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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 21, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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happening now in the newsroom, the east go coacoast g for a major storm. this could be one for history books. >> usually takes me about 20 to 25 minutes. i've been on the road close to five hours now. >> and the monster hasn't even hit yet. how bad can it get?
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plus trump topping in new hampshire. >> that is a big lead no matter how you cut it. >> yeah. >> pretty big lead. >> add in sarah palin. >> our candidate is ballsy enough to get out there can put the issues on the table. >> can any other candidate catch up? and it sounds like a scene out of james bond. did vladimir putin approve a plan to poison an exspy? let's talk, live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. a state of emergency. virginia's governor taking action hours before a monster winter storm is set to plow into the eastern part of the united states. some 75 million in its path and washington d.c. in the bull's eye. the capital and much of virginia sucker punched by an inch of
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snowfall. one inch of snow. that made the roads treacherous last night. some were trapped in their cars for more than six hours on the highway. after one inch of snow fell. president obama forced into a motorcade when the weather grounded his helicopter flight. vehicles sliding their way back to the white house. floo let's look ahead to how bad it's gonna get. >> reporter: the governor of virginia just issuing a state of mrmgs for the state. that will free up state assets for the response when the big storm blows through on friday. that is in the future. let's talk about last night. so many people were trapped in traffic for hours at a time. this morning we were coming here to our live shot we saw people with gas cans, who had run out
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of gas and had to abandon their vehicles because traffic was just that bad. keep in mind that was all because of one inch of snow. that is only the preview. a crippling commute. people stuck behind the wheel for hours. >> it took him on hour to get four miles. >> as the snow on slick, untreated roads turned to ice. >> it usually takes me about 20-25 minutes. i've been on the road close to five hours now. >> causing more than 160 crashes, including one fatality in virginia. only one inch of snow wreaking havoc. and it is only a preview of the potentially historic blizzard to come. the nation's capital could be in the bull's eye for a record-breaking 30 inches of snow by sunday. this traffic app showing the accidents inside and outside of the d.c. beltway.
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an absolute mess. crashes snarling traffic for hours. forcing drivers to abandon their cars. pedestrians not spared from the hellish condition, including president obama nearly slipping as he exited air force one, the commander in chief's motorcade slipping and sliding on snow-glazed streets, taking motorcade drivers more than an hour to get back to the white house. snow crews in nearby virginia and maryland scrambling overnight, piling up salt and poging plows to prepare for the wintry onslaught. the expected blizzard drudging up memories of karma geden in 2011 when heavy snow fell fast knocking down trees and cutting power to hundred s of thousand along the east coast. >> still better than new yorks. tlifs last year this time it was already pretty bad up there.
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>> if you are traveling by air, one key piece of advice, start thinking about alternative plans now. that specifically if you are flying in and out of airports in this northeastern region that is supposed to get that heavy snowfall. i spoke with a couple of airlines this morning. and you should expect they will start announcing precancellations on friday as well as saturday flights. >> okay. so it is not like snow has never fallen in washington d.c. icy rain has even fallen. so what is the deal with last night? why were the roads left untreated? why did the city come to a standstill after one inch of snowfall? >> reporter: that is can key question. there are officials on record saying they did have people out there treating the roadways but clearly they were not prepared
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for what happened yesterday. i was one of the individuals sitting in traffic. what usually takes 15 minutes took two hours. there are several accidents we're talking about more than a hundred in the state of virginia alone because many of the roads were not treated. we do know that the mayor of washington d.c. will be having a press conference today in about an hour or so. and you have to think she will be asked that very question, why did yesterday happen? we really are unclear at this point. but she'll be on the record in less than an hour carol. >> and better say something good because a big blizzard is approaching soon and you have to wonder will the city be prepared? if it is not prepared for one inch and 30 are coming? we're going to monitor that press conference. rene marsh thanks. the real dread in washington though tomorrow's threat of blizzard like conditions and record amounts of snow.
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>> good morning carol. a deep breath. and stay home for d.c., baltimore and the like. gaithersburg, rockville, you will bet more snow than buoy and annapolis. you will mix with sleet and freezing rain there. but much more to the west where it is colder and drier and higher. blizzard watches for new york city and long island as well. and this is all part of the storm system that will make snow and ice from memphis through little rock all the way to nashville, knoxville, charlotte an ice storm for tomorrow. a mess there into raleigh as well. that is where the ice will be. here is the where the snow is coming. d.c., baltimore. bw parkway. west of there you get a lot more snow. east of there like dover you will see a lot of rain and sleet mixing in and you won't pile it up like in d.c. in d.c. the forecast could be
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12-25. 12 on the east i'd. and 25 on the west side. power lines coming down lots of drifting. new york city kind of same story for you. westchester might get two, seaside new jersey might get 20. maybe less. but you get the idea. there is such a big discrepancy on all the models on where it start, where it's heavy and where it stops. and that is what we're going to watch. it is still another 36 hours from starting but when it starts it is going to get ugly, carol. let's go to washington d.c. and into new york city the next couple days. d.c. 20-0. for new york city, only 6-10. maybe more on long island i'm going to have to see what the temperature is there but you see 6-10 across the city. less north and a lot more to the south carol.
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>> oh my gosh, your effects they are fantastic, chad. >> thank you. they worked on these all day. >> new york city rose from the ground. >> it is the phoenix. okay. donald trump strengthening his lead in one key early state. ahead by 20 points. trump with 34% of the vote compared to 14% for ted cruz. jeb bush, marco rubio, and chris christie monk those vying for the remaining top five slots. trump talked with cnn about the polls. the impact of sarah palin on the campaign and the highly publicized mistake over a bible verse. >> i've done really well in new hampshire. i love the people. i've very honored by it.
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>> let's focus on iowa. you know the big news is you and sarah palin. what was it like with sarah palin on the campaign trail for the first time today? >> oklahoma has been unbelievable. iowa has been un -- >> every place, no matter where we go it is like love. there is love in the room and it's been incredible. >> you mention oklahoma and sarah palin. you said today she had a great reception. in tulsa she spoke about her son track's domestic violence arrest on monday night implying it might have something to do with his combat related trauma and criticized the president's policies dealing with that. did you ask her to address her son's arrest? >> i told her it would be absolutely fine. i thought it was appropriate. there would be tremendous press and i think it is something very important to discuss not even for her son but for so many other sons and daughters that are coming back from the middle east where they have, you know, traumatic problems. they have tremendous problems. and i told her, i actually suggested about it.
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>> duke do you think it is fair to link the president with her son's issues. >> oh i think so. everything starts at the top. he's the president and i think you could certainly do that. >> you have plenty of supporters and others who don't. you also said hell which is in violation of the university student code of conduct. what happened there? >> i think it's okay. i think it was fine. you know we've had a number of people and my mother was from scotland. and in europe and in the u.k., they actually say two corinthians. and the number of people have pointed this out. and it was not a big deal. frankly tony perkins wrote that out for me because tony thought it would be great. he knew i was going to liberty. has a great respect for liberty and tony perk seasons a very very good guy. and he actually wrote out two he wrote out the number two corinthians.
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>> sunland serfaty. >> the focus trying to recapture the lost momentum for cruz that after the this long 48 hours. this after the attention is still very squarely focussed on donald trump and sarah palin. palin waisting no time rallying trump supporters. >> our candidate is ballsy enough to get out there and put those issues on the table. >> palin serving up red meat for the conservative crowd. >> we got a red head from the big red apple running for president. and yet the gop machine all of a sudden they are saying we are not red enough. we are not conservative enough.
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>> and talking about her 26-year-old son's arrest on domestic violence charges, taking a jab at the president in the process. >> i can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of some ptsd. it is now or never for the sake of america's finest that we have that commander in chief who will respect them and honor them. >> those comments making headlines on the heels of her major trump endorsement. >> every one of the candidates wanted her endorsement. and in particular ted cruz, who right now is having tremendous difficulty. >> in new hampshire ted cruz fighting to regain momentum after palin made the case that trump is the one with the conservative cred. and the latest slams from former republican senate majority leader warning of cataclysmic and wholesale losses for the gop if cruz prevails. >> mr. trump is welcoming the
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support of the washington establishment. indeed mr. trump said that they should support them because he said ted won't go along to get along. he won't make deals with the democrats. >> and that was ted cruz attempt to try to reshape the narrative around his campaign, really trying to pin that establishment label squarely on donald trump and try to of course paint himself as the true antiestablishment candidate. >> sunland serfaty, thank you. >> and while trump and cruz trade shots and go negative on the trail, john kasich who is rising in some polls and falling in others is making his mark by walking on the sun. >> a lot of candidates are like the prince of darkness? i consider myself the prince of light and hope. and i don't spend all my time getting people riled up about how bad everything is. i acknowledge the challenges but then i say look, come together, through americans first we can
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solve these problems. the people are hungry for that. >> are they? with me now -- welcome both of you. so john, voters don't want a prince of light and hope, they want to roll around in doom. they want a savior. right now that would be mr. trump. can casic make inroadkasich mak? >> there is opportunity. but the problem is the mood of the gop base is very much about someone who is a divider not a uniter. whether it is cruz or trump. the question is in that center right lane, who can emerge. the union leader endorsed chris christie. he did well in some polls. kasich well in some polls. who can be the standard bearer? maybe it's jeb, maybe it is
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marco. in new hampshire, 44% are independent and it is an open primary. and that is what makes the character of this primary so totally different than both iowa and south carolina. >> so do these percentages surprise you? this is the latest cnn poll, wmur. yeah. so anna, does it surprise you since new hampshire's famous for its independent voters and moderate republicans, who the leaders are at the moment? >> it doesn't surprise me. i think it's been very consistent for a long time. and i think that there is two real races going on in new hampshire. first of all is who wins the state outright. that is a race that right now we see is between trump and cruz. but the second race going on, and it is equally important is who comes out, who emerges out of that center lane mainstream republican faction. will it be chris christie, will it be jeb bush?
6:17 am
marco rubio, kasich? whomever leaves that state having won will go into south carolina with an enormous amount of momentum. kasich and christie have got everything going on new hampshire. they have to leave it all out there. all four of them do. but kasich and christie need a new hampshire win because they have knost nothing going on in south carolina. jeb bush and marco rubio do. they need to be propelled by the momentum from new hampshire. if they don't get that establishment lane in new hampshire, christie or kasich, i don't know that they go on further. >> okay. but as it is now conservatives are ruling the roost when it comes to these primaries and caucuses. and it does make you wonder a little about the palin factor. red state this morning. the conservative blog. red state had an article that featured an head line that said go home sarah, you are trunk. charges palin exploded in an inglorious display of kras opportunism. so john, you hear from the other candidates people.
6:18 am
especially ted cruz's people. only complimentary things of palin, even though she's supporting donald trump. so why is red state coming out punching hard and not cruz's people? >> a lot of conservatives have major buyers remorse about elevating sarah palin and attacking her detractors in 2008. but ted cruz people running for president don't have the freedom to say that. conservative columnists and commentators can. but that definitional shift is certainly occurred whether it is matt lewis ore other folks at red state. the strength of donald trump in new hampshire i think is more significant, certainly statistically than what's happening with ted cruz. and, you know, if he can do well can independents, it is in part because the independent vote cohort has moved right in wake of the tea party. and those folks have always
6:19 am
loved sarah palin. but people have really paid attention to analyzing what she's saying and deciphering the word salad that occasionally emerges. realize that she may be popular. she may be populous and she is but she is not a serious figure in the conservative movement. >> thanks to both of you. and we want let you know about the big event next monday night in iowa. only on cnn. one week before iowa chooses, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will go face-to-face face-to-face monday night at 9:00. still to come in the newsroom, straight out after novel. did vladimir putin order the execution of an ex russian spy?
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poisoning of alexander litvinenko. and the report today says vladomir putden along with the head of the russian security agency quote probably approved the death of litvinenko in 2006. the ex kgb spy died after drinking something with radioactive poison. on his death bed he said it was putin who killed him. >> reporter: it's been ten years almost since the killing of alexander litvinenko in london of polonium poisoning.
6:24 am
causing a horrific death. and this report now released by the british courts finally pointing the finger of blame at who's responsible for ordering the killing saying it was the head of the fsb at the time back in 2006, but also that the decision and the operation to assassinate mr. litvinenko would probably have been approved by the russian president vladimir putin. here is what it says. the fsb, which is the russian intelligence service, that operation to kill mr. litvinenko was probably approved by mr. patrushev and mr. also president putin. so that's explicit length going much further than it was expected to go. and the fact that vladimir putin himself has been found to probably be responsible for
6:25 am
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aim carol costello. thank you for joining me. wall street may be ready to hit pause on this week's roller coaster trading. let's go to the new york stock exchange. seemingly is shrugging off the losses in asia. allison, good morning. >> good morning. so stocks do seem like they could stabilize at least for the morning. but you know how things change on a dime here on wall street. helping to calm things down, the head of the european central bank which is the equivalent to the fed. holding a news conference today basically saying he's willing to do whatever it takes to stimulate europe's economy even more than the ecb is already doing. a lot of selling here in the u.s. markets is in part over concerns of slowing global
6:30 am
economy. [ applause ] -- as a whole. but even if we have some green arrows today on wall street traders are -- -- until you see oil prices stabilize, which continue to fall just a bit today. this trader telling me he expects to see the lows that we saw yesterday tested again. and only the real trick to seeing if things are ready to stabilize for real is if you see stocks bounce back. and i'll tell you what, carol, stocks have a big hole to crawl out of. just this year, and that is three weeks, the s&p 500 has $1.6 trillion in value lost. >> i'm supposed to say wall street is down significantly for the year but like it is january. >> it is january and this is been the worst start of ever for
6:31 am
the dow -- >> but it is only january. >> the u.s. economy still is growing. you have jobs being added. auto sales are strong. home prices continuing to improve. so worry is what could happen. not what is happening in the u.s. economy. but it is fear spreading around the world. the market plays on fear and agreed. it is a spectrum of fear and agreed. and right now it is all about fear. let me snow you what that looks like around the world. all the red countries in the a bear market. that is 20% drop. imagine losing 20% on your investment -- correction that is a so 10%. for many of you think of the names you know or the products you use. look at some of these big companies with their huge losses from recent highs. walmart down 32%.
6:32 am
apple, disney. goldman sachs. you are starting to hear people say wait a minute, at what price is this sweater on sale so much they want to buy it and put it back in my closet. that is what people are starting to talk about now. >> christine romans, thanks so much. it is described as the monster storm, some 75 million americans in its path. and washington d.c. sent reeling last night with an inch of snow. but up to two feet of snow possible in this massive storm. and he'll hear from the city mayor and hopefully she'll explain why people were trapped in their car for more than six hour after just one inch of snow fell on the highways. let's check in with chad meyers because lots and lots of people are going to experience a snow
6:33 am
apocalypse. >> they will. no question. the new models are run right now and the scariest has the low just off probably corral la and duck here in north carolina. i- 95 will be a cutoff. long this line to the east will be a lot of sleet and just mess. but i 95 and west ward it is all snow. and and there is easily 36 inches in the forecast for someone. that is the bad news. i don't know still where that is going to get to yet. how far west of baltimore we're going to have to talk and new york city you are probably only looking at -- only, 6-8 inches of snow. if the snow moves farther north the numbers in new york could go up significantly and they also
6:34 am
could go down significantly. blizzard watch for new york city, blongd, baltimore and d.c. winter storm warnings all the way back to memphis with ice coming down. charlotte, nashville, greenville, columbia, ice for you. even raleigh/do you remember. the high point, wince salem. wince salem. there is a demarcation line to the through d.c. west is snow, east is rain. it's 30 minutes without traffic across that line across d.c. and that is wind as well. here is the next couple of days over the next couple of cities here. we are going to look at temperatures in the 30s in every city. new york city 6-10 inches. much less north. much more south. philadelphia 10-18 and maybe even 14 right in the city. but if you get west a little
6:35 am
bit. i think maybe closer to harrisburg but not quite into york. maybe lancaster. and slightly less to the south where it mixes with richmond but it is ice and it is an ice storm that you don't want to deal with. >> wow. chad, you have the whole world in your hands right now. i'm only making jokes because i'm not looking forward to the snow. >> should i sing something about coca-co coca-cola? >> oh gosh, please don't. chaz meyers, thanks. still to come. hillary clinton and bernie sanders crisscrossing in a final sprint for those very first votes. clinton saying she's down in the polls but not out. dozens of pro. hundreds of crash simulations. thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks,
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ip. >> announcer: as the. as the clock winds down for the campaign bernie sanders is giving hillary clinton an intense battle. when the votes are cast will sanders will able to seal the deal? jeff zeleny live with more. >> bernard is really trying to convince iowa democrats to take a chance on him. follow their hearts. that follow their true ideals and their actual believes here. i can tell you this continuous seems so close, so locked with him. as we've been traveling across the state talking with voters we're finding a lot of voters like hillary clinton just fine but they love bernie sanders. take a listen to an interview we did with lori arnold, a woman
6:40 am
from fort dodge iowa who put in a nutshell exactly what's going on here. >> i think hillary has done a tremendous amount for our country. for the average person. unfortunately i think hillary has taken some special interest groups and add ed [inaudible] and bernie hasn't. he's taken money, ten bucks here, ten bucks there and that is how he's building what he wants to see done with this country. >> do you think he can deliver on everything he says. >> i don't think any politician can ever deliver on everything they say. >> right. >> but i think he comes pretty darn close. >> pretty darn close. so voters are willing to go at least follow their hearts with bernie sanders at least some of them are. and the challenge for hillary clinton right now is trying to convince them that her experience is necessary for this kind of race right now. and she knows exactly what he's
6:41 am
happening. her campaign is talking to voters. of course she has a lot of support here. but last night in burlington she was asking voters to take a chance on her. she said i know i'm a little down in the polls here but stick with me here. so carol, as we head into this final weekday of campaigning and then into next week before the iowa caucuses in some 11 days, this is the dynamic here. are voters going to volume their hearts, with bernie sanders, or follow their heads, as hillary clinton is asking them to do. a tight, tight race here in iowa. >> zef zeleny live for us this morning. still to come, will detroit teachers ditch school again today to bring attention to run down schools. while the city is suing to keep them in class.
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two major crises shining a harsh spotlight on michigan. in detroit teachers are back to work showing their pretty over hazardous school conditions. and president obama setting an overseer for the water disaster. >> the only job more important to me than president is the job of father. and i know that if i was a parent up there, i would be beside myself. that my kids health could be at risk. that is why over the weekend i declared a federal emergency in flint to send more resources on top of the assistance that we've already put on the ground. >> gene casarez is in detroit following both stories for us
6:46 am
this morning. high gene. >> so much going on in detroit. and the latest is that teachers are back to work, students back at school, but not before the district actually filed late yesterday a legal document asking a judge for a preliminary injunction restraining order so the students cannot mount another sick out. they want these teachers in the school. yesterday president obama did come to detroit. he attended the north american international auto show. also spoke with the united auto workers. but he also had a meeting with detroit's mayor mike duggan about the crisis with the public school system. here is what the mayor said after that meeting. >> everyone should have clean water and it is just a travesty. it is ironic when you live in
6:47 am
the great lake state and you don't have clean water. so this is something that continues to be a disaster for us because we don't know at which point we will be able to drink the water yet. >> and now we do want to look at a full screen that the governor of the state maid true to his promise he was going release e-mails on the flint water crisis. he did that yesterday. here is an e-mail that comes from september 2015. what this e-mail to the governor says is i can't figure out why the state is responsible except that then treasurer andy dillon did make the ultimate decision to switch the water sources. it was one month later the governor made the decision to go back to detroit city safe water
6:48 am
to protect at that point the health of the people of flint, michigan. but one last thing, the teachers that are named in that legal document have 30 days to respond. because carol once again the district is asking a judge or for the teacher to not be able to have a sick out anymore. to get back to the classroom. >> essentially what that e-mail is demonstrating is that there was a lot of finger pointing going on. is the state responsible, is the federal government responsible? and in the meantime there is bad water in flint. do i have that right? >> yes. and what the e-mail is really saying is finally really an i admittance i would say from the governor staff that someone, a state official made the decision that that flint water and the flint river should become the source. and so that brought the state in
6:49 am
for liability responsibility. and the governor then one month later switched it back to the detroit system. >> all right. gene casarez reporting live from detroit this morning. for weeks people in flint have been forced to live off cases of bottled water. with me to talk about the effort to get water those residents is major general gregory vadnais, he's with the national guard. welcome sir. >> thank you. >> how many bottles of water has the national guard delivered sh. >> to date the latest update i have is over 90 thousand cases. either at point to point distribution or the door to door efforts. >> 90 thousand. and the reason so much water is needed is not only can you not drink the water but people can't bathe in it either, right?
6:50 am
>> i'm not sure with the bathing part. i thought we're good with the bathing piece. and understand we have been distributing water filtration systems that do take the lead out. so that's been a big push so that we can transition at some point so, you know, clean water coming through a faucet at their home that's filtered. >> do you have enough water? >> we do. fema has prepositioned over 30 so our supply chain is pretty well set and we're confident that we've got enough in place and we'll have enough to meet the needs. >> what is the most difficult situation you've seen of someone in need of desperate water? >> well, you know, at best, it's
6:51 am
difficult and inconvenient. and, you know, we see and we get at our points of distribution, at the fire houses, we'll have elderly people coming in. obviously, it's difficult for them to get out. our soldiers are ensuring that, you know, we're getting the water to their vehicle or doing whatever we can do to assist them. so, you know, those kinds of things get a little tough to deal with. but we're dealing with it. >> did you ever think that you'd have this kind of mission on your hands? >> well, no. this is certainly not something that we had on our radar. i will tell you we are man, trained and equipped to deal with any domestic emergency that's out there. that's what we do. >> indeed. we're happy for you and glad. thank you for joining me this
6:52 am
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and no sharing. just thirty bucks a line at t-mobile. the sun dance film festival kicks off today. nothing is off limits. cnn's stephanie elam gives us a preview. >> reporter: the hollywood types leave the palm trees and come to park city, utah, for the sundance film festival. that means the parties, the glitz, the glam, but the real draw is the movies. >> it really sets the tone for
6:57 am
the year in culture in film and television. >> reporter: for documentary filmmakers, this festival is the place to be. >> it's really the only place to get a high-profile launch for a nonfiction film. and a lot of these films go on to get bought by television networks. >> reporter: be it fixes or documentary, this year's slate of films may ruffle feathers. >> a lot of the most anticipated films are ones not only potentially controversial but are seeking that controversy. you have documents about anthony weiner. documentaries about isis. you have a film called "birth of a nation" which is about a slave uprising told from the perspective of the slaves. >> reporter: no matter the topic, every filmmaker comes to sundance, looking to make a deal. >> in addition to the theatrical distributors, there are netflix, amazon, hbo, hoetishowtime, all these different venues going to
6:58 am
sundance, looking to buy. >> reporter: the ultimate goal, turn sundance buzz into oscar gold. >> let's take "brooklyn" for example. >> don't the italians have chanc chances? >> this was bought last year and now in the oscar race as a best picture candidate. >> reporter: take "boyhood" and "whiplash," both thom natured for best film and ultimately led to oscar wins for atricia arquette and j.k. simmons. >> five, six, seven. ♪ >> were you rushing or were you dragging? >> jennifer lawrence was nothing before she had a movie, a tiny movie, at sundance. that movie got a lot of attention, she got "hungers game" and became a huge star. >> you will find another mocking just jay. >> reporter: a huge star and an
6:59 am
oscar winner. chances are a few of the films debuting here, may soon be coming to a theater near you. stephanie elam, park city, utah. checking some top stories, 58 minutes past. in baltimore a judge rules against prosecutors in the freddie gray case. william porter, the officer there, will not have to testify against his fellow police officers. porter is awaiting retrial and his forced testimony could have delayed the other trials for months. six officers are charged for the death of gray who suffered a fatal spine injury while in custody. the governor of oregon demanding they end the protest in a wildlife refuge. it's been three weeks since they seized the property in a dispute over federal land policies. the government says the hands-off approach is not working. >> the residents of harney county have been overlooked and
7:00 am
underserved by federal authorities thus far. federal authorities must move quickly to end the occupation and hold all of the wrongdoers accountable. this spectacle of lawlessness must end. >> the governor says the occupation is costing the state about $100,000 per week. she wants the government, the federal government, to reimburse oregon taxpayers. next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. any minute, washington, d.c.'s mayor will hold a press conference, trying to reassure people of the snowstorm. 75 million people are in the path of that monster storm. a little while ago, virginia declared a state of emergency and washington may follow suit. the mayor will try to convince her city that she is ready. it will be a tough sell, though, because it was chaos in d.c.
7:01 am
last night. this is what less than 2 inches of snow did. now, imagine the 2 feet that could be dumped by this epic storm this weekend. washington, d.c., right in the bull's eye and yesterday's dusting left many of the roads impassable. the president had to ditch his helicopter and slip and slide his way to the white house, the presidential motorcade. the roads had not been treated. they were an icy mess. some people were were trapped in their cars on the highway for six hours. people are incensed, worried. check out these angry tweets. patrick says the worst dratraff i've seen in d.c. less than 1 inch of snow. may god have mercy on our souls this weekend. this tweet, stuck in traffic on icy roads. the city of d.c. is incompetent in preparing the roads. are we in the backwoods or the nation's capital? now the city's mayor will have
7:02 am
to answer why d.c. missed the forecast and why it will not this weekend. let's head to the weather center and check in with chad myers as we await the mayor to get behind the podium at the salt barn in washington, d.c. >> there's always a live shot by a salt barn, isn't there? from our days in columbus, ohio, to detroit, there's always something going on at a salt barn. let's talk about the storm and what's happening and why we have blizzard watches in effect for new york city, baltimore, washington, d.c. this to the south is all rain. you're not really going to be in a snow event. maybe a little sleet but not that bad. if you are somewhere in here, then you're going to be mixing in with snow, sleet, rain and ice and it's going to be a mess and pack down to around 5 to 10 inches. if you're west of that line, you are all snow. that's where it is going to started to pile up. it won't pile up when you're packing down sleet and freezing rain on top. but it will pile up where it's
7:03 am
all snow. some may go to 30 inches deep. it's going to be snowing in memphis, knoxville and nashville, lexington, charleston, even into parts of western virginia, north carolina and south carolina and maybe even some snow all the way down here in atlanta. we know what a half inch it did to atlanta last time it tried to snow down here. luckily, this will be on the weekend. there's going to be an ice event, an ice storm, up to a half inch, maybe three-quarters of an inch for greenville and charlotte. that will bring down power lines and the electricity grid for millions of people could be without power. the snow starts in d.c. tomorrow night, starts in new york city saturday morning and snows for hours. the problem is if it snows 2 inches an hour for five or six hours, that's a foot of snow. if it does that twice, we're up to 2 feet as we would expect. this is the purple area from d.c., charolettesville, roanoke.
7:04 am
that's the bull's eye. don't take your prize off new york city. still 6 to 10 inches there. we saw what 1 inch did in d.c. yesterday. >> it was really bad. let's head out to d.c. right now, the salt barn because the salt trucks are loading up with their cargo. chris is in front of the salt barn, awaiting the mayor to speak. she has a lot of explaining to do, chris. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, chris. we got sucker punched here in d.c. it was a mess, gridlock all over the city. the sidewalks were icy, slick. i talked to the mayor's aide before this press conference. i said, what is the mayor going to say? they said, she's going to take spobt for last night. they didn't put enough resources out on the road. they say it's a bit of, you know, both not enough resources and rush hour traffic. that was a really tough combo for them to overcome. right now they're in a briefing, talking about when to issue the state of emergency for this friday's storm that will get cars off the road, that will make emergency roads available
7:05 am
and you can't park throughout the city. we expect we might get some timing on that as well. and the mayor sat down with the police chief, with the department of transportation, and all city officials here just a few moments ago. and i talked to the police chief and i said, chief, you know, what are you expecting? she said she was out last night, helping stranded motorists, that there were folks who had just left their cars on the road, helping identify those cars, get them off the road so emergency vehicles can pass. she said she even expects if we get this 2 feet of snow, that the mum vehumvees will be out patrolling the roads. i think we'll hear from the mayor a plan for what we're going to see coming forward and taking some responsibility for the ice show we saw last night. >> all right. chris frates, i have to break away because new york de blasio is approaching the microphone to talk about the snowstorm expected here. >> positive reviews.
7:06 am
even got a very favorable architecture review in "the new york times," so sanitation gets credit for being very, very effective at keeping this city running, but also aesthetically pleasing althoue ining at the s. the men and women of the sanitation department and all our agencies are getting ready right now. we're bracing for the first big storm of the winter. i want to let my fellow new yorkers to know we're prepared. the agencies here are ready for what's coming up ahead. i want to thank the commissioners who you'll hear from in a moment. i want to thank president of the sanitation association, for his partnership and all we do to keep our streets clear and city clean. at this moment, on thursday morning, the forecast is still unclear, but there's an increasing potential for a major
7:07 am
winter storm this weekend. the latest forecast shows snow beginning early saturday morning and continuing through sunday. now, i'll emphasis here, we've been through this together before. forecasts can change. they can go higher. they can go earlier, later. we'll constantly keep you updated. right now the forecast for new york city's snow begins early saturday morning, continues through sunday. currently we're assuming 8 to 123 inches of snow, plus strong winds and possible coastal flooding. national weather service has issued a blizzard watch. we'll continue to closely monitor the situation and we're conducting daily calls with the national weather service. and we're working very closely. all city agencies, all -- >> we're going to break away, but mayor de blasio talking about outfitting garbage trucks as snowplows. they did such a good job last
7:08 am
time, he's going to employ them again. we're waiting for the mayor of d.c. to talk at the big salt barn. you can see trucks are already loading up. when the mayor approaches the microphone, we'll keep you posted. on to politics now and with donald trump and ted cruz dominating the headline, the rest of the republican field is battling to be heard. among them, jeb bush, who is taking his pitch to voters in new hampshire. these are live pictures from newport where bush will hold a town hall a little later. bush and the rest of the republican pack following donald trump far behind, where he has a 20-point lead. for his part, donald trump is looking ahead to the next state on the 2016 calendar, which will be nevada, where he'll hold a rally this afternoon. trump is brushing aside a gaffe from earlier the week when he misspoke a name of the bible. he said the mistake was no biggy. >> frankly, tony perkins wrote
7:09 am
that out for me. he knew i was going to liberty. he has great respect for liberty. tony perkins is a great guy. he actually wrote out two, the number two corinthians. i can show you. he said, no, i meant second. he wrote out the letter two and he was somebody i did respect a lot and like a lot. he wanted me to say this, he wanted me to talk about exactly what we're talking about, corinthians. so what i did is i took exactly what tony said and i said, well, tony has to know better than anybody. i have to tell you, don, i've heard it both ways. it was a very small deal. >> cnn has more from new hampshire this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. i can tell you on the campaign trail, the center of the attention continues to be very focused squarely on donald trump
7:10 am
and sarah palin. her endorsement largely successful in stealing a lot of the energy, the excitement away from other candidates here in new hampshire, over in iowa, trying to get attention. there was an interesting moment when the two hit the campaign trail yesterday in oklahoma together. sarah palin alluded to her son's troubles. her son, a 26-year-old iraq war veteran charged this week on domestic violence charges. she said he's been suffering ptsd and basically went on to blame president obama. i want to play you first and then how donald trump raengtd in an interview with don lemon. >> whenmy son goes through what he goes through, and comes back, i can certainly relate with other families who feel the ramifications of ptsd and some our wounded soldiers return
7:11 am
with. >> i think it's something very important to discuss. not even for her son, but for so many other sons and daughters that are coming back from the middle east where they have, you know, traumatic problems. they have tremendous problems. and i told her, i actually suggested it. i said, i think it would be a great forum. >> now, we are here in new hampshire where ted cruz will have a series of campaign events later here today. the focus for him really right now is trying to refocus his message of campaign. he's been knocked off his message. a series of hits over the last 48 hours. and it's really been interesting to watch ted cruz hone his message, going after donald trump. even in the face of the sarah palin announcement and this endorsement. cruz really trying to pin that establishment label right on donald trump, trying to go after him succein new hampshire.
7:12 am
>> that's not work, for him. >> reporter: the polls show him well behind donald trump. cruz has invested a significant amount of time, about five, six events a day. but the thing that has really been stalking him out here on the campaign trail is these one, two, three punch blows he's gotten this week. it will be interesting to see how he tries to rework his missage, regain the momentum he's lost this week. >> all right. still to come, first cruz lost out on sarah palin's endorsement. now one former gop presidential nominee says if cruz would win the primary, he says it would be, quote, cataclysmic. hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim.
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7:17 am
washington, d.c. to get behind the microphone to explain what went down in the city last night. as you know, traffic came to a standstill after about an 1 1/2 inches of snow fell. some people were trapped inside their car, on the highway for more than six hours. the mayor is going to explain that and tell the residents of d.c. how she's preparing for the big blizzard headed toward d.c. over the weekend. when the mayor begins speaking, we'll take you back to northeast d.c. in the world of politics, establishment republicans are pushing back against donald trump. bob dole, though, was attacking ted cruz. the former senator says if cruz wins the primary, the party would suffer cataclysmic losses and because, he says, everybody hates cruz, he would rather see donald trump win. with me now, scottie hughes, chief political correspondent for usa radio networks and peter, contributor to atlantic
7:18 am
media and cnn commentator. welcome to both you. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. peter, dole went on to say trump would be a better president. residents of iowa say cruz would be bad for their state. a sitting senator dissed on two fronts. why? >> this is the problem for the republican establishment. they're not trying to stop one candidate, two -- donald trump and ted cruz. in a way, they depis cruz more because they know him better. i think cruz or trump would lead to a landslide victory and both would be dangerous presidents. i disagree with dole i think trump would be more dangerous. he's authoritarian. i think he would be the more dangerous one. >> scottie? >> well, it's funny you say that. you have to realize the source on this. it's a double-edged sword, bob
7:19 am
dole's comments. he doesn't like ted cruz. he accused him for being a weakling and why we lost the '96 election. the last thing a conservative wants to hear is someone that's an establishment or progressive or democrat complimenting anything they say or their policies. why it looks like a compliment, the idea of the fact you've got establishment people and democrats now saying they like donald trump, have you to go, wait a minute. that just speaks to the idea that mr. trump can appeal to a broad base of voters, which scares the democrats ultimately. >> you know, i don't think -- i think the idea the democrats are worried donald trump is going to take crossover voters is nonsense. the kind of nativist, bigoted sloeters now voting for donald trump, they left the democratic party in the '70s. the democratic party is a coalition of younger people,
7:20 am
minorities. donald trump is not going to cut into that at all. marco rubio a little bit. not donald trump. >> that's great for you to say, but the polls aren't agreeing with you. the latest -- >> i want to turn the page for a second because i want to get this question in. there seems to be a lot of in-fighting going on among conservatives and some is quite vicious. for example, this morning's headline in "red state," go home, sarah, you're drunk. the author of this article is susan wright. she writes, the mask so many of us of sarah palin were drawn in by has slipped. we now see the oh, so shallow of her conservativism. in other words, this author says, why embrace a candidate who once supported democrats? they're talking about ted cruz. scottie, i would like you to respond to that. >> conservative online opinion journalists are split, you're right. that's mainly because they've gotten to know most of these candidates and none has done a better job than senator cruz. you go to "red state," their
7:21 am
front page, they are anti-trump, for rubio, for ted cruz and they aren't doing anything to hide their bias. that's what their readers are looking for. you have to look at the source. to sit there and say they're nonopinionated, just stating facts is false. what i find ironic is we sit there as conservatives and say the mainstream media is bias but fail to call out our own. in this case it's obvious bias against mr. trump. you know a lot of that is false. if sarah palin would have endorsed ted cruz, that writer would have written one of the most beautiful, praising articles. >> one person is looking forward to "saturday night live" and chanting, tina fey, tina fey. can this be a great endorsement for donald trump in the wrong run? >> i don't think it makes a big difference but i think trump
7:22 am
overperforming with evangelicals. he doesn't have a history of being culturally conservative and his knowledge of christianity is very, very thin, it's remarkable he's holding his own against a guy like ted cruz among evangelicals. and i think sarah palin may help him a little with that and that's part of why donald trump is doing so well. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroo "newsroom," an epic snowstorm with 75 million people in its path. we're moments away from hearing from d.c.'s mayor. when my doctor told me i have
7:23 am
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it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. late in washington, d.c. we're still waiting for this press conference to begin. the d.c. mayor is supposed to be behind that microphone talking about the coming blizzard. as you can see, her people are
7:26 am
assembling right now. while we wait, i want to take you back out to iowa where jeff zeleny is. he's going to talk about the democratic side of things. bernie sanders' surge and hillary clinton is kind of losing steam. jeff zeleny, take it away. >> reporter: hey, carol, i mean, not as much snow on the ground here in iowa as expected in washington but i can tell you the level of optimism on the bernie sanders side of the campaign is striking. hillary clinton is closing the campaign, stressing the urgency for experience. bernie sanders is trying to have a little lighter approach, an optimistic approach. look at this new ad he's starting to run on television here. ♪ here in my bag ♪ counting the cars to look for america ♪ ♪ all come to look for
7:27 am
america ♪ >> reporter: so that, of course, is simon and garfunkel's "america," that 1968 anthem that bernie sanders is using as his closing argument. certainly an idea for iowa democratic voters to believe in his policies. it's a bit of a feel-good ad but it reminds me of a barack obama ad. it looks like one and, in fact, some of his advertising people are from the obama campaign. some of his digital people are. so, we'll see how this closes out here. what an optimistic ad, tone from bernie sanders who is kind of an original hippy from brooklyn but has lived in burlington, vermont, all these years. >> i was going to say it reminds me of that old coke commercial. ♪ who wants to buy the world >> reporter: it does. >> how is hillary clinton's camp reacting to this? she's becoming much more negative in her campaigning? >> reporter: she's trying to
7:28 am
draw a contrast with sanders which comes as negative. she's trying to shake voters, if you will, and say, i have more experience, i have the complete package. i've been watching her ads on television, and they're so serious about how she can do the job, how she's ready from day one to do the job. sometimes voters just don't necessarily follow the direction right away. i talked to one iowa democratic voter who said, i'll vote for hillary clinton eventually if she wins the nomination, but right now i like what bernie sanders is saying. it's far to early to write her off. the clinton campaign has a lot of advantages. that's why the final 11 or so days of this contest will be so interesting and exciting, especially for us who love campaigns. >> you are a political nerd, jeff zeleny. >> reporter: oh, thanks. >> you're welcome. you know you are. we want to let you know about a big event coming in iowa, seen only on cnn.
7:29 am
bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley will go face-to-face with the voters in iowa. in a cnn democratic presidential town hall live from des moines, chris cuomo will moderate. that's next monday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. a state of emergency now declared along the east coast. up to 2 feet of snow expected to wallop millions as a massive storm trudges in. an inch of snow last night snarling traffic in d.c. that's child's play compared to what's about to come. chad myers is tracking the latest on this big ol' storm. he joins us live from atlanta, while we await this press conference in d.c. from the mayor. hi, chad. >> hi, carol. fair enough, if the mayor shows up, interrupt me. no problem there. we talked about the bull's-eye
7:30 am
over d.c. for the next storm. while show you how that matches up to the numbers on the raw scale in a second. i'll show you how there won't be a lot of precip up and down the east coast other than rain, maybe sleet mixing in. a light accumulation in new york city. this is the american model. let me get you to european model. slightly farther to the north with more snowfall into new york. not that much. still only 6 inches. the bull's-eye on far west as roanoke. spreading out the pattern a little bit. new york city on the gfs, which is american, four. european, six. philadelphia, a tie, three and three. the american model to d.c., especially west of the d.c., dulless, 33 inches of snow possible with this storm. that's why there is a blizzard watch in effect because there will be wind with it as well. heavy snow, heavy wind, low
7:31 am
visibility. for more than three hours. that's what it takes to make a blizzard. winter storm warnings from memphis, nashville, knoxville, column bee, yeah i can go on and on. all the areas in pink, london, kentucky, will have an ice storm. farther to the north, that's where it will be a snowstorm. the snow piling up, enough to shovel in a lot of spots if you're west of the i-95, that's where the snow will be all snow. to annapolis, mixing in with rain and the snow won't pile up as much. just as much moisture, heaviness of the snow, but it won't pile up because it won't be as fluffy. it will be blowing around. wind speeds 40 to 50 miles an hour. >> i'll be ready. i've already bought toilet paper and paper towels. >> you won't be in there that long, will you? >> i'm just smojoking. we're still awaiting this press conference to assemble in washington. everyone has assembled except for the mayor of d.c.
7:32 am
hopefully she'll pop behind that podium soon and we can find out what the heck happened last night. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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7:36 am
d.c., mayor, muriel bowser got behind the microphone at the salt barn. it was a traffic night mayor last night in washington, d.c. 1 1/2 inches of snow, people stuck in their cars on icy roadways for more than an hour. this is how the mayor reacted moments ago. >> good morning, everybody. i am muriel bowser. i am the mayor of washington, d.c. i a and i am here to provide a briefing on the district's preparations for a forecasted blizzard in washington, d.c. before i do that, though, i want to say a couple of things about
7:37 am
the snow of last night, last evening, and last evening's commute. i want to say, first and foremost to the residents of the district of columbia, that we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference in last evening's commute. we could have been out earlier with more resources. our city has a responsibility to residents and visitors to deliver essential services every single day. and last night we didn't meet those goals. and for that, we are very sorry. >> more from the mayor of d.c. she went on to say she's focused, as you could hear, on the blizzard that is forecast. she assures residents the city will be ready. russia is firing back after a brit ib inquiry links the murder of a former kgb spy
7:38 am
directly to russian president vladimir putin. the country's foreign minister calling the report politically motivated, saying it has darkened the relationship between russia and the uk. but litvinenko's widow gave it claim, validating his death bed claim that putin was behind the poisoning. >> director of fsb at the time, personally approved the assassination. and, of course, i am very pleased that my words my husband spoke on his death bed when' kused mr. putin of his murder have been proved through an english court with the high standards of independence and fairness.
7:39 am
>> litvinenko died of poison, a slow and agonizing death. matthew chance joins us with more. >> reporter: that's right. the kremlin in the past few minutes issued its first reaction saying the report, the public inquiry report released in britain earlier today, may poison the relationship between britain and russia. they're sort of treating. as kind of a joke in the sense they made a pun out of the word poison, which gives you a sense of how they've been treating this investigation, from just a few days ago. the kremlin spokesman told us this investigation in britain was not something that russia was concerned about. it was not on the agenda. the fact the report came out and did something no one was expecting to actually name vladimir putin as actually involved in the ordering of the killing, or proving at least of
7:40 am
the killing of litvenenko in london, has put a whole new complexion on this scandal. we always knew, of course, or suspected that it was state-sponsored. the fact this radioactive isotope was used. it can only be created in nuclear reactors. but the fact that goes straight to the top of the kremlin is really scandalous and it will cause ruptures in the relationship between britain and russia. >> matthew chance reporting live from moscow. thank you. the disease that has some pregnant women terrified. it can cause birth defects and brain damage and now its made its presence known in the u.s. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. fears over the zika virus are hitting the american soil.
7:45 am
a dozen cases have been reported across four states and a baby was born in hawaii with a birth defect linked to the virus after the baby's mother was infected while living in brazil. the cdc is now warning women who are pregnant and who may become pregnant against traveling to 14 countries, including mexico and puerto rico. so, here to help us sort out what's happening, an obstetrician/gynecologist in atlanta. welcome, doctor. >> thank you. >> how worried should we be? >> this is a pretty devastating virus when it comes to pregnant women and their unborn child. i think for pregnant women this is a very serious issue. >> is there any way that women can protect themselves against catching this? >> unfortunately, the only thick pregnant women can do is avoid mosquito bites, which the only way to do that with repellants with deet, which they say are
7:46 am
safe, and long-sleeve clothing and avoiding nonessential travel to areas where this virus is widespread. that's about all pregnant women can do at this point. >> there's no antidote, there's no cure? >> that's an excellent point. there is no vaccine. there is no cure. it's important to know most who contract zika virus will get mild cold-like symptoms. a mild viral illness. it's devastating to the unborn child of pregnant women. the majority of people who recover from this think they had a common cold and move on with their lives. for the unborn child, this can be deadly or lead to a life-long severely compromised life for that baby. >> this is scary because the upcoming olympics are going to take place in rio, just six months from now. >> and, you know, the peak of this is typically in the april, spring time frame so we may not have seen the peak of this. i think as we get closer to the
7:47 am
olympics, we have to rely on the cdc and other organizations to warn us. right now, pregnant women should heat the cdc's advice. >> thank surveillance video sht is a mother will do to protect her children. two men with ski masks jumps into a car. she drags one guy out through the driver's side and away from her children, that were in the backseat. that would-be carjacker and his friend were arrested after an officer chased their speeding car. many people think will smith should have been nominated for his role in "concussion" and now he's joining a list of stars boycotting the oscars over their lack of diversity. >> diversity is the american super power. that's why we're great.
7:48 am
so many different people from so many different places adding their ideas, their inspiration and their influences to this beautiful american gumbo. >> smith's comments comes after his wife, jada pinkett smith went to social media calling for people to boycott the oscars. smith said he had no idea she would post this video, but he's glad she did. the person who changed my life, the advice and guidance he gave me after i was fired from my first tv job. what he told me at the age of 21 that stuck with me through all of these years. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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do you ever look at your life and think about one moment, a single moment that changed everything? for me the game-changer was a cold call to a legendary news director at the start of my career. he gave me encouragement and guidance and taught me how to be a better journalist. he's not done giving me advice. here's to you, ron belic, the person who changed my life. part of a new cnn special. ♪ >> four, three -- >> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. >> i have always wanted to be a tv reporter since i was 12 years old. >> i cannot tell you the sense of excitement. really easy to feel the hope and
7:54 am
the love. >> take a look at all those people. >> i watched mary tyler moore. she worked in the news business and i loved her. she was independent. she was strong. she was sassy. she was everything that i wanted to be. >> maybe it was a little of mary's spunk that gave me the courage to cold call a legendary news director i had never met. i was 21 and working as a reporter in akron, ohio. i needed guidance. i needed to work in a bigger market. so i took a risk. >> ron worked in cleveland and i called him out of the blue and he talked to me. >> someone came and drove through town and said, can i talk to you? i would say, why not. the person driving the 13-a bus may be a better talent than the anchor you have on the air right now. >> we just struck up a great conversation and it got to be a relationship. and i called him every two weeks for the next -- i would say for
7:55 am
the next three years. and those phone calls consisted of advice, encouragement. >> you can find everything down here. >> i needed it. i was struggling. my confidence was shot after i was fired from tv 23 in akron. >> and i said to him, i don't think i'm ever going to make it in journalism. he told me to be patient. he just gave me the courage to continue. >> how you doing? >> good. >> good seeing you. >> ron was right. my patience paid off. when he became the news director here at wsyx in columbus, he hired me. >> do you remember where your office was? >> yeah. it was over there, i think. >> i've always wondered, the fact you took my call meant the world to me. did you realize that? >> no. what i got out of our conversations was that you got what the business was all about. this is somebody that has got
7:56 am
more meat on the bone than most people i talk to. >> what was my role? >> i thought you were one of my best reporters so i always wanted you to be covering stuff that i thought was some of the most important things in a community. and at that particular time, the city had somewhat of a crime problem. >> and sometimes you just don't care. that's exactly how violent kids are living their whole entire lives. >> the best advice ron gave me was finding that nugget of information that makes me different from every other reporter on the air. >> but ron's advice was often harsh. he didn't mince words. >> i would bring scripts to you and you would look at them and say, this is a piece of [ bleep ]. >> uh-huh. because it was, right? >> right. >> i'm not politically correct, but i'm -- but i care. no matter how rough, hard, obnoxious i was. it wasn't mean-spirited. it was, i want you to be good because i know you can be good. >> she was telling me she had a
7:57 am
crappy newscast. one day. she was hiding behind a computer and you threw an apple at her. >> i liked his bluntness because i always knew where i stood with ron. >> he had his share of haters. he was the news director across ten stations in the country. i liked his candor and the way he pushed us to succeed. joe johns and i worked for cnn in charlotte. >> ron bilek was like a masters in television without having to pay tuition. i can't say i enjoyed it 100% because it was so tough, but i'm very thankful for it because even to this day, in sticky situations, i know how to do it. i think of ron bilek. >> that's exactly how i feel. >> i used to work here. >> i did. and he hired me here. ron bilek. >> nice to meet you. i've heard your name before.
7:58 am
he's a legend. >> he is a legend. >> while ron had a knack for coaching on-air talent, he was happy to stay behind the scenes. it took a lot of convincing to get him to do this interview. >> what was your hesitation? >> i'm extremely shy. i don't think i look good. i mean, as you guys know, there are no pictures of me. >> that's kind of odd, ron. >> i'm kind of an odd guy. you know, i mean -- >> were you surprised you were the person that made the most impact in my life? >> yeah. i was taken aback. i thought it should be a parent or a priest or -- >> see, that probably says something pathetic about me. >> yeah, i was going to say. yeah, i sit back and say, whoa. >> exactly, what is wrong with her? >> my god? >> but i'm a career-oriented person and i always have been. you taught me how to do television. >> that was me, young and energetic. ron helped me channel that enthusiasm into success. >> thank you so much for
7:59 am
stopping by. i really appreciate it. >> i'm at the gym when you're on air. >> so you're forced to watch me? >> well, yeah. what am i doing right and doing wrong? >> i want to tell you, stop saying, i appreciate you being with me. that says you're shocked they would be willing to be with you. >> i can take anything. i've been fired three times and i've always bounced back. and i credit ron with giving me the toughness to survive. >> so, i think i did become my own version of mary tyler moore. >> if i don't like you, i'll fire you! you don't ke me, i'll fire you! >> i had to ask myself, who was my lou grant? ron was. >> because lou was gruf. he didn't quite know how to talk to people but he was loveable in a weird kind of way and that's ron bilek. thank you, ron. >> thank you, ron. i so appreciate it. although i do wonder why you didn't tell me to change my hair. you know, take a look at this picture. this is from the '80s.
8:00 am
oh, it's going to switch. the woman with the red hair, can you guess who that is? not these women, but the first women. put it back up, man, i only got six seconds. there it is. liz, who works at the fox business channel. we were once colleagues. the entire two-hour special "the person who changed my life" airs this sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts right now. hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. brace yourself, folks. new blizzard watches just issued. whiteout conditions in the forecast. a whopping 75 million people now said to be in the path of this monster winter storm. that's about to slam the eastern part of the country. that's a big jump. forecasters predicting record-breaking snowfall. >> it looks


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