. certainly it's the first time that jakarta has seen a major terror attack in some six years.
9:18 am
fortunately, not anywhere near on the horrific scale of some of the bombings that indonesia saw in the last decade. in this case, it sounds like there were about five attackers. one first self-detonated in that starbucks. and then chillingly we believe two of the attackers tried to grab two people out in the street to try to execute them. one of them believed to be a foreigner. and then very close by in the intersection that's behind me there was an attack on an indonesian -- basically traffic police booth. and in the end, two people killed. one of them, a foreigner. one an indonesian civilian. around 19 people wounded. and indonesian police say five attackers killed. so the vast majority of the casualties here were the attackers themselves. isis has come out with a claim of responsibility. they say they don't want people from the crusader alliance to
9:19 am
feel comfortable in muslim lands. the indonesian police have come out with a statement. they've linked this to a man they're called baroun niin who they say is trying to set up an isis network. >> they've got a lot of experience with terrorism there. remember the bal lbali bombing well. by all accounts, the kind of bomb we saw go off and the open fire technique certainly didn't yield as many deaths as it could have. did they respond in a way that limited the casualties? >> it's possible a swift reaction helped. it's possible just poor tactics on the part of the militants helped keep the loss of life down. and it's also possible that just last month when indonesian security forces ramped up security among fears of a
9:20 am
possible attack like this and started carrying out operations targeting militant groups, maybe that also had an impact. there have been warnings coming from the pentagon, from the australian government, from the indonesians themselves, that people could be trying to do copycat isis operations in this country. this is the worrell's most populous muslim country. and yet the scale of this attack, though it was brazen, in broad daylight, they did not succeed in the kind of mass casualties that we saw, for instance, in paris just a few short months ago. what's been really remarkable is to see the response from indonesians, with the elected president coming out and announcing we should not be afraid, and indonesians coming out with their own hash tag in their language. "we are not afraid." and that's one of the signs that's been put up by a small memorial erected right near the little police booth that was attacked just a few short hours
9:21 am
ago in jakarta. >> spent several months in that country. they are some of the most friendly people in the world. it is just tragic what they're undergoing yet again. ivan watson, thank you for your live reporting. in texas, an iraqi refugee has officially been charged with providing material support to isis. omar al harden was indicted in a houston federal courtroom. he pleaded not guilty. in the meantime, a judge ruled al hardan is a flight risk and he is being held without bail. the detainee population hat guantanamo bay has now officially dropped below 100. this after ten yemeni men were sent to oman today. this is a milestone. it comes as the president steps up his efforts to close that
9:22 am
facility before he leechleaves office. attorney general lynch addressed this with her interview with cnn's pamela brown. >> the president indicated his desire to shut down the prison at guantanamo. by the end of the year, will we see that population imprisoned in the u.s.? >> for the reasons he set forth last night, guantanamo is a tremendous recruiting tool for terrorists who seek to do us harm. and certainly the administration is working within the current statutory regime to make sure we can reduce that population and i believe the president looks forward to continuing a discussion with congress on the best way to resolve that matter. >> all that remains now, 93 detainees in guantanamo bay's prison. got some new video i want to show you of those ten u.s. sailors detained by the iranian government. after two navy boats drifted off course. these images show the sailors on their knees with their hands on their heads moments before they
9:23 am
were captured. in the meantime, it is now being revealed that one of those boats strayed from international waters because they were experiencing some engine trouble. sailors have since been released back into u.s. custody. they are being canvassed about what happened and so far what's coming out is the quote that they are tired and upset about what happened. coming up next, dreams of millions of us have been shattered but at least there are three big powerball winners out there the somewhere. do you know who they are? we'll we're going to you there in just a moment. is your head so congested it's ready to explode? you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. at the pharmacy counter.
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you want to talk about luck, not only did three people or maybe groups people match all six powerball numbers to claim a share of last night's
9:28 am
record-breaking jackpot, but all three of the winning tickets were bought in states that will not tax those people on their winnings. yeah, they're chanting chino hills because that's the lucky place to be. they're cheering in that california tax code even though not one of those folks in that audience there presumably actually hit the jackpot themselves as far as we know. they're just thrilled their seven 11 did. they were the ones who sold it in the l.a. suburb of chino hills. it beats ridiculous odds even to be the guy who sells that ticket. look how proud they are. the odds were 292 million to 1 you could actually win this baby. the store's owner gets a million dollar selling bonus. >> i'm very, very happy, whoever bought from here, and i'm so thankful to my chino people that
9:29 am
supported me all year long. >> the jackpot after 19 consecutive losses which means rollovers and break-neck ticket sales topped out at $1.586 billion. or a lump sum payout of $983.5 million. man. can you imagine it? just count all those digits. the other two tickets that were sold with a claim on the money were bought in tennessee and in florida. and neither of those states actually has the state income tax. california doesn't tax lottery winnings. those are some really lucky, double-lucky people. there's still a hefty federal tax. they are going to face that. come on, they got so much money. i want to bring in my colleagues. keeping their eyes peeled. especially in mumford, tennessee, and melbourne beach where my two colleagues are
9:30 am
standing by. it's kind of hard to pinpoint exactly where the tickets were sold so we don't have those exciting crowds in two other stores but my guess is we're going to find out pretty soon. >> absolutely. my producer described it best. this town of mumford, tennessee, is a place where you probably would want to move to if you were lucky enough to win that jackpot. it's quiet, out of the way. word spread very quickly. the town's 6,000 residents are waiting very anxiously to see and to find out if that ticket was bought at this counter the last couple of days. we spoke ton the owner of the store a little while ago. he's waiting for that phone call from the tennessee lottery commission right now to confirm those reports that are circulating here on the ground that that ticket was, in fact, sold here. i checked in with neighbors. i checked in with people. nobody seems to know who that person or persons is or are that actually made that purchase. i can tell you at this point, people here waiting with bated
9:31 am
breath, anxiously waiting for word on who those lucky -- >> that guy you just showed me, is he the owner of the store? is he the one that can get that million dollar claim if it is his winning ticket was sold there? >> he is actually. i asked him what he's been told at this point. really, a lot of residents and media have been dropping by to speak to him. at this point, he has not been told exactly how much he would get. some reports were circulating it could be about $25,000. again, he has that phone in his hand right now waiting to hear what that final decision will be and of course that final confirmation if his store did in fact sell that tennessee winning ticket. >> it's so exciting. i wish him luck. come back to us if that phone rings. hold on because i want to scoot away from you in tennessee and head down to melbourne beach, florida.
9:32 am
we're told the ticket was sold in publix. do we know it was the one you're standing in front of? >> at least part of the mystery here has been solved. that answer is that this is where the ticket in florida, the winning powerball jackpot ticket was sold. we still don't know who bought that ticket. was it somebody who lives in this beach town or was it somebody who was just stopping by on vacation with their family and friends and decided to stop by? they might live in florida. maybe they live in another country. we don't know. we walked inside the publix and a lot of people were talking about this record jackpot and the fact the winning ticket, one of them, was sold here. here's some of what people had to say. >> i live here. i was shopping here yesterday, grocery shopping. so i was wishing i'd bought my ticket here. but i bought it at a gas station. >> and you were saying? >> we're from ohio and i just
9:33 am
let all my friends know this morning we were in melbourne beach where the winning lottery ticket was sold but it wasn't us. >> now, a lottery spokesperson tells me that the winner of this ticket, the person who purchased this ticket, still has not come forward and it could be some time before they come forward. we're told they have up to 60 days to claim the ticket if they're going for the cash payout, if they decide to go with the annuity, they have a little more time. they have up to 180 days to claim the prize. and we're told they're not expecting this person to come forward any time soon because typically when the jackpot is this high, people like to take their time before they come forward. >> oh, yeah, i mean, if they follow the advice of christine romans and everybody on the news, they're assembling a team akin to donald trump's advisers to make sure they manage this money appropriately. all right, i'm sorry to say our office pool yielded only about 4 bucks and if you split that up
9:34 am
between all of us, they don't make that kind of coinage. so you got to keep working. but i thank the both of you. and make sure you let us know if your friend over there gets that phone call. i want to see his reaction. obviously the people in the store too. still an exciting day. by the way, if you're out there and you bought a ticket and you are as depressed -- i don't know why i woke up upset about this because i actually thought i had a shot. but you still might. a lot of people don't actually look at their tickets if they find out that they aren't the big winner. but there are really big winners still. there's like 80 tickets still out there that matched five numbers. and that's a million bucks. i mean, there are 80 millionaires out there somewhere. so check your ticket, check it twice, run the scan, go back to the store. usually you have to check it in the state where you bought it. but, look, you could be like us too, you might win 4 bucks. coming up next, flirting with an attractive woman via text message has yielded plenty of trouble for guys before so you would think one of the
9:35 am
world's most notorious drug lords would know better. coming up, how el chappo's fascination with the lovely lady on the left, a popular actress, may be the reason he's back behind bars. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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marie callender fills her with a rich, delicious gravy. because making the perfect dinner... ...isn't easy as pie. but finding someone to enjoy it with... sure is. marie callender's. it now seems that a flirtatious bond between a mexican actress and a man we've come to know as el chappo was what led to the drug lord's recapture. authorities are telling us now that they have been tracking that tv star kate del castillo. you may remember she's the one who actually brokered the interview between el chappo and american actor sean penn and now we're getting a brand-new look at the affectionate texts. they were published in a mexican newspaper. el chapo wrote, let me tell you that i'm more excited about you than the story, my friend. the actress then replies with,
9:40 am
ha, knowing that makes me really glad, you make me blush. that's just the tip of a steamy iceberg if there is such a thing. investigators have been keeping tabs on sean penn well before his now infamous meeting with el chapo. cnn's nick valencia has this to sort it out. >> reporter: cnn is learning the shocking visit by these two famous actors to the most infamous drug lord in the world came to the attention of u.s. law enforcement long before their october encounter. this as sources also say u.s. officials were alerted about sean penn's meeting with el chapo guzman soon after he arrived. >> we're gratified the capture was successful and we look forward to having el chapo face justice in an american court. >> reporter: mexican officials say they intercepted text messages between el chapo and this mexican actress, dating back to september of last year.
9:41 am
el chapo writing, i really want to meet you in person. she replies, me too. you are the best of this world. we will be great friends. i'll take care of you more than my own eyes. del castillo later asks el chapo's associations to have penn accompany her on the trip. he replied, if she wants to bring more people, let her bring them if she likes. he text, i haven't been able to sleep much since i saw you. it's true, it's the only thing i can think of. on wednesday, the actress took to twitter defending herself, writing, quote, many have chose be to make up items they think will make good stories and that aren't truthful. i look forward to sharing my story with you. since the drug lord's capture, guzman has been moved from cell to cell. mexican officials hoping that will ensure the two-time escapee from turning into a fugitive once again.
9:42 am
>> nick joins me live now from mexican city. i can only imagine the newspapers are flying off the shelves there because she is very popular and i'm sure people are pretty excited to read these dirty details. >> well, mexicans are very interested in it. at the same time, they feel this has turned into a bit of a side show. and its overshadowing more important issues in this country such as ongoing government corruption, the tens of thousands of lives that were lost in the drug war here, the disappeared students, a case that's still unsolved from 2014. even still just because of the sheer salaciousness of it between the world's most notorious drug trafficker and this popular actress, of course it's getting attention, ashleigh. >> it's still a little complicated as to why american
9:43 am
officials decided to start tracking sean penn. the little detail that el chapo didn't seem to know who penn was and had to have it explained to him. oh, yeah, he was that actor in "21 grams," that popular drug movie. what led americans to latch on to sean penn? >> they've been tracking the attorney of el chapo. as he began to have this conversation, dell cass stylo folded in sean penn. her reasoning behind it was he has connections in hollywood, produces a lot of movies. perhaps the most interesting point out of all these text messages that el chapo didn't even know who sean penn was. it appeared that del castillo could have brought anyone along. in fact, you read that in these text messages. el chapo saying, let her do as
9:44 am
she pleases. it's almost as if el chapo had this fan boy crush on this popular mexican actress and was willing to make himself vulnerable to capture. of course, he should have known and had to have known the delicate nature of this and how much this could have jeopardized his freedom after he escaped from prison last july. the highly circulated newspaper here in the country, that he was willing to do just about anything just to see her in person. ashleigh. >> well, love and hubris will do that. they will jeopardize all of the better sensibilities of people. even the criminals among us. thank you, nick valencia, nice to see you. i hate to chuckle because it is a serious story, he is a bad man, but strange circumstances. coming up next, an arrest in a mysterious death. an american artist is found dead in her florence, italy, apartment. there is new and disturbing evidence on the person they think is behind it. we'll fill you in in a moment.
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the murder mystery involving an american artist living in florence, italy, with a familiar name. ashley olsen. she's not related to the olsen twins but her death is making headlines and it's puzzling authorities. until last night, in fact, because they now have a break in that case. italian officials are now telling the press they've got a suspect. the man is from senegal. police say he met olsen at a nightclub on friday night and that the two of them together went back to her place where they say they had consensual sex. but by 9:00 in the morning, something might have changed because her phone was shut off. and the next day, she was discovered dead in that apartment. apparently strangled with a rope
9:50 am
or a cord. just not hands, that's according to media reports. our reporter from our rome bureau joins me. what other kinds of forensic details or evidence have they been able to cobble together on this suspect they brought in? >> well, there are still a lot of gaps to fill. the prosecutor in the case told reporters this morning that there were two primary pieces of dna evidence. the dna from the suspect. this is a 27-year-old man from senegal, was found on a condom in her apartment and on a cigarette in her apartment. but it remains to be seen just how something that appears to have started consensual could end up in such a drastic murder. she was strangled to death but she also had two fractures in her cranium and it's very -- those gaps, how things went that way have not been filled in yet. they started to integrate him and perhaps he'll be cooperative. that we don't know yet. >> at first blush, those are the kinds of pieces of evidence that
9:51 am
sound extraordinarily pejorative but if that's consensual sex, a condemn, cigarette and fingerprints mean nothing in a murder case essentially to the actual motive here. but there's this phone issue, what can you tell me about the sim card of the suspect and the phone of the victim? >> ashley olsen's phone was turned off around 9:00 on saturday morning. investigators searched the house for it. they found it on the suspect. he had actually taken out miss ols olsen's sim card, put in his own sim card, and he was using his victim's telephone as his own phone when police investigators arrested him last night. >> that's a lot more curious, that detail. there's another piece that i'm not quite able to understand. the authorities say they think the sex was consensual. i'm not sure exactly why that
9:52 am
would be. if she were drugged and didn't know what was going on, it's certainly not consensual. but the idea they say there was no sign of a struggle. this woman was strangled but there was no sign of a struggle. >> well, some of the information they're basing on this idea of consensual sex comes from surveillance video of the two as they left the nightclub together and as they went to her apartment. that is all very circumstantial. obviously, that could be interpreted any number of ways. that video hasn't been released yet but the prosecutors in the case say that that is going to prove their point. >> really odd. all right, thank you for collecting the details for us. coming up next week, cnn has something sort of unusual to present to you. our anchors, myself included, are taking a look back at the people who changed our lives the most. you're going to find out who the influencers were, who changed us who made us what we are today. i've got a sneak peek for you.
9:53 am
take a look. >> my son helped make me change. ♪ i have been hopeless and i've had my faith ♪ ♪ all of these moments showed me the way ♪ >> these people changed lives. >> can you believe we're back here? >> join the familiar faces of cnn as they share their special someone with you. >> the voyage that your suggestion sent me on. >> i learned this from you. you have to ask important questions on the most important issues of the day. >> without my mom, i am certain i would not be where i am. >> if you were to ask them how important is a mentor and if they told you not that important, it probably means they've never had a great mentor. >> you found it? >> very few people tell you the truth. you do that. >> the person who changed my life. a week-long cnn event starts sunday on cnn.
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he was professor snape. he was hans gruber from "die hard." he was the sheriff of nottingham. sadly, the star who brought those characters to life lost his battle with cancer this morning. rickman, most remembered for his smooth and distinctive voice, was a titan of the stage and of the screen. here's a look back at his long and amazing career. >> if anyone here has any knowledge of mr. potter's movements this evening, i invite them to step forward.
9:59 am
now. >> almost finished. >> almost finished? you're going to cover it with chocolate buttons? >> i wanted this to be professional. efficient. not a lot you ask. alas, he did not see it that way so he won't be joining us for the rest of his life. >> you will go out there. >> i won't and nothing you say will make me. >> the show must go on. >> cancel the kitchen scraps. no more beheadings. and call off christmas. >> shall we continue tomorrow? >> no, for i must away. >> away? where? >> that i cannot tell you. it is a secret.
10:00 am
>> you will not stay away long? >> rickman died while surrounded by his family in london. he was just 69 years old. thank you so much, everyone, for watching. my colleague wolf blitzer starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here in washington, 8:00 p.m. in amman, jordan, 1:00 a.m. friday in jakarta, indonesia. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we start with exchoes of paris now in indonesia. isis claiming responsibility for a series of well-coordinated attacks in the heart of the city. it began when a suicide bomber blew himself up right outside a starbucks. gunmen opened fire as police fled the


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