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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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thank you so much for joining me today. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. ♪ >> president obama offering a surprisingly candid assessment about the race to succeed him. why he says hillary clinton is at a disadvantage as both candidates get ready to face off tonight. >> he is richer than donald trump. way richer. he's actually held office. if michael bloomberg joins the race for president, is there enough room for two millionaires. >> and the secret is out, the man who quit carson's campaign is joining trump. he is joining us on whether trump's ground game in iowa is good enough to win. >> hello, everyone. >> just hours from now the democratic candidates will make
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their full-time pitches to voters in iowa. it is cnn's crucial town hall live at 9:00 eeastern. the polls are tight and the time is running out. >> we are now just one week from iowa. from the iowa caucuses in a brand new cnn poll of polls is out this morning, and it shows sanders and clinton in a dead heat among voters there. our senior washington correspondent is live in des moines with more. jeff, what's at stake tonight? >> reporter: well, the stakes are high. good morning from drake university here in des moines where there's going to be a final town meeting tonight between hillary clinton and sanders, and o'malley, giving all these three candidates a chance to make their case to voters. i can tell you traveling across the state over the past week as we have, there are a lot of voter who are undecided or still have questions. tonight they will be able to do that and ask questions.
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we'll have undecided voters asking questions as well. secretary clinton has been pressing her experience saying she is the most experienced candidate in this race, and she's marki making an electability argument. sanders is asking people to follow their hearts and believe in the possibility of him. he's calling on the memory of what happened here eight years ago when barack obama beat hillary clinton eight years ago. of course, a very different race. that is a bit of the dynamic going into this town hall tonight. >> absolutely. jeff, great to see you. thanks so much. a lot more to come from des moines. >> indeed. on the republican side, a new poll shows donald trump 11 points ahead of cruz in iowa. the fox news poll, trump surged 11 points in the past two weeks. you see rubio in third, but he did pick up a victory. he won the endorsement of the des moines register. >> the latest iowa poll of polls shows trump at 31 %, five points
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ahead of cruz. rubio coming in third there as well with 13%. carson there at 8%. let's talk about this with ben carson's former campaign manager, barry bennett, as well as a contributing editor at the national review. it's great to see you. the national review is obviously the publication we were talking about so much last week when they had against trump on their cover. barry, first to you. the secret is out, as we said at the top of the show. in a surprise twist, you went from working with ben carson to now advising the trump campaign. what's your role? >> i'm just a volunteer. i'm an unpaid advisor. i went up and talked to them about all the next steps. after you become this certain nominee, there are lots of other things you need to do and do it fast. we've compressed the calendar this year a lot. >> as an unpaid adviser, as someone who has been involved in this campaign, you have an inside view. give us an inside assessment for
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the trump campaign in iowa. how is their ground campaign? >> it's going to be surprising to a lot of people. the size of the caucus, how many people turn out is the thing that everybody watches. i think we'll set a record maybe this year, at least a recent record. the crowds are huge. i know even dr. carson's crowds are still huge. i think there will be a large turnout. polling as shifted to where mr. trump seems to be picking up steam in iowa. >> so, jim, interesting things happened over the weekend. the des moines register is endorsing rubio. rick perry endorsing cruz. chuck grassley showing up on stage with donald trump. glenn beck endorsing cruz.
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what does this all mean? >> i was going to say i'm curious about the ones that are not quite official endorsements. if you're grassley and you go up on stage and say i want to make america great again, people draw conclusions. people are going to draw their own conclusions. i'm curious about why you wouldn't go the extra mile. for some people, it's close enough. >> is one better than another? is joni ernst not endorsing but not really better than another? >> i find it fascinating that donald trump is running -- we're going to turn the entire establishment up side down, and here's grassley who's been representing iowa in the senate for three decades. >> also on the very much nonendorsement of donald trump that came out in the national review. what do you say to it?
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>> i think most of the endorsements don't mean a lot. it adds to the theater. in the end, it doesn't add. it's people -- i think the people run a risk. a risk of alienating democrats who are now like trump voters. they're allowed to vote for donald trump, and you don't need to demean them or call them names. everybody has their opinion. it's a prior primary and open field. everybody is allowed to express their opinion. but when this is all, we all need to gather around who wins. >> do any of these partial endorsements or any at up to sarah palin which donald trump won last week? >> it was probably the one that got the single most attention. i think the snl sketch indicated how people outside of the conservative movement see this. they see this as one that's only going to hurt him. i wonder with palin packs the
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same punch as she did when she was the icon of the tea party. it's hard to see her backing someone who says he wants a health care plan that will cover everybody and be paid for by the government. said i don't march with the tea party. the if tea party people want to line up against donald trump, we think they're making a mistake. that's why we say it like we can. >> you said it pretty clearly. >> the cover sort of gave it away. >> said it all. >> yeah. jim, no matter what happens between trump and cruz in iowa, look to third. a lot of folks saying there may be three tickets out of iowa. who gets the third ticket? can rubio pull it off? >> he spent about $6 million in tv adds s in iowa the last coup of weeks. don't let anyone tell you he isn't trying that hard in iowa.
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he wants to do as well as he can. i'm not sure the three, two, one mentality works. you see a gravitation toward the people at the top. i think it would be a pleasant surprise if rubio finishes a close third. he thinks new hampshire is more his style of state. we're going to see a real test to this. people have said the purpose of new hampshire is to refute iowa. if new hampshire says we like this guy too, it means iowa picks the one. i don't know if you've ever encountered new hampshire. they love to say iowa picks corn, we pick presidents. >> i've heard that once or twice. >> rubio wants to come in third in iowa, second in new hampshire, and first in north carolina. if donald trump somehow wins iowa, if he comes out one in iowa, does any three, two, one strategy for a guy like rubio go by the boards? >> i think if he wins iowa, it's a one, one, one strategy.
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as far as third goes in iowa, i'd be willing to wager carson wins third in iowa. >> would you be willing to bet $10,000? give me your final take on bloomberg. >> i think it's going to be attractive to him to think about and maybe even do it, especially if hillary ends up in legal problems. it could be very interesting with bloomberg trying to get in on a center left candidate. lord knows what might happen at the democratic national convention. it seems like i've been doing this for years already, and we don't have anymore answers than we did when we started a year ago. >> barry and jim, great to see you. thanks so much. it's only getting exciting now. if you weren't excited, get excited. we're one week out. tonight is the night. 9:00 eastern only on cnn, the town hall live from des moines,
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iowa. chris cuomo moderating. all right. president obama calls bernie sanders a bright, shiny object. but he does seem to -- you know, he does seem to raise some questions about bernie sanders, and his campaign now responds. >> the nation's capital shut down again today after a historic blizzard. how major cities and airports are struggling to get back to normal. and this, a massive man hunt underway after a daring escape. hear what three inmates did to break out of a maximum security prison using tunnels and bed sheets. the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. happening right now, millions of you are digging out after one of the biggest blizzards in the eastern part of the country. here in new york, 26 .6 inches of snow fell on saturday alone. that's a record for a single day. still, right now students in new
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york are back at school. school buses are in service across the city. brings are open, subways are running. many people are back to work. >> yay, new york. philadelphia, baltimore, and washington d.c. struggling to return to normal. government offices in the d.c. area are closed. nick valencia is in washington. what's going on today there, nick? >> reporter: it's still cold there, but at least it's not snowing. the weather lightened up. the cleanup is ongoing. you can see it behind me. we see flights taking off behind me, behind the camera. you can't make it out, but that's a good sign. things slowly getting back to normal after d.c. was pounded by the winter storm. the district doing so much to help community residents get on their feet. we want to highlight a program. we're joined by the assistant
8:16 am
principal for jefferson academy. tell me what you're doing to help out the local residents in this area. >> you know, every student loves a snow day, and we know our kids are at hope enjoying the snow day, but school also for a lot of families provides the hot meals and heat and welcoming environment that they may not be getting at home. chancellor henderson and the folks at d.c. public schools identified ten schools around the district that could serve as hubs today to provide a hot breakfast and lunch for our students and their families. >> you guys are doing that for the local residents here in this area? >> yeah. we're the hub, really for the southwest area. whether the students go to jefferson or not, they're welcome to come here and get a hot meal with us. >> you've been through this storm too. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, but i'm excited to see some of our students come up and see how they've been enjoying the storm and eventually get back to school this week. >> reporter: thank you for
8:17 am
taking the time. the cleanup here ongoing. there was a brutal storm. it took the lives of at least six people across the river in the commonwealth of virginia here in washington d.c., at least one death so far. the snow has stopped but tomorrow, a bleak forecast. rain is expected. tons and tons of snow around here. not a lot of places for this to go. the cleanup crews are taking to to the former home of the red skins, but this is not quite over yet even though the snow has happened, the cleanup still a long way to go. >> slush is in your future, nick. let's get over to cnn aviation correspondent at reagan national airport where so many flights have been cancelled. more than 12,000 flights cancelled along the eastern seaboard over the weekend. >> reporter: that's right. and we're seeing more cancellations today. more than 1,000 today, but, look, i want to give you good news. there are people here and passengers. they have their luggage.
8:18 am
they're getting boarding passes. there's life behind me this time. we also see aircrafts waiting at the gate. this is reagan national. we have a similar scene over at dulles international airport. good news for people trying to get in and out of the washington d.c. area. today is the first day they've resumed a limited number of flights, so some of that gridlock is freeing up. we saw yesterday, new york city, philadelphia, baltimore, all of those airports also started limited service. but, and there's a but, unfortunately. we're still seeing cancellations today. there's still delays. i've been speaking to the airlines, and they say that many of these passengers have been rebooked, but it will take some time to get everyone to their destination and actually i spoke to two passengers today. i want you to take a listen. >> i had eight cancellations, but they've been rolling all the cancellations over. so i'm thrilled to be getting
8:19 am
out on time, headed back to new orleans. >> the storm came in. i was in for business for an expo, and the weather had other plans, so i had a nice little kind of, like, forced vacation in d.c. it was good. it wasn't too bad. >> all right. the guy you saw in the piece there, he had his flight cancelled eight times. so his fingers were crossed that he was going to get on this final flight here. that's a story we've been hearing from people, happy to finally get out. again, a reminder, it will take well through this week before the airlines can really catch up to themselves. >> eight cancellations? he had a good attitude after all that. renee, thank you so much. >> reporter: yeah. >> on a very different note. the superintendent of west virginia school system found a very creative way to call off school for a snow day after all of this. check it out. here is his take. very well done, on adele's hit
8:20 am
song, "hello". ♪ ♪ hello it's me ♪ i was wondering if since it was cold, you'd stay at home ♪ ♪ have a snow day ♪ what do you say ♪ they say the day will be much warmer but it's not warmer yet ♪ ♪ hello ♪ can you hear me due to weather conditions schools will be closed on tuesday, january 19th. thank you. >> i mean, i am just saying. that is keith butcher, superintendent of schools in west virginia. well done. >> he does it. this is not the first time he's done this. >> that's right. that's a good way to call school. >> one reason to root for a
8:21 am
school day. is this election big enough for two billionaires? as michael bloomberg considers a run, we'll map out if there's a path to victory for him. >> plus brand new this morning, president obama seems to bend over backwards in his praise of hillary clinton. also had some things to say about bernie sanders and the state of the democratic primary. we'll have both campaigns on live to respond. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. new pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, you wanna see something intense?
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. all right. new this morning, a huge nonendorsement which is actually sort of pretty close to an endorsement. president obama defending and praising hillary clinton in an interview with politico. he says the perception of her being the front runner has been both a privilege but also a burden. he does discusses the depth of
8:26 am
her experience. >> the fact that she's extraordinarily experienced and, you know, wicked smart and knows every policy inside and out sometimes could make her more cautious and campaign more in prose than poetry. you're always rusty. look at my first debate in 2012. if you haven't been doing it, you lose some of those muscles. >> joining us to discuss is the senior spokesperson for hillary clint clinton's campaign. the campaign can be more in prose than poetry. does obama have a point? do you need more poetry? >> if you've been watching, hillary has been talking about issues people care about. coupled with that is someone who is talking about and here's how we're going to get it done. i think that's really important. people love the big ideas, but at the end of the day, they want to know how are you going to make it happen?
8:27 am
particularly if you're someone who, if you're in a family that hasn't quite felt the impact yet of what president obama has done to get the economy back on track, you're waiting. you're still waiting and you need to know that the next person to going to pick up where president obama has left off and keep the progress going and make sure the republicans won't roll it back. that's an important message for people. and i think people are very passionate about hearing about somebody who really believes not just in the issue and how to get it but how to get it done. >> yes, but voters also want to be inspired. the president was talking about poetry versus prose. you look at young people. young people always want to be inspired. they want to dream. if you look at iowa right now, people under 45 getting shellacked. sa sand hillary clinton at 27%. how do you convince them, even if you are, that there are practical plans to get things done, how are you going to get them excited about that fact. that doesn't seem to be
8:28 am
happening. >> the polls have been all over the place. >> you're not getting young voters in iowa in any poll. >> at the same time, our crowds, we've been pleased with the crowds. over the weekend we're seeing growing enthusiasm and excitement. it's becoming more real for people. it's a week from day. we're seeing the enthusiasm. i think a lot of people are excited about the idea of the first woman president. i think they're excited about her ideas. i think they're really happy to hear that she's actually talking about what they're talking about. she's talking about curing alzheimers because she heard about that from voters on the campaign trail. it's been important for her to listen and be embodied. i think people have been excited about that as well. >> does your campaign need a glowing endorsement, nonendorsement right now from president obama? i ask this because in recent memory, this is the election of the outsider. is that -- could this be a drag
8:29 am
with president obama speaking too glowingly of hillary clinton? >> i hope that. i think people appreciate the job the president has done. everybody remembers it was a hard fought contest in the last campaign. >> just last week when hillary clinton was doing an interview, she tried to say that she was less part of the democratic establishment than sanders. >> he's been in elected office a longer period of time is part of the point she was making. i think the thing about president obama, and i think this is something that people really respect. if you take a look at the friendship they've dropped, they clearly have great respect for each other. i think it means a lot that here were these two competitors who are now friends and have deep respect for each other and were able to come together and work and get things done for the country like the nuclear arms deal that we got done with russia. i think that's really important to people, and i think that says
8:30 am
something about both their character. i think that's a good thing. >> another one of the secretary's friends is michael bloomberg, the former mayor of new york who is now apparently considering getting into the race. what does that say that this guy who has worked with and seen hillary clinton over the years thinks that maybe there needs to be someone else in the race that's not her? >> well, i think he said if she's not the nominee, he would consider getting in. >> there's a greater chance of that, but he hasn't ruled out getting in. he's supposededly unhappy with some of the stances she's taken on wall street and what not. >> what she has said is how about our campaign will focus on making sure he's the nominee so he doesn't have to worry about getting in. >> would it hurt? >> it would impact something. >> i think primaries, contested primaries are a good thing. i think they're good for the country. they give everybody an opportunity to make their argument and lay out the differences.
8:31 am
i think what we've seen this year in particular, the kind of conversation that we're having on the democratic side versus the republican side, americans know they have a dramatic choice between those two. i don't know what mr. bloomberg, where his message would be. it's important to talk about your ideas and for people to see here are the choices that i have. do i want somebody who is bluster and bigotry and let's keep all the muslims out and we're going to build a wall, or do i want people who are trying to solve problems and address the issues that people are facing today in their lives. >> thank you for coming in. in great to see you. so does team bernie -- what do they have to say about all of this ahead of tonight's big town hall? >> it does have the potential to shake up this race. michael bloomberg, 35, $36 billion, give or take. considering getting in.
8:32 am
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as we just discussed with hillary clinton's campaign, president obama is wading into the democratic primary entering a candid take on the race and the candidates. listen to a little more. >> bernie came in with the luxury of being a complete long shot, and just letting loose. i think hillary came in with the both privilege and burden of being perceived as the front runner. you're always looking at the bright, shiny object that people don't -- haven't seen before. that's a disadvantage to her. >> let's talk more about this with larry cohen. larry, the president of the united states just called bernie sanders a bright, shiny object.
8:37 am
your reaction. >> well, i think he's -- that's the parallel to his own journey eight years ago, and i was actually supporting him then, that he offered hope. and i think bernie and, actually, all the democratic candidates are about a positive vision of the future. bernie's is about change, not just continuity, in a similar way that senator obama was talking about change. and bernie is talking about why can't we have higher education that doesn't leave our kids burdened with ridiculous debt, and why can't we have medicare for all, and even though the path will be difficult, imagine a country where people are working and looking forward to a better america. >> if you take this interview in total with politico, it was surprising how much the president had to say about a democratic primary. but also how he really does seem to bend over backwards in his raise for hillary clinton, not so much so for sanders. what do you say, then, to the
8:38 am
president? >> i would say she was the secretary of state. he made a political decision after the election to unite with that part of the democracy party. i would say to him, with all due respect, mr. president, the same kind of change you hoped to work for, bernie is trying to continue on that path, not go back to the 1990s of clinton. >> you're reading this the same way you are. you see his comments here, and does seem as if he's putting his thumbs on the scales in support of hillary clinton and not bernie sanders. is that how you see it? >> well, yeah. i see it minimally that way, and to be expected and to be expected the cabinet members that served with her are mostly supporting her. as bernie sputs it, the politicl establishment, and it doesn't mean they're bad, but they're
8:39 am
supporting continuity. bernie is saying to millions of americans and that's where the energy is coming from, that we can work for change. it's not simple. it won't be just elect me. we will have to work for change on city councils and state legislatures and everything up and down the have a scale. but together we can create a new populous in this country. >> what do you say when you hear hillary clinton fight against that argument of being part of a political establish. . she said bernie sanders has been in congress longer than him, for 20 plus years. he's part of the political establishment as well. >> yeah. well, in actuality, he came to congress two years before president clinton was elected. it's not that far before, and -- but to get to your main point, yes, he is part of the political establishment, but he's part of the establishment as he's always been, saying we need to figure out how can regular americans
8:40 am
get together and create a different future for this country where it's not about billionaires but it's about the values and the dreams and the hopes that we all have. >> all right. larry, cohen, great to have you with us. please come back. >> thanks, larry. >> my pleasure. >> so the presidential race, as if there's not enough involved already. perhaps someone new, someone with a big wallet. michael bloomberg, the former mayor of new york. $36 billion and taking polls to see if he should get in the race. that would have to have an impact. >> you'd think. we'll see. plus right now a massive search is underway for three inmates including an accused killer who escaped from a maximum security jail in los angeles. how they got out and what is up with the search right now. that's ahead.
8:41 am
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all right. just what this presidential race needs, more drama. >> yes, please. >> now not one but two new york city millionaires could end up on the ballot. former new york city mayor, michael bloomberg actively considering a third party run, particularly, he says, or the articles indicate, if hillary clinton fails to get the nomination. he is willing to spend a billion dollars on the campaign. he'll make a final decision by early march. this is how the presidential candidates reacted to the news yesterday. >> the way i read what he said is if i didn't get the nomination he might consider it. i'll relieve him of that and get the nomination.
8:46 am
>> if donald trump wins and bloomberg gets in, you'll have two multibillionaires running against me, and i think the american people don't want to see our nation move toward an alagarchyi. >> perhaps we're not friends anymore. he's wanted to do this for a long time. and he never pulled the trigger. we'll see if he does right now. i would personally love to compete with michael bloomberg. >> joining us right now with the latest is phil matingly. what is the latest? >> right now what we know is michael bloomberg is actively considering this. this is a little bit different than the past. in 2008 and 2012 he considered it. the key element here is frustration and a little bit fear about how this race currently looks. it's donald trump and sanders, and what he's been telling associates over the last couple
8:47 am
of months is his just lack of comfort with the direction of this race. he has started polling. he had a poll out in december. he's likely to poll again sometime in the next two or three weeks. before that decision would come, likely, in early march. i think a couple of elements, first off, he can self-fund. can't be bought by anybody. the other issue here is he has a political operation that is keenly aware of kind of the factors on the ground. the opposite part of this, though, what is his pathway right now? he's a fiscal conservative who wants to take on pensions and deal with climate change and gun control. what weather does that -- where does that sit in the current issues of america? one disclosure, i was a bloomberg news correspondent for a long period of time. that element of my resume gives
8:48 am
me zero insight into his political calculation. >> but now you're free from that possible influgence, as if ther was any. he has to decide by early march, by march 1st. he will not know by march 1st if hillary clinton is in real trouble in the campaign. she could lose iowa and new hampshire, say, win nevada and south carolina, and then what do you do if you're him? you can't necessarily say she's toast or she has it made. he'll be forced to make a decision before it's clear. >> the calendar forces his hand. that makes people a little uncomfortable. one element is it's not that bernie sanders that gets the nomination, it's whether or not hillary clinton comes into this as a severely wounded candidate. he's been slightly critical of hillary clinton's candidacy, how
8:49 am
she's run over the last couple of months since she launched. if her campaign looks like it's headed in a bad direction, that could be the trigger. but to your point, he's going to have to decide before kind of everything is very clear. that puts a lot of pressure on what these next couple of weeks mean for him and his political operation. >> yeah. what he really ends up taking into account when he has to make the final decision. let me bring in joyce, a former columnist at "the new york times" and the author of the first biography of michael bloomberg. thank you so much for coming in. you have covered him for years. you have interviewed him extensively for this biography and much more. if you're michael bloomberg right now, what is going through your mind? what are you taking into account? >> i know this much about him. he's not going to run unless he sees a path to victory.
8:50 am
not a guarantee of victory, but a path to success, because he is a very careful, deliberative guy. he doesn't move impulsively. it took him over two years to decide to run for mayor, because he wanted to know if he had a chance of winning. no not a guarantee but a chance. at every stage of his life he's made every move like that, very, very deliberately and carefully and he's a very disciplined guy. he's not going skwlee is not going to say i'm going. he wants to know if there's a chance. >> talk for him about running for president in 2009 where he said he didn't think there was room for a third party candidate to win the white house. that was in 2009. >> yeah. ates weird year. everything heats not supposed to happen is happening, right? i mean, the idea that the
8:51 am
country -- bernie sanders says the country doesn't want to elect the cheese between two billionaires. there's another argument, and you have seen that on the part of a lot of voters that say i want someone who is independently wealthy because he or she, though there isn't one right now, female billionaire, who is really in the running, will be independent. i'm sick of all these lobbyists having all of this impact. that's another change, i think, or at least it's coming to the fore in the electorate that we wouldn't have counted on. >> does it surprise you that he is mulling this over? >> oh, no. oh, no. he was aching to run in 2008 for sure. he wanted to run, but, again, he didn't see how he could win, and so he -- so discipline and so careful and so measured -- said i'm not going to try. he wanted to. he said to me trektly he would be better than any of the candidates. he knows the world better.
8:52 am
he said to me he knows the world better than any of the candidates, he knows business, he knows how to run things, but he didn't think he could win, so he didn't run. >> once sde make a decision on things, how much is he willing to spend typically? when he decided run for mayor after spending two years thinking about it, man, oh, man, did he open that vault. >> he did. i think he spent -- i forgot the first time. >> lots. >> lots. >> lots, yeah. >> if he decides to run for president, the figure of $1 billion has been thrown out. would that surprise snu. >> $1 billion? $2 billion wouldn't surprise me. he has a lot of money. he has more than he or his kids or grandkids can spend, and he wants them to be independent. yeah, he can spend whatever he wants, and he would if he decided to run. >> great to get your perspective. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> appreciate it. thank you so much. thanks to you as well. we have a lot more ahead, and that includes the manhunt is on right now for three inmates,
8:53 am
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8:57 am
a man hunt is underway for three prisoners that made an elaborate escape from a maximum mumt security jail in southern california. >> they cut through steel bars. they crawled through plumbing tunnels. they repelled four stories to freedom using ropes made from bed sheets and towels. the escapees, one an accused killer that fled on foot. they have not been seen since. this is scaring a lot of people in the area. we are joined from los angeles with the latest. paul. >> well, john and kate, one of the reasons this is so scary is the extremely violent nature of all three of these men. a rap sheet that is just absolutely staggering. let's go ahead and look at some of the charges these men have been convicted of and why they were in prison in the first
8:58 am
place. let's start off with those. kidnapping, torture, aggravated torture and battery. the youngest of the three, only 20 years old, went into the system in juvenile hall. convicted of murder. also shooting at an inhabited dwelling. he has gang ties. the third man, attempted murder, also assault with a deadly weapon, avoiding arrest, selling methamphetamine, and burglary. quite a rap sheet here. what are law enforcement officials saying? that this is a full court press and the search has expanded outside southern california. also, the orange county sheriff confirming that a fight or a disturbance was started at around the 8:00 p.m. basically bed check or roll-call check, and the reason why that's significant is these men were apparently spotted after the morning heck, which was 5:00 a.m. in their orange jumpsuits. they had a lot of lead time in had ch to get away, and authorities saying if anybody sees these men, be sure to call
8:59 am
911. they are presumed to be armed, and clearly by that rap sheet, they're extremely dangerous, and they're motivated not to be caught because of the fact that they could face life in prison if caught, considering all these charges. john, kate. >> horribly dangerous. that's for sure. thank you very much. appreciate it. terri terrifying. a big reminder for all of you. don't forget tonight. tonight is the night. 9:00 eastern only on cnn. the democratic presidential town hall live from des moines, iowa. our chris cuomo will be moderating that event. all of the democratic candidates will be taking the stage facing voters. their last -- the last pitch before the iowa caucuses. that is tonight at 9:00. >> really in some ways it's a closing argument for these candidates heading into the iowa caucuses. one week from tonight. 7:00. people show up to caucus. tonight at 9:00 the final town meeting. last best chance to make that pitch. >> thank you all so much for joining us at this hour.
9:00 am
>> ashley banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal views." seven days and counting to the first votes for the president of the iowa caucuses. both look like nature biters. ahead of tonight's democratic town hall airing live on cnn our newest poll of polls shows a virtual dead heat. bernie sanders hatdz the backing of 46% of likely iowa caucus goers to senator clinton's 44. nationally senator clinton is still way out in front, though. 53% to sanders' 38. on the gop side of things, donald trump is holding on to a very slim lead in iowa. our poll of


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