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tv   Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta  CNN  January 23, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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city now shut down by mandate of the mayor. bill bill de blasio. he's in a roving vehicle. he's showing it to you, the emergency vehicles are out there. but no one else should be out there. brian, you were at the lincoln tunnel. this a huge passage into new york city. it is now closed. is that right? >> reporter: yes, and behind us, you can see a couple of the vehicles that police cars have actually moved in. they're shutting the tunnel down. shutting down traffic in and out of manhattan. i found a few hearty soles out here. where are you coming from and where are you going? >> we're going to our hotel. >> normally we could see that, a block away. you can't see it because of the low visibility. what was going on at the javit center? >> how much further do you have to go? >> a couple of avenues. >> reporter: are you wishing you didn't come out for this?
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>> it's all good. we have to work znch your paper here. i'll let you keep going. >> we're looti are leaving clot. heated gloves better than me. more on 39th street, in midtown over towards 10th and 11th avenues. lincoln tunnel right behind us, you can see the snowplows, a couple of cars being able to leave new york, manhattan, heading towards new jersey, it will get less and less as the hours go on here. we're by the port authority bus terminal, this is usually the on and off ramp. there that was shut down hours ago. for now, just a few cars out he here. all i see frankly are emergency vehicles and snowplows. back to you. >> reporter: thank you so much. we appreciate the reporting. back to you in a moment. i do want to go, though, on the phone to frank mccarotene.
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can you hear me? >> yes, i can, poppy. how are you? good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. thank you so much for joining us. this is isn't i haven't seen in quite a long time, being a new york city resident. you have all of the roads shut down here. just talk people through how serious this is, and what can happen if they are found to be driving on these roads? >> well, i think people need to realize this is a dangerous storm and they need to get off the roads immediately. the mayor and governor has said that. it needs to be common sense. we understand it is going to be folks as you you go, coming to and from work, restaurants, there is going to be sometime. this a dangerous storm. we need to get off the roads. we need to be able to get around, emergency vehicles need to get around. sanitation vehicles need to be able to clear the roads, ambulances need to go and get people that are sick and need to go to the hospital. and this is the way that we need
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to help people and save people's lives. that's what we're doing at this point right now. >> reporter: absolutely. we have an amazing team here with us on the ground, helping us as well. but when you look at the situation for the subways, you're closing all of those trains, the long island railway, 4:00 p.m. eastern time. the underground subway here in new york, which so many people rely on, is still open. do you expect it will stay open for the duration of this storm? >> say that again, poppy. >> reporter: the subway, the underground subway, do you expect it to stay open for the duration of the storm? >> i can't look in my crystal ball and be able to figure that out, but right now it is running. it will maintain running as long as it can, safely move residents and tuourists throughout new yok city. we'll try to maintain it as long as possible. it has to be done safely and
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efficiently to keep that system running. >> what about people that may lose power in all of this? what are you telling them to do? where can they go? >> well, first of all, you need to make sure you call 311, or you call your local either pseng. we've been telling people for the last four days, planning for this storm, that people need to make plans, be ready and have their emergency kit. their go kits, flashlights. they need to be in ready. we've been telling them over and over again. we're seeing maybe 200 people right now without power, isolated within the city of new york that are without power. it is an inconvenience, and i know that the utility companies are working very, very vigilantly to get the power back up. in our emergency operations and our communications is constantly ongoing. and happening.
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>> frank mccarton, i know you're kri incredibly busy right now. thank you for taking the time to speak with us. i want to go to general honore, like this sir, what is your take, prudent for new york city to put the ban in, the travel ban at this point in time? >> absolutely. they don't have an option. you're talking about roadways that support nearly 8 million people. the storm is not over with. we're going to get more snow, poppy. if they don't protect those roads and people get sick, or emergencies happen or a fire happened, emergency services won't be able to get there. i think that was a great call. and that less on has been learned through experience, as the governor reported earlier, and the mayor. they've learned from past experience by not closing those roads, it caused later problems,
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as you get into the latter phase of this disaster. i think that was great call. people need to pay attention and get off the roads. clear the roads. get home and listen to local government officials, as they deal with the -- what may still be a hard act of this storm with the flooding and if the power start going out. so as a great call. it was a gutsy call by the governor. >> what are we seeing in atlantic city? >> absolutely. that coastal flooding there was predicted. the governor talked about it earlier, the local mayors. previous interviews. it could get worst. there is another cycle coming as our weather people have reminded us later this evening. in the early evening hours, the next high tide, and lunar cycle. the so water that was there this
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morning could get higher, and flood more areas. so people need to, if you live in a low-lying area that mormly floods in these type of events, these nor'easter, you need to move now before it gets dark. >> reporter: general, thank you so much. lieutenant general russell honore, we appreciate it. let's go back to my colleague, brian stelter. he joins us right near the entrance of the lincoln tunnel, which is now effectively closed down. brian, what are you learning? >> reporter: what's noticeable here, poppy, there are still a few cars that were able to leave manhattan, driving out toward new jersey near the lincoln tunnel, but no cars coming into the city for the last 10, 15 minutes, ever since the ban was put into effect. no cars coming from in new jersey from manhattan. that would suggest they've closed off the tunnel in hoboken. some cars able to leave, frankly
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more snowplows. heeding the advice of the authorities. i saw an emergency vehicle about 45 minutes ago stuck in the snow. the staff were out there having to dig it out, trying to clear from that location. especially on these side streets, we're on 39th street, the side streets aren't going to be touched for a while while the snowplows are working on the main thoroughfares. that's one of the big reasons this is in effect. >> reporter: we're going to take a quick break. much more live from philadelphia, also getting hammered by this storm when we return. stay with us. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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welcome back, i'm poppy harlow, with your continuing live coverage in what is an epic storm up and down the seaboard. live look at nashville. it has stretched from georgia
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all the way up the eastern seaboard all the way through new jersey we're seeing coastal flooding in and around atlantic city. theest mitts from 29 people would be in the path of this storm. that has risen significantly to 85 million of you, right now, enduring this storm. where i am, in new york city, right in front of central park, they're calling for up 30 inches of snow. that would make this one of the five worst winter storms in the history of the nation's most populous city. also in philadelphia, they're getting slammed. that's where we find sarah gannon. what are you seeing, sarah? >> 15 inches fell here overnight, another 10 to 14 inches expected to fall as the second band is expected to hit philadelphia in the next couple of hours, the afternoon and evening hours. in addition to the snow falling, falling and accumulating fast, the other thing that we're seeing here is these gusts of
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wind that everyone has been talking about, that everyone has been warning about when it comes to safety. that's what we've got these goggles, because when it hits your face it, hurts. up to 40 miles per hour combu. the snow is just that much faster than the plows can come. it hasn't stopped people in philadelphia and they can enjoy it before it gets worst. i'm going to bring in a guy, john, how you doing, john? >> great. >> reporter: you're enjoying this a little bit. >> oh, yeah. we're running a beer mile, which is basically a totally unregistered race, a little bit of a rennogad e-mail and you e >> reporter: whose the winner today? >> gene. >> reporter: tell me, you have couple of winners, one of them
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is the fast test guy. this is gene, the other winner, i love this concept. >> the other winner, we're going to find out, because basically the other winner is going to on whoever ran the closest time to the amount of inches fallen so far. >> reporter: that's potentially 22, 25, 30 inches of snow, that's 30 miles, story, 30 minutes in a mile. that's a race that i could definitely run. potentially win. john, thank you. it looks like you're having a lot of fun. that's the only kind of race -- that's the only race i could ever win. >> reporter: everyone is having a lot of fun, but it is, it is still a serious storm. officials telling everyone, please be careful while you're out here. we do see a lot of people out here. they do want them at some point to go home and stay home, as the second band is expected to hit philadelphia, poppy. >> reporter: i want some of your
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goggles, can i get some over here. >> reporter: i have been asking people all day. mine are a little better than miguel's, right? >> reporter: i know, you two have been battling it out over your eye wear this entire time. thank you very much. much more serious situation in new york city, where they don't want anyone out. they don't want anyone running races like you saw in philadelphia. the roadways are banned. 30 inches are expected. quick break. much more live from the nation's capitol, washington, d.c., when we return.
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30 inches of snow, far more than the most dire models were predicting 24 hours ago. our nation's capitol, jennifer gray, join us there. they were thinking d.c. might get his the worst, and obviously they've had a history of having a tough time dealing with amount of snow. >> reporter: people have to remember, it's not over yet. so a couple of hours during the middle part of the day, the snow kind of slacked off. i don't know if you can see me, poppy, but it is coming down right now. this is really going to add a couple of inches and we're still going to be in this for a couple of more hours. it is almost erie to be in the nation's capitol on a saturday and be this still. you sit quiet. you can actually hear the wind how long through the bindings. it is almost an erie feeling in dnch c. i want to put my yardstick in and show you, we have increased a little bit. we're showing like 12 to
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13 inches here where i'm standing. the official at dulles number three spot for the largest snow fall ever. reagan, 14.9. ranks it at number nine, snowiest storm beat the record, dulle needs a little more. it is not over yet. we're going to be in this for a couple of more hours, poppy, and the winds are incredible. not seeing too many people around at the moment zmplts that's good, inside where they should be. jennifer gray, thank you very much. jason, where you are, that's where they do the official measurement of how much snow the city is getting. still a lot of foengs out there behind you? zrchlts still
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>> reporter: still a lot of folks. that's 59 avenue and 72nd. not now, not since that travel ban has been in effect. we're seeing fewer and fewer cars though, still a few out there on the road, but mostly people are heading into the park or doing what they should be, they are walking into the park. adam joining me here quickly with his two kids who decided to come out, just now, taking advantage of this great snow. the travel ban in effect, but you and i were talking, not everyone listenings, not yet. >> still a few cars out here when we walked over here. we're psyched to find some hills to go sledding on. >> yeah. >> this blizzard is an opportunity to have families come together and enjoy it while you have some daylight hours. >> that is what we're thinking. get some exercise, meet some friends, hope to find a hill to go down and try to stay away from, you know, people that don't know how to drive with two wheel drive. >> ready for the slopes. >> yeah i'm really excited.
11:52 am
>> reporter: stay warm, try and stay warm we'll you're out there. poppy, one of the things that we noticed on the way up here were a number of businesses that were open, and i think what's going to have to happen is the city is going to have to give some people some wiggle room. a lot of businesses open this morning and in order to close and get their customers out of there and get people home, you're going to have to that have period of time between the travel ban and folks trying to get where they were trying to get home. i think that is maybe what we're seeing here on the road, but what we're seeing here in the park, good old fashion fun for now. poppy. >> reporter: live in central park, thank you so much. quick break. we're back in a moment.
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. hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield.
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we'll get back to the blizzard of 2016 and the northeast, but snow is a beautiful backdrop if you're in park city, utah. the sun dance film festival underway, and stephanie elam is there. stephanie. >> reporter: hi, fredricka, yeah, we have a lot less snow it seems like you do on the east coast there. but we're here talking to a lot of different filmmakers, seeing what the experience is like for them. one of the people we spoke to is kevin smith, "yoga hosers," johnny dep's daughter, lily roast, they star as good friends, the big senior party, but some evil lurking near them they have to beat down, one odd yoga pose at a time. this is what kevin had to say about the process. >> the weirdest thing is it's a kid's movie. it's a kid's movie. i'm kind of waiting for a bunch
11:57 am
of people, like, after the screening to be like this is for children. be like, yes, it is. i thought that would be weird. this is the movie i wanted to see when i was a 12-year-old girl. so i finally made it as a 45-year-old man. it took a little while. >> reporter: 45-year-old man. i have to tell you, it is one of the most fun conversations i've had. he is hilarious. it's a different movie than you would expect to see. but he had a great time incorporating all the different family members from johnny dep's family, his own family. so if you're friends with him, you'll likely end up with one of his movies, fred. >> thanks so much, we have much more news straight ahead after this.
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>> reporter: breaks news up and down the eastern seaboard. i'm joining you live from new york city. we'll have you covered every hour of this storm. keep you posted on what is going on. just to set the scene for you. i'm coming to you live right in front of central park in the heart of manhattan where this city has essentially been shut down in terms of all the roads in and around new york city, completely shut down by mandate of the mayor here. the main passages into new york city, the lincoln tunnel, the george washington bridge, are shut down. all the trains coming in from new jersey and long island, those will be shut in one hours time. i want to go straight to our chad meyers, covering it all in times square. you cannot overstate the sa severity of the storm. it is beautiful, yes, people enjoying it, yes, however, this is looking to be one of the five worst storms in


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