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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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ehello, everyone. happening now the morning after, donald trump in iowa for his first event since the debate last night. we're waiting for this town meeting to begin any minute. you're looking at leaving history farms. it's an open air museum in urbandale, iowa. >> the republican front runner fresh off the debate stage where the gloves came off between
8:01 am
donald trump and the other republican front runner in iowa. ted cruz with two and a half weeks. that brief bromance between the two is dead. if there's a stronger word than dead, it's that as well. jim is live at trump town hall. what are you hearing there? what are you expecting to hear from donald trump? >> good morning, guys. this is a very interesting donald trump rally. this is a window into where his campaign is right now. you're use to seeing donald trump playing to those big crowds and arenas. check out the setting behind me. it's very small and intimate. there's only a couple hundred people in here. that's essentially what donald trump needs to do right now. it's two weeks plus to the iowa caucuses. he needs to get on the ground and do the retail politicking crucial in the final stages of process. we heard just before donald trump is set to take the stage here, one of his supporters trying to fire up the crowd here. she's explaining to voters in iowa how to go to the caucus on
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caucus night and how to make sure that they go ahead and register as republicans fwbefor they show up on caucus night. that's the illustrations and obviously, one of the concerns inside the donald trump campaign. that is he does so well in the polls and arriving high but can he get people to the caucus locations? that's interesting to watch. another thing that's interesting just a few minutes ago, there was a gentleman who described himself as a former deputy sheriff shot by an illegal immigrant and the gentleman here in a wheelchair telling that story. the crowd behind me is fairly noisy right now and was dead quiet and listening to every word he had to say. that gives you an indication as to who shows up at the rallies. we heard a taste of that as well. john and kate, what i think is going to be interesting to watch here in the next few minutes is
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whether or not donald trump goes after ted cruz once again. we saw the two candidates clash over the issue of ted cruz's citizenship and whether he's eligible to be president of the united states and the clark of new york values. donald trump was warming up on twitter earlier this morning laying into lindsey graham's endorsement of jeb bush. donald trump tweeted just a little while ago that means nothing for jeb bush because lindsey graham was getting zero in the polls. >> donald trump doesn't miss than opportunity to take on lindsey graham even after he leaves the race. good to see you. we're going to take it to you live when donald trump begins to speak. let's take a look at more about how last night's debate and bromance between donald trump and ted cruz may effect the republican presidential race
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from here on out. >> former campaign manager -- >> i got far more sleep than you and you do it better than me. >> i want to start out with you. last night was the worst night for the rest of their lives for ted cruz and donald trump. they've been friendly but now not so much. the issue of ted cruz's birth. he was born in canada and he defended himself vigorously. let's watch. >> back in september, my friend donald said that he had had his lawyers look at this from every which way and there was no issue there. nothing to this birther issue. now, since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> a lot of people we've heard
8:05 am
from seemed to think ted cruz got the better end of this discussion, scotty, what do you think? >> i think both men had great points last night and great lines. you're seeing those have tractions and headlines today. i think going forward, both of these men could have gone a lot harder and deeper and gone for the jugular for each other but i think the wounds were official and on the bitter scale they've eliminated this issue from coming up in the future. either one of these guys will possibly be the republican nominee and it's going to be hard for the democrats to bring out anything against either one of them that has not already been brought up. it will be old news. >> barry, what do you think? do you think those are superficial wounds last night? do you think now the citizenship issue is taken off the table? >> no. no one's going to let it die. donald trump don't need to bring it up. the democrats will i assure you. the two of them sucked up most of the energy and time.
8:06 am
they were the big winners. one of them will be the nominee and i think at this point, mathematics tells me it's going to be trump but it will be interesting to watch the next three weeks. >> if you take all the time, there's not much else to talk about. hillary, i want to discuss another key moment between the two men. this idea of new york values. ted cruz has accused donald trump after having new york values. i want you to listen how donald trump responded. he was emotional. >> we rebuilt downtown manhattan and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. [ applause ] >> so hillary did ted cruz do what a lot of people thought was impossible? did he make trump a sympathetic figure? >> i think he's been doing that the last several days.
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it's ironic. only ted cruz could make donald trump seem warmer and fuzzier. t what comes out of his mouth matches what comes out of trump's mouth. cruz is more articulate with it. the amazing thing is these two people who both of their sense of values is demonizing immigrants and lesbians or women's issues or planned parent hood, whatever it is, their entire campaign has been about creating divisions and antagoni antagonism. the fact that these two are now so far ahead of other candidates is really amazing and you know, i think democrats are sort of sitting back thinking my god, you know, running against right one of them are going to show america the most stark choice on values, on what real values are.
8:08 am
>> now, scotty, donald trump wasn't the only person taking on ted cruz last night. marco rubio helped out in that venture for sure. his long list of attacks came late in the debate. here's a little taste. >> ted cruz, you use to say you supported doubling the number of green cards, now you say you're against it. you use to support a 500% increase in the number of guest workers. now you're against it. you use to support legalizing people here illegally. now you're against it. you were against birth right citizenship. now you're against it. >> did marco rubio help you guys out last night? >> what rubio did was accomplish what he was out to do was separate himself and his agenda and what he's accomplished to ted cruz. they're both buying for the number two spot to go one on one with donald trump.
8:09 am
marco rubio did that. he showed the opposite ends. that was exactly what marco wanted to do and he accomplished that. on the other hand, this gave ted cruz more ammunition to show everybody had their daggers aimed at me. that means i'm taking on the republican establishment and the media and that helps ted cruz. akcross the board, all three me accomplished their goals going into last night's debate. >> i'm not sure about that. i'm puzzled by marco rubio's strategy. he seems to be trying to go after ted cruz's supporters whereby the way, those are strict evangelicals. he's not going to get them. he's better off being the alternative in many respects to donald trump if that support falls away. he is more of an establishment attractive player and so i don't understand why he keeps thinking that going after cruz is going to help him. he ought to be trying to
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solidify the bush, kasich, trump hand-offs, all of those voters and it makes no sense to me. he's put himself in a place where he has nowhere to go. >> hang on one second. we have news that gets to that point. this establishment lane. just a few minutes ago there was an endorsement. lindsey graham, the senator from south carolina endorsed establishment candidate jeb bush for president. listen to lindsey graham. >> last night he did not talk the most but he made the most sense. last night he demonstrated somebody who in my view is ready on day one to be commander in chief. >> address the endorsement, does this make a difference? also address this establishment battle that hillary was just talking about. >> i don't know that it makes a
8:11 am
big difference outside the state of south carolina but inside the state i think it matters. marco rubio is counting on winning in south carolina and he just made it tougher for him. if the establishment lane can't narrow it down to one or two guys, they're going to lose. lindsey graham perpetuated the battle four to six weeks. >> here's the best thing. >> last word to scotty. >> it was the best news for ted cruz and donald trump. south carolina is not a win or take all. it's a win or take all in the district. they split a piece of the pie. >> thanks guys.
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>> new yorkers furious at ted cruz. outspoken new york congressman peter king who is no secret for hz his feelings against cruz. >> sean penn speaks out for the first time with his controversial interview. hear what the actor says and hear why he says it. theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. breaking news. that is the sound coming from wall street. the dow is down nearly 400 points so far. 375 points so far. it is on track for the worse month period since 2009. >> take a look at this big
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board. chief correspondent here as we're looking at it. it's down and slightly back up. going to go back down probably. >> it's fear. fear spreading around the would recall. today the reason trst more fear is what's happening in the oil market. oil is down 8%. steep drop in oil this month and that decline continues. look at oil prices a year and a half ago. they're down 70 something percent. that's a good thing action right. you put it in your tank and take all this money and spend it in the economy but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. that's because the countries are in free fall, essentially. currencies are being pressured. china is a big consumer oil, largest imported oil. you add this together and there's concerns about the financial markets and ramifications of destabilization. it's good for drivers.
8:18 am
good for american consumers. now we're worried about slowing china and if the drop is going to hurt the economy. >> the problems in china sure doesn't seem like a quick fix or its going to get better any time soon. what are we going to do. >> when you look at china, rapidly growing gdp growth, maybe it's growing 5%, 6%, 7%, that sounds good but it's a slow down. concerns about the trance parn si, concerns about the rather small stock market there. people in china are exposed to the stock market. all that feeding into the sphere of how will china effect the rest of the world. the wall street journal this morning sort of summed up all the angst in the global mark. the u.s. economy is strong and stable.
8:19 am
will these others around the world knock on our door and how soon? >> increasingly lonely island as we see the market dropping. christine, tough start to the new year. >> yes. also more breaking news. according to the u.s. defense officials before the sailors drifted in iranian water, they had changed course. >> new information just coming in to barbara at the pentagon. what are you learning? this changes the picture a little bit. >> it does. this is all under investigation. the 10 sailors are being debriefed. the pentagon putting the pieces together. all of this could change at the end of the day. two defense officials tell me that the latest information indicates at some point before they wound up in iranian waters, the crew made the decision to alter course. they were suppose to go basically up the middle of the
8:20 am
persian gulf on their transit and stay in international waters, no problem. for some reason that is not clear yet, they decided to alter course. they wind up in iranian waters. what we don't know at this point yet is did that course take them into iran and they did not realize it or did something go wrong with their gps and they drifted further and wound up in iran? what is increasingly becoming clear, according to defense officials is the the crew made a series of decisions. engine trouble, they were focussed on trying to fix their mechanical problem and didn't perhaps but their heads up, look around and see where they were. apparently, the indications are it caught them quiet by surprise they were in iranian waters. the crew making a series of
8:21 am
decisions not the best. we have the emphasize all of this still under investigation. no firm conclusions yet. >> which means this could be changes but this is interesting details and developments you're picking up from your sources. good to see you. >> sure thing. >> coming up, one of the most outspoken members of congress who happens to be a new york native joins us live to respond and discuss ted cruz's comments about republican values. peter king coming up next. >> plus is sean penn fearing for his life. new this morning, the actor breaks his silence. why he says he's in the cross hairs plus donald trump set to take the stage any minute. we're watching it live and we'll take you there. actually be exactly what i am. i got to hang a picture. it may not seem like much, but to that resident it was the best thing in the world. it's amazing to me because it takes me seconds.
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all right. happening now, you're looking at live pictures from iowa where donald trump is about to take the stage. first event since the debate last night. a debate where we saw something different with donald trump and ted cruz going after each other on issues where ted cruz was born and cruz saying donald trump has new york values. now trump says cruz has offended 20 million people with his at aly values. new york news was more blunt than that. drop dead, ted. go back to canada. ing see the statue of liberty adding a special side gift. >> what did ted cruz mean by new york values? he explained himself and donald trump responded. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or proabortion or progay marriage focussed
8:27 am
around money and the media. >> new york is a great place and it's got great people and loving people and wonderful. when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. >> let's talk more about this with a manhattan born queen raised congressman, congressman peter king. great to see you. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, kate. thank you very much. >> so, i want to get your take on all of this. hillary clinton also just weighed into this new york values fight and she said this, just this once donald trump is right she says in this tweet. new yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience and building better lives for our families. you're a republican e elected by the people of new york, what do you think of this? >> what ted cruz said was
8:28 am
disgusting, hypocritical. he's always coming to new york trying to raise money for republicans including gay republicans and he tells them behind closed doors he'll look the other way. you want to say you disagree on certain issues, that's one thing. values, you're talking about the cops confinement. we lost 400 cops confinement on november 11th. the mayor, the governor, democrats and republicans came together and set the tone for the entire country in fighting back from the worst attack in our nation's history. we never backed down and faulted. that's a value can't buy anywhere and i challenge any other place in the country to show that type of dedication and courage. that to me is a lasting value and american value and what ted cruz forgot was on and after 9/11 all americans said we are
8:29 am
new yorkers. this is not just an attack on 20 million people. we can handle ourselves. i think he hurt himself when he went after the values issue because people all over the country identify with the spirit and the bravery of what the cops and firemen and all new yorkers showed after 9/11. >> congressman, you don't really think ted cruz was questioning the bravery of everyone in the city after september 11th, do you? >> he was questioning the values. i don't know of any higher values than patriotism and courage. that's the self-righteousness of ted cruz. if he said we had differences on certain issues, that's one thing. the whole idea of patriotism, we had almost 300 men and women. you and i belong to the fighting 69. there's four or five deployments in iraq and afghanistan and many
8:30 am
casualties. this is what new york is all about. so values is a term that really, really turned us off. really got people aggravated and angry. more right to left republican, democrat, black, white, you name it, everyone was offended by that. we don't need anyone to feel sorry for us but we're not taking stuff from anybody like ted cruz. >> in the political sense, you were not born yesterday and been around politics for a long time. republican voter ins iowa may have different values than republican voters in new york. no? >> i think if he had said political issues, that's one thing. to say your values was wrong to me was way off. especially again, i think as an american the foremost value is patriotism and courage. that's what new york shows. if he wanted to say certain differences and go after donald trump, fine. that's fair game. i've been around congress, i
8:31 am
know what happened when we couldn't get the money we're entitled to. meanwhile, cruz is giving all the money he can to texas when they have floods. he went way off and shot himself in the foot when he used the term value. that put it at a higher level and he's the last guy who belongs there. >> i get the sense you're not voting for ted cruz. about two weeks before the iowa caucuses, two weeks before the voting, who are you going to back? >> two candidates most appealing to me are jeb bush and marco rubio. jeb bush is having a hard time getting started. after iowa and new hampshire depending on which of those two are left, i will support them. i think marco rubio has a great knowledge of foreign policy, homeland security and as a level head. talking about two young senators, cruz is totally out shown by marco rubio.
8:32 am
they went head to head. again, we have to see what happens in iowa and new hampshire. >> congressman peter king, great to have you on. great to see you. >> thank you. that was all off the record. >> of course. absolutely. just between us. leaving the room. >> love that. lay it off the record. see you, buddy. another king, actually another comment from another king, congressman steve king is a supporter of ted cruz from iowa conceited after hearing trump's response that it would been better for cruz to not take part in that exchange. i found that interesting this morning. peter king never holds back for us. thanks so much. any minute now, donald trump, we are going to get to anymore one second. he's getting ready to take answers and starting to speak at a town hall in iowa. his first event since the fiery debate. how he takes questions and responds to the crowd. we'll be right back. cry-proof, stay-proof look?
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you're looking at donald trump live in iowa. he told the crowd he thought he did well in the debate and thinks he'll win iowa. >> that's not going to happen with me. i love china and do great with china, they rent buildings of mine. i have the biggest bank in the world that's a chinese bank. they pay me rent. they're in one of my buildings in new york. frankly, it's all great. i sell condos to the people in china. they can't believe what they get away with. in other words, they can't believe how stupid our leaders are. i don't hold that against china. i think they're great. if we could have a $500 billion surplus with china, i would love that. that would be great. that wouldn't happen because if that ever happened, if it started getting out of control,
8:38 am
boom, they would slice it off. we do this on a yearly basis. for years we lose hundreds of billions of dollars. i'm not talking about millions. i'm talking about billions. we can't do it. we're going to change it around. we have the greatest business people in the world. many others have endorsed me and i'll get carl involved. i'll say carl, watch over china trade. >> believe me. go and do your thing. we're going to come out just fine. that's what happens. we use political hacks and negotiate some of the biggest deals in the world. look at the deal with iran. it's a disgrace. $150 billion we're giving them. then they capture these sailors, these wonderful young sailors, i don't blame them. but they capture these kids and have them on their knee in the begging position, hands up, guns
8:39 am
to their head and humiliation for our country and then they release the pictures and have a guy saying i apologize, i apologize and he didn't know. they might have asked him, told him to say it. nobody knows that. it's humiliation. the only reason to let them back is because they're not stupid people, they're smart people and great negotiators and in two days they get a check for $150 billion. they didn't want to take a chance. the difference is if they did that with me, you're not getting your money back. you're in default for what you did. the only thing i don't like. the only thing i don't like is that if i win i will go and i will say the money is gone, folks because that 150 billion has got, i can't get it back once it's gone.
8:40 am
remember this, if we weren't giving them a check in two or three days for $150 billion, they would never let him go, they would kept him. don't forget this also, they have four hostages, okay. we have right now a minister, a pastor, a writer from the washington post, we have a lot of people right now that and nobody mentions him. i think that the pictures taken released by iran was horrible and a slap in the face and our people don't know it was bad. they have four other people that
8:41 am
should have come back as part of that deal as bad as that deal was. they should have said hey, before we give you anything you have to let our prisoners back. >> all right. donald trump right there speaking to supporters in urbandale, iowa. he says he wants to win that state. no kidding, buddy. let's bring in political director david now to discuss. he's talking china and iran and says he thinks he did well in the debate last night. daiftd, what's the general sense you saw? two and a half weeks out of iowa, what does last night's debate do for donald trump? >> i think it was donald trump's best debate performance and i think it gets us to where we are in this moment right now, kate. it's now really time for the voters to sort of validate this trump movement as he calls it or just sort of pierce it. and he raised the central question now about where we are in the race for the republican
8:42 am
nomination. he said you know, there are those that say all these people show up in my rallies are not going to show up to vote. he said i don't know, i think so. they rate seven hours to get into a rally and i'm sure they'll come and vote. he understands that is the central question. now we learned the debates aren't going to take down donald trump. no add campaign from some outside group is going the take down donald trump. it's now going to be whether the voters are going to continue to ride this trump wave that has been come nigdominating the ent. he says he's going to be iowa so much they're going to get sick of him and he doesn't want to set expectations. he clearly wants to win there. he knows that's the catapult for the nomination for him. >> it seems clear no intervening event is going to end this trump phenomenon. nothing singular will happen that will keep him from having. it's just that maybe, maybe the
8:43 am
polls are wrong. the polls everywhere but iowa showing him way ahead are wrong. iowa shows him neck and neck. >> not that they're wrong, necessarily. just that we don't know if he can convert. the polls may be capturing the right sentiment, but are all the fans going to be converted into voters? david, i get the sense you hear from people on the inside now, they think there's a pretty good shot he can win this. >> yeah, that is the big conversation happening in the hallways down here in south carolina around the debate and meeting that the republican national committee held down here, john. this is the very establishment, this is the party structure that has been reluctant throughout 2015 to the trump candidacy and now the conversation is this guy is in the driver's seat and may end up as the nominee and you can hear republicans now thinking through what that means. if it's no longer sort of like wow, we're scared of him to be our nominee mand be bad for the
8:44 am
party, it's now you hear a conversation, listen, he may be our nominee and we need to start thinking how we move forward if that's the case. it's a shift in tone and acceptance of the political reality that's before them. >> david, in south carolina great to have you with us today. thanks so much, daiftd. >> thanks, david. >> coming up, the world preimnant republican debater. he joins us live and will grade the performances. >> also, ahead, sean penn in the wake of el chapo's capture and why he says the mexican government is now making him the next target of the cartel.
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8:49 am
actor and activist sean penn is break his silence on the interview with el chapo, the drug kingpin and he is saying that the meeting is es is sen shall to his capture, as the authorities have said. and penn says that the mexican authorities have now made him a target of the cartel for humiliating him. >> and we know that the mexican government, they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. well, nobody found him before they did. we didn't -- and we are not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> do you believe that the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to en dournlg
8:50 am
cartel to put you in their cross hair hairs -- to encourage the cartel to put you in their crosshairs? >> yes. >> are you fear ed for your lif? >> no. >> and that is quite an interview. and fou, to join us and talk about this is a man who did a documentary on the search for el chapo, angus mcqueen, and his documentary is entitled "in search of shorty." do you believe that sean penn is in danger? >> well, if i were kate de kas stea kastille, i would be more worried. >> and what do you make of what sean penn says that the mexican government was embarrassed how this played out, and they are trying to blame him? >> well, i think that the
8:51 am
mexican government have been clearly humiliated over a quite a long time the period, and they were humiliated by el chapo's escape, and sean penn is absolutely right, the government didn't find chapo, because penn and kate decastillo did an interview with him, and they have known for years and years where he was before and before the first capture and the capture before last and in capture, and they have been working hard over the last few months to get him clearly, and essentially managed to drive him out of the mountain, and tough place where sean penn met him. they knew that he was roughly up there. because where penn met chapo and where the authorities almost got him in october was exact ly the same place that we had been and we had gotten close to him two years ago. >> a lot of politicking on all sides here. angus mcqueen.
8:52 am
>> i think a great deal of messages, yes, being passed out and excuses. >> and dangerous game. >> yes, a dangerous game with the mexican cartel. and coming up the world pre-eminent debate coach joins us live. find out how he thinks that the candidates did. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. chase for business. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®.
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8:56 am
the first gop debate of 2016, 2 1/2 weeks out from the iowa caucuses and the stakes can't be much higher, so how did they do? >> bret o'donnell is a debate coach who worked on a number of high profile campaign, and you told us that you think that cruz won on the debating strictly speaking, but rubio and trump actually won the debate. so what do you mean by breaking
8:57 am
the parts down. what do you mean that cruz won on debating. >> no, cruz. >> and that is right, cruz. >> and if you realize that you were a debate judge, you would say knowing that ted cruz was an accomplished debater, you would say that he had a good card, but the audiences don't have a scorecard and they are impressionistic, and from the debate itself trump and rubio had a good night, and particularly donald trump. even though cruz may have gotten the better of debating trump in the canada exchange, certainly the fact that you are talking about, and that they were talking about it for five or ten minutes is bad for ted cruz, because it is still keeping the issue alive. and rubio clearly got the better of cruz in the exchange at the end of the debate by dumping the opo so to speak on ted cruz, and rubio's response it is not the op-o, but the record that
8:58 am
speaksb and impressionistically, you have to say those guys won >> and we have that quick moment, brett, and let's play for it the viewer whence rubeb owe and cruz went after each other on the record. >> i appreciate your dumping op-o folder on the debate stage. >> and it is your record. >> and it is a quick moment, but why did that stick out the to you, brett so much to you? >> because rubio did dump a lot of arguments, and it is what we would call a kitchen sink approach to debating. he dumped a lot of arguments on ted cruz and all he could come back with is that those are false, and that is your the op-o work, and rubio's response was brilliant. >> he didn't say all of those were false. >> right, exactly, and -- >> brett it is interest -- go ahead. >> oh, go ahead. >> well, i was going to say that you thought that it was donald trump's best debate and david chalian said that it is donald
8:59 am
trump's best debate so far, and what does that mean? look, he is winning outright in the national polls, and if he is just getting to the point where he is getting good at this, what is that telling you going forward? >> well, i think that you are exactly right. i mean that the point is that, you know, to this point in the election, debates have not hurt donald trump, but they have is seemed to hem him, and now he has had the best debate of the debating season, and this is the debate right before the iowa caucuses, and i can't imagine that this debate doesn't actually help donald trump. you know, he was engaged throughout the evening. and he got the better of ted cruz in the new york values exchange. and i just think that, you know, the other candidates on the stage didn't do anything to take him down. and ted cruz is the only one who challenged donald trump, and the other candidates are not going to be challenging him, a and that leaves him standing tall in that debate. >> and i mean, especially in the coverage afterwards and what
9:00 am
other candidates, and that is what you are left with, who was really the focus last night between those two kacandidates d three maybe. brett, great to see you >> thank you all for joining us at this hour. >> "legal view" with ashleigh >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view." urbandale, iowa s a long way from new york city, but a heart felt ode to new york and new yorkers in last night's gop debate. maybe helping donald trump close the deal with iowa caucusgoers because as we speak mr. trump is holding a town hall in that state that holds the first no, ma'am nating contest, and that is a mere 17 days from now, and he told that crowd that he is in this thing to win it. >> we are winning on


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