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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  January 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. we want to update you. >> it's the middle of the night right along the u.s. east coast. this is a huge winter storm
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that's yet to be done with us all. it's going to get even more dangerous. it's already virtually shut down the u.s. capital and other major cities. >> you can see the snow blowing sideways. at least eight traffic deaths in the southern u.s. are blamed on this storm. the roads, of course, icy, slick messes and they are going to stay that way for at least a couple of days. officials are urging people, stay off the roads. and let emergency vehicles and the snowplows do their work for the next couple of days. >> and hey, don't try getting on a plane either. more than 7,600 flights have been canceled through sunday. >> derek van dam is tracking the storm for us. and we're keeping a look at all of these cities in these regions that are going to be impacted because this is the time that it's really barrelling down. >> yeah. we actually saw in that live cam coming out of washington, d.c., just how intense the snow actually is.
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that coin sides with the ray gar i'm about to show you. take a look again. there it is. washington and you can see the snow coming down very heavily. obviously not on the ground there at the moment, but it's easy to see that's one inch an hour, one and a half inches an hour. this is the radar and i want to show you just how intense the band will be in the coming hours for the greater washington, d.c. area. and we're also just by the way anticipating this to really fill in with some of the heavier snow amounts as we start to pull in energy and some of that moisture from the atlantic. here's washington, here's baltimore. that shading of purple and blue just to the south of that really running perpendicular with i-95. that is just set to move into the greatest washington, d.c. regi region. that means snow will pick up in the coming hours. and take a look at this. in uh to cnn. we're starting to up our snowfall totals for the big
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apple as well as the sur rounding burrorougurroughsburro. the northern portion of the storm shield as this already reached times square. the snowflakes, people enjoying it now. we expect this to pick up in intensity as well. computer models between 10:00 to upwards of 16 locally 18 inches of snowfall for the big apple. with that said, a bull's eye will certainly be to the south and west in philly anticipate the greater d.c. area. we're starting to pull in cold air from the north, transferring energy from the gulf of mexico to a coast tallow, setting us up for a classic nor'easter that's going to take shape for tnext 1 hurs. we find the paelk intensity of our storm with high tide and our
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on-shore wind. that's just going to really aggravate the coastal erosions for that area. we currently have over 30 million people under a winter storm warning from kentucky through the carolinas. then we focus in on our blizzard warnings from the nation's capital through new jersey and into new york city. over 30 million people under a blizzard warning. what constitutes a blizzard. it's not the am of snowfall. remember, it's actually the winds and the visibility for a duration of three hours or more. we needs to see winds over 35 miles an hour. we'll see if we find that as we go forward in time over the next 12 hours. easily gusting over 50, richmond, washington, atlantic city and new york. so there we go. the first telltale sign of a nor'east nor'easter, that's set. that storm continues to bring strong squus gusty winds along the new england coastline right through sunday morning. and then we have to drop the visibility over a quarter of a mile. do we have that now? the answer is yes. take a look at baltimore and he
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bands coming through. all the criteria up to this point. we need it to stay for at least three hours. we've got ourselves a full blown blizzard. that looks very likely. i just want to hunker in on the new york city area. you can see our global forecast model. the american model indicating anywhere from 10 to upwards of 18 inches. what's the major concerns. flight cancellations that we're recording at this moment, road closure, coastal erosion and potential for power outages as the winds continue to pick up across this region. that will be the big concern. obviously we're hoping people are staying off the roads and just taking this storm in strides because it's only going to get worse before it gets. we don't believe that it's going to have the potential to flood new york subways, for instance. that's what sandy did. now, with that said, coastal
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erosion right along the long island coast along the coast of new jersey and delaware, we could see an additional three to four pete of what we'd experience. 10 to 15 foot waves just from the sheer intensity of the storms is going to cause problems along the coast. >> this storm has jolted many people from a mild winter. some have reported the roads being covered in snow in just 90 minutes. virginia state police reported nearly 1,000 traffic accidents on friday alone. >> and that included one of their own virginia state trooper was helping another driver when his car was hit. he is being treated for minor injuries. >> let's go live to virginia, fairfax, virginia, in fact. nick valencia on the ground for us there. we were just talking about the fact that the situation of 1,000 traffic crashes in one dpa. what is the situation on the roads as you see them?
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>> hundreds of accidents across these interstates here in the state of virginia. hard-hit area from this winter storm, the blizzard of 2016 as it's being called here. we spoke a little while ago to the virginia department of transportation. they say the roads are looking pretty good. this is basically what we've been seeing the last couple of hours is this really empty thoroughfare. route 50, route 66. this interchange is a pretty busy thoroughfare. nothing is happening at this time of hour. and that's a good thing. local officials were very concerned the midnight hours were going to bring the very worst of this storm. we saw the winds pick up around 9:00 p.m. it's been hovering around 2k0 bu so.s fahrenheit or so. but, of course, the wind is a problem. but really it's the snow. just look how much it's accumulated. i can't get my fingers to the
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bottom of this. it's fresh hour. if it wasn't such a huge issue here for the local residents, this is the stuff you want to be snowboarding and skiing in. but certainly not driving in. the majority of the residents here in fairfax, they listen to local officials. they stayed off the roads. you know, despite those fender benders, close to 1,000 accidents, when you look at that number just singling out, it is quite drastic. the majority of the accidents, just minor fender benders, we did talk to some snowplow drivers who said they saw two major accidents, though we weren't able to confirm that with the virginia department of transportation. just a steady drift of snow. you know, this has been heavy at times. it's been light at times. and right now, it's pretty steady, as it were. it's coming down. pretty hard here in the coming hours. we're expecting it to come down even more. george? >> nick, we appreciate your reporting. i have to give you credit. a very graceful walk in the snow.
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i know there's concern you could fall and you haven't done that at all. a snoot and graceful walk. >> joining us now on the phone is the director of the va ra division of information resources. there was such a dangerous run-up to this storm as far as some of these traffic crashes out on the streets. >> well, certainly from the stand point of virginians hunkering down in their homes and staying in their homes, which they've done a nice job of doing after the governor declared the state of emergency, the state pretty much prepared for today's oncoming storm. and i think that's helped a lot. and it's allowed emergency crews.
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their ability to keep major thorough flares. >> as the storm really moves in, what do you expect, as far as power outages go and what people should do. >> the portion of the state where it was more of an icy rain type of situation, most of your maps have shown sort of where the snow line has been. and, in fact, the majority of the power outages have occurred in southeast virginia and along the northern neck. i think we reached a high of maybe about 8,000 outages. our largest power producer, dominion virginia power did a nice job of getting that knocked down during the course of the evening. but it fluctuates back and forth. as, you know, icy conditions and high winds now. we start getting sort of the backside of the low.
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those high winds will make a big difference in terms of tree limbs and touching power lines and those types of things. so that's certainly something that has to be a concern as we go into the morning on saturday. >> you say as we moved into the morning on saturday. but we know that this snow is going to continue for a while and if things stay frozen, how long would you want people, if this goes on through the weekend, and how long could you expect them to stay inside. >> there's an expectation that through most of the day saturday it's still going to be important for people to stay put. again, the focus currently is on the interstates and the major roads.
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>> it's going to be a major clean-up effort throughout the rest of the weekend and i'm sure into monday. >> let >> airports are closed all up and down the eastern seaboard. most flights are canceled. just because they say the doors are unlocked doesn't mean the planes are going anywhere. >> that's right.
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let's go live to new york now cnn's jason carroll on the streets of new york. jason what's the latest from what you see there in times square. >> not only are we under a weather mrnl, but also a blizzard warning that until 4:00 a.m. despite that, a number of folks coming out here to times square. this is the city that never sleeps. a lot of folks coming out here to enjoy the snow. again, we're not experiencing the high winds, not yet. that is expected tomorrow morning. in terms of snow accumulations, new york city expecting about a foot to a foot and a half, maybe a foot here in places like manhattan. whatever the case, city officials say they are prepared. they have some 2,300anitation workers working 12 hour shifts.
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we have seen a number of snowplows and salt spreaders. the governor also saying 600 national guard members are on stand by. basically what the city is doing is a wait and see what happens tomorrow morning in terms of either having to beef up the people who are out here ready to stand by, beef up emergency crews or pull back. that will all depend on what we see tomorrow morning about 8:00 a.m. that's when most of the snow accumulation, expected to hit new york city. jornl? >> jason carroll, live in manhattan. jason, thank you so much. >> just trying to picture. >> we continue b to follow breaking news of this historic winter storm hitting the eastern
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>> following the breaking news. a live image. a strong winter storm hitting the east coast. >> traveler travelers, 7500 fli have been canceled.
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>> of course, he's also asking people. it's the smartest thing for you all to do on saturday afternoon. stay where you are. hopefully by you see this. >> any questions about whether you want to be out on this.
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>> it's not a that cold, but it's really annoying as it kind of pelts you in the face. the last hour we joined you, it's a wonderland here. it almost looked like someone dumped a snow globe over in the last few hours. when it came over the last time, that's the time the high tide could affect this area. i'm sure you can hear the wind coming through this area as we're talking during this live shot.
10:22 pm
it could be 60 miles an hour winds. it's been getting steadily wo e worse. he actually had a police officer come by. hang out for a few drinks, it is friday night. driving home, we've also been paying attention to power lines above us. they've really been whipping. we haven't seen them in the last half-hour.
10:23 pm
it's a problem for all those who live in this area. hopefully we'll talk to ryan, he suggested maybe go inside the bar and warm up. >> let's turn to the greater washington, d.c. area. that's where the snowstorm could be the largest in the history of the nation's capital. emergency workers have now been deployed there and the washington mayor is asking people to stay off the roads. >> also in the state of virginia, at least one person has died due to the storm. there have been nearly 1,000 car accidents. and one virginia trooper is in the hospital after his car was hit. we wish him well. >> certainly do. let's go live to washington,
10:24 pm
d.c. our chris welsh on the ground for us there. what's the condition there. we see the snow coming sideways for you there. >> the national weather service said the worst would be between 1:00 and 1:30. this really is coming down right on schedule. take a look where i'm standing right now. we probably have six inches, seven inches where we're standing here. we saw a cross country skier go by. good type of snow for that. we haven't seen too many people, though. it seems like most people are heeding local officials warnings to stay inside. the you're still seeing the
10:25 pm
occasional cars go by. just a few, though. not nearly like we saw earlier. he said my wife dropped me off. i just want to go for a walk. that was not the case earlier today. the mayor asked everyone to be off the streets. for several hours after that who saw jogger, there were lots of cars on the streets. and the mayor actually had to hold another press conference earlier this evening to say we need everyone off the streets. they have to have an open street to get to people. again, i just want to reiterate, here in washington we're still
10:26 pm
anticipating possibly hitting 2 1/2 feet of snow. and if we did hit that, it would be a record. the previous record was 28 inches. >> so many of oour correspondents are out freezing and we're just sitting here. hopefully most of you are inside watching us. we'll go live to virginia next. the possibility of a flare swas almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira
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>> a winter storm is affecting some 85 million people along the east coast. >> it's surreal. i'm natalie allen. the u.s. capital is walloped with snow. that's what's happening. more heavy snow and damaging winds on the way throughout saturday.
10:31 pm
>> police have responded to hundreds of accidents. nearly 1,000 in the state of virginia alone. >> our correspondents are scattered across the storm zone. >> in the hours ahead, we go to our correspondents. >> that live shot in baltimore was incredible. i'm hoping we can bring that up one more time. >> look at that.
10:32 pm
>> we're talking about two to three inches per hour versus one to one and a half inches per hour. natalie, george, and for our viewers at home, let me show you what's about to take shape across the nation's capital. we're talking about it for a long time. overall temperatupicture, tempe certainly cold enough. let's zoom into washington, d.c. the heaviest snow events are about to reach the area. before we start to see the web cam in baltimore look like the web cam we saw in d.c. i-95 corridor in new jersey, as well as new york.
10:33 pm
so will this be record-breaking territory? well, here's how it stacks up. back in 1922, right around the same time of the year, we saw 20 inches in washington, d.c. it's going to be close. i think we'll certainly be in the top two in terms of historic snowfall totals into the nation's capital. here's what our computer models are indicating. and we at cnn weather do agree with 28 to perhaps even 30 inches of snowfall for washington and the greater surrounding area. let's time the storm out exactly for you. it's going to ramp up. through the overnight periods. affects portions of long island.
10:34 pm
that could bring some major problems to the region. this storm is going to exit the east coast by late sunday, but not before creating all kinds of hazards including coastal erosion. we are timing the most intense part of the storm from now through tomorrow morning. you have exaggerated toast coastal storm surges in excess of three to four feet from what they have now. moderate to significant coast a erosion is possible. 28 to 34 inches in the nation's capital. philly, 12 to 18 inches locally possible for you. and look at philadelphia. you are also in that bull's eye for the heaviest of snowfall. it is going to take days to dig out of the storm.
10:35 pm
>> all right, derek. thank you. talk with you again very soon. virginia is one of nearly a dozen u.s. states that have declared states of energy as a result of this gigantic storm. nick valencia is getting hit by this in fairfax, virginia. he's been out there for quite some time, nick. as far as conditions go, are you seeing a lot of deterioration in the past hour? it's 2:00 a.m. eastern time. the snow is really started to come down. it's gotten a lot worse for drivers here. we're fortunate to be with one of them. thank you so much for joining us on cnn. you're around the world right now. what kind of conditions are you dealing. we're just trying to make the
10:36 pm
best of it and clean it up as best we can. >> it's one of the worst storms that i've had to deal with. >> this is interstate route 50, a busy interstate, right now there's no one out here. can you explain to our viewers what they're doing. >> basically what they do is they move it and clean it all at one time instead of having to make multiple passes with different trucks. it's one big sweep and pushing it all to one side. this storm is going to deep steady like this. we see this right now.
10:37 pm
>> i'm wearing about twice as many layers as you are, joey. thank you so much for taking the time. >> no problem. >> stay safe, obviously. we hope the best for you guys. what a great guy for joining us there, natalie and george. these are the kind of conditions. even folks from here, even people who are from this area believe that this is a storm that has lived up to the hype, lived up to the billing, the meteorologist, they really nailed this one. they got it right, the weather models were accurate. here, we were told a little while ago by the virginia department of transportation, that we could expect up to 40 inches of snow this weekend. 40 inches of snow. it's just incredible. when you think about it. and it's hard not to say, we're not lying here. lots of snow accumulating on the ground. beautiful fresh powder. of course, it is dangerous to drive on those roads. that is the concern right now for officials that people will start sneaking out of their homes come daybreak and start to see exactly what mother nature brought over the course of the last 24 hours. of course, better stay inside.
10:38 pm
we were told by those local officials that wunt once that heavy part of the snow started this afternoon, it's probably where you're going to be for quite some time. hopefully if you're watching, you're around people you like and especially most importantly, you're being safe. george, natalie? >> a snowplow driver who was right there without a coat seemed as uncomfortable as can be. >> just a virginia guy. he's used to it. the states of kentucky and pennsylvania are under emergency declarations right no uh. in. >> in pennsylvania, all flights in and out of philadelphia, of course, canceled saturday. philadelphia's mayor praised city workers for braving the storm to keep people safe and told everyone else please stay
10:39 pm
home and rent a movie or two. >> sara ganim tells us get a book. read a book. great to have you with us. the winds are picking up, it seems. you've got some snow behind you. what's the situation there in center city. >> you certainly get those gusts of wind here with.. it all looks pretty and there's gusts of winds. i want to talk about the snow? center city. this is what we got in just a few short hours. five, six, seven hours. a good solid few inches. this is what you make snowballs
10:40 pm
out of it. this is hitting your jacket. when it hits you in the face, it sticks to your -- yep. this is what the people out here are doing. thankfully this is not the norm. . >> who asked that, you know, they go out for their friday night and go home for the weekend. maybe get a book, maybe watch a movie, stay inside. this is a city that's used to -- they're used to seeing that maybe in the entire month of january. if that at all.
10:41 pm
they begin brining the streets, getting them ready. same thing in philadelphia, hitting the streets 400 plows in the city. an additional 450 plows out there. putting into action a code blue so they can get homeless people off the streets here in philadelphia. this is the third, fourth, fifth storm they have dealt with. they were getting low on salt, and low on resources. this year, their salt piles are full, their budgets are full for snow removal. you can see that there are continuous plows coming through. they're getting ahead of this. so that's the good news during this storm. george?
10:42 pm
>> dealing with the randoming who try to run through your shot there. but nicely handled. we appreciate your time. thank you. >> we've got much more of our breaking news coverage. >> we've got live reports from new york and the jersey shore. stay with us. itswhen you're engineeredct to literally to drive circles around the competition.
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live here in baltimore, maryland. you see the snow coming down at this hour. it's one of the cities being impacted by this deadly snowstorm. at least eight people have been killed along the east coast at this point. several areas are experiencing
10:46 pm
blizzard conditions. at least 85 million people are in the path of this storm, which shows no signs of slowing down now with over 135,000 customers without power and at least 7,600 flights that have been cancelled. >> and there are many, many states affected. the storm started in arkansas and hit nashville. the u.s. state of kentucky is having problems as well. emergency workers are now working to rescue drivers stranded on a major interstate after a layer of ice topped with snow made the road treacherous and virtually impassable. joining us now, captain david jude is on the phone. thank you for joining us. which highway are we talking about or interstate where people are stranded. >> it's been quite a night. we're talking about interstate 75 coming up. in rockcastle county. >> and can you tell us about how many people are stranded and what the rescue effort is for
10:47 pm
them right now? >> as far as a number, it's really hard to give me that. if you can imagine many miles of traffic backed up because of ice in the hill conditions that are there. so it's been a full day, a full evening of to get this problem recti rectify. the reason for that is to get those still stuck in their cars on the interstate to shelter into warmth. >> absolutely. you can't imagine what they're going through right now. no reports of fatalities in this situation. it's been a long night, a long evening for first responders.
10:48 pm
i can tell you every available resource that we can have in that area has been deployed and has worked tirelessly to get the roadway back open or at least treated where it can -- the ice can fall and we can get the roadway moving again. >> in the southern states, it is ice that so often makes situations so perilous for drivers. and suddenly you're just in it. you think that's the situation that you saw there in kentucky. >> yes, ma'am, that's exactly what happened here. in a stretch of roadway, ice about a quarter to half an inch of ice came to this location prior to the snow hitting. and i think it's still snowing in this area from there on the ground. this particular area is known for its hills. it's a steep hillside in both directions obviously. and it's a known problem area, and once that ice hits and the snow hits, once the first
10:49 pm
vehicle or first truck can't make it up the hill, then we see the start from there. that's exactly what happened in. once it's towed up the hill, another one will get stuck. it's simply been a series of starts and stops, starts and stops all evening long. >> oh, my goodness. we really feel for all the people you say working the situation, to help clear the road, to help these people shelter. and we really appreciate your time talking to us. that's candidate david dude with the police there. he's talking about a situation in rockcastle county there in kentucky. you get that layer of ice and snow and people right now stranded. that is the situation that we have not talked about that we have not heard in the couple of hours we've been on the air. now we've got a very dangerous situation there in kentucky. >> important to point out, as you mepged, the southern states. our focus right now on baltimore, philly, new york. but the southern states did ged
10:50 pm
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>> a blizzard rolls in on d.c. and new york. also as well, ryan young in margate, new jersey. jason, let's start with you there. >> well, here in times square, it's been like what wee been seeing all night. a number of folks coming out to enjoy the snow simply because we're not experiencing the conditions that you've been seeing down south, at least not yet. even soo, new york city under a blizzard warning until 4:00 a.m. we're expecting anywhere from a foot to a foot and a half of snow. also under a winter weather emergency until 8:00 a.m. the mayor encouraging folks to stay off the streets, to leave the streets open to emergency vehicles so they can get through. some 2,300 sanitation workers
10:55 pm
are going to be out. here's another one for you. the members of the national guard, also on stand by, ready to be activated in case they are needed as well. the question is, will they be need needed. natalie? >> now let's go to cnn's ryan young in new jersey with the very latest there. ryan, the situation, we see the snow coming down and you say the hours to come will be the most telling? >> definitely. snow has been going sideways. in fact, since the last time we joined you, we've seen a power outage that's lasted five minutes out in this area, we've been watching these power line, but we noticed all the lights on this block wept out. i wanted to show you something, george. because what we did is we pulled oit our shol just to see how much the snow has fallen here so far. it's been a good two or three inches.
10:56 pm
but the hours that everyone is going to be worried about is around 4:00 when we're told the national weather service is concerned about this. the idea that the high tide, the full moon could have flooding here. coastal flooding is what they're concerned about. and you can see we're dealing with heavy gusts of winds as our photographer almost got knocked over after that last gust. 60 miles an hour winds could be in this area overnight. they're tellingern to say home obviously to avoid. >> a lot of people pulling out the shochls. -- shovels. >> thank you for watching. i'm natalie atalie allen.howell. stay with us for more coverage on winter storm.
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detroit is the city of champions. and only in michigan will you find the men and women whose talent made us the arsenal of democracy in wartime and if economic pace setter in peacetimes.


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