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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  January 22, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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11:00. we'll barrareak down the actionh our experts. be safe out there, heed the warnings. everyone stay inside unless you have to be out. here's natalie allen and george howell with our coverage. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> this is breaking we are hearing right now 130,000 customers are without power in freezing temperatures dealing with the blizzard conditions and several major cities are facing snow for this system, we looking for
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snow totals more than a meter. the country is at a stand still with 8,000 flights canceled through sunday. >> the virginia state police tell us they've responded to many traffic accidents so far. meteorologists tell us the worst is yet to come. the next couple of hours, it will be critical. >> we expect it to really ramp up in the overnight period and gets to its most severe state by early tomorrow morning, meaning saturday on the eastern seaboard. >> we were just getting going. >> exactly. if this is a sign of things to come, then what we say is complete truth. that is baltimore, and it is whipping. that's the major concern going forward.
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we combine winds with heftier snow squalls coming through. >> it's an impressive storm, but we do expect these areas that are kind of dotted about in terms of the snowfall to start to fill in. once this storm system starts to materialize going forward over the next three, six, 12 and 24 hours. let me explain why. we've zoomed into the major. washington, baltimore, philadelphia, and new york. the area of low pressure that is starting to transfer its energy to the coast is still inland. but once we start to see that move to the warmer waters of the atlantic ocean, we're going to start to see what is called the bomb cyclogenesis. we drop our pressure by 24 millibars in a 24-hour period. the gradient and winds and pressure picks up in intensity and drives those snow bands inland including the new york
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area. that's the latest updates we've been talking about. new york city, the big apple should see somewhat more snow than what we were talking about even six, 12, 24 hours ago. here's the latest computer models, let's not pay attention too much to the exact totals here. we're anticipating 10 to perhaps 15 locally higher amounts in the greater new york city area, but any amount over eight inches is crippling to a city like that with so many people trying to get about their daily basis. 31 million people under a blizzard warning. remember, a blizzard constitutes not the amount of snowfall, but the reduction in visibility and the strong gusty winds over 35 miles an hour. for a three-hour period. that stretches from washington to dault. and into the greater new york city as well as long island. talked about the low pressure system intensifying off the east
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coast. we're starting to see that energy transfer from inland to the gulf stream waters. that's the warm water that's draws that energy along the coast. once that happens, we see the low deepen, the strengthening of the winds occur and we almost get the equivalent of lake-effect snow but along the oeg. this is called ocean effect snow. we'll start to see that bapding take place. some of those heavier snow squalls, really only about five miles wide, but they could easily produce snowfall rates between two to three inches an hour. take a look at these winds we're anticipating. they will ramp up overnight, especially into saturday morning along the eastern seaboard. look at ocean city, atlantic city. easily wind gusts between 60 to 70 miles an hour. add in the significant amounts of snow that will be falling at that time and we're going to see the reduction in visibilities making it extremely difficult to see outside. how much snow?or you. look at the latest computer models. we all know that the bull's eye still lands from philadelphia,
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points south westward, towards washington, d.c. but as we travel a little further up the i-95 corridor, the all-important corridor, that area is going to get pummeled with 1 1/2 to upwards of two feet of snow depending on where you're located. we have included the greater new york city area, where we could see 10 to upwards of 15 inches of snow. that's a significant amount. what you're looking at now is visibility. you can already see that we've dropped to a quarter or even half a mile in the nation's capital. so we're starting to enter into the first parts of what truly is the definition of a blizzard. >> derek, even here in atlanta, we saw a little bit of snow on the back end of the storm. >> yep. started to see those flurries in atlan atlanta. >> that's the focus in baltimore, d.c. new york. >> i guess the danger, too, derek, is that this snow is going to go on till tomorrow afternoon. and people are going to want to
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get out. >> let's not forget, it's not also the snow, but it's coastal erosion that we'll talk about later on in the show. blinding visibilities and sub freezing temperatures. >> thank you. >> see you again soon. we have correspondents up and down the east coast in the impacted areas. from new york to virginia. new york city right now. from and chris welch is live from washington. let's start with you. we continue to hear, and derek just pointed out, washington is set in for many, many hours of snow. >> it began nine or ten hours ago now. we saw it just start to come down as flurries. but over the course of the afternoon and this evening, we have seen it slowly but steady increase. i would say now the winds aren't as bad as they were a couple of hours ago. we have seen some pretty big gusts and some of these flakes are getting bigger as well.
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we're standing along the national mall. and probably where we are right now, maybe four or five or a tiny bit more than that right here along the mall. but these winds are going to be a real big problem as the night goes on. the national weather service tweeted 1:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., we're talking about sustained winds of probably 30 miles an hour. gusts as you have already eluded to are going to pick up in maryland and other parts of the coast. thankfully, one thing we've seen change over the last few hour the cars behind me have really disappeared for the most part. that was something that was a bit concerning. the mayor asked everyone to be off the streets as of 3:00 p.m. we already know the government offices all closed, shut down. the national mall, parks shut down at noon.
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for several hours after that 3:00 a.m. p.m. deadline, we were see i seeing number of cars. we know the storm is going to get worse as the night goes on, and we have seen the incidents that have happened so far. the fatalities that have happenhappe happened so far have been due to traffic accidents. the roads are not good out there. that's one reason to stay off of them. but the other reason is to emergency crews can doo their jobs. >> washington metro closed about an hour ago. how long is it prepared to stay shut down? >> things have been picking up pretty steadily here, but here, we could really start to see accumulations overnight into tomorrow. it will continue into tomorrow night. we could see a record broken here.
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that would break a record in 1922 of 28 inches. officials said things were looking to continue on that same track. the this could be one for the books. >> they shut down a few hours ago and they're not expected to open the snow stops. >> will this storm break records? let's go live to times square. we're hearing from our meteorologist, they are expecting more snow than first predicted. anywhere from 10 to 15, maybe even 18 inches of snow. what are you seeing there?
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>> first of all, let's talk about records. we're not going to be seeing records here in new york city. we've been hearing about that prediction about a foot to a foot and a half of snow likely to fall here in new york city. right here in times square, you can see gentle snow falling for about the past hour or so. new york city under a blizzard warning until about 4:00 a.m. once again, expecting about a foot to a foot and a half of snow. we're under a winter weather emergency. the reason for that is about that hour, that's when we're expecting to see most of the significant snowfall. the mayor encouraging people to stay off the roads so emergency vehicles can get through.
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some 600 snowplows out on the road. we've seen a number of salt spreaders keeping the streets clear. in terms of people being out here, basically at this hour, they've just been out here enjoying it george and natalie, because once again, we're not expect i expecting to receive the worst of the snow in this area until tomorrow morning. again, we're waiting to see what the predictions will hold. will it be a foot, will it be a foot and a half? about 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, we should know. >> it's not a problem until it's a problem for new yorkers. but what is the sense of people that you've spoken to about the storm that's coming? is there concern are people prepared to stay indoors as this thing passes through? >> you know new york city.
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new yorkers are used to this. city officials are used to dealing with snowstorms. it's january. it's new york city. so they're expecting to receive snowstorms like this. a foot, foot and a half is significant in terms of historic storms. does it rank in terms of historic storms? no. so new yorkers are prepared for snowstorms like this. the city is prepared. the state is prepared as well. the governor speaking earlier about this, we're going to evaluate the situation and pull back if need be. >> jason carroll, live for us in new york. >> we have correspondents up and down the eastern seaboard. we'll check in with virginia, new jersey and pennsylvania. live reports as we push on into our breaking news here on cnn.
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in new yothe u.s. and around th world. we're actually seeing the white house here. d.c., you see the snow on the ground there. and this area really in the bull's eye, as this storm system hits the east coast. the worst is yet to come. weather experts say the storm will excloed, once it picks up moisture over the atlantic ocean. some areas can expect up to 40 inches or one meter of snow. travelers can forget about really getting anywhere in these regions, more than 7500 flights have been canceled. so far this weekend. and a number of major highways are shut down. >> there have already been deaths reported from this storm in related traffic accidents. we have meteorologists following
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the weather events and reporters in the field in various cities that will be hardest hit. let's start in fairfax, virginia. that's where our nick valencia is on the ground for us. good to have you with us. so if you could tell us about the situation there. we understand that virginia police, they responded to nearly 1,000 traffic crashes on friday. what's the situation on the roads now. >> miraculously none of those crashes were really major crashes. this is the hour they were if really concerned about, the midnight hour when the heavy snow is starting to fall. it's been a light dust really all day long. but that snow has started to accumulate as we pan our cameras over here. you can see this is route 50. connector with interstate 66. any of those folks watching at home, familiar with the d.c. area, northern virginia. this doesn't usually look like this at all. you also see is a lot of plows
9:19 pm
on this interstate. virginia really did so much to prepare, training the contractors that work with vdot for a condition like this for a storm system like this. the real extensive preparations started late last night around 7:00 p.m. thousands of plows, thousands of heavy equipment, heavy machinery that the officials here are using to treat the roads. right before the storm settled in. we've been out here all day. we saw between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. as the storm really started to pick up until about 9:00 p.m. that wind really started to settle in and made it uncomfortable for anyone outside including our news room. but the story of the day is the snow. let's get down in here. look at all this accumulation. we hear from our local affiliates, about seven inches of snow accumulating here on the ground. we have a local affiliate reporter who just said they got up to a foot of snow.
9:20 pm
they're expecting more and more of this to come throughout the weekend. early into sunday, this snow is just going to be nonstop. the concern for local officials is that folks are going to get really comfortable and start to come out and check out the scene around them. that's exactly what officials don't want you to do. if you are watching us, better heed the advice of the local officials. they know what they're talking about. the snowplows are still coming. those roads are going to be treated. all these hours overnight. we'll send it back to you in the studio. >> always interesting to see in a situation like this, the only thing you see on those roads are the snowplows. busy highway like that, no one is really out and about. >> yeah. you know, that's the interest thing. when you look at these roads, george. this is a big connector, a major
9:21 pm
connector throughout this area, throughout this region. you look across this four-lane highway, clear to the other side, the only vehicles we're seeing come and go are the snowpl snowplows, are those energy vehicles. we could walk right on out there if we wanted to. that's not the safe thing to do. but really, you know, it is quite impressive to see a state that is used to getting severe weather, severe winter weather deal with it. the preparation is leaps and bounds ahead of some other states. the south, specifically atlanta, where we're located. you know what happens there when we get an inch or two of snow. here, the preparation, well under way. these plows coming through here every couple of minutes. just incredible to see this sight. and to see how well and how coordinated the effort is here to keep the residents safe. george? >> happy to tell you, the mayor and governor very prepared this go around. had basically businesses close early. state government workers leave early and the city was really a ghost town before 5:00.
9:22 pm
nick valencia, though, thank you so much for your reporting live in fairfax, virginia. >> all right. well, now we're going to take you to philadelphia. that's where we find our sarah ganum. we had all our guys come on. now it's time for a hardy news chick. you've been out there for a while. how are conditions. >> great to talk to another female anchor as well. we're out here, this is the kind of snow, it hit me right away when we got out here. this is the kiep of snow, you can hear it when it falls on your jacket, it's wet. the fun kind of snow that you want to make snowballs with. the accumulation didn't start until about 7:00. so that's just a few hours. you've got a solid three inches here. and like i said, this is the hard stuff. this isn't -- oh, well, that's a little light and fluffier. but when you get it off the ground, it is certainly wet and
9:23 pm
sticks to everything. that includes, of course, the streets are actually pretty empty right now, but all evening, we've been seeing people in philadelphia continue to enjoy their friday night. you still see cars on the road. you still see people walking through the streets. not exactly heading home quite yet, although it's a little quieter out now than it was before. because as the people die down, what's been dialing up is the wind gusts. it's not too bad out here right now, but when they hit you, as you can see, they can really hit you hard. they hit you in the face and the eyes. the snowflakes really stick to you. take a look at some of the flags out here, just to give you an idea of what the wind has been like out here. when those gusts of wind hit, it can really hurt. philadelphia, of course, prepared for this. they started brining these streets on wednesday knowing that this storm would come. they have 400 plows out in the
9:24 pm
city right now. 450 out in the suburbs. they're expecting between 12 and 22 inches in just a 24-hour period, which is more than this city typically gets in the entire month of january. so in preparation, they've got 600 crew members out in the city working. they're really harping on people to go home tonight and stay home for the next 24 to 36 hours. get a book, watch a movie. because this is going to only get worse. it looks kind of fun out here right now, that's going to end pretty quickly overnight. they're also doing things like making sure cars are off the streets so they can probably plow. and also they put into effect a code blue. if you see a homeless person out on the streets of philadelphia, call the police so they can get them to a shelter tonight. starting at 4:00 a.m., the subways are going to shut down, the airports have already -- the airport here in philadelphia already shut down. there will be no flights leaving
9:25 pm
here tomorrow. this is really a town, they're prepared for it, of course, but they're also bracing for a lot of snow. george and natalie. >> yeah, an emergency vehicle going right through your live shot is a reminder that people need to stay off the streets, because those vehicles will need to push on here through the weekend. sara ganim, try to stay warm.. >> get a book, read a book, stay indoors, not a bad idea. let's go now to neighboring new jersey, though. cnn's ryan young on the shores for us there. good to have you with us. see you are dressed ready for this storm coming in. i know new jersey is mostly concerned about the hours to come. the storm surge and possibility of coastal flooding. how are officials preparing for all of that? >> how you doing? as we talked during the dinner hour, i told you there was not a lot of snow here on the ground. now that has changed. as you look behind me, look at
9:26 pm
winter wonderland that's been left behind. at least about two inches accumulated here on the ground. we've seen heavy crews come through here. it's starting to collect. the flooding, the coastal flooding. i'll take you back this direction. we have a light position towards the water, george. so you can see how high the water is. this is what they're concerned about. when hurricane sandy hit this area, this entire pier was washed away. in fact, an officer came over here to talk to us today and told us the water was at this level during hurricane sandy period. i'm about six feet tall. it was more than waist deep. the water flooded this entire area, to the first floor of all of these buildings.
9:27 pm
behind that suv, that was the area the fire truck was stuck before. that's what they're concerned about. on top of that, there's a wind warning. we could experience wind gusts above 60 miles an hour. so you put that together in a combination, george, and people are obviously worried about condition. >> account 56, it was described as picturesque. what a difference a few hours ma make. >> coming up here, we continue with our coverage. the u.s. capitol barely visible in that shot. a giant blanket spreading along
9:28 pm
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>> hello, and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> this is a live picture from baltimore, maryland. as you can see, the storms kind of bearing down and the snow is going a bit sideways, because the wind is really doing a number as far as compiling this snowy night in much of the east coast. thanks for joining us for our special coverage on this storm now hitting the eastern u.s. it's barrelling up the eastern seaboard right now.
9:32 pm
>> it is a big, big storm. some 85 million people are in its path, facing heavy snow, gusty winds and bitter cold. it's also a deadly storm. at least eight people have died so far in weather-related traffic accidents. >> there's a live picture of the white house right now. officials are urging people to stay off the roads. some areas could get as much as 40 inches in the next several hours. that's more than a meter of snow before this is done. there's an example of the problems they've seen on the streets already. also, of course, airplanes are parked. they're not going anywhere. more than 7,600 flights have been canceled. that's through sunday. many airports in the mid-atlantic region are completely shut down. >> right now, the storm has knocked out power to more than 130,000 customers across the southeastern part of the u.s. that means they're facing blizzard conditions with no electricity or heat, but additional crews are being deployed to get the lights and the heat back on for those folks.
9:33 pm
the storm could dump 2 1/2 feet, nearly a meter of snow on the nation's capital. chris welch is live in washington and joins us to talk about the situation there. chris, we just saw a picture of the white house and the visibility is greatly reduced. what's the situation from what you see? >> yeah, george. the visibility is reduced, that's for sure. we're a few blocks away from the white house where we're standing along the national wall. the washington monument, you probably can't see it through our camera at this point because of the visibility issue. that has the snow has really continued to pick up. it's a fine snow, but it's blowing pretty heavily and every so often will get a gust that comes through here and picks up the storm that sort of accumulates on the ground maybe about five inches or so. but when that gust comes through and hits you in the face, you can really feel how wet this snow is. and that's one of the concerns, just one of the many concerns with this massive storm, that
9:34 pm
heavy wet snow, that combined with the ice. of course, we talked about the concerns over power outages. that's what happens when you have this kind of snow and ice together on the power lines and downing trees. it leads to a pretty nasty situation. you know, we've seen a couple of cars still going by us here, but by and large, this time of the night, thankfully, we have sort of seen that stop at this point. and that's what officials wanted to see. they had asked is everyone to be off the roads here at 3:00 p.m. in washington, d.c., and by and large, we're only seeing a few plows go by. here's a couple coming by us at this point right now. a few cars as well. but that's again, that's something that officials are urging everyone not to do. they actually asked people here in washington to stock up with another water and enough food and enough to last them 72 hours. so a few days. because they really are predicting and asking people to plan for the worst here, because it could be a few days before you could get out if we do get
9:35 pm
that record snowfall, that 2 1/2 feet would be a record here for d.c. it was 1922 when we saw 28 inches. i also just want to point out, george, here in d.c., the metro system, the underground transit system here in d.c. shut down just over an hour ago. the airports here, both national and dulles shut down roughly around 6:00 p.m., depending on which airline you talk to. so at this point, transportation, public transportation airlines essentially shut down here they moved it up to 5:00 p.m. but it sounded like at the urging of city officials because of this 3:00 p.m. deadline that they wanted people to get inside by, sounds like that had a big influence on the rescheduling of that game, so that has been postponed today. >> chris welch, seems like no one there on the streets in the nation's capital. but i'm sure a lot of people are
9:36 pm
thinking back to the blizzard of 2010 hoping that they don't see the same type of bad conditions that they saw back then. thank you so much for your reporting for us. >> new york city could be in the storm's bull's eye as well. it may get as much as 16 inches of snow. that's more than 40 centimeters. jason carroll is live for us in times square, and jason, we've been live to pennsylvania, new jersey, virginia, d.c., and the snow is coming down. and it's starting to come down there as well in times square. how's it going? >> yeah, natalie. you've been live everywhere. now you're live here in times square where you can see, even though new york city is under a blizzard warning, tough to tell from what we're seeing out here, folks trying to have a snowball fight. but as of yet, barely enough snow to be able to gather up and make a snowball. but these guys are out here at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning it would be much easier. that's when we're expected to receive most of the snow here in the city.
9:37 pm
don't throw the snowballs over here, people. we're basically under a weather emergency. the mayor asking people to stay off the streets that way allowing emergency crews to get out on the streets. the streets are looking pretty good, natalie. we're not expected to see most of the snow for several hours yet. the reason why so many people are gathered out in times square is because they don't have the wind. again, we're not expecting that until about several hours from now. things right here in the city now looking pretty good. people in times square having a good time. i'm wondering what it's going to look like tomorrow morning. probably be a much different story.
9:38 pm
are the bars in restaurants in that area, are they open now or are they shut down? >> as you can imagine, it's the city that never sleeps. and apparently it doesn't sleep even when it's under a blizzard warning. >> we noticed a number of restaurants and bars were full. and, in fact, natalie, when we were downtown several hours ago with my producer and i, we noticed one of the liquor stores, the line was actually out the door and down the block. people stocking up on not just groceries, but apparently liquor as well. >> forget the milk and the eggs and the bread. get the booze. >> good luck docking those lame snowballs. i know they're going to get bigger as the hours go on. >> i know that you've got a big
9:39 pm
job ahead of you. we can kind of look at our correspondents. >> jason said he's not getting the win yet. others have, and they look like they're freezing. >> as you watch, and get your updates over the course of the evening, this storm is just really beginning. we've got our flight cancellations. over 8,000 already bittered across the eastern seaboard. of course, multiable delays. that's going to have knock-on effects through the course of the weekend. plan ahead. road closures, obviously impacts from the ice and the snow. toast coastal erosion, something we haven't really honed in on too much which we'll cover in this weather bulletin. you get winds in excess of 50 to 60 miles an hour, and you've got hefty snowr ice or a
9:40 pm
combination of both. you can imagine what that actually adds up to. this snow developed across the gulf coast states. it picked up moisture from the gulf of mexico. the low pressure system, tennessee and the carolinas, we're going to see it transferred to a coast tallow. that's when the traditional nor'easter symptoms starts to begin. that's when we're going to start to see this thing really ramp up. as it taps into atlantic moisture and we see the grade yebt and the pressure. and then all of a sudden the winds pick up and that's when we see the banding snowfall and the extremely heavy snow take place. obviously temperatures are extremely crucial for a storm like this. rain/snow cutoff washington to new york, you're certainly below freezing. we'll keep this all snow for you. but again, we're wrapping in the cold air. energy transfers to the low pressure system.
9:41 pm
here's the coastal erosion concerns as we go forward. as the storm continues to deepen, the most intense part of the storm, 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. local time along the eastern seaboard. this is coin siding with not only high tide, which occurs early on saturday morning, but also a full moon. so the normal sea levels are going to be exaggerated by this strong on-shore wind and the full moon as well as the regular high tied. it's possible we could see three to four feet of additional storm surge once the storm really gets cooking overnight. possibility of moderate to major coastal erosion. especially some of those dune areas across this region anywhere from long island to coastal new jersey. >> we don't classify it like
9:42 pm
that, but we'll see similarit s similarities. 2:00 a.m. till 8:00 a.m. 100,000 people. the spokesperson for the power company duke energy glad to have you on the phone with us. >> right now, we've got about 130,000 customers without power. we've got more than 7,000 workers who will get people back up. >> what's the situations on the
9:43 pm
roads now as your crews go out and about. it's pretty treacherous to get to these areas, or do you think the roads have been treated pretty fairly? >> no, the roads are okay. that there's still a lot of areas where they're a little bit treacherous. we battled many storms before. we know our employees know how safe on the roads and get to the areas that need power restoration and get people back without power. >> i know there are people watching right now and hearing your voice and wondering, maybe they know neighbors or people who may be out of power. what have would you advice folks to do if they are out of power waiting for your crews to get there and restore power. >> if it gets a certain time of night and you have to make that decision where you want to sleep if you don't have power. maybe there is a friend or relative who does have power. you could sleep there.
9:44 pm
and conversely, maybe there are neighbors or family members who are out of power and you have power. it's always good to have a plan ahead of what happens if i don't have power and it's getting to be late at night and i need to do something. >> randy, thank you so much for updating us on what's happening in your ahead. we have a live report from the state of virginia where crews are struggling to clear roads and police are on nonstop accident clean-up. stay with us. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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'. >> we're following a massive storm hitting the east coast right now. >> washington, d.c. already has six inches and they have many, many more hours to go. let's go now to northern virginia. that's where our nick valencia is standing out in the snow. and it looks to us, nick, that
9:48 pm
conditions are worsening there. what can you tell us? >> this is the peak hour from what we're told from local officials. they're really concerned about it. we want to walk through fresh powder just to show you how deep this is. it's pretty miserable to kind of walk through this area. we're just off the shoulder of route 50 and interstate 66. a main thoroughfare through this artery of the state. and you can see, the only cars that are on the road, like this guy right here, this plow. these plows have been working around the clock. i spoke earlier to michelle holland with the virginia department of transportation. she tells mu more than 4300 vehicles are out on those roadways right now. they waited until the snow started falling initially otherwise the salt would havic canned up and there would be no
9:49 pm
traction on the roadways. we spent the ma jor it of day at the virginia department of transportation talking a lot about the conditions that those folks, the drivers that are out on those roadways that had to deal with braving those conditions to make sure residents here in this area were safe. if they were on the roads. the great part about all of this, i guess, the good news is all of this in virginia is people really listen. we were noticing some of the lingering elements of these cars still on the roads, still on the interstates heading home. but by about 4:00 to 5:00, the interstates started to clear up. just after midnight locally, it's empty by and large. these roads getting well treated throughout the morning hours, afternoon hours. and this is going to continue overnight. again, thousands of vehicles there out on the roadways. and if you are on the roadways, probably better to get back inside. everyone, though, seeming to listen to the local officials here and take precautions.
9:50 pm
>> nick valencia, we appreciate you staying with us. if you can stay anything positive about this blizzard is that it's hitting on the weekend. everyone had a chance to go inside. >> as opposed to 5:00 p.m., like rush hour traffic. that would be bad. this is good in that sense. we're continuing to follow breaking news of the winter storm in the u.s. we'll check with the derek van dam at the weather center who is following what you can expect in the hours ahead. stay with us.
9:51 pm
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coming up on 1:00 in the morning on the east coast. if you're one of the 25 million people to be impacted, you're in front of the blanket and under the fire as you watch the storm. >> and watching cnn as well. >> good to have derek van dam with us to give us the very latest. you're saying between 2:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m., the most critical, right? >> that's when we think the storm is really going to ramp up. especially along the coast of
9:55 pm
new jersey, here's our winter storm warning, 30 million people under a blizzard warning, okay? 33 million people under a winter storm warning. that stretches across the carolinas and into kentucky as well. and there are also over 20 million people under a coastal flood warning. so there's just a multitude of dangers associated with this power outages, certainly a concern. who's going to get the most snow? that's on everyone's mind. our bull's eye still centered over washington, d.c. and points around that area. philadelphia, you'll experience the potential for 18 to 24 inches of snow. but what i've highlighted here is the new computer models, including new york city in that 10 to perhaps upwards of 16 inches of snow. this is the forecast, differences between the global model and the european model for the big apple. it does look pretty solidly that we'll get a foot of snow which is crippling for a city that
9:56 pm
size. washington, d.c., you double that and you've got major problems. that's obviously our concern we've been talking about. you have big snow totals as well. we'll mon store the storm for the rest of the night. it can be really hard to think of a storm like this as mesmerizing or you're out in the middle of it. we dent know how mesmerizing this storm is. that is what people are sitting under right now. >> it's such a big storm. >> it is. and you can actually see how it was gathering some of that gulf of mexico moisture. it's almost making a line. that's the cold front associated with the slow. and it's kind of wrapping in the moisture as it eventually making its way to the east coast. you can see it too by all the lights, new york city to d.c.
9:57 pm
>> and not done with us yet. we thank you for being with us this hour. i'm george howell. >> natalie allen, we're back in just a few minutes with another hour of live coverage as the blizzard presses down. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at i thione second it's then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪
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>> welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. we want to update you. >> it's the middle of the night right along the u.s. east coast. this is a huge winter storm


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