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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  January 25, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> ashley banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal views." seven days and counting to the first votes for the president of the iowa caucuses. both look like nature biters. ahead of tonight's democratic town hall airing live on cnn our newest poll of polls shows a virtual dead heat. bernie sanders hatdz the backing of 46% of likely iowa caucus goers to senator clinton's 44. nationally senator clinton is still way out in front, though. 53% to sanders' 38. on the gop side of things, donald trump is holding on to a very slim lead in iowa. our poll of polls shows trump
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five points ahead of texas senator ted cruz. florida senator marco rubio, who won the des moines register endorsement over the weekend, is in third place. nationally trump has a much wider lead. 16 points ahead of cruz, and rubio, again, is in third place. as democrats prepare for tonight's town hall, the last chance to reach the iowa audience and the national audience as well before the iowa caucus one of them is touting experience, and the other is touting change. >> you know what, people of iowa saw through those attacks then, and they're going to see through those attacks again. >> we can't wait. we have urgent business to do in america, and if you give me the
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chance, i will work my heart out for you, and i will continue to learn from you andmakers we move forward together. thank you all very much. i want to begin with you, mark. sanders is surging. an important source, the des moines register. o'malley is almost nonexistent at this point. what difference did that make for hillary clinton to get that endorsement this weekend?
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>> we've seen the boston globe endorse her, and probably the biggest one just a few hours ago released by politico is barack obama, while not endorsing her, very efusive about her, ashleigh. >> no one will deny that endorsements matter, but performance is really so key. this town hall tonight, mark, it's not just on cnn. it's being carried by affiliates all over that state. >> talk to me about the reach these candidates will have. >> it's very important. if we look at data from 2008 from folks who voted, democrats who voted in the iowa caucuses, it shows that 27% of those folks were undecided heading into election day. on election day, 11% made their
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decision. tonight when you see bernie sanders on stage, when you see hillary clinton on stage, and, yes, martin o'malley, who is trying to throw a hail mary, they can perhaps persuade voters to come to their side, folks who have been on the fence. they could also very well stumble, which could be critical as we head into february 1st. a lot is riding tonight on what's going on, and as we have seen from those two clips, we have seen that there are two messages resonating right now. we have hillary clinton talking about experience, and you have bernie sanders talking about a revolution. we'll see which one works out on february 1st. >> okay. let's go over to the other side. it seems the gop folks -- no, they're not in the town hall tonight, but those numbers are very, very close that they have flipped, and they have flipped in favor. if you believe the polls, that is, in favor of donald trump. walk me through this critical neck and neck moment.
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>> this is really a dramatic shift in favor of donald trump here in iowa this week. you have to think that t cruz campaign has to be worried that an 11 point jump over the last week, so that's significant here when we're talking about votes just a week away. what we've seen from ted cruz to try to recover from some lost momentum, trying to reinject a little energy, he is out on the stump this weekend really sharpening his stump speech against ted cruz. really trying to make the argument don't look at what he says, look at what he has done, where has he been in past battles? at his first stop just moments ago here in iowa he tried to have a little fun and poke a little fun at donald trump's second carrintheans club. clearly trying to poke fun at him and the clear argument that
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donald trump is a phony conservative, a phony evangelical. that sort of message and argument going into the final stretch here in iowa, he thinks, could work for him, but certainly has a lot of making up ground to do. >> as we quote these polls, cnn will only use polls that are conducted in a certain way. meaning, if you can go on-line and tap return, return, return 100 times, we're not going to use a poll like that. we do the good old-fashioned gum shoe tefrling, though. it's one thing to pick up a phone and answering a guy asking you questions, and it's another thing on a cold iowa night to go out to those caucuses and spend an hour or two actually debating and discussing publicly what your choice is in front of all your colleagues and friends and neighbors. does anybody think in iowa right now that the ratings that have been through the roof on the democratic and republican debates this whole season might actually translate into huge turnout this time?
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>> it's always turnout, turnout, but it does seem to be the case this year. the number of indecides is striking. when you talk to people in town halls or people that come out for specific events, they're there to hear the candidate, and they have not made up their mind. 28% on the republican side still do not have a candidate in this race. that's why this week here in iowa is so important for them. >> you never know whether the interest in all the campaigns in your cozy warm living room will make a difference on those freezing cold caucus nights. okay. thank you to both of you. i'm glad you have inside jobs today because it is none too warm there in iowa. back to the news here. whom will president obama officially endorse? he says he is staying out of it until a nominee is selected, but as mark preston just mentioned,
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over the weekend mr. obama gave an interview to politico in which he did not say anything negative about sanders, but was very complimentary of clinton. have a listen to this short clip of that. >> i've gotten to know hillary really well, and. >> she has been in the public eye for a long time and in a culture in which new is always better, and, you know, you are always looking at the bright shiny object that people don't -- haven't seen before. that's a disadvantage to her. this comes as she takes home the
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endorsement of the des moines register and the boston globe. how does sanders respond to this? we talk to a bernie sanders supporter and the author of the book "the essential bernie sanders and his vision for america." jonathan, thanks so much for being with me today. two big endorsements. you can't ignore that's real, real important getting those two newspapers, but maybe most important what you just heard the president say. your response? sfla well, actually, endorsements don't knock on doors and endorsements don't make phone calls, and by contrast, let me point out that yesterday in a place called decorah, iowa, which has a population of 8,000 people, 2,000 people turned out to hear bernie sanders enthusiastically, and what i see, actually, is an incredible energy. your previous polls showed an incredible surge for bernie sanders, not just in iowa, but across the nation. you have to remember when he started the campaign back in may, which is a relatively short time for a presidential camp, he was somewhere around 3% in the polls, and after we win iowa, new hampshire, all those national polls are going to
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change. the states after that, nevada, south carolina, super stews tuesday are all going to feel that energy that the sanders campaign. tremendous amount of support. people knocking on doors. if we knock on the doors and the energy for the people we're going to win in iowa where sdmroosh let me talk to you a little bit about the demographics that follow your guy. there's no secret that bernie sanders, assen usual as it is, an older guy inspiring younger people. >> we like older guys. >> i'm one of those older guys. the intriguing part of all of this honestly is that it looks a lot like what happened with president obama. he had a lot of young demographics, but what's different aut it this time around? >> well, i actually think there's some similarities, but what's different is that bernie's message is about a political revolution, and i have a lot of respect for the president of the united states, but he was not talking about the fundamental change that bernie is talking about. breaking up the big banks, making sure that people have free health care, free tuition
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for all college age kids. you know, it's a very different message, which is what i think has energized not just young people, but people all across the country. many of whom i have met in my travels around the early states involved in politics for the first time. i have met older people, as you mentioned oeler people, who said i have been a republican all my life. i won't vote for anybody who is a republican. i'm for bernie sanders because they sense that this is an opportunity that may not come back in their lifetimes. an opportunity to really change the country in a very deep fundamental way. >> did you feel any sort of nervousness over this news that former new york mayor bloomberg says that bernie sanders is going to go up against donald trump? he is jumping in as an independent. did that send shock waves through bernie's folks? >> not particularly, although i think bernie said he couldn't wait to run against two billionaires. that would be a great message. bernie sanders, the man of the people, running against two billionaires who are completely out of touch with the average person. you know, michael blshg -- >> i don't know if you can say that. i just have to jump in there.
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i'm not sure you can say out of touch with the average person. if gu to those donald trump rallies there's a lot of average people stoked about that billionaire. >> but remember, he is getting a relatively small percentage of the republican race. something like 30% or something. 60% in total of republicans don't support donald trump. when you move to a general election, i pray that donald trump will be the nominee. bernie sanders has polled almost twice as better than hillary clinton running against donald trump. not only would bernie sanders defeat donald trump, but i think he would bring a coattail effect and bring a lot of democrats into the house of representatives. probably flip the senate to democrats. bernie sanders would be the strongest candidate out there. certainly facing donald trump and some of the other republican possibilities. >> jonathan, it's nice to see you, and it's nice to see that very lovely weather behind you. not be a dusting of snow behind you. >> i'm heading to iowa as soon as i'm done here, so it won't be as nice. >> well, you'll join the party. sorry for the pun.
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nice to have you. >> okay, ashleigh. i want you to tune in tonight if you got some time and you're still snowed in. this is a great thing even if you're not. 9:00 eastern time only on cnn. the democratic presidential town hall live from des moines, iowa. my colleague chris cuomo is going to be moderating tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. it's live, folks. it's real people. anything can happen. turning now to the east coast. digging out from that magazinesive snowstorm. thousands of travellers are still stranded at airports all across this country. as many as 1,500 more flights. you guessed it. canceled. that's today. the snow stopped falling and the flights are still being canceled. >> as for new york city, it's different. real real estate booneding hoer in this city very dwiblg despite
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snow total that is almost broke a record and were quite frankly very unexpected. >> streelgts are open. school is open. government is open. taxis are going. how did this happen? we're going to update you on a whole bunch more on that. every four years the state of iowa is the center of the political universe. my next guest calls it the happy hour of presidential politics. when we come back, an insider's view of campaigning, the caucusing, and the carnival atmosphere that keeps us coming back.
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they are just seven days away. i want to get the ewe view from the ground there right now. kyle munson with the gh register. he is a columnist. he is with me live. thank you so much for being with
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me. i appreciate this. >> if you want to drive that turnout. people are wondering the millenials for bernie or whatever block we're talking about, the temperatures -- those temperatures, it's like summer in terms of january in iowa. that is good news for candidates across the board. i like that you call it summer. tropical summer, being from winnipeg, canada. >> it's all relative. >> it's all relative, isn't it? i also want to talk to you a little bit about this final
9:20 am
week. a lot of people are saying i bet this is where it's going to stand. it can't change much. then you look at 2012, and you look at the gop and you look at their numbers, and one week out, mitt romney was leading those polls with 24% of the vote, and one week later mitt romney did not win that state. does that really happen one week out typically? >> the nail biter results are typical here in iowa. people are used to that. in fact, you mentioned romney. he was declared the winler if you remember on the night of the
9:21 am
caucuses, and then only afterward was santorum determined to have won by a slim margin. people make up their minds late in january. still a lot of undecided caucus goers out there. >> there will be another final poll to have that final poll taken on the race. >> as we get closer to the caucuses and the primaries, there's this -- there's this phrase that becomes part of our common parlance. it's ground game, ground game, ground game. we keep hearing that, how critical it is. i've read what you have said about the ground game there versus celebrity. senator cruz has phenomenal ground game, and donald trump has incredible celebrity. both of them are really
9:22 am
powerful, and i want to get your take on how powerful celebrity can be when it comes to elections. >> you know, it's questionable. i think it's certainly rallying thousands of people to an event. whether you are talking about a trump rally in different corners of the state or you are talking about demi lovato or katy perry or other celebrities that have come here on behalf of hillary clinton. susan ser an done is going to be here for bernie this week. even some of the candidates, you know, with ground game, like bernie among millenials or cruz among evangelicals, celebrity is used routinely here, and it has been for decades in iowa. the staying power, i think is in the ground game in, you know, giving reliable caucus goers out there. >> what's your feeling, though? kyle, honestly, there's such a difference between the celebrity endorsement versus the celebrity candidate. i mean, donald trump has been on television for years.
9:23 am
pushing people around and telling them they're fired. he has had ratings through the roof for that program, and i'm just wondering your folks in iowa, do they see the difference between the celebrity endorsement versus the celebrity candidate versus an incredible ground game and people who will show on your behalf? >> one of my favorite tweets was when sarah palin was endorsing trump. wefr the politician enturned reality tv star endorsing the reality tv star becoming politician. that sums up the puzzle here. the real question is whether i think the average voter, caucus goers who sees themselves as disenfranchised, will in the end buy into the whole trump argument. the billionaire fighting for the common person.
9:24 am
it's who will they reward in this anger against government and this whole notion of the outsider as a solution to our problems, which is different on the ground here this cycle than it has been. >> two days after the first monster snowstorm of the season, the city that expected to get the worst of it but did not is still more or less at a stand still, while the city that was pummelled beyond expectation and wasn't expecting snow is pretty much back to normal. we are going to take you live to washington, take you live to new york city, do a little compare and contrast right after the break. bend me shape me, any way you want me
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breaking news. i want to give you some pictures that are coming in from wjla in silver spring, maryland. what you are looking at is the sad result of a lot of snow on the roof of a church in silver spring. sadly, that roof was not able to with stand the weight of that snowfall, and it collapsed inward. i can tell you the good news is no one was injured despite the fact yesterday was sunday. we have no injuries. just a real mess. that's going to be a tough one for silver spring. that's in montgomery county, maryland where they reported up to 13 inches. we are told that the totals were closer to four inches, but you know how drifting can be. w-lying areas can be.
9:30 am
our thank you so wjla for the aerial shots they're providing for us. it's been a tale of two cities, though, if you look at the big weather picture with this massive blizzard. new york really bouncing back quickly. our nation's capital remains paralyzed. the school reez main closed. the federal buildings are shut tight. the house of representatives cancelling votes. >> side streets remain impassable in so many places. all of this as new york city is really back up and running, even though new york got a lot more snow than d.c. did and did not expect such. i want you to take a look at this. 26.8 inches of snow recorded in central park. that's the official measurement
9:31 am
place. 22.4 recorded in the district of columbia. you have team coverage for you on the recovery efforts. cnn's nick advance elia is live in d.c. jason carol is no new york's penn station. i want to begin with you, jason. giver me the overall picture and how new york did such a great job this time getting back up and running. >> well, you know, actually in terms of getting back up and running, out here at penn station, a little earlier it was a little tough doing that. they had trouble getting back at about 5:00 a.m. they thought they would have the trains going at full speed, full service. didn't happen. it took a while for some of the crews to get back out there, get those lines sorted out. for the situation right now, it's looking pretty much like new york city on any given day with the exception of these huge
9:32 am
mounds of snow. white mounds of snow that will soon be brown. it's because it's new york city. the trouble spots we're seeing out in -- out in queens, though, ashleigh, that's where we're still having issues, though. places like queens and brooklyn. that's definitely a concern. schools here in new york city are open. the mayor saying just allow for some extra time to get around. there into those areas, but, you know, for a city getting back on its feet, not too bad. ashleigh. >> not too bad. we were watching as the mayor and the governor of new york, all of them, saying just stay off the roads. nick valencia to you. things not going as planned in d.c.
9:33 am
it's a real problem. give me the rundown. i wouldn't say the city is at a stand still. traffic is starting to flow. we can show you some of that cleanup effort that has happened. when we were here about 5:00 a.m., this whole street, ashleigh, was covered in snow. in the last few hours, those cleanup crews have put in a lot of work to make sure these streets on pennsylvania avenue are flowing. of course, the effort has been very tedious. it's been treacherous on those roadways. the maryland highway patrol saying they have removed more than five million cubic feet of snow from those highways. the effort being compared to the place you are at right now, new york city, and it's comparing to washington wash. the mayor speaking about that earlier today. >> i would ask you to say are the roads clear, and the schools may be open, and is it a safe situation for those children to
9:34 am
get there. that's mayor diblasio's call. we know our conditions and what our roadways look like, and what it's like for our residents and children out there. we're making the best decision we can make here. >> it's a total unfair comparison. >>. >> you can see a lot of effort is still being put into clearing the snow. tons and tons of it. they brought in dozens of pieces of heavy equipment. much of it being taken to rfk stadium, former home of the washington red skinsz here. the effort really will last a lot more days here. tomorrow in the forecast, it is a bleak forecast. rain is expected. with the temperatures expected to drop around freezing, that could be an even bigger problem. perhaps flooding is a potential here in the nation's capital. >> i hope all your friends and neighbors have started the shovel organize finished it. once the sun comes out, that snow gets next to impossible.
9:35 am
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"yeah, completely painless." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. >> former new york mayor michael bloomberg is seriously considering entering the presidential race. as an independent candidate. two sources close to bloomberg tell cnn that nothing is decided and he won't decide until sometime next month. already still a lot of if's in that equation. sources told us in the past that bloomberg would run if it appeared donald trump or senator ted cruz would face off against senator bernie sanders.
9:40 am
neither trump nor sanders seemed phased by the possibility. cnn political analyst john avalon joins me live now. he is editor in chief for the daily beast. okay, john. it's not like the first time that we've had a really rich guy making an independent run and making lots and lots of headlines, but really not coming close to making an inroad to the presidency. i'm talking about ross perot. why are things any different now, and maybe how are they different now? why should this be taken seriously? >> sure. well, one big difference is the number of independents in the country has doubled since ross perot ran in 1992, and had a pretty respectable showing. was leading in the polls in the midsummer of 1992. there are 44% of americans now identified as independent, and that's more than democrats and republicans. there are 12 states where registered independents outnumber democrats and republicans, including iowa where the caucuses are, new hampshire, and swing states like florida. finally, 60% of americans say they want to see a third party
9:41 am
on the ballot. those are deep driving dynamics. aside from the surreal prospect of the republicans putting forward either trump and cruz, and then bernie sanders on the left of the democratic party. in that specific scenario, there really could be an opening for mike bloomberg, a successful governing record and candidate who can self-fund. it's a steep climb, and it's doable. that's itself kind of extraordinary. >> something that you write in your piece today is that the gop seems to have murdered its center right, and there will be those who say the same thing about bernie sanders going way too far to the left. the primary end caucusing process in had the u.s., all i have heard since i came to this fine country 20 kwleerz ago was how much worse it gets every time we are in this go-round. is this the problem? are we in serious need of how we pick our leaders because we can't get the ones we really want because we can't get the ones we want to get through the process in the beginning, like
9:42 am
at primary and the caucuses? >> the problem is deeper than the specific states and the specific order. the problem is that the two parties have become much more polarized than the american people writ large. that's why it's not a wince dense that the number of independents has doubled in a time that the parties have gotten more to the extreme. in low turnout contest, you get unrepresentative results, and then the general election nominees are further and further off center despite the fact that they have to reach out to the center to win the presidency and let alone govern effectively. there is a deeper dynamic. the rise of party -- it's created this deeper dynamic that is hitting a place where the two party system is facing a market failure. they are no longer working the way they traditionally have in mediating and being able to adopt to new constituencies. they are really off center, and that's why an opening for an independent candidate is here when normally there would not be. >> i recall that a colleague of
9:43 am
our soledad, o'brian -- supporting mitt wrom romney. it was one of his campaign stops if i recall talking about the etch-a-sketch factor. coming out of the primaries, you get etch-a-sketch. you shake it all up and start fresh, and you don't have to be so strident in your opinions. well, that's not good for us. how can that possibly be good for us? how can we not have a memory of that stuff? >> i think eric probably regrets making that comment, and i don't think it's accurate. donald trump is already trying to pivot to talking about how he can sit down and make deals. it's the pivot to strt. your foundation matters. how you introduce yourself in a campaign and to the american country matters. we do call b.s. on that contempt for our collective memory. high turn-out election tends to be more representative elections. if we allow the extremes to
9:44 am
hijack the process as they have in the two parties then we get results that alienate more people than they attract. people turn away because they think the game is rigged. this is why all this matters. why the dysfunction and the hyper-partisanship that we tolerate and cover as a circus is deeply corrosive to our partisanship. >> you wrote the book back in 2005. "end pint nation, how centrists can can change." >> you are like a wikipedia. that's why we love having you on. >> it's a creepy curse. thanks. >> it's a gift. come on. oh, john avalon, one of my favorites. you can tune in tonight, 9:00 eastern time, only on cnn. the democratic presidential town hall live from des moines, iowa. chris cuomo is going to moderate as the democratic parties answer questions from voters themselves. anything can happen, folks, in these town halls.
9:45 am
they're live. makes for great tv and very awkward times and some real treats too. make sure you check us out 9:00 eastern time. got to check some other top stories here as well. the michigan attorney general is using some very strong words and that crisis in flint, michigan. bill is announcing today that he is appointing a special prosecutor and retired detroit fbi chief to get to the bottom of the lead in the water crisis. he said he wouldn't bathe a newborn child in flint's water, and he called it a tragedy of immense proportion. this hour a judge is hearing the argument for a temporary restraining order. he is trying to stop teachers from using sick-outs to close dozens of schools there. the teachers have been calling out sick to try to bring attention to the crisis in detroit schools. the poor conditions and just look at those pictures. that should tell the story right there. lack of funds, infrastructure,
9:46 am
and more. >> isis has released a gruesome video featuring the final words of nine of the paris terrorists and showing some of them executing prisoners well before those attacks in paris. part of the video recorded prior to those november 13th attacks. in one video, which cnn is not showing, because of the propaganda nature it presents, one of the men confirms isis leader ordered the paris attacks himself. the storm is long gone, but could take days for the nation's air traffic to get back to normal. hundreds and hundreds of flights are still canceled today. we're going to take you live to reagan national when we come back and find out just how long it's going to be to change the green to go. we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months.
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man (mr. mucus: tore do you work, with it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 hours. let's end this
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very sad news out of
9:51 am
pennsylvania. they're reporting the second weather-related death in that state. an 18-year-old girl collapsed while shoveling snow. briana is her name, and she was 8 months pregnant. she's the second pennsylvania death because of this storm. there is a massive bakt in the world of travel as well because more than 1,500 airline flights today have added on. airports in washington and new york, the hardest hit. cnn renee marsh joining us now from reagan national airport in d.c. >> the problem is because it's not where it needs to be, there's going to be a delay, and there's still cancellations that passengers ifrl are dealing
9:52 am
with. looking ahead to tomorrow a lot less as far as cancellations go. i will tell you people here are getting on board flights. you take a look for yourself. people are getting their boarding passes. it's the same sort of scenario at dulles as well. i want you to listen in to two passengers who i spoke to just a short time ago. very happy that they too are going to be on their we shortly. >> eight caption las vegass. they've been rolling out. cancellation is over. i'm thrilled to be getting home and headed back to new orleans. >> is your flight on time? >> as of right now it looks good. i'm hopeful that it's going to be fine rash this is like the foult set of flights that they've put me on. i guess it's good i'm heading
9:53 am
back to vegas. airports in new york, philadelphia, baltimore, also resuming service. people need to realize the airlines have rebooked passengers. this process will go well into the week, ashleigh. >> coming up next, a lock-up in southern california. not such a good luck. three very, very dangerous men got out, and you won't believe how they did it. these three ob the lookout and do not go near them. they are accused of murder and torture. full story next.
9:54 am
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9:57 am
they may be armed, and they are definitely dangerous, and
9:58 am
three inmates who escaped from a maximum security jail in santa ana, california, have proven that they will do just about anything to escape. get a good look at these three faces. there is a $50,000 reward being offered for information that leads to their capture. they are extraordinary accused criminals. one accused of murder. another one accused of a kidnapping and a torture that would make you cringe. the details almost too vial to repeat on television. cnn's paul joining us now live from los angeles. these are very frightening people who are on the loose. what is the manhunt looking like right now, paul, to get these guys? >> one official described it as a full court press, desperate because of the extremely violent nature of all three of these escaped inmates. a very sophisticated plan that they pulled off. now we have confirmed that a fight was staged somewhere around the 8:00 p.m. head count at this jail, and this fight was
9:59 am
used as a tool to distract the guards and delay the head count. you can get a sense of how violent they are. awe looted to the inmates and some of the things they gotten involved in. among other things, as you said, one of them accused of murder. another of attempted murder. the other of basically torture, mayhem, and on and on. what the authorities are reminding everybody about -- you can see that right there. accused of kidnapping. this is the youngest of the three. he went ins a juvenile into the system, and also believed to be extremely dangerous. the third 43-year-old man, he involved an attempted murder, among other things, as well as selling meth.
10:00 am
they do not believe these inmates have any ties other than to meet each other in the tank in the swral. >> there is a good look at their faces. paul, thank you for that. thank you, everyone, for joining me. wolf blitzer starts right now. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's noon in des moines, iowa. 1:00 p.m. in new york. 7:00 p.m. in paris. wherever you are watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. >> we begin with brl politics. the iowa caucuses are just one week from today. the latest cnn poll of polls shows the race neck and neck in iowa with bernie sanders at 46%. hillary clinton at 44%. the poll is an arrivaling of the four most recent surveys. sanders is


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