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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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breaking news at a colorado to tell you about at the top of the hour. police in denver right now responding to reports of multiple shootings, and a stabbing near the denver coliseum, this the took place a short time ago. you're looking at live aerial images from our affiliate there in denver. we know nine people have been taken to the hospital. again, nine people transported to the hospital. we do not know their condition. state of their injuries or if there are fatalities. we expect an update any moment. what we do know is that the colorado motorcycle expo was scheduled for this afternoon, near the coliseum. unclear if this shooting and stabbing occurred at that event or not. we will keep you posted as soon as we know more. now to politics. the major story this weekend, iowa transformed into a
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political battlefield. two days voters head to carry out their first in the nation responsibility, the iowa caucuses. that end the candidates are barn storming the state in a last-minute push to get voters on their side. we have two duelling rallies, hillary clinton waiting to hear her speak live after news broke she picked up endorsement from "the new york times" editorial board. on the right looking at donald trump earlier today, getting off his plane speaking to a rally in dubuque, iowa. they are not the only candidates, we expect to hear from, senator marco rubio also holding a rally at 4:30 p.m. eastern time, and tonight, we are waiting on a major poll to drop, historically remarkably accurate in taking the temperature of the iowa voters right before the caucuses. let me go to des moines, iowa, my friend ahead of all of these speeches. i don't think the candidates are
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sleeping one moment there. >> reporter: i think the candidates, the campaign staffers, this is go time as monday night is the all important first in the nation caucuses. poppy, thank you so much. hillary clinton gears up to speak here, really all the closing argument time. final pitch to voters against of course her biggest rival bernie sanders. let's take a closer look at the former first lady's campaign, joining me is margaret hoover and john avalon. good to see you both. >> great to be here. >> lovely couple on live with me. we mentioned hillary clinton. let's begin with her. we know that bill clinton was out stumping for her in one of the towns here. i'm wondering, the bill clinton presence, especially interesting recently how he and she have been talking about her faith as we talk about the all
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evangelic vote. >> she is starting to hit her stride, not a natural campaigner. bill clinton is the natural. while he didn't win iowa in '92, he has a real ability not only galvanize the crowd but nobody better as president obama said, he is a secretary, he can make economic arguments and policy arguments in a way that resonate and across the country. he in the most overused cliche about spouses really is a secret weapon. and he helped but she's getting to hit her stride as well. >> we're hearing it's very, very close. he is not at all of the campaign events. a few gabby giffords was there. her daughter was there, bill was nowhere to be seen. it's not by any means he is making her closing argument for her in iowa. >> but he's been helping. he's out there. >> i want to switch to the republican side. what fascinates me so much the drum beat into iowa, ted cruz,
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donald trump. now poof, you watch and marco rubio. being out among iowans people are talking about marco rubio. we knew ted cruz and his camp shifting the negative campaign ads away from donald trump k. boom, straight to marco rubio. his campaign, they are airing this half hour town hall special in this state today and tomorrow, is that unheard of? >> guess who else did that? >> then senator barack obama. >> and how did he do? >> he won iowa historically. so look, it is a bold move, he is going to blanket the area waves for 30 minutes. it gives many who haven't had the chance to see him, he hasn't been here as much. they have the opportunity to see him for 30 minutes, it is a video of him at a town hall in sioux city, iowa. >> i'm balancing, i'm juggling. we wanted to make sure we see
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senator sanders. listen, we're going to show you as much as we possibly can here of all of these different candidates on both sides of the aisle. chris crossing the state. and i don't know where he is but you can see that it's an intimate crowd where bernie is his best, pressing the flesh. we heard him a moment ago asking people please come out monday night and caucus for me. continue please. >> there's bernie pounding the pavement. we talked about this a little bit. you almost have a new paradigm and old between the democratic caucuses this year and the republican caucuses this year. what you see bernie sanders doing on the television is exactly what the iowa caucuses have been about since 1972 and what they were for the republicans until this last year. donald trump has done absolutely none of what you saw bernie sanders and what every other candidate has done. instead he has flybys in trump force one. >> i can't get over just this shot.
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this is theatrics of trump. pum come to see. >> and the eternal question is, are they going to, do they turn out to see him. >> here you go. wait for it. this is how trump rolls. >> i mean, it is just so hollywood scripted surreal. and the crowd goes wild. >> iowa. of how does that sit with iowans? >> apparently not badly. look, he's not been in people's living rooms. a lot of candidates thought they could camp out and win alone on that. the secret of trump and the challenge i think for the conservative movement is the power of his celebrity plus old fashioned appeal that often go to the ugliest things in politics have resonated. >> it's not just nativism. there is also economic -- there is an economic populism. so that is a real part of this as well. all of this to say right, the tables have been turned. there is a new paradigm, maybe a new formula for winning
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conservative voters. we'll know at 5:00 when we see the des moines register poll whether the trend line is in favor of donald trump. ann coulter has been notoriously correct. that number looks good for him. who gets second and third by how much. we were talking about marco rubio. if he can close it to two, three, four points with cruz where he has been dragging by almost 15, marco rubio is the surprise win out of iowa, not donald trump or ted cruz. >> your wife gets the last word. >> fair. as well she should. >> we'll be right back. thank you so much. keep it here after all of the campaigning, the debates, decision time on monday, all comes down to this. the iowa caucuses here, we're all over it all day long, all day coverage only here on cnn. again, we are here right in front of the beautiful statehouse that is here in des moines, iowa. coming up next we'll continue
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more on breaking news out of california. where all three inmates who escaped from an orange county jail are back behind bars, two of them were arrested this morning. in san francisco, more than 400 miles from the jail they broke out of in orange county. the sheriff says the entire state can now breathe a sigh of relief. >> a female citizen approached the officers and pointed out a white van, officers approached the van as hossein nayeri fled.
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a short foot pursuit before he was taken into custody by officers. officers immediately returned to the white van, and discovered the other escapee, jonathan tieu, hiding in the van. >> those men were found this morning as you heard her say, in that van. the third one who fled turned himself in to police yesterday. also updating you on the breaking news out of colorado, a denver police spokesman telling the "denver post" that at least two people were shot and one was stabbed shortly after 1:00 p.m. local time there in denver, after a reported shooting near the denver coliseum, a short time ago. we are expecting update from police at any moment. we do know that the colorado motorcycle expo is taking place this afternoon near the coliseum, it is unclear, though, if those shootings and the apparent stabbing happened at
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that event or in close proximity. we'll bring you the latest when we have it. waiting to hear live from the denver police. to politics now, hillary clinton is in carroll, iowa this hour for the second of three campaign appearances that she will make today. two days before monday's caucuses, clinton a few hours ago picking up endorsement of "the new york times" editorial board, her campaign revealed a large war chest on $38 million in cash on hand as of the end of 2015. it's not exactly smooth sailing for clinton or any of these candidates, that's for sure in the final days before the caucuses. for clinton, her private e-mail as secretary of state continue to shadow her, the state department yesterday releasing more than 900 additional clinton e-mails, however, this is what is getting all of the attention, they withheld 22 of the e-mails because they had retroactively
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classified as top secret, clinton said she knew her republican opponents would use this to attack her but maintains she did nothing wrong. >> there is some kind of motivation, it's not going to affect the fundamental facts. they remain the same. there have been as others have pointed out, some constant leak gate but my view on this is, i didn't send or receive e-mails marked classified. i take classified information really seriously. and i just think that if the republicans want to use this for political purposes, that's their decision. but i'm going to keep talking about what the voters in iowa talk to me about. >> that is clinton speaking with dan a few hours ago in des moines. also we mentioned that "the new york times" editorial board has thrown its weight behind hillary clinton and john kasich two days before the iowa caucuses, the
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times writing saying she gives the middle class a quote real shot at prosperity while keeping the country safe. about kasich, they wrote, the only plausible choice for republicans, republicans who are tired of extremism and inexperience is john kasich. my friend and colleague live in des moines, iowa with the analysis on all of it. the final march. >> final march is on two days to go. hillary clinton trying to convince iowans to side with her, not her rival bernie sanders and not to be bogged down by this e-mail situation. i bring back my panel, margaret and her husband editor john avlon. on hillary clinton, the news dropped from the state department with holding his e-mails, the timing is not in her favor though this is not something that bernie sanders is going to bring up, we're told
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this is something that republicans are going to bring up. in terms of iowa monday night does this shake her at all or is this more about her long game and how she moves past it? >> this is more the long game, not an issue that is preoccupying democrats. republicans see an opening here. and for folks who want to miss it and say there is no there there, the fact this is not completely settled. not the 22 e-mails but ongoing investigations. the clintons have a great history of benefiting from opponents who overreach. and that's what happened in the benghazi hearing and there is a changer of that here. this is not simply partisan distractions, this is still ongoing investigation. >> the e-mails have not been subject to overreach by republicans. in fact, it seems from the poll dag ta that the continued appearance of e-mail scandal has been the thing that has effectively hit her trust worthy numbers among independents, democrats, and republicans. so this will continue to be as
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long as it's an issue before jim comey, the head of the fbi decides what to do about this, an issue and liability for hillary clinton as a general election candidate for the presidential nomination. >> off the e-mails in terms of hillary clinton specifically, the long game, talk about lessons learned from 2008. then senator barack obama here you have senator bernie sanders and all of this sort of sanders surge or whatever you want to call it a slow steady climb. it's tight. >> it is. >> and i'm wondering with these additional debates she has agreed to does that help her? >> look, i think she's got the substance to handle the debates. fascinating to see the negotiation around the debates flip. candidate who is have healthy leads feel that more debate offer them more opportunities to make mistakes, they don't want to. but then all of a sudden the hillary camp was asking for more. look, in this context with iowa, so tight, that's what we know, it's tight.
1:20 pm
and it's tight not a candidate like barack obama but like bernie sanders, reflects deeper democratic divisions. if the couple thousand votes go against hillary clinton she is in for a 0 long slog. more debates generally better for people in the democracy if not the candidates. >> both camps wanted more. they were negotiating trying to hammer out where, how they are going to be. both sides feel -- both sides feel they would benefit from more debates in the process now. which is unusual. look, anecdotally here i hear democrats say that are undecided my head is in one place, my heart in the other. frankly, a lot of that won't happen until caucus night when they are in the room with friends and neighbors trying to convince which side of the room are you going to go to. >> do they want to send a message or a president. that's one of the interesting debates in those caucuses. >> john and margaret, stay with me as we watch and wait, hillary clinton coming up, we're
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i want to update you on breaking news out of colorado, denver police saying on twitter now one person has been killed, several others wounded in a shooting and a stabbing incident that took place near the denver coliseum this afternoon. it's important to note that denver police say they are not considering this a mass casualty event. we know that the colorado motorcycle expo is taking place near the coliseum. unclear if this happened there or close by. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. politics now. >> republican front-runner donald trump about to speak shortly in clinton, iowa. today he is courting the critical evangelical voters who can make or break a candidate in the state of iowa. he released this video today. >> my mother gave me this bible, this very bible. many years ago. in fact, it's her writing right
1:26 pm
here. she wrote the name and my address, and it's very special to me. and again, i want to thank the evangelicals. i will never let you down. >> donald trump courting that evangelical vote hard in the final sprint. may is in iowa waiting for trump. how is he resonating with evangelicals? cruz polls better but he is stepping up his game on that front now. >> he is, and the most fascinating thing about this race has been that donald trump has see-sawed back and forth with ted cruz. a lot of people didn't expect that from somebody married three times, who had positions on abortion in the past that bothered a lot of eve evil voters but talking to them the last couple days in iowa a lot of them say they are making a decision between their head and heart. they feel that cruz is a
1:27 pm
committed conservative, but that donald trump may be the stronger nominee for the republicans this year, and the stronger commander in chief. and so it's been fascinating to watch donald trump try to talk more about his faith, obviously he has mixed results if you think about the 2 corinthians slipup. he is trying to reach out to the voters. they are incredibly important, they are a reliable block on monday night. we'll have to see if ted cruz' organization can pull off a win. they are out there door knocking, making phone calls. they had glenn beck at the headquarters. they are pumped and talking about cruz's positions and donald trump's inconsistency on abortion over the last decade or so. >> it's interesting you bring that up because we heard brianna keeler asking trump in her interview about did you duck out of the fox debate you didn't want to talk about your position on late-term abortions. he said no, it's not that.
1:28 pm
then he got the endorsement this week of jerry falwell jr., the head of a university, how much does that endorsement hurt cruz? >> that was a big blow to cruz. and i think that at fist we didn't realize the magnitude. in the eyesing of a lot that did give him credibility. of course he had pro choice positions on abortion, back in the 90s, he talked about it on camera with tim russert on "meet the press." that endorsement helped put a lot of fears to rest, donald trump has said he is pro life now, he is not going to let down evangelicals as you heard on that video. so, it's really a matter of trust in these final days for these voters whether they feel that they can trust him at this point or if they can go with someone like cruz who can -- who has been consistent all the way along. >> all right. if this election so far has been anything it's been anything but
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we're back in des moines in iowa. live pictures here. these candidates are not wasting time. it's crucial final days ahead of monday's caucuses. you have on the left side of the screen donald trump will be appearing there in clinton, iowa. crowds amassing there as they are as well in carroll, iowa, we're watching and waiting to see hillary clinton. also marco rubio set to begin a rally. the florida senator may be gathering momentum after thursday. rival ted ted cruz is targeting recent negative ads at rubio now, not donald trump. let's begin discussing with my political panel gracious enough to hang with me here.
1:33 pm
beginning with that, the fact that ted cruz who has been so back and forth with donald trump is now his campaign has said hang on a second, we want to take all of these ads, and focus in on marco rubio which obviously is a compliment to rubio. they see him as a true formidable foe especially on the debate stage. >> that's a tell. that's a tell that the underlying dynamics changed and cruz is trying to keep rubio's numbers down of it they no longer see themselves necessarily as being able to leap frog against donald trump. that's not a sign of confidence from the cruz campaign. their efforts going to ground game. >> we mow that marco rubio is hosting this 30 minute event. i believe there is a hash tag mark. people can interact with him which is another way i know the rubio camp has said listen, you turn on the tv and the airwaves are saturated with ads.
1:34 pm
this is a unique way for rubio to hopefully communicate to caucusgoers. live pictures at the rubio event. >> he is able to make his closing argument on his own terms. everybody did give their closing argument except donald trump who is doing it his own way as he has. but this is marco's way, 30 minutes speaking to iowans. so you know, look, it's -- it was successful for barack obama in 2008. >> it wasn't successful for senator santorum and governor huckabee. they won iowa and that was that. so why is this relevant on the republican side? >> why iowa is relevant? iowa is relevant, well, it is going to be incredibly important, trump looks like is going to win but there is a media narrative that is almost more important than who wins and the proof point of that is 2012 because mitt romney was deemed the winner and he had the media
1:35 pm
narrative and won new hampshire. turned out seven days later they found out that actually by 7 points, 9 votes, rick santorum won. it was as though mitt romney had won the first two and he was the inevitable candidate. >> look, i say that you know, whatever the conventional wisdom, the crucial poll we're seeing tonight which is usually accurate. >> from "the des moines register." >> it doesn't matter until people actually vote. and that's why the ground game matters so much. but it is about iowans taking this responsibility. we're talking about a relatively small number of people in a relatively small state where independents outnumber the two parties. but the folks who show up and do their duty which they take seriously -- >> on that, the question being for example donald trump, have all of these fans, will that translate a into caucusgoers. the same with sanders. >> the parties have spent a year here campaigning putting in
1:36 pm
money. they have gotten nothing. in terms of new voter registration. >> incredible. >> the two parties, voter registration flat lined over the last year despite all of the money, all of the attention. there are more independents than democrats or republicans. that speaks to enthusiasm, are the parties alienating more than they attract. if the trump and bernie are betting on huge numbers of people who never have shown up before, there is not evidence of new registration to back that claim up. >> that is what we'll be watching for monday night to see if those people get out especially if they get out amid a potential snowstorm. talking about october surprises, like the caucus surprise. back with more from the candidates in iowa as we count down the start of the caucuses. back after this. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders.
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1:41 pm
we'll keep you posted as we learn more. straight to my friend in iowa, more on politics. you are looking at eager voters awaiting you see jeb bush coming in at one of the events on the top of the screen. also event for marco rubio, on the bottom you see hillary clinton event, all four of these rallies taking place as we speak in iowa. brook. >> keep the four-box up. listen, this is what is happening across the state of iowa. these are the closing arguments from these different candidates, getting folks out to caucus here in iowa monday night. as margaret was talking about, so much of this is about the momentum, the media narrative, depending who hits that one, two and three spot monday night on the republican side and of course much different on the democratic side as well. so keeping an eye on these candidates i have john and margaret next to me here talking so much about we chatted about marco rubio.
1:42 pm
i want to move on to donald trump. you say, your wife, i watched you recoil as your wife said obviously sort of trump's winning for the number 2 spot. you recoiled, i thought, the viewers didn't, i wanted to follow up. you're saying what, it's not? >> it's not a done deal. voting doesn't start until tomorrow. polling is enormously predictive. margaret may well be right. until the voters get their say to announce that it's a done deal based on polling and momentum i think does the work of democracy a disservice. the people of iowa take that seriously. trump's success defies every bit of logic so far. and what they need to confront out of this is maybe it wasn't about ideas at all, for the vast majority of voters, that trump's celebrity plus the resonance of a successful businessman, that reputation. >> bravao.
1:43 pm
>> maybe talking about someone who is going to take control, knows about the economy and that bit of celebrity which creates high name i.d. because this is not a candidate who is campaigning on the ideas of the conservative movement yet he is succeeding with conservatives across the board. that is a crisis they have to examine now. their coalition is cracking up. >> you know, for some of us think that the conservative movement needed to sort of rethink itself and modernize itself. it's disappointing it takes a disrupter like donald trump who frankly doesn't stand for the things republicans have stood for traditionally. if donald trump is in a pipe dream, not before the voters voted but the republican nominee he will be against everything that paul ryan who is the third in line to the presidency, again, paul ryan is pro free anti-. don at trump is for throwing everybody here unauthorized out.
1:44 pm
>> why haven't those other republicans coalesced behind one candidate? >> there are 16, 14, 13 people in the field now. and it lubes like that winowing process may be happening in front of us here in iowa between ted cruz, marco rubio, seems as though marco rubio, if he is in the third place, could be the candidate that can tlooed the needle. which is why iowa is so critical. >> this is such a media narrative about backing marco. he had a good last couple of days. but christie has been surging in new hampshire. got the union leader endorsement. john kasich got "the new york times" endorsement. not persuasive -- >> that is not -- >> center right is key to the future of the party. the point margaret made, there is such a gap between the governing constituency in the republican party and those content to grand stand. let's be real about it, ted cruz is part of the grand standing
1:45 pm
coalition just as much as donald trump. >> not to -- john, as a republican who has been labeled establishment that pa jor rative establishment. i like jeb push, they would be responsible presidents. i want to be able to vote for them but none of them are above 3, 4, 5% in these primary states. the only one who emernged that fits that is marco rubio. >> year watching i know people say polls don't matter. this poll which will be out in a little while. we see in this final closing stretch how these candidates are stacking up against one another. you see them, they are out and about, crisscrossing the state, they get it. this is go time. more from iowa after this. the possibility of a flare swas almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go...
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we're back here live in des moines, iowa. fresh off a vong performance at this week's trump-free debate. jeb bush among the candidates making a swing through iowa today. let's show you live pictures. this is jeb bush rally to begin at the top of the hour. cedar falls, iowa. recent polls you can see on the left side not kind all the way down at the bottom you have jeb bush at 4% here in the hawkeye
1:50 pm
state. monday's caucuses could set the tone for the rest of the season as we move forward. on the democratic side, a loss could be more damaging to hillary clinton, than bernie sanders. on the republican side a win in iowa for any one other than donald trump could potentially reshuffle the deck. i have margaret and john. so let's start with jeb bush. this is a name i feel hasn't come out of my mouth in a minute. we're focused on trump, krucruz rubio. -is the candidate so many were hoping would resonate. you saw his poll numbers. he did well thursday night. a little momentum today. >> look, he did have a strong debate. a strong couple. tried to run a civil substantive campaign. a lot of money at his one-time mentee marco rubio. that failure to convert. whether it's bush fatigue, about
1:51 pm
the candidates. the cash they have in the bank, does that sustain a campaign to super tuesday each if he doesn't -- >> let's be clear what cash that is. it's not clear, you have hard dollars and soft. the super pac and the pac. the candidate may not have that many resources on hand. it looks like the jeb campaign used most of their resources getting to this point. the super pac, maybe as much as $40 million. does that justify jeb staying in the race and continuing. >> what is the threshold if he gets through iowa, stays in it through new hampshire, does he stay through south carolina and then say -- >> if he is continuing to poll, 3, 4, 5%, coming in fourth, fifth and sixth, there is a hard justification to stay in the race. but it seems as though through what we can tell is that jeb has been quite frazzled by the fact that marco has done so well. they have spent so much of that soft dollar money focused on
1:52 pm
diminishing marco rubio. >> we have spent 12 months focusing on the field. making their case. the first caucuses are about to begin and it is lightning bolt for weeks till the first march 1 super tuesday. so candidates who have the money can stay in. at that point, if you've gotten no wins on the board you should get out. you want to follow the truth in politics, you follow the money and the reality is whatever positive or negative damage is done to the republican process campaign, the consultants cash out. they are going to be the winners no matter whether happens. that's the story of a lot of these. >> chris christie, i was reading that the governor here said will be introducing him at an event here tomorrow night. which is a big deal. he hasn't spent as much time in iowa, his priority of course given geography and where he is from, he spent a lot of time in new hampshire. the fact that the governor is introducing him tomorrow night, what's the best case scenario for a chris christie moving into
1:53 pm
monday? >> i think chris christie, if he has -- look, my sense is if he thinks he has a strong course and can go into new hampshire. >> looking out of the corner of my eye. marco rubio in ames, iowa waving to the crowd. >> i heard from folks in iowa city at an event with ris christie that he was on fire, talking about the e-mails, that he was really sprinting to the finish having a very strong finish. if he can take some kind of momentum with him into new hampshire, then there's an argument for chris christie. >> the fight for the center ight is where a lot of the action is. question is what's left of the center right and terry branstan in iowa, does represent the center right here. while they have not endorsed notably attacked ted cruz, but that fight for the center vit where a lot of the action is. and some said the future of the republican party may depend on who wins that. >> looking at marco rubio i'm reminded of the evangelical
1:54 pm
vote. doesn't get a lot of pickup with media but faith. this is something he does bring up quite a lot. this is something he was asked about at the debate thursday night. as far as being on the cover of "time" and the savior line and jesus christ is my savior. seemed to me he was trying to steal those voters on the stage, the evangelical voters from ted cruz. >> and donald trump who apparently as we know has an advertisement out now holding the bible his mother gave him saying i will not let you do you know evangelicals. >> he has gotten some important from the community. you know, there is large evangelical community in iowa but if you look at social issues they are not at the top tier of concerns. so how will it translate? republican candidates, you know, talking about their faith publicly in the hope that will convert to votes, this is a very old play. >> would you say it's mot -- you
1:55 pm
said it's monolithic. it is not at all. >> we can -- >> husband and wife. >> disagree. >> why we love you. thank you for being with me. this entire hour. so much fun. coming up next we have many more live events, we're rolling through, we're juggling all of this for you. so important to hear from all of the candidates on the right and the left. we also have of course poppy harlow, her interview with the michigan governor this week, rick snyder. excellent on the flint water crisis. she traveled to michigan, she sat with him. we have that. stay with me. -- captions by vitac -- ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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top of the hour. i'm poppy harlow in new york. following two breaking stories. multiple shootings in colorado and the arrest of the three california prison escapees. first to colorado, police say one person dead after shots were fired a it a motorcycle expo near the denver coliseum. >> during the event there were shots fired and at least one stabbing. we do have one deceased party and multiple other victims. at this time we do not have anyone in custody. >> several people we do know the police spokesperson did not know the extent of injuries or whether they had been shot or
2:00 pm
stabbed. the local hospital reported taking in nine victims, and officials saying despite the shootings the motorcycle expo is under way. the suspect not apprehended. >> to california, all three inmates who escaped last week are back behind bars, two of them were arrested this morning in san francisco, more than 400 miles from the jail they broke out of. they were found in this white van after a woman pointed it out to police saying that it looked a lot like the one that they were looking for. the third man turned himself in yesterday to authorities. the sheriff says the entire state of california now can breathe a sigh of relief. the all important iowa caucuses, the countdown to the first votes of the 2016 presidential election happening just two days in iowa. that's where virtually every candidate is this weekend. look at the map.


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