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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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good evening. welcome. tonight with iowa and new hampshire fast approaching and big new questions about e-mails, with a self-proclaimed socialist rising and bush struggling with so many strange and captivating
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developments we seem to be talking about, we're devoting the entire hour to precisely that, a conversation with the people in the middle. joining us is amanda carpenter and peter barnhart and a contributor at the atlantic and jeffrey toobin and tara setmayer who worked as communications director and cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. the first top pick tonight, sarah palin endorsing donald trump and campaigning for him today after a short delay to deal with their son's legal difficulties, which she talked about on the campaign trail. amanda, do you think sarah palin has the power she once has particularly in iowa? >> without a doubt the speech she delivered did not compare to the 2008 convention speech. things changed for sarah palin. that said, donald trump is pulling out all the big stops. i think it says a lot about ted cruz that donald trump is rolling out the palin endorsement right now.
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governor bronson is coming out against cruz right now. there is a big, fat target on cruz' back. sarah palin, i got to say, i don't know how good a surrogate she's going to be for donald trump. >> you also have bob doll coming out attacking ted cruz essentially saying it would be a huge hurt. it would hurt the party. >> raise a lot of money off that, too. >> you talk about, you know, having political capital. god bless bob doll but i don't think he really matters. >> does sarah palin matter? >> i think sarah palin matters to a certain degree in iowa this was a great stunt by donald trump. we are talking about this. it is put ted cruz, his message out of the data day messaging. we're talking about palin. not talking about cruz, and you're right, amanda, i was on the convention floor in 2008 when she deliver that speech. >> such a great moment. >> fantastic speech and people were inspired. i don't know who that was last night. i mean, the sarah palin of today is someone that i think is more
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problematic than people realize. >> how so? >> just look at the speech was all over the place. she's more of an entertainer now. she was shrill the whole time. it was almost tough to listen to. i almost felt embarrassed for her. >> there was a series of yelps. >> do you think she's rusty? >> i think a combination of not only being rusty but recognized she has gone into the entertainment aspect of things. she's a conservative entertainme entertainment. she went from reality shows to what she's doing now and it showed. and i don't know -- it's perfect for trump. that's what he does. but is that in the long run going to be -- >> it's perfect for trump. >> she is. she gives him credibility on his conservatism. i mean, ted cruz, you know, has been attacking trump. >> that's why trump picked her. >> on his conservative k credentials. donald trump is a conservative with evangelicals. >> not a conservative. >> trump is not conservative. >> this is what sarah palin is doing, right?
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>> of course. >> and with evangelicals and also had this great sort of anti establishme establishment spill. >> standing next to a c conservative -- >> the thing about the palin endorsement shows it's not about being a conservative anymore, the guy that the establishment hates. >> hates. >> the establishment hates you more than anybody else, you are the guy to that republicans want and that's essentially the -- she said donald trump has hated more than ted cruz therefore he is more offensive to more people in this country therefore he's our guy. >> there is a downside to this palin endorsement nobody is talking about. when you look at trump on stage last night owing and awing over an endorsement looked like a conventional candidate. he's gotten to this point by being the most unconventional candidate and he's giving sort of issue specific speeches and running commercials and going to
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liberty university and doing these paces of a conventional candidate and conventional campaign and that's not what has gotten him to this point. >> i did not think anything about that event. yesterday -- [ laughter ] >> was conventional. >> sarah palin -- >> i thought, you know, that that was sure rureal more than conventional. there is a moment that the more people who hate you, the better you're doing. ted cruz has built his entire career on people hating him and bob dole is the perfect anti endorsement for him because bob dole is a perfect -- >> there is no group that is wallowing in victim politics more intensely today than people on the right. especially, the most important thing for them to know is the elites that run everything hate
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you. if they know that about you, then that's what they want. >> sarah palin was supposed to campaign earlier in the day in iowa with trump. she didn't do that. she did show up later in the day and she talked particularly about the legal troubles that her son track is having because he's been arrested on allegedly domestic violence issues. i want to play what she said because she essentially linked it to president obama and treatment of veterans. let's watch. >> but my son like so many others, they come back a bit different. they come back hardened. they come back wondering if there is that respect for what it is that their fellow soldiers and airmen and every other member of the military, so sacrificely have given to this country. our military personnel even have to wonder, question if they are respected anymore. it starts from the top. the question, though, that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and
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wonder do you know what we go through? >> yeah, sarah palin is saying that her son beat up his girlfriend because of barack obama. now, let us know hesitate to admire anyone who serves their country as sarah palin's son did but how repulsive, how disgraceful. >> these people that believe in personal responsibility, right? >> what a thing to say. it's just -- >> too far. ridiculous. >> it's clear that sarah palin doesn't have an issue taking things like that and giving red meat to republican primary voters who are very frustrated and upset with the way veterans have been treated under this administration. we're not unfamiliar with what happened with the v.a. but i think now does that open her up for people to go in and start digging into her family? does she want to go down that road again? that's where i say sometimes this could be a blessing and a course that he's bringing her out and she's using this but then okay we're going to have a week about her son and ptsd and
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her daughter having two kids and the drama in the palin family. >> also pointed out the problems discovered under this administration probably existed -- >> it doesn't matter. what is happening now, how people feel now and capitalizing on that. >> who is capitalizing? >> this is reason, i just don't find her to be super effective. chaos follows sarah palin. we seen this play out again and again and such a mismatch of the direction that donald trump may want to go where sarah palin has been in the past and the cruz campaign would love this drive this is asking the question of what kind of republican is donald trump? sarah palin has stood for these things. the tea party stood for things against the babailouts. donald trump can talk about how he'll take on special interest but no, we're going to increase the ethanol mandate in iowa -- >> capitol -- >> he was very effective today
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in criticizing cruz for setting the birther thing aside but the -- okay. that's a big thing to set aside. >> sarah palin should answer that. >> yeah, on the senator whose bought and sold by goldman sachs and the loans and the -- i mean, he keep -- that's his new thing now and he'll keep harping on it to make cruz look like an establishment person. >> the problem is that cruz can't be the establishment opponent to donald trump because the establishment hates ted cruz more than they hit donald trump because they actually know ted cruz. that's the problem. >> ted cruz -- >> what establishment, everybody is now trying to make themselves the enemy of the establishment. we'll take a break and more on what seems to be donald trump's most effective tactic so far even against former friend ted cruz, that and more when we continue. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need.
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>> focussing tonight on the state of the presidential race on both sides of the primary, how bernie sanders could take iowa and new hampshire. more on donald trump and ted cruz. trump got a boost out of attacking every opponent that comes close to him. cruz, of usually his current target. he took a fresh shot today. >> and he said with being a canadian citizen, he said oh, i didn't know that. how did he not know that? then he said with the loans, oh, i didn't know that. smart guy.
6:14 pm
he doesn't know that, yeah, that's worse than hillary. >> that the the event sarah palin was supposed to be at. with sarah palin he hasn't taken shots at cruz even when introducing sarah palin didn't mention cruise by name at all but when she's not there, he does. are the attacks by trump and cruz have anfec effect. one-third of republicans don't believe ted cruz is a natural born citizen or unsure. >> they have to take this seriously and fairly easy to arm surrogates with the fact i expect while donald trump is having wonderful media attention with sarah palin, they are having serious conversation on the ground to walk people through it to take away this question but man, it gets to the fact that donald trump. i can't get over the fact he was the obama birther and a cruz birther. how is sarah palin going along with this stuff? there say reason -- >> you can arm the surrogates all you want but it's not clear
6:15 pm
what a natural born citizen is. trump is touching on two issues and you know, trump is good at what he does. there is no definitive answer about natural born citizens -- >> i don't need the support -- >> yes, i do. it is not a settled issue and his answers are those loans are petty bad that he didn't mention it and he happened to get a million dollars from goldman sachs. those were problems -- >> you don't see -- >> also the clock is ticking. iowa is coming up fast. >> people are -- it is now a question in people's mind, trump has succeeded in that regard. >> why are republicans coming out and defending ted cruz -- >> because they hate -- >> more than donald trump. >> that's true. this is where not having friends in washington -- you know, john mccain. >> who was born in the panama canal zone could have come out and defended cruz and didn't. >> right. >> here is the thing, this is the brilliance of donald trump. he is a brilliant marketer,
6:16 pm
brilliant when it comes to messaging and he knows that social reputation creates reality. repeat it, repeat it. repeat it. if he's created a perception now that people 24% of people don't know, this wasn't even on the radar a couple months ago. trump himself in september said it wasn't an issue until it was. >> people listen, people distrust and who you put on to tell them that's not true. something else really interesting and this is one of the things in the bob dole from the establishment to the extent that such a thing kpiexists. they prefer it. >> can we talk about how remarkable it was. the party has so given up hope
6:17 pm
in the traditional candidates people are talking about whether they prefer trump over cruz? >> in the is the conversation in the republican party since the bail j bailouts in 2008. what do we stand for? if we stand for having power and performing well on the polls and getting on board with donald trump and getting back to the values of the american government, balanced budgets, things like that the gop is done. >> establishment folk, i talked to a couple today and yesterday who said to me and kind of stunned me to your point, frank, is that well we would rather have trump than cruz and the reason they would rather have trump than cruz in this new reality they find themselves in is they believe cruz would more definitively cost them control of the senate -- >> this is the case for cruz' candidacy. >> this is one establish the republicans saying calling cruz quote dangerous whereas they believe donald trump is more -- >> there is something else you said. not just about the senate. i hear this all the time. donald trump believes in
6:18 pm
nothing. and this is now suddenly an at butte. >> donald trump as you said is mallible. >> trump himself trumped that as one of the characteristics saying look, when i was in new york, i needed to get along with new york politicians and donated money. >> donald trump is also a aauthoritity. he doesn't have a lot of respect for basic constitutional processes and civil libertielib. when you say you should have a religious test to get in the country, that's a large deviation. that's the dangerous thing. he could be left front and center but probably more than ted cruz is actually dangerous to our constitutional -- >> i want to play something cruz said about trump and the establishment. let's listen. >> we are seeing more and more the establishment calling out
6:19 pm
their support for donald trump, and if you believe what we need is more deal making, more going along to get along to use his phrase with harry reid and barack obama and the democrats, they know you can understand why the establishment is unifying behind him. >> this does get at the essential heart to your point of what does it mean to be a republican today? do you go for compromise or do you stand on principles? >> look at what donald trump is doing to win. spreading conspiracy theories about ted cruz. going, giving lobbyists in iowa everything they want and more in order to win. i mean, these are not fair tactics and may work. >> politicians. >> what does it say about a poll lit -- political party and cruz. absence of compromise is his at butt -- attribute. he single handedly shut down the
6:20 pm
federal government. >> why would you compromise with a failing agenda. >> the rating at 50%. it's only -- no, no, the -- it's only among the certain group of older white voters who think the country is in total apocalypse. it's important to distinguish. >> the republican base -- >> barack obama -- >> what is a worse thing -- >> we're talking about his record, donald trump. >> that are you are establishment and this is where cruz was clever, i don't know if it's going to stick but a good try to say donald trump is establishment after sarah palin spent her entire speech talking about him as anti establishment where we're not going to take it anymore. it's clever of cruz. >> it's also great about that cruz sound byte, funny, he's basically saying elect donald trump and things may actually
6:21 pm
happen in washington. elect me and i promise you nothing will get done. >> here is where the incongruity of the sarah palin trump thing. she comes out like the tea party favorite, people love her and the tea party side, which is an interesting thing to see where the tea party has gone and doesn't exist really the way it used to. but then you have donald trump who is -- he played by the establishment rules. he gave money to whoever he needed to to get things done to be -- he played along with special interests, all the things of the charge, donald trump embodied that. this is what i did. this is how it is. yet, you're standing next to someone that railed against those things but here is someone -- >> he is the good old boy. >> he plays the game but people don't hear it that way -- >> he said he learned from it. >> right. >> that's an important part of the appeal. he's -- of the republican candidates, he's the only one and hillary clinton isn't willing to say. he's the only one behind bernie sanders that says the system is fund mentally corrupt because
6:22 pm
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the clock is ticking, two weeks until the iowa caucuses and over two weeks until the new hampshire primary. candidates pulling out the stops including what they hope are key endorsements trying everything they can to move the polls. the questions are what are the polls not showing. joining us is john king, chief national correspondent. john, i know you're cold so appreciate you staying up with us -- >> no, it's beautiful. it's a spring day. >> your teeth are shivering. is it possible the polls are not capture something? >> they are always not capturing something. it's a trump cruz dead heat here and big fight for third place to move on to new hampshire. you know the top line of the polls and what is happening underneath and every year, every cycle there is a big shakeup here. newt gingrich running strong in
6:27 pm
iowa until the final week or two back in 2012 and collapsed and became a romney santorum case. rick santorum was maybe just into double digits and won with 25% of the vote. when you're out here in the ground you try to figure out what am i missing? part of that is did voters get strategic. i was talking to rand paul. they think they can make a showing but a worry is convincing their people our guy is still viable. if your guy is at six or ten and looking at trump at 20 something and cruz at 20 something, do voters decide i'll go with the winner and not viable. that's why things get interesting in the final 11 days and some hours until caucus days. that's why campaigns way more than in the past every day called the most committed supporters to the point of annoying them. are you still with us? do you need a ride? do you know your precinct? they are worried for the candidates things could collapse or get into turmoil.
6:28 pm
that's what makes it fun. >> there is a new poll that shows trump in a wide lead with the rest of the republicans and a lot of republicans still not -- have not made up their minds. >> right. if you look at these numbers and again, trump has a big lead, which is why a lot of establishment people think trump can win iowa behind ted cruz that he won't lose the big lead if you have the numbers, 34% for donald trump in the poll. that's a big lead. yes, there will be volatility in the polls. yes, what happens in iowa causes at least a bit of a come kn domino effect. the people say no thanks to whatever decision iowa makes. look at trump at 34. hard to move the numbers in the 18 days, 19 days until new hampshire. not that people won't try but that's a big lead. ted cruz at 14%. a lot of people think if cruz could win, new hampshire is look at the bush at ten, rubio at ten, kasich and christie behind them. if you add up, bush, rubio, chi
6:29 pm
sick cri -- kasich and christie, that's the problem for the establishment. their voters splintered. will this shift? 31% of republicans as you noted say they haven't made a final decision and leaning this way or that way. again, the volatility of the race, a all the tv ads and because it's more of a national race, the impact of iowa definitely will somehow stir the pot, exactly how? we don't know yet. >> john king, get a hot totti and go to the catfish bend, whatever that is. what do you make of it? you see jeb bush in third place right now. >> he hasn't been in double digits. >> 10%. >> this is the jeb bush come back. >> the biggest double digit you can get, 10%. >> his people would love to think it is the jeb bush come back. they are happy to be up a bit. this establishment lane is so crowded that they are eating
6:30 pm
their own, you know. christie and rubio fighting and bush fighting with rubio. take your pick. you have the anti establishment guys fighting each other and one accusing the other of being establishment and the establishment guy is fighting each other. it's kind of nutty. >> in many respects, the second and third place winners are finishers in iowa more important than winning. we talk so much about iowa. think about what won the iowa caucuses over the past 20 years. pat robertson. mike huckabee. >> santorum. >> george bush is the only one. >> rick santorum. >> george w. bush is the only one who won iowa and went on to be the nominee. so we spent all this time focussing on who wins iowa and then it turns out not to matter. >> how many people get a ticket beyond new hampshire? how many people can last? >> what makes it unusual is this the changing role of money. i think conventional wisdom
6:31 pm
would be three basically, probably cruz, trump and whoever comes in first of that establishment group. the difference is that you can have someone like jeb bush who has so much money if he doesn't do well in new hampshire, he has the money. candidates run on money. jeb bush won't run out of money. that's the disaster for let's say marco rubio because if jeb bush stays in there continuing to spend a lot of money preventing rubio from establishing himself as that third establishment candidate -- >> kasich and christie, kasich and christie i think are the two candidates for whom new hampshire is clearly life or death because they don't have the money. >> right. >> to continue afterwards. other than that, i think everybody stays -- >> rubio's problem is we have for months been talking about the brilliant promise of marco rubio and poll after poll comes out and there is no substanuation. he is going to be -- there is narrative about rubio developing where is he? >> positive debates for rubio. >> it's partly because there is a gap between the main stream
6:32 pm
media and conservative media. the main stream media says -- >> you think. >> you listen to conservative media. they hate that guy. they hit it -- no, no, listen. listen. >> no, no. >> it's two things. >> one at a time. >> emerged as in many ways the single biggest -- not just that. the more the establishment loves him, the more suspect he therefore -- >> tara, you're saying there is not hatred there. >> there is not hatred for marco rubio by any means. he's the feature of the republican party. the problem was he got into bed with chuck schumer's of the world and canes and all those guys on immigration and even though he's walked back and said that he regretted that, he's evolved, just like ted cruz evolved on things, just like donald trump who said a couple years ago during that same debate that amnesty was acceptable as long as border security happened. facts don't matter in the campaign, apparently. >> how is marco rubio possibly
6:33 pm
the future of the party giving up his seat in the senate and if he doesn't win and it certainly doesn't look like he's winning at this point. >> if he doesn't win he has an opportunity to come back because plenty of people look at marco rubio and see the story what he's come from and vision as something that conservatives and republican party rally. >> he began this campaign being very upbeat, that story central and the tone. he has gotten darker and darker and darker and he strayed from what his brand is supposed to be. >> also, he has a foot in each camp and in this race you either are establishment or you are anti establishment and the problem for marco rubio is that he was for an immigration measure then he changed his mind. the establishment likes him and that's a problem for him and he kind of tries to be -- >> acceptable alternative. >> changed his mind on a number of issues but one specific issue
6:34 pm
marco rubio says no, the double standard -- >> donald trump is selling anger and that's what republicans are buying and marco rubio is selling hope and change. >> not so much -- >> he was. he was. he was and now he's giving up to try to sell the same kind of fear. >> amanda -- >> he doesn't do so well. >> the voters ted cruz is appealing to in new hampshire isn't the same as iowa. >> we know that iowa has a lot of evangelical voters. cruz is very close to that community. at the same time, new hampshire is liberty-minded kind of voters that he can have conversations about the constitution, what he did, excellent track record on the issues. he can have all of the conversations which makes him a versatile candidate but on the marco rubio thing, i said before i think he would have been the de facto republican nominee. there is love for marco rubio still in the movement, but i
6:35 pm
wanted to see this race come down to cruz and rubio. that would have been so much healthier for the republican party than what going on with trump and cruz. >> healthier because? >> it would have painted the republican party as handing the reigns to a new generation. these were both tea party guys that beat the establishment in their respective senate races and he never cultivated a grass roots' base. he did things in the senate and lead there. he had such a prime platform to do it and he, as we next was absent and that hurt him. >> i want to talk about what is happening on the democratic side. including hillary clinton in danger of losing bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire. will she ever shake the e-mail scandal? information about that tonight, as well. we'll be right back. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through?
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the big news is once again hillary clinton's e-mail server. new reports says the server contained classified intelligence about the highest top secret information. today clinton said this is just more of the same a leak designed
6:40 pm
to hurt her in the presidential race with iowa and new hampshire approaching, it is not the only challenge, though, clinton is facing. there is a surge happening for bernie sanders, the poll numbers show it. let's start in iowa with jeff zeleny. what is the sense there on the ground that you're getting about how things could go between sanders and clinton? >> reporter: anderson, there is no question the energy and excitement and enthusiasm is on the sanders side but the clinton campaign is at this longer organizing for months and months and months and the sanders campaign, remember how they spent the summer in big rallies across the country and not focussing as much on iowa. that's the key difference between sanders and obama eight years ago. the obama campaign spent so much time building. the sanders campaign is arriving at the moment trying to make sure everything is in place. depends how many people turn out on the iowa caucuses. in 2008, 230,000 people came out. more than ever, ever, ever
6:41 pm
before. they are probably expecting a smaller turnout because there is only two campaigns here. the sanders campaign is trying to bring new people. the question is have they been organizing long enough for this. if you see long lines on the night of the iowa caucuses out the door, that means sanders is doing very, very well. has young people on his side and others. >> you know, at the first cnn democratic debate, sanders gave hillary clinton a pass on the e-mail saying i don't care about your e-mail and a huge applause line on the room has there have been more revelations, what is his attack now? >> he's not mentioning the e-mails at all and advisors say he doesn't plan to at this point because they believe other democrats wouldn't necessarily like him to do that. again, sanders supporters don't necessarily dislike hillary clinton but like his policies more. he is attacking her more on specific things like speaking fees at goldman sachs on her wall street concerns and policies. so i believe that senator sanders is going to keep on that
6:42 pm
line of attack. i would be surprised if he brings up e-mails. if he does, that will be change in strategy and something that might be controversial among some of the supporters and voters but i can tell you, anderson, it's getting very intention between all sides here, both sides so we have to wait and see what happens until the iowa caucuses. >> it is fast approaching. jeff zeleny, thanks. let's turn to new hampshire, joining me is political director and anchor at new hampshire one news. what about these latest polls? huge lead for bernie sanders certainly caught a lot of people by surprise. both campaigns say that's an out liar poll. what are you hearing on the ground? >> yeah, your poll that came out last night anderson heating up a cold night but yeah, you're right, the people i've talked to close to both campaigns here think it is an out liar but nobody despicember disputes.
6:43 pm
it's been that way for quite sometime. hillary clinton was the front runner, we've had a heck of a race. we had bernie sanders topping the polls dating back to early august. he's got a strong ground game that's the difference in iowa a late start as i think everybody will admit. that was not the case here. you know, when it comes to his ground game versus hillary clinton's ground game, they are pretty much even with staff and out reach and offices across the state. so this is a formal place for be bernie sanders. >> a lot of people remember in '92, a big boost. does any of that clinton machine, energy does that still exist? >> listen, hillary clinton has an extremely strong operation here in new hampshire and the backing of most of the establishment. the energy now seems to be on the other side and been that way for quite sometime and remember,
6:44 pm
eight years ago the primary a lot of college students weren't back yet in new hampshire if they were out of state students. that's not the case this time. the younger voters at sanders rallies, they are here in new hampshire or will be on primary day. >> thanks very much. what the panel makes of what is happening on the democratic side. we'll be right back. magined. style... ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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recapping the big news on the democratic side, a new report says hillary clinton's private e-mail servers contained highly secretive information according to a spokeswoman. clinton said it is just another leak and an attempt to inject the issue back into the campaign and a spokesman said it could have been nothing more than a forwarded news article. you remember bernie sanders saying that the public is sick and tired of hear about her damn e-mails. i want to bring back our panel. how big a political problem is this for clinton? >> i don't think it's a big
6:49 pm
legal problem. i don't think that the fbi will wind up charging her with a crime. it is only a crime if you knowingly distribute classified information. and from everything we have been able to see and we don't know all the facts there is nothing with a classified stamp on it that she ever -- handed out inappropriately. there is information that retro actively been declared classified but that is a very different thing. but this idea of using a private server was a terrible idea and she is paying a major political price and until the fbi comes forward, which they may do and says we have closed our investigation it is a festering wound and it is a big one and it doesn't go away until jim comey says it does. >> i think hillary clinton is up against a broader cultural moment. she has been in politics for so long and been involved in so many scandals and the bernie
6:50 pm
sanders surge is not because people are diagnose to pay trillions more in taxes it's a protest against hillary clinton and what she has embodied -- >> that's 100% wrong. bernie sanders people like hillary clinton. they think she fought a good fight but they find bernie sanders more inspiring because she is willing to say that politics is corrupt. >> there is an sauthenticity. >> people who like donald trump didn't dislike hillary clinton but he represents change. the idea of big systemic revolutionary change. >> that's where the goldman sachs $600,000 that bernie sanders raised because it makes her look less authentic and like somebody who didn't think about
6:51 pm
a presidential race while she was doing this. >> or was so arrogant that it didn't matter. >> that's what is so crazy. she knew she might be running for president. she's smart enough and savvy enough to know this might come up. how badly did she want that money? it would have been easy to say no and making your money doing different sort of things. >> the clintons live by a different set of rules. this is a perfect example. she thought she could take this money and come out and say she is a champion for the middle class. that is tough to do when you have someone who is a self proclaimed socialist coming in saying i never have taken a dollar from these folks pointing out the fact that this is not her life's mission and vice president biden made that comment during that interview and said, you know, she is new to this part of it because he knows that she's a crony
6:52 pm
capitalist like everybody else and the authenticity issue has hurt her. and she is really yesterday's news. even her attacks -- >> what does that mean? >> she's yesterday's news. >> why? >> even the criticism of her e-mails she is going back to the conspiracy and there are leaks. that is 20 years old. she needs new defenses of herself. >> the republicans don't -- they have wonderful investigations like the trey goady's investigation, that is like a 1990s investigation. and if you want to talk about making things up, how about a political party that doesn't believe that climate change exists when today it came -- i'm sorry for mentioning an actual issue. >> let's not deflect from the fact that hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is legitimate and
6:53 pm
they are discussing that the special access programs that that information was on the servers. that inspector general was appointed by barack obama and approved by a democratic senate and lauded by dianne feinstein. is she insinuating with this individual is in cahoots with republican? that's is a stretch. >> a lot of voters aren't getting as deep in the weeds as you are -- >> that's what we are here for. trump's brilliance is that he has driven the narrative every step of the way. donald trump controls the story. hillary, through this entire campaign is responding defensively to things. >> that's true. >> as long as this e-mail story stays alive and reports are investigating the clinton foundation she can't talk about what she and her campaign want to talk about. >> how about attacking bernie
6:54 pm
sanders on not wanting medicare or medicaid? i remember when hillary clinton was saying i'm not going to talk about bernie sanders and bernie sanders is -- >> which is what she said about obama. >> they are calling each other names. >> why shouldn't she? >> her daughter is doing her dirty work. >> and now that joe biden says that bernie sanders has authenticity -- >> is she making the same mistakes as she made against then candidate barack obama? >> barack obama had two advantages. he was able to create a coalition of white progressives with african-americans. when african-americans saw he was credible they shifted en masse. >> and clinton has strong
6:55 pm
african-american support. >> and people around him were terrific organizer. that's part of the reason he won. we don't know whether in the dna of the sanders campaign they have the same capacity. are they more like obama or howard dean. howard dean got a lot of young people super excite bud they couldn't organize them. we don't know whether sanders can do that. >> but the explanation is simple. it may be that hillary clinton is a bad candidate. listen to the way she talks. we all read the e-mails from her aides that are gushing with praise. >> that never happens in the senate. >> she's been surrounded by a bunch of yes people and i don't know that she knows how to speak normally to voters and she -- >> that's why she is having so
6:56 pm
much difficulty. how many times has hillary clinton reinvented herself in the last year, five times over and it's not work for her. >> you are talk about her from inside the republican bubble. what hillary clinton has going for her to people who question her authenticity that people remember the 1990s very fondly. they were the last time in this country that wages went up. that is a very powerful brand that she still has. >> why is she losing women to bernie sanders, then? >> she has not lost anything. >> she is not polling well even with women. >> she is still predicted to be the next president. >> a good discussion tonight. we're going to be right back with more. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria.
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that does it for us. "cnn tonight" with don lemon "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. -- captions by vitac -- donald trump one-on-one. i'm don lemon. the candidate joins me for a one-on-one no-holds-barred interview. so is the trump campaign confident tonight? you betcha. >> are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here