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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 27, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PST

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valuables. and we'll tell you who the tech giant is blaming for the slowdown. a big welcome to our viewers from the u.s. and all around the world. i'm errol barnett, thank you for joining us as we kick off our next hour of cnn news room. who could have predicted this? the race for the white house is getting uglier. republican frontrunner donald trump says he will not show up for the next presidential debate on thursday and refuses to face fox news host megyn kelly who he says did not treat him well in the last debate. >> i am not a fan, i think she is not good at what she does. i think they can do a lot better than megyn kelly. when they sent out the presses, done by some pr person along
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with roger ailes, i said good-bye. >> wow, more on the dust-up and the testy history behind donald trump and fox news megyn kelly. >> hey, there, once again donald trump defying all the political campaign rules, making up new rules as he goes along. and this time, it's about the last debate before the iowa caucuses, scheduled for thursday night in iowa airs on the fox news channel. trump was supposed to be center stage. in fact, by 6:00 p.m., they announced a lineup, by 7:30, trump said he would not be there, would be skipping the debate. this is about months of controversy between fox and trump that all came to a head in the last few months. he believes one of the moderators, megyn kelly is biassed and should not be a moderator, but fox is sticking up for her saying there is no way they are going to remove her
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from the debate and she believes trump is trying to steer the debate. >> your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. you once told a contestant it would be a pretty picture to see one woman on her knees. does that sound like the temperament of somebody we should elect as president? >> trump was critical of her, saying she was unfair, fox responded with a highly unusual statement basically mocking trump and telling him to grow up, so trump responded by saying go on, have your debate without me. it is as if these two are at loggerheads, seeing if either side will blink, on the one side you have donald trump, the frontrunner, who has used television very effectively who has grown up as a billionaire, knows how to use the media. and you have the chairman, roger
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ailes, standing by megyn kelly, refusing to play by donald trump's rules. of course, now the debate is less than two days away. some of them are curious if it is bluster from trump and whether or not he may show up. he is inviting other networks to broadcast his show. >> two networks show where he stands, he dominates the field in a new national survey, you see it there with 41 support among the republican voters in the latest poll, obviously more than double the support for ted cruz, meanwhile, in iowa, trump leads cruz, within the quinnipiac numbers, well within the margin of error, his opponent pounced on him for pulling out of the debate,
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making seven stops, they warn if he wins the caucuses, he will likely win the nomination. then cruz threw down a challenge. >> i think anyone running for president of the united states owes it to the people of iowa to have the humility to come in front of you, to make the case, to answer the hard questions and look you in the eyes. this is a job interview, the president of the united states works for each and every one of you. if he is unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses. >> so things are definitely heating up. joining me now, two cnn political commentators, jeffrey lord on the right is a former white house political director
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and a trump supporter, in har s harrisburg, pennsylvania, welcome to you both. jeffrey, let's start with you. donald trump says he will not attend thursday's gop debate because fox is unfair and host megyn kelly is biassed. do you agree and how is this not being thin-skinned? >> well, you know, i have to say i was really amazed at the fox statement with the whole deal with putin and ayatollahs or whatever they said. suddenly, it seemed to be you know anti-trump, if you will, taking a side. i just was sort of surprised that they would do that. number two, i think that this is going to appear to people as the media in the larger sense, fox in the specific sense going after donald trump and donald trump standing up to them. i mean, this is a pretty bold thing to do. it reminded me i said earlier today when i learned of this to
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ronald reagan firing the air traffic controllers or walking out of the summit with gorbachev. so when they do this and draw a line in the sand and say no further and they mean it, they get an enormous public reaction to it which is generally favorable. >> peter, who do you think about that? even without the debate, he will still have the main focus, might he gain support with this unconventional move? because he has in the past. >> i find that analogy between what he has just done, and the comparison between the air traffic controllers just absurd. there are principles at stake, whether it has to do with nuclear arms or labor movements. trump has had a thing about megyn kelly ever since she asked him a hard question at that first debate and he is clearly not over it and now is angry that fox kind of made fun of
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him. there is no larger issue here. it is pure ego, it may well work out well for him, but to suggest there is any larger issue of ego, is laughable. >> senator ted cruz is now hitting trump hard following him by far for the polls. as we just saw he is challenging now to a one-on-one debate. and in a new campaign ad, saying trump has new york valuing. watch this. >> views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different, like on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial-birth abortion. >> and what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, values that are not ours. >> do you think talking tough
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will work for cruz? >> i don't know, i think the republican party, had it gone hard on trump on some of these issues that he flip-flopped on, and secondly, the workers, with what barack obama did effectively to mitt romney may have had an effect. but it may be too late at this point, given to a large degree the republican candidates have focused on one another. >> and jeffrey, what do you make of the cruz line of attack? >> well, the ad, frankly, i don't think it's going to go very far. the line there about people of iowa being stupid or whatever got an enormous amount of publicity in the day and quite clearly taken out of context. and anybody watching television in iowa would know that. so i really think that kind of thing can backfire. i have to say having been around my share of campaigns this is fairly typical for a campaign
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that wants to get a debate, and senator cruz is doing what is fairly typical, which frankly i find fairly unusual for him. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. and in the democratic presidential race bernie sanders will meet with u.s. president obama on wednesday. the white house is calling this meeting informal, however, it does come days after mr. obama heaped praise on bernie sanders's rival, hillary clinton. he says he will not attend the debate in new hampshire, not sanctioned by the democratic national committee. now, you can find much more on the race for the white house on our website, the main page is now, the fbi has arrested several protesters in the u.s. who have occupied a federal wildlife refuge in oregon for weeks now.
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ammon bundy, along with others, are facing charges, and lavoy finicum was involved as well. shots were fired during the arrest but it's not clear who fired first. the group has been protesting u.s. federal land policies which they claim are illegal. the debate over europe's migrant crisis is escalating as eu states struggle to cope with the steady influx. denmark is defending crucial measures that would allow the assets and reunification. denmark says it is to ensure that the asylum-seekers pay into the country's welfare system. >> the issue is that our government needs to take care of denmark until we get a european
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or worldwide solution. and denmarkers are more attractive than countries around us and we need to balance this so we can accept the people who are in need of help but so that we also protect our country. >> now, let's break this down for you. the measure would allow danish authorities to take the migrants' values, and would delay the reunification for one to three years, and also strict permanent residency requirements will get even tougher. denmark's policies are expected to continue. >> we don't accept it. we condemn it. we are going to keep protesting against this new law. in >> i think there is a general sense of hopelessness, because many refugees in denmark and the
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west because they believe in human rights and democracy and they believe that they will find it here. >> amnesty international called denmark's legislation a dismal race to the bottom. >> the decision to give danish police the authority to search and confiscate values from the asylum-seekers, runs the risk of fuelling sentiments of fear and discrimination, rather than promoting solidarity for people in need of protection. >> now, take a look at this, more than 47,000 refugees have entered europe in just the first few weeks of 2016. more than a million entered last year, the vast majority, more than 45,000, have landed in greece. now, winter weather has not stopped the flow of migrants but it is even making their lives
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harder. we are joined now from amman with more on what she found. the winter conditions are a major concern for folks living in that camp. how is everyone holding up? >> reporter: errol, this week, we've seen temperatures drop to below freezing weather, you have seen snow and heavy rain, so we traveled north to the refugee camp, the country's largest refugee camp to see how people were dealing with winter and life in general. it's cold, it's grim and unforgiving. this is winter in jordan's refugee camp. this family has lived through three winters here. for them, the season means time for traditions from home, they sing the song for syria. ♪ ♪ ♪ syria, don't forget us, we will
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return, hope is still alive, they sing. but these are just words, the family doesn't think they will ever see syria again. 18-year-old assia would like to go to europe or canada, living here is not a life, it's an existence, she says. mussa and his wife say they will not risk their children's lives to go to europe, instead, they will wait to be resettled by the united nations. >> europe is an alien concept for them. they're scared. and for them to put their lives and children's lives at risk to make this perilous journey, wouldn't it be far better to provide the support to countries like lebanon, jordan and turkey, to give these countries the ability to do what they want to do which is provide protection. >> reporter: this refugee camp here in the past three years has evolved with a city of sorts with markets, restaurants and
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schools. there are weddings that take place here daily and 50 to 60 babies are born here every week. this camp is the only home 9 month-old faddah has ever known. when her family fled, they thought it would be only for a few months, that was in 2012. of course, we expect to return, even if it doesn't happen until this baby turns 60 we will continue to hope, he says. with no end in sight of the conflict back home people old and young can only wonder how many winters like this they will have to endure. >> and errol, this country of very little resources is hosting about 1.4 million syrian refugees. and the majority of them are not living in camps like this family, they're urban refugees who live in cities and towns across the country.
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and these are the ones they are the most concerned about, the ones who are the most vulnerable especially in times like these, in the winter. >> all right, live for us this morning, in amman, jordan. thank you. and turkey is threatening to boycott peace talks on syria if the democratic piece party is invited. the officials believe that group is a terrorist organization and don't want them at the negotiation table when the peace talks begin friday in geneva, switzerland, at this point it is not clear if the kurdish party was invited since the list of those attending has not been made public. the zika virus has spread to a new continent. coming up, more on this dangerous disease and what health officials are trying to do to stop it. plus, under fire, we'll look at why students must take a
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virginity test to keep their funding. also, growth and sales, we'll tell you what else this tech company is predicting. stay with us.
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now, as we told you for the first time last hour denmark is now reporting europe's first case of the zika virus. according to reuters' news agency it was a tourist in central south america. president obama met on tuesday to call for more research on zika as it spreads around the world. at this moment, the cdc wants pregnant women to avoid 25 countries so they can avoid getting this mosquito-borne virus. the cdc says that cases of the zika virus has been identified in about 32 countries around the world. the health officials were alerted after a case was found in brazil last may. puerto rico reported their first confirmed case in december. now, health officials in several countries including brazil which is considered ground zero for the outbreak are warning women to not get pregnant. zika has been linked to a birth
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disorder. shasta darlington has more. >> reporter: we're here in the state considered ground zero in brazil's health crisis really in a swarm of the virus. this is where it was first detected, where doctors discovered the link with this virus and a huge surge in birth defects, nearly 4,000 babies have been born with microcephaly. and to give you an idea, more than 50 babies are born with microcephaly, a neurological disorder that leads to serious problems in their life. here, this accounts for about 40% of those cases to the point that we're getting doctors and health officials warning women not to get pregnant, to put off pregnancy if they can. there are no evacueevaccines, t no cure, the hit officials are
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trying to combat the mosquito to transmits this virus. the health ministry says they're dedicating 2,000 troops going door-to-door to look for the stagnant pools of water where the mosquito breeds, also to hand out repellant to pregnant women. this of course comes at a terrible time when you think about the olympic games that are to happen here, and the officials will minimize the risk ahead of the games and during the games and will inspect the venues every day to make sure they are not building up mosquitos. also they are betting on the weather, since the mosquitos come in the drier, cooler month of august they hope that the weather will help to blow away the virus. joining me now from dallas is cnn medical analyst dr. seema yasmin. doctor, thank you for joining us and speaking with us about this today. all of a sudden it seems like this zika virus started to
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spread quickly. the cdc says now it causes microcephaly in newborns, which for this type of virus is actually very new. explain this. >> yes, errol we have to explain the link between this birth defect and the microcephaly has not been proven by the studies. so what the brazilian studies are doing, they say since the massive outbreak they're seeing since last may and a very big number of babies born with smaller heads and brains. so we need to wait for proof on what is suspected. but it is concerning to the health officials in the u.s. and other nations to say that women should not travel to a list of countries, and the list keeps growing, whether there is a potential harm that it could do to the fetus. >> and why is this virus spreading quickly now? >> probably a few reasons, we
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are doing surveillance now, but it could have been causing sickness before and we were not seeing it. another reason it could be seen in such large numbers is because it could be really hard to control this type of mosquito, and we have not seen these numbers before. it is kind of like a catch 22 problem, where the general population doesn't have the immunity, so more people are becoming sick right now, and there are big outbreaks for a growing number of countries. >> well, toronto researchers estimate that some 63% of americans live in places where zika may spread when the seasons change and things warm up. the scary thing seems to be 80% of people with the virus show no symptoms. so what can we all do to make sure we do not get it? >> it really comes down to avoid getting bitten by mosquitos in the first place. sadly, we saw it with ebola, where we were ten steps behind the disease, and same with this, we don't have a vaccine or
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medicines that can treat it. so you need to make sure you don't get infected in the first place, these bugs really get around. you have to make sure your home area, outside the home doesn't have standing water where the mosquitos can breed. and it's very important to remember that the mosquitos bite during the daytime. so during daylight hours even when it's hot outside it's really important to cover up, wear long sleeves and insect repellant. i have even more bad news with the mosquitos, with the zika virus, they can come in doors, as well, they like to come indoors. make sure your windows are intact. >> well, it's always good to have somebody as calm as you, dr. seema yasmin, our cnn analyst, joining us from dallas. thank you. some college students who won a scholarship in south
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africa must meet a new requirement. they have to be virgins, we'll learn the reason behind this. plus, what is stopping iran from expanding its biggest gas field. we'll take a stroll through the big complex. more details after this of the t.
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welcome back to viewers watching in the states and all around the world, this is "cnn news room." i'm errol barnett, it's my last half hour with you today so let's check the headlines. donald trump says he will skip fox news presidential debate, just the latest in the feud between the republican
12:32 am
frontrunner between donald trump and fox host megyn kelly. trump says that kelly is biassed against him. and denmark is reviewing the policies with migrants, denmark can confiscate their valuables and more protests against the measures are expected. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in china at the moment. earlier he held a news conference with the chinese foreign minister, kerry said that their nuclear ambitions topped their talks, and they agree that life could be different if pyongyang abandoned their weapons program. >> if pyongyang will instead choose a different path they can open the door to sanctions relief, economic cooperation, energy and food aid. more direct humanitarian assistance. and a whole range of other possibilities. >> now, to south africa, where a
12:33 am
scholarship program has sparked outrage over its required virginity testing. cnn correspondent david mckenzie joins us from johannesburg. david, i should explain that part of this is their culture, still, the fact that a scholarship should be based on something so personal has fired up many critics there. >> reporter: well, that is right, errol, and tradition here in south africa is always a touchy subject, some are for it, some are against it here in south africa. but this is a scholarship for poor, young rural women who are trying to get to university, that it is contingent that they are virgins. we went to the town in question and spoke to the mayor behind the plan. these are some of the final days at home. spending time with her grandmother and young sister before she heads to the city for
12:34 am
college. an accomplished student, tubi won a government scholarship, one of the main requirements, that she remain a virgin. >> we're keeping ourselves from boys. >> reporter: to stay with the program, she must submit to virginity tests during her college years, if she fails, she may be out. >> i must study hard. >> reporter: tubi is known as a maiden in zulu culture, where virginity testing is common practice. here, the rules are common, but others say the scholarship rulings are invasive and sexist. >> you're saying it's discrimination, because it's based on someone being a virgin. >> i just need to support them. >> reporter: the mayor thought up the only virgin scholarships. she was a teen mother herself.
12:35 am
>> we have tried many ways to keep down this teenage pregnancy, and now, the infection of hiv and aids. >> reporter: and nothing is working? >> nothing is working. >> reporter: in this part of south africa, the odds are stacked against students finishing school, especially girls, so-called sugar daddies prey on young women, especially for sex, when young girls drop out they get pregnant. >> they can't refuse to have sex with an older person, they can't even instruct an old man to wear a condom. >> reporter: there are complaints lodged against the program with the country's human rights commission. >> well, i tell them that it is no worry, it's my choice. >> reporter: tubi says the virgin scholarship is her choice, her only chance to get into college. >> well, the mayor says there
12:36 am
are around 16 young girls who have gotten the scholarship to go to university in just the coming days but they want to expand that to hundreds into the next years. their argument is in south africa, if you have a child, if you are poor, you get a government grant. but there is no incentive from the government if you maintain your studies without getting pregnant. now, this may be offensive to many, many people but they say that in south africa and particularly in the district, around half of pregnant women have hiv aids and they have been trying hard to find solutions. many say this is not the solution but that is what they came up with. errol? >> yeah, and david as i read coverage on this, it seems people agree with the motivation on why they want to do something like that but the uncomfortable truth here is there is no way despite what tradition says to determine if a girl or a woman is a virgin. i mean, regular non-sexual activity can change a girl's
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body in a way that may make it seem that she is not a virgin. has anyone raised that point? >> reporter: well, they did raise that point and we asked them. and this is a long-standing tradition, particularly among the zulu population in this type of world. but it is a question of being invasive against the girl's privacy. but tubi says she in fact chose to be on this program. she says it's a matter of pride for her to be part of this culture. and now it has helped her to go to college. but she would not have gone to college was it not for this setup, and should she lose her virginity to put it bluntly, or in their mind, lose her virginity, she would lose her funding. it's a type of concept that people may be surprised looking at social media at this issue.
12:38 am
there are deep rural issues in south africa that are not being sought out. and this mayor, as many people say, she is coming from the right place, whether this is the solution, certainly, many people say it is not. but what is the solution, errol? >> and that is a great point to highlight. despite the outrage, folks have to understand that these girls are deciding to go along with it. it is mixed in their culture and it is something they are choosing to do feeling as if this will make a difference for them. interesting story, david mckenzie, in johannesburg. thank you. and officials say the fbi has charged 23-year-old sammy muhammad with illegally possessing guns, a criminal complaint says to hamza plotted an attack at a interpretle hoping to kill at least 30
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people. in california, the reward is up to $200,000 leading to the arrest of these fugitive inmates, authorities have added officers to the search, saying that the three cut metal and repelled out of the county jail. this is just incredible. the men are considered extremely dangerous. now, movie fans around the world are mourning the loss of actor vigoda, who died at the age of 94. vigoda is probably known best for his breakout role in the godfather films. he was a stage actor before getting the call about the call. he also starred in the show "barney miller." actor, abe vigoda, dead at the age of 94. sales of iphone have slowed down. we'll tell you how investors
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sales of apple phone are selling at the slowest growth ever, and investors are not impressed by the report. cnn's samuel burke has more. >> reporter: it's really a fascinating story because here apple has record-breaking profit of $18.4 billion and the market is frowning. that is because apple, at the end of the day, it's the iphone company, and even though they sold 75 million iphones in the last quarter that was actually the slowest rate of growth for the iphone since they debuted for 2007. so imagine going to your boss and you say well, i sold four million this quarter, and the next quarter eight million, and you go to your boss and only you
12:44 am
sell 2 million, well investors are not going to be happy because they're thinking about the long-term. another reason investors are not so happy with this report apple says for the first time they see economic softening, they called it, in china, and apple has invested so much money in china. now, tim cook, the ceo of apple, sounds upbeat and says things will look better as the year moves on. analysts are thinking though, that maybe the apple's high-flying days of growth stock are coming to an end. i'm sample burke in new york, back to you. the u.s. federal reserve is wrapping up a two-day meeting, expected to leave rates unchanged amid the global concerns of rates. there are concerns they could drag down the u.s. economy. the fed predicted the rate would accelerate this year and raise
12:45 am
rates by a quarter point in december. now, oil prices are back above $30 a barrel, but that doesn't seem to make european investors happy. stocks fell at the opening wednesday, here is a look for you. there is not a lot of movement. the london ftse up a fraction, and paris up a third, while, zurich up a percentage. tokyo's nikkei up three quarters of a percent, and sidney, pulling back more than 4%. and despite the numbers, iran continues to open new refineries in an effort to build
12:46 am
movement. cnn's frederik pleitgen has more. >> reporter: even from far away, the flames mark the most ambitious project there, the complex has several working refineries. this one was opened only two weeks ago. the maintenance workers make sure everything is functioning. >> just a minor problem, you know, not major problem. for example, changing the gaskets. and some repairing activities on the pumps and the equipment. >> reporter: the complex services the south gas field which lies in the persian gulf. it is the biggest gas field in the world, with around a thousand of 8 trillion cubic feet of reserves. despite the worry iran is moving ahead with this facility. it will not just be refineries, there will be several ports and
12:47 am
petro companies, making this one of the biggest complexes of its kind in the world. construction is at full swing at other sites in the complex. sanctions against iran held the project up but they never stopped the development, says the project director of one facility. >> we have found a solution for each problem we faced. regarding the sanctions. but you can see that in the five years, it will be more than five years, we have built this big plant. this is $4.5 billion worth of a project. >> reporter: now that most sanctions have been lifted those in charge of the mega complex want to accelerate construction, even though the managing director says it will continue to rely mostly on iranian suppliers. >> we have more than 65, more about 70, the iranians did the local manufacturing, for
12:48 am
example, cables for the valves, for the vessel, the tank, for the machine. >> reporter: iran is poised to become one of the biggest exporters of oil and gas in the world. now that most of the sanctions against tehran have been lifted. the south gas field and this mega refining complex are key to the country's future hydrocarbon strategy. frederik pleitgen, iran. and more secrets are hidden under a mansion that once belonged to drug lord pablo escobar, we'll show you what they uncovered after this of the "why are you checking your credit score?"
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. now, in the state of wisconsin, folks really love their cheese, but thieves stealing truckloads of it explosi? yeah, that happened. $90,000 worth of parmesan was taken from a distribution center earlier this month. a week later, a man stole a truck with about $70,000 worth of cheddar, police cannot figure this out but say they will keep looking for the cheese bandits.
12:53 am
and the owners of pablo escobar's mansion say that they are dying to look inside. >> as the former home of the colombian cocaine king continues to come crashing down, a mysterious find. a safe tucked away underneath the concrete. >> this is what we were looking for all along to find something of this nature. >> reporter: it was discovered as the new property owners tore down a 7300 square foot pink bay mansion, once owned by drug lord pablo escobar. >> he could not hear me because the machine was loud.
12:54 am
he said what is up, i said what? >> the safe was uncovered as one of the last walls was coming down, found in this area of awht used to be the front steps of the mansion, a crew captured the whole thing. >> we'll have to figure out where, but that will be the fun thing. >> reporter: a gold mine of mystery for now, and after one safe already disappeared from the property this one is sealed and sent away for safe keeping, until it's time to take a look. >> we could find gold, diamonds, it's going to be good entertainment. so we're super excited. >> i'm guessing it's stacks of cash, but who knows? you know, the recent rains in california enhanced by el nino are making a dent in some properties. what is happening? >> yeah, errol, some people are forced to evacuate where literally their properties are
12:55 am
standing on the edge of the pacific ocean, multi-million dollars, you said, you take a look at the close perspective where this is in the town of pacifica just south of san francisco there, a closer perspective showing you the particular property with video. there it is right there literally taking this image from march of 2015, you can see several meters before the clip drops off. and i want to show you the video of this same exact spot. there is that cliff, the actual property as it hangs right over the edge and people again being forced to evacuate over this region. showing you other apartment complexes that are forcing some 20-plus residents out of their properties as the waves continue to hit the coastline in the past couple of weeks. of course we know el nino really ramping up as we head to february. and we see again can you imagine coming outside and that being your patio, and folks are dealing with leaving their properties behind because of the danger in place there. with the active weather pattern
12:56 am
we see coming in one storm after another into early january, and places like the pacifica town location we showed you there this year, almost seven inches coming down, as a whole here california still struggles to get out of the drought situation, about 70% of the state under extreme drought at this point, errol. still puts about 36 million people in a drought situation across california but again gradually going to chip away at this. this unfortunately comes at an expense of causing property damage there as well. >> yeah, and for the folks losing their homes, paradise has its costs, pedram, thank you. >> and for those of you watching, remember, i'm errol barnett, you can connect with me any time on twitter. for everyone else, max foster is
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next with more cnn news room. .
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donald trump goes to war with fox news, boycotting the network's next gop presidential debate. the news channel now blasting the republican front-runner. will hillary clinton get another chance to take on bernie sanders face-to-face before the new hampshire primary? a militia man shot dead after a shoot-out with the fbi. good morning. i'm john berman. >> and i'm christina romans. nice to see you. it's 4:00


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