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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 22, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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here we go. top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. the moment has come for millions of americans in the direct path of a monster winter storm. a united flight just partially rolled off of the runway at chicago's o'hare airport. we're told everyone is okay there. but all eyes really are on d.c. right now. the mayor of washington, d.c.
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says she wants everyone off the streets in the next hour because the storm, according to her, has life and death implications. travelers across five major hubs and in the south the snow is already falling in parts of northern georgia. the carolinas, by the way there is a huge nfl game coming up in charlotte. will it impact the ability for fans to get there. cnn is all over it with storm live team coverage. i have jennifer gray on the national mall in washington. nick valencia is in virginia. and karen is in atlanta. but jennifer gray, to you first, my friend. the snow has clearly started to
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fall. now the snow flakes are getting bigger and fatter. these are wet, heavy snow flakes. so that's what we talk about when we talk about possible power outages in the d.c. area. they are going to log on to the tree limbs. we are going to be possibly seeing power outages. the national mall closed at noon. there were thousands of people on the mall. now it looks like people have scattered, which is good news. there are cars on the road. people are urged to get off the streets within the next hour or so. we have seen several plows go by, so that's good news. this is going to rifval one of the worst snowstorms in the
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nation's capital. we're in this for the long haul. we are going to see heavy, heavy snow and the winds are going to gust 60 miles per hour or more. we could see blizzard conditions after dark. . >> folks in washington have an hour to get off the roads. this is when the d.c. mayor mapped out the district's game plan with her weather emergency response team. nick valencia is in fairfax, virginia. this is near the department of transportation. . and salt ready to roll. >> reporter: salt is ready to roll and that's a good sign. preparation started late last night. they are not taking any chances. let's show you some of the equipment that they are dealing with. lots of salt on this car ready to hit the interstates. 4,000 pieces of equipment are a mix of contractors and employees with the department of
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transportati transportation. the snow is coming down. tell us how you're getting ready. we started yesterday and started loading trucks last night. >> any spots in virginia in the d.c. area that are concerning to you right now? >> everywhere. that's why we say stay home. the roads are going to get bad. we are out in full force, as you said, over 4,000 pieces of equipment. with this amount of snow, there's going to be problems. . >> let's show the audience where we're at. this is some of the materials they will be using to treat the roads. this is the interstate dome come in here. thsz where they load up.
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>> this is a ton of salt. probably 20,000 tons at least. i'm not sure what size this is, but it's a lot. >> this feels like glass, but this is what they are treating the roads with outside. the storm is supposed to come down at 4:00 p.m. eastern. wherever you are when the snowstorm hits hard around that afternoon hour, that's where you're going to be for the weekend. so be safe and take the proper precautions that you have to. >> good deal. thank you so much. our thanks to the d.o.t. there. in charlotte, big nfl game this sunday there. the nfc championship. the panthers practice today in the snow. here's a photo that the panthers tweeted saying "we'll be ready." our live coverage continues tr
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charlotte. this is the snow we don't normally see as much of in the south. how will the roads be ahead of the big game? >> it has been quite dangerous. city officials stressing that even though much of the snow may be over for now, will the threat remain? there have been hundreds of traffic accidents across the state. tour people killed in weather related traffic accidents. the know sheer is dumped by the same system making its way northeast. while it may be. picturesque, it was a lot of the freezing rain that's going to present a lot of problems out there for drivers. i can tell you as we have driven the streets they are relatively quiet. for the most part, a lot of folks choosing to stay home and that's what officials want to e see happen for the rest of the
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day here. game day you mentioned, still scheduled. the pep rally will not happen or did not happen after all. but folks being encouraged to stay home and stay warm for now. >> the storm will hit sooner rather than later. . karen is tracking it all for us. i don't know where to begin. should we start in d.c.? >> that's the epicenter. that's the area that will be slammed the hardest. it's only going to get worse from here. not just for washington but baltimore. and we go up and down that i-95 corridor. you're looking at a horrendous situation for the next 36 hours. about 29 people, a million people all the way from new york
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city, philadelphia, baltimore, washington, d.c., will be impacted. but as you well know, the system is much broader than that. impacts about 85 million people. . all the way from the carolinas in towards gnanashville across kentucky. kentucky has been hit hard over the last few hours. this is an interesting picture. this is historic, as you can imagine. the snowfall level is up to their shoulders. there are five people in this shot. this woman is 53 frrchlg. this was submitted by her daughter. she sent us this picture. this was the nickerboker blizzard. it claimed the lives of 100 people at a theater. and that came up to about their chest. i'm about 5'3" myself. this is going to rival that. and this is in bowling green, kentucky. and already we've got those lights down for the roadways.
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and only gets worse. it looks like those winds by tomorrow morning up around hurricane strength, near hurricane strength. this is e equivalent to category one. it's high tide so there's going to be coastal flooding and beach erosion. this is a monster. >> karen, thinking of everyone in the storm's path, thank you so much. i mentioned chicago off the top . we have live pictures here. obviously, the white is snow. i don't know if this is a weather issue or not. a united flight partially rolled off the runway. this is o'hare airport. we have seen the flashing lights and emergency personnel responding. it was arriving from san francisco. . we're told everyone is fine. they are working on getting folks off this plane back to the gate. whether appearing to be a factor, this is according to the airline and the airport is still open. that is chicago. the unprecedented move here,
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shaping up the presidential race, a civil war just erupted as republicans are trying to take down not just the one front runner, the two front runners. a week before iowa votes. we'll speak with one of the conservatives trashing donald trump. plus bowe bergdahl's defense attorney joins me on why he may call donald trump to the stand, the same guy who calls his client a traitor. and dr. sanjay gupta goes directly to the families who may have been poisoned by tap water in flint, michigan. what they hear sanjay gupta has done to them. do not miss this. i'm brooke baldwin, this is cnn. we calm your congestion and pain. you rally the team. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve even your worst cold & flu symptoms. so you can give them
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. the national review the one founded in 1955 by conservative forefather that many credit for defining the conservative movement, the one that brags 94% of e readership as politically active that national review dedicates its latest issue to pleading with people not to vote for donald trump. you sigh the see the cover against trump features pieces from 22 conservative thinkers explaining why trump should not be the republican nominee for president. here is one sample from host michael medved. worst of all, his mean-spirited public persona serves to associate conservatives with all the negative stereotypes that liberals as for decades attached to those on right. trump, a kinlt counterpuncher has responded to that. >> it's a dying paper. its circulation is way down. not very many people read it
11:16 am
anymore. people don't even think about the national review. . so i guess they want to get a little publicity. >> with me now is the man who wrote that article. welcome. >> thank you, thank you. i hadn't heard mr. trump's response until now. that's terrific. by the way, the national review isn't a dying paper because it's not a paper. it's a magazine. and the most influential voice of conservatism. what i think is ironic here is you may remember in donald trump's very effective answer to ted cruz on that issue of new york values, when cruz made the point i don't know a lot of prime conservatives who come out of manhattan, trump shot back william buckly was the founder and editor of the national review, which is now pleading with people to not support
11:17 am
trump. >> so that was your response to trump. let me ask you this. because this is my first question. we're a week away from iowa. . >> but the national review. >> in terms of the national review, i can't speak for them. i really can't. they were waiting for a a broad consensus. the people who wrote in this issue include people like myself who support immigration reform and i do. and people who are deadly opposed to immigration reform. it's everyone from thomas soul to glen beck and some of the people support ted cruz. i don't. basically i think the most important thing right now is to prevent trump from getting that 50% plus 1 of the delegates.
11:18 am
>> what if this backfires and in the end all of you coming together and saying, no to trump really helps him? >> again, i don't think that that is going to be the case because right now i think the trump certainly has command of some enthusiasm of the party. i think what is really important at this point is to try to unify the anti-trump forces. . that's really why he's been winning in all of these polls and primaries. it's because it's not trump or cruz. it's not trump or rubio. it's trump or cruz. so i think what we really have to do is focus on what it is that the party needs and what the party needs to avoid. i'm sorry to go on, but this is an issue for the republican party. because if we get to the point
11:19 am
where latinos and asian who is are dpoing to be combined about 15% of the vote this coming election, if latinos and asians vote as automatically for democrats as blacks have done for many elections, we have no future as a party. it's the end of the republican party. >> on that note -- >> and cruz risks that. >> why don't all of you guys dedicate a cover rallying behind one candidate? so that voters have a clear view of who the anti-trump could be. >> right now we don't agree. there are a lot of people who wrote the national review who think the alternative is ted cruz. glen beck has endorsed ted cruz. >> what about you? would you take cruz over trump? >> no, i would take krutrump ov cruz. the problem is i don't believe he can win and worst of all i
11:20 am
think he will do long-term damage to the conservative brand. here's one of my basic points. is donald trump is a liberals idea of what a conservative is is. somebody with inherit hadded wealth who was always spoiled, always had it his way to wants to protect his own advantages, who is loud, vulgar, and a bully. that's the liberal view. . a conservative, what's an example of a great conservative. no one would think donald trump. we'd say ronald reagan, jack kemp. >> who are you for now? >> if i had to vote now, i'd vote for rubio. virtually any of the alternatives. that's what we have to go for is maintaining an open race with an open convention where we can choose a candidate who can win.
11:21 am
>> that's part of the issue. no one has coalesced on the one other candidate. if it's not cruz or trump, isn't part of the problem. >> i don't think so. i think that's part of the solution right now. i'll tell you why. people are not paying attention, but we have rules and all of these primaries. . . . if trump wins a primary with 30% of the votes, it's not good enough. he needs 50%. . it's very likely at this point we'll go to the convention, donald trump will have the most delegate, but won't have 50%. that gives people a chance in the run up to the convention in the last few weeks before cleveland coming up this summer to get together and to decide about what a candidate who is viable. >> michael, we'll chat again. >> thank you. >> thank you. a programming note for you. monday night in iowa, one week before the iowa caucuses, bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley will go face to
11:22 am
face with the voters in that state. cnn democratic presidential town hall live from des moines. chris cuomo will be moderating that monday night at 9:00 eastern. back to our breaking news here. this potential for an historic storm now underway. cnn has you covered across the east coast. we're also monitoring the situation. live pictures at o'hare airport. this united flight partially rolled off the runway. not totally clear if weather is to blame. we're checking on that. also ahead on the front lines of the water crisis. cnn's sanjay gupta takes a firsthand look at the health effects of lead poisoning and what families are truly going through. ♪ there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪
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we are going to washington. we're watching the weather there. let's go straight o to the police chief. chief, nice to talk to you. tell me -- i know folks are supposed to be off streets in half an hour. what's priority number one? >> i'm out here right now riding around. the snow is coming down. it's a wet snow. it's starting to pick up a little bit. . right now things are going smoothly. most of the workers left work around noon today and are heading out. it's light traffic. and the roads are still clear. the snow is not sticking. we'll work for quite awhile, but when the pace picks up, there's not much that you can do to stop it from accumulating. so right now things are looking well. >> that is good news for now. we saw what happened the other night in washington. not good. do you think storm prep? you have been the chief for
11:28 am
quite awhile since i was a reporter in washington. has it gotten better or worse prep over the years? >> much better. there's going to be times when the prediction in the forecast aren't accurate or are off by a bit and we got snow a cup can l days ago. it came quickly in the middle of rush hour. so there's time when is things like that happen. but this big storm we have been planning for for several days. i think the city is fairing very well. people have to stay off the streets for us so we can keep them safe and get the roads cleared. >> you have bigger things to tend to than talking to me on the phone. i appreciate you calling in. we'll be in close contact with you and the city through the course of the weekend. thank you and good luck. >> thank you, bye-bye. after weeks of inviting between flint and state
11:29 am
officials, the environmental protection agency determine they are both culpable for the water crisis and now the regional epa administrator who oversees flint is stepping down. she admitted she knew about the toxic levels of lead as early as last june but perhaps no amount of accountability, no amount of money will resolve what the families are going through. because the health effects of lead poisoning are irreversible. sanjay gupta visited one family trying to raise their twins never knowing how sick they can become. >> look right at e me. >> reporter: when her son started to become ill. it was so subtle. she wouldn't have been blamed for missing it. >> keep your head straight. >> good job. look up. look down. do your fingers feel numb at all. >> reporter: she looked at gavin
11:30 am
and their twin side by side. the difference was staggering. >> the the size he is right now is pretty much the size he was last february. february 5th of 2015. >> so almost a year. >> how much does he weigh versus his twin? >> he's 35.8. and his twin is 53 months. >> they were drinking the same water but gavin was showing the effects of being poisoned by lead. it can affect people very differently, even twins. >> 6.5. >> and what is normal? >> nothing. there's no safe exposure to lead. >> it's a montra repeated by doctors all over the world. no lead, not even a little bit. is acceptable. because we know more than ever what it does to the body. when lead is ingested or inhaled, no organ in the body is spared. lead even attacks the dna affecting not just you but your future children. all of it essentially irreversib
11:31 am
irreversible. equally frustrating the symptoms could show up now or years from now. >> how do you live your life like that? watch and see. >> it's upsetting. >> he's 4. >> the lead was coming from the corroded pipes carrying water. the longer in the pipes, the more hazardous it became. one of the problems is that their house is one of the furthest away from the treatment facility. it probably explained why the testing here was among the highest. 13,000 parts per billion. for contest, 5 parts per billion is cause for concern. 5,000 parts per billion is associated with toxic waste. this home, 13,000 parts per billion. . but it's not just one home. it's an entire community here in flint. 100,000 people live here. o 10%, 10,000 of whom are under the age of 6. they are the ones most at risk. >> when pediatricians hear anything about lead, we absolutely freak out. >> it wasn't a freak out at
11:32 am
first. but doctors in flint started hearing whispers about elevated lead levels in the water in 2014. so this doctor started looking at lead levels in her young patients. what she found was shocking. >> the percentage of children with lead poisoning doubled in the city of flint. in some neighborhoods, it actually tripled. >> she sounded the alarm as loudly as she could, but no one listened. instead -- >> we were attacked. i was called an unfortunate researcher. that i was causing near hysteria and the state numbers were not consistent with our findings. >> reporter: maybe denial was so easy because of this. flint, a city surrounded by some of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, was now delivering some of the most contaminated water to its citizens. >> in october of 2014 general motors you say stopped using the water. because it was corroding their parts.
11:33 am
>> right. >> that seems like an obvious clue. >> red flags should have been going off in people's brains. if it's corroding engine parts, what is it doing to our plumbing that's lead based? >> water that could corrode engine parts, just imagine what it was going to the body and brain of gavin. >> these kids did nothing wrong. they did nothing wrong except being poor. >> in may professor mark edwards from virginia tech sounded an alarm about lead in flint's water. >> the governor says you can have anything you want. >> i want a remind button to april of 2014. that's what i want. because he can't undo this. we cannot undo this. >> if there's ever been a u.s. city in need of rewind button, it's flint, michigan. a third of the people are living in poverty. life expectancy is shorter than the rest of the state.
11:34 am
there's not a grocery store anywhere in sight. >> then we have lead. . if you were to think of something to. put in a population to keep them down for this generation and generations to come it would be lead. it's just a loss of words. >> reporter: but they, dr. mona, the citizens of flint have to believe that clean water will return. one day soon. >> people have been putting you on tv lately. >> yeah, because they wanted to put us on tv. so they can see us. >> because you're handsome. >> yep. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, flint, michigan. >> incredible, thank you so much. coming up, the knives are out. donald trump and ted cruz launching attack ads while frustrated jeb supporters shift blame to the 100 million super pac that supports him. that's next. it's how i try to live... how i stay active.
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turning to the race for 2016. the race for iowa just ten days away. a man who say he is doesn't need to take out tv ads to get votes release d his first tv attack a against -- any guesses? >> i want immigration reform to pass. and that allows those here illegally to come in out of the shadows. >> an amendment would have allowed undocumented immigrants to e remain in the u.s. how do you square that circle? >> actually, brett, it wouldn't. >> in another ad ted cruz fires back by slamming trump's new york values. >> fancy term for politicians seizing private property to enrich the fat cats who bankroll them, like drump. >> eminent domain is wonderful. >> like when trump collude d wih
11:40 am
insiders to bulldoze the home of an elderly widow. >> our washington correspondent for the new yorker and clearly staying home. we appreciate that with the snow out your window. good to see you. i got to get your response to the national review. 22 writers coming together against trump, disowning trump. your response to this? >> i just wonder if it's too little too late for the right to organize itself against this candidacy. the case against trump from the conservative point of view was evidenced last summer when he announced. and it's kind of amazing that it's taken this long for the intellectual establishment of the republican party to join hands and make the case the way that these 22 authors in the national review did.
11:41 am
you have a piece coming out on sunday that gets into a lot of this. i wonder if folks at the national e review and other intellectuals in the party don't really understand what's going on in their own party, the grass roots is not e receptive to these pointy headed conservative ideological fights. . there's something about trump that defies all that that the grass roots loves roigt now. >> ten days out from iowa, ten days and this drops. let me ask you about jeb bush. >> and it cost the magazine its partnership in the debate. kudos that they stuck to their guns and did what they believed. >> jeb bush has a new ad out. take a look. >> when push comes to shove, people are going to realize jeb has real solutions. >> rather than talking about how popular they are or how great
11:42 am
they are he's doing it because he sees a huge need and it's not being filled by anybody. of all the people running, he seems to be the one who could solve the problem. >> wanted to play the ad but wanted your response from the "new york times" talking about them blaming the super pac saying it didn't help enough. your thoughts on that? >> look, the super pac decided they were going to run positive ads on jeb and try to tell his story rather than go after the front runner last fall. they, like frankly everyone else in politics, figured trump would collapse naturally, i guess. they didn't have to go out there and take him down. it would. happen on its own the way that previous candidates like trump have collapsed. obviously, that didn't happen and it's being second guessed. you can always second guess in politics if your candidate doesn't win, but the reason they did that was sound at the time.
11:43 am
this ad that barbara bush is running is really interesting. sha she's one of the more popular members of the family. it wasn't his brother, of course. i still believe that this will come down to a three-person skpras we don't know the identity of the third person. we know the first two names. we know cruz and trump, but there's almost half of the electorate. one of them will emerge. >> thank you very much. look forward to reading your piece. ryan in washington, thanks. coming up next, the defense attorney for bowe bergdahl says he may call donald trump to the stand in the case against the army sergeant. he will explain why, next.
11:44 am
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11:47 am
donald trump may be called as a witness in the trial of
11:48 am
bowe bergdahl. trump has been scathing in his attacks against the army sergeant kidnapped by the taliban after leaving his post in 2009. trump calling him a rotten, no good traitor who should have been executed. >> believe me, folks. they want to kill everybody here. they want to kill everybody there. so we get this dirty, rotten, no-good traitor who 20 years ago would have been shot. everybody said he's a traitor. they said he's a whack job, but we made this deal knowing. i would have said, really, pass, let them have him. frankly, i would fly him back and drop him right over the top. >> bergdahl, who was swapped for five taliban commanders in a controversial exchange is facing a military trial, a trial his lawyer says is poisoned by tr p
11:49 am
trump's fiery claims. his lawyer is now joining me. nice to have you on. >> my pleasure. >> let's begin with this. you have yet to make a decision at least that we know of publicly whether you will be calling donald trump as a witness. my question is what are you waiting to hear him say or do to compel you to change your mind? >> i'd like to mention that none of my comments today should be construed in any way of barring on the fitness to be president and what people should do in a political nature. i just want to lay that on the table. that's not my function and not why i'm here talking with you. >> this is about your client. >> exactly right. with my co-counsel, i have lawyers working with me on this case, we have been monitoring
11:50 am
mr. trump's statements tr some time. in fact, if you don't mind i'm going to hold this up for the camera. this is the now eight-page log that we have of some of the various appalling comments that mr. trump has made in an effort to -- it's like a lynch mob, actually, to incite ill will and vilification of sergeant b bergdahl. any comments he's made at various places around the ko country, i only have this up to date until january 20th in tulsa, oklahoma, when he appeared with sarah palin. there's been a a pattern here that is so extensive that it has certainly raised in the mind of the defense team whether
11:51 am
sergeant bergdahl's right to a fair trial has been irreparably compromised by donald trump's comments. he has the ragt to say whatever he wants, thank god, under the first amendment. i believe he believes in the constitution. i believe strongly in free speech. he may wind up facing a defamation case down the road, but right now my concern is whether he's compromised my client's right to a fair trial. we'd like to continue to monitor his comments. >> you have eight pages and that's just through this past week. so with all of these comments you say the phrase lynch mob, how would you then prove to the judge that all of what he said will ab sloutly poison the jury pool, prove that this is harmed his ability to receive a fair trial? >> i don't want to try the case in the media.
11:52 am
i have actually refrained from doing that, talking about the merits of the case. >> but if you talk about the comments, you have to explain a little bit. >> of course. the uniform code of military justice and the u.s. constitution provides sergeant bergdahl with a trial. military justice, the jury has to be impartial. there are times when there's such publicity includine ining comments that donald trump has made across the country that raise a substantial question, in my mind. we are evalwaiting this. if we make a motion with respect to whether my client is, in fact, being denied a fair trial, we have to have proof. mr. trump -- i shouldn't say will, may well be part of the proof we would offer. he's subject to being called as
11:53 am
a witness. and. if we make that decision, i would certainly very carefully consider whether he should be on the witness stand instead of in front of addressing people at a rally. >> speaking of publicity, i have to ask you about this new podcast. we have talked about it here on cnn. the season focuses on your client. we hear bowe bergdahl himself for the first time through these fascinating taped conversations and some pretty scathing accounts. i'm just curious your thoughts on that and on the flip side, would you be concerned that, too, could poison a fair trial? >> well, i'm listening as millions of other people are to the podcast with great interest. there was a segment the other morning i have to get up at 6:00 a.m. to listen to them first thing. they are extremely interesting. . i'm going to withhold judgment on their overall impact until
11:54 am
the series has run its course. i'm certainly comfortable telling you i have learned a number of interesting things from them and certainly the defense is going to be following that very closely. >> thank you so much for your time, sir, appreciate it. more on the breaks news, the snow beginning to fall in washington, d.c. that's the bulls eye for the storm. we'll take you there live, coming up. be good.
11:55 am
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11:59 am
movie by don cheadle. e had plays davis in the film and makes his debut as the director. cnn's stephanie elam is where the festival is underway today. you got to talk to don cheadle. how was it? >>. >> it was one of my favorite conversations. it was so real about the experience of being a director. he said it was almost a deca decade-long process to get to where he is. listen to what he had to say about it. >> i was an emotional wreck for a lot of it, to be honest. i don't think i would ever do it like this again. >> really? >> i don't think it's smart to do it like this. because was the only way i was able to do it and two or three years ago i tried to find another director to take it on because i've appreciated what was about -- i thought i understood what was about to come down the pike.
12:00 pm
i had no idea how much bigger it was going to be. i knew it was going to be a task that was going to challenge me. i had no idea how challenging it would be. >> he said it wasn't until his daughter said u, dad, you're here, you're premiering your film. you did it. it took ten years. most of her life, he was working on that. but a really interesting look at this particular time in miles davis' life that stars don cheadle. it's just an interesting movie. it has one of my favorite lines in it. after i saw the film, i can't stop saying it. i'm not going to ruin it for everybody. >> what a tease. >> we continue on. you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me
12:01 pm
here. millions of americans in this path of this massive winter storm, which is starting to bear down on the south and east coast. six states and the nation's capital under states of emergency now. washington, d.c., the national guard is deployed. the dead line to get off the streets is now officially in effect. washington's mayor asked everyone to be off the block at 3:00 eastern. she said the storm has, quote, life and death implications. 2 feet of snow could fall over the course of next 12 hours. travelers across five major hubs are hustling for new flights after thousands of cancellations. american airlines will close terminals tomorrow in washington, philadelphia, new york and charlotte. cnn is following the storm with live team coverage. i have miguel marquez live in baltimore. rene marsh is at reagan national where there are a lot of red cancellations on that screen. meteorologist karen mcbegin
12:02 pm
necessary is tracking the weather. . i u don't see snow falling yet. tell me what they are expecting there. >> it has just started. this is the baltimore harbor down here. this is the last time this week we're going to see this area as beautiful as it is. the governor saying that the entire state of maryland is now under emergency. watch for this storm. they have some 365,000 tons of salt to start salting the roads. we have already begun some of that. they have 2700 vehicles to clear the roads. he's saying they are expecting winds up to 55 miles per hour in some areas of the state. the snow here in baltimore could get as highed a 2 feet. they are want expecting up to 30 inches in some areas. and over 30 inches in other parts. so they are it very concerned about that amount of snow, that blowing snow. it's going to be very heavy,
12:03 pm
they say. sometimes possibly mixed with rain, which could bring downpour lines. warning everybody to get ready and stay u indoors for a couple days and be prepared for the storm and check on any elderly friends, neighbors, relatives, anyone that may be in a difficult situation. >> miguel marquezmarquez, thank. >> to karen in the weather center, d.c., how much are we truly talking? >> they are referring to it as epic, historic, we could see records broken. i think we will come close to that record. very close to the record that goes back to 1922. there you are looking at live picture and already the snow has begun. it goes downhill from here for about the next 36 hours. not just if you're driving, not just if you were thinking about flying, not just if you were thinking about taking a stroll
12:04 pm
because it's going to be brutal. the temperatures now 26 degrees in washington, d.c. . it's a little brisk. if you were at a ski resort and you got 20 or 30 inches of snow, you would be giddy. you wouldn't be so giddy if the wind were gusting up to 65 miles per hour u. they would shut the lifts down. imagine this and the major metropolitan areas. new york city, you are still on the line. computer models have not figured this out exactly. but it's going to be significant snow for you. blizzard conditions in philadelphia, baltimore, washington, d.c. and there is a high u tide in the morning. roughly around 7:00 a.m. it is a lie nar high tide. they are going to be higher than normal. and we have this what essentially is the equivalent of a category one hurricane. this is a winter storm system, but the winds associated with this are staggering.
12:05 pm
we are expecting there to be coastal beach erosion and there's going to be some localized flooding as well. this is an interesting picture. . this is 1922. there are five people in this picture. this picture was sent to us. ter standing in the snow. this woman in the middle is 5'3", that's my height. that snow comes up to her shoulders. the 1922 storm collapsed the roof of a building. about 100 people died because the roof was flat and the weight of the snow so downed trees, downed power lines. brooke, this is staggering on so many levels. >> i can only imagine how this is affecting folks. they are supposed to be off the streets now. what about planes? rene marsh, let's go to you for that. what's the status?
12:06 pm
>> brooke, 3:00 on a friday afternoon, what was the last time you saw a security check point looking like this. that sums up the situation here at reagan national airport. the snow is coming down. they are hard at work trying to keep the runways cleared for the last bit of flights that are supposed to move out of here. we have seen operations slow hour by hour. reason for r that we're talking about more than 6,000 cancellations between today and tomorrow already. so people are getting the memo. do not is show up here. your flight isn't going to get. to its destination. airlines aren't taking the chance of having their airplanes buried under feet of snow. . so the situation is we're kind of lonely out here. it's a really what it is at this point. still seeing a few passengers here and there. probably won't see any aircraft on the tarmac at all.
12:07 pm
>> homeless people are searching for shelters. they are filling up in washington, d.c. joining me on the phone is major with the salvation army. major, thank you so much for taking the time. i understand that your shelter is already full. what's your plan b? >> we are full, however, we are also supporting the two state shelters, the city shelter and the county shelter. what we're trying to do is to make sure that everyone gets into a safe place. we're not turning anyone away. . we're encouraging individuals to come to us. . especially those living on the
12:08 pm
street. you may or may not know the salvage army have a program where we fed 90,000 individuals last year that lived on our streets. tonight we'll be feeding about 300 people out on the streets and encouraging them to go to shrlts to get out of the weather. >> what's the biggest challenge for you? >> the biggest challenge is just convincing people who are chronically homeless and living on the streets to get into shelter. many of them are ill, many of them resist coming into any type of formalized shelter because of theired a ver tense to oversight. just trying to build that trust is very difficult. >> and you are in contact with other shelters sort of helping one another out because this is an issue that's supposed to hit you in the baltimore area so hard. >> absolutely. we are in direct communication with our city government as well as our county government making
12:09 pm
sure that all the efforts are coordinated that we can take care of our citizens. >> major, salvation army baltimore command, thank you so much for all that you do for folks so in need. >> we sure do appreciate it. salvation army is here 365 days. we have 30 canteens ready to be called upon when needed. thank you very much for your prayer and concern. stay warm. >> absolutely, to you too, sir. thank you. up next, to politics and this unprecedented move shaking up the presidential race. civil war e erupting as republicans try to take down their two front runners a week before iowa votes. one of those candidates coming off of what many would describe a tough week on the campaign. we'll talk to his senior adviser next. and we're continuing to watch the breaking news this potential for this historic storm underway. we have you covered all up and down the eastern sea board. you're watching cnn's special
12:10 pm
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back to our breaking news. watching this major winter storm. it will continue to intensify over the next 36 hours. the governor of virginia says the state is ready for whatever the storm brings. thousands of personnel have been called up including members of the national guard. also at the ready is hundreds of thousands of tons of salt. plus 2 million gallons of liquid salt. nick is in virginia where crews are preparing for a long week d weekend. i see a lot of cars rolling past you on the highway, but so far so good? what's the story, nick?
12:15 pm
>> reporter: so far, so good. we have seen a steady snow dusting the last couple hours. that snow really starting to pick up in the last 15 minutes. you see on the ground the snow already starting to accumulate. this is interstate 66. if you're familiar with the virginia d.c. area, this is a pretty main highway. this is the westbound lane here. we'll flip around to sew you the east side, but want to bring in steve shannon, virginia department of transportation. how are the roads looking? >> right now, really well. you'll see the westbound side of 66, the chemicals are working. e we put the salt down it's helping us clear the road when the car cans drive on it. the eastbound side not so much rugt now, the chemicals are working. >> reporter: what is the real main concern wooesh hearing forecasts anywhere between 13 inches around this area, 40 inches around the area. . what are you hearing? >> out in the area i'm in charge of, they are calling for up to
12:16 pm
30, 35 inches. here in this area, they are calling for up to 2 feet. so we'll see what mother nature dumps on us here. >> reporter: you have been around a long time and working for the virginia department of transportation for a long time. how does it stack up against years past? >> it's going to be interesting. snowmageddon was three storms. one was an ice storm. it presents the biggest problem. this is straight snow. it's fwing to be easier to manage, but it's going to be a lot of snow in a 36 to 40-hour time period. flip around and you can see the eastbound side of things. a little lighter traffic on this area. folks staying home, try to bundle up. we were in the supermarkets last night. the bread and milk has been scooped up. . if you haven't taken the time to prepare, it may be too late. the heavier part of the storm expected to hit this area in the
12:17 pm
next hour. >> nick valencia, thank you so much. let's go to chris freights in washington, d.c. with a look at things. snow has been falling for the last hour or so. people are supposed to be off the roads, but i see cars over your shoulder. >> reporter: that's right. officials have said everybody should be off the road by 3:00. ter warning that as beautiful as this looks, you might be able to see the washington monument behind me, they say leave the skis at home and just hunker down. they are saying that this is a deadly storm. the emergency management director for the city telling everybody it will be deadly u. the mayor saying it's a matter of life and death. you really need to stay put. they have a state of emergency here. and that's so if they need federal help, if you need to bring out the national guard, they will be able to do that. the city shut down, city
12:18 pm
government shut down. the federal government shut down. . they got out of here at noon. that was largely to keep the cars off the road. they want to get everybody home so all the salt trucks can start pretreating the roads and we won't see the accident its we did just a couple days ago. we only had about an inch of snow on wednesday night and it created havoc here. all kinds of slip and slide accidents. hundreds of fender benders and accidents. they want people to stay put and hunker down and ride it out, brooke. >> chris, we cannot see the washington monument. that's how nasty it's getting. that and the live picture of the white house, barely able to make it out. chris, stay warm, thank you so much. we'll talk more about this weekend storm. but next we will talk -- a a pretty picture, but stay home. coming up next, we'll talk to ted cruz's senior adviser, next.
12:19 pm
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12:23 pm
back to our breaking news. live pictures of washington, d.c. the snow has started to fall. upper left-hand corner, this is the view from capitol hill. this is speaker paul ryan's balcony there. and obviously, the snow has started to fall. they are thinking 2 feet over the weekend is huge for people in the washington, d.c. metro area. we have someone in the car. one of our correspondents on the streets in washington just to give you a better view of what conditions are like at this hour. we'll take you there live momentarily. let's go to this. safe to say the already unprecedented presidential race took a new dramatic turn as the republican party e erupts into a civil war. the magazine that many credit for defining the conserative movement has just dedicated its latest issue to pleading with
12:24 pm
people not to vote for donald trump. it's called "against trump." it features pieces written by 22 conservative thinkers. here's a quote from the magazine. donald trump is a menace to american conservatism who would take the work of generations and t trample it on behalf of populism. trump, a consistent counterpuncher, has responded. >> the national review is a dying paper. its circulation is way down. not very many people read it anymore. people don't even think about the national review. i guess they want to get a little publicity. >> joining me now is alice stewart, senior adviser to senator ted cruz. nice to see you. >> great to be here. thanks for having me. >> have to begin with "the national review" magazine. totally denouncing donald trump. do you think this helps your candidate or perhaps in the end
12:25 pm
galvanizes the trump folks and helps donald trump? >> look, brooke, any time you have 22 prominent, well-respected conservatives joining together ten days out from the caucus to very eloquently outline the case why donald trump is not only not the correct choice for conservatives, but for this country, it's going to have an impact and harmful to the trump campaign. we'll reap benefits from this. the overwhelming theme throughout the 22 different posts was does he walk with us? and the answer is no. donald trump has supported democratic candidates throughout his entire life. he's contributed tens of thousands of dollars to democratic candidates. he supported the auto bailout, bank bailout, he's previously supported gay marriage, abortion, he's pro choice, and all of a sudden he decides to wants to run for president as republican. he's a campaign conservative.
12:26 pm
and these 22 conservative leaders say conservatives need to be beware. >> so that is 22 conservative writers and this is how they feel about donald trump. let me talk about another group of conservatives. republican lawmakers who want b absolutely nothing to do with your candidate. not a single senator has said they would be supporting him. in fact, they are say iing they cannot unite the party behind ted cruz. your reaction to that? >> well, what we're seeing in this election, we're seei ing electorate who doesn't want status quo and are standing up against the washington cartel. >> what about the senators? >> we're seeing the establishment and senators and members of congress abandoning marco rubio because he's not a viable candidate. support for amnesty does not work. they are joining forces behind donald trump. >> your candidate is a sitting senator. and his fellow republican
12:27 pm
senators will not support him. >> what ted cruz has done, he's gone to washington to stand up to washington as usual and business as usual in the washington cartel. he has fought hard against obamacare. . he's fought hard against the policies of big government. and sure, you're beginning to make enemies in washington when you hold their feet to the fire, absolutely. but i can tell you what. any candidate who says they are beloved in washington, voters in iowa and new hampshire and across this country are going to not look towards that candidate. they want someone who will stand up to washington and when you stand up and take a firm stand on something, you're going to make some enemies. >> one political columnist writes ted cruz is a nasty guy and senate colleagues would agree with him on that. out on the trail, she says he's quite likable.
12:28 pm
explain that to the viewers. who is the real ted cruz? >> well, she wrote a great column about that. t nasty comment came from donald trump. donald trump is the one that called ted cruz nasty because as soon as he saw that ted cruz was ahead of him in several polls, fox and cnn and des moines r register polls, he started getting adegrees i-. as ruth has pointed out great in her piece, he has a fire and brimstone image when he's in congress, when he's in the senate hearing, but when he gets out on the trail, he connects with people. he has a great repore with people and that's what the people across the country want. they want to know that someone listens to them, connects with them. the last two sickles, we had someone who checked all the boxes and were great leaders and strong on foreign policy and the economy, but they didn't connect with people. ted has been out there on the
12:29 pm
ground shaking hands, talking. >> i understand he's connecting, but he has to be able to connect and communicate with folks in washington as well. if he's elected president. >> and that's certainly what's going to happen when he is elected. >> but it hasn't so far. >> that's the point when you become a true leader. you're able to bring people together. what he's going to do, unlike away a lot of those that have gone to washington, they go along to get along. he's not going to do that. he's going to do that to represent exactly the reason why people are electing him to bring this country together and to also do away with washington politics and business as usual. that's what people across iowa and new hampshire are seeing. they see him as someone who will go to washington, stand up to washington as usual. but he will certainly represent their views and values and get things done. >> on values, evangelicals are huge for ted cruz. i know you say your candidate is
12:30 pm
best for evangelicals. why is donald trump bad for evangelicals? >> well, because take 2 corinthians. when you first come to church, you certainly are going to make mistake quoting scripture. donald trump has proven he's a campaign conservative. he's a campaign social conservative. that's not going to work. ted cruz has talked the talk and walked the walk when it comes to being a conservative and social conservative. the people across iowa and faith leaders are standing behind him because they understand it is coming from a true core of christian values and convictions opposed to someone who just decided they wanted to all of a sudden become a social conservative as well as a conservative just to run for president. >> alice stewart, senior adviser to ted cruz, see you in iowa, thank you. >> thank you, brooke, appreciate
12:31 pm
it. in the meantime, one little word causing a lot of drama. >> i'm running for president because i think it is just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. >> i've been running against the establishment ever since i got involved in politics. >> one of the reasons the establishment is rushing so quickly behind donald trump. >> his new line of attack is that i've become establishment. give me a break. >> i fought here in washington, d.c. and broke up the establishment here in this town. >> there's the establishment. there's the anti-establishment. then there's the kasich lane. >> are you the establishment? >> i just don't understand what that means. >> we have received so many phone calls from people that you would call establishment. >> i would be one of the biggest opponents of the establishment that you probably have up here. >> we're seeing the washington establishment abandoning marco rubio. >> he's trying to paint me as
12:32 pm
part of the establishment and somebody said, establish m, how come sarah palin just backed him? and there's a point at which let's get to be a little establishment. we have to get things done, folks. >> got to love a good mash up. michael smerconish is with me. establishment, establish. establishment, it's become a dirty word. >> you want to be against the establishment. what's interesting to me is it's become a matter of who is worse. who is worse for the gop brand and who is worse for the future of the republican party in the last 24 hours that's what we have seen. the conservatives who gathered under the umbrella of national review were not there to say this is our man,s that our woman, but rather it can't be him and him is donald trump. then you get i'm going to use the word, the establishment types who say it can't be ted
12:33 pm
cruz. bob dole said he would be cataclysmic for the future of the party. >> i was talking earlier to someone saying why don't you put a picture of somebody on the front of the magazine who would be somebody that the conservatives could rally behind. and he didn't have an answer for that. instead of saying no to trump, he said he would take trump over cruz, which i found interesting, there is no one other guy yet. >> i'll give you a different answer, which is that i think it suits the individuals who were part in parcel to that issue to be against something rather than to be for it. they make tear livings on stirring the pot. in the big picture, this represents the leadership of the republican party to men with microphon microphones. i think there's been a vacuum created and individuals who talk and try and attract eyeballs and clicks for a living, it's not about governing. it's about getting them a bigger
12:34 pm
platform and saying in a position of influence. >> with all this fighting, this civil war within the republican party, that the democrats had had republicans known you'd have hillary clinton, who is embroiled in this fbi investigation who could potentially lose the first two states to a socialist, had they known that wouldn't they have eaten that up and now it's like one after another. >> i don't want to understate it. because of what's what happened with her are in a state adisarray. it's shocking where she finds herself as iowa folks are about to go to kcaucus. but i don't think it would have changed any of this. the part that surprises me is that on the republican side, practicality doesn't seem to set in. it's not about winning. i would think that by this stage they would be saying we're mad and not going to take it. but which one could beat her or beat bernie sanders. that hasn't yet kicked in and they might give away a golden opportunity because her
12:35 pm
negatives are so high. >> michael smerconish, thank you very much. watch michael smerconish tomorrow morning here on cnn. coming up next, back to this massive storm. the store shelves wiped out. washington, d.c. essentially shut down right now as a potential historic storm is rolling in. we'll take you there live as our breaking news coverage continues. toto the nation's capitalut to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. big snowstorm on the way to washington, d.c. live pictures, we rarely see this all quiet in washington. they wanted folks off the streets by 3:00 eastern. at least from this picture it looks like to be so. we have brian todd this a car in arlington, virginia. . i see you, how are conditions looking on the streets? >> reporter: they are getting worse as we speak. we're heading into the crucial period of the snowstorm now. the snow has been coming down
12:40 pm
for a little over four hours now and conditions are getting worse. we're on columbia pike. we're going to take you up to a snowplow and salt truck depot to our right. we have three camera capabilities. we'll be roaming around finding the problem areas where some of the vehicles may be getting stuck and whiteout conditions may occur. we are expecting whiteout conditions within a matter of hours. the crucial snowfall is going to come in the next few hours. the heaviest stuff will come down between midnight and 9:00 a.m. eastern time. showing you the capability now of our vehicle, you have the camera on me here. then we have a dash camera where you can see out the front. you can see from this dash camera that we're approaching whiteout conditions already because they told us earlier that the visibility is going to be maybe a quarter mile at its best. that's what the national weather service told pe a couple hours
12:41 pm
ago. it isn't too much better than that right now. it's getting worse. now i'm going to get out of the vehicle and go to the front here. you can see some of our capabilities. i can talk to the dash camera as i move out here. you can see me out here. this is one of the salt truck and snow truck depots here in arlington, virginia. this is a crucial spot because it's right by 395 that runs north/south into washington, d.c. that's a crucial artery. despite the fact people have been warned to stay off the roads, we have had trucks coming in and out of this depot all day. i spoke to a truck driver who is spreading salt and he said he's been out here for seven hours already. they are prepping the roads, they are plowing where they can, but they are going to have a tough time today keeping up with this volume. they are going to be coming in and out of of here all night long. you have some of these guys staging out over here.
12:42 pm
a big salt deo poe around this corner. and a major highway, this is why this is such a crucial spot for them to deploy u from. that's 395 south and we're going to be heading down there in just a bit. but the roads are getting worse. they have been warning people to stay off the roads. and here's another warning that i got from the national weather service. even when the snow starts to end tonight, if you're in this area and you see it maybe tapering off, don't get complacent. hunker down. it doesn't mean it's over. this is going to ebb and flow all night long, brooke. >> 2 feet that's what they are calling for. stay safe. we'll check in with you through the evening hours. let's also stay in washington and go to jake tapper, who is just outside of our d.c. bureau. in it terms of politics, we know that yesterday chris christie, who arguably made his name by responding to superstorm sandy.
12:43 pm
he was campaigning when he made the decision to stay put. here he was. >> the lieutenant governor is there. she's handling things on the ground there. if i needed to go back, i would. but at this point, it's too speculative to know. >> he tweeted, i'm sorry, new hampshire, but i have to go home. we have snow coming. your response to that? >> this is a criticism that's been going his way and a problem for any sitting governor or senator is you miss things going on in your day job. it is interest iing because som of the senators have been criticized by some of the governors for missing votes. here you have governor christie going through this. he went through this five u years ago. he was vacationing with his family in florida when a blizzard hit the garden state. i think the governor realized that the political consequences were stronger for him to stay in new hampshire than to go back. his argument that he's the
12:44 pm
governor, he can be governor wherever doesn't provide reassurance to the citizens of new jersey. so that's why in one of the tweets he wrote he's there to reassure the people of new jersey, not so much that there's anything he can do in new jersey that he he can't do from new hampshire. >> jake tapper, we'll see you at the top of the hour. stay warm, got a lot to talk about from washington, d.c. thank you, my friend. we'll be right back.
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12:48 pm
breaking news from the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences. the board of governors committed to make its membership more diverse by 2020. . the change will include doubling the number of women and minorities and restructuring the voting rights of lifetime members. the academy's changes come amid-backlash over the oscar nominations for minorities.
12:49 pm
now to to this. this week we have been sharing stories about people who have changed the lives of us anchors here at cnn. right now i want to share the story of my colleague poppy harlow. >> you were essential. >> at trial he used to call home and read to you. >> he adored you. >> i'm going to the childhood home where i grew up with my mom and dad in minneapolis. when i got this assignment, he just immediately came to my mind. of course, my dad, of course. when i tell people my dad died at 49, they say i'm so sorry you were so young. . i say to them i had more of a a dad in 15 years than a lot of kids ever get. >> managed to pack 100 years of living into 50 years.
12:50 pm
. he was just a wildman. he had lots of energy. >> what in him do you see in me? >> you were both dedicated workers. you were just, you know, ever since you were a little girl you were a hard driving little charger. it was a challenge to pry -- it is a challenge still to pry you away from your work. and it was a challenge to pry dad away from his work too. >> my dad was a trial lawyer. and he loved it. the work was all consuming, but he prioritized us, family. managed to hold on to the most important things in life. every morning he would wake up 4:30, 5:00 a.m., drive me to skating practice, and then he would go to work. it didn't matter what he had going on, how tired he was, he was always there for me. >> this is the picture of your third birthday party. >> he's still in his suit. >> and he's still in his suit. >> like he just ran in the house. >> that's right. he ran across three airports and kept saying to the people who were with him i've got to make it home for poppy's birthday.
12:51 pm
>> he took me to the office a lot, right? >> he did. that's a picture you made one saturday morning at the office. he saw every piano recital you did, every skating show. he was a wonderful father. he was really your model. i mean, you're your father's daughter without a doubt. >> this is columbia where i went to college. it's where my dad went to school. and i wanted to follow in his footsteps and be like him. i even found my college application essay that i wrote about him. i learned what mobility really means from watching my father struggle so hard to live, never complaining, never lashing out in his pain and always thanking everyone for their help. in the end my father taught me the answer to a question i had never posed, how to die. my father died with dignity and love knowing that he had left nothing undone. >> welcome back to st. paul. >> thanks. you guys all look the same. >> of course we do. >> my dad's partners at the law firm were like a second family
12:52 pm
to us, especially after he died. >> you say about everybody, well, there's no one like him. i mean, you can't even get anything close to jim, seriously. >> in those days you just sort of put your head down and follow forward. jim was different. he actually made the time to make sure that he was there for you. >> he knew when he was spending time with you to devote 100% to it. and he knew when he was working to devote 100% to it. even though he was, you know, well respected partner, high up in the organization, nothing was beneath jim. we were trying a case once and jim walked in to the work room it was about 2:00 in the morning. he just picked up a stack of papers and started copying. and the paralegal had to say, you know, go back to bed, jim. you need to be on your feet in the morning. but that's what he would do. i mean, nothing was above him. and nothing was below him. >> hey, you -- >> your interviews are really a reflection of your dad, i think. i mean, i see some of the same things, you know, the
12:53 pm
persistence, the nuance. you catch things that other people wouldn't catch. watching you today, i mean, he would have been -- it would have been incessant. he would have been in the office, did you see poppy last night? >> we would have had a cnn tv channel on in every room in the office. >> exactly. >> you know, he would want you to enjoy life as much as he did. he would want you to find joy in everything every day. he lived 49 years, but my goodness he had more fun than probably 100 people in a hundred lifetimes. >> this is where i worked with your dad. i first started working with him before i even went to law school right after i graduated from college. i wanted to tell you what your dad ha done for me and the gift he gave me. i think there are some people that come into your life and help you learn how to be a human being, a better human being. and i really think your dad was one of those people for me. >> do you see any of him in me? >> so much. you know, your dad is
12:54 pm
extraordinary listening comes through in you. your dad let his heart be a part of his passion. and i think you do that too. >> hi everyone. thank you so much for being with me. i'm poppy harlow in new york. every day i want to make him proud because he did so much for me. his death spurred me to want to do better. his death made me want to achieve. i remember going into my freshman year of high school nine days after he died. and the school said, well, you don't need to come. you can take some time off. but i just wanted to dive in. >> does it feel smaller? >> it doesn't feel smaller. i feel a little bit older. >> frank sax was my high school college counselor. >> i have a copy of my recommendation that i wrote for you when you applied to college. i said you had real inner strength, self-discipline. that you had overcome tragedy because, you know, your dad had just died. that's actually when we
12:55 pm
connected. can i give you a hug? >> i'll never forget the day that i found out i got into columbia. i jumped around my house. and i was so thrilled. >> almost identical. dad's 1965. you made your dad proud. >> i wanted to be a lawyer just like my dad. i was so set on being like him that i forgot for a while to be my version of him. >> girls who lose a father young tend to do extremely well, tend to be very ambitious because they are trying to offer this as a gift to their father who's gone. and you definitely did that. and you're still working hard, just like he did. >> what would he tell me at 33 years old? >> relax and enjoy life. a little more. life is short and precious.
12:56 pm
>> to live in the moment. that may be the core lesson my dad has left behind for me. and it is still one i'm trying to learn. i still live a lot for what i need to accomplish. it's a good reminder to me just to maybe focus me again on what matters. because he was only 16 years older than i am now when he died. >> quite a legacy, big guy. quite a legacy. we're so happy that he lives on in you. >> a total original, witty, honest and kind. my dad was my cornerstone and the person who changed my life. >> poppy. >> he was great. >> i mean, i've watched so many of these and yours got me. you know, you're such a friend. and just like seeing -- >> and i found out that i am pregnant two weeks after i shot that. and it was such a wonderful sort
12:57 pm
of full circle. and i had this amazing producer who put all those interviews on a hard drive for me and said one day you can show this to your child she can learn about her grandpa. i hope i can be half the parent that he was. and he was -- >> you are. you are. just knowing your soul and as a human being. >> he was remarkable. >> thank you for sharing that. to see that and -- i knew you would talk about your father, but i had no idea. so there. thank you. thank you so much for sharing that. >> he was super. thank you. >> and make sure you tune in sunday for this incredible special that's been compiled by the phenomenal people here at cnn. it's the person who changed my life from so many of us here at cnn. it is sunday night 8:00 eastern only on cnn. and we will be right back.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to this special blizzard edition of "the lead," east coast, the time to take cover is now. i'm jake tapper. i'm coming to you from the nation's capital where this blizzard is just getting started. 85 million people in the path of this storm. and the weather already to blame for at least four deaths in north carolina after accidents on those treacherous roads. just as the cnn weather team has been warning for days, this record breaking blizzard has a bullseye on your nation's capital. whiteout conditions are along the way with wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. that's nearly hurricane strepgt. the federal government shut down early today and the subway system will soon stop