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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  January 24, 2016 3:00am-5:01am PST

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sanitation trucks here. they've been outfitted with sa here and outfitted with plows and going nonstop. about 1,600 of them in the city so they have been using the time, since the travel ban is in effect, to try to clear the main thoroughfares and down here at columbus circle is one of those. the other big concern is high tide and watching that and a report in my judgment. in the meantime, the overview of this storm, you just got to see it to believe it. take a look. from above, the monster storm loose peaceful, almost serene. but on the ground it caused death and misery and destruction from fatal accidents to huge snow piles, flooding, and the complete shutdown of major cities. the blizzard of 2016 is one for the record books. >> this is a historic snowstorm. this is a huge challenge for pennsylvania. we are deploying all of our
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resources to try to make sure that people of pennsylvania are safe. >> okay, back. now forward. >> reporter: as the weather begins to subside and people dig out of tons of snow, it could be days before life gets back to normal. >> stay patient and to quote a line from one of my favorite musicals, we are all in this together. so just stay patient. >> i've never seen anything like it. within minutes a rush of water from that bay came over into the harbor and essentially flooded our crew. >> reporter: in new jersey, coastal residents are assessing damage from tidal flooding that sent sea water and ice blocks on to town's streets. >> i came home from work early yesterday and cleaned out the bottom half of my house and boarded everything up. >> smart. >> we learned from sandy. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, some motorists stranded almost 24 hours. >> i've never been stuck on a highway this long before. we have been here for about 15 hours. >> stuff like this is going to be hard to get out of here
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anyway. so i think we going to be here for a long time. >> reporter: 85 million people impacted by the storm. more than a dozen deaths, hundreds of traffic accidents, thousands of power outages and flight cancellations. it is a storm that won't soon be forgotten. >> wet, sloppy conditions, and just trying to make the best of it and clean everything up as much as we can. >> reporter: that cleanup is going to go into full force today in many, many areas. and that is the thing about this storm, just the span of how far it wen from nashville all the way up to new york and beyond. so an incredible impact on a lot of people. now what we are worried about, flooding. and that is still very much a concern. even though the storm is about a thousand miles off the east coast, it's still having an impact. we are following things along the new jersey shore and he is back with us again for an update. we are two hours away from that critical time? >> reporter: just a few hours away, martin. high tide in the bay here is
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expected shortly after 8:00 a.m. i can tell you, the wind is starting to pick up and we saw the water level rising inch-by-inch there on the bay. i actually want to take you inside a bar here in margate city called mainars and one of the workers inside is mike spear. he has been here since pretty early this morning helping to clean up. mike, thank you so much for speaking to us. >> you're welcome. >> so you've lived here for many, many years. how does the flooding yesterday compare to some of the other flooding you've seen before? >> it was pretty bad but is not as bad as sandy. sandy the water got up to probably about here and yesterday was maybe a couple of inches. it normally doesn't flood that bad. only nor'easters. >> reporter: sure. when with you came in here this morning, what did you see, mud? i'm guessing? >> a little dirt on the floor. last night's flooding was as bad as the morning before and said it came in the front foyer and probably back here but it wasn't
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too bad. >> reporter: how was moving along on the roads? >> right out here is not bad because there is water here but icy down that way toward the bridge. >> reporter: got you. >> and some streets are really bad with debris and some aren't. >> reporter: sure. >> it all depends on where you live, i guess. >> reporter: sure. i understand your mother also lives down the street. >> a couple of streets over. >> reporter: how is she holding up? >> she is hold up all right. i mean, the water came up to steps. during sandy, it got into the house and last time up to the door but didn't come in, thank god. >> reporter: sure. how do you feel about the preparations here? do you feel people did enough to try to prepare for that foot of water that rushed in early yesterday morning? >> really nothing you can do. you got to let it happen. you can put sandbags and whatever but the water is going to come in, no matter what you do. came up so fast yesterday morning, probably within about an hour there was water in here. and that hardly ever happens. >> reporter: all right, mike speer, thank you for speaking to us. appreciate it.
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the water is not extensive but the water is a major concern as we get closer to high tide and it continues to rise. >> reporter: yeah, definitely. we wish good luck to the cleanup effort there. thank you. we want to check in with the deputy commissioner of operations here in on new york city. we pointed out the travel ban is supposed to be lifted. i question the question for you, sir, is will that travel ban be lifted as 7:00 a.m.? and what have you heard? >> yes, martin. it is expected to be lifted at 7:00 a.m. but i think citizens and the people will be traveling in and around new york city still need to be very cautious. the primary roads have been cleared. secondary roads are still going to have to take time throughout the day and today is a good day to do that because as it's sunday, so we are going to have some patience today as the tran system will also be up and running too. buses and subways reengage also.
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>> what does it mean to lift the travel ban? essential, what? that public travel and taxis, things like that, buses all begin to run or what does it mean? >> yep. everything goes back to the way it was in the big apple where you have folks, taxis and limousines and cars will be allowed in and out of the city. but, again, people need to be patient with us. this is a lot of snow that we have dealt with. more than we probably have seen in a long period of time. and patience and resilience is definite definitely for everybody who need to travel into new york city city today. >> reporter: you are encouraging if you don't need to get out, don't get out? >> i think patience. people will want to do things today and if they have to come
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to work and do things, they are going to want to do that, but patience needs to be happening. if you can wait until tomorrow, you should try to do that for us. >> reporter: yeah. i think that is good advice. thank you, sir. thank you very much for joining us. giving an update on the operations in new york city. we look for the travel ban to be lifted around 7:00 a.m. jean casarez, it looks like that ban is going to be lifted, as was predicted. >> reporter: i'm sure that was great information for everybody in this area to hear, marty. what we are see are the few people walking are still walking in the streets because that is the plowed area. that is the area that is easier to walk in. but with this travel ban being lifted at 7:00 and vehicles being in the street, i think that is going to present a bit after challenge if everybody. i want to show right behind me those men and women in the red are beginning to shovel the sidewalks and they should be
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able to make some headway today because, yesterday, they shoveled as fast as they could but it was coming down and they didn't make a dent into it. so they are doing that now. it's very sad to report that in the new york area, officials are saying at least three people have died from the storm. this is the new york city area from shoveling snow yesterday. so they are really saying that just limit yourself. be careful. and if you have health issues, just don't overextend yourself and for other neighbors, if you see somebody struggling, pitch in and help them. but, obviously, cleanup is going to be the issue today and at 6:00, which we are right now, the 6:00 hour on the east coast, they are looking at the subway systems that are above ground. they are also looking at the trains right now, the railroads they are looking at to see exactly how those railroads will fare in this bitter cold condition, but, obviously, the storm itself has passed. marty?
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>> reporter: yeah, nobody should expect, jean, when they lift that travel ban, things go right back to normal. clearly you have a lot of streets that are much narrower than they used to be because of the piles of snow and a difficult day of transition. >> reporter: and the black ice! the slickness! >> reporter: right. you're going to be sharing the roads, of course, with vehicles and people so, please, no matter where you are on the east coast, be careful today. thanks very much. let's go back to christi. >> martin, thank you so much. we have got several things we want to get you informed about right now that are happening this morning. state officials, obviously, trying to keep everybody moving and informed. new york city is expecting to lift that travel ban at 7:00 a.m. today. that would include that cars and buses can get back on the road. but we are going to hear from governor andrew cuomo in a couple of hours. he is scheduled to speak this morning on the snow's impact and how the city is moving forward and we will take that for put.
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new jersey governor chris christie holding his own storm briefing at 10:00 a.m. and he is expected to address the flooding we have been seeing. . could hit that state again. high tide will hit the jersey shore in about two hours. we are going to be keeping our eye on that as well. also some political news to talk to you about. but in terms of the storm, if you're sitting at an airport or you're wondering am i ever going to get out of here? guess what. we are hearing some of the earliest rebooking for your flights may not be until tuesday. we are going to tell you everything we have learned on the other side of the break. stay close. the gillette mach 3 turbo still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable on it's first. mach 3 blades have twice the coatings. for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave.
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there is a tremendous amount of snow coming off of the top of this building right now as these gusts come through and pushes all of this very powdery show off the roof and down here on to -- whoa, the drifts! we are getting drifts well above my knees and closer to the building and see if can i get there, which i probably can't. oh! there is -- well, that is probably at least four feet of drift right here and i can't actually make it all the way there because it's just too difficult! woo. >> reporter: a meteorologist of all the weather network mark robinson giving us a human perspective what it's like to be buried in a snow drift a couple of feet deep there. washington, d.c. is having to deal with the storm as well, the nation's capital. looking to go back to business maybe on monday morning but definitely not a typically commute. let's check in with chris frates
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to see how the next 24 hours is going to be. >> reporter: it's nice to be out here when it's not snowing. the snow started coming down on friday. 36 hours of snow. we didn't quite get the 24 inches we were calling for. i want to show you here at our live position. we have a little make-shift yardstick we put together and showing about 13 inch. that is a little less than the official estimate at washington national that was 17 1/2 inches. although we did break some records in the area. bwi, baltimore/washington international airport between baltimore and washington on i-95, they got 29 inches of snow. that breaks a record from 1935. lots of snow no matter what your inch count is and lots of snow to clean up today. in fact, in the airport, both national dca and dulles out in virginia say they likely will be closed all day. they need all day long to get those runways plowed.
3:15 am
also if you think we can't gi air, let's go by train. amtrak running a modified schedule. they are going from washington to boston on a modified schedule, but if you're heading south from d.c. to virginia, that's a no-go! you're not able to make it down. just so numbers to put it in perspective. saturday and sunday, 8,500 flight cancellations. there will be a huge backlog once those airports in the area start to come back online to get people where they are going. also, just to know on the roads, they are still working those roads, trying to get those cleared. i can tell you here in the district of columbia, 50 loaders and 200 snowplows moving 35,000 tons, that is tons of salt to try to get the city up and running again. but if you want to head out to northwestern maryland, i-270, that is still closed until 7:00. that is off the capitol beltway
3:16 am
that heads up into northwestern maryland and that is still closed so you have a while to wait there there if you're heading that direction so don't do that. they are trying to get everybody back to normal but still a lot of snow to dig out and a lot of backlog to deal with. martin? >> reporter: chris frates, our numbers guy in washington, d.c. with a lot of information there. thanks very much. we will continue to check back with you. allison chinchar joins me. what is the forecast? are we completely out of any danger of any more snow? >> it depends on what type of weather. snow, pretty much done but wind, not so much and will carry on today. the problem it takes all of the snow that fell and just blows it over roads and cars. it's still going to make travel very difficult today. just not necessarily from new snow coming down. we have had a lot of snow. take a look at the numbers here. the winner in terms of high totals of snow is shepherdstown.
3:17 am
cascade, maryland, 37.5 and round hill, virginia, 36 inches. lehigh valley airport, almost 32 inches and staten island, new york, 31 inches of snow. the numbers are incredible. as we were talking about earlier with the airports being closed, a good reason for it. reagan may not have picked up that much, 17.8, but comparatively speaking look at the numbers. dulles, 28 and newark, 28 and laguardia about 28 inches and the philadelphia airport picking up around 20 inches of snow. everybody keeps talking about new york because this was the one that really kind of blew people away with the amount of snow that they ended up getting and actually many spots picked up a little more than some d.c. areas did. look at this for comparison. this year, for this particular snowstorm, we picked up 26.8. that does not break the record. but it barely doesn't.
3:18 am
0.1 inch was all of the difference that we had. martin, a lot of snow still on the ground and take them hours, if not even possibly a couple of days to remove it all and that is going to cause folks some delays, especially if you are traveling by road today or tomorrow. >> reporter: patience is definitely something you need today, even though the sun may be out. allison, thank you very much. the tremendous snowfall that fell in new york city can be a pain. it can also be a campus. we we want to show you a dramatic pis of a-- piece of artwork her. you might see on the left-hand side somebody went to a lot of trouble to let lauren know she is loved. someone decided this was going to be a camera that cnn uses regularly and it was their way to express their fondness for
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lauren. we don't know who the artist is or who is lauren, but there you go. you know. >> hopefully, lauren knows it's her. thank you, martin. >> reporter: you're welcome. we have so much blizzard news coming your way but a lot of political news coming your way as well. former new york mayor michael bloomberg considering throwing his hat into the presidential bid. what would that do to the race we have seen thus far? and donald trump making a really controversial statement that has a lot of people angry this morning. we will break it all down for you so stay close. lost shipments, international regulations, security breaches, lost revenue lost respect. well crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce.
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it's awesome. it's kind of nice to have the day off from work. kind of having sometime off is pretty sick. >> making the most of it there. there are some areas affected by this snow, other than new york. let's talk about maryland. at least one person died and parts of the state are shoveling out at least three feet of snow this morning. this video was shot from the point of view of the person who is obviously working to plow it which is no easy job this morning. from largo, maryland, fire trucks stuck in the snow and you know they were on their way to help somebody so we hope everybody is okay. in virginia dealing with three
3:23 am
feet of snow. the governor terry mcauliffe is riding with the snowplow workers. he is urging people, please, just stay home. even today. that storm has moved out but it's imperative they get things up and running for tomorrow as we start the workweek again. in kentucky, some drivers were stranded along a 35-mile stretch of interstate 75. this was just unbelievable yesterday. and they were there for as long as 20 plus hours. the national guard and firefighters worked to remove those stranded vehicles. police say traffic is moving again this morning, which is good news, but who could forget these pictures? that's what people looked at for 15 to 20 hours apiece. tennessee, officials digging out the worst snowstorm to hit nashville in 13 years. drivers there getting stuck on the snow and icy roads. it is supposed to warm up today but the tennessee highway patrol is still asking that you stay home. so they can get things prepared for monday morning commutes.
3:24 am
our sara ganim is on the streets of philadelphia where they received more than two feet of snow. here is a look at what they are dealing with this morning. >> reporter: here in philadelphia, this was a record breaking 24 hours. the office of emergency management recording nearly 30 inches of snow, far beyond the previous record for that amount of time. only good news here. no major incidents, no major power outages, but i do want to show you what this snow looked like that fell here. this is so telling to us because this is such wet, heavy snow. the kind of snow that really takes a lot of effort to shovel! quite the workout here. and the blizzard effect will remain in philadelphia until 7:00 a.m. this morning, as officials are asking people, please, to stay inside and not to hit the roads as you do see some people doing here because they are really working overnight to try and clean up
3:25 am
and get everything back to normal and they are asking people to stay inside and stay safe while they do that. back to you. >> thank you so much, sara. in half an hour, we should know whether new york is going to be lifting that travel ban. we are going to take you back to new york real quickly on the other side of this break. also, talking some politics. a lot going on. is michael bloomberg jumping into the race? trump has made another statement that has got a lot of people on edge. the "des moines register" has their endorsements. all of that and more in a moment. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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i'm martin savidge in new york. you can see the sky changing color behind me. dawn is approaching and it looks like they need every bit of that sunshine to help them through the dig-out. there is a lot we have to look forward to today. still a half hour from now, we are expecting that travel ban to be lifted and then in the 8:00 hour, i'm talking eastern time, there are still concerns about coastal flooding. a number of news conferences are coming up and we before i to you. andrew cuomo, the governor of new york will update the situation in this state and neighboring new jersey, the governor chris christie will bring you an update on the situation there. it's looking a lot better but, by far, not returning to normal. travel, whether it's on the ground or in the air is still a problem.
3:29 am
back to you. >> martin, thank you very much. state official trying to, obviously, keep everybody moving so we will keep you informed what is happening as we are just about a half hour away finding out whether that travel ban will be lifted which means you can get back on the roads, even though they are saying, maybe not want to do that so quickly. but, listen. we are going to hear from governor andrew cuomo in a couple of hours and he is scheduled to speak on the snow' impact and what they are doing from this point forward. new jersey governor chris christie holding his own storm briefing around 10:00 and expected to address the flooding we have been seeing that has hit that state again. high tide hitting the jersey shore in just about an hour and a half as well. so we have got cameras there and watching that and let you know what happens. we want you to know there is political news out there breaking this morning. the former mayor of new york, michael bloomberg, seriously following a possible presidential run. sources say he would with run as
3:30 am
an independent candidate and looking to a decision sometime in march. "the new york times" reports he is willing to spend $1 billion of his own money on the white house bid. republican front-runner donald trump feeling so confident about his presidential campaign that, yesterday, ed his supporters would stay loyal even if he shot someone in a busy street. >> my people are so smart. you know what else they say about my people? the polls. they say i have the most loyal people. did you soover thever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. >> you can hear people laughing in the background there. one with week until the nation's first caucuses in iowa, "the des moines register" has given its support behind marco rubio and hillary clinton. notably the paper interviewed every 2016 candidates with the exception of donald trump and ted cruz who both declined to be
3:31 am
interviewed by them. let's talk about with this jason. i want to start with those endorsements. first of all, how much do they mean in today's race? things have changed. the landscape of politics has changed. >> yeah. it doesn't weigh that much. they have only been doing it since '88 so not like we have a long history they picked the candidate or something like that. usually only about four times the last six elections has the person that the "des moines register" gave their endorsement to became the nominee. it may bring in more money but doesn't guarantee you'll win the nomination or even iowa. >> it's interesting that cruz and trump declined that interview. >> it's an anti-establishment feeling in the caucus. i'm with the real people, i don't need this newspaper. >> i got you. let's move on here to mr. bloomberg saying that he is
3:32 am
looking at a possible run, telling "the new york times" in a report this morning he is just so frustrated with what he has seen out there, that he feels compelled to at least look into this. right. >> if he gets into the race, battle of the billionaires? is that what it would become? he has more money than trump. trump is saying i have all of this money. he has nine times the money that trump has according to "forbes." >> that's right. maybe this is what happens when you're stir crazy and trapped in your house with the snow because he has done this before. i don't think he has got much of a chance of actually entering this race and here is the key. most of what he said in interviews is he would get involved if it was trump versus bernie sanders. two candidates who are polar options who he thinks will polarize the country. if it ended up being marco rubio or hillary clinton, i don't think bloomberg gets involved. >> maybe he is not there to win. maybe there is a strategy here to shake things up. let's face it. even if he got in the race.
3:33 am
>> right. >> i've heard -- in fact, "the new york times" today has this report that they talked to ed rendell, the former governor of pennsylvania and lifelong democrat. he said i would consider voting for him. how would that shake it up? would it hurt democrats or republicans nor? >> i think it depends who the candidate is. if donald trump is running i think michael bloomberg takes away from him. if it's hillary versus donald i think he takes away from both of them. it's difficult to run as a third-party candidate. he doesn't necessarily have a name that people outside of the tri-state area in new york know him one way or another. nobody gets into a presidential race just to prove a point. he would be in it to win it so he would be spending all of that money and try to get on the ballot on all 50 states. >> you don't think it's possible? >> i don't think it's possible. >> we will wait and see. he said is he making a decision in march so don't know if it
3:34 am
will happen. donald trump. we were laughing when we saw the sound bite. i'm laughing just because you never know what is going to come out of the man's mouth. i thought is this not the craziest thing we have heard yet? that he could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth avenue and he wouldn't althoughs a voter. you say it's not that crazy. >> no, no. >> really? >> not in the grand scheme of things that donald trump has said. maybe this is his response to new york values. i don't know. i think it's really inappropriate to say and i think it's offensive to say in the context of san bernardino and some of the other violence we have seen, but, you know, he was using a metaphor and just making a point. look. he was complimenting his audience. so i don't think this nearly comes in comparison to saying i'm going to build a wall or i think john mccain isn't a war hero or, you know, mexicans might be rapists. in scale of things he has said, i don't know. this only gets a yellow flag. >> his supporters are really that staunchly behind him. >> yes. >> as are bernie sanders, aren't they? >> yes. i would say probably even the polling shows the most loyal
3:35 am
supporters out there if they are bernie sanders people or donald trump people, after that, believe it or not it would be rand paul and then hillary clinton. there is an intensity out there. again, we never know if that is going to translate into caucusing because caucus is different than primaries but what trump is banking on now. >> we have this town hall coming up tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. with o'malley and hillary clinton and bernie sanders. what do you think they are going to be hit with from iowans? they get a chance to say something to them and what do we need to see from each of them to move them up a little bit? >> bernie sanders doesn't have to answer the question can you win this thing. he has made it clear he is competitive. bernie sanders i will make college tuition free and people say how do you get it done? with hillary clinton people have to be convinced i may like you but can i trust?
3:36 am
>> still the trust factor? and still a like ability factor to her. >> i think if you like her, you trust her and if you don't, you never believed a clinton any way. >> jason, thank you so much. new york has shut down, the show went on for "saturday night live." after sarah palin endorsed donald trump last week, there was no guessing who was going to make a special appearance on the show. >> i'm here because we americans are struggling! so many of us have lost our jobs at the factory or reality shows about alaska, and we have seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crimes! we turn on the news every morning and are shocked to see we are not even on it because we have been replaced by immigrants
3:37 am
like geraldo rivera. >> her mouth starts talking before her brain gets in the car. >> jason is sitting here shaking his head! he doesn't know what to say. tina fey returning again as sarah palin and poking pun at the former alaska governor. we should point out the alaska governor does get a kick out of this. she has said publicly, she is even, as you can see here, tina fey, decked out in that sparkly sweater that social media went so crazy about! if i am not looking at the screen and just hearing her, i almost think it's sarah palin for a second. she is that good. >> she does an excellent job. i don't know why she stole that outfit. >> we have all made pretty bad fashion choices. i've been there too. not quite like that but we have all done it. thank you, jason for playing around. a programming note next hour. we will be joined by presidential candidate rand paul
3:38 am
who jason was talking about here as well. we will ask the kentucky senator, first of all, how he is handling the blizzard in his state because we know there was some big problems there yesterday. then talk more about the iowa caucuses coming up. a programming note for you too. bernie sanders and hillary clinton and martin o'malley faces voters in iowa in a live town hall. chris cuomo moderating. the final pitch for the democrats and for iowans to ask the democratic candidates questions. jeb bush is on "state of the union" with jake tapper this morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern here as well. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks
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bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. it's been crazy. just -- it's just been one after another truck stuck. it's just nonstop. and it's doesn't seem like we are getting anywhere to be honest but we are, eventually. >> this is horrible. we have been stuck in the truck
3:42 am
for 13 1/2 hours and still counting. and when you only get very little food and water and stuff and people are asking back and forth what they have and people are sharing what they have, that's very kind. the truckers, especially the trucker families, they all look out for each other and everybody else. >> it is good to know, isn't it, to hear something like that? the national guard really helped get traffic moving again on the pennsylvania turnpike but what a nightmare for these people. we are talking about 500 vehicles stuck on friday and among them was 300 students and chaperone stranded on a bus. they were stuck on that bus for 20 hours. take a look at the pictures coming in and people couldn't stay in their cars. at one point they had to get out. the group was heading home from participating in the march for life rally in washington and held mass along the road there. less than 20 minutes now
3:43 am
until the travel ban is supposed to be lifted in new york city. martin savidge is live for us there. we know the city crews are clearing sidewalks and it's helped to get people out of there and we are seeing a different picture of you today than we did yesterday. >> reporter: definitely. yesterday, you couldn't even see some of the background behind us. now it's crystal clear. sun is coming up and so it's going to be a sunny day so wear your glasses. it is not a day things will go back to normal and what people have to understand. yes, the travel ban is going to be lifted but, remember, many of these streets here are very difficult. the sidewalks in a lot of places are closed so cars sharing the roadways and much more narrow roadways because of the drifts and as a result of the plowing going nonstop. it should be a beautiful day but definitely not a normal day. the other thing we are concerned about now as we approach the 8:00 hour is the circumstance on the coast. because, again, they are expecting another round of tidal
3:44 am
flooding. hopefully, not as bad but the potential is there and the storm is a thousand miles away and it's having an martimpact. boris sanchez is following the story for us there. >> reporter: the wind is picking up here. it's definitely coming into this bay behind us. yesterday, we watched as this water very quickly, within the span of about an hour, came up over the edge of this bay and into this neighborhood rushing through. right now you can see maybe it's a half a foot or so away from the bay but we are still ruffouy an hour away from high tide. because yesterday, because of the full moon partly, it came over and into this neighborhood. we spoke to a gentleman working at a bare here at maynard's. he said the damage was minimal to the bar but there was still water inside. most of the damage, though, is
3:45 am
on the roads where there was ice and debris scattered across. you can see there is not much snow here and interesting. some roads are much lower than others. there is a big variance in elevation here in margate city. some roads are clear like this one. others, submerged. down the street here, we were looking at other businesses that had water go inside. we would be interested in going there later today and seeing how they are doing because they had sandbags outside their doors and the sandbags really didn't do much. as we wait for high tide, we also wait for the winds to shift around noon today. several flood watches are set to expire and hopefully they have seen the last of this flood. >> reporter: is this one of those seasonal communities? a lot of people in the summertime but not many people this time of the year? >> reporter: that's exactly how it is, martin. there are very few people that came out yesterday at the peak of this flood. just to check out how things
3:46 am
were going. for the most part, summer homes are in this area or apartments that are set up for summertime, not necessarily an area that is populated right now. further north in atlantic city, there are many more people out there but that is certainly at a high elevation so they didn't really see any flooding there but they did see more snow there than in margate city. >> reporter: the authorities there. have you seen them out and about? are they sort of patrolling or keeping people apprised what may happen? >> reporter: certainly. a police cruiser that passed by earlier this morning. yesterday, though, they were passing by every 20 minutes or so. they even asked us before the water came over, you guys know that this area floods, right? they wanted us to be aware and try to get out of the way before the water came over, but they have been rotating around the area and trying to make sure that people are not only aware that the area floods, but also that there is much space between them and the water once, in case high tide hits and it does go
3:47 am
over, they can get out of way. >> reporter: right. we saw yesterday with your reporting how quickly that can happen. hopefully, not a repeat today but we will stay in touch just to be absolutely sure. governor chris christie will be updating the flooding situation later in our program. and also andrew cuomo, the governor of new york, is expected to hold a news conference around 9:45 and the other at 10:00 and we will be standing by to bring that information to you because there is still a lot of stuff that people need to know, including the fact of transportation. it's not normal. life is not normal. just yet but we are getting there. >> martin, people at the airports are certainly finding that to be true today as well, as we are getting some not so good information from that. we will keep people updated. martin was mentioning, state officials are trying to keep everybody informed this morning. they are still working it seems nonstop. new york city expected to lift its travel ban in about ten minutes now, which means cars
3:48 am
and buses can get back on the road. we will make sure that that -- we don't get any other news that negates that. we are also going to hear, as martin said, from governor andrew cuomo in just a couple of hours. he is scheduled to speak this morning on the snow's impact and where they are going to go from here, what needs to be done. new jersey governor chris christie holding his own briefing at 10:00 a.m. and he is expected to discuss the flooding that hits the state again as we watch in an hour and a half, that high tide starts to come in and what it's going to do to the jersey shore. we are back in a moment. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard.
3:49 am
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3:51 am
i don't know if you heard about this but a bride in philadelphia, she didn't let something like a little blizzard keep her from getting to altar on time. she didn't imagine a walk on the aisle would be on live tv but a reporter from a television station in philly was there to capture it. >> what are you most excited about, do you think? >> to get married. >> reporter: i know we have been sitting out here but you have
3:52 am
your primpers in the back and you're ready to go! you are going to be glistening by the time you get to the altar easement we are ready to go. >> reporter: i don't want to hold you back any longer but i want to let you go. dad, are you grabbing the arm here? i'll come around here. i have to tell you guys, we watched the groom and the groomsmen came in earlier. they looked amazing, but not as good as the bride. look at this gorgeous dress. we are live from st. john roman catholic church. if you're watching right now, you're watching kristen donovan taking her steps to the altar live on cbs 3 in a blizzard! in a blizzard, you guys! >> and we wish them the very best of luck on their new life together. one of the hash tags trending on twitter during the height of the blizzard was #poor dale. you see the school closings at the bottom of screen during bad
3:53 am
weather. a business decided it was going to close and decided to play a trick on the employees at the same time. here is what the tweet read. viewers quickly came to dale's defense with a #poor dale. the company kept up the joke and saturday the announcement metal works closed tomorrow. daily o dale one hour delay. maybe one day we will see who dale is. look at this! an excited panda at the smithsonian's national zoo and tumbling and playing in the snow! the panda woke up to find his enclosure full of snow and he didn't mind one bit as you can see! he is becoming one of the biggest online celebrities to emerge from this blizzard, in fact. dogs, animals, kids. you can't get enough of them on screen a lot of times, can we? this is so, so good. don't you wish we could all do
3:54 am
that and not be so cold? speaking of animals. this is from elizabethtown, pennsylvania. this video was shot of gayle's horse. frolicking in nearly two feet of snow and kicking up their hooves there. thank you for sharing and things that are inspiring and beautiful and different view of this blizzard as opposed to the treacherous things we have seen. we will be right back. need relief. i'll that's why i only choose nicorette mini. that are lighter in calories and added sugar when you use splenda no calorie sweetener. think sugar, use splenda
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3:57 am
breaking news to bring you right now. . a turkish airlines flight that started in houston and was going to istanbul has landed safely
3:58 am
after being diverted to ireland. the plane was diverted after reports there was a suspicious package on board. cnn's peter taggert is joining us via phone. peter, what do you know about this package and any perceived threat? >> reporter: well, the details are just coming in, but what we have confirmed is that the flight has been diverted and, yes, it has landed safely en route from houston, texas, to istanbul, turkey. police have confirmed some details. they are saying a note was on board. there are reports that it was a bomb threat. police are not concerning that but what they do say is that it was sinister enough to divert. so police say their officers are at the seen, that they will be speaking to people on board and that is all we know at the moment. >> i don't know that you're right there, but i was reading that this plane was pulled over to an isolated part of the
3:59 am
airport and, at that point, in shannon, surrounded by emergency vehicles. what do you know about what is happening there at this moment? >> reporter: absolutely. that would be standard procedure. if that happens, we would be taken away from other parts of the airport and the emergency services are at the scene and they are ready to act. irish police are saying there are incidents like this and they don't know what is the bottom of it, if there is anything, if there is a bomb, but certainly if there is they will find it. >> how will they move from this point forward? they, obviously, get everybdy off of that plane. do they take -- are there dogs that get on to that plane? what is the process for trying to really examine the inside of that plain? >> reporter: absolutely, do their utmost. the police are not giving specific details, obviously, because it is a security alert and keeping their card very close to their chest but what
4:00 am
they say they will do their absolute utmost to establish, as quickly as possible, what is happening and people will be safe. the plane has landed safely and, at the moment, they will do their utmost to see what is happening. >> interesting. all right. so, again, a note allegedly, a bomb threat, a note on this plane that was sinister enough, as peter said, to divert that plane. we will keep you vosted on thpo. we have a team of reporters across the northeast. the travel ban in new york is moments away from being lift. the next hour of coverage starts right now. >> this is cnn breaking news! >> breaking right now. cars and buses may be back on the road in new york city. road crews working overtime. how safe is it, though, really to get back out there right now? the same question in new jersey. there are flooding fears right
4:01 am
now. high tide just an hour away. coastal city bracing for the another wall of water. a sea of red. thousands of flights across the country are cancelled. millions of you know, i know, are wondering, am i going to get back in the air? we will tell you what we have learned. despite all of that news, we want to wish you a very good morning on this sunday. thank you for keeping me company. i'm christi paul. martin savidge is live for us in new york city, in for victor blackwell. city crews are clearing road and sidewalks there, but the decline is right now. do you see anybody taking advantage of that at the moment yet? >> reporter: not yet. you know, part of this is, of course, the travel ban being lifted just seconds ago and so it means traffic can start moving again. remember, there were the tunnels and bridges that have been shut down, so it means that manhattan had been sealed off almost essentially. there are a lot of people who live here and drive here so we should see them pretty shorlttl
4:02 am
but the streets are cleared. it doesn't mean things are going to go back to normal. a lot of digging to be done. the sidewalks, in many cases, are very difficult to pass. but the sun is coming up. the snow has gone away and that will change people's attitude. it will be a good day for people to get out and enjoy what is the aftermath of a difficult storm. chad myers is out and about. he is the one that can tell us about what lies ahead weather wise and i'm hoping, chad, that it's nothing but blue skies for a while? >> reporter: i'm seeing the blue skies as i look up eighth avenue. things look good today, although the people that have to dig out of that mess there and all of the messes up and down the avenues and the streets have their work cut out for them. marty in front of me is a car. now that is work. there is no reason to go to the gym when you have to get that car out of that snow bank right there. and just ahead one more block is
4:03 am
one of the city's finest cruiser vans and it's not going to get out of here for a while. there you see a police car taking its lights. over here to the right is one of the shuttle transports, completely socked in. that is what we are seeing up and down the streets and the avenues. the cars are snowed in. obviously, you get 26 1/2 inches of snow, you get 30 inches of snow there at jfk and things are going to look pretty. we even have the light on for you this morning. i did have to call the mayor to have the lights turned on but it looks like christmas because christmas didn't look like christmas in this town. in fact, there was still grass growing on some of the side streets during the christmas holiday. now it certainly plays the part. marty? >> reporter: that mild winter went away in a hurry and came back with a vengeance. >> can you believe how beautiful this is? good stuff. >> although if that was my car!
4:04 am
i would be going, wow, i don't know where i'm going to go for a while. other vehicles i've seen where they are literally buried up to their windows. that is not just a bad dig. that's going to take a long time. this is part of what clogs the streets here. you can see why each they are lifting the travel ban, we are asking people, look, if you don't have to go out, don't go out. the streets are not what they are normally are and they are much more narrower and with the foot traffic and vehicle traffic, still problematic. the scenes, as you drive, pretty remarkable. the plow crews did their job but plowed people in and they will not be happy about that when they see that. chad myers, thank you. we will continue see the scenes as you drive around. the travel ban lifted for new york city. effectively more and more people should be seen out on the roads. jean casarez is monitoring to this transportation issues and a lot of them, whether it's the rail or, more importantly,
4:05 am
people want to nope about the airports. the airports remind open, but effectively they were shut down because flight operations by many of the airlines stopped. jean, where do we stand now? >> reporter: that's right. as far as the airports, last count, almost 3,500 flights were cancelled. times square, here we are. i want to let you know -- oh, we are seeing a car. travel ban has been lifted. this is the first car i've seen since that ban was lifted. if you look behind me also you're going to see people that are starting to shovel the sidewalks, because what people have been doing is that they have been walking in the streets because the plows have been preparing the roads so that when this ban is lifted, the cars can travel, but the sidewalks really remain impacted with snow. i think you can see we can be over here and you see people walking. this is a sidewalk they are walking on. but as you can see, it's not plowed, it's not snowed.
4:06 am
they are having to be really careful. be careful! [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: they are saying they are working as hard as they can. you can see they have to just do one area at a time but here is what we are understanding. there's a lot of snow. enough snow that, unofficially, the national weather service is saying 26.8 inches of snow fell over the last 24 hours, putting it number two in the record books, breaking a record from 1869. that is unofficial at this point but it's probably pretty close. looking at the amount of snowfall that is taking place in central park right about now, marty. subways, trains, lrdrailroads, y are assessing it all and the above the ground railroads to see if they are usable at this
4:07 am
point. tunnels should be opening up because the tunnels and bridges have been closed around new york city. >> we just had that potential danger here. falling ice. a lot of buildings have ice on them. when you have so many high-rises here in new york city, it's a problem. they are saying watch out for falling ice. this stuff is big and heavy. >> look above you and beneath you because it's slick out here. it's different from what it was yesterday. it was powdery snow yesterday. today, it's slick. you see something that looks wet, well, be careful because the ice is going to be underneath it and people on foot and now people who are driving in cars need to watch out for. >> chad myers is still with us. at least i can see his pictures on the right-hand side of the screen. chad, what are the roads like? is the traction easy? you're getting around so it must be. >> i just stopped here so i
4:08 am
could show you exactly what gene was referencing. if you're going to the jersey boys today, you may want to call ahead. let me pull ahead. we are going to take you to what the shine looks like on the roadway. we had the snow last night and had traction. the shine, especially on the left side of our screen is what the scraper got all the way down to and that shine is the slick part. that is the icy part under where -- the first two inches of snow got packed down into a layer of ice. then it was nice. it was perfect. we had 14 or so inches of snow on top for traction. sure, it was to plow through. you had to use your bumper a little bit to get through. now they have scraped all the way back to the shine again and that is where people are falling on. something else to look out for if you're driving around is pets off leashes. i think people still think this is a pedestrian walkway like it was yesterday, where the pets literally were off leash. now they are off leash and running in front of cars, so i've said this a couple times yesterday about the cold.
4:09 am
protect your pets. now is the day to please leash your pets. it's not a pedestrian walkway any more. the cars are back out here. and a lot of the cars are doing 30. and i would recommend somewhere around 7 for miles per hour. it is still very, very slow. you're going to get into a couple of slide. you can't goose the car at all or the car will come around. you see those slick spots? you don't want those shiny spots. those are the spots you do not want to drive on. the snow has been scraped right smack down to the ice. martin? >> reporter: part of the problem is, you know, again with tall buildings is the sun may not get to those areas for quite sometime, if at all. which means that is going to remain like a black ice situation so you have to be very careful. the other thing when you got a city this large and you get that much snow, you either wait for it to melt or you're going to have to haul some of this stuff away. only so much room to push it aside and one of the things i've noticed. this street looks wide open and
4:10 am
in very good shape. but i know in a number of other streets, as i was walking in, very, very difficult to get around and the weirdest thing, i have never seen new york as quiet as i saw it this morning on the way in. not a sound. not a siren, nothing! because of this travel ban. it created a very eerie situation. people are starting to come back, i see there, chad. >> reporte >> reporter: yeah, we are moving toward time square so you can see the lights. last night when the sky started to get dim, it wasn't sunset but you couldn't tell if it was daylight or night. the lights of new york city were as bright as the sky was, because so much snow was coming down. the visibility to the sky was about two blocks, tops. you couldn't even see some of the street lights two or three blocks away. here you see more activity. people still shoveling. it is amazing how many people still have some kind of mechanical equipment to get rid of the snow.
4:11 am
but last night at midnight coming home, there must have been thousands of men and women out there just strictly with snow shovels digging this town out and something you don't experience if you're in des moines, iowa. here, the snow will clog the sewer drains. no type of drainage another week. as soon as you step off the curb, you step into a glop of slop! you don't know how deep it is and sometimes it could be 10 or 15 inches deep and goes over your boots and, all of a sudden, as a kid, we used to call that a hot foot. i'm not sure, because it wasn't hot. it was a cold jolt to your shoe as you step into the stuff that won't drain because the drains on the side where they should be are so full of snow that anything that melts just sits there as a cold puddle. >> it should be pointed out that it is the law in the city of new york, you do have to shovel your sidewalk in front of your home and your stoop in front of where you live. if people are wondering, they
4:12 am
are industrious, part of it, it is the law and you can run into trouble if you don't get it cleared in a certain amount of time. chad myers, thanks a lot. amazing to know as this travel ban is lifted that getting around is still a challenge, whether on foot or whether you're using wheels. thanks very much. christi, we send it back to you. >> thank you, martin. we should make note that we are going to hear from new york mayor -- or actually governor cuomo about about 9:45 this morning with an update what needs to be done in new york and where they go from there. we are watching new jersey. coastal flooding there may be getting worse. water is waist-high in some places. we are going to take you live to the jersey shore next because we are just about 45 minutes from high tide rolling in. a lot of people are wondering what it's going to bring with it today. all her aches and pains. and i said "come to class, let's start walking together" and i said "and i bet you money you'll be able to do that senior walk".
4:13 am
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your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at the storm has pushed on, but there are still lingering after-effects and they include the possibility of more coastal flooding. today e we are about 45 minutes away from the morning high tide. of course, that is the period of
4:16 am
concern. more bo let's check in with boris sanchez as he monitors things on the new jersey coast. >> reporter: as you said, martin, we are about 45 minutes away from high tide. you can see behind me, the bay, deja vu, creeping into this neighborhood along the coastline here. nowhere for the water to go and it will continue to rise as we get closer to high tide. the wind is on and off this morning. not as strong as yesterday and no precipitation today but the water has got nowhere to go so it's going to keep going into this neighborhood. it's not expected to be as extensive as it was yesterday when we saw up to a foot, if not more, in some spots of water. but, again, the real shift here is going to be, as we get closer to noon, the winds are expected to shift. a lot of these flood watches are set to expire and we will get a look at the extent of the damage of this flooding. fortunately, so far, at least on this street, it has not been too
4:17 am
bad. we spoke to a man who works at a bar here. he told us about 3 inches inside his bar and he was able to mop it out. the damage not extensive but you can see behind me it's still not over and we may see flooding as we get to high tide. >> reporter: why is it happening again? this storm is a thousand miles off the coast. why are we worried about this or what is triggering it again? >> reporter: this is just an area that is prone to flooding. part of it has to do with the fact that we are in a bay, at an inlet. as the storm surge pushed all of these waves toward the coast and it came in here, like i said there is nowhere for the water to go so it continues to rise and rise and rise. unfortunately for a lot of these neighbors, they have gotten used to this kind of flooding. it's not nearly as bad as it's been before with a storm like superstorm sandy, but it is kind after nuisance, one that they hope will be resolved by this
4:18 am
afternoon. >> boris, thanks very much. we will continue to monitor the circumstance there. doesn't help that there is a full moon as well so that also increases the strength of the high tide. we are going to chris clancy now. he is with the -- thank you. president of the sea island chamber of commerce. chris, we have heard. we are concerned for you. first of all, where do you rate this, it's no sandy, of course, but still a problem for many people. >> yeah. hi, martin. how are you? >> reporter: good. thank you. >> yesterday morning's high tide was devastating high flood for everybody along the island. i mean, it was very close to a sandy-like event as far as the flooding was concerned. hopefully, this morning, it looks like this morning's high tide won't be anywhere as bad as yesterday's. once this high tide clears out
4:19 am
in a couple of hours, we will be able to ascertain the damage and start the cleanup process for all of the businesses and the homes down here on the island. >> reporter: from your assessment, at least from what you've seen so far, how significant and how bad is the damage? >> it was pretty significant as far as flooding. i know on the main street in the front of our town, we had two or three feet of water flowing down the main street, which is -- most of the business district so a lot of businesses had water into their businesses. and it's something -- you know, we live at the beach and used to having water in our businesses, so we are going to clean them up and we will be open again and we will be ready to go for the summertime and ready to go -- we have a big polar bear plunge in three weeks. we will be here and clean it up and been through this before as a community in sandy as we came together and got together and repaired everything. we will come together again and
4:20 am
make sure we repair everything and make sure everybody gets back on their feet. >> fact of life when you live near the water's edge. there were warnings. i get that. but it seems it might have been a little more than what people thought was going to happen. >> yesterday morning's high tide, i think, took people by surprise because of the speed at which the floodwaters came in. >> reporter: yeah, it was fast. >> at 7:00 a.m. yesterday morning no water in the street and 7:45 it was three feet deep. it just came flowing in almost like a river down the main street. and i think that really caught people by surprise was the speed in which it comes in. the i remember the same thing happened during sandy. i was standing there at 7:00 a.m. and everything was dry and a half hour later, i was knee-deep in water and thinking i was on a sinking ship. i think that took people by surprise was the speed at which
4:21 am
it came in. i don't think anyone was expecting that yesterday morning. >> i'm looking at the imagery. still really impressive to see how this water just pushed its way on shore and, you're right, it happened so very quickly. it's frightening. >> that picture is the front of my house. that is my business that you're looking at right now. >> reporter: i hope your home come through as well wl, as does everyone else and their homes and businesses. we will monitor the situation and thank you for talking with us this morning. >> thank you, martin. listen. we need to get an update on the airports. i know a lot of you are sitting in an airport right now or you're sitting in a home that is not yours and you want to get back to your house. we are going to take you live to philly and show you what is happening at the airports there and get you some of the new information that we are getting about airports across the northeast and the mid-atlantic states to get you home. it took dozens of prototypes. hundreds of crash simulations.
4:22 am
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4:23 am
4:24 am
snow is pretty to look at but it's not pretty to travel through. airports in the northeast trying to get back to normal. chris frates is live for us in washington. i know the deicing is underway there at washington airports this hour. did i hear you say dulles and reagan are planning to be closed all day? >> reporter: that is exactly
4:25 am
right, christi. i just want to point out how beautiful it is here. you got the capitol behind me and dawn is breaking here as snow zila. it's beautiful but it's tough sledding today getting around the area. both dca and dulles international airport are likely closed all day. they need to get the snow off the runways and they are saying that they probably need all day to do that. we had some record breakers around here. bwi saw 29 inches. that is a new record for bwi. they do have flights coming out of bwi, but here is the problem. 8,500 flights had been cancelled on saturday and sunday, so you had this huge backlog of flights. now, that is the airlines. the roads, still very dicey out here. d.c., in particular, trying to get it cleaned up. they are 200 plow trucks there and 150 dump trucks and 50
4:26 am
loaders moving 39,000 tons of salt to get things cleaned up here. we say what about public transportation? that is a no-go as well. the metro shut down again all day today. so you won't be able to get a train. the cars are pretty tough. there is not an airport to go to at this point any way. so what we saw snow total wise was about 17 1/2 inches at national. that was a little less than the 24 inches that was forecasted here. at our live spot in downtown washington, i'll show you our make-shift. 13 inches here on our make-shift yardstick that came courtesy of our staff. bring your cross-country skis out here and your sled. lots of fun to be had. but if you're trying to get out
4:27 am
of here, you are probably still stuck. bwi is looks like the our gateway out and that is they get the planes going. another day or so before things get back on track here. >> my goodness. we err hearing some of the earliest rebooking is happening on tuesday, chris. thank you very much for letting us see what is happening there. we want to get you to philly airport now. a reporter for cnn, an affiliate for kyw, justin finch is there. justin, i was looking at the website for philly's airport. they say they expect to resume operation gradually today. are you seeing any gradual movement there? >> reporter: christi, good morning. i think "gradual" is the ideal word here. here is what is happening outside of the airport. very few cars out and very few people. mostly workers. a few people who are somewhat
4:28 am
stranded showing up this morning. we talk into terminal d here. you would see lots of people normally checking in and not the case this morning. airport is gradually trying to get itself righted in terms of getting flights out of philadelphia. as you can see, no one is here. can also tell you there was a ground stop yesterday, saturday, some 20 inches of snow fell here in the philadelphia area airport and hundreds of crews were out deicing and clearing roadways and runways to try to get monday off to a good start for flights leaving. look at the flight ports here, virtually every flight we see on the board here is cancelled. this is a particular bad news. one family we met sitting under those boards, they are from new jersey. they are bound for orlando, or at least they thought. that is until they got here and realized their flight will likely be delayed, if not
4:29 am
cancelled. take a listen. >> supposed to go to orlando to get a cruise ship to the bahamas. but guess what. looks like the cruise ship may go without us. >> reporter: what unfortunate news for this mother. her daughter's birthday is coming up. this was supposed to be a gift for her to have fun in the sun in the bahamas. she is very much delayed and possibly looking at not going on her trip at all. they tell us your best bet, if you're flying out, check directly with your carrier and do not fool with the websites or trust what you see online. call your carrier and organize it with them and then come to the airport. you can see here that is what many people have done. back to you. >> justin, all right. twenty inches of snow there in philly and 3,500 total cancelled flights as we can tell so far in the northeast. you found one family there.
4:30 am
is that the only family that you could find today? because it does look like a ghost town where you are. >> reporter: i know. we have called the terminals here like tumbleweed territories. not many people at all. the others here you see working here, we saw a few people who were stranded and sleeping on the chairs. i felt bad. i didn't go over and wake them up and ask them but i'm sure in a few hours they will be waking up to see what is going on here. >> justin finch with kyw, thank you for bringing us the latest from philadelphia. >> reporter: sure. >> we will keep you apprised what happening there. dulles and reagan airports are closed today as you heard. call your carrier. don't go to the airport unless you can get some good information. 3,500 cancelled flights today. we are back to new york live in a moment.
4:31 am
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new york, this morning, does not look like what you would expect to find, especially the streets. cnn's chad myers is roaming the streets right now of new york in a car, i should point out. the roads are icy and they are very, very narrow because of all the snow that is there. chad, help us understand. i know you've been watching this storm the last couple of days at a fevered pitch. now that the snow has stopped falling, there's a sheet of ice underneath all of that snow, isn't there, on the roads? >> there is. >> reporter: yeah, it's the first two or three inches of snow that came down, christi. it got packed down and that is what is the glaze under this
4:34 am
nice, good traction that has now been since shoveled off and scooped away. if you see the shine on the shot here, it looks like that should be liquid but, in fact, as we get to it, i can tell you, the car is going to get a little slicky. it is slippery right underneath the car right now. and that is where people are going to be walking. the streets here, we have moved down a little bit to downtown. we are in the village. the streets are very, very tight. and the cars are snowed in. they are honestly plowed in. you get one track through there. you have one way streets. you have a one track and you park on one side of the street. well, the plow always shoves it to the car side instead the other side of the sidewalk side! so all of those cars are completely jammed in! there will be hours of shoveling and we talked about this last night a little bit, how heavy this snow is. and if you're going to be shoveling, please take a break.
4:35 am
you're not going to get your car out in 20 minutes and may not be two hours. we lost three people because of heart attacks last night because they were trying to shovel their driveways. i know it's the right thing to do but if you're going to shovel, you need to take a long break and get your heart rate down because this is a very difficult day. we will get our four-wheel drive here. if this was a two-wheel drive vehicle, this would have no chance. going over a little bit of a hump where the snowplow did pull through. here we go. we got around. my wife will know where we are because we just left christopher street. one of her favorite starts is there. we have to go to the petite puppy because they always have puppy in the window and i want to sing the song my daddy would sing. ♪ how much is that doggie in the window ♪ amazing part of new york city. i know everybody wants to go to
4:36 am
stims square but if you're here, go to tribeca and it's just more of a neighborhood than a big shopping center. >> it is so beautiful. chad, thanks for bringing us to that. please stay safe to you and the crew there. martin savidge is live where they are clearing some sidewalks and, obviously, roads there. we are about two hours and 15 minutes away from a press conference with governor cuomo, giving us an update on exactly what happens from this point on, martin. >> reporter: yeah, a lot that still needs to be done. for some answers, we have got katherine garcia joining us on the line. she is the commissioner of sanitation for the city of new york and for people who don't know, the sanitation department that has the job of clearing the streets. katherine, thank you for joining us. i have to say your crews have done a tremendous job. they really had a lot they have had to clear, and they seem to have done it well. let me ask you, how are things
4:37 am
now? >> thank you for having me. so in many areas, things are going very well. we know that we have more work to do and particularly in queens and in certain pockets of some of the other boroughs. a lot of our smaller roads still need to be cleared and they have very heavy snow on them, so we are going to have to go in with the plows and front-end loaders. that is the focus for today and we have done well so far but we need to stay focused because a lot still to do. one of the things that is going to be challenging for us today, as people dig out and put snow become impassible for a can - two-wheel car. >> reporter: what are you asking people to do? what are you warning or what are you asking for the public to do to continue to help? >> the other challenge we are having is we have a lot of pedestrians walking in the street, which is dangerous, both for them and for our plow operators. we would like you to stay focused on doing your sidewalks,
4:38 am
but not putting it back into the street. just clearing a wide enough path for people to get through so the pedestrians can move safely. to the extent that you don't have to be moving around the city, it would be very helpful to the crews to make sure that we have as little traffic as possible. >> reporter: then we talk about all of the snow that is piled up on the side. of course, it to be pushed somewhere. now begins the process of actually lifting it and transporting it away? >> so in some cases, we will do some -- what is called piling and hauling of snow, depending on what the geography is. in the other cases, it will be that we do -- we will allow the sun to take over, which i'm hopeful, with the temperatures rising, will allow us to see some melt-offs. >> reporter: right. the sun is doing just that as it's rising up now. it should be above freezig i think at some point today.
4:39 am
tomorrow, back to work for a lot of folks. what is that commute likely to look like? >> so our focus on the overnight will be making sure we have gotten into all of the little routes but also be refocused on reicing. we intend to try to make it so that we can move safely, but it will still be a slow go. there is a lot of snow out there. i'd say it's still dangerous conditions to try and be driving in the city. so we would discourage that and i'm very hopeful that the mta will be back operating by the time we get to rush hour tomorrow. >> reporter: again, hopefully, the sun and warmer temperatures will go a long way to assist you well. katherine garcia, thank you for joining us and giving us an update on the work that your crews have been doing now for over 48 hours. very long periods, long stretches, but we are getting it
4:40 am
through it. the light is at the end of the tunnel and we are starting to see it. christi, back to you. >> there is political news this morning as well. will michael bloomberg get in the running for president? the "des moines register" has announced its endorsements and we are talking about. plus what happened in kentucky yesterday in the middle of this blizzard. we are talking about it with rand paul. stay close. he is up with us next. wear the enamel. a lot of patients will not realize what's happening to the enamel. once it's gone, it's gone away for good. i recommend pronamel. it's designed specifically to help strengthen the teeth. pronamel will actually help to defend the enamel from the acids in our diet. if you know that there is something out there that can help, why not start today? thcompetition, it's protecting buscustomer trust.not every day you read headlines about governments and businesses
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4:43 am
we are 15 minutes away from high tide in new jersey and two hours from hearing from governor cuomo what is happening in the blizzard aftermath and keep you posted on that this morning. there is breaking political news we need to talk about. a week now until the nation's first caucuses in iowa the "des moines register" has given its endorsement to republican senator marco rubio and democrat hillary clinton. the paper interviewed every major candidate for 2016, with t the exception of ted cruz and donald trump. the reason? they both declined.
4:44 am
speaking of donald trump. he is feeling so confident about his presidential campaign that yesterday, he said his supporters would say loyal, even if he shot someone in a busy street. >> my people are so smart. you know what else they say about my people? the polls. they say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. okay? it's, like, incredible. sources telling cnn the former mayor of new york michael bloomberg is seriously considering a run. he would run as an independent candidate if this happens and he is looking to make a decision sometime in march. kentucky senator rand paul in this race for the white house is trying to break into the top tier of republican primary candidates. a new cnn poll shows the senator with uptick in support. a lot of people wondering is time running out, though, for some of these candidates who might be in single digits right now? republican presidential
4:45 am
candidate senator paul rand -- rand paul, excuse me, is joining us right now. i want to say who everybody who asks me, we are not related. i get that question often. thank you so much, senator, for being with us. >> thank you. >> i wanted to ask you real quickly before we get into the politics of things, we were looking at kentucky yesterday and that was a big story. there was a 35-mile stretch of cars, buses and trucks, at a standstill and they were stuck there, some of them, more than 20 hours. and we talked to somebody from the state police there who said this is a problematic area. it's mountainous and it gets icy. just kind of wondering how does a 35-mile backup like that happen if you know that this is a problematic region? >> well, you know, we have had trouble when big snows come to kentucky. just last year -- i have a son at the university of kentucky that is pretty close to there. last year, my wife was taking my son to school and the same thing
4:46 am
happened and they were on the road for ten hours. some of it we need to expand our roads. our highway trust fund is about $15 billion short in the united states. i've been working to try to bring american profit home and allow some of that to go into infrastructure. i've met against a wall in washington where it's hard to get anything done. they say we want to do overall tax reform. i have a tax plan to bring american profit at home and tax a small amount and put it into roads so we could avoid problems like this. >> we wish everybody well there. i know a lot of recovery to be done in the next couple of days with all of the snow that fell and the ice. let's talk politics here, because let's talk, first, about the news that former mayor michael bloomberg may be revisiting a possible run for the presidency. if he gets into the race, who do you think it's going to affect more? democrats or republicans? >> you know, i think it may affect both, but i think it's showing some of the weakness of some of the front runners and
4:47 am
may be good for the candidacies like myself. i think bloomberg sees clinton on one side and possible criminal charges. on the other side he sees a bombastic trump that alienates large section of the population, hispanics and women, et cetera. i think it has an opportunity for some of us under dogs. one of the interesting things is we think the polls are wildly inaccurate. in kentucky in the gompvernor's race they were off 13 points in a two two-way race. we think the polls are underestimating particular our candidacy because we have a lot of young voters. i'm opposed to the government collecting your phone records and doing this mass surveillance tape. a lot of young people agree with me on that and we think they with will do well with the college student and young 20 age group voters. >> the poll is significant here too. a lot of times up to this point, they have been helping decide who makes the stage in some of these debates. fox news debate on thursday.
4:48 am
i know you had to sit that one out. if you make the stage this next time around, what are you going to do to be more distinctive, do you think, to be able to get out there? >> i think i do have a unique message. i'm the one saying i don't want the sand to glow in the middle east. i want to protect america. i want to protect us from isis but i don't want to send 500,000 troops back to the middle east. i think when ef-toppled secular regimes or secular dictator over there we have more radical islam over there. i'm one candidate who doesn't want the government to collect all of your phone records. i think i'm the only fiscal conservative on the stage because i'm willing to say you have to hold the line on all spending. almost everyone else on the stage wants to dramatically increase military spending but that is equally as bad as increasing domestic welfare spending because the two together are what are causing us to have such an enormous national debt that i think the number one threat to our national security now is actually our debt.
4:49 am
i'm actually the only one, i think, that would hold the line. >> hopefully, you will make that stage and we will hear more about that, obviously. speaking of being distinctive, let's look at this again what donald trump said yesterday that has a lot of people talking today. >> my people are so smart. you know what else they say about my people? the polls. they say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. okay? it's, like, incredible. >> all right. i want to get your reaction to that. >> where to start? >> chuckle, i know. >> where to start? no. i think sometimes gnnarsists ha illusions. is there a distinct american tradition i represent that says too much power gravitating into the hands of anyone is a mistake, republican or democrat. so we believe in a presidency limited by the constitution. i think that donald trump
4:50 am
believes in no limits to power as long as it's coming to him. that is worrisome to us. i think people should be alarmed at his candidacy. the one thing he does let's see how the polling goes when we have real voters. we think the polls are wildly inaccurate, and we'll see what happens when people show up to vote. >> all right. thank you so much, senator rand paul for taking time for us this morning. good to have you here. we want to give you a programming note, too. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, and martin o'malley are facing voters in des moines, iowa. chris cuomo is moderating it. it's the final pitch for all the candidates before the votes are
4:51 am
cast. and a unique opportunities for iowans because they'll ask questions of the three democrats. it's tomorrow night 9:00 p.m. eastern live right here on cnn. gop presidential candidate jeb bush, meanwhile, is on "state of the union" with jake tapper this morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
53 minutes past the hour and officials may have discovered another piece of malaysian airlines flight 370. a fisherman found a large piece of curved metal. they are dispatching air accident investigators to the site tomorrow. malaysian's transport minister said it's too early to speculate as to whether the debris is from the missing plane but mh 370 disappeared off radar in 2014 when it was flying to beijing. there were 239 people on board. another piece of debris was found last year. a turkish airlines flight from houston to istanbul had to be diverted to ireland because of a bomb alert. the plane landed safely in ireland. all passenger and crew
4:55 am
disembarked. reported there was a bomb on the plane who alerted authorities. we'll have a live report next hour about how it's panning out. the u.s. geological survey said that 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit alaska this morning. the epicenter hit the cook inlet. no tsunami with this, primarily because it was about 50e miles deep. there were no reports of major damage or injury following the earthquake, thankfully. i want to pop pictures up. have you seen these three men? they're looking for them in california. inmates who escaped from the orange county jail friday night. the man in the middle is accused of murder. the man to the left accused of torture and kidnapping. and the man on the right facing charges 58 tempted murder. anyone with information should call 9-1-1. our next hour of "new day" is starting after this quick
4:56 am
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4:59 am
we are just shy of 8:00 a.m. here on this sunday morning. so grateful for your company. i'm christi paul. i want to talk about the aftermath. what people are waking up to this morning. take a look at the pictures out of new york. a live look at manhattan. look how narrow the streets are and how buried the cars are on the side of the road. few cars and buses were out there, but there is heavy, heavy ice and snow that is keeping a lot of people at home. it's pretty to look at. maybe not so pretty to try to drive through. martin savage is joining us near central park. we're about a hour and 45 minutes away from hearing governor cuomo in with regards to where new york goes from here and hopefully updates on the airports. we know about 70 percent of the
5:00 am
flights at la guardia this morning are cancelled. >> right. a lot of problems when it comes to transportation. that's still -- even though the travel ban has been lifted, getting around on the streets is difficult. flying i would check with the airlines before you even venture near an airport. on top of that, the rail service, the subways are running. they're underground, of course. anything aboveground rail service, too, is questionable. a lot of things that the governor can update us on transportation. chad meyers out there driving the streets of new york. as we mentioned, it's been about an hour since i traveled. are you seeing a lot of traffic out there, chad? >> reporter: people are moving, yes. people are definitely trying to get places. obviously, it's sunday morning. maybe people heading to church. many of the sunday morning things they need to do. people aren't walking for the paper. i've noticed that. there aren't that many people out. if you're out you're shoveling. you're trying to dig your sidewalk out. those are the only


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