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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 22, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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roadways in nashville. they're starting to tow people off the roadways. people did not listen to stay off the roads. they're slick. a lot of people are stuck. a lot of people are out of their cars, so be very, very careful. it's so dangerous when you get out of your vehicle. please, wait for help. thank you so much for watching me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we are looking at breaking news. the blizzard of 2016 is upon us and shaping up to be every bit the monster storm forecasters have predicted. you can see it here. you're looking at live pictures in nashville. >> wow. >> pushing somebody out already there. in roanoke, it is definitely snowing in roanoke, virginia. the storm system is already slamming parts of the south with snow, sleet, freezing rain from arkansas and tennessee to the
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carolinas. >> states of emergency in effect all across the eastern section of the country. 85 million people in the path of this storm. washington, d.c., right in the bull's-eye. residents there, oh, my gosh, they've been getting prepared. >> don't go to that store! >> look at those shelves. hopefully people got their shopping done because the mayor just announced she wants everyone off the streets by 3:00 p.m. we are covering this storm all over the place. our meteorologist chad myers tracking the system. cnn's chris frates on the streets in washington, d.c. cnn aviation correspondent rene marsh joins us from reagan national airport. let's start with chad. let's talk about the forecast and what's going on now. >> brand-new models printed out about 30 minutes ago and i'll take you to the new thought process. it hasn't changed very much. d.c., baltimore, you're still in the 20 to 30, but i'm going to move up philadelphia probably closer to 14 to 20 now. and keep new york city somewhere
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still in that 8 to 10 category as we had it this morning. it is still snowing in parts of north carolina. icing into charlotte. it's the ice that's the problem. it's harder to drive on than snow. but blizzard warnings, blizzard warnings for 30 million americans. that's about 20 million pets. make sure you take care of the pets in this storm. they will need your help. they can't do it by themselves. 29 million people officially in this warning. that means heavy snow, wind speeds of 50 miles per hour, gusting, drifting. as soon as you get the driveway scraped, it's going to be plowed right back in, snowed right back in again. that's the issue we'll have for the next few days. tomorrow is the big day, but it's already moved into d.c. now. it's already moved into richmond. it snows a lot in richmond. could be 20 inches there. same story, d.c. up to baltimore, philadelphia, up to new york city. i don't think boston you get into it. maybe 2 inches at the outset. something else i'm worried about is an ocean-effect snow. i know we talk about lake-effect
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snow. but the ocean's a big place and it's pretty warm. if the air wraps around this storm system and gets to the ocean and starts to blow that snow back toward the u.s., back toward new york, back toward maybe even into portland, maine, we will begin to see areas that are going to get snow that didn't think they were going to get so much. with ocean-effect snow, you could get 3 inches of snow an hour for three hours. all of a sudden what you thought was going to be 6 is now 15. that's what we're hoping doesn't happen, but it certainly could with a storm like this. there's the bull's-eye west of d.c., moving up to philadelphia. ice as well from raleigh to charlotte to greensburg. it's a mess out there. >> you're talking feet of snow in many major american cities. >> i have not heard of ocean-effect snow. >> hope we don't hear about it tomorrow either. that's a bad thing. let's go to washington, d.c., chris frates is there. the mayor of that city essentially said the storm is coming earlier than thought, and
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every bit as bad as they feared. >> reporter: well, that's exactly right, john. we've been here since the crack of dome. this is a salt dome in northeast d.c. truck after truck, plow after plow, coming and getting filled with the salt behind me so they are prepared. and the mayor just recently -- a few moments ago, actually, had a press conference. her and her team are warning people to stay off the streets as they take this storm very, very seriously. >> i want to be very clear with everybody. we see this as a major storm. it has live and death implications and all the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. we need the city's full cooperation. and we need the media's help, too, to send a clear message that we want people to hunker down, shelter in place, and stay off the roads. >> reporter: so, there you have
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it. a very serious situation. her emergency management director saying this storm will be deadly. also the petco, utilities here saying if 25,000 people don't have power by the end of this storm, that's going to be a victory. so, they're already managing expectations here in washington. we have a state of emergency in washington, d.c., maryland, virginia. and that gives federal assistance if we need it, the national guard if necessary. the other thing, city government and the federal government close at 12:00. in fact, the white house canceling events. canceling the press briefing because of the oncoming storms. schools have been out all day. kids getting a snow day, even though no snow has fallen out of the sky here. they're trying to get ahead of the storm, john and kate, get prepared, get that snow on the ground so we don't have a repeat of wednesday when an inch of snow caused traffic bedlam. they're trying to get ahead of this one, guys. >> it's been a parade of these
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front-end loaders and the trucks behind you all morning, chris, just putting that salt, getting it out, getting on the roads now early before it's too late. chris frates for us. thanks so much, chris. >> the mayor now saying life and death implications with this storm. this monster storm then means monster pain if you're flying this weekend. several thousand flights because of the storm uction affe, affec 50 airports across the country. rene marsh at reagan airport. you've heard from people trying to get in and out. what's going on? >> reporter: we're starting to feel a little lonely, because if you saw what our live shot looked like three hours ago, there were tons of people behind us. they were all lined up at the ticket counter, hoping to get a seat and essentially get on one of the last flights out before this storm approaches. but now, you know, you still see
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people who are still trying to get out on the last fw flights here at reagan national airport. clearly the crowds are reduced. we're seeing less aircraft on the tarmac as well because the situation is, airlines don't want their planes stuck here so they're pulling their aircraft out of here, too. we're still seeing takeoffs. they're treating the runways here but things are clearly slowing down. they're slowing down operations as the cancellations continue to build up. we're going to see a situation where everything completely comes to a standstill as it relates to air travel. philadelphia international airport, they've already announced, no flights on saturday. so, we expect the same sort of situation for reagan national, dulles. we are in the crosshairs of this thing. don't expect any activity. when will things get better? that's what everyone wants to know. i'm sorry, i cannot give you a time and date as to when things will get better.
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i just can't do it. what i can tell you is normally it takes about 48 to 72 hours before they start to get flights back out. but normal, i can't make any promises at this hour. >> one of the most refreshingly honest and candid takes on the situation. we just don't know, gosh darn it. rene, thank you so much. >> no one blames rene, but the but tom line, you're probably not flying tomorrow. new york city mayor de blasio says everyone on high alert for the looming blizzard. how is the city preparing? with us franc mccarthy, deputy administrator for department of emergency management. thanks for being here. what's the worst-case scenario for something like this? >> blizzard-like conditions. i think we're setting up for that. we're under a blizzard warning, which puts us over that 50-plus mile winds, blowing snow and less than a quarter mile visibility. and that's going to come late tomorrow afternoon, 1:00,
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between 1:00 and 5:00 tomorrow. that's the most serious time. we're telling new yorkers and people coming to new york, listen, let's not travel during those times tomorrow. if you can stay home tomorrow, stay home. it's a saturday. that's really a good side of this for us as new yorkers that live here. so we'll have less traffic on the road. hopefully that will give us a better chance to clear the roads with the department of sanitation. >> the good thing is, the upside, it is a weekend. if you look at kind of where they've -- where things have -- how things have gone in the past. there have been sometimes overhyping and sometimes underplaying with bad results. where are you most concerned right now? >> i think the blowing snow and drifting and the blizzard-like conditions are a concern. we're also concerned about how this storm is going to wrap around the southern faces of the storm where we have coney island, southern queens, ro rockaway, where we might have moderate flooding. >> flooding and blizzard-like conditions sounds horrible. >> yes, it is.
8:10 am
it will be cold and miserable. when you have water coming up, we're not talking sandy-like. we're talking about moderate coastal flooding we could have with this storm. we're concerned about that. we've notified all our residents on the coastline of that. notify and one of the programs we use and people in new york city should go online and look on on the website or call 311. >> you have this war room in brooklyn where you get constant weather information, constant updates. i'm sure you've been checking in. right now, what's your best guess for new york city, the melt poll tan area? >> we have an imbedded national weather service representative in our eoc right now. he's giving us the updated forecast. at 11:00 he gave us the last data they got of the runs. i don't have that in front of me. we're looking anywhere between 8 to 12 inches of snow with the heaviest snow in the middle of the day tomorrow with it starting a little after midnight. emergency operation center here in new york city will be activated early this morning with all the city agencies and
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the state agencies in play in that center, so we're ready and prepared for the morning as we go throughout the day. that will be open as long as the storm is. >> and the mayor said this morning they're ready, all the salt trucks, mrplows, everythin you can have at the ready is at the ready. thanks for coming in. busy week ahead. >> we're ending the week. you're just starting the work. >> thanks much. coming up for us -- you have never seen anything like this. i have never seen anything like this. one week before votes are casts, civil war, dueling groups of republicans trying to take down the two front-runners. next, donald trump's campaign manager responds live on this huge new effort to torpedo his boss. plus, hillary clinton sharpening her attacks against bernie sanders. as bernie sanders takes the lead in iowa. sanders says clinton is part of the democratic establishment. hillary clinton says, not so fast. we'll discuss.
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in republican politics. just a little more than a week till the iowa caucuses. "the national review," essentially the instruction manual for how to be a republican for generations of republicans, this magazine just unleashed on donald trump. 22 conservative writers publishing this blistering manifesto calling trump from a charlatan to menace and american conservativism. >> since that, the magazine was disinvited from the debate hosted by cnn. meantime, other prominent republicans are coming out against ted cruz. so, when it comes to the two leading gop candidates, the question in the republican party right now doesn't seem to be who's better, it seems to be who's worse.
8:17 am
let's bring in dana bash for the latest. you've been following both of these campaigns. what is going on? >> reporter: that's right. let's be clear, from the perspective of the so-called establishment, whatever that means at this point, whether it is the elected republican officials in congress or it is the wide range of thinkers that wrote in that stunning "national review" issue, they think the choice between donald trump and ted cruz is the lesser of two evils. that is just what they think. there's no other way to put it. however, the two of them are the front-runners. it is a two-man race at this point in the game. so, what i think most interesting development in the last few hours has been, is the way the two of them are going at it not just on the stump, but now for the first time in paid advertising. i want to run a clip of both of their ads. we can talk about it on the other side. >> i want immigration reform to pass and that allows those who
8:18 am
are here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> would have allowed undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. permanently and obtain legal status, so how do you square that circle? >> actually, brett, it wouldn't have. >> eminent domain, fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bank roll them. like trump. >> i take eminent domain is wonderful. >> it made him rich, like when strump colluded with atlantic city insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow. >> so, from the perspective of ted cruz, and that was obviously a ted cruz ad, that is like new york values on steroids because for conservatives, eminent domain is a huge thing, especially those in rural areas. they just don't want the government or people working with the government to take their land. and end of story. so, accusing donald trump of doing that, you know, for a
8:19 am
parking lot for his limousines, i mean, that is -- you know, they hope particularly in a place like new hampshire, a real hard-hitting attack. on the flipside, just watching donald trump go after ted cruz on the issue of immigration, trying to kind of outdo him. saying that he's not harsh enough when it comes to illegal immigration is fascinating. i don't know if it's going to work or not, but i can't even believe it was just, i think, about three months ago i was talking to ted cruz, who had just invited donald trump to be his guest at a rally at the capitol. and the reason ted cruz told me he was glad donald trump was in the race is because of the issue of illegal immigration. he thought that would help ted cruz. what a difference a -- >> that's not what friends do. >> reporter: a difference a few months make. >> dana, great to see you. thank you so much. let's talk much more about this issue. joining us now from des moines, iowa, donald trump's campaign manager, corey li.
8:20 am
thank you for being here. dana laid out what is going on right now between donald trump and ted cruz. donald trump's initial reaction last night to what the "national review" has come out against him. he said this is publicity. he also tweeted that the late, great william f. buckley would be ashamed of what has happened to his prize, the dying "national review." one of those coming out against donald trump right now is william f. buckley's nephew. he's one of the folks whose name is on this issue. what do you make of it today? >> here's what i make of it. i think this is a publicity stunt for the "national review," far exceeded its hey day. they're going to get more publicity because the mainstream media will cover this than regular readership, which is way down. for them it's probably a win-win. but the bottom line is nobody cares. the average voter in iowa and
8:21 am
new hampshire doesn't care because they're so tired of the insiders telling them what they should think or do. they want someone who will actually go and change the system, shock the system, to make a difference so we can get rid of the $19 trillion in debt and build the wall. the pundits writing that story have had years to get something accomplished and haven't had it done. >> it's a list of 22 people. it's pretty broad. glenn beck, no one says he's a establishment. brett brazile, dana loesh, original person with the tea party. this is a pretty broad group of people saying dlt trump is really the worst thing that can happen to the party. >> glenn beck and ted cruz joined together to provide toys for illegal immigrants in texas. that's fine if that's where they want to be. i think the american people want, it's going to be tough for competitors, put america first, put our country first for a change. build a wall. make sure our debt is under
8:22 am
control. do better trade deals. that's what this is about. those conservatives bouncing around washington, d.c., in the beltway for 30 years, they talk a great gait game but they've got nothing done. congress is broken. the political pundit class in washington, d.c., continues to tell everybody who they should or shouldn't vote for and nothing changes. let's really think about it. i think the american people are too smart to allow a failing publication to tell them who they should or shouldn't vote for in this upcoming election. >> on that issue you say the political class has been working in washington for decades and not having gotten anything done. you speak out a lot against the political establishment. but donald trump, he just said last night that there's a -- there's a point at which let's get to be a little establishment. we've got to get things done. okay, believe me, don't worry, we're going to make such great deals. can you be anti-establishment and be part of the establishment? how do you get deals done if you're not working with the establishment? >> it's not a matter of working
8:23 am
with the establishment. it's about doing what's right for the country. 34r trump is someone for the last 40 years have made the best deals in the history of our country for his privat business. he'll take the same mind set and do it on behalf of the american people. putting two or four people in a room and making sure that everyone comes out with what they want, but getting something done is what the americn people done. what we see in congress right now and in washington in general is that it's a stalemate. nobody gets anything done. budget deals are terrible. they start negotiating 48 hours before we run out of money. it doesn't make any sense. let's put people in the room, make sure we get the deal done and do if right for the american people. >> but it's -- >> it's a terrible disaster. >> you're sitting here attacking the establishment, attacking "the national review," saying it's washington, d.c., insiders and donald trump, your boss, saying, let's be a little establishment. aren't those conflicting messages? >> look, he's running against career politicians. they are all attack, no-action individuals. ted cruz is an elected individual who has had four years to do whatever he wants to do, to get this country back on track and hasn't been able to do
8:24 am
it. what the american people and what this country needs is a ceo-type person who has the mind set to put our country first again. all these career politicians have had a chance and blame everybody else for not getting their work done. let's start holding people accountable and put someone in the white house that can actually do something for our country for the betterment of it as opposed to just talking about getting things done and not actually doing it. >> how do ycut deals if you're not working with the people you're trashing right now? >> you need a strong leader. barack obama doesn't work with people. the problem with that is, we're at a stale malt. these elected officials running for president right now, these individuals have had opportunity after opportunity to try to get legislation sdpon they haven't been successful at it. >> so is donald trump a deal-maker -- >> excuse me, excuse me. $150 billion we give iran plus we release their hostages and they give us nothing? this is shameful. our country should be better than that. we need to be first. we need a great negotiator so that our country is first. >> is he just, do you agree with
8:25 am
donald trump that you need to be a little bit establishment? >> he didn't say we need to be a little bit establishment. >> he did. >> he said we need to put people in a room to get things done. >> he said, let's get to be a little establishment. >> if you would like on me to answer the question, i'll be happy to. >> of course, corey. of course. >> he said, you need to put people in the room so you can get a deal done. life is about deeldz. putting two people in a room or four people this a room and talking through it so it's best for the country. that's what our country needs. you need a strong leader to get those things done. we need to negotiate better. we need trade deals with our partner. we need a better deal when it comes to our economy and the budget. we're going to increase our debt by $2 trillion because they couldn't get a sdeel done in time. it's shameful. what you need to do is have someone that can work with everybody. first, what you need is a strong leader who understands how to get the deal done. and donald trump is the only person who's going to go to washington, d.c. and fundamentally change the system. that's what the american people want. >> before you get to washington, d.c., there's a big debate
8:26 am
coming up on the 25th in houston that after "the national review" came out, they were disinvited for taking part in the debate by the rnc. did you put any pressure on the rnc to drop them? >> cnn wasn't going to be the original host of that debate. it was originally going to be a different network. that nbc network was removed from that debate because of the way they treated the candidates during the cnbc debate. you stepped up and filled in that spot, which you're happy about because you'll get the highest ratings of any debate which is a 20 to 25 million viewership -- >> we love to host any debate we can get. >> of course you will. >> after the "national review" came out, did you put any pressure on the rnc to drop "the national review"? >> we're just one participant in the debate. i'm glad the rnc reached out and said, if you can't treat people fairly, how can you be on the debate staining? you have a biased leadership, in
8:27 am
the union attacking donald trump and you can't have an unbiased entity on the stage endorsing other people and being unfair. i'm glad the rnc stepped in and did that. >> great to see you, corey. a lot of work ahead of you in des moines. we'll see you there. great to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. now, coming up for us, the rnc disinviting "the national review" after their takedown piece from taking part in a major debate ahead of super tuesday. rnc spokesperson sean spicer will be joining us to tell us why their party is in a current civil war. new attacks from hillary clinton and bill clinton as bernie sanders extends his lead in iowa. hear what the former president says about the senator's slogans.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. moments ago we heard the pretty strong response from the donald trump campaign to the
8:32 am
"national review's" latest issue dubbing trump, among other things, a menace to conservativism. >> joining us director for george w. bush and with him cnn political commentator, van jones. the national review, we were talking about it being the instruction manual for generations of republicans on how to do this. when they come out with this magazine, this issue that basically says, no trump, anyone but trump, is that a big deal? >> yeah, it's a big deal. you know, i became a conservative largely because i was a subscriber to "national review" when i was in college. it's a big deal. it's a very important publication for the conservative movement. and this conversation about whether donald trump is an orthodox conservative or not is a perfectly valid conversation. i just feel like at the end of the day, what conservatives need to do is they're going to have to unite behind the republican nominee. having four or eight more years of what we've seen out of the
8:33 am
obama administration, we'll never get our country back to what it was before, all of these progressive policies. i just hope he we can have this conversation, this family conversation in a way that still allows us to unite. and i think it will. >> matt calls it a perfectly valid conversation. the republican family needs to be having. looking at the pure politics of where we are right now and when this is happening in the political cycle, does this, the fact that this "national review" with this list of conservatives coming out so strongly against trump, does this help or hurt donald trump? does it play right into his hands? >> well, time will tell. first of all, this is a family dispute. this is the munster family? it's like a three-way civil war. looks like syria. you have the establishment going after both cruz and trump. here's reality. the establishment actually likes some -- grudgingly likes donald trump's personality. they kind of admire his brashness. they just hate his ideas.
8:34 am
he's got a goulash of ideas. they don't go together. they like ted cruz's ideas but they hate his personality. they hate the fact that ted cruz used their faces to springboard into national prominence. they have one guy that liked the ideas, hate the personality. another guy they like the personality, hate the ideas. so, they're going after both of them full bore. we will see now whether or not the so-called establishment is anything but a paper tiger. i can't tell yet, but this is hardly a polite family discussion. this is a war. this a full-out war. >> van, i can just say something that might surprise you, van? i really agree with what you're saying. the republican party is a conservative party. two-thirds of those who will vote in these primaries are conservatives and they're sending a very strong message. an outsider like a donald trump is perfectly acceptable to them. someone who is a down the line orthodox conservative like ted cruz is perfectly acceptable to them. the old way we used to nominate people might have changed because obama has taken this country to a place where conservatives are so worried.
8:35 am
>> you know, it's a very valid point. we have this discussion, van, we're having this discussion about both these guys getting attacked by these powerful forces. both these guys are leading in the polls right now by a lot in some cases, so there's clearly something about them, both of them, that voters like. i want to get your reaction again to this "national review" stuff and stuff in the washington post. there's so much out there it makes your hair hurt. rudy giuliani saying if it came down to trump or cruz, there's no question i would vote for trump. as a party, we'd have a better chance of winning with him. van, matt, what do you think? >> you know, that's -- i was asked to write for this "national review" piece, and although i have a lot of great friends who decided to write for this edition, in the end i want to make sure whether it's trump or cruz or carly fiorina, governor christie, whoever turns out to be our nominee, we have to understand it will be a binary choice. it will be them against bernie
8:36 am
sanders or hillary clinton. that's a very important thing we have to get every vote we possibly can. what rudy giuliani is basically saying is that we really can't afford to take any voter for granted because our path to victory, we all know, is slim on -- conservatives all know that. we have to get every conceivable vote we can get. >> can i say something, though? >> van, i think it's time to sturn to the democrats. let's talk about the democrats. so, van, last night wolf did a great interview with hillary clinton and asked her to answer to the attack coming at her from bernie sanders, which is that she is part of the democratic establishment. this is what she told wolf. >> i just don't understand what that means. he's been in congress, he's been elected to office a lot longer than i have. i was in the senate for eight wonderful years representing new york. he's been in the congress for 25. and so i'll let your viewers make their own judgment. >> van, is hillary clinton a member of the democratic establishment?
8:37 am
>> hillary clinton is the democratic party establishment. and god bless her for it. i'll tell you what, i'm proutd of this party. i'm proud of her leadership of it. but i think it smacks of a little desperation when you are -- when you and your husband basically represent this party here and around the world and pretend you're not the establishment. here's what's going on. the clintons hoped this was kind of a campaign they could ignore and it turns out, this sanders surge is real. he has tapped into something that has been hidden for a long time. there is massive, massive pain and discontent and frustration in the democratic party, with our establishment, just like there is in the republican party. what you're seeing now is the clintons have to fight back. they may not understand. you've got a whole generation that has come up now hearing fox news and others call president obama, who's an economic moderate, a socialist for eight years. and so -- >> oh, come on. >> -- the term socialist no
8:38 am
longer has any kind of stigma for a big part of the democratic base. and i think they thought that that would be an easy stumbling block. it's not. she'll have to fight him heads up. this town hall meeting that is going to happen in three days is going to be armageddon inside of this party. you watch, they are both going to come out. there will be no -- no gloves, no punches held. it will be a fight for the heart of this party. >> if i could -- >> and it's going to be a real deal. >> matt, quickly? >> yeah, if i could. it's absurd to call barack obama a moderate in any sense. what's happening to the democratic party is obama has taken the party so far to the left that the base of the democratic party, which are basically socialists and collectivists, they are turning to bernie sanders because they say obama did so much, let's do more. hillary clinton can't answer the question between what's the difference between a socialist and democratic. you know why? increasingly, will is no difference. if we're the munster family, you guys are the addams family. >> thank you for bringing us
8:39 am
back to '70s tv. >> full circle. >> appreciate it. van jones with quite a plug there. not sugar coating it. armageddon. >> i don't know if we need to plug the town hall anymore. thank you so much, van. great to see you guys. an additional programming note, monday night in iowa, one week before the iowa caucuses, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley will go face-to-face with the voters in that state, as van jones terms it, armageddon, cnn presidential town hall live from des moines. chris cuomo will be moderating. 9:00 p.m. eastern. serious situation going on for millions of people. treacherous roads, canceled flights, empty store shelves, messy nfl week, too. we'll go live to charlotte, north carolina, site of the nfc championship game. as we've been discussing, the gop cutting ties with the "national review" for an upcoming debate in the wake of its anti-donald trump issue. even booting the conservative
8:40 am
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8:44 am
. the breaking news. a dangerous blizzard hitting the east coast. washington, d.c., to new york, philadelphia, all in the crosshairs for the storm already hitting in the south. >> north carolina, parts of tennessee expected to get at least 10 inches of snow. let's go live to cnn's polo sandoval already in charlotte. what does it look like now? >> reporter: we have seen just about every kind of precipitation. right now it really is freezing snow. there was a carolina panther pep rally that was scheduled to happen in this park at about noon. they were expecting about 5,000 people. instead, you'll basically just find me and a couple kids making a snowman. that tent that was initially set up, sitting there. nobody making use of that. so, this is clearly because officials want people to stay home. this is still a very dangerous
8:45 am
situation. we heard from city officials and also state officials a little while ago who said really since this wave of winter weather began to sweep through the region, they've already responded. at least state troopers have responded to hundreds of accidents. sadly, four people have been killed in traffic accidents. this is what authorities want to avoid. they're encouraging people, simply stay home. i can tell you guys from my vantage point here in the heart of charlotte, people seem to be heeding those warnings. the streets are relatively quiet. a few people have walked out. officials say, fine do that, be careful because simply walking around can be treacherous enough. however, folks are not looking forward to sunday, the big nfc championship game. that is something that is still scheduled. there is still -- in fact, the panthers are practicing at this hour only a couple blocks from where i'm at. the panthers are tweeting a couple pictures of them in action, despite the snow. so now everybody focusing on that and, of course, on staying indoors right now, john and kate. >> absolutely. polo, thank you so much. sounds like someone is having
8:46 am
fun behind you. sounded like some kid was having fun. let's discuss this and what the states are looking at right now. let's bring in deputy secretary of communications for the north carolina department of transportation. thank you for being with us. tell us, what is happening right now? where are your biggest concerns? what's your biggest focus? >> thanks, kate. it's a very dangerous situation on many north carolina roads today. we have a lot of ice and snow that's been coming down. we've had crews that have been out since tuesday doing all the pre-operations, putting brine on the roads across the state to prevent the snow and ice sticking. we've had crews out all morning and night across the state to start putting salt down to break up and melt the ice and pushing it to clear. but the bottom line is, it's getting more treacherous by the hour here in the state of north carolina. we have crews out in full force, but it will take a long time before the roads are safe for travel. while our crews are working hard, we're urging everyone to stay home and stay off the roads, especially since it seems like we're getting more ice than snow with this one. >> mike, quickly, what about the
8:47 am
football game. nfc championship game on sunday. how's that looking? >> well, we certainly want to get the roads clear and safe to travel before that big game. a big deal for the state. a lot of people in the state and outside of the state will be traveling there. we're working towards that. the biggest challenge we're facing right now, with having ice come down. ice is much more dangerous and tough for us for several reasons. for one, it's harder to clear. we can't just push it off the road with plows. we have to melt it and take other steps. secondly, it's harder to see. a lot of drivers get out there and they have a false sense of security. they don't see snow on the roads. so, there tend to be more accidents. it can get slick very quickly. with the ice still coming down, we worry about trees and power lines falling on the roadways which are more dangerous for our crews to handle as well as drivers. working hard toward the big sunday, but today and tomorrow, not good days to be out traveling. >> thanks so much for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up for us, the rnc
8:48 am
whacks the "national review," the conservative magazine comes out with ets anti-trump issue. the rnc, you know what, you are no longer hosting a crucial republican debate. a top rnc official joins us next. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward.
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8:52 am
holtzclaw. the national review dropped from next month's republican presidential debate on cnn. >> the republican national committee sent them home overnight after the magazine put out this blunt and brutal anti-trump manifesto. and joining us is sean spicer for the rnc, chief strategist, and thanks for being on with us, and why did you whack the "national review"? >> well, we saw a piece coming on and it is highly inappropriate to have a debate partner or a mod erator who woud
8:53 am
have prestated a candidate pro or con, and so we said we would no longer have them as a partner. >> what did you think when you saw this, because you have been in washington for a long time and around politics before a long time, and have you ever seen anything about this before? >> well, what disappoints me is that i have a lot of respect for "national review" and this is what disappoints me, that we found out that hillary clinton has more server e-mail problems, and her gad fly social itself from vermont is beating her, and yet a lot of folks on the conservative side is having a circular firing squad, and i wish that the same amount of energy and focus would be on hillary clinton's record and what drirection she takes this country to, or for more other candidate, because if the guys don't necessarily want one
8:54 am
candidate, then direct their attention to the candidates they would like or would like to have and why they like them, but going after each other is not helpful in the long run. >> you say in you are disappointed in the "national view" and these folks for coming out against donald trump. >> well, i want to see the same energy focused on hillary clinton in what should be one of the worst weeks that she has had in the terms of the disclosure of e-mails and the campaign meltdown that we are in, i would have liked to have seen these same forceful individuals hammering down on her, and the other folks in the field as opposed to attacking one of our own. >> and the "national review" posted this overnight, this is what we expected to be coming, and a small price to pay for speaking the truth about donald trump. and nbc has been dropped and abc has been dropped, and i a nomt
8:55 am
trying to be cute here, but are you running out of people to have debates with? >> well, fox has been very fair, and cnn has been fair -- >> we will take all of them. >> and so, we cannot have people involved in the debate process that have come out for or gai against any candidate, and so we will continue to have all of the debates to be done in a way that put the candidates in the best position possible, and having somebody as a partner who has decided to forcefully come out against someone or for somebody in that matter is highly ina appropriate. >> and you said that you don't want people to come out against one of their own, and do you consider donald trump one of your own? >> of course. he is a republican and on the ballot in all of the state, and of course he is one of our own. >> and what is coming next? what is coming next, sean? i mean, this is not going to end, and this is a civil war within the republican party and the national are review coming out against donald trump, and the likes of a lot of republicans on capitol hill
8:56 am
coming out against cruz, but these two are the front rrunner. >> great, okay. i mean, look, i don't think that it is a bad thing necessarily, and i would rather have us focused on the energy of attacking hillary clinton, but that that being said, politics is a contact sport, and that is how these people get out and describe who they are for or against someone, but it isn't like that it is that crazy, because in 2008 barack obama and hillary clinton went after each other until june, and so to say it is a civil war, then don't overexaggerate. >> and go, patriots. >> and kate is not the an overxaj rove overexaggerator. >> and a new forecast is coming out soon.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
-- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to loigs, and our breaking news is that congress is wrapping up early, and capitol hill is shutting down. all of this is because of the epic snowstorm that is literally at the doorstep of the capitol. that building officially closing a couple of minutes ago noon eastern time, and the lawmakers are also taking monday off for good measure. with more than two feet of snow, and up to 30-mile-an-hour winds forecast for the d.c. area, this is going to be none too pleasing a place to be. the blizzard warning prompting washington's mayor to call this meeting with the officials today, and she spoke a short


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