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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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we will be live all night for this storm. cnn monitoring all of it. so stay with us for the latest. >> this is cnn breaking news. 7:00 eastern, thank you so much for being with us. i'm poppy harlow in new york on the breaking news. this winter storm pummeling much of the nation, leaving misery in its wake. 14 people have now died as a result of the storm. wicked weather up and down the eastern seaboard. blizzard conditions from the carolinas through new york city, up through new jersey. nearly three feet of snow accumulating in washington, d.c. and parts of maryland. about 200,000 people without power across 13 states. the heavy flooding in new jersey is on those coastal towns on the jersey shore where there is major concern right now as high tide rolls in. and in new york city, a complete travel ban is in effect. something we very rarely see here. no cars, no taxis, no city
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buses. only police ambulances and emergency vehicles allowed. in new york city, that travel ban in effect the roads essentially cleared. all tunnels and bridges have been shut down. nypd is stopping any vehicles on the road. you can see it there. sending them home to safety. that is what we're dealing with right now in new york city. on the jersey shore, they are dealing with heavy flooding. more than 50 people already pushed out of their homes as water pours into neighborhoods across new jersey. 50,000 homes without power. that number expected to rise because of the heavy, wet snow and high winds. jason carroll live in the west village. brian in manhattan. you have seen a lot of people out and about. now there is no one behind you. well, one person. >> one person. and a lot of mounds behind me
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too. how is it going, guys? these huge mounds you see behind me of drifting snow. beneath the mounds are buried cars, poppy. this is what we have been seeing all around driving through the streets of manhattan, very slowly, safely, hell's kitchen, surrounding central park, downtown, west village, it will be a big dig. that will be the story for tomorrow. also, the story is about what's happening out here tonight. a number of people have been getting out of their homes to stretch their legs. joining me now one family here in the west village. how did you ride out the storm? >> we hung out in our house, shoveled, ate, and came out for a walk. >> did you eat out or in, first of all? >> we ate in. >> so you got your supplies, did what you needed to do. the reason why i ask that, poppy, during our last live report in uptown we were at hell's kitchen. a number of people up there didn't buy supplies.
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fortunately, there were restaurants that were open. we haven't seen much open down here. just a few. is that what you're experiencing? >> i own a shop on sullivan street called local. we were open until we got the shutdown notices and had enough time for people to get home. >> how was that? when the mayor announced there was going to be a travel ban and 2:30 was the deadline, were you able to get the employees out and home on time? >> yeah, we were. >> how do you think the city responded? >> i think they did a good job. yeah. >> you guys have fun on your little walk tonight. stay safe. walk slowly. because it is slippery out here. be well. so, again, poppy, as we have been driving through the city here, that's what we have been seeing. people just sort of coming out, doing what they can to enjoy the blizzard. the blizzard not over. we are expecting the snow to stop three hours or so from now. for now people are getting out and enjoying themselves.
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tomorrow the story will be the big dig. poppy. >> as it always is. jason carroll, stay safe out there. thank you so much for us. now to brian stelter who joins us in lower manhattan. brian, you were on the roads earlier today seeing almost no vehicles, which is a great thing. what do you see now? >> reporter: well, i'm making new friends, poppy. we stopped by the dog park in lower manhattan, battery park, meeting some of the four-legged friends who have no choice but to be out over here. >> what is your name? >> mary. >> and this is callie's first snowfall. >> sit. she is 1 years old as of two days ago. >> tell me the truth, on a day like today, don't you sort of dislike having a dog, having to come out every few hours. >> it's a love/hate relationship. i have been out maybe four times today. she needs it. when you've got to go, you've got to go. >> it's true. this is a much bigger, stronger
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storm than we were expecting. she is running around here. several dogs as well. thank you very much for your time. w came out in this location because we have this great view of the world trade center. because of reduced visibilities, you can barely see the top of the building, just a short drive away. by and large, this travel ban is being respected with the exception of journalists like us are out there looking around. with a few taxis, a few rogue taxis out here, it has been very much in effect. if you open uber app, you can't get a car. sit a lockdown. we can turn the camera around and show you just however big these drifts are in some cases. look at some of the tops of the cars. how much snow is on the tops. we have a couple of plows. it is a majestic snowfall. if you're a snow lover, this is
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a storm you're not going to forget for a long time. for a 200 mile area from north of new york all the way down to washington, past washington where nick valencia is, there are also life threatening conditions. it is very much a two-sided story, right? there is a very positive story. these dogs may be loving it. but there are also some risks. we have been reading about ambulances and fire equipment stuck in various places the last few hours. when the wind picks up, it is brutal in these conditions. there is a heavy snow band. a snow burst. we will see it for several more hours. by midnight maybe it starts to pull out. poppy. >> brian, thank you so much for that. now to jennifer gray in freedom plaza in washington, d.c. that's pretty close to the white house. nick valencia in fairfax, virginia. jennifer, to you first. how many more hours can we expect these conditions? it looks so much better where you are now than it was a few
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hours ago. i wonder if the heavy winds are headed up here to new york and new jersey. >> well, we are finally starting to taper off in the d.c. area. i think we have another band or two of heavy snowfall before it is all said and done. it will be snowing here at least through the midnight hour and tapering off quickly after that. every now and then you will get one of the gusts, there it is like that. luckily, things have been better overall the last hour. this is 14th street right behind me. it has been regularly plowed. a couple of cars have gone by. pennsylvania avenue, not a chance. there's about a foot of snow over pennsylvania avenue, which is crazy considering this is the nation's capital. we haven't even been able to see the capitol or the white house because visibility has been so low. in fact, snowfall rates here in the area have been unbelievable. one to two inches per hour. some areas even higher.
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and we had a total of 26.5 inches at dulles airport. reagan, 17.5. that puts it the fifth snowiest snowstorm of all time. and snow is still falling. so that could move up. interestingly enough, the mayor was out earlier saying stay off the roads. the emergency crews and plows need to get the streets cleared. no idea how long it will take to clear all the streets. they urge residents do not go out and shovel your driveway unless you are able. if you need help, they are listing volunteers. if you want to volunteer to help a neighbor out, you can do that, which is really nice around the city. poppy, not over yet. this started yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon. and it has been snowing consistently since then. like you said earlier, some points, one to two inches per
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hour. even more. we're in for another couple of hours, poppy. >> no question about it. we'll be covering it live all the way through. thank you so much. nick valencivalencia, they have three deaths as a result of the storm. what are you seeing? >> reporter: talk about consistent snowfall. it's been 31 statement hours. if you can wrap your mind around that, of consistent snowfall. and that drift picking up. thatten wind picking up creating snowdrifts we have seen as high as six feet tall. the snow accumulating and at times coming down pretty heavy if you want to follow me along. you can see as i turn my back to the camera how deep i fall into the snow. this fresh powder. officials are worried about road conditions. we haven't seen too many people behind us in ordinary vehicles. the majority of vehicles are part of emergency crews. we saw earlier this afternoon an emergency vehicle disabled as they tried to make a u turn.
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they were treating this thoroughfare. others describing it as the worst conditions they have ever seen. which says a lot. remember in 2010 this area got pounded by snow. they called that snowmageddon six years ago. this really lives up to those expectations. people here are accustomed to this type of weather. even saying it is bother approximate issome to them. the good news in all of this, we have been talking about this. people are heeding the warning, staying inside, being with family, friends, that have you. we did a little while ago see two young men walking alongside this thoroughfare on their way to 7-eleven. they got bored and wanted to go get some snacks. not a wise thing to do. local officials here really concerned with dealing with disabled vehicles. there have been 60 of those throughout the day. major traffic accidents. a couple of those. majority of them small fender benders. as jennifer gray was talking
4:11 pm
about across the river, it has been relentless and will continue to be so. the snow will not stop falling until 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. poppy. >> nick valencia, thank you so much for braving it all. 31 straight hours of snowfall. and it is not over yet. thank you, nick. much more on breaking news on this blizzard hammering the east coast in a moment. also, a lot of politics to get to. crunch time in iowa. nine days to go before the caucuses. tonight, the state's most influential paper saying who it will endorse.
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fierce winds are pushing water into the jersey shore. this is a confluence of events. high tide, the height of the storm and full moon tonight. 50 people driven from their homes in atlantic city. chris christie joins me on the phone. governor, thank you for being with us. what an incredibly busy time for you and your entire time. what is the severity of the risk of the flooding at this hour? >> well, poppy, in the very -- both southern part of our state, cape may county and towns like stone harbor and avalon, we do
4:15 pm
have some flooding. now, it is flooding that is not yet causing mandatory evacuations. a lot of towns have lost power. we want to make sure folks who have lost their power don't stay in their homes. they go to the home of a family or friend to stay warm tonight. or we have been evacuating some folks as needed to local hotels with generators so people can stay warm and get fed tonight. we have been on the phone with the mayor of stone harbor at one of the hotels down there. >> for some of those who have
4:16 pm
opposed building these dunes, dunes that you think would make a huge difference at a moment like this. tell me more. >> listen, we have been working since super storm sandy, three years ago. there are literally 168 people out of thousands holding up that project. and you saw the water and the ice moving through the streets of margate. they say it is enough to help with. we have had this experience. i simply don't understand why people put their own personal
4:17 pm
interests ahead of the community and safety and security of their neighbors. >> we are watching, governor, as i'm talking to you, khupgs of ice floating down earlier today, floating down the roads completely flooded in margate, for example. do you have the resources you need in new jersey? i know the national guard has been called in. do you have what you need to keep this under control? >> we do. the national guard has been called in for the southern part of the state. a number of high water vehicles there to be able to move people if we need to. state police moved their urban search and rescue and swift water teams. we know we have the resources there we need. we know our national guards men and women are ready at a moment's notice to be called up and helped. we'll be able to do it now. the great thing about this, though, is this. if you think about the fact that
4:18 pm
right now we only have about 63,000 people in new jersey without power at the moment. that is down from over 1,000 earlier today. the utilities are working hard to get the power restored quickly. we have lowered it by a third so far. so by tomorrow when the weather is better, poppy, i think we will be able to make real headway on it. >> i covered hurricane sandy and saw the incredible response from average citizens coming out to help. there is a time to do that and there is a time to stay hunkered down at home. what do you say to the people watching who say i want to go out and help these folks. should they at this point? >> let that emotion happen for you tomorrow, not tonight. in the northern part of the state, the snow is coming down hard. i just arrived home a little while ago in morris county, we have over 18 inches of snow.
4:19 pm
we don't want people moving around tonight. we want the roads cleared for the plows for any emergency vehicles. the way you can help, folks. check on your friends and family who are in the affected areas. if they need a place to shelter, invite them to your home, feed them tonight, keep them warm tonight. if you need local law enforcement to help you, we can get people moved into those places where they can be sheltered. >> absolutely. governor chris christie, appreciate your time. obviously, the governor taking a break from the campaign trail, staying on this with us. appreciate you filling us in. a programming note, the governor will join jake tapper tomorrow morning on state of the union to talk about the impacts of the storm once it subsides and the politics and the latest from the campaign trail in this 2016 race. governor christie, our best to the people of new jersey >> iowa's flagship newspaper, the des moines register just
4:20 pm
tonight announcing its endorsements nine days ahead of the iowa caucuses. they are throwing support behind hillary clinton. on the republican side, they are supporting senator marco rubio. jeff, it is interesting because rubio is in almost all the pools, including cnn, our latest poll this week, he is third. pretty far behind trump and cruz in iowa. what do you think of the paperbacking him? >> reporter: well, poppy, news paper endorsements are based on ideas and policies, not polls. i'm not surprised by either of these tonight. they are both the choice of the establishment. but this is a nonestablishment election cycle. that's why endorsements have to be viewed in that lens. hillary clinton is exactly the argument she's making. she's the establishment candidate. she's the experienced candidate. she knows exactly how to do the
4:21 pm
job. marco rubio is the future face of the party. he represents a different brand of republican. are voters going to be in the mood for this establishment on both sides? without question, everyone usually wants an endorsement but they have limited value. in this cycle, i think they have less value than in previous cycles. >> and let's talk about the fact that hillary clinton gets this key endorsement right after cnn poll this week showing her eight points behind sanders in iowa. does this move the needle? >> sure. it reminds voters, the core democrats, that to take a look at her experience. both she and bernie sanders are duelling rallies.
4:22 pm
she of course has the committed caucusgoers. i think it definitely helps her. it shows she is the establishment candidate but the experienced canned candidate. some of the younger voters don't read newspapers and do not accept the view from the establishment here. so it definitely is a establish in the right direction for her. she's not had a good week here. so it definitely ends the week on a much stronger note for her. she is certainly happy about this, no question about it, poppy. >> jeff live in des moines. obviously this is just two days ahead of a big cnn town hall with all three candidates monday night hosted by chris cuomo. the last time you will hear from them altogether before the iowa caulk can uses. thank you so much. i want to go now to katrina pierson, national spokesperson for donald trump's campaign. thank you for being with me. >> reporter: hi, poppy. great to be here. they're backing marco rubio. >> well, i'm sure everyone can
4:23 pm
agree there is no love lost between trump and the des moines register. they had a public falling out. just as your colleague mentioned, endorsements from establishment newspapers really aren't much. just like the endorsements from establishment politicians. but i will say it is very telling that the des moines regist register picked hillary clinton and marco rubio, which is big for the grassroots of iowa. >> let's listen to comments donald trump made today in iowa. >> my people are so smart. you know what else they say about my people, the polls, they say i have the most local people. do you ever see that? i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay. it's like incredible. >> those words obviously rubbing some people in a tough way. him saying i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot someone. why use those words?
4:24 pm
>> i think mr. trump has always been off the cuff. of course people are going to be talking about what he says. they talk about everything he says. >> but this is different than off the cuff, wouldn't you say? >> no, not at all. he's very candid. he's not scripted. he engages with the audience. he tells jokes. he plays with the audience. that's what happened today. >> all right. so that was a joke? >> well, he was playing around with the audience. obviously he's not saying he's going to shoot somebody. it was in the discussion of loyalty and voters and repeated what somebody else mentioned to him earlier. >> i want to get your take on reporting out of the "new york times" and sources telling cnn michael bloomberg is seriously considered an independent were run for president. and he said, according to a source, that would be the case if it looks like ted cruz or trump will face bernie sanders. meaning he wouldn't do it against hillary clinton as a candidate on the side.
4:25 pm
what's your reaction to this? >> you know, we hear a lot of talk about this. it is way too early" to see what will happen. i'm confident donald trump will win iowa and be the gop nominee. we're just not sure what will happen with hillary clinton. i don't think bloomberg getting in the race hurts donald trump candidacy. if anything else, it helps fuel it. donald trump has pro economy, pro growth and pro prosperity policy positions. everyone is new york is complaining about the state of new york as far as taxes, jobs, as far as regulations even. i don't think it will do too much to hurt. >> he said he would spend a billion dollars of his own money on his own campaign. not concerned that would take votes away as often a third party candidate does? >> no, i don't think so. we're in a different pair the dime today. voters have been paging much
4:26 pm
different attention. we have seen jeb bush pay 60 million doctors and he is still at the bottom of the polls. i don't think it's about money this cycle. it is about your character, policy positions for the country. voters are very smart today. >> katrina pierson, the trump campaign, appreciate you being with me tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> much more on breaking news ahead. live to baltimore. 500 members of the national guard deployed in baltimore. live pictures from our affiliate wbal. we'll be back in just a minute. when heartburn hits
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you're looking at live pictures of baltimore. it is in the direct path of this blizzard right now. 500 members of the national guard mobilized across maryland to assist with those emergency calls, et cetera, especially in the rural areas. miguel marquez has been in the thick of this storm in baltimore all day long. incredibly windy, my friend. is it getting any better? >> it is maybe just a tad better. this storm has gone from unrelenting to just unforgiving.
4:30 pm
the wind is whipping. the snow may be letting up just a little bit. i'm stand anything a four-foot drift. this would be normal if it were colorado at 8,000 feet at a ski valley. unbelievable amounts of snow here the last 24 hours. they may be breaking records. the last time they had snow this big, 2003. 26.9 inches of snow. that was a record. already unofficial weather service counts are at 24 inches in the city. they are calling for 36 inches. that's three feet at elevations of 1,200 feet or more in maryland. they came out with a new survey a short time ago indicating that there may be as much as 48 inches. the mayor here in baltimore has called for a phase three emergency, which means they are banning all cars off the street. four wheel dries are getting
4:31 pm
stuck. they want only emergency vehicles on the streets they have had some house fires. fire engines having a time getting there. they are hunkering down. finally the storm has been churning over baltimore and much of the east coast. hopefully it will finally move out. >> what about tomorrow, miguel? is the aftermath, the big dig. this is heavy, heavy wet snow. >> this is the concern. looking ahead, there is not a day above freezing for the next couple of days. this is going to get harder and harder for them to move the snow. they can get emergency routes open through town. they have plows going constantly. the side streets are a mess. it will take days or even a week to dig out.
4:32 pm
>> to you, your producer, the camera man, thank you. an update on the entire east coast, georgia through new jersey. 11 states affected. 14 deaths thus far. 9,000 flights canceled. 200,000 americans without power. much more next. men, we try ....
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those are live pictures of new york city's columbus circle the only vehicles on the road are emergency vehicles first responders in the midst of what has become a historic storm not only in new york city but up and down the east coast. we have just learned this storm is the third largest recorded snowfall event in history. the third largest recorded snowfall in new york city history. the blizzard hitting cities along the east coast.
4:36 pm
it is making life miserable for millions of people right now. a travel ban is in effect. anyone on the streets, drivers are told they have to stay off the streets. you've got police officers stopping any vehicle, sending them home. also this evening, another 700 national guard troops could be activated adding to the 2,300 already working trying to deal with the serious conditions. coastal flooding and concern about it. 14 deaths are linked to the storm. what are we looking at in terms of when this may die down? >> well, i have just been looking at the radar. from what we can tell, a couple of pretty good bands are expected to move in. this will be a big storm
4:37 pm
producer. this is such a deep area of low pressure. even though it moves away, we have strong winds coming out of the northeast. i want to show new. here's new york city. there's philadelphia. further south, baltimore. we have seen near record snowfall totals. top five snowfall totals. i want to mention one other thing. here's the coast of new jersey. toms river. asbury park to the north. cape may to the south. and then in between is sea isle. a lot of people go here to vacation. this is because we have seen this lunar tide. in addition to that, we are currently under high tide right now. we think it is not going to be
4:38 pm
as substantial as it was this morning. but, poppy, this is another aspect to the system we haven't talked about. all of these businesses, summertime homes have been inundated with the seawater. back to you. >> thank you so much. karen mcginnis in the cnn severe weather center. appreciate it. still to come, we wil keep tracking this historic storm. also breaking political news to get to. hillary clinton, who is trailing in the latest iowa polls, picks up a key endorsement don't from iowa. is it going to be enough to give her a winning edge february 1st. we will hear directly from her camp live next. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges®
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this winter storm is pummeling much of the eastern seaboard. 14 people have died as a result of the storm. we have also learned this is the third largest snowfall event ever in new york city history. a truly historic event. blizzard conditions up and down the eastern seaboard from the
4:42 pm
carolinas, new york, new jersey, three feet of snow accumulate anything washington, d.c. and parts of maryland. about 200,000 people without power in 13 states. there is heavy flooding along the jersey shore. no cars, taxi, city buses in new york city. only police and other emergency vehicles allowed. back in a storm to breaking political news. nine days into the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton picking up a key endorsement. editorial board des moines register giving her the coveted endorsement. it could not come at a more crucial time. this shows clinton trailing sanders by eight points with nine days to go until the caucuses. brian fallon, press secretary for hillary clinton's campaign. thank you for being with me. the des moines register, when
4:43 pm
you look at the history of their endorsements, they backed hillary clinton in 2008, as you know. then senator barack obama went on to win the caucuses. he went on to win the nomination, the presidency. how much stock do you put in this endorsement this year? >> well, we're very pleased to have this endorsement. obviously it was one that both candidates that bernie sappeders and senator clinton sought i think the reason why it is meaningful is it because it directly considers the arguments both are putting forward before the iowa caucuses. it chooses to stand with the argument that secretary clinton has put forward in terms of putting a premium on the experience and the detailed plans to achieve real results on behalf of americans given the high stakes we're facing. it directly considers the argument senator sanders is putting forward and puts
4:44 pm
together that his ability to deliver is questionable. so i think it focuses and clarifies the decisions iowa caucusgoers will face in the coming days. >> i wanted to talk about the latest poll that came out this week specifically on the issue of economy. democratic voters have consistently said the economy is issue number one in this election over the fear of terrorism. and when you look at the economy question, 58% of those polled say senator sanders would have a better handle and be better at handling the economy compared with 36% for clinton. that is a dramatic shift from just a month ago. how do you tackle that? >> i would actually challenge -- that particular poll, i obviously have great respect for cnn. but another poll came out that showed the situation in iowa much differently. it showed us by leading by as
4:45 pm
many as the cnn. >> on the economy, sir? >> on the economy as well. we are seeing a great response to secretary clinton's detailed plans for how to lift wages. she set out at the beginning of this campaign last spring and declared the number one challenge she would focus her energies on would be to raise wages. she has studiously talked about the fact that while we have made great gains the last seven years, one of the stubborn indicators we have still not made adequate process on is median incomes. detailed plans for how to achieve the boost in incomes. we are seeing a great response to those plans she put forward on that issue across iowa and beyond. >> brian fallon, thank you so much. i wish we had more time, but we have a lot of breaking news to
4:46 pm
get to. we will see from all three candidates, hear from them together monday night at the cnn town hall hosted by our chris cuomo in iowa. brian, thank you so much. with me now, i want to go to simone sanders, national press secretary for senator bernie sanders 2016 campaign. thank you for being with me, simone. >> glad to be here, poppy. thanks for having me. >> of course. your reaction to the des moines register coming out and backed your opponent. are you concerned about what that does to the momentum of the sanders surge we have been seeing? >> no, poppy, i'm not concerned at all. here's why. in 2008, the des moines register also endorsed hillary clinton, secretary clinton. then senator obama went on to win the iowa caucuses, as we know. he is now serving as president. so we are not concerned. the senator has the momentum. we are proud of the work we have been doing. we are proud of our iowa ground
4:47 pm
game. senator sanders is really again speaking to those issues that the american people and iowans care about. he is standing up for workers's rights, standing up for the disappearing of a class in this country. his opposition to, you know, the big oil companies skpb standing up to them. opposing the pipeline. these are all things important to the american people and important to iowans. we are proud to have the support of over 2.5 million folks all across this country who have donated to our campaign and signed up to join the political revolution. so we are happy to have their endorsement and support. we look forward to seeing those effects on caulks us day. >> nine days to go. i want to get your take also on some breaking news out this morning. sources telling us at cnn, also the "new york times" reporting former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is considering an independent run, spending a billion of his own money, sources say, to run for president if it looks like
4:48 pm
donald trump will face bernie sanders in a general election. we have seen what third-party candidates and contenders have done in terms of taking votes away. what's your reaction to this? >> my reaction is this is not about a potential run from anybody else. it is not about donald trump or secretary clinton. it is about the american people and speaking to the issues the american people care about. folks in america want to know how you are going to help put more money in your pockets, keep food on their table, and keep their community safe. we are not concerned. we're going to continue to run our race. as you know, senator sanders has stated he would not consider a third-party run just for the reasons you just described. so, again, we are confident in our ability and our campaign. again, we're just looking forward to doing the work. and we look forward to seeing the results on caucus day. and, again, we're ready to ride this thing all the way through
4:49 pm
to the convention, poppy. so we know some establishment folks are nervous. but we -- senator sanders's campaign, a president sanders, administration, has the ability, again, to inject that life back into the class that we are talking about. and senator sanders's campaign does have the ability to elect democrats up and down the ticket. and that's true. >> before i let you go, i have one minute left. i want to ask about the polling on foreign policy. 65% of likely caucusgoers tell cnn in the most recent poll they think clinton would better handle foreign policy, compared to 25% for senator sanders. how do you get your numbers up on that? >> well, poppy, again, we go out and meet people where they are and communicate and let them know when senator sanders and secretary clinton have the opportunity to make judgment calls and be the most important vote on foreign policy in our modern day history, on the iraq war, senator sanders stood up and voted no.
4:50 pm
that speaks to his judgment and what he would do as president. >> simone, thank you for joining me from iowa. exactly one week before voters choose, clinton, monday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern, only right here on cnn. right now, 500 cars and trucks are sitting in the blizzard going nowhere. backed up for seven miles on the pennsylvania turnpike. we're live from philadelphia straight ahead. ice match guaran. and this? yep! so no monkey business, no tomfoolery? oh, we do have tom foolery, tom. staples has a price match guarantee. make low prices happen. staples make more happen. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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all right. some breaking news for you here in new york city. the travel ban we've been telling you about all night, we were just told from new york's governor that travel ban for all vehicles on all of the roads in the city will be lifted tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. again all of those vehicles have to stay off of the road anywhere in new york city until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. that is when it is being lifted. also right now, 500 vehicles stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike because of this historic storm. pennsylvania declaring a state
4:54 pm
of emergency. sara ganim is live in philadelphia. this storm has hit record proportions. no question. things behind you looking better than they did earlier. >> reporter: well, i would say actually that this is probably the worst wind gusts we've seen all day. this is continuous and intense. the 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts that were coming less frequently a few hours ago are coming a more frequently now. a little bit of news here. the pennsylvania state police are still trying to rescue the people stranded out there on the highway. i know we have some pictures otha to show our viewers at home. this is the pennsylvania turnpike somewhere in between pittsburgh and washington, d.c., a place called breezewood. it's a popular trucking interchange that near that is where some track are trailers became stranded on the highway and five miles of cars behind
4:55 pm
them then came stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike. the national guard was called to help them get out. as a result of that, certain vehicles, including tractor-trailers and other vehicles like them, motorcycles are now being told not to get on highways in pennsylvania. poppy, here in center city, i want to give you a little bit of an idea of how much snow has fallen by what i'm standing in. we learned a little while ago that we did break a record here in philadelphia. 17 inches recorded at the airport. that tops the 11-inch record for a 24-hour period that had previously been set. and the now, as you can see, continues to fall. almost 15 inches in the city. when they recorded it earlier, they plan on making another recording of how much snow has fallen again at 1:35 tomorrow morning. and they anticipate that the record might tick up because we have not seen the snow let up.
4:56 pm
let's talk for a minute about the wind. these gusts -- actually they just calmed down for a minute. but the flags that are around me are continuously whipping in the wind. of course now that i'm pointing to them, the wind has let up there. but let me assure you that when they kick in, it's really intense. and it hurts to be outside so the officials here have warned people, even though they have been out during the day, kind of getting to see what's going on, now that night has fallen and the wind has picked stay off of the streets.e to - poppy? >> that would be the prudent move i think tonight anywhere you are on the east coast. thanks so much. live for us in philadelphia tonight. i want to show you a few extraordinary numbers from this storm. take a look at the snowfall totals. highest we've seen in several cities. glengarry, west virginia 40 inches and counting.
4:57 pm
more than three feet. 38 inches in redhouse and more than 20 irj here in the middle of new york city. a blizzard of truly historic proportions that is not over yet. 14 death from this storm. a tragedy for so many people. we've got live team coverage. thank you for being with me tonight. i'm poppy harlow in new york. our coverage continues with jim sciutto in washington and carol costello in new york. stay safe, have a good evening. i'll see you back here tomorrow. parking is hard to find.
4:58 pm
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this is bad and it is getting worse rapidly. >> the gusts feel like they're moving much faster. sometimes you cannot literally because 10, maybe 15 feet if front of you. >> it's the worst so far. literally anywhere you go, somebody is stops. >> stay off of the road officially. the travel is now banned. >> and hello, everyone. i'm carol costello, live in new york city. jim sciutto is in washington, d.c. and the snow is still


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