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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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valencia, and nick, you're in fairfax? how are things looking for you? you've been in some pretty brutal conditions throughout the day? >> reporter: i think all of our team of correspondents has been in brutal type conditions here, everyone here from residents to government officials really feeling the effects, jennifer, hear in fairfax, virginia, the last several hours, this snowfall has been pretty steady and started to fall pretty aggressively here. we actually want to throw it back to this press conference happening rating now, we expect the washington, d.c. mayor to speak any moment here. but while we get ready for that, let's show you exactly what we're dealing with here, you have snowplows at to the ready, this is really a major thoroughfare here, route 50 a through fairfax, virginia, look how much snow is accumulatinacc.
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i'm sinking in snow more than a foot high. talking to virginia state police, they say they have had nearly 1,000 accidents all across the state here in virginia, but the main problem today are disabled vehicles and that includes those emergency crews, the snowplows that are out there, trying to make those -- trying to make the road conditions better for those that are still out on the roads, a lot of people staying home. poppy, let's throw it back to you, we understand that the press conference for the mayor of d.c. may be under way now. >> top of the hour, 5:00 eastern, if you're just joining us, i'm poppy harlow in washington, d.c. d.c. getting the brunt of it right now. we are a awaiting a press conference for mayor bowser in washington, d.c., of course as that begins, we will bring it to you, also at this hour, we are expecting a live press conference in new york mayor
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bill de blasio, a lot of people want to know what's going to happen to the subway hear in new york city, all of the trains above ground have been halted, but underground subways are open. we're on the high end of the estimate that we were kbelting from all the meteorologists leading up to this storm. i do want to go to swjason caro who is joining me here in central park. i am amazed at the people who are still out here enjoying this when all of the officials are telling them to go home. >> reporter: i'm amazed i'm sill out here too, poppy. i mean literally. there's so many folks that are still out here on this hill. these are dedicated individuals. you know, who come out here, wanting to enjoy this type of snow.
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this is not a hat, that's hair, maybe that is ice. baby, i feel for you. we're going to head back to you, poppy, heading back to a press conference, i believe, poppy, back to you. >> i want to go to the mayor of washington, d.c., mayor bowser speaking right now about the conditions they're dealing with. let's listen in. >> since 1:00 p.m. yesterday, we have seen about 20 inches of snow fall in our city and the storm is not done yet. in fact in the last two hours, we have seen snow pick up as well as winds pick up. we know that it is very rough outside, and in some cases, there have been reports of whiteout conditions for the past two hours. visibility is extremely poor.
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for the next few hours, we are -- we continue to be told that the snow will be heavy, with the highest wind gusts of the entire strm. and it is continues to be a dangerous storm. the forecast suggests that the snow will wrap up late tonight or in the very early hours of this morning. but it doesn't make it any less dangerous. we expect continued high winds throughout the area, which will continue to make the conditions and visibility very poor. we want drivers to stay off the road. we also want pedestrians to stay off the road. today, many of us encountered people walking down the middle of streets. our plows encountered them as well as our emergency vehicles. we can't emphasize enough that people need to stay off the
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streets for their own safety, and for that of our snow crews and first responders. we have had a lot of snowfall over the last 36 hours, and tonight, as that snow ends, we will shift into another phase of our operation. which mour director will tell yu about. many people have been shoveling all day today, and we remind everybody to shovel as you are able, to be careful and follow all of the healthy shoveling tips. we are also being inundated by calls from d.c. residents who need help shoveling. we have put tgt a volunteer database, but i will say that the request for shoveling exceeds the volunteers. so if you are able the to help a
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neighbor, please do so, if you need to provide us with a couple of addresses, you need to go to to do that. as people need to get out and about, the need to shovel walks becomes even more important. so let's turn to our director who will provide an additional operational briefing. >> thank you, madam mayor. i am chris geller, the director of the emergency management agency, and we'll tell you where we are in our operation. we started wednesday about noontime with our preparatory phases and our pretreatment phases, we carried that all the way through to our emergency phase where we are now when we had the snow pick up and the snow outpaced our ability to keep up with salt and chemical. we are going to continue that phase through this evening, until the snow gets to a point where we can keep up and get
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ahead of it and the snow ceases, that's when we'll move into the next phase of operations, which will be our post storm response. that post storm response as we have said to many people, we're going to give you a good assessment on that, right now with the wind blowing the way it is, and the amount of snow that's coming down, that's a hard assessment for us to do, how long, what is going to take for us to clear everything on the roads. as it is right now, in the different sections of the city, we have different snow total amounts, as you can imagine, very difficult to determine with the way the wind is blowing, exactly how much snow we have in certain areas. so we're going to be doing a real hard assessment, once the storm ends, we're going to continue to plow through that assessment, but we're going to do a good, hard assessment before we know how long it's going to take to clean this storm up. we'll also begin our recovery phase at that point, as soon as we get through with that assessment, and as we continue to plow, we'll do some of the
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picking up of the snow and hauling of the snow as we do that. so you'll see the last few phases go in tandem. and the recovery phase will go beyond our plowing phase. that's what we have got coming up. i do want to reiterate what mayor bowser said earlier. it did look like it was clearing up wrerl today, and we did say that we still are in our emergent phase, we had periods of time where we had snow falling two inches per hour, just over the last two to 2 1/2 hours. with the wind blowing like it is. we can't encourage residents enough, please, we're still in that emergent phase, we're still in the middle of the storm, we really need folks to stay off the street. the other thing we want to make sure we cover, we have our emergency services that are going out there, and as we go through there emergent stage, we have managed to mane tan very good response time. we have been able to respond to those calls for service, almost right at the same levels when we
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don't have snow. so we have been very successful in doing that. however, we want to make sure the residents understand that we still are in this phase. i think chief dean would like to talk a little bit about how we're doing with our ambulances, chief? >> so what we're asking is for our citizens to recognize that we only have a limited number of ambulances to transport. and we would ask that if you have a lower type emergency, if you could wait until we are available for the higher acuity type calls, we would appreciate that, thank you. >> also during this time, as you know, we have large snow banks on the sides of the road. in jurisdictions are doing this, and we can ask you to do this as well. as you're shuff ee're shoveling the front of your homes, give us a hand and clean up around the fire hide dranlts that are out there as well.
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when you start to shovel is, if you can clean those up, that would be very helpful as well. that's all that i have, we'll take some questions. >> we are going to continue to monitor this press conference, you just heard from may your bowser talking and cautioning people about the severe weather that will persist into the late evening into the early morning hours in washington, d.c. i'm poppy harlow live in new york, for our continuing storm coverage. we are going to take a quick break on the other side. we're waiting for a press conference from new york city mayor bill de blasio. on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month
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welcome back to our continuing coverage here live approximate in new york city, i'm poppy harlow, in the midst of about 20 inches of snow here in new york, a storm that has by all accounts exceeded many of the expectations, stretching 11 states from georgia all the way up the eastern seaboard through new jersey. two deaths as a result of this storm, 200,000 of you without power right now. 9,000 plus flights cancelled. we just heard from the mayor of washington, d.c., we are awaiting comments any moment from new york city mayor bill de blasio that he will update new yorkers with. i want to go to my colleague brian stelter, and the mayor, warning mada and emergency
2:14 pm
officials to be on the roads. can you hear me, bryan? >> i'm sorry about that. is. >> reporter: we're down near washington scare square park, we are on fifth avenue that's become a pedestrian thorough fair, we have talked to two of the pedestrians that are out here, what are your names? >> annie. >> ter brzenzinski, i think most people don't realize that cars in the streets take up more space, but now people do. >> reporter: what's been to the worst thing, if there is a worst thing. >> the worst thing is it's not a great day to do errands, which i was planning to do, but it's sort of a relief too. >> lots of people walking up
2:15 pm
fifth avenue because usually you can only go southbound. great view of the empire state building, about a mile and a half to the north. obviously no way to see that out here right now. one way you know it's a blizzard is because of low visibility. my cheeks are freezing up out here, but every new minutes you get one of those dramatic wind gusts that blow people away. there's people out here on an inflatable sort of raft and lots of dogs out here as well. poppy, i think i have lost my rfb, so i have losted you on the circle here, but i'll send it back up town to you. >> brian, thank you so much, all you see, some folks in new york city, not many people at all. all you see in terms of vehicles, new york city's finest, and first responders are the only vehicles that are out. wear going to take a quick break, we are waiting to hear
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together, we're building a better california. what a night it is turning into up and down the east coast, stretching for thousands of miles, this epic winter storm,
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hammering new york city, washington, d.c. and baltimore, maryland, that is where we find our miguel marquez, as we look at live pictures, miguel, the winds were so strong earlier and it does not look like it's letting up. >> they might be letting up a little bit, it comes in bands, i think whatever is happening here is certainly headed your way, so get ready for a very, very big night. the snow has not let up almost at all here in baltimore. the winds may be right now are a little less than they were before, but this city still very much in the grips of this winter storm. it was meant to dump more than 15 inches total on baltimore itself, now it's 10 to 30 inches in baltimore. there are about 18, 19, 20 inches, the last time the national weather service reported so we may be getting close to that two-foot mark now in just slight elevations around maryland, around 1,200 feet, they're expecting as much as 36 inches of snow, just a massive, massive storm. this wind is just making
2:20 pm
everything miserable here. these are the streets of baltimore now, it looks more arctic than it does mid-atlantic, a brutal time here, so far, though, the city has dodged any major issues, they're keeping the emergency routes open and the cars off those routes. they do expect this weather to continue for tonight, we are in the midst of the last pulse of this storm, we believe, but arrange midnight tonight, we're going to see more snow, more wind and the cold for days to come and the digging out. the governor of the state saying that it may take several days for some whole towns to get dug out and for others, way out in the middle of nowhere, it may take as long as a week, a long way to go before this one's over. poppy? >> miguel, i also know that they are brought in 500 national guard to help, right? i mean do they feel like they have enough in terms of resources? >> reporter: they have activated
2:21 pm
to the national guard across the state. they have several national guard units in baltimore, they are helping police and the fire department here. it seems because they have had so few major incidents, the fire engines are able to get to house fires, the ambulances are able to get to those calls they need to. they seem to have enough on hand. i think the question will be as people get tired, as they go on day after day of this, it's not meant to warm up here for a few days yet, that will be more and more difficult, taxing those emergency services minister and mor -- >> miguel will be with us for the duration, we're going to continue to wait for new york city mayor bill de blasio, we're going to inform new yorkers, are the subways going to be open? we'll hear from the mayor shortly, stay with me. ♪
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it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". you're looking at a live images of columbus circle where
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i'm standing in the heart of new york city. all of those flashing lights are our first responders, new york city's finest, the nypd, you've got dozens of their vehicles out here right now. obviously they are protecting anyone that needs help. and also the fact that all of the roads except for emergencies vehicles are shut down in new york city right now by order of the governor. as we await the press conference from new york city's mayor bill de blasio, i want to go to sarah ghanan, she's live in philadelphia, how is it where you are? >> reporter: this is what officials have been telling us all day they have been waiting for, the reason they didn't want people outside, this seems to be the second ban that's now hitting philadelphia, it's intensified greatly in the last few minutes. since the last time i talked to you, i'm only a few yards away from our photographer. but the snow is clearly much more heavily coming down more heavily than it was a few
2:26 pm
minutes ago. in addition the wind has really picked up. just so you guys can see, this is all fresh snow on the road here, the track marks are barely visible. this is all snow that's fallen in the last few mens. >> i'm so sorry to jump in, we have got to listen to new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> i went out to staten island, the north shore, to get an idea of how things were going there. let me emphasize at the outset, the sanitation department is doing an extraordinary job. i really want to thanni thank t men and women of the sanitation department. they got ahead of the storm and they have stuck with it every step of the way. now the fact is, sanitation is dealing with a very tough situation, this moment, sort of fighting an uphill battle, because the precipitation keeps coming down, they keep plowing, but the rate of this snowstorm continues to be intense, between
2:27 pm
one and three inches per hour depending on where you are in the city. so recognize that this is a storm that's backing a lot of punch and is continuing very forcingly, and will do so into the evening, is so that just emphasizes how important it is to get out of the way of our sanitation workers and let them do their jobs. i'll say again, travel ban is in effect, the nypd will enforce the travel ban, it's very important that people clear the roads, so sanitation can do its work and get this city back on its feet over the next day or two. of course we need our roads clear for our first responders so they have the freedom to get to anyone who is in darrin. nypd, made clear by chief o'neil before, no one wants to have to arrest people, but the nypd will take any measures necessary to
2:28 pm
keep our roads clear in the middle of this emergencies. you'll see some images that are starting to go out on social media, nypd enforcement actions, we want new yorkers to know this is a warning being given very clearly. if you want to avoid these enforcement actions, get off the streets now. it's also important to recognize that because of what's happened with our mass transit, it's all the more reason that anyone needs to get somewhere they need to go immediately, of course now, not only are mta busses no longer running, but subways that have roots above ground have now been suspended, under ground subways continue, the state and the mta made the decision and we're very happy about that decision to keep the underground subway operations going, so there is a way to the get around in much of the city. but again, the smartest thing to do, given that this is a storm
2:29 pm
that continues to grow, it's getting colder, it's obviously getting dark, the smart thing to do is to get away from any place that you're at work, if you're going home from work, get home, get safe. the national weather service has given us an update now and it's quite striking, you know, we said earlier in the day, that if we broke 20 inches, if it was more than 20 inches of snow e it would rank as one of the top five storms in terms of accumulation history of negotiations since these records started being kept in 1869. the last reading i had is at central park, central park has always been to the recognized location that is used to measure snowfall in the city, if you're going to have one location, that's been the go-to location over many, many decades.
2:30 pm
in central park, 19.3 inches, that was well over an hour ago, this point very likely that we have passed the 20-inch mark right there. but in other parts of the city, even more snowfall has occurred. to the current scenario from the national weather service, has us expecting 24 to 28 inches of snow. 24 to 28 inches before this storm is over, so this is a forecast that in the last 24 hours has jumped up several times, now as high as 28 inches, we have to prepare for an even worse case snaree than that and be ready if it goes even farther. so again, our sanitation craws out doing an extraordinary job, they're working very long shifts, working very hard, they will keep doing that, luckily plenty of salt, plenty of vehicles ready, i'm very pleased with what i saw earlier in terms
2:31 pm
of the work of the -- the imbasket on the tidal levels we'll have seem quite moderate, no more than three or four feet above normal levels, which is manageable, especially given the precautions that have been put in place, but again, our agencies will be ready to respond if we see anything happen that might cause a danger to people. want to emphasize how important it is the help our first responders, one of the simplest things you can do when you're shoveling outside of your house, keep that fire hydrant clear, the life you save could be your own or your neighbor'sor your families. but chief o'neil pointed out we have already seen several situation where is people overextended themselves in some kays with tragic results. so plaez be aware of your own
2:32 pm
limitations, if you're in good enough shape to be shoveling, great, if you're not in good enough shape, let someone else do it. either a family member, or someone going around helping people shovel. better to pay someone to shovel than present a danger to yourself. any problems with heat and hot water, we need to know about them. call 311 if your building management is not dealing with them. any situation where someone's life in is danger, please call 911 madly so we can get to there and help them. quickly in spanish -- [ speaking spanish ] >> all right, there you have it from new york city mayor bill de blasio, two major headlines to take from this, one is that the travel ban still remains in effect indefinitely on all the
2:33 pm
roads, do not get in any vehicle in new york city. the second headline saying that shea have determined along with the state to keep the subways under ground here in new york city open, that is critical, he said, you're moving about 8 million or 9 million people around this city, they can still move around, if they need to get home from work, their jobs, to their families, on the subway, under ground, all above ground subways are closed. we'll let you know if more comes from the mayor. i will speak one-on-one live with the mayor of washington, d.c., also getting hammered by this storm, she joins me next. . not t-mobile! switch now and get four lines with up to six gigs each. and no sharing. just thirty bucks a line at t-mobile. text mom. i'll be right back. be good. boys have been really good today.
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live pictures of the white house in washington, d.c., on a very snowy evening. what a storm it has become, up and down the eastern seaboard. 11 states affected.
2:37 pm
one of those hardest hit is virginia, obviously. philadelphia, there in pennsylvania. you've got a lot of flooding in new jersey and washington, d.c., very hard hit as well. i want the go straegt to the mayor of washington, d.c. mayor muriel bowser, mayor, i know how incredibly busy you are, i know you're expecting up to 20 inches before this all wraps up. what's your message to your residents? >> our message is that we're about 36 hours into a blizzard in washington, d.c., we haven't seen this amount of snowfall in one storm in 94 years. so we have told our residents to be prepared to stay inside, to allow our crews to work on the streets, so our first responders and plows can get through. we expect the snow to taper off tonight, where we can begin the big digout as soon as it concludes. >> talk to me a little bit more
2:38 pm
about those first responders, i know it was a tough go around about an inch of snow really , - crippling a lot of parts of this city, some criticism there, but by all accounts, what we're seeing from your first responders today is all hands on deck? >> well, certainly, we started preparing for this storm early in the week, we pretreated all of our roads, we have been out on the roads with salt before the snow came, and we have been plowing ever since. and when the snow concludes, and keep in mind, we're dealing with heavy winds here, we know that the next phase of our operation will begin to really get into all of our major residential streets as well. >> we have been hearing about 200,000 people up and down the east coast without power, what are the citizens in washington, d.c. dealing with, and what do you say to those family who is
2:39 pm
may have lost power and frankly they're just not sure where to go? >> one really great aspect of our experience with this storm is that we have not had major power loss. we do know, however, that the major wind gusts that this storm is bringing to washington are happening right now. we hope that we will continue to be lucky, but we have also prepared our residents for the possibility of power loss. our power departments have reefed out for additional resources as well. is so should we have power loss, we know they're going to work doubly hard to get people back up. >> any sense of those goeft offices on monday, schools on monday, what's your sense at this point in time? >> well, we know that the cleanup from 24-inch storm in washington, d.c. is going to be a multiple day event, we have to
2:40 pm
wait until the snow ceases. we have some daylight and some time in the morning to see what our streets look like. and really get our cleanup operation in gear. and then i hope to be able to make some assessment of my government operations and schools. late afternoon, early evening tomorrow. >> what about the salt resources, i know that's being a concern in washington, d.c., simply having enough salt to deal with a storm of this magnitude. >> that hasn't been a concern for us. we went out before the season and procured the salt resources that we need. and we will continue to replenish them for every winter snow event. >> all right, mayor muriel bowser, thank you for your time, and a thanks from all of us in new york and i'm sure from all over the country, to all of your first responders, all of the
2:41 pm
people working around the clock to keep people safe there. >> around the clock, and good luck to new york city. >> i see them here behind us in new york city, these amazing people out shuffoveling behind constantly, when they would like to be home with their families as well. let me bring in julia cayenne, talking about how you deal with this, you were an assistant head of homeland security heading it up in massachusetts during some of the worst storms of the last decade or so. how do you enforce, what we're seeing juliette, in negotiationnegotiationw york city, which is all the roads closed. >> it's very difficult to enforce, so you just keep reiterating why it's being done. you don't want to have the first
2:42 pm
responders going out unnecessarily when if only people had stayed home it wouldn't have been necessary. in a lot of previous blizzards, people get into their cars, they get stuck, that's a nuisance, but a lot of them sky from carbon monoxide poisoning, a lot of these measures are very draconian to protect lives and to protect first responders. it's a very short time period in the lgtd of everyone's life, watch a lot of tv and just sit back, because it's really to maximize what the first responders have to do, not just at this moment, but they've got ed days and days ahead of recovery. >> what do you make of the emergency respond we have seen up and down, i mean from charlotte, north carolina, up into virginia, up into washington, d.c., new york, i mean it certainly seems like all hands on deck?
2:43 pm
>> you're able to preposition a lot of materials to launch and protect people, but we're not over yet, the biggest concern is the wind and then the electricity going down and then the waters and flooding, that combined with all the cold weather is very, very dangerous for all. i don't think we're going to breathe a sigh of relief until monday, my last conversation with folks at fema, fema has actually not been called by any state. the governors have been able to deal with this so far. we have a lot of federal access if they're kneaded in the next 48 hours. >> you know, juliette, something i just don't recall personally hearing about the last time we had a monster snowstorm in new york is that flooding and we're
2:44 pm
already seeing really severe flooding in southern new jersey and a risk of it tonight between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. eastern on parts of the new york state coastline. does that surprise you? >> it's not that spraz iurprisi it's very common in these storms, it's a coincidence with the full moon combined with the tiredal calendar at in stage which is causing the high tide to come in at exactly the time when there is going to be a lot of freezing. so you're just going to see water sort of rushing in, people need to be particularly careful, because of the combination of water with electrical wires and i think, you know, just essentially through the next 24 hours is going to be the second storm. it's not going to be snow, it's going to be all these other elements. but this is just a bad coincidence of the calendar. and that's why you saw a lot of meteorologists in the last three or four days say this is a lot
2:45 pm
of snow, plus it's a lot of other sort of, you know, bad elements coming together. >> former homeland security, and national security analyst. i'm going to take a quick break, much more live coverage of this blizzard up and down the eastern seaboard. stay with us. cnn's continuing coverage returns when we get back in just a moment.
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tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern, the journalists share what had such an impact on them. it is the culmination of our week long cnn searries called the person who changed my life. for me that person was my father, jim what are le. here's our story. >> you were so central to his being? >> at trial, he used to call home every night and read to you. >> he adored you, he just adored
2:49 pm
you. >> i'm going to the childhood home where i gu up with my mom and dad in minneapolis. >> when i got this assignment, he just immediately came to my mind, of course e my dad, of course. who changed me? him. >> when i told him my dad died at 49, they say, i'm so sorry, you were so young. i say to them, i had more of a dad in 15 years than a lot of kids ever get. >> he managed to pack 100 years of living into 50 years. he wouas just kind of a wild ma he had lots of energy. >> what in him do you see in me? >> you were both dedicated workers. ever since you were a little girl, you were a hard drivi driving --. >> my dad was
2:50 pm
>> my dad was a trial lawyer and he loved it. the work was all consuming but he prioritized us, family. managed to hold on to the most important things in life. every morning, he would wake up 4:30, 5:00 a.m., drive me to skating practice and then he would go to work. it didn't matter what he had going on, how tired he was, he was always there for me. >> this is the picture. >> he's still in his suit. like he just ran in the house. >> that's right. he ran across three airports and kept saying to the people who were with him i've got to make it hope for poppy's birthday. >> he took me to the office a lot. >> he did. that's a picture you made one saturday morning at the office. >> he saw every piano recital you did, every skating show. >> he was a wonderful father. he was really your model. you're your father's daughter, without a doubt. >> this is columbia, where i went to college. it's where my dad went to school. i wanted to follow in his
2:51 pm
footsteps and be like him. i even found my college application essay that i wrote about him. i learned what nobility really means by watching my father struggle so hard to live, never complaining, never lashing out in his pain and always thanking everyone for their help. in the end my father taught me the answer to a question i had never posed. how to die. my father died with dignity and love, knowing that he had left nothing undone. >> welcome back to st. paul. >> thanks. you guys all look the same. >> of course we do. >> my dad's partners at the law firm were like a second family to us. especially after he died. >> you say about everybody well, there's no one like him. you can't even get anything close to jim, seriously. >> in those days, you just sort of put your head down, plowed forward. jim was different. he actually made the time to make sure that he was there for you. >> he knew when he was spending time with you to devote 100% to it and he knew when he was working to devote 100% to it.
2:52 pm
even though he was, you know, well respected partner high up in the organization, nothing was beneath jim. we were trying a case once and jim walked into the work room about 2:00 in the morning. he just picked up a stack of papers and started copying. the paralegal had to say go back to bed, jim, you need to be on your feet in the morning. but that's what he would do. nothing was above him and nothing was below him. >> hey, you. >> hey, you, too. >> your interviews are really a reflection of your dad, i think. >> really? >> i see some of the same things, you know, the persistence, the nuance. you catch things that other people wouldn't catch. watching you today, he would -- it would have been incessant. he would have been in the office, you see poppy last night? >> we would have had a cnn tv channel on in every room in the office. >> exactly. >> he would want you to enjoy life as much as he did. he would want you to find joy in
2:53 pm
everything every day. he lived 49 years but my goodness, he had more fun than probably 100 people in 100 lifetimes. >> this is where i worked with your day. i first started working with him before i went to law school right after i graduated from college. i wanted to tell you what your dad had done for me and the gifts he gave me. i think there are some people that come into your life and help you learn how to be a human being. a better human being. i really think that your dad was one of those people for me. >> do you see any of him in me? >> so much. your dad's extraordinariness comes through in you. he let his heart become part of his passion and you do that, too. >> thank you so much for being with me. >> every day i want to make him proud because he did so much for me. his death spurred me to want to do better. his death made me want to achieve. i remember going into my
2:54 pm
freshman year of high school nine days after he died and the school said well, you don't need to come, you can take some time off. but i just wanted to dive in. >> does it feel smaller? >> it doesn't feel smaller. i feel a little bit older. >> this was my high school college counselor. >> i have a copy of my recommendation that i wrote for you when you applied to college. i said you had real inner strength, self-discipline, that you had overcome tragedy because your dad had just died. that's actually when we connected. can i give you a hug? >> i will never forget the day that i found out i got into columbia. i jumped around my house and i was so thrilled. >> you were 2000. your dad was 1965. you made your dad proud. >> i wanted to be a lawyer like my dad.
2:55 pm
i was so set on being like him that i forgot for awhile to be my version of him. >> girls who lose a father young tend to do extremely well, tend to be very ambitious, because they are trying to offer this as a gift to their father, who is gone. and you definitely did that. you're still working hard, just like he did. >> what would he tell me at 33 years old? >> relax and enjoy life. life is short and precious. >> to live in the moment, that may be the core lesson my dad left behind for me. it is still one i'm trying to learn. i still live a lot for what i need to accomplish. it's a good reminder to me just to maybe focus me again on what matters, because he was only 16 years older than i am now when
2:56 pm
he died. quite a legacy, big guy. quite a legacy. >> we're so happy that he lives on in you. >> a total original, witty, honest and kind. my dad was my cornerstone and the person who changed my life. >> you can see all of our stories tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern only right here on cnn. we also want to know, is there a person that changed your life dramatically? tweet us, use #my life changers. we will feature your responses at you can also go there and find photos, stories and a lot more on this topic. we'll be right back.
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