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tv   Anderson Cooper 360 Post Debate Special  CNN  January 28, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PST

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midnight, the iowa caucuses now just a bit more than three days away. normally when there's a debate how all of it might shape the outcome on monday. first a look at the key moments from the debate he boycott in the. >> bernie sanders is a social list. i think he is a good president for sweden. we don't want to be sweden. we want to be the united states of america. hillary clinton is disqualified. because hillary clinton -- hillary clinton's stored classified information on her private server and hillary clinton lied to the families of those four brave americans who lost their life in ben gazie can
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never be kplander in chief of the united states. >> two of your former top aids go on trial in may for fraud and conspiracy, the politically motivated closure of lanes to the bridge. another aid who will likely testify for the government says you knew about this whole deal. can the gop take the chance of nominating you with this scandal out there sir? >> sure because there's been three different investigations and i knew nothing. the fact is what i did do from the beginning as soon as i found out about it i fired the people responsible and that's what you expect from a leader. do you know why the republican party will want to take a chance on me? because they never hillary clinton will never be prosecuted by this department and they want to put someone on stage to prosecute her.
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the days for the clintons in public housing are over. >> you have suggested that bill clinton's history with women is fair game in this mpaign. how do you answer those who say you don't hold the sins of the husband against the wife? >> you know, i've never really brought this up unless asked a question, but i have responded to the question. i don't blame hillary clinton at all for this. i don't think she's responsible for his behavior, but i do think that her position as promoting women's rights and fairness to women in the workplace that if what bill clinton did any ceo in our country did with an intern with a 22-year-old intern in their office, they would be fired. they would never be hired again. >> first of all, i think it's important that when we're running for the highest office in the land that we recognize that we're living in dangerous times and we have to be serious about it. donald trump, i mentioned his
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name again if anybody was missing him, mr. trump believed that in reaction to people's fears that we should ban all muslims. that's a create a toxic environment in our country. you can't do that without the cooperation of the muslim world because they're as threatened as we are. i think it's important to be careful about the language that we use which is why i've been critical of donald trump disparaging women and hispanics. that's not a sign of strength. we're not going to win elections if we don't have a broader more unifying message. >> i was there and i saw the debate. i saw ted cruz say we'll take citizenship off the table and the bill would pass. he can't have it both ways, but what is insulting is that he is the king of saying oh you're for am nesty. everybody is except for ted cruz, but it's a falseness and that's a problem.
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this is the lie that ted's campaign is built on and rand touched on it. he's a conservative guy and everyone else is a ryan owe. the truth is you've been willing to say or do anything to get votes. you worked for george bush's campaign. you helped design his immigration policy. >> joining us again for the hour is chief national correspondent john king, chief political analyst and former obama advisor, chief correspondent and commentators and a bush supporter and a friend to marco rubio and republican strategist. now we're over the midnight mark here on the east coast. you now have three days until the caucuses begin. what are these going to be doing over the next three days? who is within striking distance.
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marco rubio has been doing well in the polls. he's gone up in the last month. who has a shot? >> it's cruz and trump and they're kind of neck and neck. rubio is back in the third and the rest are somewhere else and i think right now this is a fight about getting out those evangelical voters which are so important to cruz. trump is to get out his solid supporters. he's the one with the most solid support. more than half of his voters say they're not going to change their minds, be they're solid for trump, no matter whether he appeared at this debate or not, but there are lots of undecided voters in iowa. trump has to get out all his voters and he doesn't need those undecided voters. cruz has to get those people to go to him and maybe leave ben
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cars carson. sometimes collision as are true, which is turnout. it's all about turnout. >> in the final days they'll be everywhere. they'll be campaigning everywhere. you try to use the rallies to pick up the undecideds. your main thing is touch base again and again and again and again and again with the people you know you go the. make sure they got their time right, caucus site ride, do you need a ride, baby-sitting. because you would like to pick up more, but the one thing is you can't lose what you have. >> there's one big event that is going to happen on saturday which is the des moines register poll which is the most respected poll in the iowa caucuses comes out and it will send a signal where this race is at. if someone is shown as having momentum in that poll i think it
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will propel the momentum. there's one big story line. if cruz loses in iowa, i think his candidatesy is in trouble. the other story is does marco rubio have a good night and emerge as the clear alternative of the sort of establishment republicans and rolls into new jersey anew hampshire and has a good night there. >> do all of them survive through to new hampshire? >> i think one thing that makes iowa different this year, especially for ted cruz, when santorum won iowa, they did not face the negativeitynegativity. so if this race is between trump and cruz, the fact that cruz is standing where he is today and if he does in fact win or even if it's close, the fact that he's in that position despite all the nonsense that donald trump has thrown at him also
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from the establishment given the unprecedented anti-endorsement by the governor and others, that speaks to the standing power that cruz has. >> i think that's a rather ineffective argument for ted cruz. i think one of his worst moments today was when he stood up there and said you're getting jeb to pick on cruz you're getting marco to pick on cruz. he sounded whiney. you're running for president of the united states. man up. >> after having worked for cruz and seeing how this energizes his supporters when they view an attack on cruz among conservatives as an attack on their values. when they saw this coming after cruz, they're more encouraged. >> let's play it. >> chris, i would note that the last four questions have been rand please attack ted, marco
9:09 pm
please attack ted, jeb please attack ted. let me just say this -- >> it is a debate, sir. >> no a debate is a policy issue. if you guys ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> ted cruz attacking the moderators was nothing new. it doesn't seem to play ta well in the room tonight. >> when he with attacked them before, he attacked them for attacking other people. now he was talking about his own treatment. i want to make a point where he is positioned here. the fact is that ted cruz went after the evangelicals and social conservatives and that's what wins the iowa caucuses. santorum won. that's been the history of the iowa caucuses. if you donald trump who is completely allen to iowa walks
9:10 pm
away with the caucuses i think he comes out with a tremendous -- >> let's think about. it's incredible that he's leading with evangelicals in national polls. you think back to the faith and values, the first one that was held i remember reading after that event where donald trump talked about drinking the wine and cracker and not talking about that he seeks out forgiveness. he's basically written off the evangelical vote. >> then he went down with two cor enthee ans. trump and sarah palin. he's tried to bolster his credibility through other people and even speaking at liberty was something he was trying do. i think the thing we ought to be watching too is rubio in third and the point about going on to new hampshire, sometimes new hampshire is a little contrary and crangy about what happens in
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iowa. it doesn't necessarily mean -- >> before we get to that, can i make a point about get out the vote which is that cruz has a very traditional get out the vote operation, make the call, touch back, no we're there, donald trump's people claim that he has a very mysterious master plan, but we don't know much about it. he has a very seasoned veteran who are are working there and i i was there on the ground, there's not an over get out the vote effort. he's hoping that the same kind of excitement that draws people out and waits three hours -- >> they're probably sitting next to his policy agenda. >> we're going to take a break. what donald trump told said before he sat down in the debate tonight. did the candidates have the facts straight. we with have a claim ted cruz made ahead.
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welcome back. we hold a lot of bold claims on the debate stage tonight, no question there. the real question is how well do the words honor the fact. >> we had our best reality check in team and television is looking at these claims. let's look at this one from ted cruz on obamacare. it's one we heard often that it was a big job killer. >> we have seen in six years of obamacare it has been a
9:16 pm
disaster. it is the biggest job killer in this country. >> millions of americans have lost their job, biggest job killer. is that true? they found very small percentage of employers shifted staffers to part time, another small percentage might have not hired folks they would have otherwise. that offset by people who were hired from full time to part time. our judgment on this one is that claim is false. let's go to rand paul on meta data collection. this is a big issue for both parties. here was his claim. >> the bulk collection of your phone data did not stop terrorist attack. >> did not stop one terrorist attack. you may remember when bulk data was revealed. that talking point actually disappeared over time from a lot of hard questioning, but even
9:17 pm
the president's own intelligence reform commission found it not to be true. just one case for material tert for terrorism that was prevented. we judge this was a true claim. marco rubio cap and trade. who're is what he said tonight about his record. >> if they're going to impose this on us, i have never supported cap and trade. >> never supported and never thought it was a good. let's look at his record in the state. in 2008 he said he believed cap and trade was inef able that and that florida should act quickly to become a complier. later he wanted to give them a man for cap and trade. later they voted to pass that man date. this is false. ben carson talking about government regulation. he made this claim about the number of new pages of
9:18 pm
regulations. >> there were an additional 81,000 pages of government regulations. >> in fact there are groups that count this kind of stuff. he went on to claim that would be as tall as a two story building. so we like to do math here. we did some measuring. 500 sheets of paper. that's two inches. 30 feet is 360 inches. picture 180 of these stacked on top of each other, not to put too fine a point on it we'll round it up here and we'll give him that 8389 pages and rate this claim as true from ben carson. >> all right. thanks very much. i'm terrible at math. i'm glad somebody else did that. that will sell the carson campaign. >> at least he's winning something. >> what has happened to him? >> i asked him that two weeks ago. >> i hope you phrased it more
9:19 pm
positive literally. >> not really. he was honest he said san bernardino and paris. >> i know why he would say that, but if you look at what happened before that he was coming under a lot of scrutiny over his by olfy. at that time he said he will produce people to verify the account in my book. he never did that. the terrorist attacks happened and people forgot about it. >> he weathered the biopart and i've never seen candidates he kept saying because foreign policy and national security have come to the top of the issue list. what candidate does that? i think that showed a lack of polish and it really -- >> his organization melted like
9:20 pm
sugar cubes. his campaign has fallen apart. he got this far based on personality. people like the guy. at some point you need an organization. you need troops. you need that helps you do crisis management and communication and all of that fell through. >> it is sad what happened to him because people abandoned him and a lot of people made money off of him. that was unfair to that candidate. >> everything is a reflection and when a candidate let's that happen that's a sign he's not ready. >> he's proven politics is not brain surgery. >> he said to me on one occasion when i first met him that there was no problem with his background. he said hear going to look and they're not going to find anything and as this has gone on that if you're going to win in a battle, the first person you
9:21 pm
should know about is yourself. so while he thought that, clearly there's lots there in terms of his knowledge base and foreign policy that he didn't have and organization -- >> so in terms of we talked a little bit people over the next couple of days before iowa, how many people -- everybody automatically goes on to new hampshire. >> not everybody. >> huckabee doesn't. >> the trump rally may be on a way to their vacation. >> huckabee said he would drop out. >> it's pretty hard if they're -- if somehow huckabee and san or um surge up. i think carson will be a question. iowa is his strongest state right now. >> he's raised a lot of money. >> he has raised a lot of money. >> he's spent a lot of money. >> that's a conversation for very late monday night. until then, whatever they get,
9:22 pm
but because of where cruz is and trump are so close, whatever carson who has been around 8% and huckabee and santorum are 1% or 2% each. if they get nine or ten, that's coming from something. >> how many move forward after new hampshire? >> one thing we should discuss is the guy we haven't talked about who has actually become conventional is john kasich. he's had the greatest momentum in new hampshire. he's been endorsed by seven of the eight newspapers. he's moving up in the polls. is a big problem for marco rubio because rubio has to dominate that lane of the republican party. if john kasich should move in front of him in new hampshire, that's a big problem. >> let's hold that thought. i need to take break. also coming up next what donald trump said just before he went on stage, a really fascinating
9:23 pm
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welcome back. before the break we were talking about john kasich. you were saying that he may be the one to watch. >> he's been very disciplined. he'll get the safe driver award in this campaign because he just stays in his lane focus in the on new hampshire. he has a different tone. it's more suited to new hampshire where independents vote. and he's slowly moved up in a way that i think is menacing to the other center right establishment candidates. so he travelled to iowa for one reason which was to talk to new hampshire. he was no the talking to the people of iowa. >> i spent some time with him last week in new hampshire. he was there with his wife and daughters. it's true that he is -- he's
9:28 pm
talking their talk and speaking their language. chris christie is too, but he's not -- they're both following the john mccain 2008 model. move to new hampshire. don't leave. talk to everybody you can. have town hall after town hall. >> i think the bar though for kasich and christie is higher than for rubio or jeb. why? because they have put resources in south carolina. the only way that kasich or christie can move on to south carolina is propelled by the momentum of a big night there. >> christie used to be the so called truth teller in this race, but. >> over shadowed. >> to a great degree. let's not ignore the obvious. it was mentioned tonight he was considered right after the 2014 election the front-runner for the nomination and then they
9:29 pm
shut the bridge down. >> right. >> and they shut down his ambitions in many ways. he's done a great job of rehabilitating himself in this race. >> timing can be so important. >> let's play that sound you're referencing. >> governor christie, two of your former top aids go on trial in may for fraud and conspiracy in the bridge case, the politically motivated closure of lanes to the george washington bridge. another former aid who has already pleaded guilty and will testify says you knew about this whole deal. can the gop take the chance of nominating you? >> there's been three different investigations that have proven that i knew nothing and the fact is that what i did do -- what i did do from the beginning as soon as i found out about it i fired the people who were responsible and that's what you expect from a leader. you know why the republican
9:30 pm
party will want to take a chance on me? because they know hillary clinton will never be prosecuted by this department and they will want to put a former federal prosecutor on stage to prosecute her. she will never get within ten miles of the white house. the days for the clintons are over. >> here is the fundamental problem is he says i knew nothing. one of his top aids shut down the george washington bridge for days and he knew nothing and then he says governors are accountable for everything that happens, it's an inconsistent argument you can't be the strong leader and have one of i don't ur top aids shot down the george washington bridge and say i didn't know about that. >> but you have he turns it to hillary clinton and says she's going to be prosecuted p and i'm a prosecutor and i can do that. >> i think he does the best he can with it, but this is a black cloud that hangs over him. >> timing is important. we are going to find out on
9:31 pm
monday if ted cruz peaked too early in iowa or if he did not. i think one thing we have not touched on today was there was all this buzz for ted cruz a couple of weeks ago and frankly donald trump who is very good at finding the weak underbelly and branding his opponents i think put this big question mark in the air about ted cruz's citizenship. the guy through noodles at the wall a couple of times and then went after him being an evangelical and then it was the citizenship thing. and that has had an effect and on chris christie we're going to see if he peeked too early. >> he may have peeked too early because he was sailing under the radar. they start running ads against him not just the bridge and not the nine down grades, but
9:32 pm
several other problems, including some other positions he has. >> this last week has not been good for him. his response to the snowstorm. the best thing that anybody can do that's running for any office is do their current job well. >> we have to take another break. i want to get this donald trump in. our reporter was the only person to sit down with him before he went on stage. it's easy to love your laxative when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases and softens to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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in case you hadn't heard donald trump boycotted the debate tonight. his rivals shrug it out. trump had the stage to himself as he often does on his airliner. he sat down and answered tough questions. here is part one of the interview. >> reporter: mr. trump i want to clear something up because i've heard from people over at the debate sigte and they are hopin you'll make an appearance tonight. do you think that's something you'll do? >> what happened is when i said
9:37 pm
i won't do the debate because i was treated not so nicely and at some point you have to put your foot down, what i said is we'll do something for our veterans and we'll have a big fundraiser and i just saw on cnn we have thousands of people standing in line and it's a big event so i will be going there and i think we're going to great time. we've raised a lot of money for the vets. >> reporter: putting aside the fact that you are upset with fox news, we are now a few days away from the caucuses. there are a lot of iowan republicans who are undecided. do they deserve to hear you tonight? >> i think they will hear me because i'm going to be at a bigger event. >> reporter: getting questions asked of you from a moderator. >> i've won every debate. they've asked me every question
9:38 pm
thk he probably ask me and we have five other debates scheduled after this which is a lot of debates. the democrats are finished with their debates. >> reporter: i think they're having more now. >> i understand they're having more. >> reporter: back in 2011 when republicans had already gone through several debates you were hoping do a debate with news max have republican candidates there they started bag on the y had and you told megyn kelly at the time that they weren't showing courage. now you find yourself bailing on another one. >> news max said we would love to have you host a debate and i'm friendly with them. i said i'll do that if you bant me to do that. i think i could do it pretty well. and so i was willing to host a debate, but i think they were a little bit concerned with me as a mod rateder because they think i would have been a tough mod
9:39 pm
rart. >> reporter: you have an issue with one of the moderators with the debate. how is it any different? >> i'm not a person that respects megyn kelly very much. over than that i don't care. fox called me just before you walked into the plane and they called me and in all fairness very nicely but they want me there very badly and i never once asked she be removed. what i didn't like was their public relations statement where they were taunting and i didn't think it was appropriate or nice. >> reporter: don't you sometimes put out press releases similar to the tone that you object to from fox news. >> i can understand that, but i didn't think it was appropriate before the debate. >> reporter: you do have this well documented beef with megyn kelly. we've seen it go back and forth at this point. >> i think she's fine. to be honest i think she's fine. she asked me a question that i thought was inappropriate. i thought it wasn't fair. i gave her a good answer.
9:40 pm
and frankly to be honest i think that i won that debate accord together every online poll. i was also asked the raise your hand question, which was not exactly an easy thing to do, but i love the debates. i will say i've probably given more interviews than anybody in fact i'm credited with that, whether it's you or anybody else, i've given more interviews than anybody. i've been in six debates. i've done well in every debate. everybody said i won the last won, but they said i won the most of them. i didn't think this was a fair process. by the time that he apologize i said the problem is we now have a big event scheduled. >> reporter: on the phone they apologized. >> yes. >> reporter: you got an apologize. >> yes. >> reporter: who apologized to you? >> i don't want to say. >> reporter: when it comes to megyn kelly you raised the idea of the word bimbo.
9:41 pm
you said the word and then you've retweeted. >> i said i wouldn't want to use it because it's not politically correct. >> reporter: you've retweeted followers who used the word. kwie? >> that's different. i haven't had a very good relationship with her. i think she treats me unfairly. she covers me all the time for somebody that doesn't want to necessarily like donald trump, i mean i'm always covered. i'm on her show all the time, but i don't think shae treats me fairly. i don't think she treats me fairly and it's one of those things. >> reporter: ted cruz has been -- not just ted cruz, but also those who support him have been hammering you when it comes to your views on late term abortion. >> he's very weak on illegal immigration. >> reporter: you said to my colleague you said i don't want to talk about that when you were asked about your previous
9:42 pm
support for late term abortion. >> that is false. i'm pro life. ted cruz also took a commercial that i ripped down an old lady's house. he said ripped down. they say he destroyed because of eminent domain which is important because you wouldn't have roads or schools. >> reporter: can you explain this? >> the house was never ripped down. she didn't want to do it and i said let's not do it. >> reporter: let's answer this question -- >> wait. he did a big commercial. he said i ripped down a person's house. >> reporter: what does that have to do with you not wanting to you can ta about this issue of late term abortion. >> excuse me, it has a lot do with it because he's dishonest in what he's doing. he said i ripped down the house of an elderly lady and i didn't rip it down. never apologized.
9:43 pm
>> reporter: was this you bailing on this debate so you didn't have to talk to about like this issue that you don't want to address. >> i'm doing an interview with you. >> reporter: you're not answering the question. >> i'm answering every question. you're here longer than you're supposed to be. i did an interview last night and he said he was surprised i did the interview. i've done more interviews than anybody. i've done the debates happily but i was insulted by fox. i think you're going to find that a lot of the voters and caucus goeers they're going to say he is the one person who will stand up for himself. when it comes to this country, we have nobody that stands up with our iran deal instead of walking out of the room and making proper deals, we took them everything they gave us and we gave them $150 billion. we didn't get our prisons back until everything was done and
9:44 pm
then they put guns to our sailors heads. we need people to stand up for themselves and our country. >> that wasn't all they talked about. what he told her when she asked about the voters who might be turned off by a decision to skip the debate. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever?
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no matter what nasty cold symptoms you get, alka seltzer plus liquid gels rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. and they outsell mucinex liquid gels 2 to 1. alka seltzer plus liquid gels. last night donald trump about himself, however it's a fair topic to explore.
9:48 pm
listen to her question now and then to his answer. >> reporter: what do you say to that iowa voter who might have been thinking i like donald trump and now maybe they're backing away from that because they feel like this is a bunch of drama. >> i wanted to fight for myself like i want to fight for the country. i was treated badly by fox. >> reporter: what about the voters? >> i'm explaining something here. i was treated unfairly by fox. since then they've been excellent and very nice, but it's too late because we have an event and we'll make a lot of money, over $5 million for the veterans, but i was treated unfairly. since then, fine. what i say is this, you have to stick up for yourself and fight for yourself and you have to fight for your country. a lot of people are saying i really respect trump because he took on the establishment, which
9:49 pm
is fox. you know who else respects it? fox respects it. >> reporter: you've been going back and forth and there's been criticism of you from ted cruz and you've talking about sending immigrants back to their country and letting the good ones back in. >> i was just endorsed by sheriff joe of arizona. there's nobody tougher on immigration. he chose me because he understands my plan. now ted who is totally in favor of am nest sti. ted was saying was very weak on illegal immigration and just to go a step further if i didn't bring up illegal immigration, it never would have been a subject. you wouldn't be asking me that question right now. you would have never been asking me that question. we are going to have boarders. we are going to have a wall. mexico is going to pay for that
9:50 pm
wall. everyone smiles when i say that because they think it's impossible. they're going to pay because they make a fortune with our country, a fortune with trade and other things coming across that boarder. so we're going to have a boarder and we're going to have a country again. >> reporter: you said you can shoot people and you wouldn't lose supporters and i've heard people say that's taking supporters for granted? >> that was done in a joking manner. everybody was smiling and the truth is your own polling said that by far trump has supporters that will never leave him. i was up to 69% and then it on got into the 90s. but i have great support earth. i have just amazing people. i am in love with the people. i sher issue these people. they are great. i'm very proud of that.
9:51 pm
to me that makes me very proud that i have people that are so strong in favor of me. by the way, far stronger than any other candidate by a long shot. >> reporter: before i do leave i want to ask you more about this event tonight. who is going to be with you on stage? if you're going to be talking specifically about the veterans groups that you plan on donating money too? >> it's a tremendous evening which is one of the reasons i can't go to the debate now even if i wanted to. >> reporter: would you if you didn't have the event planned? >> i might have because fox was very nice to me. they couldn't have been nicer. i spoke to the top people and i might have, but this took on a life of its own. you covered it better than anybody. you see the thousands of people standing in line. we're proud of the event and it was done over about a 24 hour period, which is amazing. we are going to raise a lot of money for veterans tonight. the veterans have been treated
9:52 pm
horribly in our country. we're going to take care of our veterans. i've gone through six debates and i don't think any question has been asked of me about the veterans. the veterans are forgotten about. in the debates the veterans aren't discussed. we're going to be more than talking, we're going to raise millions of dollars tonight. >> reporter: mr. trump thank you so much. i appreciate you making the time. shortly after the interview which he heard that fox news had apologized fox released a statement, but no apology. they had three brief conversations. of course those conversations we acknowledged his concerns about an observation we made in order to kwel the attacks on megyn kelly and to prevent her from being smeerd further.
9:53 pm
he said he would come if fox news contributed $5 million to charities. we'll get some final thoughts from the panel when we come back. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at think of it as a seven seat for an action packed thriller. this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve.
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9:56 pm
it is definitely been an unusual night. i want to get final thoughts from our panel. >> the whole fox attack i think what people miss is in the new
9:57 pm
york, washington access we have a lot of people who think fox is the conservative channel. you get out to where i live in central pennsylvania and iowa and other places, there's some question marks there. other than a couple of folks, so when donald trump is attacking folks, you have republicans out there and conservatives saying right on and that's a very interesting thing. >> this debate was a little flat tonight because trump wasn't there and i think that's speaks largely to the medicia and fox s been dependent on trump. if the bottom falls out for trump, we're all going to have to rethink how we cover this race. >> i have no final thoughts. i have no more thoughts. i am thought out. >> let's go back to talking about our horror sco--
9:58 pm
>> what i'm going to follow up with is going to be boring. i think the fact that nothing changed tonight because of this debate, one of the big trajectory that is helping marco rubio is his gain in iowa. >> i think cruz had a target on his back tonight and he took some water on immigration and this question offa then tisty and i think coming out of iowa it will be a fight between trump and cruz and rubio as they head into -- >> i think it was kevin who said for all the nights for cruz to have a bad night -- >> tonight was a good night. >> we have a very competitive democratic race, very competitive republican race, three and a half days if you want to count part of monday, it will be interesting to see trump has this history after when he
9:59 pm
has nongood debate performances. it will be interesting to see with three days left if the closing arguments change and if anything different gets thrown into the debate. >> donald trump has led nine out of the ten polls in iowa. he gambled tonight and i think he won. >> even if the ratings for his event wasn't big -- >> he wasn't in the cross fire and the others were and i think he was in a position to do. >> i think the point that fox decided they were going to go more interview style, i mean you could kind of pick your poison with regard to donald trump and there's no question that they did have that planned and he would have had a very very different kind of night. >> in terms of moving on beyond new hampshire, how many people -- how many candidates can actually do that? how many candidates have the money? >> that's such a difficult question to answer because not everybody that is running is running for president. some people are running to join
10:00 pm
a cable gig. some people are running to be speakers to sell books to be on dancing with stars. >> they did have thoughts. >> you perkd up with that. thank you to everybody in our panel. our debate coverage continues now in los angeles. p . hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. coming up at 10:00 here on the west coast, but donald trump he was not there but it didn't take long for his name to come up in iowa. trump was holding his own events trying to compete with the fox news debate. >> he says the network apologized to him late thursday and asked him to take part in the debate, but trump says he had to stand up for himself. >> in'


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